Dadhyanga is widely known and feted as Maharsi Dadhici  among Hindu-s. Dadhyanga is a Samskritam  word, conjunction of two words, Dadhya  and Anca. Dadhici  is a distorted version of  Dadhyanga as mentioned by renowned ancient Samskritam  scholar Panini  in his title Astadhyayi. Maharsi Dadhici  is renowned for sacrificing his body to be used for developing a weapon Vajra  with his bones so that Deva-s could be protected from onslaught of serpent King Viritra. With that weapon Vajra, Viritra  could be slain and heaven occupied by them, reclaimed from them. Viritra  was an embodiment of drought thus, Deva-s released water for all beings after he was slain. 

Dhanyoaham Casthi Me Dhanyam Yasmaddevaha Pravriddhaye  I

Dadami Nasti Sandeho Niyamasca Mayakritaha  II

I am redeemed, my bones stand redeemed causing well-being of Deva-s. Undoubtedly resolved I am, I shall donate by bones.

Maharsi Dadhici

In this nation of Rsi-s and Maharsi-s, with this sacrifice for the benevolence of all beings, Maharsi Dadhici  became a legendary Rsi, revered for his selfless sacrifice. He was an ardent devotee of Bhagavana Siva  who is supposed to have appeared before him as a Rsi  on the auspicious festival of Mahasivaratri. Bhagavana Siva  had blessed him three boons, he would never be humiliated, could never be slain and his bones would be as hard as diamond. He had highest regard for Bhagavana Visnu  too. When Deva-s approached Maharsi Dadhici  for his bones in their battle against Vritra, he readily conceded learning that they had been directed by Bhagavana Visnu. Maharsi Dadhici  had mastered  Brahmavidya, also known as Madhu Vidya  to attain immortality. He was so proficient in this wisdom that even it concerned even Indra  for his own security. There are several other legends too, associated with Maharsi Dadhici. He is said to be the first to leave Daksa‘s Yajna  where Bhagavana Siva  had not been invited. Mantra  for Hinglaja Devi  is attributed to him to protect some Ksatriya  children from being slain by Bhagavana Parasurama  after hiding them them inside Hinglaja Mandira. 

As narrated in Bhagavat Purana, Maharsi Dadhici’s father Rsi Atharvana  had authored Atharvaveda. His mother Citi  was daughter of Rsi Kardama. Maharsi Dadhici  was married to Swarcha  who bore a son Pippalada  to him who evolved as Rsi Pippalada, authored Pippalada  School of  Darsana  as well as Prsna Upanisad. Maharsi Dadhici  established his Asrama  in Namisaranya, near Lucknow as mentioned in almost all Purana-s. He had travelled to Ahmedabad and raised an Asrama  on banks of Sabarmati  river too. He has been mentioned in Ist Mandala  of  Rg Veda, Bhagavat Purana  as well as Srimad Devi Bhagavatam. He also composed Narayana Kavacam, recited for power and peace. He is also associated with several Sanatana  legends too. Dadhica Brahmana-s are purported to be descendents of  Maharsi Dadhici  settled in Rajasthan.  

Maharsi Dadhici  symbolizes, no sacrifice is too great to defend the defenceless from despots. He inspired Param Vir Chakra, Bharata‘s highest military award for gallantry, most often posthumously awarded to soldiers with exceptional courage in war. 

Legend of Maharsi Dadhici  continues, rather growing variously in the manifest of voluntary donation of body organs. Organs of brain dead cadavers are harvested with due consent of their families and transplanted to patients who need them most to survive in the world. Mentally preparing a family already distressed and grieving demise of their dear ones, to accord their consent to donate organs when they require to be consoled most, is an agonising task accomplished with great fortitude and patience. Several organisations have been active on this front which happens to be a humanitarian cause of immense significance. One such organisation renowned as Dadhichi Deh Dan Samiti, DDDS hereafter, have been rendering remarkable service to society by organising organ donations for those precariously struggling for life. Founded in 1997, DDDS have ensured 179 body donations, 526 pairs of eye donations, organ donations by four brain-dead patients, three bone-marrow donations and one case of skin donation. DDDS have on their records, over 8000 pledges of organ-body donations and the number is growing steadily. When approximately 5,00,000 persons die every year for want of organ transplantation, very large ground is yet to be covered and the organisation is entirely dedicated to the noble cause. Wide gap between requirement and availability of organs is the main cause of organ trafficking. Organ trafficking and selling are proclaimed offences in Bharata  as per the law. Organ donation for medical purposes is regulated by Transplantation Of Human Organs Act 1994 while whole body donation by Anatomy Act 1984.  

Founder of DDDS Sri  Alok Kumar of RSS, Delhi Pranta  opines that time is ripe for the well-to-do class of people in society to volunteer themselves for the cause and undertake pledge to donate themselves whenever that is so possible. And volunteers of DDDS are assiduously inspiring people wherever possible, to open up for the humanistic mission. It is essential to carry out mass campaigns to encourage people to donate their organs. Response would certainly be encouraging as inclination to donate body and organs exists in every individual basking in glorious legacy of Maharsi Dadhici.   


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Hon. Prime Minister,                                                                                         Nov. 23, 2017

NaMo Namaha. 


Re-election / re-appointment of our nominee at ICJ after a prolonged diplomatic tussle is a sterling victory of our growing international clout. I am amazed to observe, how under your extra-ordinary leadership five super-powers had to shift into low profile rather retreat and allowed so-called “Great” Britain to eat a humble pie, searching for legitimate excuses to cover up their acute humiliation. It was something like a highly accomplished neuro-surgeon conducting laparoscopic surgery deep inside British-Brain, drugged with typical British ego, coaxing a defiant nerve to go to it’s right slot without shedding even a drop of British blood !!! An important piece of research by our team that in 1978, 2011 and 2014 ICJ elections were held over 14 rounds, no invocation of any other mechanism and over 15 rounds respectively, turned tables on Britain that sought to constitute a Joint Conference of the Council and General Assembly to stall support-spike in favour of our nominee. That for the first time, UN General Assembly scored over ever bullying UN Security Council, is a loud statement in favour of UN reforms. That for the first time, there shall be no British Justice on ICJ benches, is a historic development and a hard-hitting lesson for Pakistan playing ‘dirty’ diplomacy hiding behind so-called “Great” Britain. You have tendered a very explicit message to the world, international diplomatic agenda shall be decided hereafter by South Block at Raisina Hills in New Delhi and not by 10, Downing Street in London or the White House in Washington DC. It is one of the greatest verticals of the Govt., I perused every detail about it I could lay my hands on, deserves to be celebrated properly and widely known to all throughout the nation. Millions of congratulations, Mr. Prime Minister. With such a spectacular victory at ICJ, can permanent membership of UN Security Council and Nuclear Supplier Group be left far behind ?

British retreat instantly reminded me of abject surrender by Lt. Gen. AAK Niazi before Lt. Gen. JS Aurora in 1971 Bangladesh war. It is yet another matter that the grand victory of Bharatiya Sena was wretchedly destroyed by the then PM Indira Gandhi, Lt. Gen. Aurora denied position of COAS which he eminently deserved and festering wounds continued to fester year after year.  

I hope, we are now or may be soon poised to demand return of our plundered wealth, intellectual assets, Kohinoor, all artefacts etc. At Oxford University Student’s Union debate, Shashi Tharoor had demanded reparations from British Govt. @ One Sterling Pound a year for 100 years and a Royal apology. I would demand as a measure of raparations, British Crown hand over their country to us to be governed by us for 200 years. At the end of 200 years, coming British generations would know what we Hindus are capable of doing by transforming them into a healthy, wealthy and prosperous country while their ancestors looted us for 100 years, brutalised millions of Hindus and left lakhs to die on roads out of sheer starvation in Bengal, exposed to hungry vultures while British Prime Minister “Sir” Winston Churchill taunted when told not to snatch our foodgrains to be diverted to British soldiers during Worls War II, “Why Gandhi has not died of starvation so far ?”  

We Hindus, are the ONLY civilised and cultured community on this Planet Earth. All other communities have their hands deeply soiled in blood of innumerable innocents and mountains of sins loaded on their heads.  

Proposed law banning Triple-Talaq would be the first prominent nail in the coffin of Congressi-Secularism. I am eagerly looking forward to enactment of Uniform Civil Code, final nail in that coffin that will render despotic Islam into a toothless tiger. If coupled with complete ban on proselytization, UCC shall set the nation on right path to a nation in harmony with expectations of 21st century. 

Not merely economy, nation itself is undergoing long-overdue structural reforms and all decisions taken by you so far, have been absolutely in the right direction. Flawless governance itself is a great achievement and a rare spectacle that we have been witnessing since 2014, Mr. Prime Minister. 


With best regards,

Ramakant Tiwari


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Sun Revolves Around The Earth

In a Fatwa titled “The Transmitted and Sensory Proofs of the Rotation of the Sun and Stillness of the Earth”, Saudi Arabian Grand Mufti Sheikh Ibn Baaz asserted, earth was flat and disc like and sun revolved around it. He insisted, satellite images to the contrary were nothing but a Western conspiracy against the Islamic world !!

Ref. Al-Ahram Weekly Issue 477, 13-19 April, 2000.


Kill For A Book None of Us Can, Should Read

In 1988, publication of Salman Rushdie’s novel “The Satanic Verses” led Iranian revolutionary leader Ayatollah Khomeini to issue a Fatwa against Rushdie with a huge bounty for his death triggering several attacks on the novel’s translators, publishers and booksellers including murder of Japanese translator Hitoshi Igarashi. Millions of Muslims around the world who had not read even a single sentence of the book, who had never ever met Rushdie, wished him death. Interestingly, 24% Iranians at that time were illiterate !!

Ref. “The West Is Choked by Fear”, Der Speigel Jan 4, 2010, Henryk Broder


Ban Tomboys

Study conducted by University of Massachusetts reported, girls who play sports have higher self-esteem, less likely to enter or remain in abusive relationships. Kuala Lumpur had near riots when Sisters in Islam marched against a Malaysian Fatwa banning tomboys branding girls who acted ‘un-lady’ like violating Islamic tenets. Fortunately punishment for Malaysian girls in T-shirts and jeans has not yet been incorporated into Shariah so far !!

Ref. The Malaysian Insider


Bring Me The Head Of Mickey Mouse

Calling Mickey “one of Satan’s soldiers,” Sheikh Muhammad Al-Munajid, ex-diplomat at Saudi Embassy in Washington DC, decreed that household mice and their cartoon cousins must be “killed in all cases”, according to U.K.’s Daily Telegraph.

So did he remark on Majd TV after which he was requested to lecture on Islam’s teaching on mice !! Munajid also hit Jerry hard !! They could rent a secret flat with Salman Rushdie !!

Ref. Saudi Cleric Says Mickey Mouse ‘Must Die’.


Ban Emoticons

According to Muslim Internet Forum Multaqa Ahl al Hadeeth, “Emoticons are forbidden because of its imitation to Allah’s creatures whether it is original or mixture or even deformed one and since the picture is the face and the face is what makes the real picture then emoticons which represent faces that express emotions then all that add up to make them Haram.” Moreover, “A woman should not use these images when speaking to a man who is not her Mahram, because these faces are used to express how she is feeling, so it is as if she is smiling, laughing, acting shy and so on and a woman should not do that with a non-Mahram man. It is only permissible for a woman to speak to men in case of necessity so long as that is in a public chat room and not in private correspondence.”

Ref. Jihadwatch


Football is Un-Islamic

As a government drive to eliminate frivolous Fatwa-s, Saudi newspaper Al Watan lampooned one real edict setting out new rules for soccer. Demands like “do not play with 11 people like heretics, Jews and Christians”, “play in your pyjamas or regular clothes because colored shorts and numbered T-shirts are not Muslim clothing”, “remove the crossbar in order not to imitate heretics and in order to be entirely distinct from the soccer system’s despotic international rules.”

Ref. “A Fatwa on Football”, The Guardian, Monday 31 October 2005.


Infidel Vaccine

Polio is rising in Nigeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan owing to an anti-polio Fatwa by anti-Western clerics that forbids Pakistani children from immunization because clerics say, vaccine is a conspiracy to sterilise Muslims. Ironically, it’s clerics’ design that raises dead / paralytic kids incapable of breeding.

Ref. “POLIO ERADICATION: Looking for a Little Luck”, Roberts Science Feb. 6, 2009


No Nudity For Sex

In 2007, former Dean of Islamic Law at Al-Azhar University in Cairo issued a Fatwa declaring nudity during sexual intercourse invalidates marriage between husband and wife. Debates followed immediately. Suad Saleh, Head of Women’s Department of Al-Azhar’s Islamic Studies, pleaded for “anything that can bring spouses closer to each other” !! Therefore, Islamic scholar Abdel Muti concurred, “Nothing is prohibited during marital sex except of course, sodomy.”
Al-Azhar’s Fatwa Committee Chairman Abdullah Megawar too chipped in, “…married couples could see each other naked but should really cover up with a blanket during sex.”

Ref. SimplyDumb


Adult Muslim Women Breastfeeding At Workplace

In May 2007, Ezzat Attiya wondered how unrelated men and women could work together in the same office when Islam forbids unrelated men and women to be alone together. He suggested an astoundingly morbid solution – let woman breastfeed their male co-workers !! Now female workers shall be male worker’s foster mothers then they can be alone together anytime !! Attiya’s ruling was globally mocked and condemned on home front too. He was later suspended from job, pilloried in Arab newspapers before he issued a hasty retraction as “bad interpretation of a particular case.”

Ref. “A Fatwa Free-for-All In the Islamic World”, New York Times, Michael Slackman, Monday, June 11, 2007.


Do Not Watch Beckham

In 2015, a Saudi cleric issued a fatwa against women who watch football. The Cleric announced that women “do not care who wins the match, all they care about is watching the player’s thighs.”



Bananas Are Naughty

In 2011, an Islamic cleric residing in Europe issued a Fatwa decreeing women shouldn’t get close to bananas or cucumbers in order to avoid sexual thoughts. A religious publication el-Senousa News declared, if women wished to eat cucumbers or bananas, it should be first sliced into pieces preferably by their husbands or fathers before they eat them. Egyptian site Bikya Masr reported the solution. According to the report, the Sheikh also added carrots and zucchini to the list of ‘immoral and blasphemous’ fruits and vegetables.



Having Sex Naked Equal To A Divorce

In 2006, Rashad Hassan Khalil, ex-Dean of Al-Azhar University’s Faculty of Shariah issued a decree that indulging in sexual intercourse while being naked invalidates marriage itself. He said, “being completely naked during the act of coitus annuls the marriage”.



Pokemon Is Zionist

In 2016, Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah al-Sheikh, Saudi Arabia’s Mufti warned Muslim parents to “beware of this game.” He urged parents to prevent their children from playing Pokémon cards and games in order to “protect their religion and manners.”

He said the Pokemon possesses mind of children and it promotes vices of Zionism and gambling.



Sitting On Chair Arouses Women

In 2014 ISIS issued a decree “banning” women from sitting on chairs.  The Fatwa said by sitting on chairs, women may move the wrong way and get sexually aroused.



Their Driving Has Always Been Under Suspicion

In 2013, Saudi Arabia’s Sheikh Lohaidan issued a Fatwa that women who drive risk damaging their ovaries and having children with clinical problems. “If a woman drives a car, not out of pure necessity, that could have negative physiological impact as functional and physiological medical studies show that it automatically affects ovaries and pushes pelvis upwards.”



Rapist Father-in-Law Automatically Became Husband 

In 2005, a woman was raped by her father-in-law in UP. Instead of punishing him, Islamic court in Deoband issued a Fatwa, she would be his wife and her husband so far, her son owing to the act.



Even Chess is Un-Islamic

In 2016,  Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia sent shocked the world of chess by issuing a Fatwa, it is forbidden in Islam.



Ho Ho Ho Santa Cap Is Haraam

In 2016 Indonesian Ulema Council issued a Fatwa, people should respect Christians’ right to celebrate including wearing Santa hats but should not join because it is ‘Haraam’ i.e. not permitted in Islam.



Buffets are Haraam

In 2014, Saudi Arabian Standing Committee of Council of Senior Scholars, Sheikh Saleh bin Abdullah Al-Fawzan declared, buffets offered at restaurants are Haraam. “One must not simply go to a restaurant that offers an all-you-can-eat meal for say SR 10 or SR 50 without mentioning any conditions…this is prohibited,” said Sheikh Fawzan.



And a few instances of ‘Home-grown’ Islamic talent –


Best ‘Purdah’ for a woman covers entire body including palms and adornments i.e. whole body is covered from head to toe. If it is possible to see through ‘Purdah’, then eyes should also be covered… 

Ref. Fatwa : 1587/1330=L/1429


There are some Hadith that relate curse for women who adopt resemblance of men. Therefore, wearing clothes of men is not appropriate for women. 

Ref. Fatwa : 771/730=B


Women can use perfume provided they are not passing by non-mahram in this state. Using aromatic perfume while going out of house, is not lawful. One should avoid using such perfumes which contain alcohol. 

Ref. Fatwa : 604/L=212/tl=1431


It is unlawful and ‘Haraam’ for a woman to cut hair of her head even if for her husband. However she can dye other than black. The dye should not be heavy having layers which may prevent water to reach surface of hair. Imitating Western-styled women and adopting their resemblance in matters against Shariah is unlawful, even for husband. 

Ref. Fatwa : 1347/1347=M/1430


It is not a desirable for women to go for office jobs as they shall encounter strange men (non-Mahram) even though in veil. She will have to interact with others which is Fitna i.e. evil. A father is committed to provide maintenance to his daughter and a husband is asked to provide maintenance to his wife. So, there is no need for women to accept jobs that pose harm and mischief always. 

Ref. Fatwa : 691/636=D/1429


It is unlawful for Muslim women to do job in Government or private institutions where men and women work together and women have to frankly talk to men without veil. 

Ref. Fatwa : 577/381/L=1431


“Is it ‘Halaal to subscribe LIC policy ? Is it Shariah compliant ?” Intelligent Mufti responded : “LIC policy is unlawful due to being based on interest and gambling.” 

Ref. Fatwa : 565/565/M=1431 


“Can a Muslim take a job in bank or insurance company?” Renowned scholars provided their considered reply, “The job of writing and calculating interest based work in conventional banks and insurance companies is not lawful for Muslims.”

Ref. Fatwa : 466/466/M=1431


“Is it allowed in Islam to work as a life insurance agent?” Mufti Sahab replied sternly, “Life insurance contains interest as well as gambling and both these things are unlawful as per Quran and Hadith. Therefore, working as agent of life insurance is helping in sin, so it is prohibited by Shariah.”

Ref. Fatwa : 762/571=L/1430


Islamic seminary at Deoband in Uttar Pradesh is second largest seminary in the world after Cairo’s Al Azhar. These Fatwa-s are issued by Darul Uloom at Deoband. To be precise, by Darul Ifta. Department of Fatwa-s i.e. Darul Ifta was established in 1892, has so far issued more than seven lakh Fatwa-s in response to questions from all over the world. They benignly claim, Fatwa-s issued by Darul Uloom are held in “high esteem in and outside the country; even law courts in the country also honour them and consider them decisive in addition to masses”. The department is manned by men alone as women are not regarded to be brainy / learned enough to adjudicate ‘theological’ matters. They are mandated only to ask and abide by dictats issued by the herd of fearsome bearded men. Darul Ifta passes Fatwa on every aspect of human existence including whether to use razor to shave pubic hair !!! And that too, quite authentically.


Now the mind-boggling question arises from ashes, “What perpetuates such a phenomenon ?” And plethora of answers rather composite answer is as under –


Deliberately designed deprivation of right education,

Indoctrination of children in Madrassas with Stone-age / Desert Wisdom,

Women not allowed to rise,

Vice like grip of Clerics over the community,

Isolationism / separatism by constantly refusing reform measures.


These acts are gradually turning whole world against them which they tirelessly deny revelling in an imaginary world of their own creation.

Multi-trillion Saudi Dinar question is – Are they really aware of what the whole world talks about them or thinks of them ??


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