Rwandan capital Kigali was witness to and hosted a historic agreement heralding gradual withdrawl of Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) in a phased manner from atmosphere on Oct. 15, 2016. HFCs are climate damaging refrigerants finding their applications in air-conditioning, refrigeration, shaving foams and aerosols as substitutes for several Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS). These are being phased out under Montreal Protocol 1987 to protect vital stratospheric Ozone layer that protects entire spectrum of life on Planet Earth from harmful UV and other cosmic radiations emanating from outer space. HFCs as such, do not deplete or damage Ozone layer however, cause global warming almost a twelve thousand times more than Carbon Dioxide. Hence, objective of Kigali Conclave was to formulate inclusion of HFCs too, into the Montreal Protocol 1987 in addition to ODSs. And the Conclave was magnanimous in lauding Bharata’s dynamism, flexibility and leadership during rigorous discussions.

As we proposed 2024-2026 as baseline year with 10% reduction by 2032, Bharata  raised Ambition-Index with those of developed countries, a remarkable initiative and flexibility indeed. As the bold initiative reflected principle of Common But Differentiated Responsibility (CBDR) wherein developed countries shoulder augmented actions in view of their historical track-record of over-indulgence with plethora of pollutants over decades, Director General of Centre for Science & Environment Sunita Narayana endorsed the stand by stating, “It is good to see proactive Indian negotiations on HFCs phase down. It can make a big difference to the ambitious and equitable outcome on climate change.” Bharatiya  flexibility also enjoins upon all major polluters like USA and China to rise and shoulder greater share of responsibility to sort out environmental riddles. Business bodies like CII too, lauded the spirit of accommodation displayed by Bharata  in raising the bar while protecting nation’s interests as the initiative was finalized in consultations with industry too.

Kigali Agreement shares overall goal of maintaining average global temperature rise within 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial level by the end of current century, as envisaged in Paris Climate Deal. Historic Kigali Agreement has been signed by 196 countries and EU. Being an amendment to the mandatory Montreal Protocol 1987, Kigali Agreement is legally binding on all signatories as with Montreal Protocol 1987 with effect from Jan. 1, 2019. The Agreement has created three groups of countries as under –

Categort I has developed countries led by USA, west European countries and Japan with Baseline Year of 2011-13, Freezing Year of 2019 and maximum reduction of 85% by 2036.

Category II has developing countries like China, South Africa, Brazil etc. with Baseline Year of 2020-22, Freezing Year of 2024 and maximum reduction of 80% by 2045.

Category III  has developing countries like Bharata, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and others with Baseline Year of 2024-26, Freezing Year of 2028 and maximum reduction of 85% by 2047.

Wherein Baseline Year is defined as the year for which average production and consumption of HFCs is the uppermost limit serving as a level.

Wherein Freezing Year is defined as the year when application of HFCs peak before being phased out completely.

As growing middle class in Bharata  have been using air-conditioners, refrigerators and other white goods containing HFCs, we needed more elbow room in terms of number of years for indigenous industry to re-visit themselves with appropriate technologies. We also committed on behalf of industry to incinerate HFCs to prevent their release into atmosphere and that was a trigger to catalyse the deal into two categories of developing countries with two different phase-down timelines. So Bharata  may use HFCs for another 12 years before embarking upon phase-down. Prime Minister Modi has hailed the Agreement with his tweet, “I congratulate all countries for having come together on this critical issue, which will contribute to a greener Earth”. In view of forthcoming Marrakech Climate Summit Nov. 2016, Kigali Agreement shall be certainly bolstering the battle against climate deterioration.



Hon. Chief Justice of India,



Your judgement on NJAC is out and so many are aghast at the self-proclaimed ‘Collective Judicial Wisdom’ declaring yourselves to represent collective conscience of the nation which is none of judiciary’s business, which sometimes, nation may not possess at all according to you !! I am too, aghast because the ‘Collective Judicial Wisdom’ monopolised by four out of five Justices adjudicating NJAC is seriously flawed and supercilious too. As a common citizen of the country, I hope you would concede me the privilege to comment on the ‘renaissance’ of ‘Collective Judicial Wisdom’ goaded by NJAC, denial of ‘Collctive Common Wisdom’ of masses manifested through Parliament and turn sarcastic sometimes to proclaim it ludicrous without being slapped with a contempt of court case by your so-called ‘Divine Lordships’ though it is not worth that indulgence.

Philosophy of NJAC is far too extensive and penetrating. It is mother of judicial independence and not the other way round because it allows collective conscience and wisdom of the nation to grow, metamorphose to mature so as to be able to maintain a watch on prudence of ‘Collective Judicial Wisdom’. Issues of ‘Eminent’ persons and presence of Law Minister on NJAC could have been comfortably sorted out by the bench given their ‘infinite’ wisdom and sagacity. It has become all the more necessary as Hon. Supreme Court did not shudder at all at the hounding of a Chief Minister for full ten years till recently, granted Anticipatory Bail to an anti-national like Teesta Setalvad, opposition to Aadhara for no rationality, generational delays in disposal of pending cases and more recently, allowing our daughters into vice-dens called dance bars, then calling upon Maharashtra Govt. to maintain, protect their dignity by removing CCTV cameras !!!!!!! What will be then the next peak of judicial glory, Your ‘Divine Lordships’ ? Legalising prostitution as an oldest honourable profession while ordering Union Home Minister / State DGPs to ensure their virginity / chastity remain intact / unscathed ???? Is all that what you all are mandated to perform seated on the highest seat of ‘Judicial Wisdom’ ?

Human wisdom, collective as well as otherwise, is a very strange creature. Just as there is no limit to attainable greatness, there is no limit to delusion / lunacy / depravity attainable, too. I humbly recall a great saying of an eminent jurist NA Palkhiwala to your ‘Divinised Lordships’, “Only if man had been a little bit more stupid or a little bit more intelligent, world would have been a much better place to live in.”

Your Brother Judges raised serious doubts on ‘collective wisdom and maturity’ of the nation. There have been several instances when People’s Collective Wisdom has shown right path to the misguided ‘Collective Judicial Wisdom’ heading towards disaster of sorts. During Emergency, when SC suspended fundamental rights to life and liberty, it was wisdom of the Parliament that restored it to it’s pristine glory under Morarji Desai led Janata Party Govt. When this Govt. was hijacked by ‘political pests’ like Ch. Charan Singh and Raj Narayana, they were promptly thrown out by the collective wisdom of masses in 1979. More recently UPA headed by an Italy born, infested with traitors / crooks / history-sheeters / Havala racketeers, was also thrown out lock, stock and barrel, new Govt. installed heralding a paradigm shift in governance. What makes your Brother Judges apprehensive about collective wisdom of common citizens of the country ? Because they are ignorant / semi-educated / thoughtless !! Fine, then where was the Collective Judicial Wisdom of entire Supreme Court when Justice Ramaswamy was being charged of corruption, accused, followed by unsuccessful impeachment motion in Parliament ? Comatose, isn’t it, Your ‘Divine Lordships’ ?

One Learned Judge was not sure whether a Gay would ever be accepted / appointed as a Judge by the incumbent Govt. Is it a sound and sane criterion to judge wisdom / efficacy of a Government elected massively through collective common wisdom of masses whether they would ever recommend / allow Gays / Lesbians / Transgenders / Eunuchs / Pimps…”capable of delivering justice” as judges of higher judiciary ?? Is the country short of normal / sane persons to man higher judiciary ? Are we all a nation of crazy guys obsessed with sexual abilities / disabilities / abnormalities in every walk of life ? Poser raised by the extra-ordinarily Learned Judge without condescending to disclose his preference, is extremely disconcerting, rather shocking to say the least.

The ONLY positive feature I discovered in this judicial pronouncement is that your ‘Divine Lordships’ confessed, Collegium system is not perfect and invited suggestions to improve !!! Fantastic indeed !! As if the idea to improve the system never occurred to their so-called ‘Divine Lordships’ and other Learned Justices in past 20 years during the life of Collegium System !! Only when NJAC was enacted unanimously through Constitutional Amendment and ratified by 20 state assemblies, occurred to the Learned Justices to invite suggestions to improve 25 year old system promoting Uncle / Aunty culture in higher judiciary !!! May I humbly mention to your so-called ‘Divine Lordships’ that in Scotland, judges are selected by common men / women as consumers of justice who happen to be absolutely common with no pedigree / elite Genes to boot at all. And the system has worked perfectly well. Collegium system of appointing judges was an extreme reaction to the unholy / unconstitutional shenanigans of PM Indira Gandhi who had a flair of demolishing sanctity of Constitutional institutions, Constitution itself and derogating judiciary, being the most venomous / vindictive PM country had so far. How can an extreme measure in response to an abnormal situation be dubbed sound and acceptable for all times to come ? The Bench has trashed simple / unanimous / ‘brute’ majority of Parliament which is an ominous warning signal for the country. Refusal to share ‘Collective Judicial Wisdom’ with ‘Collective Common Wisdom’ of the nation is nothing short of Judicial Terrorism / Totalitarianism and such a judiciary must be over-hauled completely if not benched out altogether.

By the way, is it not “Wisdom Policing” of the country by the Supreme Court ?? Why should Govt. not ignore your belated moves to improve Collegium system meant to hide your acute embarrassment ??

Nation suffered extensively at the hands of a four-generation dynasty for six decades and on several occasions, higher judiciary had been either supportive or turned around to look away. During Emergency, when the Highest Judiciary was asked by PM Indira Gandhi to bend, they gladly crawled before her. Now that the country is poised to achieve great heights of prosperity and transparency in all areas of governance under leadership of a Prime Minister of impeccable integrity, Supreme Court are becoming over-cautious, rather blatantly hostile as if incumbent Govt. had been the real tormentor of nation all these years !! If this is the ‘Collective Judicial Wisdom’ of higher judiciary, then scrapping of Collegium System and enactment of NJAC are very urgently required.



With best regards,

Ramakant Tiwari




Bhagavana Kala Bhairava  is a deity whose name implies terribly frightful, Rudra Avatara  of Siva  associated with annihilation. Bhairava  originated in Sanatana  legends, worshipped by Hindu-s, Buddhist-s, Sikhs and Jains throughout Bharata  and Nepal. Bhairava  is the wandering manifest of Siva  guarding cardinal points. Sixty four Bhairava-s are grouped in eight categories and each category is headed by one Astanga Bhairava. Eight Astanga Bhairava-s together monitor eight directions of the universe. Each Astanga Bhairava  has one sub Bhairava  under Him totalling sixty four Bhairava-s. All Bhairava-s are governed by Maha Swarna Kala Bhairava, also known as Kala Bhairava, Supreme Master of Time of the universe. Bhairavi  is His consort and Bhairava  is also known as protector who guards eight directions of the universe. Bhairava  guards the Mandira  wherein He is established and consecrated. In Siva Mandira-s, keys are placed before Bhairava  when locked for the day at night. He is also protector of women and the weak.

The name Bhairava  has it’s roots in the word Bhiru  meaning fearful. Bhairava  literally means terribly fearful manifest. He protects his devotees from dreaded foes like greed, lust, anger etc. These are foes that never allow us seek the Supreme Absolute within our innermost realm. Bha  also means creation while Ra, sustenance and Va, dissolution. Therefore, Bhairava  is the one who creates, sustains and dissolves in three stages of life. Therefore, He is regarded as the Ultimate and Supreme.

Origin of Bhairava  can be traced to a dialogue between Brahma  and Visnu  recounted in Siva Mahapurana. When Visnu  inquired of Brahma  about the Supreme Creator of Universe, Brahma  responded Himself to be the Supreme Creator and aspired to be worshipped by Him. Brahma  too had five heads as with Siva  hence, declared Himself to be the real Siva !! He also began interfering and questioning Siva  for His divine responsibilities. Angered by His tantrums, Siva  flung a nail from His finger that transformed into Kala Bhairava  who beheaded Brahma  to restrain Him. Thus, Brahma Kapala  is held in hands of Kala Bhairava, His Ahamkara  was destroyed to become enlightened. In the manifest of Kala Bhairava, Siva  guards all Saktipitha-s. Each Saktipitha Mandira  has a Mandira  dedicated to Kala Bhairava. Another version narrates Siva  Himself created Bhairava  by transforming Kali’s wrath into Bhairava  after successful slaying of demon Dahurāsuraṇ  by Kali. Thereafter, Kali  and Bhairava  merged into Siva. After the merger, Bhairava  appeared as Astanga Bhairava. Yet another Puranic  version states, Siva  created Bhairava  to destroy demons in a battle with Deva-s. Astanga Bhairava-s were created from Kala Bhairava  subsequently who married Asta Matrika-s. From Asta Bhairava-s and Asta Matrika-s, 64 Bhairava-s and 64 Yogini-s were created. Normally Siva Mandira-s have Bhairava, also known as Ksetrapala, facing north-south direction in a standing position with four hands. He is armed with drum, noose, trident and a skull. Some manifests of Bhairava  have more than four hands. His weapons, dog as His mount, protruding teeth, garlanded with red flowers, all these impart a terrifying appearance. His regular Puja  begins with Surya  concluding with Bhairava. Bhairava  likes Abhiṣeka  with red flowers, Ghee lamp, coconut, honey, boiled food, fruits etc. Midnight is the right moment to pray to Bhairava  as it is believed, devotees may have Darsana  of both, Bhairava  and Bhairavi. Friday midnight is regarded as most auspicious for the purpose.

Svarnakarsna Bhairava, the ultimate manifest, is red complexioned, golden attired with a lunar crescent on His Crown and four hands. One of His hands carry a golden vessel assuring prosperity and wealth with Mangalavara  being preferred day of His worship. Ancient texts also describe Him having thirty-two hands, bird shaped with golden complexion, terrible teeth and human form above the hip. He is also worshipped to destroy adversaries. Eight Bhairava-s represent five Bhuta-s viz. Akasa, Vayu, Agni, Jala, Prthvi  and other three being Surya, Candra  and Atma. They all have different appearances, weapons, Vahana-s, bless their devotees with eight types of wealth representing Asta Laksmi. Regular worship of Bhairava  leads worshippers to his  / her pre-determined Guru. Eight individual Mantra-s invoke eight Bhairava-s separately. Bhairava  worshiping begets prosperity, success, superior progeny, prevents premature death, eradicates debts and liabilities. All manifests of Bhairava  evolve only from Śiva  alone who is also adored as Mahā Bhairava.

Every Jyotirlinga  has a Mandira  dedicated to Bhairava  too. Visit to every Jyotorlingesvara  must be preceded by adoration of Bhairava  in His exclusive Mandira  too. Shrines of Patala Bhairava  and Vikranta Bhairava  are located in Ujjaina as well. Jagadguru Adi Samkaracarya  composed a poetic adoration dedicated unto Bhagavana Kala Bhairava  known as Kala Bhiravastakama. Bhairava Astami  commemorating the day Kala Bhairava  appeared, is celebrated on Krsna Paksa Astami  of Margasirsa, as a day of prayers and rituals. Kala Bhairava  is adored with ornaments ranging from twisted serpents as earrings, bracelets, anklets to sacred Yajnopavita. He wraps tiger hide and an apron of human bones. He has a Svana  as His divine mount. Devi Bhairavi  is a fierce and terrifying aspect of Sakti  almost indistinguishable from Kali  except that of Her being His consort. Like Jyotirlinga-s, Kala Bhairava  shrines exist in Saktipitha-s too. Bhagavana Siva  is believed to have allocated responsibility of guarding all 52 Saktipitha-s to one Bhairava  each. Thus emerged 52 manifests of Kala Bhairava, all directly from Siva  Himself. Eight Bhairava  manifests collectively known as Asta Bhairava, happen to be –

  • Asitanga Bhairava
  • Ruru Bhairava
  • Canda Bhairava
  • Krodha Bhairava
  • Unmatta Bhairava
  • Kapala Bhairava
  • Bhisana Bhairava
  • Samhara Bhairava

Kala Bhairava  is conceptualized as Guru  of Sani  and known as Bhairavara  or Vairavara  in Tamil where He is often adored as Grama Deva  or guardian of the village who safeguards devotees in eight directions; known as Bahirawa  in Sinhalese, said to protect treasure. He is the deity worshipped by Aghora  sect. Kala Bhairava  is an important deity of Newars. All traditional settlements of Newars have a Kala Bhairava Mandira. Majority of Kala Bhairava Mandira-s in Nepal are maintained by Pujari-s of Newar community. Kathmandu valley is dotted with Kala Bhairava  shrines while in Sri Adichunchanagiri  of Karnataka, Sri Kalabhairaveswara  is adored as Ksetra Palaka. Traditionally, Kala Bhairava  is Grama Deva  in rural Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu where He is also described as Bhaivara / Annadhani Vairavara. In Karnataka, Kala Bhairava  is the supreme deity for community referred to as Gowda-s. Gangadikara Gowda  community adores Him as their caretaker and protector. Sri Kala Bhairava Nath Swami Mandira  in Madhya Pradesh is also widely known.



My Dear Arun Shourie,

“You too, Brutus !!” was the inevitable comment that I blurted out while watching your brief interview by Karan Thapar on Arun Poorie’s channel India Today. It was an interesting scenario otherwise, with Karan Thapar smiling mildly with satisfaction like a cunning fox who successfully hustled you into vomiting the worst disgrace from your mouth after an illustrious career spanning several decades. You raised an interesting question – Are Bharat-Ratna CNR Rao, Narayanmurthy, PM Bhargava etc. rabids ? No my dear Arun Shourie, they are not rabids. They belong to a new, emerging Varna  of Bharata  defying even the Varna  system enshrined in Manusmriti  and the Varna  is, Highly Educated-Talented Idiots of India ! One or more such interviews like the one you disgracefully delivered to Karan Thapar and I shall appoint you Convener of the class of Indians – Highly Educated-Talented Idiots of India !!

Had you not turned senile or suffered from bouts of intellectual paralysis (intellectual menopause is a bit sexist !!), you would have ripped these anti-national ETs apart with your razor-sharp brain and acerbic pen. Alas, that was not to be as you have allowed your venalities to grab the brilliant half of Arun Shourie. You turned so senile, so frustrated that you rubbished age-old concepts like retirement / sabbatical / pension / provident fund / preparing oneself to dissolve into the Infinite….just because PM Modi did not appoint you Finance Minister and you were / are convinced, nation has lost an outstanding FM (once upon a time, Dr. Karan Singh openly declared himself, the best candidate for Rastrapati Bhavan  before live TV cameras and Pratibha Patil won the race !!), country is suffering, intolerance is growing and all that silly bla bla. Tagore had once agonised himself, “In this world, alas, those that have everything in plenty are the ones always asking for more.” Abundant evidence can be seen when well-educated / well-healed / well-fed / obese / wretched Souls line up for lunch / dinner / tea / snacks and stampede that ensues so openly !! In fact you have no right to claim any benefit from second generation of BJP leadership as the first generation which rewarded you amply well, is now gone and you belong to the generation bygone. As a matter of fact, you would have been a complete misfit in the Government headed by PM Modi and the Prime Minister has been very wise in not inducting you in his Cabinet. And you are coming back again and again to spook them tempted by a few more crumbs of office, pomp and glory !

Need I emphasise that 60 years of plunder and destruction cannot be reversed in just 5 years ? Can’t you see the right direction in which PM Modi is moving as rapidly as possible to compensate for the years lost and the spectacular achievements that are following ? Don’t you know Congress have raised a large ‘Gaddaron Ki Jamaat’ who are pigeon-holed in every nook and corner, every crevice and cranny of governance creating trouble continuously ? Need I remind you, these Johnnies are selfish, haughty communist traitors who have rejected basic Hindu  identity of the country and now they wish to destroy Hinduism completely ? Need I tell you every leader has his own style of working which can never be appreciated by all and you degraded yourself in passing acidic comments on that ? That too on non-issues like ‘signature suit’ in your interview instead of extending constructive ideas of development ! Need I remind you, every person finally arrives at the peak of his / her incompetence and insanity ? How can you be so moronic, Arun Shourie ? Has your Genetic Code suddenly gone haywire ? You called PM Modi names so derisively !! How come you have transformed yourself into a lose ‘Bofors’ in the evening of your life, so unfortunately ?? If you cannot be a source of strength and inspiration for the Government struggling uninterruptedly to turn around the country, then for heaven’s sake, kindly Fevicol your mouth tightly and do not provide a stick to traitors to swish around the Prime Minister with that.

Why are you bent upon destroying your entire reputation and accomplishments which you built so diligently pre-, during and post-Emergency ? You are wiping out all avenues for a decent memorial for yourself, just for the heck of it !!! I used to read your speeches / investigative reports and they always reminded me of Nani Palkhiwala, an eminent jurist. Currently, I am travelling through ‘A Few Reasons, A Few Lessons’ of the ‘Eminent Historians’ brilliantly authored by you in which you have stripped and dissected Leftist-Traitors naked, whom now you are engaged in supporting on TV Channels so remorselessly just because you were not appointed Finance Minister of India !!

An old classfellow of mine requested me to write an e-Brahmos for you. I hope, I have not disappointed the gentleman based in Jaipur. Once upon a time, I used to regret as to why Arun Shourie is not my personal friend though I am nowhere close to your status !

That regret has now evaporated completely.


With best regards,
Ramakant Tiwari



My Dear Kancha Ilaiah,

I recently read your article in Speakingtree dated Dec. 6, 2015 wherein some of the points raised by you are ludicrous, born out of your pathological hatred for Hinduism and sickening ignorance. I would like to rebut your points first before tendering my unsolicited advice for your own benediction.

You blamed Devi Saraswati  for lack of education among Dalita-s / OBCs for 500 years !!!

So will you blame Devi Saraswati  for lack of education among lakhs of so-called upper caste Hindu-s too ? However, they do not blame Her at all for their misfortune of being uneducated, for your kind information. Have you gone through unadulterated version of Manusmriti  ? If you had, you would not have raised such a ridiculous accusation. Out of four Varna-s of Brahmana / Ksatriya / Vaisya / Sudra, it is Sudra-s who opted out of vocations of first three, so they were assigned the task to serve all others in Gurukula-s by their Guru-s. So in ancient Bharata, Sudra-s used to become Sudra-s by their own choice, by discretion, by their own conscious decision and volition, not at all compelled by anyone else !! Can you believe such a sharp reality today ? And society / Kingdom used to look after them. Thereafter, entire society / political-governance machinery were disrupted and destroyed by invaders. They destroyed everything, degraded sacrosanct Varna  into caste i.e. Jati, poisoned mind and intellect of Sudra-s against Sanatana Dharma  itself coupled with plunder, exploitation, proselytisation and all inconceivable inhuman crimes inflicted upon our hapless ancestors with no organised Government / Army to protect them from those brutalities. It was all one of the worst tragedies witnessed in world history on such a massive scale. Not just Sudra-s but entire society continued in a state of turmoil for hundreds of years. Everybody suffered extensively but Sudra-s suffered most due to their own conscious refusal to go for education in past. So do not blame Devi Saraswati  for that. I advise you to look for someone else to accept the blame on your behalf for that reality.

You questioned relationship of Laksmi  with Visnu  and why She is always depicted as pressing / messaging His feet !!

Are you really a Hindu  or some African tribal with a Hindu  name ?? Even African tribals are proud of their culture and heritage howsoever primitive. Devi Laksmi  is the deity of wealth and wealth must be commanded to serve one and all in that metaphorical depiction. The moment wealth enters into one’s head, delirium that it causes leads to depravity and disaster. So I venture to advise you to keep your entire wealth / life-savings in your shoes only to remain level-headed for the rest of your life, indeed !!!

You mentioned, your mother used to throw mud on the idol of Ma Pochamma  whenever her prayers went unanswered !! That’s really a fantastic mode of worship !! Never heard before from anyone. Faster than even 2-Minute Maggie noodles !! So quickly she wanted results of her prayers from Ma Pochamma  !! She must have caused great agony to Ma Pochamma  and Ma  must have pardoned her gracefully owing to her sheer ignorance.

Kancha ji, every Karma  has it’s own gestation period and it produces Karmaphala governed by cosmic rules. Those rules are so strict, so sacrosanct that even Sri Rama had to go to jungles for 14 years, Vasudeva Sri Krsna  had to accept curses of Gandhari  with humility and offered Himself to be killed by a tribal bird-catcher, re-incarnate of Bali...mind you, they were NOT ordinary human beings like you and I. They were human incarnates of Param Brahma  who declined to violate cosmic rules laid by them.

Every event in life, every success, every failure, every disease, every agony, every turmoil…is a Karmaphala  and Karmaphala  alone. Always bear that in your mind before blaming anyone else for your misfortunes and miseries. Blaming someone else for your miseries is an intense sin and least of all, blaming a celestial deity, a fragment of Absolute / Supreme Consciousness. We all must be a little humble while blaming others for our commissions and omissions. Once Sri Sri Ravi Shankar delivered a wonderful talk on this topic. Just go through that. It is widely available.

Sanatana Hindu Darsana  is infinitely intense, infinitely deep…it is easily mis-understood than correctly understood. For the so-called complexity, Rsi-s and Maharsi-s cannot be blamed for that because Truth is like that only, bloated with mysticism and wisdom, created by Isvara  Himself. Men like us are certainly to be blamed for distorting the Wisdom, destroying the world and deliberately deluding others after being deluded ourselves. Isvara  created a beautiful world, a perfect world but we ruined that. So much so that the whole world is grappling today with grave catastrophes of every order, all our own doing.

Ilaiah ji, instead of revealing your utter ignorance and intellectual bankruptcy bordering insanity, go deep into Sanatana Darsana  and have a whiff of it’s splendour before deciding to comment like a simpleton here and there. But for that, you shall have to be humble first and bow your head with folded hands before Him !! Only if you are not determined to continue and remain an ignoramus !!

With regards

Ramakant Tiwari



My Dear Sonia G,


I decided to say ‘Namaste’ because I am not aware of it’s Italian version. Also, I did not wish to rub sensitivity of the Italian Ambassador by calling on phone requesting for it’s Italian version as he is yet to entirely recover from the embarrassment suffered, caused by the Supreme Court order of ‘Embassy-Arrest’ for several weeks in the matter of two killer Italian marines for whom (Un)holy Italian Fathers came from Italy to unsuccessfully negotiate their release with victim’s families. Should you condescend to reply to me, kindly do not forget to greet me in your Italian style !!!!

You hitched and hinged faculty of my wild imagination running riots when you reminded the country and declared Dr. Ambedker a Congressman !! Well, when did BJP say, he was not ?? And bitterly complained on the floor of Lok Sabha, principles of Constitution are under attack, that BJP have been claiming legacies of Congress stalwarts of yesteryears !! I hope and wish, you really meant Indian Constitution and not the Italian one even as Prime Minister Modi heard your fulminations sporting a mischievous smile which you failed to notice at that historic moment of reckoning.

Madam Sonia G, neither you or nor your  dubious leaders contributed to the formulation of Indian Constitution. Freedom movement attracted best and patriotic brains of the country and they laid down foundation of this Republic. Quite surprisingly, they marvellously succeeded in spite of the no role / destructive role played by JL Nehru whose dubious legacy has been taught to the country for seven decades like workers in Mao’s China used to relax post-lunch during lunch-breaks in factories by reading Mao’s Lal Kitab !!! What was precisely contribution of Nehru to Freedom Movement that proved crucial, critical or turning point in it’s course ?? Any such contribution of Motilal Nehru ?? Or that of Swarup Rani Nehru ?? Or for that matter, of Kamla Nehru ?? These two ladies have hospitals named after them in Allahabad…just for the heck of it !!
Coming back to the point left behind, that very Congress existed ONLY till 1969. Congress ceased to exist in 1969 itself. Over the issue of tyrannical autocracy of Indira Gandhi, Congress split and the real Congress was the faction headed by S. Nijlingappa. Indira Gandhi was left with the remains, all filth and dirt of so many years, in the form of a regional outfit which became national twice for five years each, post 1971 / 1985 elections in which she hoodwinked the country by sloganeering ‘Garibi Hatao’ before stabbing in the back by imposing Emergency while Rajiv Gandhi, with his so-called ‘corruption free’ Bofor’s youthful charm, respectively. Most venomous and vindictive Prime Minister Indira Gandhi went on destroying every Constitutional institution personally with her own hands. Constitutional destruction and corruption (she justified that by declaring corruption a global phenomenon) that she pushed the country into, we are yet to recover from all that morass.

So what BJP have been doing is that pre-1969 real Congress stalwarts, ignored and insulted by Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra dynasty, are being awarded their due, restored to the glory that they deserved, by announcing loudly that they were the Congressmen who did so much for the country…BJP are NOT claiming that they were BJP leaders !! Irrespective of Party, they are only being accorded the honour that they deserved, should have been conferred upon them long ago yet that was not to be. If today, in spite of being heavily occupied with the responsibility of projecting Rahul Gandhi as next saviour of the nation after Jesus (you never declared your religion to the country, by the way), you have been compelled to declare Dr. Ambedker a Congressman, credit goes to BJP only and BJP alone !! If today, Sardar Patel is rising beyond the Statue of Liberty on Gujarat coast, who was very much a Congressman (albeit a patriotic variety !!), entire credit for that goes to PM Modi / BJP without even a trace of hint that Sardar Patel was a BJP leader !! In spite of his being anti-RSS, so to say !! Such is the grace of BJP. Kindly accept that with or without a pinch of salt.

Now let us examine the issue of contribution of RSS / BJP to Freedom Movement. Sonia G, if RSS had not been there, entire country would have been Islamic today (which most probably Congress wish to) and you would have been Sonia Begum in Burqa / Hizab instead of Sonia G, puking venom against the nation. May be then you would not have married Rajiv Gandhi turned Rahamatulla Khan at all !! Had RSS come into existence 15 / 20 years earlier, country would not have undergone partition and the fierce blood-bath that followed, brought about by Nehru by signing Transfer of Power Agreement 1947 with the last Viceroy with whose wife he had a ‘beautiful relationship’, in words of his sister, Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit. And BJP then existed within RSS. So Madam, contribution of RSS / BJP to Freedom Movement had been monumental as they provided trained / enlightened freedom fighters / foot-soldiers in very large numbers to leaders of Congress during those days. I am not elaborating beyond this point as your pea-sized brain is incapable of grasping realities of those historic days as you had been an Italian kid, then.

It was proved conspicuously in 1947 when RSS Chief Guru Golwalker brought about Maharaja Hari Singh of Kashmir to merge his Kingdom into Bharata.

It was proved in 1962 when Nehru was forced to request RSS to help and support Army at the border, fighting without arms, clothes and food. Our soldiers were mercilessly tortured and slaughtered by Chinese, that too, courtesy Nehru. He then invited RSS to participate in Republic Day Parade too.

It was proved again in 1965 when RSS members joined hands with the Army to defend the nation.

It was proved again in 1977 when JP succeeded in throwing out Indira Gandhi from power after Emergency, actively supported by RSS.

It was proved yet again when in 2014, your Govt. headed by a spineless / worthless / dumb troll was dumped and BJP romped home to power with absolute majority after a gap of 30 years.

Even today, RSS have been functioning as freedom fighters in addition to being the largest and best socio-national organisation in the world, fighting for freedom from criminal ideologies like Communism / Maoism / Naxalism (all gifted by your Party to the nation) and criminalised / anti-national parties like your’s / Lalloo Yadav’s etc.

When it comes to nationalism / patriotism, RSS are unrivalled. Security forces defend external borders of the nation while RSS defend internal borders, much more difficult to task. When Christian girls are hounded and persecuted by Love-Jehadis, it is Vishva Hindu Parishad who rush to their rescue and restore them to their families safe and secured. Madam Sonia G, most of RSS members in Keralam are crippled / disabled permanently in their fight against Communism / Islamism and the battle goes on. By the way, how many times and how much Nehru was tortured by the colonial regime before freedom was attained in British jails ???

Last but not the least, a few words on subversion of the Constitution by BJP as alleged by you. Was it BJP that subverted the Constitution by destroying Supreme Court judgement in Shah Bano case, a blatant anti-national act ? Is it BJP that brought about 100 Constitution amendments with almost 75 of them bogus and flimsy ? Was Emergency / Press Censorship imposed and Constitution / fundamental right to life and liberty subverted by NDA / Prime Minister Vajpayee ? Under whose rule, a tainted Babu was appointed CAG just because he was in your good books and Supreme Court registered a tight slap on your face by sacking him outright ? Who delivered GOOD BYE speech over AIR in 1962 to Assamese / NE citizens ? Who incited brutal murder of Prime Minister LB Shastri ? Who is responsible for brutal murders of Pt. Deendayal Upadhyaya and Dr. SP Mukherjee ? Under whose rule, concepts of Committed Judiciary / Committed Bureaucracy were raised and nurtured ?? Under whose rule, dead bodies of IPKF soldiers rained from the sky in Sri Lanka…the list is so long indeed.

Are you blatantly ignorant or outright simpleton ? How could you ignore all these black deeds / dark history before accusing BJP of subversion of Constitution ? Why are you worried about Bharatiya  Constitution, after all ?

Intolerance !! An Italian woman standing on the floor of Lok Sabha, accusing a Prime Minister of intolerance who happens to be a world statesman and the Prime Minister being so courteous to you instead of ensuring the place you deserve !!

With best regards,
Ramakant Tiwari


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Congress was founded in December 1885 by British imperialist AO Hume with the help of 72 English-educated Brown Sahibs. Most Brown Sahibs who came forward to join the party believed in the British sense of (in)justice and wanted British Crown to rule over Bharata. Retired British civil servant AO Hume, who successfully took the initiative, had convinced the then Governor-General, Viceroy of Bharata  and the Secretary of State for Bharata  that formation of a political party here was required to avert revolt against the Crown which would be far more dangerous than the first war of independence British had witnessed in 1857.

It may appear preposterous, but it is a fact that as late as 1905 / 1906, many top-ranking Congress leaders used to say, and said it openly and brazenly, that if the Crown really wished to end unrest in Bharata  or neutralise influence of freedom fighters, it had no other option but to accommodate “educated Indians” in the British scheme of things. In his Budget speech in March 1906, Gopal Krishna Gokhale said: “There is but one way in which this conciliation can be secured and that is by associating these classes more and more with the Government of their own country”. And we believed all these years Gokhale was a patriotic nationalist !
In December 1905, Gokhale, political Guru  of MK GANDHI and President of Benaras Session of the Indian (Anti-)National Congress, had inter alia, said, “For better, for worse, our destinies are now linked with those of England and Congress freely recognises that whatever advance we (read Congress leaders) seek must be within the Empire”. Talking like Dalai Lama indeed !! Remember, it was not only part of his presidential address but the statement was delivered at a time when tempers were running high across the country in wake of communal partition of Bengal in 1905. Swadeshi Movement in partitioned Bengal was also in full swing.

Not that there were no outstanding nationalists in the Congress. There were leaders such as Sri Aurobindo Ghose, Bipin Chandra Pal and Bal Gangadhar Tilak. They wanted to impart a Bharatiya  orientation to Congress but couldn’t because those who controlled it rendered them ineffective within party. Circumstances under which Netaji Bose had to quit Congress in 1939 after winning presidential election with overwhelming majority at Tripuri, are too well-known. Subsequently he raised Forward Bloc.

Chief factor in Congress was the British Crown, which not only ruthlessly employed it’s policy of divide-and-rule to consolidate the Empire in Bharata  but also indoctrinated many Congress leaders who were more than willing to play games for the sake of personal power and pelf. Congress and their power-hungry, unscrupulous, immoral, anti-national, casteist and communal politicians who came out of it after 1947 continue to play the same devious games with people even today.

Then one day before independence, Maulana JL Nehru signed some 20 volume heavy TRANSFER OF POWER AGREEMENT-1947 with the then British Viceroy Mountbatten to perpetuate / continue with the same British system / laws / governance. Thus, he stabbed in back of the then 33 crore Bharatiya-s which continues even today with 125 crores.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi makes a valid point when he says that if Bharata  is to survive as one nation, regenerate it’s socio-economic and political life to attain a status in the comity of self-respecting nations, there is no alternative but for the people to liberate the country from ‘TERMITE’ that Congress happens to be. Congress is not really a party of Bharata. It is sacred duty of each and every Bharatiya  to see through the ulterior game-plan of secular fundamentalist outfits and work with single-minded devotion for a Congress-Mukta Bharata.

Congress is not an elixir of life. It is a toxic poison that the nation must get rid of.


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