Veda-s possess multiple reasons and facts associated with them to be known as the oldest reservoir of infinite wisdom and most ancient form of enlightenment. Not merely Hindu-s, entire humanity should be proud of Veda-s. Herein as under is a feeble effort to revive the sense of pride for having Veda-s as our ancient source of knowledge and wisdom –

Veda-s mandate – motherland first, religion later.

BhumiSuktama  of Atharve Veda  establishes Mother Earth as motherland, venerable and adorable as mother earth feeds us, our bodies grow out of foodgrains provided by her and she protects us. Bhumi  is held by cosmic, divine laws and protected by celestial Deva-s.


सत्यं बृहदृतमुग्रं दीक्षा तपो ब्रह्म यज्ञः पृथिवीं धारयन्ति
सा नो भूतस्य भव्यस्य पत्न्युरुं लोकं पृथिवी नः कृणोतु ॥१॥
Satyam Brhadrtamugram Diksa Tapo Brahma Yajnyaha Prthivim Dharayanti |
Sa No Bhutasya Bhavyasya Patnyuruma Lokam Prthivi Nah Krnotu ||1||

Satyam  i.e. Truth, Ritam  i.e. cosmic laws, Diksa  i.e. divine initiations, ascetic pursuits and dedication to search of Brahma  i.e. the Absolute One, have sustained and nurtured Mother Earth for ages. As consort of our past and future, may She cause ascendance of our inner life in this earth unto the infinite life.

With such a lofty ideal to be pursued, everything else is held redundant including religion. In absence of these ideals, one tends to turn into enemy of the nation with loyalties committed to far away distant lands. The principle is so sacrosanct and holistic that in it’s absence, even Hindu-s were prompted to abuse Hinduism, Bharatiya  Communists supported Chinese in 1962 war as loyalty to Marxism dominated their conscience, Christians profess commitment to Vatican Pope more than Bharata  and Muslims proclaim to be loyal to Islam first, nation later. Veda-s alone emphasize earth / nation as mother as a unique feature.   

Veda-s encourage apostasy.

Veda-s abhor monotheism that inevitably, sooner or later, leads to fanaticism. Veda-s allow and tolerate apostasy and atheism as much as other –isms. Vedic  wisdom believes that faith must / can never be anchored in a safe harbour. Rather, it must always be on voyage charting newer courses of routes, constantly navigating through choppy waters of challenges and criticism. Faith and wisdom must incessantly be under evolution and transformation to remain upto date if not perfect. Resilience to constant evolution is a cardinal element of Vedic  wisdom. There is absolutely no other faith in the world that encourages apostasy and invites atheists, sceptics, agnostics, cynics and hedonists to come forward and prove it wrong. Veda-s believe, mind and intellect must remain absolutely unshackled, entirely at liberty to glide to every nook and corner of the world to ensure it’s continuous renewal, renaissance and rejuvenation. Veda-s hold the view that disbelieving / atheism is the Ground Zero of fresh round of evolution and transformation. Veda-s revere Faith-Apostates / Faith-Rebels while in other faiths, they are persecuted, even brutalized. History is replete with such inhuman tragedies while Vedic Bharata  has always been the only safe and secure abode for Faith-Rebels from all over the world.

Veda-s – first / foremost source of wisdom / knowledge.

Veda-s are impossible to be ascribed to one or two or even more individuals having authored them. Veda-s are not purported to have been authored by human beings even. Every bit of Veda-s has been composed by unknown number of Siddha Maharsi-s and Yogi-s as a measure of PratyaksaPramana  i.e. their divine experiences from the state of ultimate consciousness encompassing centuries of human civilisation. That is the reason, Veda-s are rightly regarded as divine creations and not human work at all. It is also supported by the fact that not a single Vedic Sloka / Sutra  has so far been proved false or wrong. Diction of Samskrita  invoked is so unique, so exquisite that is spite of intensive efforts, no one has been able to distort / desecrate Veda-s as done to other Sanatana  scriptures organized by British occupiers during colonial domination of the nation. Moreover, facts mentioned in Veda-s are being proved absolutely accurate in highly advanced laboratories across the world equipped with scientific instruments worth hundreds of crores while Siddha Rsi-s and Maharsi-s who authored those facts, possessed only Rudraksa, Kamandala, Jala, Mala, Asana, Samkha, Candana….in the name of scientific equipment and their ‘highly sophisticated laboratories’ were situated under the blue sky, in their hermitage under a gigantic banyan tree !!! And the scientific procedures they followed were simply astounding, will drive anyone crazy. In the state of ultimate Samadhi, they used to leave their bodies behind, enter into atoms to understand atomic structure, visited Anuradha Naksatra  to observe / understand it’s intertwined circular rotation, walked on outer ring of Planet Saturn to know more about the planet…..revert to their bodies and write to inscribe all that knowledge !!! Kind of books they have authored, are simply amazing and mystifying, unbelievable to anyone at a distance. 

Veda-s  exist in their original, untainted form even today.

More than 20,000 Vedic  verses exist in print, pronunciation and intonations. It is a marvellous feat, unprecedented and unmatched even today. 

Veda-s are entirely bereft of mythology.

Rather, Veda-s are anti-thesis to mythology. No one is called upon to blindly surrender his / her conscience before a doctrine / mythical event. On the contrary, people are encouraged to question, seek explanation and disagree.

Veda-s are maximally comprehensive treatise.

Encompassing all disciplines of knowledge ever known to humanity. There is not a single discipline of knowledge or wisdom that is not mentioned in Veda-s whether Science, Engineering, Medicine, Management, Education, Astronomy or any other. However, Veda-s always encourage knowledge entrepreneurship i.e. text only provides concrete hints and leaves it to the reader / follower to experiment and explore to understand. For instance Veda-s only mention, by regulating inhalation and exhalation, diseases can be cured. Now based on this mere hint, Rsi-s and Maharsi-s invented various types of Pranayama-s by experimenting on themselves and perfecting all procedures eliciting spectacular outcomes / developments in terms of eradication of diseases. We may say, Veda-s are mystically comprehensive.

Veda-s abhor superstitious faith.

In spite of being consecrated as messenger of Universal Truth, Veda-s never claim to be the ultimate truth. All are encouraged to learn basics and explore ultimate truth, mystical and multi-dimensional. That way, Veda-s inspire one to discover the best hidden deep inside his / her inner being and share with the world. Thus, Sanatana  wisdom is infinite and infinitely deep. Veda-s have sanctified the idea that every Jiva  is a potential unique aspect of Param Brahma  and every Jiva  is a potential Param Brahma  Himself after being completely immersed into Him. Such an infinitely intense wisdom could never have allowed or professed punishment for blasphemy. Vedic  wisdom is a ‘cult’ of no cults at all !!   

Veda-s trust only the verifiable and repeatable by all.

Every Adhyatmika  experience must be genuine and if it is genuine, it must be verifiable and repeatable by anyone following prescribed procedures. Veda-s abhor and shun every hypothetical narration or experiences that are neither verifiable or repeatable by others. Hence, irrational and blind faiths are conspicuous taboos in Veda-s. It is explicit, Veda-s cannot be understood through other’s point of view.

Veda-s alone constitute Universal Dharma.

Veda-s define Dharma  for everyone with absolute finesse which no faith / religion is capable of contradicting. When Veda-s were composed, world did not know any other religion at all. Veda-s are absolutely religion-neutral and there is nothing even Hindu  about them. If Veda-s are as old as Planet Earth, Islam / Christianity and all other crap appeared just a few centuries ago. Veda-s alone constitute universal Dharma  for all. No other religion can claim even a semblance of Vedic  wisdom.

Veda-s are downright meritocratic / non-discriminatory.

Veda-s mandate, all human beings are equal and everybody must be regarded equal in letter and spirit, brook no discrimination on any ground whatsoever. Vedic  wisdom ordains, hierarchy anywhere must be guided and governed by virtues of merits only while according special attention, facilitation to Divyanga-s.  

Veda-s adore women as Sakti.

Vedic  wisdom ordains status of women higher than that of men, calls upon to adore women as Sakti  of men. In no other faith anywhere in the world, are women regarded with so much respect and adoration while all others treat them as objects of enjoyment.  

Veda-s do not peddle Hell / Heaven / Adam / Eva / Satan / Ghosts / Prophets / Judgement Day.

Veda-s are entirely Karmayoga  based, hold the doctrine that we alone are responsible for our commissions, omissions and we alone are answerable for our Karma-s enacted. Performer of every Karma  will have to accept rewards of Karma  enacted. Through righteous Karma, one may achieve his / her highest potential and every Jiva  has intrinsic potential to attain highest order of divinity. Veda-s also prescribe Karma  for every order of society as their respective SvaDharma  that is mandatory in nature.

Veda-s do not mandate, kill those who disagree with you.

Veda-s do not mandate anywhere to extinguish variety of views, perceptions or snuff out life of those who do not agree with you. For Veda-s, variety is the spice of all aspects of life that leads to enrichment and not depletion. Almost all other faiths resort to violence with those who refuse to concede their respective theological doctrine. Though Veda-s do not promote MurtiPuja  yet they do not mandate, idol-worshippers be slain like in other faiths. Veda-s do not and it is a matter of great pride for every follower of Veda-s.  

Isvara  of Veda-s is Param Brahmatma.

And this Param Brahmatma  is omniscient, omni-present and ubiquitous. He pervades each and every conceivable entity throughout universe. He is never confined to any location or position. He is immutable, birthless and eternal. Every entity in the universe is made up of Him and He creates every entity, all guided by a set of absolutely precisely defined cosmic laws that are absolutely inviolable so much so that even Param Brahmatma  is incapable of violating that !!!! Concept of Isvara, Param Brahmatma  is so precise, so accurate that every other version is either partly accurate or patently false.  

In Veda-s, Planet Earth revolves round Planet Sun.

Planet earth is not flat in Veda-s, spinning a metal coil between two magnetic poles generates electrical current in Veda-s, orbits are elliptical in Veda-s, advanced automatic computation is binary in Vedas, gravitational force follows inverse square law in Veda-s…is there any other religious scripture so scientific, so precise ?? That encourages questioning, reasoning instead of punishing with death sentence for so-called blasphemy ?? Yes, Veda-s encourage blasphemy.

Veda-s do not threaten anyone for propagating their religion.

This liberty has been grossly misused by others to orchestrate proselytization. Hence, now is the time to curb this unqualified / unrestrained liberty.

Veda-s promote monogamy.

Polygamy is a social evil in Veda-s and not a divine right. Veda-s assure equal rights for man and woman, violence on wife by husband strictly prohibited, concubines or woman slaves disallowed, right to property identical for both genders, child marriage again strictly prohibited, women at complete liberty to select their career and widow re-marriage encouraged. Women are forced to stay indoors or be fully covered like Muslim women. Promoting right social values is a forte of Vedic  wisdom.

Veda-s prescribe death sentence for rape irrespective of age of culprit.

On no pretext can a dastardly crime escape punishment unlike the laws we have prevailing in the country.

Veda-s do not espouse proselytization.

Veda-s do not allow faith-conversions unlike Islam / Christianity. Veda-s do not have an agenda to the effect that whole world must become Veda-believers !! Only general agenda Veda-s have is Manurbhava  i.e. be a human being. All Mantra-s viz. Gayatri, Mahamrityunjaya  and a host of Suddhi Mantra-s are meant only for that alone. Even a Muslim / Christian can be a Vedic  scholar / practitioner. On the contrary, converse is not permissible in Islam / Christianity.  

Veda-s are supreme.

No other text matches Veda-s in knowledge, wisdom, intensity of inspiration, value-enhancement and vision. Recitation of Veda Mantra-s bring about mental / physical healing acting as rejuvenation capsules. Indeed, Veda-s are unmatched in the whole world. 

Veda-s advise to dwell in harmony with nature.

Veda-s are entirely nature friendly. In fact, Veda-s are friendly with every creation in this world. Man has been viewed as protector and conservator of entire flora and fauna of the world. As a natural corollary, non-vegetarianism is strictly discouraged in Veda-s as it involves slaying of animals and destruction of nature. Veda-s are truly universal, supreme and infinite.



Secular-Libertarians, a new species recently discovered by anthropologists, repeatedly howl and yell, Government do not enjoy any privilege to decide food / eating habits of country’s citizens.
As before, as usual, they are all absolutely wrong.
If citizens of the country fall sick, it is responsibility of the Government to provide best possible medical treatment, free medicines, free hospitalisation, free medical insurance…and all that bla bla.
Union health budget, funded by tax-payer’s money is immediately driven into the scenario to foot their medical bills.
It is a proven fact, non-vegetarianism leads to a plethora of diseases, deadliest among them being cancer as man is essentially a vegetarian creature and not otherwise. Man is mandated to protect nature, animals, birds and not to destroy all that. If you violate laws of nature, you invite serious trouble for yourself, then family / society / country, all are affected and involved.
If by switching over to vegetarianism, host of life-style diseases can be averted, then why should Government not intervene to regulate eating habits of all those who rush to public hospitals for treatment and burn national resources to pay for their luxurious stupidity ?? Visit any public hospital, more than 50% patients belong to flesh-eating minority communities just as more than 50% prisoners in country’s jails belong to minority communities as well for reasons best known to them alone.
Is there any wisdom in hogging flesh-dishes / beef every now and then, then undergo bypass surgery / chemotherapy, come back home half-dead only to eat and survive on ‘Lauki ki sabji’ !!!!???

Non-vegetarianism is the main cause of Greehouse Effect too. Animals constitute a valuable member of the environmental cycle and it’s ecosystem. Animals have to be protected as much as man individually as well as from each other.

Yes, non-vegetarianism is utter stupidity / felony to say the least.
Since tax-payer’s money / Union health budget are involved, Government have every right / privilege to discourage / ban beef eating / non-vegetarianism. They must accept this fact with a pinch of salt / pepper / chilly, whatsoever.