After secularism, probably the most bandied about term is Plurality. Everyone floats and proffers Plurality as “Kohinoor” of our cultural heritage / Constitution and everything else that is identified / associated with India.

Terms like Hindu / Bharata  are NEVER uttered while bragging about Plurality though Plurality exists in the country ONLY because of Hindu Bharata. Those ‘Erudite and Eminent’ scholars smartly avoid voicing the fact that it is ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ alone that gave birth to Plurality. And western ‘Jewels Of Humanity’ preached us ‘Plurality In Diversity’ from their roof-tops while hiding their monstrosity of Ku Klux Klan variety behind their closed doors. Even Birbal would not have been able to explain ‘Plurality In Diversity’ had Akbar dared to ask him in his daily Darbar  !!

What has the nation gained from assiduous pursuit of ‘Plurality In Diversity’ all these decades and centuries ? When I pored over the issue, my discoveries were nerve-rattling.

We pursued Plurality vis. a vis. Islam !!! Rewards of ‘Plurality With Islam’ had / have been terrible / fiendish / felonious / brutal / inhuman savagery…a holocaust of the worst order, ever known to humanity. Generations / centuries are bygone yet nation is loaded with lakhs who prefer to be loyal to a country far away in Gulf first and foremost with loyalty to Bharata  being absolutely inconsequential to them. And ‘We, Fools Of Bharatavarsa’  resolutely continue to be Pluralistic !! There are scores of us who are eager to sacrifice our worthless lives for the sake of ‘Plurality With Islam’ !! When did we have a sense of self-respect / self-honour for us with respect to ‘Plurality With Islam’, ever in past ?

We pursued Plurality vis. a vis. Christianity too !! What is the reward that we as a nation reaped ? Percentage of Christians doubled while still retaining Hindu  names and surnames so as to hoodwink the country as neatly as possible. Andhra CM Samuel RS Reddy is the most prominent example who converted all Reddys into Christianity, dreaming to takeover Tirupati Shrine to renovate it into a Chapel. And ‘We, Fools Of Bharatavarsa’ continued pursuing Plurality with the Satanic Devil who was finally killed in a helicopter crash with Balaji  beholding him silently as ever because we refused to do anything. And the sordid saga of treachery still goes on as The Seniormost Roman Catholic ‘Pandaa’ from Vatican appoints Cardinals and Bishops faraway in Bharatavarsa  !! His writ runs large in this country and his minions take instructions from a foreign land. Only because ‘We, Fools Of Bharatavarsa’ happen to be a Pluralistic nation when it comes to Christianity !!! Convents / hospitals / chapels / every Christian now actively promotes conversion by hook or crook. How long are we going to pursue Plurality with respect to Jesus ?

Plurality with Islam / Christianity was adopted to allow Islam / Christianity to exist and survive in the country. No one had ever anticipated, this one ‘Secular Brand Plurality’ would one day sit on our heads only to destroy our own very existence and fundamental identity we have been so proud of. Is it really the way to pursue ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ with them ? Do I mean to suggest, they all should be banished from the country ? Not at all. Least we can do is to understand Plurality’s sinister dimensions / implications, discourage and thwart them from implementing their nefarious designs, educate others about it, remain dignified with fortitude instead of going ga ga over their silly utterings / phoney displays / venomous criticism of our richest heritage in the world and nasty persuaions to read the crap literature offered by them, then convert.

Why didn’t we as a nation, search for Plurality within ourselves ? We have plenty of it.

Under the gigantic, ancient banyan tree of Sanatana Dharma, scores of sects / sub-sects / faiths / sub-faiths have prospered and all of them have been dedicated unto either Sri Rama, or Siva, or Visnu, or Hanumana, or Durga, or Saraswati, or Renuka, or Khatu Syamaji, or Tirupati Balaji, or Ayyappa, or Chidambaram, or Guruvayura, or…….and scores of rituals are practised round the clock. Everyone enjoys unrestrained / unqualified / infinite liberty to pick and chose any ritual of his / her choice, basket of rituals or no ritual at all. Not only everyone’s preferred ritual / rituals is / are respected by all but also facilitated by others in their pursuit to solemnize all that perfectly well. Even traces of antipathy of any kind whatsoever or mutual bickerings do not exist at all. And all these lead to a Plentitude of Plurality of a fantastic variety.

Plurality of brightly multi-coloured Bihu  in Assam, Baisakhi  in north, Pongal / Onam in south, NavaratriDandia  in Gujarat, SindurHolika  in Bengal, GudiPadva  in Maharashtra, Sri Krsna Janmastami  of Vrindavana, Holika / Deepawali / MakaraSamkranti  of UP, Chhath  of Bihar, Simhastha  in Ujjain…we have been blessed with an infinite ocean of Plurality since time-immemorial, deeply ingrained into our DNA, National DNA to be more precise. Did Plurality of this variety ever create any friction / attrition of any kind whatsoever anytime in past ? NEVER. Can anyone of us anticipate any kind of friction / attrition in future initiated by our Sanatana  Plurality ? Ostensibly, NONE. Why don’t we all adore / admire / nurture / nourish and celebrate Sanatana  Plurality of this variety and maintain dignified, stoic indifference towards Plurality of Islamic / Christian varieties determined to obliterate not only our ancient Sanatana  Plurality but also our fundamental identity ?

We do not have to rush out of ourselves in search of Plurality. Just introvert yourselves. Your inner beings are spilling over with Plurality of a divine variety. Just experience that and stand blissed.