Mid-night of June 25 / 26, 1975 was an epochal moment in nation’s history when a Prime Minister, swearing by democracy day in and day out, imposed Emergency over the country just to cling to the Chair of PM inherited from her Daddy, declared persona non grata by Allahabad High Court. In recorded history of this Sanatana Hindu-Rastra, Emergency was never ever imposed before. Not even when the ancient nation was invaded and brutalised by beasts in human form like Nadir Shah, British-Intruders and European-Infiltrators, Mughals etc. It was the worst anti-Constitution crime committed by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, venomous and vindictive towards civility and culture, egoist to the core who betrayed her antipathy to humanity and morbid attachment to her nasty dynasty. She had an excellent compatriot in cahoots with her in President FA Ahmed who signed the Proclamation under Article 352 without even an iota of penance or even second thought. He was such a flaccid rubber-stamp President that he could not muster guts to return the Proclamation proposal for reconsideration to the Self-proclaimed Empress !! And the Emergency-Proclamation allowed her to lord over the country by decree, by her own whims and by fancies of her cohorts. Congress veteran Kamaraj said on Emergency, “After the advent of independence we have built up our institutions only centering round seats of power. All eyes came to be riveted on membership in Assemblies and Parliament and position in Ministries. Parties, leaders and workers who have come up in this climate of scramble for power are the last ones to be depended upon where suffering and sacrifice are called for.” And AB Vajpayee, “It is strange that among those who have fallen a prey to fears or favours, majority are members of legislatures and Parliament. Present day politics, it seems, has only succeeded in creating an opportunistic class who would flee at the first onslaught on their privileged position.” Press censorship was imposed and the so-called Fourth Estate of democracy behaved like despicable wretcheds in words of BJP veteran LK Adwani, “ …when asked to bend, they preferred to creep.” 

Sole purpose of imposition of Emergency was to prove and justify INDIRA IS INDIA AND INDIA IS INDIRA !! Not only democratic spirit deeply ingrained in Hindu  DNA since Vedic  era foiled her nefarious designs determinedly, her Party known as Congress (Indira) then, now of course Congress (Italian), came out a pathetic cropper with their faces blackened indelibly and eternal apologists of the darkest era of nation’s history. All sorts of crimes, conceivable as well as inconceivable, were perpetrated upon all, from common helpless citizens to respected Opposition leaders, aging freedom-fighters, industrialists, Justices to bureaucrats, none were spared by Indira Gandhi and her son, Sanjay Gandhi behaving like a street ruffian. Probably world had never witnessed before such a wave of crimes in a democratic country orchestrated by a democratically elected Government sanctioned under Article 352 of the Constitution !! 

We happen to be natives of a very mystical country that has risen like Phoenix several times in past irrespective of the depth the nation had been sunk into. Entire country rose against Emergency within 21 months and democracy was reverted back on right track through ballot boxes. RSS and affiliates exerted historic, monumental role in liberating Bharata  from vicious clutches of a megalomaniac politician determined to crush and destroy all those who could not prostrate before Her Royal Majesty, The Empress in spite their being banned and thousands of Svayamsevaka-s imprisoned. Then came the startling enlightenment from a senior Congress leader Devakant Baruah much to the consternation of entire nation, “Indira is India and India is Indira.” That declaration not only betrayed their sinister intentions but also warned the country to fall in line as quickly as possible otherwise repent later. Since she lorded over the nation by virtue of her entitlements bequeathed to her by her Daddy and ratified by snatching life of Prime Minister LB Shastri far away in Tashkent to repel suspicion, Emergency was imposed to challenge those who questioned her, “How dare you question me and come in my way ?” and her army of sycophants loudly demanded switch over to Presidential form of governance with additional powers to pursue authoritarianism. As a matter of fact, in the name of Emergency-1975, Indira Gandhi ordered Jallianwala Bagh for the entire nation and people suffered to no limits for no fault of theirs. Emergency-1975 must never be forgotten, must be taught in schools how the nation escaped from becoming another Pakistan / Rwanda and how a leader can be so despotic for self-perpetuation.     

With installation of Morarji Desai as Prime Minister, ‘Nasabandi’ Emergency was finally lifted as the Government led by Indira Gandhi was ‘forced’ to undergo ‘Nasabandi’ themselves and she broke into copious tears, sobbed bitterly before PM Desai when he condescended to tender a courtesy visit to her on his way to PM Office from Rashtrapati Bhavan after being sworn in. Neither Indira Gandhi could become India nor could she stop India from becoming Bharata, thereafter. No leader, no Party will ever dare to behave like that in future anymore only when every child in the country attains Naciketa’s courage to look at death in face to know the truth, no power on earth, internal or external, would ever dare cast an evil eye on Bharata.  


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Now one more (Un)Holy Father located on Goa beaches, has suddenly discovered democracy / Constitution of India in danger after Archbishop (English version of ‘Senior Pandaa’) Couto of Delhi discovering democracy / Constitution in danger, just one year before Lok Sabha elections scheduled to be held in May 2019. This is the right season, one year before national elections, for all missionaries designated as Archbishops / Bishops / Cardinals in the country to be infected by the ‘Nipaha virus of fear and danger’ for Indian Constitution and the only way to keep it safe and sound is ‘Defeat BJP’ !! Archbishop Couto’s missive is certainly not the first one to boot in this (un)holy exercise to manipulate / influence political opinion in favour of Vatican ideology. Earlier Archbishop of Gujarat had done that prior to Gujarat Assembly elections, Archbishop of Hyderabad Tumma Bala, Vicar General of Archdiocese of Hyderabad Swarna Bernard, Chief of Independent Churches Wilson Singam and Head of Churches of South India AC Solomon Raj too, had indulged themselves in these dubious activities. All these Church ‘Pandaas’ are appointed / dismissed by Vatican alone, they accept orders ONLY from the Pope (Global Chief Pandaa) to blatantly peddle morbid Christianity. One of them recently declared audaciously, Constitutional Clauses are not applicable / acceptable to them. If Constitution itself is not acceptable to these stooges of Vatican, then why are they crying wolf about some imaginary Constitutional-Holocaust at all ??  

This Missionary specific ‘Nipaha virus of fear and danger’ has been directed by Vatican to move out of their hidden cells and crevices to infect their pre-destined targets with pre-determined symptoms and pre-conceived notions. ‘Defeat BJP / Defeat Modi’ is an integral component of their larger than life designs to prevent Hindu-nationalists from portals of power and self-governance exactly as they dislodged non-Christians from power in entire African continent one by one by destroying all aboriginal faiths, then Fiji and now Mauritius is on top their hit-list. Nepal is already high on their radar as they have been very active in that Himalayana country. Vatican cannot tolerate non-Christian Government in any country in the world as they presume and believe, it is their responsibility ‘to civilise’ the ‘uncivilised’ world by evangelising them as evangelisation is the only civility in the world left now !! Noted author Gerald Posner in his celebrated book GOD’S BANKERS has explained in detail, no Government unacceptable to Vatican can stay in power for a moment. Their designs were evident in Bharata  when ‘Mother’ Teresa, a pathetic looking Catholic nun planted by them in Kolkata, hawked Christianity among destitutes through her notorious Missionaries Of Charity. She exposed her true intentions in 1979 when Prime Minister Morarji Desai led Government allowed a private member OP Tyagi’s Bill declaring illegal conversion a crime, by staging one-day fast demanding withdrawal of the Bill immediately. Entire Christian establishment in the country went on strike. PM Desai working smoothly till then, suddenly encountered a howl of protest across the country as well as demand for change in leadership. Even a so-called ardent nationalist George Fernandes stood up against his Government in the name of ‘dual membership’. Target India / Target Modi / Target Hindu / Target Hinduism / Target BJP / Target RSS are only directed to destroy every mark of Hinduism, proselytise all Hindu-s and go for Christian Democratic Republic Of India !! Similarly, Muslims are striving hard to go for Islamic Republic Of India and the country, in all likelihood, going to be a battleground of fierce war between these two despotic faiths with consequences unimaginably horrifying. Coming back to the main issue, it is quite a mystery as to how they believe some personality known as Jesus ever existed and commanded them to capture, plunder and evangelise the whole world and whosoever came in the way as hurdle or boulder, must be slaughtered immediately. And they claim, such a diabolical conduct is perfectly in harmony with tenets of Bible !! How are they different from Islam or for that matter, any other despotic faith in the world ?  

Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra Dynasty ruled over the country for six decades under the dispensation of Congress raised during British occupation by a Britisher to hoodwink and deflect war of freedom. After power was transferred in 1947, they fell under the supervision of Vatican. Nation underwent multiple crises of all sorts including Emergency-1975 but this breed of Missionaries designated variously never raised their voice to the effect that democracy / Constitution were jeopardised just because they enjoyed and accomplished their sinister agenda of proselytization almost unhindered. Only when NDA-I headed by AB Vajpayee was installed, there were murmurs of protest and now under NDA-II headed by Narendra Modi, trickle of such statements / grievances has become a torrent. When NGOs were restrained / shut down to stop conversions and other destructive activities, they started raising hue and cry for democracy and Constitution-Holocaust. Interestingly, entire Christian world is absolutely unable to interfere on any issue in Muslim countries and China. Even Pope does not have guts to dictate his terms on Islamic countries as well as China where immediate slaying is punishment of choice. However, in Bharata  of Hindu-s, they have lot of ‘Commandments’ to tell us to obey just to avoid going to hell as all Hindu-s are born sinners !! They do not have guts in their groins to tell Chinese / Muslims, they all are born sinners. 

Prime Minister Modi, greatest statesman in the world today, has dedicated his entire existence unto the service of poor and deprived, completely neglected hitherto, to raise their quality of life as rapidly as possible. Results have been spectacular as large chunk of poor have been joining ranks of educated middle class and substantial chunk of middle class moving into highly successful, prosperous upper classes of society. Since the population segment of uneducated poor is fast disappearing, it is all the more difficult for Jehadis / Missionaries to go about with their destructive designs of plunder, rapes and conversions. It is poverty and illiteracy that are root-causes of their vulnerability to those obnoxious elements determined to destroy fundamental identity of the nation. Effectiveness and runaway success of social welfare programs unleashed by Modi Government has rattled nerves of Jehadis / Missionaries to no limits and now they are in a deadly mood of ‘Do or die’ for victory in Lok Sabha-2019 elections.  

The Darkening Age by Catherine Nixey, published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, narratively exposes sanguine, highly destructive history of Christianity in past. They have been masters of anti-intellectualism and exceedingly prejudiced iconoclasts. They had also mastered the art of destroying artwork, desecrating religious joints, burning thousands of books that questioned their doctrine…they were the ones who invented acid-attacks !! As public opinion gradually turned against them, they adopted the doctrine of ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ to camouflage all those sinister activities of acquisition through corruption and proselytisation. Papacy of Vatican very much anticipated safe and sound delivery of the ancient nation of Bharata  like another Constantinople by Sonia Gandhi and her son by the end of UPA-II !! Entirely unexpected (to them !!) electoral victory of Narendra Modi led BJP in Lok Sabha-2014 foiled their Rainbow-Dreams and they crashed to Ground Zero or may be, far below that. To achieve their despicable goals, they all are not only joining hands together, impossible hitherto, but also invoking all sorts of ‘dirty tricks’ from ‘Award-Wapasi’ to JNU unrest, to somehow grab power and wreak havoc in the country. Nation has suffered for centuries owing to foreign invasions and all sorts of brutal crimes, unimaginable and inconceivable, nothing short of Hindu-Holocaust has been perpetrated on our ancestors. Oppressors from abroad always and inevitably had to encounter fierce resistance yet they succeeded in a limited way solely due to treachery and back-stabbing by some Hindu-s in cahoots with invading despots. Behind every defeat of a Hindu  King, behind every victory of an invading tormentor, there is reprehensible tale of treachery, betrayal and perfidy by another Hindu. Without that, it would have been simply impossible for any Hindu  Monarch to be defeated by any foreign invader. Most tragic aspect associated with our history has been treachery of the worst order by Hindu-s against their own Kings and Kingdoms. It shall not be a hyperbole if Hindu-s are declared WORST SELF-ENEMIES in the world. It is very frustrating to observe, even today, country is infested with anti-nationals / traitors who would go to any extent to support anti-nationals while damaging the nation. Recently, all political parties in Opposition, all of them loaded with corruption charges in various courts across the nation, joined hands to win by-elections and defeat BJP. They won only because Hindu  vote-bank still does not exist. Hindu-s still do not appear to have grasped power of their votes, trap of NOTA to nullify their vote base and what sort of calamities Hindu-s would undergo for five years to begin with, if Hindu-s are not determined to ensure, Muslim / Christian votes do not install a rabidly anti-Hindu  Government at the Centre. If followers of those faiths which do not belong to this nation, can unite to defeat followers of those faiths that by all means belong to the nation, why can’t followers of indigenous faiths unite to permanently defeat followers of anti-Hindu  forces ? Why can’t Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and other sects within Hindu  fold unite resolutely and vote for a Government that do not dare derogating Hindu-s and Sanatana  Hinduism ? If Muslims of all sects and varieties can instantly unite for any Islamic cause in spite of internecine acrimony, if Christians of all affiliations can unite for any Joshua cause and Constitution-Holocaust spontaneously, why can’t Hindu-s of all political / ideological affiliations readily and blindly unite for every Hindu  cause ?? If this historic milestone is not achieved immediately and invoked on trial by fire in Lok Sabha – 2019 elections, Hindu-s may well lose their homeland of Bharata  forever. Only if Hindu-s unite for all Hindu  causes, no power on earth may dare treating Hindu-s and Hindu  causes casually. This proposition is an absolute necessity and if not undertaken with utmost seriousness immediately, Hindu-s may well encounter existential crisis sooner than later.


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Vinayaka Damodara Savarkara  (May 28, 1883 to February 26, 1966) was the greatest Bharatiya  freedom-fighter, progressive social reformer, politician and author par excellence. He defined ‘Hindu’ identity and demarcated contours of Bharata  indubitably, an area of confusion hitherto.  

Revolutionary life of Vinayaka  started early when he was a student in British India, then in Britain. He founded Abhinava Bharata  Society and Free India Society vigorously espousing the sacred cause of complete freedom of Bharata  from vice like exploitative and torturous British clutches of slavery. He published The Indian War Of Independence that was proscribed by British authorities, then arrested in 1910, sentenced to two life terms equivalent to 50 years in prison, dumped in Cellular Jail of Andaman & Nicobar Islands, finally released in 1921. Vinayaka  travelled widely, served as President of Hindu Mahasabha, embraced the mission of HinduRastra, fiercely condemned Indian National Congress and their decision to accept Indo-Pakistan Partition 1947. He was also accused of conspiring to assassinate MK Gandhi albeit exonerated after a prolonged acrimonious trial. Today, Vira Savarkara  International Airport at Port Blair in the Andaman Islands, a commemorative plaque at India House ordered by the Historic Building And Monuments Commission Of England reading in his honour, “Vinayaka Damodar Savarkar  (1883-1966), Indian patriot and scholar, lived here” constantly remind us all of his selfless sacrifices and dedication to the nation.    

Born to Damodara  and Radhabai Savarkar-s in Village Bhagur of Nasik,  he earned the epaulette of ‘Vira’ i.e. braveheart just at 12 when he led fellow students to confront a rampaging horde of Muslim bigots invading his village. Outnumbered outright, he motivated his friends to fight back until last Muslim was kicked out with his Mantra, “Do not fear them. Almighty is your strength, so fight, even when facing an enemy stronger than yourself.” Vinayaka  had been a revolutionary right since his teens when he organised a teen-group Mitra Mela, imbued them with an acute sense of nationalism while in Fergusson College at Pune, was imbued with the same by legendary revolutionaries like Lokmanya Tilaka, Vipin Pal, Lala Lajpat Rai  agitating against partition of Bengal as well as Svadesi Abhiyana. Later he proceeded to England to study law at Gray’s Inn Law College staying at India House supported by another highly exalted freedom-fighter, Syamaji Krsna Varma, he did not forfeit the opportunity to raise Free India Society to mobilise other Bharatiya  students to realise the mission of complete independence through these words, “We must stop complaining about this British officer or that officer, this law or that law. There would be no end to that. Our movement must not be limited to being against any particular law, but it must be for acquiring the authority to make laws itself. In other words, we want absolute independence.” In 1909, he vehemently supported Madanlal Dhingra  and defended him legally in the case of assassination of Lord Curzon Wyllie and later claimed his remains after execution. In the same year he revolted against Morley-Minto Reforms, arrested in Paris while hiding in the home of Bhikaji Cama in 1910, shipped to Bharata  in SS Morea, jumped into the ocean to escape and swam to Marseille. He was re-arrested and legal proceedings had to be referred to Permanent Court Of International Arbitration to resolve some knotty issues concerning right to asylum for the persecuted ones. 

Vinayaka  authored 1857 – The First War Of Indian Independence that countered British propaganda that War Of Independence – 1857 was just a ‘Sepoy Mutiny’ wherein he visualised guerrilla warfare to attain independence. In spite of the book being proscribed by the British-Occupiers, Bhikaji Cama ensured, it was widely published and circulated well in France, Germany and Netherlands. Another book Kale Pani  vividly described brutal  and most cruel ways of British despots to torture our heroes of War Of Independence. His another title Saha Soneri Pane  narrated golden periods from our history to confront false British propaganda that entire Hindu  history has been a history of defeats and humiliation. In Gandhi Gondhal, he ruthlessly excoriated MK Gandhi of all the aura that is associated with him for all his commissions and omissions. During his imprisonment in Andaman Cellulars, he was denied even paper and pen to write. He used to write on walls of his Cell Of Torture with thorns, pebbles, even memorised thousands of lines of his poetry for years before brought to limelight by other prisoners released on completion of their terms of incarceration. In 1948, he was arrested after being accused of complicity in assassination of MK Gandhi and later acquitted. On Feb. 1 of the year 1966, Vinayaka  announced Atmarpana  i.e. surrendering onself entirely  while renouncing food, water and medicines. He authored an article too, titled Atmahatya Nanin, Atmarpana  to explain his concept to the effect that it is always better to terminate one’s life with dignity instead of abjectly awaiting death after life’s mission is over and decrepitude does not allow one to remain active. Before breathing his last on Feb. 26 in 1966, he willed no rituals of any variety be solemnised and that be restricted to cremation of his mortal remains alone. JL Nehru’s antipathy to Vinayaka  is a well known history and the honourable task of paying him pension had to be performed by his successor, PM LB Shastri. Congress leaders were not permitted to attend his last rites even, no official mourning was observed either in Mumbai or Delhi. Utter neglect of Vinayaka  continued long after his demise. Finally, his portrait was unveiled in Central Hall of Parliament in 2003 amidst vehement protest from Congress and boycott of the ceremony staged by Congress President Sonia Gandhi. Thus spanned and ceased to exist a very remarkable life, an extra-ordinary revolutionary and a social reformer imbued with sympathy, compassion for the unfortunate and deprived ones. 

Now we move into probably most discussed aspects of Vinayaka’s unforgettable life, main objective of this article. Since he had been the greatest freedom-fighter who underwent enormous pain and agonies, quite naturally he attracted scores of shallow-minded reactionaries and anti-national saboteurs who assiduously strove to tarnish his scintillating reputation by hurling lies and damned lies. Character assassination of Vinayaka Savarkara  did not surprise those who are well-versed with his heroic activities rather, these were anticipated !! Let us take up all those calumnies and slanders, rip them apart one by one to expose a well-crafted conspiracy of anti-Hindu  anti-nationals determined to undermine enormous contribution of our celebrated ‘ViraPutra’ of BharataBhumi  to the fierce battle of independence. It would not be a measure of digression or perfidy if those who ridicule or castigate Vinayaka, are bluntly questioned, as to how many flesh-tearing lashes were received by those whom they hold solely responsible for our freedom from British clutches, in British jails !! Had they been really real heroes of our War Of Independence, they would have been hanged to death by British-Occupiers of the country instead of being allowed to survive, raise a dynasty to rape and ravage a beautiful nation for full six decades. 

First calumny states that Vinayaka  begged for mercy from the despotic British-Occupiers. Could a freedom fighter of steel nerves beg for mercy who remained imprisoned for 27 years (1910 to 1937) after being awarded two life terms, who underwent inhuman tortures like being manacled round the clock, surviving on gruel infested with worms, hauled to oil mills like bullocks grinding mustard seeds uninterruptedly, being flogged, no access to sun-light, no medical facility and no contact with the external world ? It was in no way different from The Gulag Archipelago and Guantanamo Bay. Vinayaka  was marked ‘D’ for dangerous among all prisoners. His mercy-petitions were a tactical ploy like Sivaji’s letter to the Mughal-Satan Aurangzeb to secure release, come out and work more stridently for independence of Bharata  instead of wasting away a life at the hands of British despots with no development towards freedom. On the contrary, Nehru’s jail terms were magnificent holidays in a bungalow within jail premises with curtains of his favourite colour blue, at liberty to follow his hobby of gardening at leisure and write books. When Nehru’s wife fell sick, his jail-term was suspended without even his asking for that !! And Nehru was ‘kind’ enough to accept the offer gracefully !! His jail-luxury has been very well exposed by Aruna Asaf Ali, another contemporary freedom fighter. If anti-national Communists say that Nehru did not buckle down like a ‘coward’ Savarkara, it is sheer treachery and travesty of truth.   

Second calumny states Vinayaka  did not support ‘Quit Bharata Movement’. That is yet again, travesty of truth. Vinayaka  was an ardent advocate of militarisation of Hindu-s as that is the only way to combat hostile anti-Hindu  forces to survive. He demanded British-Despots to quit the country but not Army. He motivated Hindu-s and Sikhs to join Army in large numbers to reduce Muslims proportionately. His far-sightedness proved it’s worth in 1947 when Pakistanis reached Srinagar and the day was saved for the country. Netaji Bose commended Vinayaka  in his broadcast from Singapore on June 25, 1944 “for fearlessly exhorting the youth to enlist in the armed forces.” He even cabled US President Franklin Roosevelt appealing to him to pressurise Britain to quit Bharata. 

Third calumny states his complicity in MK Gandhi’s assassination. In spite of being younger than Gandhi by 14 years, Vinayaka  possessed pragmatic vision about nation’s future. He demanded complete independence in 1900 itself which Gandhi did in 1929; first bonfire of foreign clothes was enacted in 1905 by him and his crusade against untouchability was stunningly more effective. He declared MK Gandhi a hypocrite as MK Gandhi had supported British violence against Germany during WW-I and supported Khilafat Movement as a measure of appeasement of Muslims. In fact, seeds of Muslim appeasement were sown by Gandhi himself as Vinayaka  declared him “a man with a narrow and immature head.” He was honourably acquitted of the charge after prolonged trial in court. In spite of his fierce opposition to Gandhi, he stayed clear of the entire assassination saga.  

Fourth calumny states that Vinayaka  was anti-Muslim. In fact he was entirely in support of Hindu-Muslim unity albeit with a rider, unity of Muslims with militarised Hindu-s only. He vehemently opposed partition and wanted Muslims to stay in the country as minority as was the case with Greece, Poland and a few other countries. He strongly believed in HinduRastra  with militarised Hindu-s staying peacefully with minorities in the name of secularism and universality strictly without an iota of minority-appeasement. Country / state within the nation in the name of religious minoritism was not acceptable to him. Thus he remarked on MA Jinnah, “I stand for equality and no concessions while Jinnah is for more concessions and doesn’t stand for equality.” 

Fifth calumny, the most preposterous one, dubs him a Nazi in letter and spirit !! No allegation can be more absurd and ludicrous than this one. For WW –II, he actively campaigned for recruitment in British-Indian Army to fight against Nazis led by Hitler. His advocacy of militarisation of Hindu-s for the purpose of self-defence was intentionally distorted by brazen Communists / Congress as his being pro-Nazi. 

Sixth calumny, quite an outrageous one, states that he advocated rape of Muslim women to counter rapes of Hindu  women by those Muslims beasts. What precisely he advocated was compulsory reversion to Hinduism of all Muslim women captured after defeat of Muslim invaders by Hindu Kings and their absorption into Hindu fold forever. That would not have allowed proliferation of Muslims in a geometrical progression and they would have been reduced to a negligible minority and the world would have been shielded from unmitigated miseries and brutalities. Such a tit for tat would also have dissuaded those Muslim beasts from mass-rapes and abduction of Hindu  women. Muslims raised their numbers rapidly as they had forcibly appropriated thousands of Hindu women over centuries as war bounty. In countries like Spain, Greece and Serbia, entire Muslim population was converted back to Christianity the moment Muslim rule was overthrown. Unfortunately it was not allowed to happen in Bharata  due to JL Nehru who snobbishly bragged before Indonesian President Sukarno that (his) India had more Muslims than Pakistan !! Vinayaka Savarkara  never stressed upon raping Muslim women after being captured as a war bounty.  

On the contrary, what detractors of Vinayaka  have to say about following prophecies that he narrated long before they turned out to be rude shocks for the nation ? Vinayaka  warned of Muslim infiltration into Assam way back in 1940 to which JL Nehru pathetically responded, nature abhors vacuum to which Vinayaka  snapped back, do not allow this vacuum to be grabbed by poisonous gases !! Vinayaka  protested when Nehruvian Congress boycotted community based Census-1941 which they abjectly conceded in 1947 for the purpose of Partition-1947. Vinayaka  had warned MK Gandhi on his stubborn policy of Muslim appeasement. It proved to be too prophetic when MK Gandhi confessed his blunder on Oct. 6, 1946 in Harijan. In 1940 itself, Vinayaka  had warned the country about growing monster of Pakistan which JL Nehru did not believe till 1945. Vinayaka  wanted Army to actively participate without which freedom was an impossible dream. How prophetic was he when INA of Netaji Bose marched in and British-Occupiers panicked and decided to quit. Vinayaka  warned JL Nehru of impending Pakistani invasion into Kashmir in 1947, insurrection of Hyderabad’s Nizam, advocated development of nuclear weapons and a strong Army. Those were the ‘glorious’ days when JL Nehru talked about dismantling entire Army under the ‘magnetic’ spell of Gandhian Ahimsa  and ‘No Invasion Foreign Policy’ !! Vinayaka  warned JL Nehru of sinister Chinese designs on Tibet, Kashmir and Arunachala Pradesh. To that, Nehru grandiosely responded with ‘Panchasheel’ and ‘Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai’ !!!          

Hindu-s have developed an ingrained propensity of believing any anti-Hindu  narrative spontaneously without even a whit of suspicion owing to decades of McCaulay brand of schooling and education. We are overwhelmed with an inferiority complex essentially anti-Hindu  in nature. That is the main reason why someone dared to hurl these baseless calumnies that continued for decades and these must be dissolved immediately.


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My Dear Archbishop Couto,



I hope, my e-missile reaches you in the best of your health and well-being. 

Recently you issued a mass appeal to defeat BJP in Lok Sabha – 2019 elections as you have been feeling ‘unsafe’ and ‘insecure’. How did you really conclude, defeat of BJP shall ensure, you and Christians of your ilk shall be rendered safe and secured, if not already ? Did you or Pope Francis receive 11th Commandment directly from the Heavens ? I am quite baffled over your conduct and subsequent declamations to that effect. 

Archbishop Couto, it appears that the imaginary Commandment dawned upon you because for the first time, almost 17,000 fraudulent NGOs have been unceremoniously shut down and foreign grants frozen. For the first time since 17th century, there has been a serious attempt, quite an effective one, to put an end to proselytisations by Gangs of Missionaries funded from abroad through the sham of social services. For the first time, indoctrination to Naxalism / Maoism has been halted. Had you been a nationalist, you would have welcomed all these steps !! Swami Vivekananda  was deadly correct when he declared, every conversion creates one more enemy of the nation loyal to the Vatican or Mecca / Medina. Let me tell you, conversion of faith irrespective of being forced or induced, is the worst crime against humanity and such communities meet their gory ends sooner than later, ultimately. Hindu-s may or may not be born sinners but Missionaries like you have piled up heaps of sins upon themselves all these decades and centuries through conversions. Sanguinary faith conflicts gripping the world is certainly an indication of movement towards the final nemesis.    

Coming to the point Christians are unsafe in a HinduRastra, are Christians safe in Africa ? You destroyed all aboriginal faiths in Africa, grabbed their land and mines, handed them over Bibles to eat, drink, breathe, bathe, sleep and shit too !! Jesus did not like that and he sent Islamists to punish them all and now they are being butchered like they are in a wholesale market of butchery !! Did US President Trump or British Prime Minister carpet-bomb Africa to protect Christians under Islamic onslaughts ? Anyone would have been immensely pleased at these developments as a measure of schadenfreude yet I am not as I happen to be a Hindu  !! Are you safe in Pakistan ? In other Islamic countries ? How can you overlook a reality so stark and conspicuous that Christians are safe ONLY in a HinduRastra, nowhere else ? Now what is emerging is that Christians are not safe even in Christian countries and Europe happens to be a volcanic example to that effect.  

Let us now visualise a scenario of your liking. BJP is defeated and combined Opposition of traitors, looters and street-louts win and a Satan like Owaisi becomes Prime Minister of the country. Will you be safe under that dispensation and assumption that US $$ shall freely flow to your accounts and you shall enjoy unmitigated freedom to convert ?? If you believe so ensconced in a Believer’s Church, believe me, you are languishing in an Idiot’s Paradise. There shall be then conversions of a very different variety and even you too, may be forced to convert in that situation. It will be just a call for absolute anarchy in the country, nothing else. Let me bluntly tell you Archbishop Couto, BJP is the ONLY, I repeat the ONLY nationalistic political party in the country which must never be defeated under any circumstance in the interest of your safety and security. 

Mizoram, our State in North-East with 83% Christian population, has a devout Hindu  as Governor and all Churches there have demanded his recall. If not recalled, they would boycott him !! Those Christians are neither secular nor nationalistic. They are separatist traitors who just deserve a very harsh punishment by our security forces. And you did not utter a single word of condemnation of those Churches at all, Archbishop Couto. Woe betide upon them, indeed. If a Hindu  State and DevaBhumi  like Uttarakhanda  with 90% Hindu  population could welcome a Christian Governor in Margaret Alva and a Muslim Governor in one Rashid without a word of protest, why can’t Mizoram welcome a Hindu  Governor ? What sort of Christianity is this and what have they been reading in the name of Bible ?? You all are striving assiduously to absorb entire Hinduism within Christian fold through charade while Hinduism is gearing up to go the other way around with spectacular success rate. Archbishop Couto, Sanatana  Hinduism is as ancient as the Planet Earth guarded by Param Brahmatma  and whosoever exerted to destroy Hinduism, were destroyed themselves. Sanatana  Hinduism has not only survived but flourished by leaps and bounds in spite of 17 deadly invasions in past 2500 years while all other civilisations disappeared like thin air !! Isn’t it a proof enough, you all are engaged in a futile exercise that may extinguish you all ?? Archbishop Couto, Sanatana  Hinduism is the Dharma  of Param Brahmatma and Hindu-s are ordained to represent that on Planet Earth. That is why, Hindu-s are very special human beings and no one may dare proselytising them lest calamities befall upon them. It is a warning for your survival, well-being and you must accept it very seriously. 

Churches are already under decline and liquidation. Churches have a serious crisis of sodomy and rapes. It may be difficult for you and your brethren to believe, root-cause is hidden in the celibacy that has been thrust upon you all. Your concept of celibacy is so weird, absurd, juvenile, idiotic and moronic that sodomy / rape shall be natural outcomes automatically !! Celibacy goes into making of paedophiles, sodomisers and rapists while Brahmacarya  goes into making of Rsi-s and Maharsi-s, Siddha Yogi-s and Trikaladarsi-s…According to Swami Ramdeva  of Patanjali  Group, there is not a single instance of a boy raised in Gurukula, apprehended for any crime like eve-teasing, stalking girls etc. so far. Being a Sanatani Hindu, I find entire Christianity absolutely unbelievable in spite of a network of Believer’s Churches !! Much to your relief, I am refraining myself from digging into the past of Christianity replete with gory tales of terrible crimes against humanity. Christianity may well beat Islam into pulp if a comparative chart of heinous crimes against humanity is prepared for scrutiny of all.               

My demands from you are very simple. You and your Gangs of Missionaries have absolutely no business to tell us, your faith is superior and my faith Sanatana Dharma, inferior. Just stop conversions, declare that Christianity holds Sanatana  Hinduism in very high regards and fundamental identity of the nation is Hindu, then remain hale and hearty as ever in the country. Islam and Christianity DO NOT belong to this nation, were smuggled into the country at sword-point and this fact must be accepted earliest possible to eradicate all conflicts whatsoever. Even then, can you tell me even a single name / case when a Christian was thrown out of this country just because he / she happened to be a Christian ? None, isn’t it ? There you are Mr. Archbishop.  

Archbishop Couto, your first name happens to be ‘Anil’, by all means a Hindu  name. It reveals your innermost agony as half of your being and half of your Soul are still Hindu  !! Muster your entire courage and revert to Hinduism through ‘GharWapasi’. Wipe out the black stigma of forced / induced conversion that your ancestors left behind for you as their legacy for you to sulk in solitude or may be standing in a Confession Box !! We shall welcome you lovingly with open arms and receive you as our long lost brother !! 


With lots of Vande Matarama, 

Eternally your’s,

Ramakant Tiwari   


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