No. Not really, indeed.

Then, how did it creep into Hindu  society ? I shall address the volatile issue hereinasunder in it’s entirety that should satisfy all. 

Varna  system was introduced by Maharsi Manu  in order to create an occupational social order to run the society / country smoothly. It is the oldest, highly defined and most sophisticated civil code ever evolved, ever known to humanity and we have every reason to be proud of this precious heritage. 

Any society shall need a group to learn / research / teach. Such a group dedicated to the cause were addressed as Brahmana-s imbued with Sattvika  proclivities entailing asceticism / renunciation without which the task is almost impossible to be accomplished effectively. 

Any society shall need a group to defend / protect all from internal strife as well as external invasions. Such a group dedicated to the cause were addressed as Ksatriya-s imbued with Rajasika  proclivities entailing action / strength / power without which the task is almost impossible to be accomplished effectively. 

Any society shall need a group to generate wealth / prosperity / economic well-being through trade and commerce. Such a group dedicated to the cause were addressed as Vaisya-s imbued with a blend of Rajasika  and Tamasika  proclivities entailing continuous action with steadiness without which the task is almost impossible to be accomplished effectively. 

Any society shall need a group not only to serve aforesaid three groups but also produce goods / commodities required by all. Such a group dedicated to the cause were addressed as Sudra-s imbued with Tamasika  proclivities entailing resolute dedication and steadiness without which the task is almost impossible to be accomplished effectively. 

As all elements of human requirement / survival / sustenance / growth have been covered over aforesaid four groups, there was / is no scope for any fifth group at all. 

Transmigration of Atma, re-incarnation into another life to redeem unfulfilled desires / to withstand Karmaphala  of Karma-s committed in previous lives, are again well-established / proven facts. There is hardly any controversy over this issue. 

Another cosmic reality is that Providence ensures, you are born into an ambiance / circumstances / species / clan / community / clime / family to facilitate redemption of unredeemed Karma-s as well as fulfillment of unfulfilled desires. Cosmic machinery ensures proper balance between these two aspects i.e. unfulfilled desires and Karmaphala, with precision. 

Karma-s undertaken in a life leave behind their imprints on consciousness known as Samskara-s that decide Guna-s i.e. proclivities / inclination / tendencies. There are three orders of Guna-s, Sattva, Raja  and Tama. 

When you combine all these cosmic realities, an interesting scenario develops which is illustrated through some real life instances. 

If a person leads a Sattva  predominant life i.e. Sattvika, possibilitiy of his / her being born to a Sattvika  family runs high. That is why generally you find Sattvika  proclivities in the progeny born to Sattvika  parents. Same is true with persons leading Rajasika / RajasikaTamasika / Tamasika  orders of life. They are likely to be re-born to Ksatriya, Vaisya  and Sudra  families respectively. 

It was this cosmic reality that was expanded to claim, progeny born to a Brahmana  is Brahmana  by birth, Ksatriya  born to a Ksatriya  by birth, Vaisya  born to a Vaisya  by birth and finally, Sudra  born to a Sudra  by birth. So the contention and convention of Varna  by birth had an illusionary basis which was sanctified as real in due course of time. In reality, Varna  used to be allocated by Guru-s in Gurukula  after a certain process of observation and examination as those Guru-s used to be highly venerable Siddha Yogi-s. Change of Varna  at a later stage owing to some inevitable factor cropped up later, was also permissible and acceptable under Guru’s supervision and with his consent. 

If someone expires with a resurgent / unfulfilled desire to be a musician, possibility of his / her being born to an illustrious family of musicians shall run high overriding predominance of Guna-s. After being born to a family of musicians as a proceed of the resurgent / unfulfilled desire of past life to become a musician, subsequent conduct / overall persona shall be guided by the prevailing Guna  accumulated in previous / any past birth whichever resurgent, at the moment.

Same cosmic mechanism operates in case of so-called hereditary diseases. Diseases being inherited through Genes is merely an illusion. The real cause is unredeemed Karma  that is destined to redeem itself through the agony of a specified disease in a facilitating ambiance. If someone expires worrying about safety / well-being of his daughter, likelihood of his born as a pet attached to the same daughter runs high as attachment / worrying disposition are highly Tamasika  tendencies !!!! In response to a question as to what happens when a house-holder constructs a beautiful house with great care and attachment yet unable to dwell in that owing to sudden demise, an enlightened Yogi  responded, chances are very high that he would be a lizard dwelling / crawling in that house in harmony with Tamasika  nature of the attachment to the house and the unfulfilled desire to dwell in that house !!!  

Now a few words about Jati. 

The term Jati  has always been invoked for communities in Sanatana  scriptures and not for what is commonly understood as caste. HinduJati / StriJati / HunJati  etc. have been quite common in scriptures. The term of ‘Caste’ does not belong to our lexicon at all. It has it’s roots as ‘Casta’ in Portuguese language and ‘Catus’ in Latin. Profound wisdom enshrined in Manusmriti  was defiled by Mughals / Britishers thrusting ill-gotten concept of discrimination and persecution through ‘Caste’ upon us, entirely unfounded and absurd. Their sole objective had been ‘Divide, Rule and Destroy’ Hindu  population so as to enable them continue with their endeavour of pillage and plunder. Later, Britishers legalised it by enacting The Criminal Tribes Act 1871 that declared 60 million occupational Hindu-s i.e. 30% population as criminals !! In 1900, Britishers declared it mandatory to suffix ‘surname’ after every name. 

Manusmriti  is often accused of destroying Hindu  society by discrimination and persecution through segmentation. There cannot be any other accusation as absurd and ludicrous as this one. On the contrary, Varna  system imparted community-hood, sense of affinity / unity / mutual support and protected the society from several debilitating forces. If fundamental principles of Manusmriti  are retained and the operational component modified in harmony with contemporary developments, it may very well be re-introduced and pursued for smooth running of society and nation in 21st century. Indeed, Manusmriti  in it’s true form, is always operational and the wisdom, imperishable.     




Jagadguru Adi Samkaracarya  propounded the doctrine of Advaita Darsana  that stipulates only one entity that is supreme, ultimate and immortal, beyond everything that has been conceptualised so far, shall be conceptualised anytime / anywhere in future. It also entails, every entity other than the Supreme Absolute is Mithya  i.e. unreal and non-existent. Advaita Darsana  of the first Jagadguru  was later came to recognised as Advaitavada.

As happens with every new Darsana  moving against mainstream and connected glacials, opponents of Jagadguru  undertook the endeavour of propagating Dvaitavada  i.e. Not One But Two Entities, it’s exact opposite diametrically. Other entity too was declared to be ever-existent albeit constantly under transformation, cognised variously as Prakrti / Maya  etc. It was now an interminable rivalry of sorts between two groups of intellectuals not only to prove themselves authentic but also prove the other side completely wrong !!! This frivolity of intellectualism has been going on ceaselessly all these years and centuries.

Once in a state of intense Dhyana, I focused my consciousness on the Jagadguru, conveyed my deep reverence and implored him to resolve the imbroglio with an irrefutable argument / instance so as to effectively counter entire bouquet of Tarka, Vitarka  and Kutarka  in favour and against Advaitavada  as well as Dvaitavada. Followers of these two doctrines are ever engaged in proving themselves superior to the other. One of the greatest Seers that the Jagadguru  has ever been, listened to the prayer and responded instantaneously.

I perceived a vast infinite ocean before me, wavelets constituting giant waves striking the shore to revolt into bright white surfs, immense water retreating majestically only to allow another gigantic wave to surge and substitute it’s predecessor. Sound associated with the waves too, deported themselves similarly, transformed into a crescendo from a mere murmur, swung between these two states rhythmically. Thereafter, I went deep into the ocean only to be lost among innumerable / unimaginable creations of all sorts, colour / shape / size / moving / unmoving / mountains / valleys / dense undersea forest / sea-bed…then my consciousness was steered out of the ocean to take a deep / intense view of the gigantic ocean once again…

The experience undergone was profoundly mesmerising, left a deep impression on my consciousness accompanied by yet another dimension of consciousness.

Compact, infinite, dynamic and lively blue ocean as one autonomous entity profoundly and intensely represented symbolically Advaitvada  enunciated by the erudite Jagadguru. Akin to the ocean, doctrine of Advaitavada  too, is compact, infinite, dynamic, autonomous and lively to the core. Multitudes of innumerable creations inside vast expanse of the ocean very well symbolises Dvaitavada  with every creation being finite, transitory, neither so autonomous nor so lively or dynamic as perceived earlier.

What really struck me so intensely is that Dvaitavada  is vested within the being of Advaitavada  while the converse is not true just as entire multitude of creations dwells within the ocean and ocean does not exist within the creations.

It is Advaitavada  that is all encompassing and parenting Dvaitavada. Also, Dvaitavada  is non-existent in absence of Advaitavada. While both are true and real, one is infinite while the other, finitely infinite, one Immutable while the other, entirely mutable.

The imbroglio was finally resolved decisively in my mind with a deep sense of gratitude for the Jagadguru Adi Samkaracarya.



A lot is known about Jesus Christ and much more than that has been deliberately hidden away from public domain with malafide intentions, indeed. Purpose of this article is to expose all that so that people at large come to know standing of Christianity vis. a vis. Sanatana Hinduism. 

At the dawn of 20th century, western tourists, mostly Germans used to frequent caves, hillocks and graves lying close to the Dead Sea in Israel. They used to come across groups of shepherds who once sold them a few pouches / bags for a small consideration. These pouches contained ancient documents, now famous as ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’. They in turn sold it to some museum in Germany as even they were unable to decipher those inscriptions. Thereafter began close scrutiny, study of those original manuscripts by experts, revelations that shocked them and reverberated throughout the world. 

A large group of ascetics and hermits used to dwell on the Dead Sea shore some 2000 years ago, known as Esaynese. They had raised Mutt-s on beaches, used to practise Sadhana  and Brahmacarya  with women strictly prohibited around. Startling discovery was the revelation that Jesus used to frequent those Mutt-s. From 11th to 15th years of his life, he stayed there regularly, used to participate in their ascetic activities, argue, discuss and ask questions in detail. Those highly enlightened Brahmacari-s taught Jesus a lot on principles of Sanatana Darsana  and other related aspects. However, Jesus was not entirely satisfied and he expressed his innate desire to experience all that by himself. Thereupon, he was advised to go to Bharata  without which attainment of direct experience would have been impossible. Jesus then moved to Bharata  with a group of wandering traders and entered the country through Ladakha. He settled down at Hemis Mutt  in Ladakha  for long, documentary evidence of that is still available, studied / deciphered and published by some German and Muslim intellectuals. Jesus was quite popular in the Mutt  and some of those Buddhist  monks used to regard him an incarnation of Gautama Buddha. Inscriptions and murals on stone-walls depict all incarnations of Buddha  squatting meditatively with heavy locks of hair on top of head with only one exception, wherein he is depicted standing with heavy flowing hairline all over. That is how Jesus looked like in reality. Whatever Sanatana  principles of Dharma  he learned, founded basis of his famous ‘Sermon of the Mount’. 

From Ladakha, Jesus moved to Kasi, also known as Varanasi  when King Salivahana  of Saka  dynasty used to rule over Bharata, in whose honour Saka Samvata  calendar of today is in vogue. Meeting between Jesus and King Salivahana  is also mentioned in Bhavisya Purana  which states that Jesus introduced himself to the King as ‘God’s son’ and he was addressed by the King as ‘IsaPutra’ i.e. ‘God’s son’. 

From Kasi, Jesus proceeded to Puri  in Odisa  and participated in RathaYatra  of Bhagavana Jagannatha. He learned the concept of Bhakti  from Vaisnavite  followers of Puri  deity. Principles of Bhakti  entailing unconditional dedication unto Him was later consecrated as the foundation stone of so-called Christianity which he never founded. Indeed, thus evolved the basic foundation of Christianity in Puri  in the mind of Jesus in company of Vaisnavite-s. 

From Puri, Jesus proceeded to Kaveri  in south, a thriving centre for TantraSadhana. In all, Jesus stayed in Bharata  for 13 years. His entire tryst with Sanatana  mysticism in Ladakha, Kasi, Puri  and Kaveri  is explicitly reflected in all tenets of Christianity though nowhere in Bible are these mentioned at all. Bible merely mentions that for some 13 years, Jesus was out of Jerusalem. When Jesus returned to Israel after his forays in this Hindu-land after 13 years or so, people there were for sometime, unable to reconcile his sudden appearance and new-found wisdom, erudition. He dedicated himself to preaching and propagation of all what he had gained from Bharata  in Israel and nearby areas. He was also engaged in social work for the aggrieved and tormented, purportedly performed so-called miracles to entice more and more people to follow a regimented life. Finally, he was painfully hanged by his own people. Cardinal principle of tolerance of other’s views is the lofty ideal which he imbibed in Bharata  yet could not transplant it in his own country. 

Gautama Buddha  cavilled at Veda-s which constitute core of Sanatana  wisdom yet he was always revered and adored by Hindu-s unlike Jesus who was tortured and sacrificed. On the contrary, when Jesus openly criticised superstitious / irrational practices of Jews, he was sentenced to death by a Roman court and ordered to pull a heavy cross through streets of Jerusalem, derided and jeered by large number of onlookers. He was ultimately nailed to the cross and allowed to die painfully. However, he somehow survived the agony, lived for some more time as documented in Dead Sea Scrolls. He has been described to be dwelling in the Mutt  even after being crucified. An authentic evidence was his blood-spotted shroud, known as Shroud of Turin, when examined forensically established, blood spots came from a man alive. So the evidence of his survival was not only historic but also scientific too. Jesus was excavated and pulled out of his grave which caused the rumour later that Jesus was attained to the Heaven embodied !! He was actually brought to the Mutt  on Dead Sea shore which he used to frequent during his youth, for treatment and convalescence. After convalescing to some extent, Jesus came back to Srinagara  in Bharata  via Iraq accompanied by his mother, now almost 40. Thus, his soteriological forays in Israel lasted mere six years. He expired in Kasmira  and his grave still exists in the state. Names engraved on his grave are “Isu Asaf” and “Nabi Asaf”. Caretaker of the grave happens to be a Muslim who too, is in possession of an ancient document which he steadfastly refuses to share with the world in spite of being offered a substantial consideration. This grave is in typical Jewish style as Jesus was a Jew and not a Christian at all and he ever lived like a Jew. His mother too, died in Srinagara  and her dilapidated grave is known as ‘Mariam Ki Mazar’.

So, it comes out that Jesus was more associated with Bharata  than Israel. He was in no way associated with Christianity while being entirely influenced by Sanatana Hinduism. He never propagated Christianity, always preached Sanatana  wisdom gained in ancient Bharata  as Christianity came into existence much later. Thirty years after crucifixation of Jesus, his disciple Thomas came to Bharata  and established a Church, House of God which turns out to be older than Vatican Church by seven years.

Bharata  has always been the land of Adhyatma  and Samskriti, attracted Mumuksu-s and Jijnasu-s from world over.      

Purana-s constitute oldest written narratives of ancient history known to mankind and that way, Sanatana Hinduism  had a very rich / ancient tradition of maintaining recorded history. It is profoundly unfortunate that some of the invading intellectuals declared, Hindu-s did not have any tradition of recording history at all !! History must transform itself into tales / folklore, then into Purana-s with passage of time so as to become sacrosanct verticals of ancient wisdom and avoid controversies later, whatsoever. 

According to Saka Samvat  calender, current year of 2016 corresponds with Saka Samvat 1938. It means, Jesus met the King in Kasi  some 1938 years ago while Christian calender declares his birth some 2016 years ago. Record of almost 50 to 70 years of his life has not been explained in Christian literature at all. Such a silence rather, blackout of facts only smacks of malevolent intentions of evangelical variety.   



(Based on the discourse delivered at Rikhiyapitha  in Deoghara, Jharkhanda  by Swami Satyananda Saraswati  of Bihar School of Yoga, Mungher on Dec. 25, 2005)



Gautama Buddha  was serene and tranquil to the extreme as the intensity amply conveyed depth of his realisation of the highest order of enlightenment.

He had attained the Ultimate Consciousness and he had nothing left before him to attain more or strive for.

As he happened to be one of the greatest and finest human beings who ever walked on Planet Earth, he once politely rejected and returned the insult that was heaped upon him by someone who felt threatened by his erudition.

He had attained the highest order of absence of Ahamkara  as he gently chided one of his disciples for having addressed him as the greatest Buddha  without knowing any other Buddha  of past and future which numbered infinite !!

Gautama Buddha  had attained highest order of inclusion as he eschewed exclusion of any nature whatsoever anywhere.

He enunciated the doctrine of Srimadbhagvadgita, every spiritual faith / belief is sacrosanct for the pursuer, being compatible with his / her nature and content of un-redeemed Karma-s therefore, must be respected by all others. He outright rejected inter-faith hostility and welcomed inter-faith hospitality instead, at every opportunity.

He had attained humility of the highest order as he believed, no human being is capable of being omniscient. Venality alone can claim, he / she knows all and all other religions are either false or imperfect, “They know not the real, they know not the unreal, they know not the truth, they know not the untruth. In such a state of ignorance do they dispute and quarrel.”

Gautama Buddha  was an ardent rationalist too. He never endorsed irrational rituals and exposed those Brahmana-s peddling venal practices and traditions to the detriment of society. In various Nikaya-s, he eloquently spoke against such exploitative practices including gifts by Buddhist-s to non Buddhist-s. He categorically declared, every non Buddhist  enjoyed the same right to liberation as Buddhist-s.

He was an excellent mediator and arbitrator too. He resolved every dispute / disagreement between religions by reconciliation and fortitude with emphasis to eschew aggression and hatred. Egoistic affinity towards one’s own faith is the vice that he abhorred, “To be attached to a certain view and to look down upon other views as inferior – this, the wise men call a fetter.” Buddhist  monks cannot afford to be dogmatic in their faith – “This is my faith.” is a statement of truth according to Gautama Buddha  but certainly not, “This alone is Truth and everything else is false.”  

Gautama Buddha  was a Hindu  of the highest order as well as one of the greatest human beings ever known to humanity.

He was an Avatara  in true sense of the term and he himself had acknowledged that. Iksvaku Raja Pravarasi Sata Prabhava Vamsa Sambhava  is the Prakrita  inscription of King Virpurusardatta  of IIIrd century CE discovered in Nagarjunakonda  valley of Vijayapuri  that means, “Born in the family that produced hundreds of great royal sages such as Iksvaku.” Another evidence cum affirmation arrives from Dasaratha Jataka  wherein he declares, “At that time King Suddhodana  was King Dasaratha, Mahamaya  was the mother, Rahula’s mother was Sita, Ananda  was Bharata  and I myself was RamaPandita.” Gautama Buddha  was very much an ardent Hindu  who preached Sanatana Vedanta Darsana  upon attainment of enlightenment inspired by Indra  and Brahma. Indra’s trademark weapon Vajra  happens to be insignia of Tibetan Buddhism. Gautama Buddha’s expositions heavily relied on Upanisadic  wisdom as he had accepted the glory of Upanisad-s in entirety in spite of the societal turbulence being undergone by Hindu-s. However, he did not encourage ritualistic segment of Hinduism  as he regarded all that dispensable and volitional. What he had attained in the name of ultimate realisation / enlightenment was pure Dharma, meant for all and inevitable for everyone, absolutely devoid of man-made additives / contaminants of any kind whatsoever.

The Sakya Muni  was an ardent Manuvadi  too ! Being thoroughly enlightened and liberated, he unhesitatingly declared himself a Brahmana  and never castigated the doctrine of Varna  as expounded in Manusmriti. Even Dr. Radhakrishnan confirmed, Gautama Buddha  never condemned Varna / Jati, “Not by birth is one a Brahmana, not by birth is one an outcaste; by deeds is one is a Brahmana, by deeds one is an outcaste.” Almost all of his followers were highly respected Brahmana-s. So were so many of Buddhist-s later. Buddhist  convention has already prognosticated, next Buddha  shall be known as Maitreya  and he shall be a born as a Brahmana  in addition to being a Brahmana  by Varna. Faith known as Buddhism  has absolutely nothing which has not been sifted out from Sanatana Vedanta Darsana  which happens to be the most fundamental and mother of all faiths in the world ever cognised by humanity. Beauty of the mysticism lies in the fact that Avatara  of the era moulds it in such a way that the Darsana  is dedicated to address prevailing issues of concern, implicit threats and suggest best way out of the rigmarole. Subsequently and quite undesirably, approach so modified to the ongoing crisis alongwith it’s modified philosophy, were declared as a new faith / religion and all resources have been assigned to prove complete disconnect with it’s origin and roots.

Followers of Gautama Buddha  were supported, nourished and protected in ancient Bharata  by Hindu  Kings exactly as all other Hindu Sadhu-s / Sannyasi-s. It came to be known as a separate faith only when it crossed borders of Bharata  as those Bhiku-s laid emphasis on Buddhism  while ignoring it’s roots and origin emanating from Sanatana Vedanta Darsana  and Gautama Buddha  being an Avatara  of Iksvaku  clan.

It is so unfortunate that subsequent generations of Buddhist-s repudiated the truth and questioned it without any shred of evidence. That only betrays their liberal flirtation with egoism rejected by Gautama Buddha  unequivocally. Leftist view nourished by western intellectuals floated the belief that Buddhism  has always been a separately identifiable faith as a measure of revolt against tyranny of Sanatana Hinduism. As a matter of fact, Gautama Buddha  never founded any newer faith which could possibly have been declared Buddhism  at all and Hindu-s never ever persecuted Buddhist-s.

Gautama Buddha  is purported to have denounced the evil Vedic  practice of animal sacrifice. As a matter of fact, no Veda  ordains / mandates / recommends animal sacrifice at all. Evil practice of animal-sacrifice was prevalent in that era but it was wrongly and quite inappropriately linked with Veda-s while Veda-s have absolutely nothing to do with animal sacrifice. He was critical of Karmakanda  described in Veda-s which has never been mandatory for anyone. However, Karmakanda  enjoys it’s own unique importance and inevitable for those desirous of a defined / designated acquisition or possession. He mainly dwelt on Upanisadic Darsana  acceptable to as many as possible and never ever claimed having founded a new sect / faith / religion. Gautama Buddha  never denounced Vedic  wisdom as he is often mentioned as a great Vedic  reformer instead. As a true protagonist of Vedanta Darsana, Gautama Buddha  was all inclusive to the extreme as he acknowledged spiritual enlightenment as a fundamental privilege for all. He graciously included all into the monastic order conceding equal opportunity for everyone to strive for the highest order of existence.

There have been sinister efforts for quite sometime to create antagonism between Hinduism  and Buddhism  completely obscuring the fact that Buddhism  is indeed, the highest order of Hinduism  alone. In other words, Buddhism  is the pinnacle of Hinduism  and there is absolutely no trace of antagonism. “Though I was born a Hindu, I solemnly assure you that I will not die as a Hindu.” were the words of Dr. Ambedker before switching over to Buddhism  as if Buddhism  is an altogether different religion !! His idea to proselytise himself to escape from indignities being heaped upon him was hardly an epochal decision. He was a born fighter against decaying social practices, should have dealt with all that with a heavy hand instead of escaping through Buddhism. Some of the so-called western Indologists (it is better not to call them Samskritologist-s !!) like Sheldon Pollock went to the extent of declaring, what to speak of Hinduism  even Samskrita  was rejected by Gautama Buddha  in favour of Pali  !! How could he deny the fact that Samskrita  always flourished even during adversities including Mughal era and the first slow-down was experienced only when the Mughal despot Aurangzeb arrived on the scene. If at all that is assumed to be true, they have no explanation as to why Buddhist  era witnessed resurgence of Samskrita  from CE II onward. Even Dr. Ambedker is purported to have opposed sponsoring Samskrita  as national language while he had indeed, actively supported Samskrita  to be accepted as national language.

Gautama Buddha  was a titanic socio-spiritual reformer who not only steered the society towards enlightenment, refinement and purification but also raised Sanatana Vedanta Darsana  to commanding heights.        


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Theory of General Relativity enunciated by Albert Einstein some 100 years ago, predicted existence of Gravitational Waves (GW hereafter) in cosmos though he himself was not entirely convinced whether these could be perceived. On Feb. 11, 2016 it was announced in Washington DC that first direct observation of GWs was successfully completed, established and verified. GWs are created when two immensely gigantic Black Holes, 1.3 billion Light Years (LY hereafter) away, orbit each other closer and closer, suddenly spiral / collide, followed by their cataclysmic merger accompanied by burst of immense energy. New Black Hole thus created, is equivalent of 62 suns coalesced together. Second time GWs were detected on Jun. 16, 2016 when two Black Holes 1.4 billion LYs away spun around each other 55 times approaching half of velocity of light, merged together into a massive Black Hole 20.8 times entire mass of the sun. When Space-Time Matrix is distorted by massive stars / planets, mysterious forces of gravity are emitted that accelerate objects lying in their domain, so elucidated Einstein in his theory. In a simple language, two massive Black Holes being Very Heavy Density Gravity Bubbles or balls of supremely intense gravity collide and merge causing tremendous disturbance in the entire gravitational matrix translating into waves that may be perceived / measured millions of LYs away.

Space-Time Matrix has always been regarded as a well-knit, infinite continuum of space (in length, breadth and width) and time in the manifest of a single identifiable entity, also known as Minkowski Space after Professor Minkowski (Albert Einstein was his student) who had added fourth dimension to the Euclidean Space Model. It is difficult for human intellect to visualise, Infinite Void undergoing contortion only to revolt into waves and ripples capable of shaking entire consciousness. These waves travel at the velocity of light with diminishing amplitude as they move across infinite stretches of the Infinite Void. When they arrive in close proximity of Planet Earth, they are almost imperceptible being thousand times subtler than the nuclear particle, Proton. In 1970s, Russell Hulse and Joseph Taylor discovered GWs indirectly while studying Binary Pulser PSR B1913+16 wherein orbits of two orbiting Neutron stars decayed gradually before colliding which is impossible to explain without energy depletion through emission of gravitational waves.

An improvised version of Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) whose construction started 22 years ago, could detect and measure these gravitational Space-Time contortions, rather cosmic stretches that bounce to shrink ultimately by splitting a Laser beam into two perpendicular arms each four Kms. long. The machine is so sensitive that it can measure GW that stretches Space-Time Matrix even by ten-thousandth fraction of the width of Proton. Gravitational waves can penetrate any and every object throughout cosmos and emerge from the other end unscathed.

Invocation of the Theory of Relativity or Quantum Mechanics may or may not be able to explain the cosmic phenomenon. However, if the wisdom of Agama / Samkhya Darsana  is juxtaposed to these observations, I find it a lot easier to visualise the cosmic event. Albert Einstein had deeply studied Sanatana  scriptures and most of his discoveries had been inspired by the wisdom attained therefrom by his own admission.

Many of us have observed simplified version of the phenomenon in a container full of water wherein two or more floating air-bubbles are naturally drifted towards each other, suddenly coalesce raising subtle ripples on the surface of water !!!!! We have observed summer heat creating partial vacuum by diluting air density leading to rushing in of air from surroundings at a great speed causing wind-storms. Like air-bubbles floating on the surface of water, these partial vacuums too, have a tendency to move towards each other and coalesce leading to disturbance in atmosphere.

Entire Space-Time Entity is an infinite ocean, rather an expanding ocean of three Guna-s of Prakrti  i.e. Sattva, Raja  and Tama. As a matter of fact, Infinite Void is not absolutely void lest it raises the question as to what may be the means / instrumentality with which such a cosmic void has been created. Three Guna-s exist in the form of live / throbbing Spandana  i.e. wave-particles, all in a state of well-poised equilibrium. When Cosmic stimulation dilutes density of Guna-s, Black Hole or something similar to that is generated with intense forces of gravity within, caused by the dilution or cosmic vacuum whatever that may be, entirely bereft of Guna-s. Thereafter, they behave like air-bubbles floating on the surface of water as illustrated above. The way air-bubbles coalesce to cause subtle ripples in water, Black Holes merge cataclysmically to emit tremendous waves of gravity in the infinite expanse of cosmos all around. Wherever and whenever the equipoise is disrupted, process to restore the equipoise begins instantly. Disruptions and restorations continue alternately, ceaselessly and infinitely.

Rational question emanates, if all objects in Space-Time Continuum i.e. infinite ocean of three Guna-s cause contortions and therefrom gravity is emitted, then why don’t they all rush towards one another or all towards Black Hole to be de-materialised / annihilated immediately. They don’t in reality because universe is continuously expanding. It is incessant expansion of the universe that prevents complete annihilation of entire universe by counter balancing gravitational forces in a calibrated manner. In other words, constant expansion of universe reduces gravitational contraction to allow universe to exist. So, incessant expansion of the universe is at the root of it’s continuity in existence.

LIGO team was thoughtfully constituted as a sub-group was mandated to create artificial GWs so as to booby trap other scientists by faking GWs to ensure, they remain on their alert not to lose right direction of research. Entire project also included 60 Indian scientists of Raman Research Institute / IUCAA. The machine so constructed happened to be the most sensitive one, never constructed before. On Sept. 14, 2015 at 11 am of Central European Time, Marco Drago, an Italian Post-Doctoral scholar and member of LIGO Scientific Collaboration, was the first to observe waves remotely at the Albert Einstein Institute, Germany. It consumed months and mind-boggling efforts to assure whether the discovery passed Five Sigma Test, gold standard for declaring a new discovery in Physics. The detection was declared GW 150914 corresponding to the date of discovery. The discovery confirmed, existence of Black Holes which is impossible to observe as the Holes do not reflect light to be perceived with.

USA has invited India to raise another such facility to verify observations from a distant location and Government have already sanctioned funds for that. With these highly sophisticated equipment, we shall be able to “see” gravity and listen to GWs emanating from Big Bang too. Black Hole merger is an almost everyday phenomenon and every such merger shall be “heard” immediately with these scientific advances. We hope, our country shall lead from the front in this extra-ordinary field of research in years to come.




by Ramakant Tiwari


Published in The Pioneer dated Jun. 20, 2016



Tradition of Mahakumbha  is ancient, almost 8,000 years old. Adhyatmika  and cosmic churning of almost unlimited diversity that occurs during Mahakumbha  is diametrically opposite, rather antithesis of the dismal / monotonous world of acquisition, possession and sense-satisfaction. It is a unique and spectacular exhibition of faith and order underneath chaos on such a mass scale that no other event anywhere in the world can be dubbed similar or close to it by any stretch of imagination. Mahakumbha  is a re-affirmation of underlying unity of innumerable strands of faiths, societal traditions, religious conventions and ancient values in this sprawling, continent-sized nation.  

Sanatana Hinduism  is so all encompassing that it includes even it’s own complete negation in the expression of atheism ! Tranquility, renunciation and contentment are so defining that it is believed, best Hindu  is the one who happens to be least Hindu  !! These are some of the attributes that baffle even well-informed ones about Hinduism. Counterpart of Abraham in Jewish / Christian faiths and Ibrahim in Islam, Param Brahmatma  is the Supreme Absolute who holds the fort for all Sanatana  followers as the Ultimate Being from whom all other entities, animate as well inanimate, originate. If they mean to address the same Absolute Entity, Param Brahmatma  as Abraham and Ibrahim respectively, so be that.  

Sanatana Hinduism  is the most ancient faith, is an axiom that is impregnable. Also the fact that every human being is born a Hindu, thereafter only anointed as Sanatana Hindu, Christian or Muslim by virtue of well-appointed religious practices. It is a faith that never had rigid geographical boundaries for centuries. It is the civilizational / cultural /ethnic identity that defined Hindu Rastra  i.e. nation within which political boundaries were hazy and transitional. It may be declared with emphasis that Hindu Rastra  always existed while country / countries existed in the form of kingdoms. It is at it’s best on display during Mahakumbha  when all ‘countries’ come together on a designated celestial occasion to assert Sanatana Hindu Rastra.  

When Buddhism and Jainism  appeared to be gaining an upper hand owing to several factors one of which being absence of assertiveness among Hindu-s, Adi Samkaracarya  raised four Mutt-s i.e.high seats of learning and practice of Sanatana Vedanta  in four distant corners of the nation. Saffron i.e. colour of flame was ordained for Hindu  monks to remind them incessantly, they are akin to the fire that blazes, annihilates all possessions for others. Also, they are ordained to find themselves lying on their pyre unflinchingly, to incinerate their unredeemed Karma-s, Samskara-s thereof and to ensure, no more Samskara-s are added afresh. Another organisation that Adi Samkaracarya  raised was Akhara-s which imparted martial arts with the purpose to defend Hinduism  against any aggression. Akhara  is the modified version of Aksara  which means indestructible. Thus, mission statement was amply conveyed through the choice of title itself of these establishments. Seven Akhara-s happen to be Avahana, Atala, Mahanirvani, Ananda, Niranjani, Juna  and Agni. In due course, owing to sharp differences among followers, Vaisnava Acarya-s Ramananda, Ramanuja  and Vallabha  raised Digambara, Nirvani  and Nirmohi Akhara-s respectively for Vaisnavite-s. Sri Chandra, Son of Guru Nanaka Deva  aspired to succeed his illustrious father. When Bhai Lehna  succeeded him as Guru Angada, Sri Chandra  was deeply disappointed, founded Udasina  sect with the main mission to cultivate indifference towards all possessions. However, Udasina  sect was not accepted by main Sikh Pantha  while they were warmly accepted by Hinduism. Later, when Udasina  fractionated into three sects of Bada-, Naya– and NirmalaUdasina, total number of Akhara-s went up to 13. Total number of Akhara-s has remained constant since then. These Akhara-s have been organising Mahakumbha-s all these years.  

Earliest description of Mahakumbha  is available in the 17 year travelogue, from 629 to 645 CE of Chinese traveller Huan Tsang. He travelled across the country and inscribed details of the grand festival. Mahakumbha  is held at four locations in the country with those being Haridwara, Prayaga, Nasika  and Ujjaina. Concept of Mahakumbha  is woven around an event narrated in Bhagavat Purana. During the chase and tussle to catch hold of AmritKalasa  i.e. Pot of Ambrosia / Nectar capable of bestowing immortality, between Sura-s i.e. celestial deities and Asura-s i.e. celestial Dasyu-s, few drops spilled over and fell on the ground at those four locations followed by Mahakumbha  being organised periodically. Mahakumbha  is an elaborate divine message for all of us to allow all higher instincts within us to rise over lower / carnal instincts and purify ourselves symbolically by washing ourselves in the holy waters on auspicious days like Vasanta Pancami  etc. It is with that pious intent that a certain celestial / planetary configuration was selected by our ancients which is maximally facilitative / supportive to the purpose in terms of divine energy. Simhastha Kumbha  in Ujjaina  is held when Jupitar enters into Leo’s constellation and Sun into Aries of the Zodiac. Kumbha  is held at Haridwara  when Jupiter enters into Aquarius while Sun into Aries. It is organised at Prayaga  when Jupiter enters into Aries while Sun and Moon into Capricorn. Nasika  is the festival site when Jupiter enters into Leo. Thus, emerged the 12 year cycle to hold Mahakumbha, not only for Adhyatmika  self-elevation but also a sacrosanct festive occasion for all Sadhu-s / Sannyasi-s to congregate and deliberate over related issues of faith, society, nation etc. It is also a grand occasion for common folks to inter-mingle with ascetics / renunciates from all over and rejuvenate themselves spiritually. It is one of the ancient ways of inspiring us periodically for the highest mission of human life while dwelling in the midst of all vanities and venalities. Undergoing trials and tribulations during cosmic journey from I-centrism to U-Centrism with a few dips in holy waters, spiritual enrichment in company of Sannyasi-s, unmitigated dedication unto all constituents of infinite cosmos…are truly extra-ordinary experiences. 

Some 120 million pilgrims visited Prayaga Kumbha-2013 over a period of a couple of months while some 50 million in Ujjaina Kumbha-2016. Such a huge scale of congregation is enough to mesmerise the whole world. Mark Twain was precise when he commented, “It is done in love or done in fear, I do not know…no matter what the impulse is, the act born of it is beyond imagination.”



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Hon. Prime Minister,
Namo Namaha.

I venture to invite your attention to an issue of grave dimensions involving far reaching consequences, influencing generations in future wherein a very well crafted / designed assault is being planned to destroy / fossilise Samskrita  and our ancient Samskriti  by a posse of exceedingly provided / well-resourced, self-proclaimed western scholars / Samskritologist-s (i.e. Indologists, in their own words which I dislike) who are at best Samskriti-Predators and at worst, Intellectual-Wolves on prowl.

Latest Special Purpose Vehicle for the dubious endeavour is Murty Classical Library floated by Rohan Murty, son of Infosys founder Narayana Murty who had once pipe-dreamed and rebuffed thereafter, to be unanimously elected as President of India and the proposed appointment of Sheldon Pollock as their Chief Editor. Pollock is the self-proclaimed Samskritologist, vocally endorsed by die hard Leftists as well as Leftists who declare themselves to be Centrists to fool as many gullible Indians as possible. This crowd of well-linked / well-entrenched / liberally-funded American- / Euro-centric intellectuals is planning to re-work out some 500 works on ancient Bharatiya  literature, Samskrita  andSamskriti. Signals are loud and clear, of a very dangerous variety.

Sheldon Pollock represents a proliferative breed of Pseudo-Samskritologist-s who have no understanding of Sanatana Darsana, no respect for our Samskriti, frequently assuming anti-Hindu / anti-Bharata / anti-Modi political positions unabashedly, who declare Sanatana  Wisdom casteist / oppressive / gender-discriminatory / patently inferior to Christianity, blame Hinduism / Brahamanism  for extinction of Buddhism  in the country (turning Nelson’s eye towards profligacy of Buddhist  monks and despotic Mughal cruelty during those centuries being actually responsible for their disappearance), rise of Ramayana  in response to rise of Buddhism  subsequently…and actively nudging genuineSamskritologist-s in the country to be grateful to them for devoting their life-time resources in studying our fabulous heritage…so that they can malign us effectively !!

Creepy Leftists are so devious that they have been able to position themselves in and out of the country in influential slots successfully, muzzle voices of sanity / pragmatism and professional integrity. They thus, succeed in scaring away so many well-meaning intellectuals who would have been otherwise, very effective in countering them. Lack of proficiency in English, financial clout, absence of self-esteem and deeply entrenched inferiority complex are other nagging reasons as to why Pollock Gang of Cultural Marauders has been successful so far in imposing their dubious views just like what was done by his intellectual-cousin Amartya Sen all these years. The scenario is by now so grim that Sringeri Sarada Pithama  are now poised to enter into an agreement to establish a Chair, SVBF Adi Sankara  Chair in Hindu  Religion & Philosophy at the Columbia University and Sheldon Pollock and his ilk shall be calling the shots. Erudite Pithama  scholars are so much mesmerised by their halo of sanctity that they have been quite sceptic to all efforts to open their eyes to the impending hazard of their entire history / legacy being subverted and subdued. If such a Chair holder is not a replica of Adi Sankara, even if not an Avatara  in true traditions of the ancient Sarada Pithama, how can he / how will he do justice to the onerous assignment in a strange land far away from their original roots, given the real objective of manufacturing abusers instead of responding to them meaningfully ? Can we imagine a situation, Sringeri Sarada Pithama  setting up a Chair at Aligarh University or Barkatulla University, Bhopal appointing a Banarasi Pandit / Barelvi Maulana to explain / expound Catholicism, sponsored by the Vatican with the benediction and blessings of Pope Francis !!!! Will they ever concede that ?? Should such devious / malevolent Gora-s be allowed to fiddle / debase / destroy our celebrated lofty verticals / institutions of Sanatana  Hinduism instead of assuming leadership of reforming them by ourselves ???  

Sheldon Pollock, unfortunately a Padma Sri  holder, is the Pseudo-Samskritologist  who claims, oppressive Brahamanical Samskriti  ofSamskrita  is actually responsible for British colonialism and Hitler’s genocidal Nazism !! 
Samskrita-phobe Pollock believes, Samskrita Mantra-s are racist / Manuvadi / discriminatory and replaceable, must be substituted with more comfortable versions…may be Ba ba black sheep, have you any wool / Rain rain, go away / Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall….. !!!!! Mantra-s for Yajna  too, he finds Manuvadi, racist and casteist.

Hindu-phobe Pollock discovers Adhyatmika  element of Vedic Darsana  utterly absurd, superstitious and devilish. Without his having heard about PratyaksaPramana / AnumanaPramana, leave alone mastering that, such a repugnant reaction is not surprising at all.
Knowledge of medicine, poetry, dance, drama, architecture, sculpture…do not belong to Vedic  wisdom at all !! These were brought into the country by Aryana-s according to Pollock Uvaca  and Western Gora-s have every right to claim original ownership of all that !!

According to Pollock Uvaca, knowledge of Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Linguistics, Logics etc. has been already there in western civilisation even before Planet Earth came into being !! That thousands and lakhs of precious manuscripts were plundered and carted away to Europe / America, is a reality that does not exist at all for Hindu-phobes like Pollocks !!
And the Brahamana-King ‘Jugalbandi’ impregnated and infiltrated all vernaculars to instill a sense of inferiority complex among non-Samskrita  speaking populace in the country !!
In all, they wish to sanitise and detoxify Samskrita  to make it more acceptable and facilitate it to be appropriated by them comfortably, leaving behind entire Hindu  population in Bharata  looking like naïve fools.
Sheldon Pollock and his ilk cannot understand, it is the ‘Spandana’ i.e. vibration generated by recitation of Mantra-s that brings about divine effects and miracles because entire existence exists in the form of cosmic Spandana  alone. Hence, the sacrosanct tradition of Sruti  came into being which westerners foolishly dubbed as complete absence of recorded history !! These Mantra-s cannot be substituted and everyMantra  deserves highest accolade available in the world.

Pollock cannot understand, our Rsi-s / Maharsi-s were outstanding cosmonauts…they used to leave their bodies behind under a gigantic banyan tree, roam around entire cosmos, go for a morning walk on outer ring of Planet Saturn, return into their bodies and write down fantastic texts on Astronomy, Astrology, eye-witness accounts of Planetary movements…there is a Yogi  who can write entire horoscope of the person sitting before him in thin air with his forefinger, with his eyes tightly shut, without having even basic details like time / place / date of birth etc. and position of every Naksatra  matching with the one given in it’s paper version correctly and exactly !!

Hindu-phobe Pollock cannot understand, Siddha Yogi-s postured in deep Samadhi  in distant Himalayan caves, temporarily create their duplicates to work out a certain past Karma  to redeem and purify themselves before they attain Moksa, bypassing regular embodiment with complete cycle of life and death !!

Samskrita-phobe Pollock cannot understand entire Vedic  knowledge is completely divine, impossible for an ordinary human brain to create that…and out of sheer envy and venal competition, Muslims declared Koran as divine and Christians declared Bible as a divine creation !!

Pollock and his ilk with nefarious intentions cannot understand Dhvani  of Samskrita Varnamala  is imbedded in all seven Cakra-s of subtle body, that Samskrita  is deep inside us, we are made up of Samskrita  as our integral constituent and Samskrita  CANNOT be separated from human beings as if developed / attained from outside like other languages !!!! All Ayatollahs / Mullas / Pope Francis / Virgin Parents and Pollock himself, are made up of Samskrita !! It will be impossible for Pollock to believe, all languages / sounds of the universe are permutations / combinations of these Dhvani-s residing in our Cakra-s…Sadhaka-s / Yogi-s are capable of comprehending / perceiving these truths and anyone else can verify himself by pursuing a prescribed format of Sadhana  under supervision of an accomplished Guru.

Pollock cannot understand that only Siddha Yogi-s can entirely understand anyone’s psyche as they alone can perceive unredeemed Karma-s that may impel a person to behave in a certain manner anytime in future which no Psychologist in the world is capable of accomplishing.

Pollock and his ilk cannot comprehend that Sigmund Freud, so-called ‘Father of Psychology’, was shocked into disbelief when informed by aRsi, that mind-control is a child’s play for Sadhaka-s in India! Sigmund Freud in reality, just did not know even a, b, c of Psychology, deeply rooted in Astanga Yoga  of Maharsi Patanjali. Psychology howsoever advanced, cannot explain as to why a Prince turned Bhiksuka  went to his deserted wife and son decades later to beg for alms ONLY to be sure, last vestiges of his Ahamakara had been completely dissolved…why a Parivrajaka  suddenly turned to politics and became Prime Minister of the largest democracy in the world !!
Hindu-phobes and Samskrita-phobes like Pollock cannot understand how and why Vasudeva Sri Krsna  happens to be the greatest Applied / Behavioural Psychologist ever known to humanity !!

Pollock and his brothers cannot comprehend, when an American Joseph Kennedy touched feet of a Yogi  and sought his blessings, the Yogi  had blessed him, his children would bring name / prosperity to his family. Later he became father of US President John Kennedy !! So powerful is the Adhyatma  of Samskrita  and Vedanta Darsana !!

So tough / extra-ordinary / unique / mystical is the job of exposition / explanation of Samskrita  texts, preservation of it’s values / traditions and discovering even higher reaches of wisdom by diving into The Infinite. Poor Sheldon Pollock and his ilk believe, Samskrita  and Samskriti  learning / teaching / writing is like learning English / reading the title In Dubious Battle by Nobel Laureate John Steinbeck, sprinkled with classical American abuses.

The kind of Samskrita  scholars we have in our country, are at best described as ‘Intellectual DaridraNarayana’, entirely incapable of standing upto the dubious halo / aura / awe of Sheldon Pollock variety, their nefarious anti-Samskrita activities and the long-term havoc that they can cause without anyone even realising that.

Any kind of private initiative howsoever effective, is impossible to measure upto the enormity of resources / clout available at the disposal of Pollock and his ilk. I appeal to you Mr. Prime Minister, Government MUST step in, constitute a high-powered committee of a few high on self-confidence / self-esteemed erudite Samskritologist-s, impart / sponsor proper training in this discipline, proficiency in English and exposure to all their devious / dirty tricks so that they can move around the world wherever required, to expose these Pseudo-scholars, counter all their nefarious moves to appropriate our fabulous legacy and provide accurate picture of our precious heritage through lectures as well as in writing.

Presently, to the best of my information, Rajiv Malhotra is the only person who has been fighting out Pollock type Intellectual-Wolves so far, almost single-handedly. Padma Sri, that was conferred upon Sheldon Pollock by Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra dynasty, rightfully belongs to Rajiv Malhotra. He may also be roped in officially to contribute and the battle to restore ancient legacy of primacy and honour of Samskrita /Vedanta Darsana  be intensified before it is too late.

With best regards,
Ramakant Tiwari