After secularism, probably the most bandied about term is Plurality. Everyone floats and proffers Plurality as “Kohinoor” of our cultural heritage / Constitution and everything else that is identified / associated with India.

Terms like Hindu / Bharata  are NEVER uttered while bragging about Plurality though Plurality exists in the country ONLY because of Hindu Bharata. Those ‘Erudite and Eminent’ scholars smartly avoid voicing the fact that it is ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ alone that gave birth to Plurality. And western ‘jewels of humanity’ preached us ‘Plurality In Diversity’ from their roof-tops while hiding their monstrosity of Ku Klux Klan variety behind their closed doors. Even Birbal would not have been able to explain ‘Plurality In Diversity’ had Akbar dared to ask him in his daily Darbar  !!

What has the nation gained from assiduous pursuit of ‘Plurality In Diversity’ all these decades and centuries ? When I pored over the issue, my discoveries were nerve-rattling.

We pursued Plurality vis. a vis. Islam !!! Rewards of ‘Plurality with Islam’ had / have been terrible / fiendish / felonious / brutal / inhuman savagery…a holocaust of the worst order, ever known to humanity. Generations / centuries are bygone yet nation is loaded with lakhs who prefer to be loyal to a country far away in Gulf first and foremost with loyalty to Bharata  being absolutely inconsequential to them. And ‘We, Fools of Bharatavarsa’  resolutely continue to be Pluralistic !! There are scores of us who are eager to sacrifice our worthless lives for the sake of ‘Plurality with Islam’ !! When did we have a sense of self-respect / self-honour for us with respect to ‘Plurality with Islam’, ever in past ?

We pursued Plurality vis. a vis. Christianity too !! What is the reward that we as a nation reaped ? Percentage of Christians doubled while still retaining Hindu  names and surnames so as to hoodwink the country as neatly as possible. Andhra CM Samuel RS Reddy is the most prominent example who converted all Reddys into Christianity, dreaming to takeover Tirupati Shrine to renovate it into a Chapel. And ‘We, Fools of Bharatavarsa’ continued pursuing Plurality with the Satanic Devil who was finally killed in a helicopter crash with Balaji  beholding him silently as ever because we refused to do anything. And the sordid saga of treachery still goes on as The Seniormost Roman Catholic ‘Pandaa’ from Vatican appoints Cardinals and Bishops faraway in Bharatavarsa !! His writ runs large in this country and his minions take instructions from a foreign land. Only because ‘We, Fools of Bharatavarsa’ happen to be a Pluralistic nation when it comes to Christianity !!! Convents / hospitals / chapels / every Christian now actively promotes conversion by hook or crook. How long are we going to pursue Plurality with respect to Jesus ?

Plurality with Islam / Christianity was adopted to allow Islam / Christianity to exist and survive in the country. No one had ever anticipated, this one ‘Secular Brand Plurality’ would one day sit on our heads only to destroy our own very existence and fundamental identity we have been so proud of. Is it really the way to pursue ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ with them ? Do I mean to suggest, they all should be banished from the country ? Not at all. Least we can do is to understand Plurality’s sinister dimensions / implications, discourage and thwart them from implementing their nefarious designs, educate others about it, remain dignified with fortitude instead of going ga ga over their silly utterings / phoney displays / venomous criticism of our richest heritage in the world and nasty persuaions to read the crap literature offered by them, then convert.

Why didn’t we as a nation, search for Plurality within ourselves ? We have plenty of it.

Under the gigantic, ancient banyan tree of Sanatana Dharma, scores of sects / sub-sects / faiths / sub-faiths have prospered and all of them have been dedicated unto either Sri Rama, or Siva, or Visnu, or Hanumana, or Durga, or Saraswati, or Renuka, or Khatu Syamaji, or Tirupati Balaji, or Ayyappa, or Chidambaram, or Guruvayura, or…….and scores of rituals are practised round the clock. Everyone enjoys unrestrained / unqualified / infinite liberty to pick and chose any ritual of his / her choice, basket of rituals or no ritual at all. Not only everyone’s preferred ritual / rituals is / are respected by all but also facilitated by others in their pursuit to solemnize all that perfectly well. Even traces of antipathy of any kind whatsoever or mutual bickerings do not exist at all. And all these lead to a Plentitude of Plurality of a fantastic variety.

Plurality of brightly multi-coloured Bihu in Assam, Baisakhi in north, Pongal / Onam in south, Navaratri-Dandia in Gujarat, Sindur-Holi in Bengal, Gudi-Padva in Maharashtra, Sri Krsna Janmastami  of Vrindavana, Holi / Deepawali / Makar-Samkranti of UP, Chhath of Bihar, Simhastha  in Ujjain…we have been blessed with an infinite ocean of Plurality since time-immemorial, deeply ingrained into our DNA, National DNA to be more precise. Did Plurality of this variety ever create any friction / attrition of any kind whatsoever anytime in past ? NEVER. Can anyone of us anticipate any kind of friction / attrition in future initiated by our Sanatana  Plurality ? Ostensibly, NONE.

Why don’t we all adore / admire / nurture / nourish and celebrate Sanatana  Plurality of this variety and maintain dignified, stoic indifference towards Plurality of Islamic / Christian varieties determined to obliterate not only our ancient Sanatana  Plurality but also our fundamental identity ?

We do not have to rush out of ourselves in search of Plurality.

Just introvert yourselves. Your inner beings are spilling over with Plurality of a divine variety. Just experience that and stand blissed.             



Hon. Prime Minister,

Namo Namaha.

Sri Ramjanmabhumi  issue is again vigorously contributing to TRPs of TRP famished channels and lot of advisories have started floating around, most of them of unsolicited variety based on the foundation of ‘Secularism is in danger’ analogous to ‘Islam is (permanently) in danger’.

Sri Ramjanmabhumi  belongs to Bhagavana Sri Rama  ONLY and it cannot be shared with anyone else who is not even remotely connected with that. If POK cannot be shared with Pakistan, if Akshai Chin cannot be shared with China, if Arunachala Pradesh is absolutely non-negotiable, then how can anyone demand a share in Sri Ramjanmabhumi  just because they have been brute occupiers for decades before being booted out ruthlessly ? Those who have been demanding a share in Sri Ramjanmabhumi / Kasi Visvanath Mandira / Sri Krisnajanmabhumi  so brazenly, represent those who have been demolishing / destroying Mandira-s / Churches / Synagogues / Mutt-s in thousands all over the world spanning 1400 years. And yet, they have no trace of remorse, no sense of shame !!! Will they ever evolve into civilized human beings at all ??

Sri Ramjanmabhumi…Kashmir / Arunachala Pradesh constitute our Core-Identity of Bharatavarsa. Core-Identity of a nation is her fundamental existence, non-negotiable, inviolable and sacrosanct. Even a thought / idea questioning it’s validity is an outrageous assault on our Core-Identity as Bharatavarsa. Bharatiya  Chief Justice would have done well had he vouchsafed all these realities in his own way with a stern advice to them to withdraw their claim whatsoever instead of offering to ‘mediate’. If he proceeds in the matter in this manner, not only his impartiality shall be irrevocably jeopardized but also a serious question mark would be raised on accuracy of his perception of the ‘Core-Concept of Bharatavarsa’ and his reputation tarred.

Why should Dr. Swami suggest a replacement for them across Sarayu  river at all ? I hope, he shall abhor any such idea as they already have scores of them all over the country, most of them erected on ravages of Mandira-s alone and occupying as intruders. Kindly enact a law at the first available opportunity to wipe out all these black marks of brutality in just one go. There is absolutely no scope of negotiation / mediation over issues pertaining to nation’s sacrosanct identity.

When British Parliament was attacked on Mar.22 by Jehadis, as usual, Bharatiya  Government was the first one to condemn the terror act. However, British Prime Minister did not mention terror attack on Bharatiya  Parliament by Jehadis when she condescended to condemn Jehadi attack on Canadian Parliament last year. Such a racist / arrogant / churlish conduct is entirely unacceptable and she betrayed her petty mindedness. British High Commissioner in New Delhi should have been summoned immediately and sharp protest lodged. If we respect their sentiments, they must be nudged, then forced to respect our sentiments too. ‘Great’ Britain has an inglorious criminal history and do not appear to have mended their ways of conduct. Absconding criminals / fugitives from all over the world find safe ‘Jannat’ in ‘Great’ Britain in the name of (perverted) democracy and respective Governments have to sweat it out to get back those absconders. There has to be a reliable and robust solution to the menace of thieves running away to hide themselves there.

The great institution of Aadhaar is being constantly violated by Bdeshi infiltrators / Rohingyas in Jammu. Loopholes must be plugged immediately and all such intruders must be left out and drifted away in boats in the Bay of Bengal. ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakuma’ has it’s limits Mr. Prime Minister and we all must possess crystal clear idea about those limits. Those limits are as sacrosanct as the ideal itself and it must be taught in schools to every kid otherwise we shall encounter existential crisis of a very humongous nature in a not very distant future.

I wholeheartedly compliment you for the choice of Sri Yogi Adityanatha-ji as UP CM. If you had intended to spot and groom your successor for LS 2024/2029, you have done an outstanding decision.

Vande Maatarama  I

With best regards,

Ramakant Tiwari


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British invaders intruded into Bharata  during 18th century and before being forced out in 20th century, they went on a brutal plunder spree of the country that is now being understood as one of the worst 200 years long atrocities against humanity in history. Their crimes against Hindu-s in the country had been so brutal, so heinous, so inhuman that even their contemporary descendants are shocked into disbelief whenever mentioned before them. The sense of embarrassment and consciousness of being guilty have impelled them to develop a bizarre theory of the ‘Idea of India’ bequeathed by them in exchange of ship-loads of wealth / precious manuscripts that they looted, raped lakhs of Hindu  women, slaughtered lakhs of men / women / children, converted scores of Hindu-s into Christianity, razed scores of monuments and structures, destroyed 7.5 lakh Gurukula-s to plant euro-centric education to produce file-pushing clerks, introduced liquor drinking, introduced cow-slaughter, raised prostitution dens, name of the country changed to India, segmentation of society through ‘Divide & Rule Policy’, substituted Varna  system by crass casteism…catalogue of their crimes against Hindu-s is very long indeed.

When British invaders entered into Bharata, it was a highly prosperous region in the world economically. British fashion-elite craved for fine textiles, linen, silk, spices etc. manufactured in Bharata. British traders often attempted to sell their poor quality textiles by declaring that imported from Bharata !! At the dawn of 18th century before British-Occupiers entered into the country, Hindu  share of world trade ranged in the order of 25%, then declined to 4% by the time they were forced out from the country. In 1600, when East India Company was constituted, Britain contributed only 1.8% of world GDP while Bharata, 23% which eventually rose to 27% by the year 1700. By 1940, Britain contributed 10% of world’s GDP while Bharatavarsa  of Hindu-s became a Third-World country, famished and destitute with 16% literacy, 27 years of life-expectancy, 90% population below poverty line with no industries at all. Country was governed with the sole intention to benefit Britain as we were their largest cash-cow where they rendered cow-slaughter a ‘holy’ practice in the country. Hindu-s paid through their nose for their own oppression and depredation. Industries in the country were destroyed to ensure, no buyers survived to buy raw-material, then transported all that to Britain to produce textiles which were then sold back in the country. British-Invaders amputated thumbs and fingers of highly talented Bengal handloom weavers, destroyed their looms, imposed exorbitant tariffs to do them unaffordable and so on. Proud weavers became street beggars, country became importer of shoddy British textiles and exporter of raw-material.

They flash construction of Railways as a great favour done to the country. Railways were not really constructed by British-Invaders to facilitate travelling by denizens of the country. That was conceived by East India Company for their own benefit, constructed by poorly paid, exploited Bharatiya  labourers to facilitate transport of raw material viz. cotton, iron ore, coal etc. and plundered wealth to ports, to be shipped to Britain therefrom. Governor General Lord Hardinge stated in 1843, “railways would be beneficial to the commerce, government and military control of the country” and affirmed by his successor Dalhousie in 1853. It was a Himalayan fraud committed by British-Occupiers who ensured, inflated returns were paid to British shareholders @ 5% who invested nothing as entire construction cost was paid by us through taxes with cost of construction per mile was 18,000 Pounds while in USA, it was a meagre 2000 Pounds during those years, more than double of what was in Canada and Australia and entire technology / equipment supplied by British-Invaders alone. At 5% return to non-investing shareholders, it was the highest rate of return in London Stock Exchange for 20 years. ‘Indian Railways’ was in fact, British-Indian Railways funded with sweat and blood of poor, innocent, hapless Bharatiya  workers. For travelling purposes, British-Looters deployed all III Class compartments with wooden benches and no amenities like toilet, water etc. with highest fare in the world for Bharatiya-s to travel. Travelling people were treated / herded like animals which invited angry comments even in those days and years of brutal occupation. Railways were a perfect example of British apartheid at it’s worst. While poor, emaciated Bharatiya-s in loin clothes were forced to travel miserably in III Class compartments herded like sardines in tin cans, British Gora-Sahebs enjoyed the luxury of travelling in a I Class compartment, 2 or 3 at most in the entire compartment !! In a popular cartoon, one British Gora-Saheb comments to the other, “My dear chap, there is nobody in this train” while rest of the train was swarming with travellers, hanging precariously and abjectly. Bharatiya-s were never employed in ‘British-Indian’ Railways. In order to protect British investments, from Signalmen to Directors of Railway Board to Ticket Collectors, all were Britishers who were paid salaries at European levels extracted from the blood and sweat of Bharatiya-s repatriated quickly to their homes in Britain. Railway workshops were established at Jamalpur in Bengal and Ajmer in Rajasthan in 1862 to maintain locomotives and coaches. By 1878, Bharatiya  mecahnics were so skilled that they designed and constructed locomotives on their own. As their locomotives were superior in design and several times cheaper, British passed an Act in the year 1912 prohibiting design and construction of locomotives in Bharatiya  workshops. 14,400 locomotives were imported from Britain during 1854-1947, 3000 from Canada / USA / Germany but not a single one manufactured in Bharata  owing to the law.

Coming to tales of ravages of education in Bharata  by British-Invaders, Thomas Babington Macaulay, a British historian played a major role in introducing English and western concepts to education in Bharata  with his “Macaulay Minute 1835”. He ensured replacement of Persian by English as official language, English as medium of education in all schools and training of English-speaking Bharatiya-s as teachers. Macaulay regarded Britain as peak of civilisation. He affirmed, “It is, I believe, no exaggeration to say that all the historical information which has been collected from all the books written in the Sanskrit language is less valuable than what may be found in the most paltry abridgement used at preparatory schools in England”. Much to his sinister motives, he articulated his reason for teaching English, “We must do our best to form a class who may be interpreters between us and the millions whom we govern; a class of persons, Indians in blood and colour, but English in taste, in opinions, in morals and in intellect.” Essentially, British-Pindaris had absolutely no desire to educate inhabitants of the country. They were only interested to serve their diabolical intentions through education by legislating The English Education Act 1858 by Governor-General Lord William Bentick to declare Gurukula-s illegal, all financial support banned, thus destroyed seven and half lakh Gurukula-s run in the country by burning them down, mercilessly thrashed Guru-s / teachers and imprisoned them, opened chain of Church cum Convent schools on land forcibly occupied from people followed by Calcutta / Bombay / Madras Universities. Churches in the country possess one of the highest three land-holdings in the country even today, out of purview of even land ceiling act whatsoever. Gurukula-s imparted advanced education absolutely free and these were financed by the society and not political entities. Leitner had conducted an education survey in 1823 and discovered, 97% education spread in northern and 100% in southern Bharata. When British-Pindaris were booted out in 1947, it was hardly 14% !! Archaeological excavations were conducted solely with the intention and purpose of plundering as much ancient treasure as possible and not really to educate us about our own ancient heritage capable of embarrassing anyone to extreme dejection. They regretted for a long time for not being able to uproot and transport Taj Mahal at Agra.

Even “The Idea of India” was never really imparted by the British as it was an unadulterated hoax floated by them. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Gandhara to today’s Thailand, Akhanda Hindu Rastra  of Bharatavarsa  ever existed for centuries, also mentioned in Veda-s albeit not yet entirely known to all. Boundaries of this Rastra  were defined by strong Sanatana  cultural heritage though political borders varied from King to King and Monarch to Monarch transcending centuries. Colonial-Intruders from Britain had absolutely no idea about how a nation differs from country and how much more mightier is it than a country. Their vision was severely stunted by superficial observations of temporary boundaries which prompted them to hallucinate “The Idea of India” that they peddled to us through sophisticated methods of indoctrination across generations.

Concept of ballot based electoral democracy was created, developed and successfully implemented in Bharata  alone which was subsequently disseminated in other countries. In fact, East India Company did everything to destroy democratic institutions that existed at various levels and Bharatiya-s were excluded from decision taking areas of governance viz. tax collection, administration of justice etc. When the British Crown took over, ‘crumbs’ of authority were devolved upon castrated, toothless bodies like Legislative Councils whose members used to hail from a microscopic elite community bereft of all powers. The ‘sophisticated elite’ used to derive immense satisfaction in the subterfuge of consultation by British colonials stage-managed upon them in spite of their not being allowed to adopt decisions !!  Whatever so-called democratic bodies they created, were entirely meant for serving their own malicious interests. Even much hyped in history Montague-Chelmsford Reforms 1920 allowed only one Bharatiya  to vote out of 250 !! That too, in areas like education, health wherein they cared two hoots for us while taxation, law and privilege to nullify any vote unacceptable to them, rested in hands of British Provincial Governors. It is a bit too much to justify their heinous crimes against humanity by stating, they rooted democracy in a nation wherein democracy ran like blood in our veins.

British colonial demons promoted their sinister policy of ‘Divide and sub-divide to rule” throughout the nation to maintain their hegemony over all sections of society. Since they came from a highly segmented society with several classes deeply entrenched, they wished to transplant the same among Bharatiya-s too. In 1859, Lord Elphinston advised his superiors in London, “Divide et impera was the old Roman maxim and it should be our’s.” They devoted considerable resources in preparing dossiers based on surveys on castes, sub-castes, skin colour, sects, language, religion, ethnicity etc. They were so good in dividing and sub-dividing that they created several more communities that the nation was not even aware of. Effects of the divide had been devastating on Hindu  society as Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains were chary of being addressed as Hindu-s. Not only that, even members of the RK Mission wished to be declared “minorities” !! While Manusmriti  happens to be the most enlightened civil code of conduct ever known, those who condemn Manusmriti  day in day out, have not even cared to read it carefully.

Seeds of large scale Hindu-Muslim communal conflicts were sowed during British colonial occupation of the nation. Those British desperadoes may readily claim credit for creation of mutual Hindu-Muslim antipathy of such a resistant nature that it has continuously burgeoned over seven decades of independence. It’s horrible consequences that burst open before the country in 1947 when 13 millions were displaced, property worth hundreds of crores destroyed, lakhs pauperised and traumatised as a proceed of partition engineered by outgoing British colonial demons as a measure of parting kick. It was a gory ending of 200 years of forcible occupation by the so-called ‘Great’ Britain, a notorious country of devils, despots, demons and desperadoes. Even today, Britain continues to be a ‘Great’ heavenly abode for absconding criminals from all over the world and they are not ashamed of that.

They claim to have implanted ‘Rule of law’ in Bharata to civilise us as ‘to civilise Hindu-s’ was their Jesus-given responsibility, White Man’s Burden to boot !! Rule of law on a complex ancient civilisation without understanding it’s subtle intricacies only to have their own way at any cost with cruelty and coercion, was the real intention underneath all those exercises. And their so-called ‘rule of law’ was never fair and impartial. When a British shot dead his brown / black servant, he was sentenced to 6 month’s simple imprisonment while a brown citizen of Bharata  was sentenced to serve 20 years long rigorous imprisonment for a crime of attempted rape of a British woman. In 200 years long British occupation of the country, only three British men were awarded capital punishment for Hindu  slaughter while thousands of such cases languished unreported. Freedom fighters were blown to pieces from mouths of cannons, brutally killing unarmed men / women / children as in Jallianwala Bagh, was their forte. In the sham of judicial trial in London, Jallianwala Bagh killer, Michael O’Dyer brazenly declared, he wished to teach men / women / children a lesson to remember in their lives !! ‘The Stout British Boot’, as authored by Punch, used to hit hard in the stomach of Bharatiya  servants to leash them in order. In case he died of ruptured spleen, death due to enlarged spleen after malaria used to be reported officially !! So much about their rule of law. Sedition law much more rigorous than it’s British counterpart, was enacted to repress political dissidence with a barbaric cruelty beyond human faculties of imagination.

Four million Bengalis had starved to death in Bengal Famine 1943, their corpse exposed to vultures on Bengal roads for days together and the despotic British empire was busy in diverting Bharatiya  foodgrains to British soldiers engaged in World War II in Europe by law !! And the demon that the then British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was, commented cryptically, “The starvation of anyway underfed Bengalis is less serious than that of sturdy Greeks.” When gravity of the situation was conveyed to him through a telegram, he was annoyed and retorted, “Why hasn’t Gandhi died yet ?” He often used to say shamelessly, “I hate Indians. They are beastly people with beastly religion. The famine was their own fault for breeding like rabbits.” Churchill went on to be conferred upon Nobel Prize for Genocide and his statue erected in front of British Parliament in honour of his ‘great’ achievements !!!! Decades later, Amartya Sen discovered, had the Bengal Famine 1943 occurred under a democratic regime, catastrophe could have been minimised if not eradicated altogether !! And for the fantastic discovery, this charlatan and celebrity traitor was conferred upon Nobel Prize in Economics !! Dr. Ashok Mitra, the then Bengal Finance Minister commented wryly, “What Sen has discovered, is known to every man in street.” Human miseries were a butt of jokes and cruel sarcasm by ‘celebrities’ from London to New Delhi.

Bharata’s contribution to British WW II, runs into $ 12 Billions in today’s monetary worth. They also forcibly took away Kohinoor diamond from 19 year old Maharaja Daljit Singh of Punjab and declared to the world, it was gifted to them !! Scores of Bharatiya  art work plundered from the country during their 200 year long forcible occupation is proudly displayed in British art galleries without even a trace of repugnance.

If today’s British-Cowards are dispossessed of moral strength to stand up in unison in front of the Buckingham Palace and apologise to Bharata  in one voice, least they can do is to desist from floating sheer nonsense of having imparted / bequeathed ‘The Idea of India’ behind, rubbishing humongous sacrifices rendered by scores of Bharatiya-s and catastrophic miseries undergone by them for 200 years.

British colonial-demons had completely razed Bharatavarsa.


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UBI i.e. Universal Basic Income is gradually gaining currency, emerging as an idea whose time appears to have come. Even Economic Survey 2016 presented to Parliament devoted an entire chapter to the emerging concept. Intransigent poverty and recurring unemployment happen to be at the root of this concept to assure a minimal level of subsistence and dignified too if possible without inviting adjectives like state subvention or unemployment dole only to monetize lethargy and refusal to work hard.

Philippe Van Parjis happens to be a left-liberal political theorist who vehemently propounded the concept in his book, Real Freedom For All as an instrument to assure, “fair distribution of real freedom to pursue the realization of one’s conception of the good life”. In a simple, easily understandable language, UBI allows anyone to pursue life of his / her liking once means required for a dignified basic survival is ensured independent of his / her state of employment. Most conspicuous aspect of UBI is it’s being completely devoid of state conditionalities, non-discriminatory and universality. The idea has been first implemented by Kela, a social security agency in Finland where every unemployed citizen in 25-58 age group is awarded UBI 560 Euros pm irrespective of any “work requirement” whatsoever. Pilot project includes some 2000 unemployed youth who shall retain the incentive even after they happen to corner employment. All existing livelihood guaranty schemes are accessible only to those who qualify criteria like minimum income threshold and employment status. UBI stipulates complete absence of employment status as well as minimum income threshold. Those who oppose UBI apprehend, low-wage / minimum wage jobs would become an anathema in addition to burgeoning fiscal deficits stoking inflation while champions of the concept harp on the possibility of bureaucratic lethargy and improper targeting of social welfare schemes to be taken care of by UBI.

In the Economic Survey 2017, Finance Minister Jaitly appears to have added an altogether new dimension to the evolving concept of UBI as he has envisaged it as a collective substitute of entire spectrum of social welfare schemes and not as an additional source of assured income, “a number of implementation challenges lie ahead, especially the risk that universal basic income would become an add-on to, rather than a replacement of current anti-poverty and social programmes”. With this dimension weighing heavily in the mind of Government, UBI shall not be a supplementary income to raise standard of living but one, single-point replacement of all state subventions thereby, restricting quality of life and standard of living approximately at the same level as before. This dimension has precisely negated the very foundation of UBI as Parijs said, “A basic income is provided in cash, it supplements rather than substitutes existing in-kind transfers such as free education or basic health insurance.” This newer aspect to UBI also opens the door to intense scrutiny as to whether UBI is so sacrosanct that it’s Cost & Benefit Analysis is above board as well as whether it is ethical or moralistic to compare it with entire range of state interventions regarding PDS, Mid-day meals, ICDS, sanitation, education etc. Once this scrutiny is over, next loud question stands alone, whether UBI should be extended as a replacement of or as supplement to all state financial interventions. Internationally, it is proposed and envisaged to address issues of employment and minimum income guarantee schemes.

As no lunch is free and one has to pay for every glass of water that one drinks, resources to stand for UBI will have to come from the relatively affluent sections of society. When the resource is added to the tax base, affluent sections not only finance UBI for the deprived ones but also for themselves. For the affluent ones providing resources for UBI, it is their own tax payments that revert to them as their UBI. There may be more than one way to raise resources for UBI viz. progressive taxation, consumption tax or a specifically ear-marked tax however, fundamental source of the resource remains the same, the rich have to pay for UBI for all, including themselves. Universal basic income thus distributed to all, ensures nation transfers resources from Have-Too-Much to Have-Nots in a fair, transparent and equitable manner. When basic philosophy of UBI boils down to redistribution of surpluses equitably, be that a measure of supplement or replacement, is a matter of policy decision for any Government.

What precisely is the factor that inspired springing forth of Universal Basic Income ? Trigger for UBI to burst into existence lies at the root of failure of grand economic ideologies of capitalism as well as socialism. Capitalists may embarrassingly like to proffer UBI as a softer face of market / competition driven ideology of Survival-Of-The-Fittest so as to enable Have-Too-Much sections to have more with murmurs of protest subdued. On the other hand, socialists may be constrained to proffer UBI as a confession of abject failure of the ideology of All-Are-Compulsorily-Equal and State-As-The-Only-Owner of all resources. After all, intrinsic virtue of capitalism is unequal sharing of blessings while that of socialism, unequal sharing of miseries !! I just dream, I wish they had scrutinized socio-economic philosophy of ‘Ekatma Manavavada / Antyodaya’ propounded by Pt. Deendayal Upadhyaya in great details. Such a dilemma would not have been there then.

Prof. Martin Feldstein of Harvard University is not really enamoured of the concept. He holds it an enormously expensive state subvention requiring at least $3 trillion to implement that in the USA. He does not favour even job guarantee programmes as being in vogue in Bharata. Country has a massive population of 125 crores compared to 5.4 million in Finland and a steady track-record of missing several opportunities of industrial resurgence. Extensive automation particularly through robotics is not only raising productivity but also number of idle, jobless hands every year which may pose grave socio-economic challenges to Government. Some State Governments have been offering unemployment benefits from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2500 /- pm knowing very well that at best, these measures merely postpone impending crisis till next elections. Even at MGNREGA rate of guaranteed employment for 100 days, at the wage rate of Rs. 170/- per day, 300 million household shall demand resources to the tune of Rs. 5,10,000 crores while allocation is mere Rs. 48,000 crores !! Numbers shall be nerve shattering for the urban youth with rising expectations of higher standard of living. That poses a severe dilemma for the Finance Minister whether UBI is to be taken up as supplement or replacement. Ostensibly, resource base must be widened multiple times before such a mammoth state subvention is undertaken. We must not fancy advanced albeit small countries like Finland where it is being implemented currently as there is no comparison between Finland and our country.

It would be amply appropriate that universal basic income retains it’s identity as universal for all sections of society and unconditional without being restrained by constraints of any kind whatsoever.             


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Hon. Prime Minister,

Namo Namaha.


Nation is now witnessing another irruption of the cancer of anti-nationalism of anti-Hindu variety. Post-2014, first outburst was witnessed in JNU, The Traitor’s Paradise and now in Ramjas College / BHU after DU. Many more are waiting in their wings to irrupt like hydra-headed monsters all over only to derogate the nation. Secular-mushrooms are having a gala time furiously busy inciting the fire.

So far, what has been witnessed appears to be a lackadaisical policy of the Govt. to stem the rot. However, we need a bouquet of almost all types of harsh and soft measures to tackle the irruption. These are rewards of seven decades of McCaulay brand education perpetuated by anti-national Congressis / Communists manufacturing a huge army of McCaulay-Putras and McCaulay-Putris. When Nation-Suckers like Farookh Abdullahs / Harvard Chidambarams / Yechurys / Javed Akhtars join the errant brigade either to publicly display their utter empty-headedness or to fish in troubled waters for a few more votes, it is time for the Government to sit up and emit out a loud thunderous message, it is a NO NONSENSE GOVERNMENT that minds nation’s interest and integrity first and foremost.

State security cover / sops for Nation-Suckers like Farookh Abdullah / Geelani / Yasin Mallik must be withdrawn immediately. Why should tax-payers foot the bill of their anti-Hindu anti-national rantings ? And how long ?

Why is not a law enacted to prohibit such anti-national outbursts ? If laws do not permit you to enact a clean-up operation like what Marshall Joseph Stalin did in eastern Europe during first half of previous century, it does not mean no effective visible action can be undertaken immediately. Why can’t IB plan a pre-emptive strike based on intelligence inputs by arresting trouble-makers to nip the crisis in bud much before it irrupts ? Such pre-emptive strikes have immense electoral value associated with them as mood of the nation too, is blowing in that direction.

Kindly amend the Constitution to allow Govt. abolish citizenship of such traitors so that they can be thrown out of the country if not hanged like Afzal Guru on charges of sedition / inciting separatism. Why can’t we ban an obnoxious / venomous ideology of Communism ? Yes, Mr. Prime Minister, Communism ought to be banned, all Yechurys and Karats must be arrested under National Security Act and awarded rigorous life imprisonment in a remote island. Communism is Traitor’s Ideology of Murders & Destruction alone and nothing else.

I compliment you for adopting tough stand on Triple-Talaq issue in Supreme Court. However, more should be done by petitioning SC to ban Burqa / countrywide mass animal slaughter on Bakrid (entire Dhaka was flooded with animal blood last year as if it was aftermath of a bout of heavy blood-monsoon and pictures went viral on social media. National Green Tribunal do not have guts to issue notice to Muslims on this issue but they can harass Art Of Living on Yamuna bank for the asking) / Fatwa / Sharia courts etc. Muslims must convince themselves now, equality before law means equality before law only and NOT discriminatory / selective equality before law to pander to their whims and fancies which divided the country into a catastrophic holocaust. People have finally woken up and nation can no longer be bullied around.

Kindly petition United Nations to accord recognition to Hindu Holocaust and finalise a day to mourn on a Hindu Holocaust Day in the country, by Hindus all over the world. Hindus have undergone several holocausts at the hands of invading Mughals / Muslims and 400 million Hindus were brutally slaughtered by Mughals / Muslims out of 600 million Hindus by 1947. Hindus have undergone highest number of mass-slaughters executed by Mughals / Muslims impossible to erase from history texts and Hindu memory. It will amount to greatest treachery of sorts against Hindus if anyone attempts to erase that. Our innocent / defenceless / unarmed ancestors were brutally tortured, massacred by Mughals / Muslims and we all must be acutely conscious of that every moment bereft of any sense of grudge or vengeance. History has a nefarious habit of crawling back to those who are inclined to forget / erase / ignore that and such a neglect is a very expensive proposition indeed.

Like you did for International Yoga Day, I am eagerly looking forward to International Hindu Holocaust Day to be declared by the UN as soon as possible.

Vande Mataram  I


With best regards,

Ramakant Tiwari  


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Hinduism  is a very well defined, well-structured religion with Sanatana Darsana  at it’s core as it’s Atma. Those who pontificate, Hinduism  is a way of life and not a religion, betray their pathetic knowledge of Hinduism, would do well not to comment upon Hinduism  at all. From conception to PindaDana, each and every Hindu  ritual is abundantly and profoundly defined, narrated in scriptures. In absence of ideological dogmatism, leave alone fanaticism, Hinduism  allows ample space to redesign and redefine one’s own package of Hinduism  to be pursued. Hinduism  also allows and accepts complete non-acceptance of all Hindu  rituals in the name of atheism so as to enable the iconoclast to transcend entire Hinduism  and leap-frog to the Adhyatmika  summit in one go !!! However, that does not validate the ridiculous notion that Hinduism  is merely a way of life and not a religion at all !! Ignoramuses and ignorants often refer to ‘Discovery of India’ authored by JL Nehru and narration of Hinduism  therein as a way of life. Abject ignoramus in Nehru did not know, Hinduism  did not exist in India at all and what all he ‘discovered’ in India in the name of Hinduism  is still an enigmatic riddle for the knowledgeable ones !! Had he struggled to discover Hinduism  in Bharatavarsa, he would have certainly succeeded in discovering something in the name of Hinduism  if not in it’s entirety.

One of the largest religions in the world with Buddhism / Sikhism / Jainsim included, Hinduism  has a few elemental constituents around which entire Darsana  as well as rituals revolve. This article is intended to elaborate those elemental constituents to have an aerial view of the religion so as to enable you proceed in an ordered manner to have an intense understanding of the religion gradually.     

Parama Brahmatma / Paramatma

He is the Supreme Absolute Reality, the Only One, Eternal,  Immortal and Immutable. He is the fundamental principle of existence and every entity emanates from Him and terminates into Him. He is Omniscient and Omni-existent too. He is Sat  i.e. Truth, Cit  i.e. Consciousness and Ananda  i.e. Bliss, three aggregated into One. He is the fulcrum of entire existence, Core of entire Perceptible and Cetana-Incarnate. He is the Universal Principle wherein everything that is cognisable, everything that is cognised and every cogniser, all merge into Him into one entity. He can be realised, attained and perceived but impossible to describe because for the purpose of description and narration, cogniser shall have to disengage himself from the Cognised i.e. Param Brahma  by virtue of Ahamkara. The moment cogniser is disengaged from the Cognised, he is mortified and rendered incapable of describing Him. Thus, you can be Param Brahmatma  yourself or none of Him but not between the two states of existence !!! Every faculty of excellence belongs to Him alone. For every faculty of excellence owned by Him, He is endowed with a name. Since number of faculties of excellence possessed by Him are infinite, He possesses infinite number of names described in tales and lores variously. Since He is Immutable, He is Immortal implying thereby, immortality is a cosmic proceed of immutability. Or in other words, immortality is a consequence of immutability.

He is the Supreme / Absolute / Ultimate Cause as well as Supreme / Absolute / Ultimate Effect too, inseparably intertwined. This one Ultimate Effect is constantly, incessantly coming into existence from it’s Ultimate Cause and redeeming itself instantly into that. So Param Brahmatma  is the Cause as well as Effect within Himself and the consequential eternal dynamic flux is the state of Supreme Entity or the Supreme Bliss. Supreme Bliss too because redemption of existence of the Ultimate Effect is instant to it’s Cause within His Being. And redemption alone is the source of cosmic bliss whatsoever.

Atma / Jivatma

If Param Brahmatma  is akin to the sun, Atma  is it’s ray of effulgence. When Atma  is embodied, it is transformed into Jivatma. While all Atma-s are exactly identical, Jivatma-s are different owing to the nature of embodiment. Atma-s are infinite in number, emerge from and immerse into Param Brahmatma. Every Atma  is Sat  and Cit  but not Ananda  unlike Param Brahmatma  who is Sat, Cit  and Ananda  too. It is this Ananda  of Param Brahmatma  that every Atma  is incessantly striving for. The moment this Ananda  is attained, Atma  is rendered eternally tranquil. Atma  is not appropriately empowered to create and nurture universe albeit Param Brahmatma  is and He accomplishes that through Karma-s  like Dana, Yajna, Tarpana etc. performed by Jivatma-s i.e. embodied Atma-s. Atma  cannot accomplish any Karma  while Param Brahmatma  is capable of but does not enact Karma-s Himself. In search of Ananda, Atma-s are prodded into Karma-s at the instance of, on behalf of Param Brahmatma  through embodiment while course of Karma  is guided by their prevailing Guna-s emanating from respective unredeemed Karma-s committed in past albeit ripe to deliver proceeds i.e. Prarabdha. Existence of an Atma  may not be eternal as it may merge into Param Brahmatma  and forfeit it’s individual identity. However, emanation of Atma  and it’s eventual merger into Param Brahmatma  is certainly eternal. Hence, Atma  is mortal while Param Brahmatma, immortal i.e. never ever forfeits His identity. Inter-relationship of Atma  with Param Brahmatma  is beautifully explained by fundamentals of Quantum Physics. If Photon is an energy-bundle of heat / light / electromagnetism, Atma  is a Sat / Cit  bundle being sprayed by Param Brahmatma  into the cosmos to search for Ananda  hidden behind within the Cosmic Being of Param Brahmatma  Himself !! No Atma  can exist independent of Param Brahmatma  just as no sun-ray may exist without the sun even for a fraction of moment.

Prakrti / Guna

Prakrti  is the cosmic tendency / inclination / propensity to act in a certain manner. The cosmic propensity to act may be towards existence of Param Brahmatma  or towards Maya  i.e. all worldly creations that are transient and evanescent. These two propensities are Guna-s i.e. qualifying modifications that decide nature of Karma. Karma  directed towards Param Brahmatma  is known as Sattvika  chasing Sattva  i.e. the cosmic Truth. Karma  intended towards Maya  i.e. plethora of cosmic illusions is known as Rajasika  chasing Raja  i.e. desire to possess and enjoy. Third Guna  is Tamasika  relying upon Tamas  i.e. tendency to remain resolute / steadfast in the state of existence be that Sattva  or Raja. Tanmatra-s of Sattva, Raja  and Tama  are equi-distributed throughout cosmos. At the instance of Param Brahmatma, rather impelled by Param Brahmatma, the equi-poise of three Guna-s is disrupted at multiple points in cosmos causing cosmic whirlpools that trigger association with Cetana, then embodiment into Jivatma. Then is the commencement of a long-drawn cosmic journey through the world to restore the equi-poise and emancipate associated Cetana  i.e. Atma  into it’s original glory of divinity. Prakrti  is devoid of Cetana, incapable of enacting Karma  on it’s own. Prakrti  is regarded as eternal as Param Brahmatma  albeit mutable and Maya  enacted through Prakrti  is mortal. Prakrti  is the means, instrumentality through which Maya  is enacted.

Guna-s of Prakrti  exist in the manifest of Spandana  i.e. extremely subtle modulations and conglomeration through aggregation of Guna-s creates five Maha Bhuta-s i.e. elemental constituents of entire universe. These Maha Bhuta-s are the building blocks of entire universe.

Karma / Karmaphala

Karma  implies actions and Karmaphala, it’s proceeds. Principle of Karma  and Karmaphala  is an extension of the fundamental principle of cause and effect. Just as every cause has an effect and every effect, a cause, every Karma  has a Karmaphala  and every Karmaphala, it’s very own Karma  to explain it’s existence. Karma  already rendered can be neutralised either through it’s redemption in it’s corresponding Karmaphala  or through another Karma. If this ‘another Karma’ is Niskama  i.e. enacted devoid of aspiration to possess or enjoy it’s proceeds, it does not create another Karma  while redeeming pre-existing Karma. If ‘another Karma’ is Sakama  i.e. enacted in the spirit of possessing or enjoying it’s proceeds, it shall create yet another Karma  to be redeemed later while redeemimg pre-existing Karma. Now ‘another Karma’ may also be Adhyatmika  i.e. ascetic pursuits undertaken to dissolve Karma-s enacted earlier. Every Karma  has a gestation period to ripe and once a Karma  matures to deliver proceeds, it is absolutely impossible to dissolve it and the only option available is to undergo it’s consequences in a Niskama  manner. When a Karma  matures to deliver proceeds, it is known as Prarabdha, a cosmic entity so sacrosanct that even the Supreme Absolute Param Brahmatma  is incapable of violating it’s sanctity or eradicating proceeds. Gestation period of Karma  varies based on it’s intensity and content. It may mature immediately or may be after several lives. Since Karma  always search for conducive / facilitative ambiance / circumstances to mature, it is Karma-s alone that decide nature of next embodiment / family / community to be born to so as to be able to be redeemed unhindered and uninhibited. Also, desire / aspiration moments before demise enjoys supremacy and that one of the first Karma-s to be redeemed in next life. In a nutshell, our present is the proceed of our past Karma-s impossible to be altered now as these constitute Prarabdha. However, we are certainly capable of improving our future by enacting right Karma-s in our present existence.      

Thus, every act of every moment impacts upon subsequent moments of our being, our consciousness. Causes and conditions of our emotions, perceptions, volition and grades of consciousness are proceeds of our Karma-s of past. All phenomena are undergoing an intransigent state of dynamic flux, changing moment to moment. Nothing is permanent or forever, including miseries and sufferings. By retaining deserts of vanities, we cannot harvest savannas of virtues. Every sentient is a potential giant. Only our negative Karma-s obfuscate us from beholding this profound reality.


Maya  literally mean “that does not exist”. Entire creation through Guna-s of Prakrti  constitute Maya. Every piece of Maya  has a specified life-span before being either dissolved or transformed into another state of transient existence. Complete dissolution of Maya  is known as Pralaya  in which matter loses it’s identity through dis-aggregation and complete reversion into the state of Guna-s is attained. Thus, it may be enigmatically said, Maya  too attains Moksa !! Contrary to a belief that Maya  is sheer hallucination, Maya  does exist, albeit transiently. Param Brahmatma  explores Maya  through innumerable Jivatma-s without being involved in it directly. However, being Master of entire universe, entire Maya  is solemnised at His instance alone, on His behalf alone. Belief in Maya  that Maya  is real, is the state of Moha  that every Jivatma  is mandated to transcend through Sadhana  while traversing the world repeatedly as a cosmic traveller. Someone may like to remark, “Maya  is a smart, well-crafted divine corruption…may be divine Ghotala” !! It would be an interesting observation indeed.

Being physical, Maya  is finite. Even the vast Cosmos littered with thousands of galaxies spread over 26 dimensions, is a finite reality. Albert Einstein calculated it’s radius to be 100000000000000000000000000000000 Light-Years springing into existence from the Infinite Black-Hole with a diameter of 100000000000000000000000000000000th fraction of a centimeter !!!!! Similarly, our finite bodies carry within Infinite Cetana  of infinite dimensions !!

Ultimately, entire existence boils down to mere three entities, Param Brahmatma, Jivatma  and Maya. Quite mystically, Maya leads to enrichment of knowledge and wisdom vested in the Supreme Being of Param Brahmatma.


Avatara  is Divinity-Incarnate who descends to restore righteousness and slay sinners. Human conduct is perfect only as a rare exception and not as a rule. Hence, these have to be restored to greater heights from era to era by a powerful, influential persona who derives His / Her acceptability by virtue of His / Her divine faculty as divine faculty alone may impart influence of that order.  Interestingly and quite mystically, several of them are susceptible to dislodgement from their divine celestial glory, suffer exile and even humiliation at the hands of those diminished ones who had earlier inveigled them into granting fabulous boons climaxing their long-drawn ascetic pursuits for the purpose !!! Appearance of an Avatara  may occur once or twice in the entire span of a Yuga  and every such descendance is an event of the highest order. During interregnum between two Avatara-s, sinner may be punished variously, even by another sinner. Immediate past Avatara  had been Gautama Buddha  whose mission was to mitigate suffereings through violence and animal-slaughter while next impending Avatara  happens to be Kalki Bhagavana  by the conclusion of KaliYuga  after some 4,50,000 man-years.    


Punara  means repeatedly and Janma  is embodiment into life. Punarjanma  is re-incarnation through embodiment i.e. metempsychosis. Sakama Karma  leads to Punarjanma  and Punarjanma  provides a platform to perform more Karma. Not only felonious Karma-s but noble, Sattvika Karma-s too, lead to Punarjanma  so as to be able to accept proceeds of Karma-s enacted earlier unless these are utterly Niskama  in nature. Unredeemed aspirations too, constitute a powerful causative factor to effect Punarajanma. Real life cases of Punarjanma  have been reported, documented and verified too. In large number of cases, it has been discovered to be true and authentic.


Purusartha  is the entire spectacle of activities undertaken in pursuit of four elements of Purusartha  i.e. Dharma, Artha, Kama  and Moksa  encompassing entire life-span and beyond. Dharma  constitutes foundation of one’s life and all activities. No one is allowed to digress from the  charted path of his / her Dharma  lest it invites appropriate Karmaphala. Ignoring or violating one’s Dharma  itself is an intense regressive Karma  that causes drag in one’s spiritual advancement. Artha  is working for livelihood. Every activity pertaining to Artha  must never ignore cardinal principles of Dharma. Any violation of Dharma  while pursuing Artha  again is a regressive Karma. Kama  is the desire for possessions and acquisitions. Kama  too, must be governed by canons of Dharma  and Kama  devoid of Dharma  is a felonious action. Moksa  is the ultimate objective of entire Purusartha  implying thereby, ultimate emancipation from shackles of Maya. Those who attain Moksa  after being rendered absolutely Karma-less, are never born again to undertake cosmic journey through the world spanning innumerable lives. Thus, four elements of Purusartha  present an entirely holistic approach to life without ignoring human infirmities and frailties.    


Beautifully carved out of rock, when a stone-idol symbolically representing a deity undergoes Prana-Pratistha  through elaborate Vedic  rituals, then it evolves into a Murty  i.e. divinity solidified into a stone figurine. It is regarded as real, live symbol of the celestial deity implying thereby, deity dwelling within the Murty  incessantly. Scriptures do describe events when the deity concerned appeared from the Murty, then disappeared into it again. Tailanga Swami Maharaja  of Varanasi  prayed to the Murty  of Ma Kali  whom he used to worship everyday, for a Darsana  at the instance of his disciple during 19th century. Ma Kali  came out of the Murty  in the manifest of a young lass on his entreaties. After both completed worshipping Her, Ma Kali  again reverted into the Murty  before their eyes. For a Hindu, an idol is not just a Murty  but also a living deity to be adored wholeheartedly the way a live deity would have been otherwise. Any socio-religious reform movement may never succeed if that happens to contradict the institution of MurtyPuja. Buddhism  and AryaSamaja  Movement are stark examples thereof.






During Budget Session 2017 of Parliament, Prime Minister Modi responded to harsh, uncivilised criticism of demonetisation of high-denomination currency by ex-Prime Minister ManMohan Singh while speaking on Motion of Thanks to President. Counter response of Congress to PM Modi’s response had been ugly unruly. Author decided to pick up the gauntlet and respond publicly to shenanigans of Congress and their Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra dynasty.

Hon. Prime Minister,
Namo Namaha.
Response of Congress to your raincoat jibe in Rajya Sabha has prompted me to write this ‘e-Brahmos’ to bring forth a few more perspectives of the issue to the conscience of all. More so because large number of people in the country have an intrinsic inclination to forget history and history is intrinsically inclined to immediately start crawling towards those who tend to forget / ignore it.
I have a few piercing questions that must be raised in public, on the floor of Parliament, in election speeches, in articles again and again till the reality is widely accepted, acknowledged and antagonists of reality are rendered silent.
Why is that only BJP’s Prime Minister is ordained to maintain dignity and decorum of the Office while all Opposition leaders including ex-Prime Minister enjoy unmitigated liberty to hurl abuses and derogatory comments ? They are the ones who continuously insulted Morarji Desai, Atalji, PVN Rao and Deva Gowda in past with the same alacrity.
Why do Congressis forget those lofty morals while commenting on every aspect of the Prime Minister including clothes that he wears ? Are they so much famished of genuine issues to talk about ?
What exactly / precisely was the contribution of JL Nehru to freedom movement without which the movement might have failed or gone haywire ? No historian / Congressi worth his / her salt, has been able to answer this question.
Since Congis ridicule Vinayak Savarkar, kindly ask them on the floor of Lok Sabha before the country, how many lashes JL Nehru received on his back from brute British-Goras and in which British Jail.
If Nehru was so instrumental in attainment of freedom, how is that he was not hanged to death by British-Occupiers, notorious for inflicting brutal / inhuman tortures on our freedom-fighters ?
Kindly ask Congis, as to how Chandra Shekhar Azad was surrounded by British Police shortly after his meeting JL Nehru in Allahabad, had to sacrifice himself instead of being caught.
Kindly ask Congis, what was the contribution of Motilal Nehru to freedom movement. Offering Ishrat Mahal turned Ananda Bhavan as a resort to Congis of those years to rest and relax with red wine and red meat ? What else ?
Kindly ask Mallikarjuna Khadge on the floor of Lok Sabha before the country, what was the contribution of Swarup Rani Nehru to freedom movement and why a hospital is named after her in Allahabad.
Kindly ask Ananda Sharma on the floor of Rajya Sabha before the country, what was the contribution of Kamala Nehru to freedom movement and why a hospital is named after her in Allahabad.
What was the sacrifice that Prime Minister Indira Gandhi (alias Maimuna Begum !!) committed for the country ? She was killed for brutalizing Punjab, for creating conditions to desecrate Golden Temple, for being responsible for brutal murder of thousands of Sikhs, for destroying at least two generations in Punjab…how can that be called a sacrifice when it was a nemesis that she richly deserved ? Kindly ask Congis on the floor of Rajya Sabha before the country.
Kindly ask Congis on the floor of Lok Sabha before the country, what was the sacrifice of Rajiv Gandhi to the country. He was killed for unnecessarily meddling in Sri Lankan affairs, tricked into deploying our Army by the cunning jackal that Sri Lankan President Jaywardene was, that led to immense blood-bath. Rajiv Gandhi was such a fool that he invited the ‘Kalank’ of killing Tamilians through our Army for a foreign Government !! When scores of dead bodies of IPKF soldiers rained down from Sri Lankan skies, it was amply clear, Rajiv Gandhi deserved to be blown into pieces and he was, at Chennai outskirts. Is that a sacrifice or a just nemesis ?
Kindly ask Sonia Gandhi on the floor of Lok Sabha before the country as to why they never glorified Feroze Gandhi. Just because he had a different DNA in spite of being a dubious Gandhi !!!
If they are in a position to tell the country, contribution of Priyanka Vadra’s children to country’s existence / advancement in future, they should be invited to do so immediately !!
Helium balloon of Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra Dynasty’s contribution to the country’s freedom movement must now be punctured, finally and forever.
Vande Mataram I
With best regards,
Ramakant Tiwari