Every community / society / nation commits blunders, thereafter pays the price of it in terms of status and well-being. These must be thoroughly dissected as a measure of an ‘enlightenment exercise’ and examined closely in all respects to arrive at it’s anatomy of why, how and where. I had the fortune of attending a gathering wherein well-known historic blunders committed in the country were discussed. Speakers included some relatively enlightened ones (or whatever that means !!) and some public figures including a member of Parliament. I was utterly disappointed as ‘blunders’ stated by all of them were neither blunders nor historic !! Finally, not a single genuine blunder could be identified by anyone of them even at the expense of enormous time and energy as all so-called blunders were in reality, well-organised conspiracy to ruin the nation by one particular dynasty of one particular political party. The disastrous discussion prodded me to come out with my own version of historic blunders for enlightenment and benediction of all and here is it as under. 

As a measure of scientific approach, allow me to sub-divide entire Hindu  history into three segments with respect to passage of time. First one being Ancient Bharata, second one Medieval Bharata  and the third one, Contemporary Bharata. I shall narrate most conspicuous blunder from every Time-segment, genuine blunders that are still affecting us and their eventual non-occurrence would have wrought tremendous impact on mass-psyche even today. 

Most conspicuous blunder in ancient Bharata  was committed by none other than Bhisma Pitamaha, grand warrior with enormous prowess, formidable erudition and wisdom. In fact, his entire life has been a tale of minor and major blunders of very serious order. He opened his account of blunders with the legendary ‘BhismaPratijna’ on an impulse to satiate illicit, immoral libido of his father. The reward of ‘IcchaMrtyu’ that he received from him in return was in no way an enviable one and in no way did that benefit his Kingdom or anyone else. After a series of blunders, he committed a heinous crime of looking the other way when Draupadi  was being dis-robed in the royal court. Gigantic persona of Bhisma Pitamaha  suddenly developed feet of clay, discovered himself to be bound to the throne, cried in agony yet declined to pick up arms. All his personal attainments, embellishments and laurels disappeared into oblivion in a moment which he had exhausted his entire life-time to realise. By no stretch of rationality or compulsion, should he have allowed Draupadi  being molested in the royal court before all. Others did not bother themselves to act swiftly when they beheld, their eldest was crying and whining like a destitute !! Vasudeva Sri Krsna  was perfectly righteous when He declared, such a clan / society deserved to be annihilated which tolerated their women being dis-robed in public. As a matter of fact, Bhism Pitamaha  deserved to be killed first for turning a blind eye to the dastardly act perpetrated by Kaurava-s on Draupadi  instead of allowing him to enjoy his boon of ‘IcchaMrtyu’. His GuruBhai Karna  was no better than Bhisma Pitamaha  in committing his entire valour, morality and prowess in defence of immorality and injustice embodied by Dhratarastra  and  Duryodhana.  

Not only their highly deplorable conduct sowed seeds of a fierce fratricidal battle that led to enormous blood-bath but also sowed poisonous seeds of a defeatist mind-set, attitude of cowardice and assertive proclivities of laissez-faire in Hindu-psyche. Injustice and unrighteousness had to be nipped in bud yet allowed to grow into a monster to gulp down all virtues and rectitude that every Hindu  possessed. Hidden deep inside every Hindu  mind, flourished these venalities eternally and they severely crippled entire Hindu  identity and psyche. A theory has been floating around that Mughal invaders were those very Kaurava-s slain in the battle of Mahabharata, reborn with a vengeance to torment Hindu-s and avenge those killings !!! Who else is to be blamed if not Bhisma Pitamaha  if the doctrine is at all true ?? Such was the tremendous impact of their defeatist / pacifist conduct that it manifested thousands of years later as MK Gandhi’s Ahimsa  and middle class ‘Chalta-hai’ attitude in post-1947 Bharata. On the contrary, had Bhisma Pitamaha  lifted his weapons to defend Draupadi’s honour defying royal dictat issued by the blind (in all respects)King and his devilish progeny, entire Hindu-diffidence would not have come into being at all and Hindu  would have been conscientiously ever on alert to resist and defeat injustice, unrighteousness whatsoever then and there, everywhere. Vice like grip of the subtle venality and infirmity that he bequeathed in our minds, shall consume ages before being finally obliterated.

Comedy of the monumental tragedy of Mahabharata  is that we all appear to have mastered the epic in narration albeit consistently and persistently decline to assimilate right lessons which Maharsi Vyasa  intended to convey to entire humanity through his creation.   

Most conspicuous blunder in medieval Bharata  was committed by Prthvi Raja Cauhana. During the period of 1178 to 1192 CE, he ruled over a large territory of northern Bharata. He was invaded by Mohammed of Ghor, commonly known as Mohammed Ghori multiple times and defeated every time by the Rajaputra  King. However, the King ‘pardoned’ him multiple times when Ghori beseeched for mercy only to be invaded again and again with renewed vigour by the same brute. Finally, 17th or 20th time, excessively condescending Rajaputra  was captured and it ended in his gory death. His Queen Samyogita  too, was savagely molested and brutalised by a ‘Sufi’ known as ‘Chisti’ whose Mazara in Ajmer is visited by well-heeled class of intellectually stunted Hindu-s with their eyes wide shut to beg for benediction !! Begging for boon from a woman-molester by affluent educated morons of India !! I am immensely puzzled, perplexed, mystified, astounded, astonished and dismayed at the fact that the Rajaputra  King was invaded by the same Mughal terrorist multiple times, defeated and pardoned multiple times instead of slaying him right after his first defeat at his hands. What was the psyche at work in his mind while pardoning the Mughal despot repeatedly, would have been an enigmatic riddle for a battery of psychologists to probe into had he been alive today. But the damage he inflicted upon this nation and Hindu-s in general, is far reaching transcending multiple centuries and multiple generations. It was after his defeat only, Mughals could enter into the nation and establish their empire of savagery, inhuman brutalities of ‘never seen / never heard’ before order. What type of ‘Ksama’ was that ? That too, a serial ‘Ksama’ !! I am not aware whether the Rajputra  King had ever read Koran or anyone ever prodded him to read that. If he had read Koran even once, that would have probably opened his eyes wide shut, he would have probably been convinced about sheer intolerance of Islam towards everything and anything non-Islamic and even an iota of mercy that Mughal terrorist did not deserve. Refusal to slay the diabolical sinner had a telling effect on Hindu  psyche and it amounted to a monumental historic blunder.

Around the same time-period, same blunder was committed by Rana Ratan Singh Rawal  of Cittoragarha  who refused to kill Allauddin Khilji when the Mughal was in his fort to have a glimpse of his wife, Padmawati  in a mirror in spite of being pressured by her to slay the Muslim intruder. What sort of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ was that ? Cittoragarha  witnessed rivers of Rajaputra  blood as a proceed of Rana’s Himalayan blunder and Hindu-s went under a siege mind-set thereafter. 

Most conspicuous blunder in contemporary Bharata  was committed by 33 crore Hindu-s, reduced from the level of 60 crores owing to pogrom perpetrated by Mughals and British Intruder-Occupiers by blindly trusting Gandhi-Nehru duo as well as Gandhi-Nehru Congress post-1947. As a reward of this blind trust, nation landed with a notorious sanguinary partition, catastrophic calamities, frequent communal riots, language riots, caste riots…we were gifted congeries of miseries and crises, loss of nation’s fundamental identity, excessive emphasis of diversity leading to profound fissiparous proclivities, destruction of Constitutional institutions, culture of mediocrity and backwardness, loss of self-respect, destruction of national self-esteem, perpetual grinding poverty, widespread corruption like prairie fire, treachery, siphoning of nation’s wealth into overseas accounts, deliberate weakening of currency…every possible and conceivable national problems we have been grappling with since then till date. As if it were not enough, insurgencies were orchestrated and rivers of blood have been flowing due to Naxalite / Maoist violence with infiltration of Bangladeshi Muslims being the icing on national cake !!! 

Worst kind of harm came due to McCaulay brand of manipulated / adulterated / toxic education system that raised a vast army of Mir Jafar / Jaichand / Scindia brand of traitors, anti-nationals and murderous Leftists. State of affairs of the nation continued deteriorating so much so that by the end of UPA-II headed by a learned albeit spineless dumbhead, it appeared country would go into pieces. Mercifully, Lok Sabha-2014 witnessed historic results and a very right man was installed as Prime Minister, late by only six decades !! Post LS-2014 Prime Minister has been struggling day and night with maximum energy at his command to set the nation on right path to progress and prosperity, equity and justice thriving with dynamism to evolve into a NATION THAT DREAMS. Unfortunately, the legacy has been so unfortunate and deep-rooted that those anti-national elements raised earlier, have been causing severe migraine to the nation blocking every progressive move undertaken by the Government hitherto.  

It was only when the nationalist leadership post Lok Sabha-2014 started carrying the nation on right and righteous path that it occurred to masses, why and how we lost so many decades of progress and prosperity at all and who precisely is responsible for that. Mercifully by now, awakening and self-introspection has started in right earnest and hopefully, it shall move to it’s logical conclusion. It is a tragedy of monumental dimensions that crores of citizens in the country instantly trusted Nehru-Gandhi Congress but the nationalistic BJP / RSS combine had to struggle for more than five decades to earn their trust !! It smacks of innate maladies in society, centuries old legacy indeed. Now that our eyes wide shut hitherto, are gradually seeing light of the day, those blunders that stunted and petrified our cognitive faculties, must not be allowed to relapse upon us in future at any cost and sacrifice.       


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Hon. Prime Minister,

NaMo Namaha.


Recently held ASEAN Conclave 2018 was a spectacular event and it conveyed a very broad spectrum of multiple powerful messages to so many across the world who need to listen to them. It was unique, epoch making and highly dignified. What is much more heartwarming is that with a paradigm migration of foreign policy priorities, entire foreign policy itself is being recast for the first time post-1947. With strategic alignments, de-alignments in place of inflexible and devious Non-Alignment of Bandung variety, I find our foreign policy lively and dynamic, free of baggage / legends of past whatsoever with every initiative ‘farm-fresh’, righteous and pro-Bharata. While foreign policy laid down by the first Prime Minister was guided by the sole objective of earning him Nobel Peace Prize somehow or the other, only attainment for the country out of Nehruvian Non-Alignment was food-grains under PL-480 unfit for human consumption !!! You rightly heard Mr. Prime Minister, ‘PL-480 Humiliation’ was the sole achievement for the country out of Nehru’s foreign policy of Non-Alignment. If somebody accuses me of being too harsh with Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra Dynasty, so be that. How could that Policy benefit the nation when the underlying guiding principle itself was preposterous ? You may not be dreaming of attaining a Nobel Peace Prize for your international initiatives, yet it may be JL Nehru’s unrealised dream of Nobel Peace Prize that may be realised with you in future, Mr. Prime Minister.   

Sight of hip-swinging soldiers in Beating Retreat 2018 has prompted me to re-visit the event quite dis-passionately. Inclusion of Tabla / Sitar etc. in all inclusive Retreat was fine albeit not the presentation in form of a concert being held in Siri Fort Auditorium !! Beating Retreat is a moving parade by serving uniformed, decorated and ornamented soldiers holding epaulettes on their shoulders hence, they all ought to be presented that way and not possibly as music maestros ensconced on a luxuriously cushioned dais before an audience to earn applause and laurels.

Question quite fundamental in nature that pops up in my mind is that, should we continue holding the annual Retreat at all since it is absolutely a colonial British legacy while we are committed to re-attaining our lost glory and ethos as well as doing away with colonial legacies forever ?

Should we decide to continue with the legacy, that must be completely indegenised with compositions like

Himadri Tung Shring Se,

Prabuddha Suddha Bharati,

Svayam Prabha Samujjavala,

Svatantrata Pukarati

by Jai Shankar Prasad, ‘Puspa Ki Abhilasa’ by ML Chaturvedi, ‘Janani Janmabhumisca Svargadapi Gariyasi’ or so many more from Subhadra Kumari Chauhan, Shyam Narayan Pandey, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar and so on. Martial songs / poems in regional languages too may be selected for the Retreat to be played by them. Those are enthralling compositions that will resonate so many chords in crores of hearts across the nation.    

It was 69th Republic Day and the Star Of Bethlehem stood tall on top of a pillar in front of Rashtrapati Bhavana. If we are not too late by 69 years courtesy Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra Dynasty, it must be replaced by ‘Ashok Chakra’ immediately, Mr. Prime Minister.


With best regards,

Ramakant Tiwari


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Khilafat Mandal headed by Ram Narayan Nambudri was organising a conclave to be addressed by Maulana Allah Baksh from Panjab, on his ‘pious and secular’ visit to Kerala. Calicut Muslims persuaded Khilafat Mandala Chief RN Nambudri to order Hindu  youths to pull the Buggy of Maulana instead of horses in the procession leading to the conclave venue to convey a ‘beautiful’ message of Hindu-Muslim unity across the country. Nambudri was immensely pleased at the suggestion and complied with it. Maulana seated himself in the Buggy like a Mughal Sultan, Hindu youths yoked to the Buggy dragged it so proudly, Muslims exclaimed frequently, “Subhaan Allah, Subhaan Allah” and ” Allah-O-Akbar”, Hindu-s showered petals on Maulana on the way, Muslims looked at one another so gleefully and Hindu-s did a joy-ride for the Maulana all around streets and roads of Calicut in the name of communal harmony. While Hindu-s and Muslims were singing songs of Hindu-Muslim unity, one ‘stupid’ Hindu  Nair suddenly started shouting ‘Vande Matarama‘ whereupon Muslims were extremely annoyed, pulled him out of the procession immediately to become untraceable later, ordered all Hindu-s to shout only ‘Allah-O-Akbar’, resumed the procession only after Hindu-s apologised to the Maulana umpteen times. Then the procession arrived at the residence of Mahanandi Iyer  where the meeting was scheduled to be held.

While the conclave was being conducted by Maulana Allah Baksh, Mahanandi Iyer  proposed to discuss ‘Swaraja Andolana‘ too after ‘Khilafat Taharir’ as that too, was on it’s full stream and equally important. One Mulla Etkhan lost his cool and shouted on Iyer  that he wished to impose Hindu-s on Muslims through the ‘conspiracy’ of ‘Swaraja‘ while MK Gandhi had pressed for complete success of ‘Khilafat Taharir’ at any cost !! Crest-fallen Mahanandi Iyer  immediately apologised to the ‘venerable’ Maulana and assured his unmitigated co-operation. Now Maulana Allah Baksh read out the riot act, if Hindu-s were true Hindu-s(as doubts perpetually existed), supported MK Gandhi’s ‘clarion call’ by heart and wished complete success of ‘Khilafat Taharir’, they must donate funds and other resources as Mopla Muslims of Kerala were extremely poor. Hindu-s attending the conclave lustily cheered the Maulana on his appeal and clapped heavily in endorsement. Mahanandi Iyer  assured the Maulana in that congregation, even if Hindu-s were compelled to sell ornaments and jewels of their wives, they would ensure ‘Khilafat Taharir’ was not hampered owing to resource constraints !! Then he suggested a Hindu  to be appointed / responsible for collection of funds. All Muslims in the conclave burst into intense anger, accused Hindu-s wanting to capture ‘Khilafat Taharir’ through their contribution, that Hindu-s in fact owed them ‘Jajia’, that Hindu-s were too clever while Muslims displayed ‘Ittehad’, that it was only due to ‘your’ Gandhi Hindu-s were allowed to participate in ‘Khilafat Taharir’….Mahanandi Iyer  again got up to profusely apologise before Muslims with folded hands and begged for pardon. On the same day, Rs.10,000 (huge amount in 1920) were collected by Hindu-s of Calicut and delivered to the Maulana before sun set. Maulana praised Mahanandi Iyer, called him a ‘true’ Hindu  and a ‘MahaPurusa‘ at that, of a high order !!

Few days later nation learned, all Hindu-s of Mopla with Mahanandi Iyer  being the first one, were brutally slaughtered, all Hindu  women gang-raped, their breasts severed before their husbands / sons, tortured and killed, their houses / properties plundered, thousands of Hindu-s in Calicut were forced at sword-point to confess Islam……thus established was pious Hindu-Muslim Unity as visualised by MK Gandhi through that ‘Khilafat Taharir’.  

Is it that Mahanandi Iyer  was not aware of the recent past of blood-bath perpetrated by Mohammed Bin Qasim, beheading of King Dahira  of Sindh, daughters of King Dahira  being crushed alive in his Harem by one Ibn Yusuf of Iraq, thousands of Hindu  women savagely brutalised by him, children being pierced by his soldiers before their parents; or 17 invasions on Somnatha Mandira  by Mahmud Gazanavi, Sivalinga  mutilated into pieces by his ‘messengers of peace’, thousands of Hindu-s beheaded and their heads thrown in fields, Peshavar / Multan / Lahora burnt to ashes with thousands of Kafirs screaming to death; or Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti of Ajmer and his ‘Chela’ Mohammed Gori who brutalised Prithviraja Chauhana, stripped his Rani  naked before all after being defeated umpteen times by the brave Rajaputa, then hanged his severed head at the entrance of his castle, caused rivers of blood flowing; or Bakhtiar Khilji of 13th century, Nalanda / Vikramasila  razed to ashes, all teachers / students / women / children burnt to death alive; or brutalities committed by Allauddin Khilji, Rani Padmavati  committing Jauhara  accompanied by thousands of women to escape Islamic brutalities, thousands of Rajputa  warriors slaughtered defending their Kingdom; or the genocide of Hindu-s wrought by Taimur, raising hills of skulls of some 2 crore Hindu-s butchered; or brutalities of Babar in 16th century, ‘Slaughter Hindu’ competitions, children screaming from his Harem, destruction of Sri Rama Mandira  in Ayodhya; or the mass slaughter of 30,000 innocent women / children / old men by Akbar ‘The Great’ with his own hands in Chittoragarha, thousands of women committing Jauhara, his Harem full of 5000 screaming women and children; or Guru Arjuna Deva  being forced to sit on red-hot iron plate by Akbar’s son Jahangir followed by pouring of extremely hot sand over Guru’s body, then excoriating flesh from his body with tweezers; or lakhs of Hindu-s slaughtered by Aurangzeb for refusing to confess Islam, who razed thousands of Mandira-s, brutal killing of Guru  Tega Bahadura, Bhai Mati Das  being cleaved alive into two halves, Bhai Sati Das  being burnt alive wrapped in cotton-sheaths, holding procession of 700 severed heads of Sikha-s beheaded, Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaja  tortured for 20 days and his eyes being gouged out with sword for refusing to accept Islam, his tongue / skin / nails pulled out for refusing to say ‘Allah-O-Akbar; or two sons of Guru Govinda Singha  being immured to death in a wall; or Mahanandi Iyer  ignored the fact that thousands of Hindu-s were captured, castrated and sold as slaves in west Asia by all Mughals…and in spite of such a sordid history of brutal persecution, Mahanandi Iyer  conducted himself in the manner described before that aptly symbolises plight of Hindu-s then and now.  

No, it is impossible to believe that he was not aware of those dastardly acts of Muslims, least of all obliterated from his memory. Why did those Hindu-s participate in those activities even if MK Gandhi wished that after centuries old brutal, sanguinary history ? Why did a Hindu  accept leadership of ‘Khilafat Mandala’ at all, that too devoid of liberty to manage funds ? Why no one protested angrily when Hindu  youths were yoked to drag the Maulana in streets of Moplah ? Why didn’t all Hindu-s unite there and then to cleave the Maulana into loaves of flesh with his blood flowing on streets ? Is it that Hindu-s had turned pacifists after undergoing severe brutalities perpetrated by British-occupiers once they were recalled / invited by 60 Hindu  Kings with assurance of unqualified support after they were decisively defeated and thrown out in 1857 ? Not at all, root-cause lay somewhere else. 

Concept of ‘Hindu-unity’ never ever occurred to anyone in ancient Bharata. I have not yet come across even a single tangential reference to the concept of ‘Hindu-unity’ anywhere in Sanatana  scriptures and I believe, it does not exist anywhere. Our ancestors, generations after generations, were so much intoxicated high on Sanatana  values that it never occurred to them that non-Hindu communities might ever be a source of existential crisis for them. They were absolutely unaware of any issue that even remotely resembled Hindu  vs. non-Hindu  !! Quite paradoxically, there was nothing unusual about that as law of nature goes, wicked felons and diabolical ones unite fast and quick to realise their nefarious goals while pious, sagacious ones do not find uniting necessary / desirable at all. First thought of defending against oppression / onslaughts perpetrated by non-Hindu  must have come only after they were fiercely ravaged by Mohammed Bin Qasim, first invader in recorded history who brutalised Hindu-s. In absence of ‘Hindu-unity’, several Hindu  Kings / monarchs colluded with Mughal Sultans to teach another Hindu  King a ‘lesson of his life’ owing to sheer ego-clashes of flimsy grounds !! On the contrary, never ever a Mughal / Muslim Sultan colluded with a Hindu  King to teach another Mughal / Muslim Sultan a ‘lesson of his life’. Quite unfortunately this propensity exists even today albeit in a modified manifest. No Muslim ever raises his voice for a Hindu  cause while scores of Hindu-s jump to yell and howl for Islamic / Muslim causes !! It is very shocking and nerve-rattling to behold that erudite Sanatana  leaders in medieval Bharata  too, did not warn Hindu-s about potential hazards to their well-being and security emanating from non-Hindu  communities or invasions from across the ocean though they were celebrated visionaries, not to speak of the era of ancient Bharata !! They left all innocent / defenceless / gullible Hindu-s entirely at the mercy of Param Brahma  while preaching them volubly, “Isvara  helps those who help themselves” !! Sense of ‘Hindu-unity’ was implanted in Hindu  mind for the first time in entire available Hindu  history, by Dr. KB Hegdewar by founding RSS with the sole mission to address the existence-threatening issue that besieged Hindu-s for so long.  

Hindu-pacifism too, is a proceed of complete absence of Hindu-unity. Seeds of Sanatana-pacifism were sown in the royal court of intellectually and physically blind King Dhrtarastra  itself and maximum share of responsibility for that heinous act of omission goes to Bhisma Pitamaha  though Dronacarya / Krpacarya / Karna  etc. too, were equally responsible. Draupadi  was disrobed in the royal court and Bhisma Pitamaha  astonishingly discovered himself ‘helpless’ !! And ‘fragile’ too !! And he is still regarded and adored as a grand-warrior  !! If a grand-warrior and an exceedingly erudite scholar of the class of Bhisma Pitamaha  was rendered helpless and fragile when his great grand daughter-in-law was disrobed and derogated before him in royal court, how can we blame or mis-understand Mahanandi Iyer  and others, centuries after centuries ?? Vasudeva Sri Krsna  was perfectly righteous when He declared, such a family / clan / society that derogates their women, must be completely extirpated. If crores of our ancestors were brutalised and exterminated, we must intensely introspect what subtle factors and causes might have been there in their homes for such calamities and catastrophes to fall upon them in the form of foreign invasions.   

Just like complete absence of the sense of ‘Hindu-unity’, sense of ‘country-hood’ too, had been absolutely non-existent in Hindu  minds. Hindu  nation always existed, weaved and sewed with the powerful thread of Sanatana Adhyatma  but the concept of ‘country-hood’ never. Mere nation-hood was not enough for security and prosperity of Hindu-s and a politically / territorially well organised country was an absolute imperative as boundaries of ‘country-hood’ used to drawn and re-drawn too often, so much so that the cardinal concept itself disappeared into oblivion and hardly anyone was conscious of it. Practical concept of ‘country-hood’ was visualised by many but concrete contours were imparted to that only by first Home Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel post-1947. Barring lesser deviations like POK and Akshai Chin largely invited by an irresponsible / anti-Hindu  Prime Minister, politically well-organised ‘country-hood’ of Bharata  gifted by Sardar Patel turned out to be resolute and unshakeable. From this point of history onward, possibility of expanding ‘country-hood’ shall ever remain alive while it’s contraction shall continue to be an impossibility. 

Deficiencey of ‘Hindu-unity’ was eradicated on the auspicious festival of Vijayadasami-1925 while deficiency of ‘country-hood’ on I Day-1947. Hindu-s have been able to address these two serious deficiencies after centuries of sacrifices and oppression, at a very huge price as detailed above. Those monumental sacrifices render it absolutely necessary that we move on towards consolidation and beyond. Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel who visited us in Jan. 2018 for 6 days, too cautioned / warned us never to ignore our past of terrible Hindu-holocaust and we must remain strongest possible unitedly so as to live and die peacefully in our country / nation / homes in centuries to come. If at any point of our existence in future, any reverse whatsoever, is cast upon us pertaining to both issues, it would be an unpardonable sin and darkest chapter in the history of Hindu-s ever.         




In social media of Facebook and Twitter, I am frequently ridiculed and berated for my faith of Sanatana Dharma  that is purported to boast 33 crore Devi-s and Deva-s to worship. They also condemn Hindu-s worshipping plants and animals too. Those ‘they’ happen to be mostly Roman Catholics of Goa, Protestants of Nort-East Bharata, ‘Khalistani’ brand Sikhs from Canada and a motley crowd of ISI brain-washed Sikhs residing in Jammu. When countered and challenged, they issue me warnings / threats of dire consequences which I thoroughly enjoy and laugh at, following foot-steps of my hero Russy Karanjia, late editor of a weekly tabloid Blitz which used to be published from Bombay. I am dismayed to behold, Sikhs do not wish to accept the reality that Sikhism is one of so many streams emerging from the Gangotri  of Sanatana Hinduism  and Sikhs have been Rajputa-s in the erstwhile scheme of Varna  order. Catholics / Protestants / Muslims do not wish to accept that their faith does not belong to this nation and those were forcibly imposed upon their ancestors by intruders from overseas. 

There have been others too, who are ‘lambasted’ like that which many of them meekly ignore / tolerate, some explain away by saying that it is 33 only and not 33 crore, that ‘Koti’ does not necessarily mean ‘Crore’ etc. Let me now set the records straight for the benefit of all who may be seeking accurate perception of the imbroglio even at the risk of being condemned further.  

We are well aware that Absolute Entity is binomial in structure and likewise, all sub-entities too, are binomial in configuration. Cetana  i.e. Consciousness and Jada  i.e. material together create an Absolute Entity, also adored as Param Brahmatma. Param Cetana, also known as Samasti Cetana  i.e. Absolute Consciousness of Param Brahmatma  allows Himself to manifest / proliferate into innumerable individualised Cetana-s, circumscribed by Ahamkara, also known as VyastiCetana  as well as Atma. In a parallel and compatible cosmic event, Jada  too manifests / proliferates into innumerable entities through the processes of aggregation and conglomeration, all absolutely devoid of Cetana  at the behest of Param Cetana. Jivatma  comes into being ONLY when VyastiCetana  associates itself with Jada. It is also known as embodiment or birth and it’s converse, dis-embodiment or demise. 

In Sanatana Dharma, it is Cetana  who is worshipped, whether Param Cetana  of Param Brahmatma  or VyastiCetana  of a living being who may be an ant or elephant. Every manifestation of Cetana  is adorable irrespective of contours imparted upon by various conglomerated derivatives of Jada. Every VyastiCetana  possesses the potential to attain absolute divinity. Quite logically, there are innumerable VyastiCetana-s i.e. Atma-s who are already Deva-s or poised to evolve into Deva-s.

Thus Sanatana Dharma  has infinite number of Devi-s / Deva-s to be adored and worshipped, not merely 33 crores as grossly mis-understood or mis-interpreted by some. So there is no dearth of Devi-s and Deva-s to chose from for worshipping as each and every VyastiCetana  is adorable and deserves to be worshipped. Concepts and realities like Vasudhaiva Kutumbakum, Ahimsa  etc. spontaneously spring forth as soon as you concede, every Atma  is an adorable celestial Deva. Philosophy behind Sanatana Hindu  greeting in the form of ‘Namaste’ too, is based on that axiomatic truth alone.  

When a Hindu  worships a plant or an animal, it is VyastiCetana  hidden within the plant or animal as the case may be, is worshipped and not body of the plant or animal in question. It naturally implies, it is Cetana  that worships Cetana  with the means of Jada. So cynics, sceptics, atheists, hedonists, nihilists, sensualists and of course, secular-lunatics have absolutely no business to ridicule Sanatana  way of worshipping some plants and animals. 

When a Hindu  worships a Murti  carved out of Jada  viz. stone, wood, glass, soil etc., it is VyastiCetana  ensconced within the Murti  after Vedic  ritual of PranaPratistha  is solemnised, is worshipped and NOT the idol crafted of Jada  material. Hence, MurtiPuja  cannot be accurately translated into or described as Idol-worship as Murti  is not an idol at all. Murti  is a repository of divine Cetana  whose PranaPratistha  has been solemnised through invocations, a manifestation of the Deva  or Devi  for whom the sacrosanct Vedic  ritual of PranaPratistha  has been carried out. All those individuals, empires, Kingdoms have been razed to dust that destroyed such a Murti / Mandira  or under whose regime, such instances of desecration has / had been enacted. Desecration of Cetana  inevitably invites terrible consequences to bear with.

Tailanga Swami Maharaja, a Siddha Yogi  and contemporary of Swami Ramakrsna Paramhamsa  who came from Andhra Pradesh, settled down on banks of Ganga at Varanasi, lived for almost 270 years, prayed to the small Murti  of Ma Kali  whom he used to worship, to appear before him and his disciple to bless both of them. Ma Kali  did emerge from the Murti  after his invocations manifesting Herself as a young girl, blessed both and reverted into the same Murti. In this exceedingly mysterious nation, such events are quite frequent, neither rare nor exceptional albeit accessible only to those who are imbued with Sraddha  and Bhakti  unto Him or Her.      

Hence as a matter of fact, those who ridicule Sanatana Hinduism  for having 33 crore Deva-s / Devi-s to chose from and worship, are in reality, laughing at their own abject ignorance about an intense  Adhyatmika  mysticism as ancient as the Planet Earth itself.


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Certainly not MK Gandhi. No stretch of arguments howsoever correct or convoluted, can justify MK Gandhi as ‘Father Of The Nation’. The title was bestowed upon him by some minion of Congress, Party captive of a dynasty, out to deny sterling role and sacrifices of so many other outstanding freedom-fighters viz. Mangal Pandey / Vinayaka Savarkar / Netaji Bose who rendered life for British-Occupiers of the nation a living hell. Mangal Pandey sacrificed himself to ignite first War of Independence 1857 that was entirely successful, all British intruders were brutally killed except a handful few who absconded in disguise as Sadhu-s by smearing ashes and cow-dung all over their bodies, country was absolutely free of British occupation till Sept. 1857; Vinayaka Savarkar was one of the most terrible threats to British Empire, he was most savagely tortured in Andamana prisons; finally it was Netaji Bose whose marching INA caused mutiny in Royal Indian Navy, battle that ensued witnessed sacrifices of more than 26,000 INA soldiers and British-Occupiers chickened out in great panic as terrible sanguinary reminiscences of Mangal Pandey ignited WOI-1857 were refreshed while Netaji had to spend final years of his life in utter seclusion as a ‘Gumanami Baba’ in Ayodhya  after the great escape from vicious clutches of Russian dictator Joseph Stalin.  

MK Gandhi did not earn nation’s freedom at all and all such claims were blown away by the British Prime Minister Clement Attlee when he was in Kolikata long ago. Ahimsa  that he espoused was an Absolute Cowardice. Ahimsa  was practised by Vasudeva Sri Krsna  who slew His cousin Sisupala  after accepting 99 invectives hurled upon Him by His cousin. Satyagraha  that MK Gandhi ‘marketed’ in the country was downright intellectual bankruptcy as real Satyagraha  was in action when Vasudeva Sri Krsna  inspired Arjuna  to slay all Kaurava-s in the battlefield of Kuruksetra  after long years of injustice and oppression perpetrated upon Pandava-s by them. In fact, WOI-1857 was a genuine reflection of Mahabharata. How many of us are aware of the reality that MK Gandhi did his best to spike and spook renovation of Somnatha Mandira  undertaken by Sardara Patel and his devious designs were foiled by Sardara Patel assisted by KM Munshi, then Agricuture Minister ? I have just one argument to counter all those loud-mouthed votaries of the doctrine of ‘Gandhi brought us freedom with his Ahimsa, Satyagraha, Charkha, Goat’s milk, Multani Mitti…’ – 


Will any of those ‘brilliant’ votaries respond rationally and convincingly without hurling invectives upon me and my ancestors ? Same question is valid in case of JL Nehru too. I do not believe they were freedom fighters in true sense of the term at all. Occasionally, I am hit by brainwaves like MK Gandhi was a remarkable curiosity-arousing Halloween character of his time !! And Nehru’s precise ‘make or break’ contribution to the war of nation’s freedom is one of the most conspicuous enigmatic riddles in nation’s history. They just redeemed and enjoyed their Punya Karma-s performed in their past lives by them !! No other rational explanation is available to explain their comfortable stay in British Jails or justify the pomp and glory that they enjoyed at a huge expense of this nation and crores of abjectly poor denizens who toiled and trudged for a morsel of bread and a piece of loin cloth to cover their mortal frames, every day for decades. And MK Gandhi’s Ahimsa, Satyagraha  were vulgar and macabre jokes on those abject paupers.       

Being a downright positivist and an optimist, I shall not leave you languishing in a state of mental turmoil after kicking up this dust-storm of confusion and contemplation in your minds. I offer some rational alternatives to chose from for the honour of ‘Father Of The Nation’ with a few arguments in brief as details are widely available in public domain. Criteria decided by me to select options are ostensibly very stringent and only three historic luminaries have succeeded in crossing the bar.

They are hereinasunder –    


Rsi Canakya

Rsi Cāṇakya  was born in 371BCE, an ascetic and Guru  possessing adept knowledge of several disciplines viz. Philosophy, Economics and Law. Also famous as Kauṭilya  and Visnugupta, he authored ancient treatise on politics famous as Arthasastra, regarded as precursor of contemporary economics. Precise rules of strategic governance enshrined in Arthasastra  are valid even today. CanakyaNiti  is yet another treatise authored by him which is truly remarkable. Diplomatic enclave in New Delhi is rightly named after him as Chanakyapuri. His entire work was lost then rediscovered during early decades of 20th Century.

He is widely regarded as having established and expanded Mauryan Empire and served as Chief Advisor to both emperors, Candragupta and his son Bindusara. He was a great thinker and large number of Bharatiya  nationalists  adore him as probably the first Hindu  who visualised Akhanda Hindu Rastra  of Bharatavarsa  and strove throughout his life to realise that vision.


Adi Samkaracarya

He was an ascetic and mystic of the highest order, visited Planet Earth in early 8th Century, consolidated and nourished the doctrine of Advaita Vedanta. Regarded as an incarnate of Siva  and a titanic giant of Adhyatma, he is rightly credited with unification of all Sanatana  philosophies across the nation. Prior to his incarnation, utter religious anarchy prevailed in the country. There were some 72 sects viz. Carvaka-s, Lokayatika-s, Kapalika-s, Sakta-s, Samkhya-s, Bauddha-s, Madhyamikas etc. vying for superiority over others and striving senselessly and often violently to expand followings. With so many frequent scuffles and no peace around, Deva-s implored Siva  to incarnate to redeem the mankind. He was born in Kalady  of the state of Keralama  and survived only 32 years of glorious life on this planet. He became expert in all the four Veda-s by eighth year of his life, master of all scriptures by twelfth year and enunciated all his commentaries by sixteenth year of his deeply intense life. He recast rituals to establish six major orders of adoration, Ganapatyama  i.e. worshipping Ganesa, Kaumarama  i.e. worshipping Subramanyama, Saurama  i.e. worshipping the sun, Saktama  i.e. worshipping of Sakti, Vaisnavama  i.e. worshipping Visnu  and Saivama  i.e. worshipping Siva. Owing to this feat, his legend is also known as Sanmata Sthapakacarya  too. Very forthrightly he accepted Gautama Buddha  as one of Dasavatara-s and demolished all hostilities between Sanatani-s and Buddhist-s. Like a cataclysmic thunderstorm, he swept away entire nation demolishing several age-old prophesies, heresies and restored pristine glory of Veda-s, composed SamkaraSamhita describing rules of conduct and ethics for Brahamana-s. He established his precepts of Advaita  from Himalaya-s in north to Dwarka  in west, to Puri  in east and Sringeri  in south. He raised monasteries in all four corners of the nation, then settled down at Kamakoti Pithama  in Kanchipurama  established and presided over by him. He dis-incarnated himself in presence of Kamaksi, an erudite scholar of Upanisad-s in this Pithama  in his 32nd year of mortal existence. He was the greatest unifier of all sects, faiths and Kingdoms into a composite nation. The great ascetic practised Advaita  not only on Adhyamika  plane of Cetana  but also on national plane of consciousness too. Had he lived longer, he would have certainly succeeded in transforming Adhyatmika  unity thus attained, into a unfied mighty political power that would have possibly guarded the nation from foreign invasions in subsequent centuries.   


Dr. KB Hdegewar

Doctorji, his other name, born on Pratipada, Caitra, Sukla Paksa, Vikram Samvat 1946 (1 April 1889) in Nagpur, actively participated in Indian National Congress in 1920s. Disillusioned with their anti-national policies and politics, outbreak of Hindu-Muslim Riots 1923 prodded him to mull over an alternate model of nation-building. He observed that in every social turbulence, Hindu-s were the worst sufferers, no one to protect them, every other community out to exploit them and provoke one section of Hindu-s against another. He resolved with a steel determination, if there is no one to protect Hindu-s, Hindu-s shall collectively stand up not only to protect themselves but also all those oppressed, tormented and exploited ones. Soon he arrived at the conclusion that Sanatana  spiritual and cultural heritage alone can be the basis of Bharatiya  ethos and organised nationhood. Thereafter, Doctorji founded RSS in 1925 on the day of Vijayadasami  with the mission to organise Hindu  community for it’s cultural and spiritual regeneration and leverage that to get rid of foreign domination. The seed of Sanatana Hindu  nationalism that he sowed, has now gown into a gigantic banyan tree covering the entire globe. I regard Doctorji as the greatest visionary and crusader of his century and one of the greatest blessings to the nation. The way he diagnosed ills afflicting the nation, nature of dangers lurking around, absolutely precise course of action that he defined and the way he offered his entire life as oblation into sacred Agni of that Yajna, are unique and far ahead of even Swami Vivekananda. Swami Vivekananda  heralded the nation with his clarion call of Uttistha Bharata  obscuring the stark reality that without Sanghathit Hindu, Uttistha Bharata  was impossible to realise. Doctorji’s message to the nation is, “Uttistha  and Sanghathit Hindu; Jagrit Bharata”. With this motto, RSS grew into a finest human resource development organization in the world and there is none other anywhere close to it and won’t be there for a century or more. 

Catalogue of spectacular achievements, milestones and benchmarks attained by RSS in rendering service to the nation so far are simply mind-boggling to say the least. Nation not only survived but also flourished in spite of catastrophic calamities like Nehru-Jinnah Partition 1947, Nehru’s China Debacle 1962, Indira’s Emergency 1975…UPA 2004-14 owing to the strength imparted upon the nation by RSS. If Army / Security Forces defend our external borders from invasions and intrusions, RSS have been defending the nation at devious internal borders, much more difficult to identify and act upon that too, without any Government patronage. We have survived from fierce socio-economic-religious onslaughts uninterruptedly lobbed at us by inimical forces, only because of the resurgence and renaissance brought about by RSS at a great sacrifice, in spite of three official bans, scores of arrests, torture and murder of RSS members. Yet, the marvellous and unique organization have been growing exponentially much to the heart-burn of so many across the world so much so that if any organization truly represents Bharata  today, that is RSS alone. Humanity had never ever witnessed before such an organisation and organised activities with a mission on such a massive scale in recorded history. And all that absolutely SELFLESSLY !! RSS NEVER claim credit for any success at all. It is an organisation of Rsi-s, Parivrajaka-s and Sadhu-s who consume themselves for the sake of nation. 

You are at liberty to select any one of them for the accolade of ‘Father Of the Nation’.   

Entire exercise of the honour of ‘Father Of The Nation’ being conferred upon anyone is a mere tokenism. Bharatavarsa  is an ancient Sanatana  nation, as ancient as Planet Earth with the Supreme Father in Sriman Narayana, also adored as Bhagavana Visnu, Tirupati Balaji Maharaja  and Sri Padmanabha Swami. Bharatavarsa  is the nation where He incarnates often for the sacrosanct mission of consolidation and resurgence of Dharma  on Planet Earth for the entire humanity to follow and slaying felons and sinners.  

This nation does not need in reality, a ‘Father Of The Nation’ at all !!


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US President Donald Trump created history by declaring Jerusalem as the bonafide capital of Israel, a long pending decision transcending several US Presidencies and created another history by ordering US Embassy in Tel Aviv to shift to Jerusalem lock, stock and barrel immediately. And he created yet another history by displaying the order to world media so boldly and point-blank with a ‘take it or leave it’ message for the Arab world, Palestine included. Implicitly, he trashed ‘toothless white elephant’ known as United Nations though they struggled to salvage their pathetic image by passing a useless resolution against US President’s decision.

Frankly speaking, I enjoyed these hilarious developments post-Trump order. 

For some obscure strategic reasons, Prime Minister Modi of Bharata (British gifted name is India !!) decided to cold-shoulder Trump’s decision and ordered voting in favour of the Arab world. There was a howl of protest across the country and some even went to the extent of dubbing it as ‘stabbing’ in the back of Israel, that a long-awaited opportunity to do a historic course correction was frittered away and what not. I too, decided to support PM Modi’s decision when lot many sent me messages to explain the decision as if it was adopted by me !! Our support for the ‘toothless’ UN decision was quickly rubbished when Palestinian envoy in Pakistan visited a proclaimed terrorist Hafiz Sayed to boost his morale, shared dais with the hardened criminal who had orchestrated mass Mumbai murders in 2008 killing scores of innocents including Jews, Americans and others. Though Government of Bharata have lodged strong protest with Palestinian Government but the irreparable damage has been done. Complaining to Palestinian Government on such issues is same as whining and complaining to Pakistan about cross-border terrorism / infiltration officially sponsored by Pakistani Government overtly and their heavily medalled / decorated (for which victory / victories ??) military beasts covertly. 

Let us for a moment glance at this strange creation called Palestine and the ceaselessly sanguinary battles associated with them. 

Hebrews had been in the territory now known as Israel, since BCE II Millennium beginning with King Joshua, then King David and his dynasty. “Israel” first appeared in Merneptah Stele of the Egyptian Pharaoh Merneptah of BCE 1209. Romans invaded it in CE-I, named the territory as Palestine where Aegeans, related to Greeks and not Arabs,  inhabited a thin coastel Gaza strip (quite ironically, they are confined to that much even today !!). The word ‘Palestine’ itself means ‘invader’ having it’s roots in the Hebrew word ‘Plisha’. So they were recognised as invaders by ancient Romans themselves !! So prior to Roman invasion, there was absolutely no entity known as Palestine or any cultural / historical identity associated with that, a stark reality confessed by even several Arab leaders and academicians categorically. After contemporary Israel was founded in 1948, umpteenth times before literally, massive propaganda has been consistently and persistently unleashed with calories provided by the Arabian fossil fuel that Palestinian nationality preceded Israel 1948 and that Israelis are real invaders who snatched away their country. So Palestinians claim to own a property that never ever existed in their name at all and calling rightful owners ‘Occupiers’ !! Late Zuheir Muhsin, Defence Head of PLO himself vouchsafed, “Yes, the existence of a separate Palestinian identity serves only tactical purposes. The founding of a Palestinian state is a new tool in the continuing battle against Israel…”. What does it mean ? So much blood-bath since 1948 and before has been just a measure of ‘tactical tool’ ?? Human lives, human blood have no other value at all for them ?? If this is not a diabolical and beastly carnivorous conduct, then what is it in reality ?  

After breakdown of Ottoman Empire post-World War I into three territories, 77% of the British occupied portion became Jordan and much less than 23% was allocated to Israel in 1948. In fact Britain cheated Israel by allocating less than their due share of 23% territory while Arabs of the truncated territory refused to migrate to Jordan so as to continue being a migraine to Israel. It was mainly the fossil fuel in possession of Arabs that rendered Jews dispensable in British eyes notwithstanding their historical rights, favours of all sorts extorted by British from them during World War-I, their calamitous history of horrific holocaust and commitments. Israel’s spread of a mere 21,000 sq. Kms. is just 0.01% of the surface area of Planet Earth. Planet Earth has 126 Christian countries, 49 Islamic countries perpetually killing one-another, 2 Hindu countries and just ONE country for Judaism !! Strangely enough, existence of even that one country is resented by 49 Islamic countries brazenly !! That is really height of mental bankruptcy to say the least.  

Entire diplomatic might of more than hundred countries congregated in the name of UN General Assembly to browbeat a tiny country holding meagre 0.01% land-mass and the only country for Jews to live and die peacefully !! Are they all not crazy enough ? Unfortunately, UN has evolved into a ‘Theatre of the Absurd’, a bunch of clowns who entertain entire world through their absurd tactics and antics at the cost of billions of $$. Time is now ripe, if they refuse to be reformed, they should be disbanded forthwith because they do not mind being used and thrown away like tissue-paper by super-powers like USA on one hand and recalcitrant / defiant countries like China on the other.  

For Jews, entire Jerusalem is a holy city while for Arabs, only Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa mosque constructed on ruins of Jewish Soloman’s Temple are sacred. This temple was first destroyed in BCE 587, then CE 70 by Romans. Caliph Abdel Mallik raised the Dome in CE 692 after demolishing the temple and Al Aqsa Mosque close to the Dome in CE 714. As a matter of fact, Muslims are addicted to constructing their mosques over ruins of temples and churches all over the world. They have a flair of appropriating non-Islamic holy places on one pretext or the other and now they seriously wish to appropriate the whole world for their faith.  

Jordan desecrated and destroyed all Jewish holy sites while Israel preserves all Muslim and Christian sites in Jerusalem accessible to all. Israel gracefully allows Arab Waqf to control Temple Mount while the same Arab Waqf does not allow Israelis to pray not in the Temple Mount but in front of it’s Western Wall !! Jerusalem was raised by King David as capital of Israel and remained so for 3000 years, Tanakh mentions Jerusalem over 600 times and Zion over 150 times, Bible mentions Jerusalem over 150 times and NOT EVEN ONCE in Koran !! Never in history not even for a single day was Jerusalem capital of any Muslim entity whatsoever. Very rightly Israel declared entire Jerusalem as their capital under Jerusalem Law and those countries who shift their Embassies to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv irrespective of the ridiculous UN votes, shall be celebrated for their statesmanship in decades / centuries to come. It is high time, all civilised countries in the world stand up in unison in support of Israel and Jerusalem as their capital. Dithering on the issue is reprehensible that amounts to nurturing unrighteous forces that are enemies of humanity and civilization.   

Prime Minister Modi must reconsider his decision and recognise Jerusalem as capital of Israel followed by shifting of Bharatiya Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. As the Prime Minister has been downright righteous hitherto, possesses a flair of adopting righteous / absolutely correct decisions in spite of heavy odds, immediate reversal of the decision already adopted, is an imperative now. If any country in the world deserves unqualified support from us, it is none other than Israel.   


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‘Happy Birthday !’ is the greeting that is welcomed by all and sundry. Quite paradoxically, we all welcome birthday greetings most cheerfully yet shudder at the thought of growing old. Without growing old, we wish to be greeted for our birthdays every year by as many as possible, for as many years as possible and prayed for a longer and longer life every year irrespective of age, be it 19 years or 90 years !! Unmindful of the fact that beyond a reasonable figure of number of years of age, life becomes a curse for self and an unbearable burden for others.  

Why can’t we wish, “Live healthy and die healthy !!” to others ?? 

English calender is grossly inaccurate. It is a poor copy of Hindu  calender computed on the basis of planetary configurations unlike English calender based on number of days, that too randomly. From that point of view, every Happy Birthday greeting is being extended on a different day to the same person every year !!! After all, these Happy Birthday greetings are essentially English in nature !! English calender provides date while Hindu calender, Tithi. Since Hindu  calender is based on planetary configurations, Tithi  provided by it too, is based on planetary configurations. As planetary configurations if computed accurately, are always absolutely accurate in measurement of time, days, months and years, Tithi-s provided by it too, are always absolutely flawless. Tithi  corresponding to a set of planetary configurations is the real date and time of one’s birth, rather Tithi  of one’s birth and every next recurrence of the same planetary configuration would amount to completion of a year and arrival of a very Cheerful and Happy Birthday. Western countries must substitute their inaccurate calender with Pancanga  based Hindu  calender, most accurate and authentic in all aspects. As a matter of fact, based on English calender, on everybody’s birthday, they celebrate nobody’s birthday !!! What a pity indeed !! 

Cosmic journey of every animate being commences after being released as a subtle and deluded particulate Cetana  i.e. Consciousness known as Atma  from the Supreme Being of Param Brahmatma, undergo innumerable embodiments and dis-embodiments to attain perfection implying highly exulted state of AtmaCetana  i.e. Self-consciousness. Only purpose of the cosmic journey through the world passing through various forms of lives, eighty-four lakhs as enumerated in Sanatana  scriptures and known as Yoni-s, is to evolve into AtmaCetana  i.e. Self-consciousness from the humble state of Cetana  i.e. Consciousness. As soon as the highest and supreme state of existence known as AtmaCetana  is attained, cosmic journey through the world ceases, birth and death in the form of embodiment and dis-embodiment respectively stop to come by, nothing more is left to perform, nothing more is left to be attained, all struggles and agonies are over, ecstasies refuse to delight, agonies decline to torment, sense of ownership over anything and everything is absolutely dissolved and absolute, unperturbable tranquillity dawns upon. As soon as the serene state of AtmaCetana  is attained, such an AtmaCaitanya  i. e. Self-Conscious retires eternally into His ultimate abode i.e. the Supreme Being of Param Brahmatma. There in the Supreme Abode he then rests eternally liberated from all sorts of shackles whatsoever, known to have attained Moksa. So on that plane of Adhyatmika  existence, life begins when Cetana  is released from Param Brahmatma  and ceases after evolving into AtmaCetana  i.e. after attainment of ultimate liberation in Moksa. That is the Cosmic Life-Span. 

Like Tithi  to ascertain accurate time of birth and birthdays, accurate age is the one where precisely you stand in your cosmic life-span, how much of the cosmic journey you have already completed and how much more is yet to be completed before you finally bid adieu to the world. That implies, mortally you may be 30 / 50 / 60 years old yet in reality, you may be thousands or may be lakhs of human years old from the moment of your birth from Param Brahmatma  !!! And you may have thousands or may be lakhs of human years of life more to live in this world albeit in different bodies before you disappear into the Cosmic Being of Param Brahmatma !!  

Is it possible to ascertain one’s Cosmic Age if he / she wishes to ? Certainly not impossible but a very tough proposition to boot. It is better not to attempt to ascertain that. On an Adhyatmika  plane of existence, sometimes ignorance is as much a bliss as enlightenment !! So finally, even insipid and ordinary sounding questions like, “How old are you ?” or “What is your age ?” have intense mysticism associated with them.