In social media of Facebook and Twitter, I am frequently ridiculed and berated for my faith of Sanatana Dharma  that is purported to boast 33 crore Devi-s and Deva-s to worship. They also condemn Hindu-s worshipping plants and animals too. Those ‘they’ happen to be mostly Roman Catholics of Goa, Protestants of Nort-East Bharata, ‘Khalistani’ brand Sikhs from Canada and a motley crowd of ISI brain-washed Sikhs residing in Jammu. When countered and challenged, they issue me warnings / threats of dire consequences which I thoroughly enjoy and laugh at, following foot-steps of my hero Russy Karanjia, late editor of a weekly tabloid Blitz which used to be published from Bombay. I am dismayed to behold, Sikhs do not wish to accept the reality that Sikhism is one of so many streams emerging from the Gangotri  of Sanatana Hinduism  and Sikhs have been Rajputa-s in the erstwhile scheme of Varna  order. Catholics / Protestants / Muslims do not wish to accept that their faith does not belong to this nation and those were forcibly imposed upon their ancestors by intruders from overseas. 

There have been others too, who are ‘lambasted’ like that which many of them meekly ignore / tolerate, some explain away by saying that it is 33 only and not 33 crore, that ‘Koti’ does not necessarily mean ‘Crore’ etc. Let me now set the records straight for the benefit of all who may be seeking accurate perception of the imbroglio even at the risk of being condemned further.  

We are well aware that Absolute Entity is binomial in structure and likewise, all sub-entities too, are binomial in configuration. Cetana  i.e. Consciousness and Jada  i.e. material together create an Absolute Entity, also adored as Param Brahmatma. Param Cetana, also known as Samasti Cetana  i.e. Absolute Consciousness of Param Brahmatma  allows Himself to manifest / proliferate into innumerable individualised Cetana-s, circumscribed by Ahamkara, also known as VyastiCetana  as well as Atma. In a parallel and compatible cosmic event, Jada  too manifests / proliferates into innumerable entities through the processes of aggregation and conglomeration, all absolutely devoid of Cetana  at the behest of Param Cetana. Jivatma  comes into being ONLY when VyastiCetana  associates itself with Jada. It is also known as embodiment or birth and it’s converse, dis-embodiment or demise. 

In Sanatana Dharma, it is Cetana  who is worshipped, whether Param Cetana  of Param Brahmatma  or VyastiCetana  of a living being who may be an ant or elephant. Every manifestation of Cetana  is adorable irrespective of contours imparted upon by various conglomerated derivatives of Jada. Every VyastiCetana  possesses the potential to attain absolute divinity. Quite logically, there are innumerable VyastiCetana-s i.e. Atma-s who are already Deva-s or poised to evolve into Deva-s.

Thus Sanatana Dharma  has infinite number of Devi-s / Deva-s to be adored and worshipped, not merely 33 crores as grossly mis-understood or mis-interpreted by some. So there is no dearth of Devi-s and Deva-s to chose from for worshipping as each and every VyastiCetana  is adorable and deserves to be worshipped. Concepts and realities like Vasudhaiva Kutumbakum, Ahimsa  etc. spontaneously spring forth as soon as you concede, every Atma  is an adorable celestial Deva. Philosophy behind Sanatana Hindu  greeting in the form of ‘Namaste’ too, is based on that axiomatic truth alone.  

When a Hindu  worships a plant or an animal, it is VyastiCetana  hidden within the plant or animal as the case may be, is worshipped and not body of the plant or animal in question. It naturally implies, it is Cetana  that worships Cetana  with the means of Jada. So cynics, sceptics, atheists, hedonists, nihilists, sensualists and of course, secular-lunatics have absolutely no business to ridicule Sanatana  way of worshipping some plants and animals. 

When a Hindu  worships a Murti  carved out of Jada  viz. stone, wood, glass, soil etc., it is VyastiCetana  ensconced within the Murti  after Vedic  ritual of PranaPratistha  is solemnised, is worshipped and NOT the idol crafted of Jada  material. Hence, MurtiPuja  cannot be accurately translated into or described as Idol-worship as Murti  is not an idol at all. Murti  is a repository of divine Cetana  whose PranaPratistha  has been solemnised through invocations, a manifestation of the Deva  or Devi  for whom the sacrosanct Vedic  ritual of PranaPratistha  has been carried out. All those individuals, empires, Kingdoms have been razed to dust that destroyed such a Murti / Mandira  or under whose regime, such instances of desecration has / had been enacted. Desecration of Cetana  inevitably invites terrible consequences to bear with.

Tailanga Swami Maharaja, a Siddha Yogi  and contemporary of Swami Ramakrsna Paramhamsa  who came from Andhra Pradesh, settled down on banks of Ganga at Varanasi, lived for almost 270 years, prayed to the small Murti  of Ma Kali  whom he used to worship, to appear before him and his disciple to bless both of them. Ma Kali  did emerge from the Murti  after his invocations manifesting Herself as a young girl, blessed both and reverted into the same Murti. In this exceedingly mysterious nation, such events are quite frequent, neither rare nor exceptional albeit accessible only to those who are imbued with Sraddha  and Bhakti  unto Him or Her.      

Hence as a matter of fact, those who ridicule Sanatana Hinduism  for having 33 crore Deva-s / Devi-s to chose from and worship, are in reality, laughing at their own abject ignorance about an intense  Adhyatmika  mysticism as ancient as the Planet Earth itself.


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Certainly not MK Gandhi. No stretch of arguments howsoever correct or convoluted, can justify MK Gandhi as ‘Father Of The Nation’. The title was bestowed upon him by some minion of Congress, Party captive of a dynasty, out to deny sterling role and sacrifices of so many other outstanding freedom-fighters viz. Mangal Pandey / Vinayaka Savarkar / Netaji Bose who rendered life for British-Occupiers of the nation a living hell. Mangal Pandey sacrificed himself to ignite first War of Independence 1857 that was entirely successful, all British intruders were brutally killed except a handful few who absconded in disguise as Sadhu-s by smearing ashes and cow-dung all over their bodies, country was absolutely free of British occupation till Sept. 1857; Vinayaka Savarkar was one of the most terrible threats to British Empire, he was most savagely tortured in Andamana prisons; finally it was Netaji Bose whose marching INA caused mutiny in Royal Indian Navy, battle that ensued witnessed sacrifices of more than 26,000 INA soldiers and British-Occupiers chickened out in great panic as terrible sanguinary reminiscences of Mangal Pandey ignited WOI-1857 were refreshed while Netaji had to spend final years of his life in utter seclusion as a ‘Gumanami Baba’ in Ayodhya  after the great escape from vicious clutches of Russian dictator Joseph Stalin.  

MK Gandhi did not earn nation’s freedom at all and all such claims were blown away by the British Prime Minister Clement Attlee when he was in Kolikata long ago. Ahimsa  that he espoused was an Absolute Cowardice. Ahimsa  was practised by Vasudeva Sri Krsna  who slew His cousin Sisupala  after accepting 99 invectives hurled upon Him by His cousin. Satyagraha  that MK Gandhi ‘marketed’ in the country was downright intellectual bankruptcy as real Satyagraha  was in action when Vasudeva Sri Krsna  inspired Arjuna  to slay all Kaurava-s in the battlefield of Kuruksetra  after long years of injustice and oppression perpetrated upon Pandava-s by them. In fact, WOI-1857 was a genuine reflection of Mahabharata. How many of us are aware of the reality that MK Gandhi did his best to spike and spook renovation of Somnatha Mandira  undertaken by Sardara Patel and his devious designs were foiled by Sardara Patel assisted by KM Munshi, then Agricuture Minister ? I have just one argument to counter all those loud-mouthed votaries of the doctrine of ‘Gandhi brought us freedom with his Ahimsa, Satyagraha, Charkha, Goat’s milk, Multani Mitti…’ – 


Will any of those ‘brilliant’ votaries respond rationally and convincingly without hurling invectives upon me and my ancestors ? Same question is valid in case of JL Nehru too. I do not believe they were freedom fighters in true sense of the term at all. Occasionally, I am hit by brainwaves like MK Gandhi was a remarkable curiosity-arousing Halloween character of his time !! And Nehru’s precise ‘make or break’ contribution to the war of nation’s freedom is one of the most conspicuous enigmatic riddles in nation’s history. They just redeemed and enjoyed their Punya Karma-s performed in their past lives by them !! No other rational explanation is available to explain their comfortable stay in British Jails or justify the pomp and glory that they enjoyed at a huge expense of this nation and crores of abjectly poor denizens who toiled and trudged for a morsel of bread and a piece of loin cloth to cover their mortal frames, every day for decades. And MK Gandhi’s Ahimsa, Satyagraha  were vulgar and macabre jokes on those abject paupers.       

Being a downright positivist and an optimist, I shall not leave you languishing in a state of mental turmoil after kicking up this dust-storm of confusion and contemplation in your minds. I offer some rational alternatives to chose from for the honour of ‘Father Of The Nation’ with a few arguments in brief as details are widely available in public domain. Criteria decided by me to select options are ostensibly very stringent and only three historic luminaries have succeeded in crossing the bar.

They are hereinasunder –    


Rsi Canakya

Rsi Cāṇakya  was born in 371BCE, an ascetic and Guru  possessing adept knowledge of several disciplines viz. Philosophy, Economics and Law. Also famous as Kauṭilya  and Visnugupta, he authored ancient treatise on politics famous as Arthasastra, regarded as precursor of contemporary economics. Precise rules of strategic governance enshrined in Arthasastra  are valid even today. CanakyaNiti  is yet another treatise authored by him which is truly remarkable. Diplomatic enclave in New Delhi is rightly named after him as Chanakyapuri. His entire work was lost then rediscovered during early decades of 20th Century.

He is widely regarded as having established and expanded Mauryan Empire and served as Chief Advisor to both emperors, Candragupta and his son Bindusara. He was a great thinker and large number of Bharatiya  nationalists  adore him as probably the first Hindu  who visualised Akhanda Hindu Rastra  of Bharatavarsa  and strove throughout his life to realise that vision.


Adi Samkaracarya

He was an ascetic and mystic of the highest order, visited Planet Earth in early 8th Century, consolidated and nourished the doctrine of Advaita Vedanta. Regarded as an incarnate of Siva  and a titanic giant of Adhyatma, he is rightly credited with unification of all Sanatana  philosophies across the nation. Prior to his incarnation, utter religious anarchy prevailed in the country. There were some 72 sects viz. Carvaka-s, Lokayatika-s, Kapalika-s, Sakta-s, Samkhya-s, Bauddha-s, Madhyamikas etc. vying for superiority over others and striving senselessly and often violently to expand followings. With so many frequent scuffles and no peace around, Deva-s implored Siva  to incarnate to redeem the mankind. He was born in Kalady  of the state of Keralama  and survived only 32 years of glorious life on this planet. He became expert in all the four Veda-s by eighth year of his life, master of all scriptures by twelfth year and enunciated all his commentaries by sixteenth year of his deeply intense life. He recast rituals to establish six major orders of adoration, Ganapatyama  i.e. worshipping Ganesa, Kaumarama  i.e. worshipping Subramanyama, Saurama  i.e. worshipping the sun, Saktama  i.e. worshipping of Sakti, Vaisnavama  i.e. worshipping Visnu  and Saivama  i.e. worshipping Siva. Owing to this feat, his legend is also known as Sanmata Sthapakacarya  too. Very forthrightly he accepted Gautama Buddha  as one of Dasavatara-s and demolished all hostilities between Sanatani-s and Buddhist-s. Like a cataclysmic thunderstorm, he swept away entire nation demolishing several age-old prophesies, heresies and restored pristine glory of Veda-s, composed SamkaraSamhita describing rules of conduct and ethics for Brahamana-s. He established his precepts of Advaita  from Himalaya-s in north to Dwarka  in west, to Puri  in east and Sringeri  in south. He raised monasteries in all four corners of the nation, then settled down at Kamakoti Pithama  in Kanchipurama  established and presided over by him. He dis-incarnated himself in presence of Kamaksi, an erudite scholar of Upanisad-s in this Pithama  in his 32nd year of mortal existence. He was the greatest unifier of all sects, faiths and Kingdoms into a composite nation. The great ascetic practised Advaita  not only on Adhyamika  plane of Cetana  but also on national plane of consciousness too. Had he lived longer, he would have certainly succeeded in transforming Adhyatmika  unity thus attained, into a unfied mighty political power that would have possibly guarded the nation from foreign invasions in subsequent centuries.   


Dr. KB Hdegewar

Doctorji, his other name, born on Pratipada, Caitra, Sukla Paksa, Vikram Samvat 1946 (1 April 1889) in Nagpur, actively participated in Indian National Congress in 1920s. Disillusioned with their anti-national policies and politics, outbreak of Hindu-Muslim Riots 1923 prodded him to mull over an alternate model of nation-building. He observed that in every social turbulence, Hindu-s were the worst sufferers, no one to protect them, every other community out to exploit them and provoke one section of Hindu-s against another. He resolved with a steel determination, if there is no one to protect Hindu-s, Hindu-s shall collectively stand up not only to protect themselves but also all those oppressed, tormented and exploited ones. Soon he arrived at the conclusion that Sanatana  spiritual and cultural heritage alone can be the basis of Bharatiya  ethos and organised nationhood. Thereafter, Doctorji founded RSS in 1925 on the day of Vijayadasami  with the mission to organise Hindu  community for it’s cultural and spiritual regeneration and leverage that to get rid of foreign domination. The seed of Sanatana Hindu  nationalism that he sowed, has now gown into a gigantic banyan tree covering the entire globe. I regard Doctorji as the greatest visionary and crusader of his century and one of the greatest blessings to the nation. The way he diagnosed ills afflicting the nation, nature of dangers lurking around, absolutely precise course of action that he defined and the way he offered his entire life as oblation into sacred Agni of that Yajna, are unique and far ahead of even Swami Vivekananda. Swami Vivekananda  heralded the nation with his clarion call of Uttistha Bharata  obscuring the stark reality that without Sanghathit Hindu, Uttistha Bharata  was impossible to realise. Doctorji’s message to the nation is, “Uttistha  and Sanghathit Hindu; Jagrit Bharata”. With this motto, RSS grew into a finest human resource development organization in the world and there is none other anywhere close to it and won’t be there for a century or more. 

Catalogue of spectacular achievements, milestones and benchmarks attained by RSS in rendering service to the nation so far are simply mind-boggling to say the least. Nation not only survived but also flourished in spite of catastrophic calamities like Nehru-Jinnah Partition 1947, Nehru’s China Debacle 1962, Indira’s Emergency 1975…UPA 2004-14 owing to the strength imparted upon the nation by RSS. If Army / Security Forces defend our external borders from invasions and intrusions, RSS have been defending the nation at devious internal borders, much more difficult to identify and act upon that too, without any Government patronage. We have survived from fierce socio-economic-religious onslaughts uninterruptedly lobbed at us by inimical forces, only because of the resurgence and renaissance brought about by RSS at a great sacrifice, in spite of three official bans, scores of arrests, torture and murder of RSS members. Yet, the marvellous and unique organization have been growing exponentially much to the heart-burn of so many across the world so much so that if any organization truly represents Bharata  today, that is RSS alone. Humanity had never ever witnessed before such an organisation and organised activities with a mission on such a massive scale in recorded history. And all that absolutely SELFLESSLY !! RSS NEVER claim credit for any success at all. It is an organisation of Rsi-s, Parivrajaka-s and Sadhu-s who consume themselves for the sake of nation. 

You are at liberty to select any one of them for the accolade of ‘Father Of the Nation’.   

Entire exercise of the honour of ‘Father Of The Nation’ being conferred upon anyone is a mere tokenism. Bharatavarsa  is an ancient Sanatana  nation, as ancient as Planet Earth with the Supreme Father in Sriman Narayana, also adored as Bhagavana Visnu, Tirupati Balaji Maharaja  and Sri Padmanabha Swami. Bharatavarsa  is the nation where He incarnates often for the sacrosanct mission of consolidation and resurgence of Dharma  on Planet Earth for the entire humanity to follow and slaying felons and sinners.  

This nation does not need in reality, a ‘Father Of The Nation’ at all !!


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