Extent of damage that Maulana JL Nehru inflicted upon the nation is turning out to be mind-boggling in nature. Revelations have been surfacing in bits and pieces over years and we still do not know how much more is yet to be exposed. In this piece of revelation, Maulana Nehru’s role in facilitating occupation of Tibet by China has been very well expounded characterised by his complete absence of intervention when called upon to do so. 

American CIA had authentic intelligence inputs in 1950s that China was planning to capture Tibet and they had briefed their President DD Eisenhower too. And the President wrote to PM Maulana Nehru twice in this regard warning him of impending Chinese invasion. Subsequently, US State Department approached him to devise a strategy to stall Tibetan acquisition by Chinese.

Maulana JL Nehru had a different vision of ‘Hindi-Chini Bhai-Bhai’ hence, didn’t give a damn to those US overtures. He wished to cooperate with China for some international issues quite close to his heart. Americans then had no other option except to seek cooperation of Nepal, airdropped 19 well trained and armed Khampas to liberate Tibet under invasion. However for some reasons it was not successful, Chinese captured Tibet and declared Dalai Lama a separatist. Irony is that same Dalai Lama came to Bharata after fleeing Tibet under Chinese occupation seeking succor from the same Maulana Nehru quite innocently, unaware of the fact that it was purportedly his own benefactor Nehru who happened to be the cause of his agony.

Maulana Nehru was warned again by Americans regarding planned Chinese invasion in Kashmir and North-Eastarn Bharata. President Kennedy offered financial support and technical know-how to develop nuclear weapons as they apprehended Communist capture of the entire country. Maulana Nehru again declined the offer and rest is history. It is yet another story that he rushed to USA begging for arms and ammunition when Chinese did invade Bharata in 1962.

It was then that embittered Americans turned hostile towards Bharata and they started leveraging Pakistan while Pakistan being a rogue and illegitimate country, lapped up the offer only to become a perpetual headache for us. Their frustration with the Pro-Soviet Congress regime camouflaged under the Nehruvian ‘Jumla’ of Non-Alignment manifested into supplying poor-quality food grains under PL-480. 

Those were the darkest days of nation’s history after independence under tutelage of Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra Dynasty.


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Two term Prime Minister of Bharata (2004-2014) Dr. ManMohan Singh is supposed to be a renowned economist from Oxford University. He happens to be a Tripos-holder too whose performance as an Economist-Finance Minister and Economist-Prime Minister have been disastrous to say the least. A highly accomplished neuro-surgeon going horribly wrong with patient lying on operation-table; MIT qualified engineer implanting no-sense technology in the country; Harward Business School educated manager pulling down a corporation like a pack of cards (Enron is an example of choice); erudite Justices of Supreme Court creeping before Prime Minister Indira Gandhi when they were nudged to bend, compelling an eminent jurist Nani Palkhiwala to explain to the highest Court difference between abrogation from abolition of fundamental rights to life and liberty…are all understandable and assimilable after a rude shock albeit an eminent economist consistently as well as persistently going horribly wrong as Reserve Bank Governor, Finance Minister then as Prime Minister jeopardising security of 125 crore natives and country, is something that will continue to remain an enigmatic riddle for centuries to come. 

Out of three orders of integrity as elaborated by me in one of my articles in past, ManMohan Singh (MMS hereafter) is endowed with integrity of the worst order i.e. Destructive-Integrity. Nation continued to be plundered and compromised in all respects by the Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra (NGV) Dynasty during his years in South Block while MMS as Prime Minister remained blissfully unaware. Quite skillfully he managed to retain his spotlessly untainted image that was generously acknowledged by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Rajya Sabha as ‘having shower under rain-coat’ !! During his tenure as Finance Minister, enormous wealth of the nation was siphoned off by Harshad Mehta through Stock Markets while he continued snoring loudly. When jolted out of stupor, he brazened it out by declaring pompously, ‘Stock market fluctuations do not disturb my sleep’ !!! When he was declared ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ by his Media Advisor and a movie shot with the same title, he condescended to brazen it out again, ‘Not only I have been an Accidental Prime Minister but also an Accidental Finance Minister too’ !! And the man sported a smile as if his ‘quotable quote’ shall be remembered for centuries to come by the humanity coming from a legend of the order of Abraham Lincoln, Oliver Cromwell or Nelson Mandela !!!! That’s the unenviable legacy of ‘Giani’ ManMohan Singh, unique and memorable indeed. 

Let us now enumerate some of his significant ‘achievements’ that prodded me to author this article –

He entered into Rajya Sabha as a resident domiciled in Assam where NRC had to be commissioned to sort out teething citizenship / domicile crisis. Can anyone believe even in his / her wildest dreams that MMS is an Assamese ? Yes, ‘Learned’ Justices of Hon. Supreme Court precisely did that and turned down a petition challenging his election to Rajya Sabha as a ‘BhumiPutra’ of Assam !!  

As Accidental Finance Minister he sanctioned Rs. 200 crores of precious tax-payer’s funds for a NGV Dynasty controlled Rajiv Gandhi Foundation as a measure of compensation for Rajiv Gandhi’s widow who had lost her ‘Suhaag’ (in her own words) in a bomb-explosion as a Karmaphala  for sacrificing scores of our armymen in Sri Lanka. Incidentally, RG’s poor widow is Permanent Chairperson of the Foundation.  

As Accidental Finance Minister he sanctioned MP Local Area Development Fund which was later replicated at State level too, for MLAs to placate them after handsomely benefiting RGF. Very soon MPLAD and MLALAD Funds transformed into shining examples of ‘Front-door loot’ of tax-payer’s money authorised by legislators. Several worthies protested and demanded abolition of the Fund but MMS had absolutely no incentive in listening to those protestations.   

As Accidental Prime Minister he allowed himself to be instructed and monitored by an extra-Constitutional National Advisory Council comprising of dubious luminaries and anti-national characters headed by his ‘Goddess’ SoniaG. PMO was held to ransom by this illegitimate so-called Council turned Super-Cabinet and one shudders to think of enormity of dangers that the nation of 125 crores was exposed to, so brazenly.  

As Accidental Prime Minister he condescended to apologize to the Sikh community for genocide in Punjab as well as Operation Bluestar in Amritsar for which entire responsibility and blame lay on Indira Gandhi’s head. Of course, Dynasty never condescended to apologize sincerely to Sikhs. 

As Accidental Prime Minister instead of accelerating trial of Congress-Sikh riot cases of 1984, he turned a blind eye when stooges of NGV Dynasty were busy devising delaying tactics and actions. He nurtured not even an iota of agony for so large a number of defenceless Sikhs being butchered in the country in a well-planned, officially inspired carnage by the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.   

As Accidental Prime Minister MMS orchestrated royal escape of Bofors Quattarochi and quiet de-freezing of his bank account in UK holding his dirty money earned from Bofors deal. Even when the dirty deed was exposed, MMS was under no obligation to explain his sinister conduct to the nation.  

As Accidental Prime Minister he was a mute spectator when DMK satrap Karunanidhi withdrew his Minister from UPA Cabinet headed by MMS and deputed another one without consent of MMS. Was MMS even aware of the developments, is yet another nagging question.  

As Accidental Prime Minister he was a mute spectator to how Health Minister Ramadasa and Transport Minister TR Balu deported themselves in their respective ministries in an utterly shameful and reprehensible manner. MMS as Prime Minister failed to exercise tight restraint on them causing havoc in those ministries. For the first time in nation’s history, a serving Union Cabinet Minister absconded to evade arrest on a murder charge and Delhi Police were forced to paste a public notice to that effect on gates of the Minister’s official residence.  

As Accidental Prime Minister he ensured Impeachment Motions against a Supreme Court Justice and one High Court Justice were defeated and those corrupt Justices were allowed to retire / quit honourably. Like Godfather Don Vito Corleone, MMS ensured, every corrupt dignitary was treated fairly and honourably !!   

As Accidental Prime Minister he failed to constitute SIT to investigate cases of flight of black money into overseas accounts in spite of express orders from Supreme Court. It is a mystery as to why MMS was not hauled for contempt of court by the Supreme Court for non-compliance. 

As Accidental Prime Minister he presided over No-Confidence Motion in Lok Sabha over the issue of nuclear deal with USA and the sordid drama of ‘dirty’ money being exchanged to purchase votes right on the floor of House. It was exceedingly disgusting and the expression of his countenance at that moment was identical with what Maulana JL Nehru displayed while visiting borders to watch human blood flowing in Partition-1947 riots with the pontification, ‘I think, people have gone mad.’ !! 

The Accidental Prime Minister is truly accidental as he happens to be the only unelected Prime Minister in nation’s history. He always did a back-door entry into Parliament through Rajya Sabha voted by members of the ‘Bootlicking-Brigade’ of the only dynasty of Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra commanded by his ‘Goddess’ SoniaG. It is not that MMS has been entirely spineless ! Once he dared to contest Lok Sabha election albeit defeated decisively. Since he sustains enormous regards for public opinion, he never looked back to contest Lok Sabha election again and ‘righteously’ decided to respect votes / opinion of the ‘Bootlicking-Brigade’ alone !! 

As Accidental Prime Minister he presided over a regime riddled and perforated with corruption scandals directly implicating his Cabinet Ministers. History of the nation had never witnessed such a monumental scale of plunder with astronomical, nerve-rattling figures that would benumb anyone’s conscience. It was a unique, extra-ordinary scenario of all ‘Panca Bhuta Tattva-s’ of corruption constituting the trail of loot and plunder, on Prthvi, in Jala, in Agni, in Vayu and above in Akasa  !! Even Goebbels turned in his grave when destructive integrity of MMS was being bragged around liberally and of course, absolutely brazenly. 

As Accidental Prime Minister MMS supervised excessive spurt in terror activities, genocide of Hindus in Assam and the Mumbai attack. Terrorists had a field day, striking at will anywhere and hundreds of innocent lives were destroyed. Army was compelled to fight out without sufficient ammunition or even bullet-proof vests only because MMS, his family as well as his pet dog were enjoying Z+++ security cover. 

As Accidental Prime Minister he impoverished all wings of security forces of their arms, ammunition and training. The way he paired with another moron, his Defence Minister AK Antony in diminishing security forces, reminded us of Prime Minister Maulana JL Nehru and the then Defence Minister VK Krishna Menon, squarely responsible for nation’s humiliating defeat in 1962. If China had invaded againg during his stewardship, nation was sure to lose Arunachala Pradesh and entire Ladakh. It was only by the grace of Isvara  that we escaped those horrifying live possibilities.    

As Accidental Prime Minister he appointed Navin Chawla as Election Commissioner, castigated by the Shah Commission for his criminal role during Indira Gandhi’s Emergency and declared undeserving to hold any high Constitutional office. Then he appointed PJ Kurien as CAG whose appointment was declared null and void by the Supreme Court later. It was such a humiliating slap on his face that anyone possessing even an iota of dignity and self-esteem would have resigned at once if not renounced politics altogether. That was a moment to reckon with in nation’s history when Prime Minister deserved to be sacked by the President and his belongings thrown out on road at midnight.  

As Accidental Prime Minister he was the only one who was declared ‘weakest’ Prime Minister in nation’s history by BJP satrap LK Adwani. Mercifully, this ‘accolade’ hurt him quite deeply and he mustered enough courage to speak out an abject denial after a few days, probably after several rounds of rehearsals and re-takes under supervision of his ‘Goddess’ SoniaG !! 

As Accidental Prime Minister he presided over a regime that witnessed Office of Profit issue wherein all bigwigs of his Government and Party were directly involved. He allowed that to be even validated by Parliament too !

When he was forced out from the position of Accidental Prime Minister in 2014, nation’s economy was in shambles. With double-digit inflation and GDP hitting rock-bottom levels, world had written off the country as beyond redemption. So much about his knowledge of Economics.

When the Tripos-holder, Oxford-educated ‘world-class’ economist proclaims, ‘RahulG is endowed with all qualities to make a successful Prime Minister’, I am not only dismayed and stunned into silence but also unable to figure out the most appropriate epithet to describe pathetic wretchedness of this man. Can you just visualise such an Accidental Prime Minister in a country like USA ? He would have been derogated and impeached within weeks, thrown out disgraced and besmirched. In China ? He would have been buzzed off instantly. But here in PatitaPavana Bharatavarsa ? Rest assured, The Accidental Prime Minister shall be posthumously conferred upon BharataRatna  by the next Congress regime whenever they manipulate to grab South Block anytime in future. 

Now here is my parting kick on the rear countenance of this man !! Isn’t a cosmic mysticism of a very high order that for every Saddam Hussein there is a George Bush, for every Osama Bin-Laden there is a Barack Obama, for every Prabhakaran there is a  Mahendra Rajpaksa and for every ManMohan Singh, there is a Narendra Modi ??


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It was one of the worst instances of brutality unmatched in recorded history of this country that began with this ‘Shahi Firmaan’ issued by Babar, the barbarian –

“By the order of the Shahenshah-e-Hind, Malikul Jahan, Badshah Babur and Hazrat Jalalshah, permission is hereby granted to destroy Rama’s birthplace in Ayodhya and replace it with a mosque built with the recovered material. You are hereby ordered to ensure that no Hindu from other parts of Hindusthan be allowed into Ayodhya. If any Hindu should find himself in Ayodhya and you have cause to doubt his intentions then you will be duty bound to capture and execute such Hindus”. 

When the Mughal invader Babar captured throne of Delhi, Sri Ramajanma Bhumi  was in possession of a highly realised Mahatma Syamanandaji Maharaja  of Ayodhya. As his fame pervaded all around, one Khwaja Kajal Abbas Musa visited him in Ayodhya, became his disciple, learned Yoga  and other Adhyatmika  pursuits. In due course of time, he stood to be counted as one of his accomplished disciples. Then arrived a Muslim Fakir Jalalshah, accepted his discipleship and began learning Yoga  etc. Jalalashah was a fanatic Islamist and his only dream was to Islamise entire nation. He conceived the nefarious idea of destroying sacred Mandira  in cahoots with Khwaja to facilitate and accelerate Islam being resolutely established all over. Gradually both began devising elaborate plans to execute their satanic mission.  

Khwaja and the Fakir managed to win trust of Babar with persistent efforts. As a first measure to execute the plan, they began burying deceased Muslims in the vicinity of Mandira  so as to grab the land on pretext of being a Muslim graveyard. Their next sinister move was to incite Mir Baqi Khan, Babar’s army chief to join the conspiracy and associated Babar too, in due course. It was almost at this stage that Maharaja  sensed the conspiracy, sunk into extreme dejection and regretted his decision to accept them as his disciples. Alas ! As usual, as before several times characteristically with Hindu-s, it was too late as the beast had already escaped. Syamanandaji  immersed Murti-s into Sarayu  river despondently and proceeded to Himalaya-s to continue with his Adhyatmika  pursuits. Other items of the Mandira  were removed by Pujari-s and they stood guard at the entrance in their last desperate bid to protect the shrine. As ordered by Jalalashah, all those Pujari-s were beheaded without delay. Bhiti King Mahtab Singh on his pilgrimage to Badri Narayana Dham, had landed at Ayodhya  and learned about developments, decided to cancel his onward journey to fight out Babar’s army of 4.5 lakh fighters with his smaller army of 1.75 lakh soldiers. They were all determined to protect the shrine from demolition by marauders till the last moment of their existence. Fierce fighting continued for 70 days only to conclude in decimation of defenders including the King himself. As the soil of Ayodhya  turned red with blood of martyrs, Mir Baqi ordered the Mandira  to be razed through canon fire from all four directions as recorded by historian Cunningham. Babri Masjid that was raised, used blood of Hindu-s instead of water for preparing concrete-mix as confirmed by another historian Hamilton in Barabanki Gazetteer. 

Six miles away from Ayodhya  in a village Sanethu, one Pt. Devideen Pandey mobilised some 90,000 Suryavamsi Ksatriya  warriors to fight out Muslim Ayodhya-grabbers including people from far away villages. They all raided Mughal intruders who had seized Ayodhya  and fierce fighting ensued for next five days. When Devideen Pandey encountered Mir Baqi on sixth day, he was hit on his head with a brick surreptitiously by Mir’s bodyguard. Instantly Devideen Pandey wrapped his head with his turban and beheaded the attacker. However, he was martyred when Mir Baqi shot him with his gun from a vantage point like a coward. Ayodhya  was again reddened with blood of 90,000 Hindu-s. Fifteen days after, Hansavar King Ranvijay Singh attacked Mir Baqi’s raiders with 25,000 soldiers, battled for 10 days only to sacrifice their lives and rubricate Ayodhya’s soil once again. After the King was martyred, his Rani Jayraj Kumari picked up the gauntlet to liberate Ayodhya  leading a combat force of 3,000 women soldiers. She continued her guerrilla warfare till Humanyu was installed as their head. Swami Mahesvarananda, Rani’s Guru  too stepped in, assisted her by arranging more soldiers devoted to Sri Rama. Also he raised an army of 24,000 ascetics, attacked Ayodhya  ten times during Humanyu’s tenure along with the Rani’s army. It was in tenth attack that Mughal intruders suffered heavy losses and Ayodhya  was captured by the Rani. However, after a month or so, Humanyu’s forces attacked again and the fierce fight concluded in their being killed as well as Ayodhya  recaptured by Mughals. Sacred Ayodhya  was once again rubricated with blood of 24,000 Hindu-warriors and 3,000 women soldiers. Now the command was taken over by Swami Balaramacari  who organised a strong force of youth and ascetics, raided Ayodhya  twenty times out of which 15 times successfully. These successes were indeed pyrrhic victories as Humanyu used to gear up, send another force to raid Ayodhya  to capture again. Hindu-s continued sacrificing their blood in this crusade like oblations into sacred fire of Yajna.   

By now Akbar had taken over Mughal Kingdom who observed gradual weakening of his Mughal army owing to frequent raids by and fierce battles with Hindu-warriors. Advised by his ministers Birbal and Todarmal, Akbar raised a small make-shift Mandira  on a dais to pacify Hindu-s. Heavy losses inflicted on Mughals and rising anger among Hindu-s weighed heavily on Akbar’s mind, truce prevailed temporarily and there was no bloodshed. The semblance of peace continued during entire tenure of Shahjahan till he was forced to abdicate throne in favour of his rabidly fanatical son Aurangzeb who vowed to slaughter all Kafirs, ran at least ten Mandira-demolition campaigns in Ayodhya  and destroyed Murti-s of all sacred prominent Mandira-s. Sri Vaisnavadasa, disciple of Samartha Guru Sri Ramdasa  invaded Ayodhya  30 times to liberate it from Mughals leading a force of Suryavamsi Ksatriya-s including Thakura Gajaraja Singh, Kunvara Gopala Singh and Jagdamba Singh. Though they all were very well conscious of the terse reality that they stood nowhere in might before Mughals yet they fought fiercely till being martyred. Even today, Suryavamsi Ksatriya-s of Ayodhya  do not turban their heads, do not use shoes and umbrella in consonance with the vow their ancestors had undertaken till liberation of the Mandira.                     

In 1640, Aurangzeb sent a mighty army led by Jabaz Khan to destroy the Mandira  with finality. They were confronted by massive number of Hindu-s and a battery of ascetics raised earlier by Sri Vaisnava Dasa. Fierce fight broke out that continued for seven days at Urvasi Kunda  and Mughals had to retreat as they could not withstand the onslaught. Aurangzeb was extremely angry at the abject defeat and deputed another Mughal Sayyed Hasan Ali with a contingent of 50,000 soldiers armed with canons with a standing commandment not to return unsuccessful. That was in 1680 when Baba Vaisnava Dasa  sent a letter to Guru  Govinda Singh soliciting assistance to defeat Mughal invaders. The Guru  responded immediately by embarking on a journey to Ayodhya  leading a mighty army to liberate the sacred shrine. He camped at BrahmaKunda  to carry out the attack. Baba Dasa and the Guru  together led their warriors into a fierce battle with the Mughal army, decisively defeated them and killed Hasan Ali. It was a stunning defeat of Aurangzeb at hands of Hindu  warriors that dazed Mughals so much so that they could not even think of attacking Ayodhya  for next four years. In 1664, Aurangzeb again attacked Ayodhya  that witnessed brutal slaughter of some 10,000 Hindu-s mostly innocent natives. The shrine had a well known as KandarpaKupa  into which all dead bodies were dumped and boundary wall elevated to hide the beastly pogrom from public gaze. It still exists on the eastern side known as ‘Ganj Shahida’. Mughals dug up the dais and it remained there as a pit for a long time. During the reign of Nawab Sahadat Ali in 1763, Amethi King Gurudatt Singh and Piparpur King Rajkumar Singh attacked Babri structure five times and in every battle, more Hindu-s were killed than Muslims. According to Col. Hunt in Lucknow Gazetteer, Nawab was so much fed up of frequent Hindu  attacks that he allowed Hindu-s to recite Bhajan-s concurrently with Namaz yet he did not surrender the land. During Nasiruddin Haidar’s years, King of Makarahi led three attacks on Ayodhya  to re-possess Janmabhumi  that caused considerable loss of lives. On eighth day of third attack, when Hindu-warriors suffered reverses and heavy loss of lives, they were joined by an army of ascetic-warriors who trounced Mughals and captured the shrine. However, the hard-earned victory turned out to be pyrrhic as they were soon attacked by Mughals and thousands of Hindu-s were killed yet again. Next raid by Hindu-warriors during the reign of Nawab Wazid Ali Shah led to fierce bloodshed in Ayodhya  as death-dance continued for two days and nights, shrine land was recovered from Mughals, destroyed their graves and Masjids yet did not harm Muslim women and children. Mughals were thrown out of Ayodhya  and historian Cunningham declared it the worst Hindu-Muslim battle ever in Ayodhya. Hindu-s realised their dream again, dais was re-constructed and a small Mandira  raised again. After some period, there was another raid and Hindu-s again lost the shrine. In 1857, one Baba Ramcharan Dasa  did an effort alongwith Maulavi Amir Ali to renovate the shrine but soon they were hanged to death by British-occupiers from a tamarind tree. Later the tree too, was hacked to prevent it from becoming a rallying point for crusaders. Last serious attempt was rendered on Oct. 30, 1990 when Karsevaka-s hoisted saffron flag atop disputed structure. On Nov. 2, 1990 UP Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadava ordered firing at Karsevaka-s in which several lives were lost. On Dec. 6, 1991 disputed structure was demolished finally albeit Mandira  is yet to be raised with everybody awaiting adjudication by the Supreme Court. 

Ironically, Reginald Dyer-incarnate Mulayam Singh Yadava is still alive and there has been no Udham Singh for him. That summarises, why Mandira  could not be raised even 70 years after installation of democracy in the country and Hindu-majority are forced to beg before secular judiciary for permission to construct the shrine in absence of Hindu-unity.      


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