US President Donald Trump created history by declaring Jerusalem as the bonafide capital of Israel, a long pending decision transcending several US Presidencies and created another history by ordering US Embassy in Tel Aviv to shift to Jerusalem lock, stock and barrel immediately. And he created yet another history by displaying the order to world media so boldly and point-blank with a ‘take it or leave it’ message for the Arab world, Palestine included. Implicitly, he trashed ‘toothless white elephant’ known as United Nations though they struggled to salvage their pathetic image by passing a useless resolution against US President’s decision.

Frankly speaking, I enjoyed these hilarious developments post-Trump order. 

For some obscure strategic reasons, Prime Minister Modi of Bharata (British gifted name is India !!) decided to cold-shoulder Trump’s decision and ordered voting in favour of the Arab world. There was a howl of protest across the country and some even went to the extent of dubbing it as ‘stabbing’ in the back of Israel, that a long-awaited opportunity to do a historic course correction was frittered away and what not. I too, decided to support PM Modi’s decision when lot many sent me messages to explain the decision as if it was adopted by me !! Our support for the ‘toothless’ UN decision was quickly rubbished when Palestinian envoy in Pakistan visited a proclaimed terrorist Hafiz Sayed to boost his morale, shared dais with the hardened criminal who had orchestrated mass Mumbai murders in 2008 killing scores of innocents including Jews, Americans and others. Though Government of Bharata have lodged strong protest with Palestinian Government but the irreparable damage has been done. Complaining to Palestinian Government on such issues is same as whining and complaining to Pakistan about cross-border terrorism / infiltration officially sponsored by Pakistani Government overtly and their heavily medalled / decorated (for which victory / victories ??) military beasts covertly. 

Let us for a moment glance at this strange creation called Palestine and the ceaselessly sanguinary battles associated with them. 

Hebrews had been in the territory now known as Israel, since BCE II Millennium beginning with King Joshua, then King David and his dynasty. “Israel” first appeared in Merneptah Stele of the Egyptian Pharaoh Merneptah of BCE 1209. Romans invaded it in CE-I, named the territory as Palestine where Aegeans, related to Greeks and not Arabs,  inhabited a thin coastel Gaza strip (quite ironically, they are confined to that much even today !!). The word ‘Palestine’ itself means ‘invader’ having it’s roots in the Hebrew word ‘Plisha’. So they were recognised as invaders by ancient Romans themselves !! So prior to Roman invasion, there was absolutely no entity known as Palestine or any cultural / historical identity associated with that, a stark reality confessed by even several Arab leaders and academicians categorically. After contemporary Israel was founded in 1948, umpteenth times before literally, massive propaganda has been consistently and persistently unleashed with calories provided by the Arabian fossil fuel that Palestinian nationality preceded Israel 1948 and that Israelis are real invaders who snatched away their country. So Palestinians claim to own a property that never ever existed in their name at all and calling rightful owners ‘Occupiers’ !! Late Zuheir Muhsin, Defence Head of PLO himself vouchsafed, “Yes, the existence of a separate Palestinian identity serves only tactical purposes. The founding of a Palestinian state is a new tool in the continuing battle against Israel…”. What does it mean ? So much blood-bath since 1948 and before has been just a measure of ‘tactical tool’ ?? Human lives, human blood have no other value at all for them ?? If this is not a diabolical and beastly carnivorous conduct, then what is it in reality ?  

After breakdown of Ottoman Empire post-World War I into three territories, 77% of the British occupied portion became Jordan and much less than 23% was allocated to Israel in 1948. In fact Britain cheated Israel by allocating less than their due share of 23% territory while Arabs of the truncated territory refused to migrate to Jordan so as to continue being a migraine to Israel. It was mainly the fossil fuel in possession of Arabs that rendered Jews dispensable in British eyes notwithstanding their historical rights, favours of all sorts extorted by British from them during World War-I, their calamitous history of horrific holocaust and commitments. Israel’s spread of a mere 21,000 sq. Kms. is just 0.01% of the surface area of Planet Earth. Planet Earth has 126 Christian countries, 49 Islamic countries perpetually killing one-another, 2 Hindu countries and just ONE country for Judaism !! Strangely enough, existence of even that one country is resented by 49 Islamic countries brazenly !! That is really height of mental bankruptcy to say the least.  

Entire diplomatic might of more than hundred countries congregated in the name of UN General Assembly to browbeat a tiny country holding meagre 0.01% land-mass and the only country for Jews to live and die peacefully !! Are they all not crazy enough ? Unfortunately, UN has evolved into a ‘Theatre of the Absurd’, a bunch of clowns who entertain entire world through their absurd tactics and antics at the cost of billions of $$. Time is now ripe, if they refuse to be reformed, they should be disbanded forthwith because they do not mind being used and thrown away like tissue-paper by super-powers like USA on one hand and recalcitrant / defiant countries like China on the other.  

For Jews, entire Jerusalem is a holy city while for Arabs, only Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa mosque constructed on ruins of Jewish Soloman’s Temple are sacred. This temple was first destroyed in BCE 587, then CE 70 by Romans. Caliph Abdel Mallik raised the Dome in CE 692 after demolishing the temple and Al Aqsa Mosque close to the Dome in CE 714. As a matter of fact, Muslims are addicted to constructing their mosques over ruins of temples and churches all over the world. They have a flair of appropriating non-Islamic holy places on one pretext or the other and now they seriously wish to appropriate the whole world for their faith.  

Jordan desecrated and destroyed all Jewish holy sites while Israel preserves all Muslim and Christian sites in Jerusalem accessible to all. Israel gracefully allows Arab Waqf to control Temple Mount while the same Arab Waqf does not allow Israelis to pray not in the Temple Mount but in front of it’s Western Wall !! Jerusalem was raised by King David as capital of Israel and remained so for 3000 years, Tanakh mentions Jerusalem over 600 times and Zion over 150 times, Bible mentions Jerusalem over 150 times and NOT EVEN ONCE in Koran !! Never in history not even for a single day was Jerusalem capital of any Muslim entity whatsoever. Very rightly Israel declared entire Jerusalem as their capital under Jerusalem Law and those countries who shift their Embassies to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv irrespective of the ridiculous UN votes, shall be celebrated for their statesmanship in decades / centuries to come. It is high time, all civilised countries in the world stand up in unison in support of Israel and Jerusalem as their capital. Dithering on the issue is reprehensible that amounts to nurturing unrighteous forces that are enemies of humanity and civilization.   

Prime Minister Modi must reconsider his decision and recognise Jerusalem as capital of Israel followed by shifting of Bharatiya Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. As the Prime Minister has been downright righteous hitherto, possesses a flair of adopting righteous / absolutely correct decisions in spite of heavy odds, immediate reversal of the decision already adopted, is an imperative now. If any country in the world deserves unqualified support from us, it is none other than Israel.   


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‘Happy Birthday !’ is the greeting that is welcomed by all and sundry. Quite paradoxically, we all welcome birthday greetings most cheerfully yet shudder at the thought of growing old. Without growing old, we wish to be greeted for our birthdays every year by as many as possible, for as many years as possible and prayed for a longer and longer life every year irrespective of age, be it 19 years or 90 years !! Unmindful of the fact that beyond a reasonable figure of number of years of age, life becomes a curse for self and an unbearable burden for others.  

Why can’t we wish, “Live healthy and die healthy !!” to others ?? 

English calendar is grossly inaccurate. It is a poor copy of Hindu  calendar computed on the basis of planetary configurations unlike English calendar based on number of days, that too randomly. From that point of view, every Happy Birthday greeting is being extended on a different day to the same person every year !!! After all, these Happy Birthday greetings are essentially English in nature !! English calendar provides date while Hindu calendar, Tithi. Since Hindu  calendar is based on planetary configurations, Tithi  provided by it too, is based on planetary configurations. As planetary configurations if computed accurately, are always absolutely accurate in measurement of time, days, months and years, Tithi-s provided by it too, are always absolutely flawless. Tithi  corresponding to a set of planetary configurations is the real date and time of one’s birth, rather Tithi  of one’s birth and every next recurrence of the same planetary configuration would amount to completion of a year and arrival of a very Cheerful and Happy Birthday. Western countries must substitute their inaccurate calendar with Pancanga  based Hindu  calendar, most accurate and authentic in all aspects. As a matter of fact, based on English calendar, on everybody’s birthday, they celebrate nobody’s birthday !!! What a pity indeed !! 

Cosmic journey of every animate being commences after being released as a subtle and deluded particulate Cetana  i.e. Consciousness known as Atma  from the Supreme Being of Param Brahmatma, undergo innumerable embodiments and dis-embodiments to attain perfection implying highly exulted state of AtmaCetana  i.e. Self-consciousness. Only purpose of the cosmic journey through the world passing through various forms of lives, eighty-four lakhs as enumerated in Sanatana  scriptures and known as Yoni-s, is to evolve into AtmaCetana  i.e. Self-consciousness from the humble state of Cetana  i.e. Consciousness. As soon as the highest and supreme state of existence known as AtmaCetana  is attained, cosmic journey through the world ceases, birth and death in the form of embodiment and dis-embodiment respectively stop to come by, nothing more is left to perform, nothing more is left to be attained, all struggles and agonies are over, ecstasies refuse to delight, agonies decline to torment, sense of ownership over anything and everything is absolutely dissolved and absolute, unperturbable tranquillity dawns upon. As soon as the serene state of AtmaCetana  is attained, such an AtmaCaitanya  i. e. Self-Conscious retires eternally into His ultimate abode i.e. the Supreme Being of Param Brahmatma. There in the Supreme Abode he then rests eternally liberated from all sorts of shackles whatsoever, known to have attained Moksa. So on that plane of Adhyatmika  existence, life begins when Cetana  is released from Param Brahmatma  and ceases after evolving into AtmaCetana  i.e. after attainment of ultimate liberation in Moksa. That is the Cosmic Life-Span. 

Like Tithi  to ascertain accurate time of birth and birthdays, accurate age is the one where precisely you stand in your cosmic life-span, how much of the cosmic journey you have already completed and how much more is yet to be completed before you finally bid adieu to the world. That implies, mortally you may be 30 / 50 / 60 years old yet in reality, you may be thousands or may be lakhs of human years old from the moment of your birth from Param Brahmatma  !!! And you may have thousands or may be lakhs of human years of life more to live in this world albeit in different bodies before you disappear into the Cosmic Being of Param Brahmatma !!  

Is it possible to ascertain one’s Cosmic Age if he / she wishes to ? Certainly not impossible but a very tough proposition to boot. It is better not to attempt to ascertain that. On an Adhyatmika  plane of existence, sometimes ignorance is as much a bliss as enlightenment !! So finally, even insipid and ordinary sounding questions like, “How old are you ?” or “What is your age ?” have intense mysticism associated with them.


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He was a Quetta born Mumbaikar while I happen to be a Bombay born and brought up Mumbaikar, his ‘Mantra’ was ‘Publish and Get Damned’ that inspired me to attain ‘Mantra’ of ‘Be Righteous Ever and Get Damned’ !! He laid down foundation of almost entire discriminative political understanding that I possess today through his Blitz though I never met him personally. He was exceedingly righteous, so much so that he was a Terrorist-Journalist for a venomously oppressive, corrupt to the core, vindictive, autocratic and highly egoistic Prime Minister Indira Gandhi who did not blink even once in back-stabbing the nation by returning 90,000 captives of Pakistani Army for a song without demanding POK in lieu. And the way Russi, embodiment of patriotism / nationalism, blasted her in several issues of Blitz thereafter, is probably one of the highest verticals in post-1947 history of Bharata. Even his rugged contemporary Nani Palkhiwala succumbed to her pressure tactics but Russi, no way. Voraciously I used to read every word of Blitz during my student life whichever issue I could grab after being introduced to the tabloid by my father, himself an ardent reader of Blitz.     

Rustom Khurshedji Karanjia (1912 – February 1, 2008), a journalist and editor, founder of a weekly tabloid Blitz with emphasis on forensic journalism, ran the tabloid for four decades since 1941 onward. He interviewed several high and mighty viz. Fidel Castro, Chou En Lai for Blitz, nurtured fledgling careers like RK Laxman and Abu Abraham, served as WW II correspondent in Burma, died 95 in 2008, opted for Hindu custom of being cremated instead of going into Tower of Silence. Beginning with Communism, he turned into an ardent pro-Hindu vehement supporter of Ayodhya Movement that raised his stature by several notches. Blitz used to be so ferocious that their Sub-Editor AV Narayan was murdered by a bunch of criminal politicians in 1983. Russi authored several books on various topics too. 

“You don’t have to be crazy to work here, but it helps.” So was announced his presence outside his Office in Blitz. Political Who’s Who who nefariously indulged with public money and trust, used to shudder at names of Blitz and Karanjia. He always loved to be warned, threatened and persecuted by the high and mighty in corridors of authority. Murder threats were most welcome. He advised one death-caller not to come on Sundays and holidays to kill him ! His ‘Love to Hate’ relationship with Indira Gandhi was truly remarkable as she was his resolute tormentor for years. CIA hated him as a Soviet stooge and when mistaken as Indian Ambassador to Cuba by Castro, he cared little to set the records straight ! Blitz notched lakhs of readers and Russi received highest number of ‘Letters to the Editor’ than any other newspaper in the country, treated all his staff members as his extended family, tolerated even their temperamental outbursts.  

When Parsis migrated from Persia after being persecuted by Muslim invaders, they were allowed to settle by the local King Jadi Rana of Sanjan in Gujarat, on the condition that they would adopt local ethos in entirety. Thereupon, Parsis assured him to merge themselves into society like sugar in milk !! History is witness, Parsis exceeded the brief far beyond ‘sugar in milk’ to merge like ‘honey in milk with Kesar’ !! This is the only minority community in true sense of the word, never provoked any other community by any means, never demanded any favour from the State yet contributed immensely to the nation. Not only Parsis are truly secular, they never provoked majority Hindu community to conduct themselves in a communal fashion. They never compelled Hindus to become communal, very unlike Muslims who thrive on most narrow-minded / murderous communalism of the lowest order. Hindu-Parsi communal tension is an ‘entity’ that never existed even in anybody’s dreams !! And Hindu-Parsi relationship is a perfect example of Secular Co-existence of the finest order. Muslims and Christians must emulate Parsis as their role-model minority community and Hindu-Parsi communal harmony completely devoid of any friction like conversion / love-jehad etc.  

Russi Karanjia was one such pillar of nationalism, integrity and genuine ‘secularism’, one among so many Parsis, adorable with so many accolades on his head.


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Hon. Prime Minister,

NaMo Namaha.


At the outset, I congratulate you for the grand twin well-deserved Assembly victories in Gujarat 2017 and HP 2017.

Victory in Gujarat was a tough proposition as circumstances created by Congress & Co. somewhat resembled pre-election scenario of LS 2014 in public perception. Gujarati voters are not easy to handle as they are exceedingly performance demanding, do not resort to sentimentalism and the State happens to have received one of the highest numbers of Gravitational Waves generated by Demonetisation & GST. Hatred campaign unleashed by the team led by The Great JaneuDhari ShivBhakta of India too, resembled that of vitiated atmosphere of LS 2014. With respect to final tally, both are almost similar by being slightly more than the hallowed midway mark. Coming out brighter of such a blazing trial by fire in the crucible of performance is a remarkable achievement and you deserve all the plaudits available and conceivable. 

However, decline in number of seats by 50 or so (target of 150 was a genuine figure for me) is a bit disconcerting even if percentage of votes polled swelled by a few %-points. These elections are not merely elections between some obscure political party known as Congress against some other political party known as BJP. All these elections are acrimonious battles between forces that are eager to break the nation into pieces, cart away entire wealth and culture out of the country on one hand and forces determined to preserve and protect the very foundation of this nation on the other. One ex-PM had the audacity to declare first claim to national resources to followers of a particular sect imported from west Asia that organised several rounds of Hindu-Holocaust of horrible dimensions for centuries in the country. Tragi-comedy is strange indeed. Even a Jarawa tribal of the Andamans is very proud of his faith and culture while highly educated Liberal-Idiots are not and they are ever busy denigrating their own cause of existence !!!  Post LS-2014, every such electoral battle is DharmaYuddha  of Kuruksetra. It is that reason when I say, there is no alternative to BJP and indeed, there is none. Nation cannot afford decline in seats won and votes polled by BJP as it is not merely a question of victory or defeat of BJP but more than that, the very survival of this nation, her Dharma  and Samskriti. Decline of BJP at present, shall seriously jeopardise future of this great / unique country in the world. It is this stark reality that must be effectively drilled into every mind and brain in the country as an essentiality so that voters are not swayed away by winds of petty reasons while their precious votes fall into very wrong hands.  

Reason for decline in number of seats in spite of 22 years of brilliant / corruption-free performance, in spite of election results in UP, in spite of foundational reservation thesis of HAJ pertaining to Patidars being demolished by the Finance Minister, in spite of the bitter experience of Delhi-ites at the hands of AAPKejariwal available to them to mull over, in spite of absence of credible leadership in the State Congress, in spite of every voter being so well informed in Gujarat, must be thoroughly investigated and remedial measures adopted quickly. If a bunch of three mavericks struggling to introduce ‘Chhokra-politics’ in the State, are able to nibble considerable votes and seats at the hustings, it is a matter of concern indeed as we must always be in complete command of every such situation. 

Victory in HP is splendid. If leader of the team has not been accepted by voters concerned after open declaration of his being CM nominee, he must not be foisted on the State as CM. With voters so decisive in delivering their mandate for the position of CM and so discriminative in electing the party to be installed in power, BJP ought to be decisive enough in selection of right CM for the State. We cannot afford to leave even a single pebble unturned while honouring people’s mandate.   

BJP is very precious for the nation, Mr. Prime Minister. Even it’s slightest decline may turn out to be very expensive for the nation’s future.


With best regards,

Ramakant Tiwari      


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Hindus have a deeply ingrained propensity to instantly believe anything that is anti-Hindu and react skeptically for anything that is pro-Hindu. Not astonishing at all as that is the way we have been brought up, fed on distorted history authored by ‘Sarkari-Secular’ historians ranging from Nurul Hasan / Irfan Habib to Ramchandra Guha. ‘Sarkari-Gyan’ peddled by these ‘Sarkari’ intellectuals has done havoc to the society. Our roots have been seriously attempted to be pulled out by these ‘Sarkari’ intellectuals post-1947 decades. Even British historians revised their views of several events of history viz. English Civil War or Gladstonian liberalism. Yet, our ‘Sarkari’ histo-intellectuals like Romilla Thapar, DN Jha et.el. are still extremely allergic to nerve-rattling realities of Mughal / British era.  

War Of Freedom 1857, WOF-1857 hereafter, was a complex one. If Mangal Pande / Tatya Tope / Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi were consuming themselves against British occupation, there were so many others who battled British occupiers for very different reasons altogether. Subedar Bakht Khan is glorified in Lal Quila’s Sound & Light as the soldier who fought British in Delhi, was in fact a Wahabi warrior. Now do not assume, Wahabis of 1857 were our freedom fighters !! This Khan was ‘Chela’ of Maulvi Sarfaraz Ali, an “Imam of Mujahideens”, principal leader of Jihad against British. These Wahabis were active in Patna too. Azamgarh Proclamation and pamphlets of those days liberally invoked terms like “extirpating the infidels”, “Mujahideens”, “Standard of Mohammed” etc. This Islamic / Wahabi agitation ran parallel to the nationalistic struggle orchestrated by Tatya Tope and others. Ban on cow-slaughter by Bahadur Shah Zafar was merely a ploy to hoodwink Hindu-nationalist warriors and lure them to the camp of Wahabis. Zafar appeared to be more worried about future of his 14 year old Begum Zeenat Mahal than anything else. He had no treasury, no soldiers and no arms to fight back. Last Mughal along with his Begums and large number of offsprings was in dire straits. When he was captured by British occupiers, he begged for his life unlike CS Azad / Martyr Bhagat Singh who used to roar like revolutionaries before British despots. British occupiers of the country somehow managed a proclamation issued by the Ottoman Caliph mandating Indian Muslims to remain loyal to the British Occupation. Gov. General Lord Mayo in 1870 prompted a group of Ulemas to issue a Fatwa, declaring India then, Dar-ul-Islam. Fanatics like Zafar / Sarfaraz Ali can never be regarded as freedom fighters. Our entire war against Islamic terrorism shall be defeated if such fanatics are accepted as freedom fighters.    

For Mughals, 1857 irruption was certainly the last ditch effort by Muslims to reclaim their own rule from British occupiers while Marathas / Rajputs / Jats / Sikhs were certainly not fighting to revert to Islamic medievalism. And there were Maharajas of Patiala, Jind and Nabha who were recommended to be trusted by Sir John Lawrence, Commissioner of Lahora Division. Further, he wrote, “…Their Maulvis taught them it was only lawful for true Mussalmans to submit to the rule of an infidel if there was no possibility of successful revolt, and they watched for the chance of again being able to make Islam supreme. The late Sir George Campbell says that the mutiny was a ‘sepoy revolt, not a Hindu rebellion.’ However, by all means, War of Freedom 1857 was certainly not merely a rebellion. Personalities as diverse as Veer Savarkar to JL Nehru converged to the same perception as eloquently as said so.      

In his title “Sepoy War In India”, John Williams affirmed, “credit for continuance of British occupation of India largely goes to Indians who handed over the country to them on a platter”. Another book ‘Sirgujishte Delhi’ pubished diary of one Jeevanlal who happened to be profoundly trusted by the British and he was very close to them. Jeevanlal was an important figure in BS Zafar’s Darbar and close to the royal family. He was an eye-witness to the events of 1857. He narrated all events sequentially from May 11 to May 14, 1857 and forwarded it to Charles Metcalf, the then Joint Magistrate of Delhi. Later he was appointed ‘Munshi’ of David Octerloni and Sir John Metcalf. As he was a trustee on both sides, he comfortably passed on details of freedom movement activities as well as whereabouts of freedom-fighters. He had conveyed to his British masters, exit plans of Zafar’s army from Lal Quila one day in advance. He had also conveyed to British occupiers, details of deployment of canons and other armaments at Lahori Gate and Delhi Darwaza. They all used to be lavishly rewarded by Britishers for their ‘courageous’ acts as they used to describe that. Britishers used to patronize gangsters too, with the sole intention to torment Hindus and molest Hindu women. Maulvi Razab Ali, Mirza Ilahibakht, Turava Ali, Fateh Mohammed, Altafat Ali, Gaurishanker, Mir Mohammed Ali, Harchand, Meghraj, Kallu Mian, Mehboob Khan, Sajan Gujjar, Prabhu Rustam, Man Singh, Jawahar Singh happen to be some other prominent traitors. They had played crucial role in defeating first serious effort to attain independence in 1857. These are indeed, just a few stray instances of treachery. There have been scores of such instances throughout.   

WOF-1857 sparked by Mangal Pandey was successfully concluded on May 10, 1857 i.e. by this day, Bharata was completely liberated from British occupation, 350 districts equivalent to ‘Riyasats’ absolutely free from Union Jack till Sept. 19, 1857. Almost 52,000 British occupiers were slaughtered by freedom-fighters in mere 15 days, some 250 or so survived by hiding their real identities variously viz. some masqueraded as Sadhu-s, painted their bodies dark brown to look like Hindu-s etc. Survivors  escaped to Britain, narrated their horror tales and planned deviously to re-capture Bharata. On being approached by them, some Kings in Bharata agreed to be on the side of British occupiers. Jiwajirao Scindia of Gwalior, Maharaja Rajinder Singh of Patiala, Hira Singh of Nabha, Raghubir Singh of Jind, Nizam of Hyderabad Salar Jung, Maharaja of Travanacore were among 60 royals who committed support to British invaders. Scindias had offered them 40,000 soldiers and 1,00,00,000 gold-coins too !! A section of Scindia’s Army revolted and they joined the faction led by Tatya Tope, Jhansi’s Laxmi Bai and Nana Peshva. Freedom fighters fought valiantly like warriors yet lost ground steadily owing to Royal’s collusion with British occupiers. British soldiers numbering 64,000 and supported by royal soldiers wrought havoc in the country, mercilessly slaughtered men, burnt alive all old men, brutally raped and ravaged lakhs of women and with maximum cruelty, speared children. They thus, de-populated thousands of villages across the nation. Finally, by Sept. 19, 1857 Bharata was re-captured by British occupiers. Magnitude of plunder of wealth, manuscripts, art work that followed, was unprecedented in human history. During 19th and 20th centuries, majority of Nobel Prizes were awarded to Europeans / Americans for discoveries already authored in Sanatana  scriptures looted by them.     

Almost half of Bharatiya soldiers did not participate in the Battle 1857 which was leveraged by British historians for declaring it a mere Sepoy Mutiny or a battle between Christians vs. non-Christians. It was also painted by some as a war incited by ‘upper-caste’ Hindus against British occupiers though all sections of Hindu society had actively participated including women as much as 50% of all freedom-fighters. It was a full-fledged War of Freedom participated by people from all walks of like. Even peons in ‘Sarkari’ departments did not let any opportunity go for attacking British occupiers. WOF 1857 signified recognition of our civilizational identity that brought diverse people together under a gigantic banyan tree of nationalism dedicated to just one cause, “British-Occupiers, quit Bharata”. It is extremely unfortunate that some 60 Royals acted against their own subjects in collusion with British occupiers and turned the decisive victory into defeat. It is imperative that all citizens of the nation hold identical views when it comes to nation’s interests irrespective of differences and diversities in all or any other aspect. Very genuine effort in this direction was undertaken for the first time in 1925 when one of the greatest visionaries ever born in this nation, Dr. KB Hedgewar founded RSS in Nagpur. The organisation has grown steadily, proved their worth several times since their foundation and now encompasses entire nation like a gigantic banyan tree. We sincerely expect, those sanguinary, tragic chapters of dismal history shall never be allowed to recur anytime in future in this nation.       


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Theory of capitalism is all about capital formation as a measure of unhindered private initiative. Given all niceties of human disposition, phenomenon of individual initiatives for wealth creation gradually transforms itself into a mad race to become rich in surplus and disposable resource of wealth. And that is root-cause of capitalism being humbled and humiliated in recent decades of economic journey of some so-called advanced economies. In several cases, there have been spill-over effects on societies / families in terms of inter-personal / social / family values too. Doctrine of capitalism has wrought sinister influence on one’s life-style, spending habits, moral values etc. because that does not constitute fulcrum of the doctrine. Fulcrum of the philosophy of capitalism remains wealth accumulation by all conceivable means. Not only it trashes co-opetition, it disregards fair competition too. In quite a big way, capitalism promotes, nurtures and nourishes social inequality, social tension, friction and quite often, bloodbath. Theory of capitalism is actually theory of profligacy and extravagance by a few, unfairly fortunate ones. It is a theory of ‘BhogaVilasa’  or in a crude language, theory of ‘Ayyaashi’. One may well claim, entire capitalism may be summed up in just one word, “Ayyaashi” !! As it is impossible for everyone to be able to generate wealth to be anointed as ‘Hero of Capitalism’ barring a miniscule percentage of population, a fact that ‘erudites’ of capitalism very conveniently overlook lest their survival itself is jeopardised, very large segment of human population suffering from rigours of capitalism is consigned to extreme discontent, frustration and sense of resignation. When these social aberrations accumulate over a prolonged period of time, some sort of revolution is born. And chances are high, either the revolution is utterly flawed in concept or drifts into a very wrong direction or into wrong hands in spite of being accurate conceptually. Fair as well as unfair accumulation of wealth in hands of few can neither be righteous nor justifiable. Wealth belongs to all and equally even if it is generated through one’s individual efforts and strive just as everyone enjoys equal claim to all natural resources. Since it is not in consonance with fundamental human instinct of acquisition and accumulation, theory of capitalism falls apart into fragments and it’s shards pierce all sections of society. 

Post WW II, Bretton Woods Agreement was signed by a select few countries, US $ was declared prime currency for international transactions, number of financial institutions raised to nurture western hegemony over so-called III World countries etc. etc. with the prime motive to peddle exploitative doctrine of capitalism in the form of economic colonialism. Few more decades down the line, capitalism that overawed the world hitherto, started crumbling down and stripped of it’s halo of sanctity. Protagonists of capitalism were profoundly embarrassed into suggesting thereafter, implementing ‘economic techniques’ like Globalisation / Liberalisation / Universal Basic Income / Special Economic Zones / Free Trade Pacts as well as regional trade alliances to fix frailties of the ideology. However, over a period of time, it is observed that the basic issue continues to exist without decrepitude, rather aggravates as member nations turn increasingly acquisitive and accumulative.

Theory of Capitalism is indeed, Theory of ‘Bhoga-Vilasa’ / ‘Ayyaashi’ / profligacy and extravagance.   

And the revolution thus born, was flawed on both fronts. Not only was it conceptually preposterous but also terribly flawed in implementation in an absolutely wrong direction. After centuries of monarchical repression and atrocities, after decades of ‘convoluted’ capitalism, came into being a so-called revolution of Communism, sometimes known as socialism to hoodwink wise ones who have a nasty tendency to ask mood-spoiling questions. From individualised ownership of prosperity under Capitalism, pendulum of the mood of masses swung to the other extreme of complete State control and ownership of all national assets coupled with decimation of individual strive and civil liberties. And quite naturally so. Then followed ‘Cultural purification’ to create vacuum in all minds to be occupied eventually by Red Book of Marx / Lenin. Masses repressed for centuries, discontented for decades, were immediately attracted to the ‘liberating idea of equity’ under the parasol of communism, participated or tolerated decades of blood-bath / mass-murders by Communist bigots in the name of Naxalism / Maoism prodded by the rainbow of social equity in the form of ‘rivers of honey and milk’ flowing across their bylanes of miseries. However, the promised prosperity never came about because it was a merely a mirage that was dished out and served as a dream. Innocent, severely repressed masses could not have visualised or believed on being explained, that the dream was an impossible dream, rather something worse than a mirage. Sprouting shoots of disbelief if at all, were brutally crushed under heavy metallic boots of Marxism / Leninism. In due course, the sham of revolution turned so brutal that it began being known as the ideology of ‘Murder-ology’. Icons of this anti-humanity ideology spread across continents with Mao Tse Tung in China, Joseph Stalin in erstwhile USSR, Pol Pot in Cambodia, Josip Broz Tito in Yugoslavia etc. etc. No bubble of lies and damned lies can survive for long given the supreme strength of ‘Satyameva Jayate’. Communism started collapsing in countries after countries leaving countries like China more capitalistic than ever with an avowed assertion of being essentially a Communist nation only to dodge acute embarrassment caused by Communism that miserably failed them !! Shrinking empire of communism has by now shrunk so much that it survives only in tiny states of Tripura, Kerala and of course, JNU !! What to speak of perpetually flowing ‘rivers of honey and milk’ as a mark of burgeoning prosperity, Communism miserably failed to provide even a semblance, not even a sham of prosperity anywhere in the world. After initial waves of genocide in the name of ‘foundation laying’, ‘purification’, or even ‘cultural revolution’, veil of ‘mysticism of communism’ was lifted and the world was shocked, stunned and horrified to behold them pathetic, wretched paupers languishing in penury for so long. So-called super-power USSR was discovered to be in tatters after the iron curtain was lifted by President Gorbecheva in the name of ‘Glasnost’ and ‘Perestroika’. Instead of ‘rivers of honey and milk’, world was horrified to count hills of human skulls in countries like Cambodia, USSR etc. Communism turned out to be the most brutal, cruel and anti-humanity ‘socio-economic ideology’ ever known to humanity. So Communism may be summarised in just one word ‘Daridri’ i.e. acute penury.

Theory of Communism is indeed, Theory of ‘Daridri’ / ideology imposed penury and wretchedness.          

Whenever a socio-economic-religious ideology is ‘imported’ from overseas, inevitably it boils down to anti-nationalism of non-biodegradable variety. That is precisely what happened with western Capitalism and Marxist Communism. Bharata  always had her own unique ethos and no foreign ideology is capable of satisfying our ideological thirst or sort out our issues without causing attrition and friction. Nation’s fundamental identity is sacrosanct and inviolable while overseas ideologies are not universal. Moreover, no nation can ignore their history and Bharatiya  culture is an integrated one visualising entire world as a Universal Human Family in the spirit of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakuma  without compromising on fundamental identity and heritage. It also engenders newer concept of constituting an IDEOLOGY REGULATORY AUTHORITY OF BHARATA  to continuously monitor influx of such deadly ideas being adopted and nurtured by gullible denizens.  

Pt. Deendayal Upadhyaya  was member of RSS, founder of Bharatiya Jana Sangha  who formulated his socio-economic philosophy in the name of Ekatma Manavavada  i.e. Integral Humanism. Draft of the philosophy was extensively debated in Jan. 1965 by Pritinidhi Sabha  of Bharatiya Jana Sangha  held in Vijayawada. He later expounded it vividly in a series of lectures delivered in Mumbai and Pune. Ekatma Manavavada  is the philosophy whose time has come howsoever ludicrous may be the response of Congress and CPM. Government of the day is influenced by the doctrine to ensure, equal opportunities to excel, for all. Pt. Deendayala Upadhyaya  was neither a Rightist nor was he a Leftist nor Centrist. He was an ardent EQUAL-IST advocating, all are equal and equal opportunity for all. As is said in scriptures – 

Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinaha, Sarve Santu Niramayaha  I

Sarve Bhadrani Pasyantu, Ma Kascid Duhkhbhagbhavet  II 

i.e. may everyone be blissed, may everyone be healthy, immediately gives rise to the concept of Antyodaya, a socio-economic welfare programme to look after last member of the social hierarchy. Concept of Antyodaya  has led to formulation of a plethora of schemes to uplift poorest of the poor which are now a matter of envy for the large army of capitalists and socialists across the world. Western capitalism allows unmitigated liberty to private enterprise, degenerating into ‘Survival of the Fittest’, excessive consumerism, profligacy and destruction. On the contrary, Marxism belongs to the other extreme of wisdom which advocates excessive state control over resources and initiatives leading to return of stone age civilisation. For both of them, human body is the end instead of being means to an end to be discovered later. Ekatma Manavavada  alone is the socio-economic philosophy in the world that is dynamically ALL INCLUSIVE in true sense of the term. When nation’s economy had sunk to the rock-bottom level by the end of the term of UPA-II riddled with grievous corruption and plunder as a measure of composite legacy of two failed ideologies, one disciple of Ekatma Manavada  was installed as Bharata’s Prime Minister in 2014 with a massive majority, crafted several socio-economic development programmes based on principles of Antyodaya / Ekanta Manavavada  and transformed it into fastest growing economy in the world. All just in a span of three years and earned handsome plaudits from all over the world. What more authentication is required to establish primacy of the doctrine of Ekatma Manavavada ??  

Doctrine of Ekatma Manavavada  has never been against western science or state control where it is inevitable. Though these were at the peak of their respective glories during lifetime of Pt. Upadhyaya  yet these failed to even scratch him on surface not to speak of being overwhelmed as had been the case with so many others. With great courage of conviction, he questioned them and proved their superficiality before the nation. He argued that values and verticals of Vedanta Darsana  have always been modern and a state established on those never faded away into obsolescence. Always it rejuvenated and refurbished itself with changing times with augmented relevance while the core remained the same incessantly, “We shall have to end a number of traditions and set in reforms which are helpful in the development of values and of national unity in our society. We shall remove those traditions that obstruct this process.”    

“Transforming Our World : 2030 Agenda For Sustainable Development” adopted by UN Summit 2015 has all the salient features that Pt. Upadhyaya  enunciated in his Antyodaya. The Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN has 16 thematic areas of Poverty, Hunger, Health, Education, Gender Equality, Water & Sanitation, Energy, Jobs & Growth, Industry & infrastructure, Inequalities, Cities & Communities, Responsible Consumption & Production, Climate, Ocean and Land & Peace. His socio-economic doctrine is now being gradually assimilated the world over.    

Thus, Ekatma Manavavada  is the landmark philosophical doctrine which begins with “Aham Brahmasmi” i.e. “I am Brahma” and concludes with “Vayam Brahmasmaha” i.e. “We ALL are Brahma.”   


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