Communists are never exhausted of harping on lofty ideals like democracy and democratic institutions yet they are the worst destroyers of those very values and institutions raised to protect and nourish them. They are the worst tormentors of civility and culture and why not ? The Gods they worship and hang photoframes thereof in their offices are Marx / Lenin / Stalin who espoused violence of every conceivable order / nature to realise their goals and the Doctrine of Violence happens to be very close to their hearts and souls. Founder of Marxist cult, Karl Marx declared religion to be the opium of masses intoxicating them into artificial / superficial joy. However, does Marxist cult do anything other than poisoning / destroying masses after intoxicating them into false glory of equality ? There is one more ‘luminary’ whom they adore, copycat his strategies and actions to obfuscate real issues by preparing an insidiously false grand narrative. He happens to be Hitler’s Propaganda Minister Goebbels !! By denying existence of issues that have the potential to expose their anti-national, sinister activities or embarrass them for their sins of past and by harping on non-existent issues to confound the unsuspecting, is the Dodger’s Art that they have mastered by neatly following Goebbels and his shenanigans. Their nefarious activities have not been brought to the fore as the party that ruled over the country for six decades had been in cahoots with Reds, one of the worst instances of anti-national symbiotic relationships. By deriving maximum advantage from their proximity to the ruling establishment, Reds worked out a powerful / well-hinged network of favour-seekers and favour-providers. This nefarious system had been largely responsible to ensure, nation remained a wretched leader from the bottom in the merit-list of UN Human Development Index all these years in all disciplines of national reconstruction. Their drum-beating propagandists / acolytes / adherents resort to fantastic arguments viz. “inevitable to cleanse the system of bourgeoisie / reactionaries” to justify every irrational / anti-national / criminal activity of their unworthies. Their well-oiled false propaganda-reticulum has tarnished image of the nation abroad and raised several hurdles in attaining laurels that the nation would have been attained otherwise.

Recent instance of Comrade Sitaram Yechury accusing BJP / RSS of “worming their way into Freedom Movement” notwithstanding the facts that they destroyed Gandhi’s Quit India Movement in cahoots with British-Occupiers and always hobnobbed with them, always condemned hard-earned freedom, are yet other stunning pieces of falsehood. They never took up cudgels to discover much to their enlightenment and discomfiture, thousands of RSS members were the foot-soldiers in freedom movement, every RSS Shakha individually sent a congratulatory message to Maulana JL Nehru when resolution of ‘Purna Swaraj’ was passed by Congress in 1929, RSS actively participated in Non-Cooperation Movement in 1930, Quit India Movement with the founder Dr. Hedgewar himself very active from Nagpur to Kolkata with Anushilan Samiti and arrested for sedition in May 1921. During trial for sedition, he thundered in court before the Judge, “India belongs to Indians. We therefore, demand independence.This is the content of all my speeches. People have to be told how to secure independence, and also how to conduct themselves after securing it. What law is there that gives one country the right to rule over the other ? I am asking you, the Counsel for Government, this simple and straight question. Can you answer it ? Is not that against natural justice ? If it is true that no country has a right to rule over another country, who gave the British the authority to trample the people of India under their feet ? How can they enslave us and declare that they own this country ? Is it not the most blatant murder of justice, morality and Dharma ?…Our mind revolts at the thought of remaining the slaves of the British Empire and carrying that stigma for all time. We demand nothing short of complete independence. Till we achieve it we cannot be at peace….” And Communist Reds periodically declare, RSS did nothing to attain independence from British-Occupiers !! 

Reds are so much obsessed with and fear RSS / Hindu  Rightists that whenever and wherever their political outfit BJP is installed in power, they begin undergoing all sorts of hallucinations hollering from rooftops on top of their vocal chords, be it education, foreign policy, internal security or any issue under the sun. In the state of Tamil Nadu, they have their vernacular version in DMK who keenly follow their footsteps in berating Hindu-s and Hinduism. Latest instances have been suggestions to observe Hindi Week, GuruUtsava  on Teacher’s Day and substitution of German with Samskrita  in Central Schools. When Christians sing “Oh Jesus, lead us…”, Reds and Dravidians swing to the tune but turn ferociously abusive if Saraswati Vandana  is recited. Red-Wolves just hate anything even remotely connected with Hinduism. Hindi movies run for weeks in Tamil Nadu, Dravidian hotheads produce Hindi-hits and progeny of Mother Tamil send their children to English schools even while abusing Hindi uninterruptedly !!  

Marxist pseudo-historians in cahoots with Nehruvian intellectuals, denigrated all stalwarts of independence movement, be it Netaji Bose or Sardara Patel. Quite methodically, they established Nehru-Gandhi family as flawless who swear by lofty ideals of democratic values, nourished that through their blood and sweat, others happen to be unworthies as hangers on to them with a finger in every pie, all achievements of the nation originate from the Dynasty while failures / setbacks crafted by all others. DK Chakravorty, a distinguished historian who taught History / Archaeology at the University of Cambridge, disclosed, “Since coming of this group to power, the world of Indian historical studies has been largely criminalized.”

Reds have executed cultural subversion of the country extensively so much so that what external invaders could not do, was adroitly committed by them. Reds and westernized rootless, intellectuals know the power and strength of Samskrita  and the fear of being rendered worthless by Samskrita  looms large in their minds. NASA have declared Samskrita  as the perfect language for advanced scientific calculations and computer programming. Briggs wrote in the issue of Artificial Intelligence 1985, “Samskrita  is the perfect language designed for enlightened communication. It is the one and only unambiguous spoken language in the world.” All attempts by Red planted bogus western scholars viz. Wendy Doniger, Arundhati Roy, Sheldon Pollock to defame Hindu-s and Hinduism have been successfully thwarted so far by a determined group of nationalists whom Reds do not miss even whiff of an opportunity to berate and abuse. Reds do not allow people to believe that the great Hindu  civilization adored women, that there were no Dalits / untouchables, that there were no prostitutes at all, that it was invasion of western bigots that destroyed Hindu  civilization and cultural heritage.  

So desperate were they after installation of Modi Government in 2014 that they not only engineered murderous assaults on so-called rationalists, farcical return of awards by literary figures etc. but also raised the decibel level between two lunatic fringes of society, one faking public opinion and the other, symptomatic of Government policies. They even moved to the extent of declaring, the Idea of India is in perpetual clash with the Govt. elected with a massive mandate to deliver the Idea of India !!! It is always that Leftist intellectuals cry wolf loudest. They dread the scenario of losing control of Indian Council of Historical Research which they monopolise to carry out their nefarious designs of cultural / historical subversions. ‘Eminent Historians’ authored by Arun Shourie speaks volumes on their ‘trade’ practices solely meant to perpetuate Red hegemony. Red historian Irfan Habib even went to the extent of castigating revival efforts of Saraswati  river which enjoys enormous value in Vedic  wisdom and Hindu  civilisation. The Marxist historian spent his lifetime to prove, Saraswati  river never existed, contrary to all scientific studies, satellite imagery etc. to the contrary.

Fraudulent doctrine of Aryana  Invasion too, was invented by Marxist bigots so hell-bent in indoctrinating entire intelligentsia of the country. Also are they hell-bent to negate everything even remotely connected with Sanatana  Hinduism. Everything good about Hinduism, if at all any, was brought in by Aryana  invaders, Alexander brought Vedic wisdom into the country…and Hindu-s at best, be remembered for having contributed absolutely nothing !!! First activity that Marxists undertake is to destroy entire cultural heritage and convert everyone into empty-headed zombies to create space in their minds so as to allow the venomous doctrine of Marxism to take roots in their minds.

Reds deviously supported Jinnah’s Direct Action on Aug.16, 1946 and partition of Bharata with the statement in their own words, “…secession would lead to still greater and more glorious unity of India, the like of which India has not seen in her history”. They waved many flags viz. Soviet flag, Red flag, Russian flag, then League flag !! Whenever Dr. SP Mukherjee, a hard-core nationalist, picked up any issue pertaining to nation’s interest, Reds began howling and yelling from rooftops on top of their voice.

They ruled over Bengal uninterruptedly for four decades and left the state in tatters, completely pauperized. The State they left behind was infested with anti-national / criminal activities, industrial junkyards, democratic institutions emaciated, education in ruins, then the revelations about electoral malpractices, large-scale booth-capturing etc. to win elections. They allowed atrocities by Muslims on Hindus in the name of secularism, encouraged Bangladeshi infiltrators as their vote-banks destroying entire demography of the State. And when they lost to TMC of Mamata Bannerjee, all Reds joined TMC to enjoy free hand in all matters as ever in addition to bloodbath of their opponents. In Kerala too, tale of Reds is almost the same. When they have realized, ground beneath in Kerala has been slipping away and they are on the verge of decimation, they resorted to uninterrupted killing spree all over the state. Reds in Kerala not only encouraged but also protected missionaries and jehadis in all their nefarious activities.

Wherever they have been in power, they deported themselves like monster-killers and when in opposition, they are cunning jackals ever prepared to howl and cry for being the worst victims !! They have never been known to undertake any nation-building activity / social work, never in any relief / rehabilitation exercise ever they participated when natural calamity strikes, never supportive when nation’s integrity had been at stake or ancient cultural heritage threatened.

If religion is really opium of masses as vouchsafed by the bigot Marx, is not Marxism cyanide pill of the same masses ?


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Stalemate over Memorandum Of Procedure for Judicial appointments continues unabated with higher Judiciary, perforated and riddled with Stay Orders / Adjournments / dubious appointments / dubious transfers and Judicial Tears flowing down in public. This is the proceed of rejection of the Constitution Amendment Bill for National Judicial Appointments Commission passed by the Parliament. While Government may be complimented for standing resolutely firm before repeated onslaughts of Judicial Arrogance, Judicial Apprehension of erosion of Judicial Independence by them is entirely unjustified . It is rather mystifying as to how Justices turn so arrogant while rising from middle-Judiciary of High Courts to the elite upper class-Judiciary of the Supreme Court !! And it is reflected eloquently well in their judgements, pronouncements, adjournments and comments towards a well-meaning Government engaged day and night in ameliorating fortunes of the country after receiving a historic mandate. One may wonder whether this Supreme Arrogance has any jurisdiction over the country or the Supreme Snobbery, any jurisprudence at all !! Retired SC Justice Ruma Pal was constrained to comment, “Judges were afflicted with multitude of sins but culled out seven deadly ones – brushing under the carpet, hypocrisy, secrecy, plagiarism and prolixity, intellectual arrogance or dishonesty, judicial indiscipline and nepotism.” Another legal luminary Arun Jaitley, now Union Finance Minister, had to say, “There are two types of Judges. One who know the law and the other, Law Minister.” !! It is all an unfortunate state of affairs in our ‘Buckingham Palace’ Judiciary, legacy inherited from the British colonial era.

Root-Cause Analysis of the entire Judicial scenario, howsoever accurate or otherwise, points to the main cause of Judiciary being closed to public criticism, shielded by the insurmountable, much criticised Law of Contempt of Court. Owing to that, Judiciary is deprived of so many creative / constructive suggestions, satirical albeit eye-opening comments from the naïve and hard-hitting dissection by ferocious journalists / commentators. To buttress the point, it may be mentioned, when RBI Governor Rajan was under heavy fire of idea-missiles from all directions recently, he had to come out in detail over genesis of NPAs / Rate-Cuts / Inflation / GDP etc. which otherwise would not have happened at all. Had Judiciary been open to public criticism, Stay-Orders being major cause of Judicial delays instead of 44% vacancies in courts for judges, would have been discovered by some private enterprising individual / NGO long ago instead of by the Law Ministry recently. Had Judiciary been open to public criticism, their judgement in JMM Bribery case might have been different. Had Judiciary been open to public criticism, Supreme Court probably would never have dared suspending right to life and liberty as a fundamental right in the years bygone. Had Judiciary been open to public criticism, fear of heavy public criticism would have deterred Judiciary from being trigger-happy to issue Stay-Orders / Adjournments. It was a Stay-Order alone, issued by the Vacation Judge Justice Krishna Iyer against Allahabad High Court Judgement in Indira Gandhi’s election petition case that changed course of nation’s history for the worse !! Have we really recovered fully from all ill-effects of that Stay-Order, is a topic of fierce arguments even today.

Freedom of speech guaranteed under Article 19(1)(a) must override Law of Contempt of Court. If in a democracy, all authorities beginning with President down to the juniormost bureaucrat are public servants and exposed to barrage of criticism barring defamation / sedition, then why not Judges ? In the Spycatcher case in 1987, a prominent newspaper in London called the bench headed by Lord Templeman, “You Fools.” And they just brushed it aside with the contempt (!!) it deserved without any punitive action at all. Contempt Law is discretionary hence unpredictable. Why was the Law of Contempt of Court not invoked and contempt proceedings initiated against PM Rajiv Gandhi when his Govt. overturned Supreme Court’s judgement in Shah Bano case ? When a Union Cabinet Minister had accused Judiciary of sympathizing with Zamindars / Industrialists / FERA violators / Bride-Burners, they picked up no offence at all !! When a petty bureaucrat fails to honour court’s orders, he is warned and hauled up immediately destroying his / her career forever. These are instances of blatant discrimination by the higher Judiciary.
The Contempt Law must be scrapped immediately in the spirit of following words of Lord Denning in 1968 as under, so as to expose Judiciary to severe criticism, rather excoriation, “Let me say at once that we will never use this jurisdiction to uphold our own dignity. That must rest on surer foundations. Nor will we use it to suppress those who speak against us. We do not fear criticism nor do we resent it.”

Another manifestation of Judicial Ivory Towers of Arrogance is rejection of widely acclaimed masterpiece of legislation NJAC  and continuation of the Collagium system of appointing carefully nurtured clones of Judges through stem cells of a particular bend of mental / ideological propensities solely by incumbent Judges alone. All names of prospective candidates recommended by the SC Collagium for Judgeship must be shared with public so that the nation knows, who is son of which politician, who is a Communist by lineage, who is whose uncle, who is whose Judicial ‘Chela’ etc. And that is the main reason of the stalemate over MOP today. Judicial Self-Procreation is impossible to be justified by any stretch of imaginative reasoning. As a matter of fact, Collagium is blatantly unconstitutional and SC have been liberally / brazenly indulging in unconstitutionalism since 1993. Will that be an outreach if Supreme Court post-1993 is addressed as entirely illegal, unconstitutional and fraud on the spirit of democracy in the country ? Will that be an over-statement if they are compared with politicians who have been shamelessly covering up / justifying their corrupt activities ? If war is too serious business to be left entirely to the wisdom of Generals, Judiciary too, is too serious a business to be left entirely to Judicial Wisdom !! We are only country in the world wherein unelected tyranny of Judiciary lords over even an elected Govt. that passes NJAC with 99.99% unanimity in addition to several legal luminaries of past and present supportive of it. It cannot happen even in the USA though regarded as the most outstanding democratic country in the world.

During seven decades of our independence, legislature, army and bureaucracy have been extensively democratised barring higher judiciary. Denial of democratisation of higher Judiciary started with constitution of Collagium System that was raised in response to Indira Gandhi’s reckless interference with Judicial autonomy. However, it is no more justifiable with enormous awareness in the country, installation of a well-meaning Govt. and proposal to enact NJAC with complete transparency to appoint Judges for higher Judiciary. Moreover growing specialisation in various disciplines like financial market, environment, IT issues, intellectual property, complexitities of governance demand specialised judges dealing with cases of their respective expertise.


Judicial Independence must not be allowed to exist without Judicial Accountability.