Constituted in 1958 with amalgamation of the then already functional Technical Development Establishment (TDEs) of Indian Army and Directorate of Technical Development & Production (DTDP) with Defence Science Organisation (DSO), Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) commenced their operations merely with 10 establishments to count. With passage of time, DRDO has grown into a gigantic banyan tree all over the country working in a plethora of disciplines, laboratories, academic institutions and industrial units. With over 5,000 scientists and 25,000 technical personnel, they have been spearheading pioneering research in disciplines like Aaeronautics, Armament, Electronics, Combat Vehicles, Technical Systems, Instrumentation, Projectiles, Advanced Computing and Simulation, Special Purpose Materials, Naval Systems, Life Sciences, IT, and Agriculture. From a prolong spell of languor of being a dormant organisation till 2014, it was newly installed Prime Minister Narendra Modi who instructed DRDO to quickly metamorphose into a vibrant organisation and address all emerging challenges in the arena of national security.  

DRDO had hardly ever been in media glare till the historic moment of highly successful Mission Shakti wherein a functional satellite some 300 Kms. above in space circumambulating Planet Earth at the velocity of 7 Kms. per second was shot down by a ‘Hit & Kill’ device with an accuracy of mere 10 cms. at it’s velocity of 11 Kms. per second over Bay Of Bengal. It was such a milestone attained at the very first attempt by DRDO that it stunned the world. And Bharata turned out to be the fourth nation to be so embellished after USA, Russia and China. Highly admirable success of Mission Shakti brought DRDO into limelight that had been instrumental in the venture. Success of Mission Shakti had been aggregation and convergence of decades of hard work by 150 scientists and hundreds of specialists all over the country within a span of just 2 years from the word ‘Go’ by the Prime Minister in 2016. The Kill-Vehicle had two stage propulsion with IIR Seeker to lock in with the satellite with perfect precision. Fifty industries provided 2,000 components with flawless quality to the project without even knowing anything about the Mission.  Vivekananda International Foundation at New Delhi decided to invite Chairman of DRDO and Secretary, Department Of Defence Research & Development Dr. G. Satish Reddy to deliver a talk on wide-ranging activities of the prestigious organisation on April 11, 2019. 

DRDO have vigorously focused on indigenisation of technologies supported by various organisations, institutions and industry. Most conspicuous area has been missile technology which witnessed development and successful field trials of Prthvi, Akash (I, II, III, IV and V), Dhanush, Nag, HELINA, Brahmos, MRSAM etc. Out of these, Brahmos is a supersonic missile with Bharata-Russia collaboration while MRSAM a Bharata-Israel joint venture. Akash is already in production and deployment while Brahmos as well as MRSAM in the process of. Associated systems of missile technology too, have been successfully tested and inducted. Anti radiation missile NGRM, Ballistic Missile Defence i.e. BMDs, Nirbhaya, Prahar, Portable ATGM are under advanced stages of either trials or induction. Very few countries in the world have been successful in BMD technology. Public sector undertakings Bharata Dynamics Ltd. And Bharata Electronics Ltd. have been lead aggregators in this area of missile technology.  

Tejas is a Light Combat Aircraft that received final operational clearance during Aero Bharata-2019 at Bangaluru. It was earlier personally flown by US and Singapore Air Force Chiefs and they declared it to be the finest single engine jet-fighter in the world. It is not really very difficult to discern as to why it’s development was procrastinated for decades by earlier Governments. Tejas Mark II and it’s naval version too, are in advanced stages of development. Unmanned aerial systems like Nishant, Rustom I and II, PTAs, AEWCS are capable of carrying out their missions from altitudes ranging from 12,000 to 30,000 ft. above sea level.

Among Combat Vehicles, Arjuna Mark I is developed indigenously and inducted into Army while Mark II is undergoing advanced trials. Vehicles for recovery, reconnaissance and repair have also been developed in addition to Wheeled Armoured Platform and modular bridges, 20 to 40 meters long. 

When it comes to artillery and armament, Pinaka rockets, INSAS rifles, ammunition for Arjuna, Carbines, Field Guns with range of 50 Kms., multi-mode grenades, FACPDS war-heads to penetrate thick concrete walls etc. are some of important products developed by DRDO and deployed by Forces.

Nation is highly advanced in the field of radars too. More than 10 types of radars have been developed and successfully deployed by Forces. Air Defence Flight Control System Radar mounted in Tejas is highly advanced. Rudra, LRTR radars with various features too, shall be inducted soon.

Sanyukta for Army, Sangraha and Varuna for Navy and Divya-Drshti for Air Force are Electronic Warfare Systems have been fine-tuned and inducted into Forces.

Similarly, self-sufficiency in Sonars like ALTAS, TODA and torpedoes like TAAL and Varun-Astra as well as anti-torpedo Maricha has already been attained.

Devices like transmitters for various applications, TR Modules, Pressure Sensors, secured communication, detectors to detect radiation etc., decontamination equipment, helmets, masks, specialised suits etc. have been developed indigenously, tried, tested and inducted into Forces successfully.

In the field of materials, DMRLs in Bhagyanagar, Kanpur and Mumbai have been delivering excellent results.

In RF technology, KU / Ka Bands have been developed and already in application.

Artificial Intelligence and High Power Laser Warfare too, has been undertaken for development. 

Various models of engagement are employed by the DRDO for collaboration with institutions and industries without compromising integrity of classified designs, details shared. One of them is Government Owned Company Operated i.e. GOCO Model wherein DRDO develops infrastructure while industry manages that. Prominent educational / research institutions participating in their activities are IITs, IISc, Jadavpur / Bhartiar / Hyderabad / Mizoram Universities. From industry, Houses of Tatas, Mahindras are prominent ones contributing their might to te nation. DRDO shall ever be in the forefront of research and development of defence as well as offensive-defence of the nation.


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Electing a government to govern the nation / states for next five years by casting vote in a polling booth is an onerous responsibility on shoulders of every voter in a democratic country. Unfortunately, even after seven decades of independence and numerous elections held in the country so far, in spite of extensive appeals by the Election Commission,  Government and other celebrities, large number of voters still perceive, voting is an optional luxury enjoying low priority. Enormous expenses out of tax-payer’s revenue, precious time of serving government officials and the quantum of influence that every election result wreaks on everyone’s life and future, are almost obscure to them. Electing a government is a democratic activity of utmost significance and voter’s indifference to casting vote is a profligacy nation can no more afford. 

Owing to burgeoning complexity of governance, high Aspiration-Index of masses, technological advances, intense international pulls and pressures, country’s diplomatic status in comity of nations with respect to treaties and agreements, transformation of social values, frequent natural calamities, low intensity wars etc. have rendered it all the more essential rather inevitable for every voter to unhesitatingly exercise his / her right to vote to elect a responsible, accountable and determined government to steer the country forward amidst turbulence of all sorts. Any negligence or indifference towards elections in view of these developments within and outside the country, would now amount to an offence against the nation.  

The idea of mandating casting of votes compulsory by law has arrived as an idea of national importance. All eligible voters holding valid Voter’s I-card must cast their votes compulsorily. In case of those who are unable to visit polling booth for any inevitable reason whatsoever, may be allowed to cast their votes digitally. Yes, provisons for digital voting must be raised as quite a significant number of voters may not be available on the appointed day of polling at their designated addresses. A national English newspaper had conducted a campaign too, in this regard and response appeared to be fairly positive. Certain amount of penalty may be imposed on those who refuse or fail to cast their votes and the amount may be automatically deducted from their Aadhaar linked bank accounts invoking Direct Benefit Transfer channels. 

After the idea of compulsory voting is successfully implanted, popular opinion must address the menace of legislators qualifying to enter the House with less than 50% of votes polled in a constituency. Root-cause of the menace is hidden in multiplicity of political parties and a few bogus / non-entities contesting elections who may well be dubbed mischief-mongers. History is witness to one common man J. Dharatipakada who used to contest every Presidential election forcing full scale polling when opponent happened to be a unanimous candidate privileged with support of all recognised political parties. That compelled Government to enforce ‘Terms & Conditions’ for Presidential contestants. This example may be enlarged to include as many levels of elections as possible. Multiple regional parties came into being as a direct reward of Constitutional high-handedness of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi who never cared a damn to regional aspirations or accorded even minimum courtesies to State leaders. Examples of T. Anjaiah from AP and HN Bahuguna from UP are too well known to be described. It was Anjaiah’s humiliation that prodded NT Rama Rao to float his Telugu Desam Party to reclaim honour of ‘Telugu Bidda’. As Indian National Congress vehemently pursued ‘Divide, Rule And Destroy Policy’ bequeathed by British colonials stoking regionalism all over leading to almost every other State having their own regional political party. Whenever these ‘pocket’ versions of parties entered into ramshackle political alliances to claim power at the Centre, they led to ‘Waiting-room’ Prime Ministers with resignation letters in their front pockets and regional satraps demanding their Kgs. of flesh much to the detriment of national interest. Political scenario has started gradually drifting towards equipoise concurrently with expansion of all-inclusive BJP across length and breadth of the country. BJP have been acting as a pain-balm on bruised regional aspirations, self-respect and egos too. I am quite optimistic, in years to come, unfortunate development of narrow-minded regional parties shall be relegated into oblivion and nation shall evolve into a matured democracy with two or three strong nationalistic political parties.   

Next issue to be addressed is the weird phenomenon of NOTA. Dr. Subramanyam Swamy had dubbed it a Naxalite provision with the sole intention to destroy elections and bring in anarchy. RSS Chief too, had spoken strongly against NOTA in one of his widely attended and circulated evocations held at Vijnana Bhavan. In a run up to Lok Sabha-2019 elections, RSS have decided to embark on door-to-door campaign against NOTA. It is a debilitating feature in our election process that allows even criminals to enter legislatures and it must be abolished by law forthwith.  

Country is not a stranger to the doctrine of compulsory voting. Gujarat Local Authorities Laws (Amendment) Act, 2009 introduced an ‘Obligation To Vote’ at Municipal and Panchayat levels in the State. The Act empowered an election officer to serve notice to a voter on the ground of failure to vote. Such a voter is called upon to submit credible reason(s) within a period of one month failing which the voter would be liable to be declared a “defaulter”. Defaulter-Voter enjoys the privilege of challenging the order before a designated appellate officer whose decision shall be final and mandatory. The Act allows exemptions for individuals from voting if incapable due to illness, absence from the state of Gujarat on the day of polling or for other reasons laid down in Rules. Outside Bharata, several countries have introduced compulsory voting for their citizens viz. Australia (beginning with Queensland in 1915), Belgium in 1894, Brazil, Ecuador in 1936, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, North Korea (only one candidate appears on the ballot), Nauru in 1965, Peru in 1933, Singapore, Uruguay in 1934, Switzerland in 1974 and Slovakia.  

It is for certain, if casting vote is not rendered mandatory by law, sooner than later shall we be compelled to comb for remaining traces of democracy in our country.   


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40 brave-hearts have been mercilessly butchered in Pulwama of Kashmir on Feb. 14, 2019. It is only a latest addition to the serial genocide of Hindus that started centuries ago and nobody knows how many more shall be added at what frequency, how long shall it continue in future and when all Hindus will open their eyes, burnish their Gandiva Dhanusha and become warriors to protect their home and hearth. Though Prime Minister has already ordered severe response to those perpetrating the bloodbath but is that going to resolve the issue for a long time to come if not forever ? Obviously, difficult to say yes. 

Today there is a wave of anger spreading across the nation. People expect instant retaliation come what may because there is a Hindu-warrior gifted with steel nerves in the august seat of Prime Minister of the nation. People expect the nation to become another Israel overnight !! Is that really possible ? Unfortunately no, we are still not capable of becoming Israel for a long time to come. We have to trudge and traverse a very long journey on a road infested with sharp-edged pebbles and landmines too. We have umpteen reasons, hurdles and bottlenecks not to become Israel in proximate future. 

Israel do not have a JNU / Jamia Millia Islamia / AMU / Osmania University… but we do have these prized possessions. Nobody can dare shouting ‘Israel, tere tukde honge’ in that country and remain alive by next morning. In our country, ‘Tukde-Tukde Gang’ is still thriving because Delhi Police was not allowed to enter into JNU Hostels and shoot them dead at midnight. How can Bharata become Israel so soon ? 

In Israel, Government will never concede clean-chit to any suspect accused of treason. But here, Chhattisgarh Government of Congress awarded clean-chit to Nalini Sundar, accused of treason, within two months of being installed in power. How can Bharata become Israel so soon ? 

When Israel conducted Operation Munich, nobody in that country demanded ‘Sabuta’. But here in our Patita-Pavana Bharata, almost every so-called Opposition leader demanded ‘Sabuta’ from Government / Army of the surgical strike conducted in Pakistan and one of them dubbed it ‘Furgical’ Strike !! Those traitors were not dragged out of their homes at mid-night and given a severe thrashing by our soldiers, too soft and genial for their own countrymen. How can Bharata become Israel so soon ?  

Courts do not open at mid-night to conduct hearings for mass-murderers / terrorists in Israel. Their Supreme Court does not validate ‘dance-bars’ or decide height of ‘Dahi-Handi’. But here, our Supreme Court does and that too, shamelessly without even a tinge of embarrassment. How can Bharata become Israel so soon ?  

Israel do not have media of prestitutes. But we have media infested with not only prestitutes but also spies and traitors of all varieties ! They address mass-murderers as ‘militants’ and fight for their human rights. And our security forces are not allowed to neutralise or fake-encounter them as quickly as possible. How can Bharata become Israel so soon ?  

In Israel, no Maratha / Jat / Gurjara can / will burn public property for selfish motives but in Bharata, they do that without even a hiccup. And our security forces are not mandated to shoot them at sight, those marauders and lumpen elements. How can Bharata become Israel so soon ?  

In Israel, no one can dare calling their Army Chief ‘Goonda’, ‘Dog’ or ‘Rapist’. In Bharata, you find scores of such so-called responsible persons hurling invectives on security forces and going scot-free in one piece intact. And Government does not order security forces to grab them by the scruff of their collars, drag them to Vijaya Chowk and award thousand slaps on both cheeks before they collapse and beg for life. How can Bharata become Israel so soon ?   

Movie-actors in Israel do not raise the bogey of ‘intolerance’. They are proud of all what they have achieved, never return State awards. But in Bharata, a notorious gang of Khans suffer from unbearable intolerance after minting crores of fortune from the industry. And NIA is not permitted to arrest them, incarcerate them in Arthur Road Jail and beat the hell out of them in one night. How can Bharata become Israel so soon ?  

Israel have politicians who do not abuse their country in the name of political criticism. But here we have politicians like Randeep Surjewala / Kapil Sibal / Manish Tiwari who are gloating at the carnage as they have been gifted an opportunity to ridicule Modi Government for their terror-free track record of five years which BJP leaders have bragging about !! How can Bharata become Israel so soon ?   

In Israel, they do not join hands with anti-nationals to realise personal agendas. However in Bharata, for loan-waiver, unemployment allowance, casteism etc., people enter into unholy alliances with forces determined to destroy the nation. How can Bharata become Israel so soon ?  

Leaders in Israel do not herald dismembering the country, do not stand in support of students shouting anti-nationalism nor general public support such leaders in lieu of monetary inducements. Can you imagine an Israeli leader going to Iran soliciting support to overthrow their regime ? But Mani Shankar Aiyer precisely did that in Pakistan and he was not arrested under NSA or gifted hundred lashes on his back in public. How can Bharata become Israel so soon ?  

Israelis would gladly suffer when it comes to a national cause. But here in Bharata, people threw away AB Vajpayee Government with brilliant performance just on the basis of onion, petrol prices !! That only goaded me to author a widely read article ‘WE, THE EDUCATED IDIOTS OF INDIA !!’. Those addicted to beer and butter-chicken cannot bear with rising tomato prices. How can Bharata become Israel so soon ?  

So Israel is Israel not because of their arms or some sophisticated technology. They are Israel because of impeccable nationalism of their citizens. It is people who make a nation. What Bharata is today is solely because of her natives. If we are not firmly resolved and committed to our nation, not one but even hundred Modis shall not be able to transform the country. Unless Modi of today is assured, entire nation is behind him, he shall not be able to take tough decisions in the interest of nation. More than surgical strike in Pakistan, internal surgical strikes of lethal and extensive dimensions are urgently required in the country and entire nation must stand solidly behind him when he embarks on such a huge task. Hindus have very conveniently forgotten all the oppressions that the nation and our ancestors had to undergo during centuries bygone perpetrated by Mughal and Christian invaders beginning with Mohammed Bin Qasim to Ajmal Kasab to Pulwama genocide. Hindus must understand and believe, Islamic and Christian countries are hell-bent to destroy Hinduism and capture the nation. One has the grand objective of realising Islamic Republic Of India and so many of them say that vociferously. Similarly, others are intensely dedicated to the cause of realising Christian Republic Of India !! Abrahamic DNA is such that those forces can never, never be well-wishers of Hindus and Hindus must never trust any of them when it comes to security and existence of the nation. Sooner Hindus assimilate this harsh reality, the better for their own survival and well-being. 

Pakistan is a country that was raised on the foundation of hatred and hatred for Hindus alone. And hidden beneath was the British desire never to allow Hindus to unite again and become a formidable force that we had been till 17th century. Anti-Hindu / anti-national system of education was imposed upon us by TB McCaulay and his acolytes with the sole intention to raise an army of brown / dark-brown traitors. And they succeeded to a great extent as we behold today. Pakistan is country infested with Jinnah’s murderous DNA and they never ever deserved any peace initiative at all. We as a nation, must keep Pakistan under our heavy boots perpetually. Pakistan is a menace to the international polity and the only lasting solution is complete destruction of Pakistan. So long as anything exists in the name of Pakistan, we cannot rest in peace at all. It is not that I relish to be a war-monger. Realities of the day are too harsh to be easily believed. If we do not flatten them today never to rise again, they will do that to us and by that moment of reckoning, it would be too late for us defend our existence. 

We must move beyond Pakistan. It is their Islamic doctrine to slay ‘Kafirs’ and enact ‘Gazva-e-Hind’ to capture the nation that is at the root of the menace that is Pakistan. And the theological root-cause is generated in Islamic Madarsas led by Deobandis while terror-schools across the border provide manpower to enforce the theological root-cause. Lack of resolute and unshakeable unity among Hindus is yet another serious handicap. It is exceedingly agonising to behold, even centuries of multiple traumatic oppressions have failed to unite Hindus at least on issues of security and prosperity of Hindu community. When a few great bodies like RSS / VHP undertake the most arduous task / have been busy struggling to inculcate a strong sense of Hindu unity for the first time in recorded history, it is Hindus who are in the forefront to condemn such organisations. In spite of centuries of sanguinary persecution of Hindus, Hindus are ever eager to speak in favour of non-Hindus while they shy away whenever they are called upon to condemn terrorism. Hindus are all congenitally suffering from ‘Kalidasa Syndrome’, so called after Mahakavi Kalidasa who was discovered chopping the very branch of a gigantic tree he was himself perched on !! That really goaded me to author the widely read article ‘WE HINDU-S ARE THE WORST SELF-ENEMIES !!’. In addition to ‘Kalidasa Syndrome’, Hindus also chronically suffer from ‘Arjuna Syndrome’ i.e. their resolve / determination trembles when it is the right moment of reckoning to strike at the roots of enemies of Hinduism !! If we Hindus do not tame our ‘Kalidasa-Gene’ and ‘Arjuna-Gene’, strongly unite for Hindu causes, earnestly pursue the doctrine of Canakya-Niti  instead of abject cowardice of Gandhian Ahimsa, ‘Jauhar’ of Hinduism shall continue unabated.



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“Only if man had been a little bit more intelligent or a little bit more stupid, world would have been a wonderful place to live in.”

How prophetic are these words of an eminent jurist Nani A. Palkhiwala !! If man had been a little bit more intelligent, a near-Superman would have allowed the world to remain a paradise, enormous amount of obnoxious uncivil / mediocre actions would have been precluded. On the contrary, if man had been a little bit more stupid, again world would have remained a paradise because animals are highly disciplined, live in harmony with nature which man would have become by being a little bit more stupid !! Unfortunately, man shall remain what they are and continue traumatising the world, countries, societies, families so on and so forth. 

Does humanity really deserve so much freedom in the name of democracy ?? How many of us really understand intensity and depth of the doctrine of democracy ? Does ‘Born Free’ mean Born Absolutely Free with no riders at all ? 

United States Of America is regarded as the most vibrant democracy where freedom is sacrosanct. They have a highly nationalistic President in Donald Trump who has been zealously guarding his country from multiple onslaughts and steering it forward amidst chaos. Yet, a large section of so-called well-educated / thorough-bred Americans are struggling to catch him by his throat and pull him down unaware of enormous dangers that they would be inviting upon themselves, seeds of which were sown by his predecessor Barack Hussein Obama. Should they be allowed so much freedom to jeopardise their own country in the name of freedom / democracy, just because they are born free ?   

British democracy is proclaimed to be the oldest parliamentary democracy. Their debauchery right from the Crown down to the last man in street all over the world transcending centuries is the most mortifying saga of inhumanity and brutality post-Jesus. With roosters coming home to roost on rooftop of Buckingham Palace in the manifest of Islamic marauders, Brits are blissfully unaware of dangers to their existence for themselves, explained it away as magnificent pieces of democratic freedom, plurality and inclusivity. Their democratic freedom has allowed another monster British Communists to take roots in that country. We should have no sympathy / empathy for them as Brits are a criminal tribe and sooner are they completely destroyed, the better.  

Now here in Bharatvarsa, after a very long-drawn struggle, we had a well-meaning Prime Minister in AB Vajpayee who was not allowed a second term on flimsy, superficial grounds in spite of his brilliant performance as Prime Minister. Nation had to be plundered and weakened militarily for a decade to be awake enough for another nationalist Prime Minister in Narendra Modi to be installed. Throughout his first term, he has undergone abusive attacks of all sorts transcending limits of civility and nationalism. There is a Supreme Court that suddenly woke upto severe maladies of malgovernance afflicting the nation; an intransigent bureaucracy grumbling at newly imposed accountability with integrity; determined Opposition bent upon browbeating everything they come across within the country and tarnishing nation’s reputation by cavorting with sworn enemies of the nation; stunned industry brought to book for looting financial institutions; traitors hiding in the garb of secularists coming out of their holes gnashing their teeth and seething in anger after being flooded with boiling water of law; attempts to unite, integrate and consolidate the fractious nation being jeered at and dubbed ‘divisive’; when inclusivity means surrendering to anti-national forces…it is all too pronounced to catalogue herein exhaustively. When a Vice-President declares the country unsafe for his ‘outright peace-loving community’ on the eve of his retirement; when lawyers like Prashant Bhushan and journalists like Barkha Dutt cannot be neutralised through legal process instantly; when a PG student in his late thirties openly challenges national unity on a University Campus; when an ex-Finance Minister skillfully and brazenly manages bail after bail in spite of compelling evidence and cocks a snook at Prime Minister; when Director of an investigating agency indulges in anti-national activities; when oldest political party in the country dares to appoint a foreigner as their President… it is time to sit down and contemplate seriously, “do we really deserve so much, unfettered freedom in our country ?” It is a question of far-reaching consequences to reckon with now. 

What are then alternatives to democracy as no country for that matter, may be left languishing in anarchy and chaos ? 

Governance through Tanashahi i.e. Dictatorship is not only inhuman but also anti-human, diabolical in concept, depraved in range and implementation. Tanashahi had been smart enough to hide their real satanic face with some mellifluously narrated doctrines for instance Marxism / Communism etc. Those who fell for that, suffered for decades and when they woke up, discovered themselves grievously traumatised and dismembered. Hence, Tanashahi is outrightly ruled out. 

Governance through Rajshahi i.e. Monarchy has been already been tried and tested in several countries across the world. In Pre-1947 Bharata, Rajashahi had been effective only in a few sporadic irruptions viz. Mauryan / Vijayanagar empires. In a larger dimension, Rajashahi has been disastrous, entirely failed in their primarily sacrosanct responsibility of protecting their natives, their wealth and honour. State of Rajasthan had been a powerhouse of Rajshahi where one Maharana Pratap was matched by more than ten Raja Man Singhs !! Multiple marriages by Kings ensured an army of aspiring progenies vying for throne and indulging in all sorts of treachery against Kingdom. Majority of royalties did not promote education so as to minimise Aspiration-Index among their subjects.  

Governance through Lokshahi i.e. Democracy appeared to be an attractive mode of governance guaranteeing (at least on paper) equality before law for all, equal opportunities for all and appeasement for none. Have these cardinal principles been followed in letter and spirit in any democracy in the world including Bharata ? The way these sacrosanct principles have been shredded into pieces in Bharata, the way overseas cults / faiths have been smuggled into the country and equal rights demanded for them by harping on ‘unity in diversity’ (it is originally meant to unite various sects of Hinduism and not to destroy Hinduism by uniting it with Abrahamic faiths), the way higher judiciary mocks the majority and shamelessly instructs all to speak only English in an open court, the way Opposition unites to install a foreigner as an elected ruler…are enough to establish beyond an iota of doubt, this is not the Lokshahi that our conscientious ancestors aspired for and this mode of governance too, is seriously flawed even if the concept is perfectly fine. What we suffered from has been Unfettered Democracy i.e. Lokshahi devoid of effective riders and gifted with distorted restrictions. 

Lokshahi has too many bright possibilities of catching up with avowed objectives, hence it is impossible to reject it outright as a mode of governance. However, all lose ends deliberately left like that by vested interests in Constituent Assembly  and after, must be addressed now decisively. A disciplined / no-nonsense Lokshahi will always be perceived as dictatorial / authoritarian which must not deter Governments moving that way. I am presenting hereinasunder a few instances with the sole intention to spark an outburst of streams of ideas from all around. It is not feasible to provide an exhaustive catalogue of all such possible measures in this one, an individual’s attempt. 

Freedom of expression must be rationalised / optimised. Every piece of political criticism must be inoffensive, based on solid facts and figures immediately followed by alternatives. If Government denies a corruption allegation, no one should be allowed to repeat the charge in public and must take recourse to judiciary. Negative news that have the potential to damage nation’s image abroad must be severely curbed. Every negative remark must be accompanied by corresponding positive development. Any criticism even if political, before foreign audience abroad must be severely restricted. Convicted politicians must not be allowed to issue any political statement in addition to ban on contesting elections.      

Proceedings in corruption / criminal cases by courts must be beyond public criticism. Anyone having any grievance whatsoever must knock at judicial doors instead of declaring himself / herself honest to the core.

Judicial waywardness must be disallowed. Courts must confine themselves to the task of interpretation of law. Judicial authority to legislate, interfere with Government functioning etc. must be curbed. PIL must be accepted only in rarest of rare cases involving public interest only at large. Supreme Court must not be allowed to adjudicate bail petitions, CCTV / liquor in dance bars, height of Dahi-handi etc. SC must also not be allowed to adjudicate cases pertaining to faith for instance Ayodhya / Rama-Setu etc. They must submit to NJAC and must be acutely conscious of public perception about them.

President must be empowered to nullify any judgement of Supreme Court which may be deemed undesirable with or without ratification by Parliament. SC judgments in cases like Sabarimala, height of Dahi-Handi, dance bars in Maharashtra deserve to be rejected by the President outrightly. President must also be empowered to direct judiciary to re-calibrate their priorities in harmony with public mood. Deliberate postponement of Ayodhya dispute is an example to buttress the necessity of such an empowerment.

State Governors must have greater role in managing State Universities and take up causes of public importance. Selection of Governors must be a stringent process   

Parliament is supreme and it must be declared so in the Constitution explicitly.

One Nation One Election must be declared mandatory by the Government. Discussions must be restricted to means and methods of implementation and not on it’s merits.

Hindi must be declared national language and Bharata a Hindu nation.

Ideology Regulatory Authority Of Bharata must be constituted to monitor and restrict entry / spread of bogus ideologies / cults / faiths in the country from abroad.

Secularism and Socialism must be deleted from the Preamble of Constitution. Secularism is an extension of Christianity / Evangelism while Socialism is the camouflage for depravity of Communism.

Article 30 must be scrapped in toto.

Relationship between Centre and State need to be re-defined in view of several instances of conflict of interest owing to political reasons.

Muslims / Christians / Sikhs / Buddhists should no more be regarded as minorities.

Constitution must be guided by principles of CanakyaNiti  and Manusmriti……….. 

This list cannot be exhaustive here itself. Much wider debate is required. This article is meant to provide the spark to a prairie fire of overhauling our entire polity. Here is a caveat for all those who matter, must convince themselves  – 

This nation is NOT Hindusthan of Babar / Aurangzeb.

This nation is NOT India of Edwina Mountbatten.

This nation is HinduRastra  of Bharatavarsa, of Adi Samkaracarya, Maharsi Canakya  and Dr. KB Hedgewar.



Let us connect and aggregate following facts synergistically to arrive at a coherent scenario. 

Rafale fighters are not only highly advanced but also the only ones that can be loaded with Brahmos missiles for which China / Pakistan have no match at all.  

Government entered into a direct deal with French Government to protect Rafale know-how as well as weapon system to be mounted on fighters. French Government is bound by the agreement to guard highly classified technical know-how of Rafale jet-fighters for a long number of years. 

Government decided not to offset Rafale know-how to HAL. It is a known fact that HAL is riddled with corruption and inefficiency. Not only that it is widely mentioned that some HAL officials are in cahoots with anti-national forces, share absolutely classified technical know-how for significant considerations with Pro-Pakistan / Pro-China elements. Are HAL capable of maintaining highest order of efficiency, quality of workmanship and of course, confidentiality of the highly classified know-how ? Most probably not. By the way, corruption is the only plausible explanation for excessive delays in developing Tejas jet-fighters. They are yet to deliver Tejas to Bharatiya Vayu Sena in a fighting-fit condition. HAL already have an unenviable long drawn record of converting Migs / Mirages into flying coffins and pyres in flames. By no stretch of imagination HAL could be allowed to modify Rafale fighters into death traps, thereby defeating entire modernisation programme of IAF and by no stretch of imagination, HAL could have been allowed to allow technical know-how being bartered away to anti-national forces by possible moles in their hierarchy.   

Technical know-how of supersonic Brahmos missile system is possessed by Bharata and Russia only. No other country has any weapon system to match Brahmos developed under joint efforts with Russians. The missile system possesses a unique navigational capability of suddenly changing direction / target as commanded from the base even when very close to the target. It is an important feature that could be a source of perennial headache for those who do not wish to see Bharata rising as a superpower.  

Commissioning of Rafale jet-fighters loaded with highly advanced avionics and Hydrogen bomb tipped Brahmos missiles shall impart invincibility upon Bharatiya Vayu Sena vs. a vs. China / Pakistan. 20 such fighters are capable of razing entire China in just one go and Chinese shall be scrambling around like headless chickens absolutely clueless. It is this ferocious comparative advantage that Chinese are extremely worried about. 

It appears, Chinese had heavily bribed UPA-I and UPA-II to procrastinate Rafale procurement as much as possible on every conceivable pretext. Now that Modi Government have successfully clinched the deal for earliest delivery of 36 fighter planes in fly away condition, anti-national forces led by Rahul Gandhi / Congress have been hyperactive to ferret out as many technical details as possible, earliest possible. That alone explains why Rahul Gandhi had been so noisy on Rafale issue, prices thereof, why HAL was not involved…why not JPC probe into non-existent corruption etc. His desperation had been so intense that in spite of green clearance from the Supreme Court, they have been raising the muck that rebounded upon them every time they raised it. Is it possible for anyone to explain their sheer desperation had they not been liberally gratified by Chinese and other anti-Bharata forces ?  

What all these observations weave into ? If Prime Minister Modi decides at an opportune moment to strike with Brahmos on Rafales to capture POK, it will be thunderously successful with nil or minimum blood-bath. And should he decide to bully China by engaging 20 Rafales loaded with H-Bomb tipped Brahmos missiles to vacate Tibet, Chinese will have to vacate Tibet, may be with folded hands profusely apologising for the mis-adventure. USA have already been anxious to contain Chinese military / economic / strategic might. Christian world in Europe too, are worried about Chinese expansionism. And they all acknowledge, Bharata is a very responsible / matured nuclear power capable of containing China. Receiving their support is a foregone conclusion.  

Rafale, Brahmos, Narendra Modi, China, Tibet, POK and Pakistan have altogether boiled into an interesting cocktail to watch in years to come. But first and foremost pre-condition of all those historic decisions is that Narendra Modi must continue as Prime Minister for next two terms at least for the dream to fructify.    



Extent of damage that Maulana JL Nehru inflicted upon the nation is turning out to be mind-boggling in nature. Revelations have been surfacing in bits and pieces over years and we still do not know how much more is yet to be exposed. In this piece of revelation, Maulana Nehru’s role in facilitating occupation of Tibet by China has been very well expounded characterised by his complete absence of intervention when called upon to do so. 

American CIA had authentic intelligence inputs in 1950s that China was planning to capture Tibet and they had briefed their President DD Eisenhower too. And the President wrote to PM Maulana Nehru twice in this regard warning him of impending Chinese invasion. Subsequently, US State Department approached him to devise a strategy to stall Tibetan acquisition by Chinese.

Maulana JL Nehru had a different vision of ‘Hindi-Chini Bhai-Bhai’ hence, didn’t give a damn to those US overtures. He wished to cooperate with China for some international issues quite close to his heart. Americans then had no other option except to seek cooperation of Nepal, airdropped 19 well trained and armed Khampas to liberate Tibet under invasion. However for some reasons it was not successful, Chinese captured Tibet and declared Dalai Lama a separatist. Irony is that same Dalai Lama came to Bharata after fleeing Tibet under Chinese occupation seeking succor from the same Maulana Nehru quite innocently, unaware of the fact that it was purportedly his own benefactor Nehru who happened to be the cause of his agony.

Maulana Nehru was warned again by Americans regarding planned Chinese invasion in Kashmir and North-Eastarn Bharata. President Kennedy offered financial support and technical know-how to develop nuclear weapons as they apprehended Communist capture of the entire country. Maulana Nehru again declined the offer and rest is history. It is yet another story that he rushed to USA begging for arms and ammunition when Chinese did invade Bharata in 1962.

It was then that embittered Americans turned hostile towards Bharata and they started leveraging Pakistan while Pakistan being a rogue and illegitimate country, lapped up the offer only to become a perpetual headache for us. Their frustration with the Pro-Soviet Congress regime camouflaged under the Nehruvian ‘Jumla’ of Non-Alignment manifested into supplying poor-quality food grains under PL-480. 

Those were the darkest days of nation’s history after independence under tutelage of Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra Dynasty.


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Two term Prime Minister of Bharata (2004-2014) Dr. ManMohan Singh is supposed to be a renowned economist from Oxford University. He happens to be a Tripos-holder too whose performance as an Economist-Finance Minister and Economist-Prime Minister have been disastrous to say the least. A highly accomplished neuro-surgeon going horribly wrong with patient lying on operation-table; MIT qualified engineer implanting no-sense technology in the country; Harward Business School educated manager pulling down a corporation like a pack of cards (Enron is an example of choice); erudite Justices of Supreme Court creeping before Prime Minister Indira Gandhi when they were nudged to bend, compelling an eminent jurist Nani Palkhiwala to explain to the highest Court difference between abrogation from abolition of fundamental rights to life and liberty…are all understandable and assimilable after a rude shock albeit an eminent economist consistently as well as persistently going horribly wrong as Reserve Bank Governor, Finance Minister then as Prime Minister jeopardising security of 125 crore natives and country, is something that will continue to remain an enigmatic riddle for centuries to come. 

Out of three orders of integrity as elaborated by me in one of my articles in past, ManMohan Singh (MMS hereafter) is endowed with integrity of the worst order i.e. Destructive-Integrity. Nation continued to be plundered and compromised in all respects by the Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra (NGV) Dynasty during his years in South Block while MMS as Prime Minister remained blissfully unaware. Quite skillfully he managed to retain his spotlessly untainted image that was generously acknowledged by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Rajya Sabha as ‘having shower under rain-coat’ !! During his tenure as Finance Minister, enormous wealth of the nation was siphoned off by Harshad Mehta through Stock Markets while he continued snoring loudly. When jolted out of stupor, he brazened it out by declaring pompously, ‘Stock market fluctuations do not disturb my sleep’ !!! When he was declared ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ by his Media Advisor and a movie shot with the same title, he condescended to brazen it out again, ‘Not only I have been an Accidental Prime Minister but also an Accidental Finance Minister too’ !! And the man sported a smile as if his ‘quotable quote’ shall be remembered for centuries to come by the humanity coming from a legend of the order of Abraham Lincoln, Oliver Cromwell or Nelson Mandela !!!! That’s the unenviable legacy of ‘Giani’ ManMohan Singh, unique and memorable indeed. 

Let us now enumerate some of his significant ‘achievements’ that prodded me to author this article –

He entered into Rajya Sabha as a resident domiciled in Assam where NRC had to be commissioned to sort out teething citizenship / domicile crisis. Can anyone believe even in his / her wildest dreams that MMS is an Assamese ? Yes, ‘Learned’ Justices of Hon. Supreme Court precisely did that and turned down a petition challenging his election to Rajya Sabha as a ‘BhumiPutra’ of Assam !!  

As Accidental Finance Minister he sanctioned Rs. 200 crores of precious tax-payer’s funds for a NGV Dynasty controlled Rajiv Gandhi Foundation as a measure of compensation for Rajiv Gandhi’s widow who had lost her ‘Suhaag’ (in her own words) in a bomb-explosion as a Karmaphala  for sacrificing scores of our armymen in Sri Lanka. Incidentally, RG’s poor widow is Permanent Chairperson of the Foundation.  

As Accidental Finance Minister he sanctioned MP Local Area Development Fund which was later replicated at State level too, for MLAs to placate them after handsomely benefiting RGF. Very soon MPLAD and MLALAD Funds transformed into shining examples of ‘Front-door loot’ of tax-payer’s money authorised by legislators. Several worthies protested and demanded abolition of the Fund but MMS had absolutely no incentive in listening to those protestations.   

As Accidental Prime Minister he allowed himself to be instructed and monitored by an extra-Constitutional National Advisory Council comprising of dubious luminaries and anti-national characters headed by his ‘Goddess’ SoniaG. PMO was held to ransom by this illegitimate so-called Council turned Super-Cabinet and one shudders to think of enormity of dangers that the nation of 125 crores was exposed to, so brazenly.  

As Accidental Prime Minister he condescended to apologize to the Sikh community for genocide in Punjab as well as Operation Bluestar in Amritsar for which entire responsibility and blame lay on Indira Gandhi’s head. Of course, Dynasty never condescended to apologize sincerely to Sikhs. 

As Accidental Prime Minister instead of accelerating trial of Congress-Sikh riot cases of 1984, he turned a blind eye when stooges of NGV Dynasty were busy devising delaying tactics and actions. He nurtured not even an iota of agony for so large a number of defenceless Sikhs being butchered in the country in a well-planned, officially inspired carnage by the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.   

As Accidental Prime Minister MMS orchestrated royal escape of Bofors Quattarochi and quiet de-freezing of his bank account in UK holding his dirty money earned from Bofors deal. Even when the dirty deed was exposed, MMS was under no obligation to explain his sinister conduct to the nation.  

As Accidental Prime Minister he was a mute spectator when DMK satrap Karunanidhi withdrew his Minister from UPA Cabinet headed by MMS and deputed another one without consent of MMS. Was MMS even aware of the developments, is yet another nagging question.  

As Accidental Prime Minister he was a mute spectator to how Health Minister Ramadasa and Transport Minister TR Balu deported themselves in their respective ministries in an utterly shameful and reprehensible manner. MMS as Prime Minister failed to exercise tight restraint on them causing havoc in those ministries. For the first time in nation’s history, a serving Union Cabinet Minister absconded to evade arrest on a murder charge and Delhi Police were forced to paste a public notice to that effect on gates of the Minister’s official residence.  

As Accidental Prime Minister he ensured Impeachment Motions against a Supreme Court Justice and one High Court Justice were defeated and those corrupt Justices were allowed to retire / quit honourably. Like Godfather Don Vito Corleone, MMS ensured, every corrupt dignitary was treated fairly and honourably !!   

As Accidental Prime Minister he failed to constitute SIT to investigate cases of flight of black money into overseas accounts in spite of express orders from Supreme Court. It is a mystery as to why MMS was not hauled for contempt of court by the Supreme Court for non-compliance. 

As Accidental Prime Minister he presided over No-Confidence Motion in Lok Sabha over the issue of nuclear deal with USA and the sordid drama of ‘dirty’ money being exchanged to purchase votes right on the floor of House. It was exceedingly disgusting and the expression of his countenance at that moment was identical with what Maulana JL Nehru displayed while visiting borders to watch human blood flowing in Partition-1947 riots with the pontification, ‘I think, people have gone mad.’ !! 

The Accidental Prime Minister is truly accidental as he happens to be the only unelected Prime Minister in nation’s history. He always did a back-door entry into Parliament through Rajya Sabha voted by members of the ‘Bootlicking-Brigade’ of the only dynasty of Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra commanded by his ‘Goddess’ SoniaG. It is not that MMS has been entirely spineless ! Once he dared to contest Lok Sabha election albeit defeated decisively. Since he sustains enormous regards for public opinion, he never looked back to contest Lok Sabha election again and ‘righteously’ decided to respect votes / opinion of the ‘Bootlicking-Brigade’ alone !! 

As Accidental Prime Minister he presided over a regime riddled and perforated with corruption scandals directly implicating his Cabinet Ministers. History of the nation had never witnessed such a monumental scale of plunder with astronomical, nerve-rattling figures that would benumb anyone’s conscience. It was a unique, extra-ordinary scenario of all ‘Panca Bhuta Tattva-s’ of corruption constituting the trail of loot and plunder, on Prthvi, in Jala, in Agni, in Vayu and above in Akasa  !! Even Goebbels turned in his grave when destructive integrity of MMS was being bragged around liberally and of course, absolutely brazenly. 

As Accidental Prime Minister MMS supervised excessive spurt in terror activities, genocide of Hindus in Assam and the Mumbai attack. Terrorists had a field day, striking at will anywhere and hundreds of innocent lives were destroyed. Army was compelled to fight out without sufficient ammunition or even bullet-proof vests only because MMS, his family as well as his pet dog were enjoying Z+++ security cover. 

As Accidental Prime Minister he impoverished all wings of security forces of their arms, ammunition and training. The way he paired with another moron, his Defence Minister AK Antony in diminishing security forces, reminded us of Prime Minister Maulana JL Nehru and the then Defence Minister VK Krishna Menon, squarely responsible for nation’s humiliating defeat in 1962. If China had invaded againg during his stewardship, nation was sure to lose Arunachala Pradesh and entire Ladakh. It was only by the grace of Isvara  that we escaped those horrifying live possibilities.    

As Accidental Prime Minister he appointed Navin Chawla as Election Commissioner, castigated by the Shah Commission for his criminal role during Indira Gandhi’s Emergency and declared undeserving to hold any high Constitutional office. Then he appointed PJ Kurien as CAG whose appointment was declared null and void by the Supreme Court later. It was such a humiliating slap on his face that anyone possessing even an iota of dignity and self-esteem would have resigned at once if not renounced politics altogether. That was a moment to reckon with in nation’s history when Prime Minister deserved to be sacked by the President and his belongings thrown out on road at midnight.  

As Accidental Prime Minister he was the only one who was declared ‘weakest’ Prime Minister in nation’s history by BJP satrap LK Adwani. Mercifully, this ‘accolade’ hurt him quite deeply and he mustered enough courage to speak out an abject denial after a few days, probably after several rounds of rehearsals and re-takes under supervision of his ‘Goddess’ SoniaG !! 

As Accidental Prime Minister he presided over a regime that witnessed Office of Profit issue wherein all bigwigs of his Government and Party were directly involved. He allowed that to be even validated by Parliament too !

When he was forced out from the position of Accidental Prime Minister in 2014, nation’s economy was in shambles. With double-digit inflation and GDP hitting rock-bottom levels, world had written off the country as beyond redemption. So much about his knowledge of Economics.

When the Tripos-holder, Oxford-educated ‘world-class’ economist proclaims, ‘RahulG is endowed with all qualities to make a successful Prime Minister’, I am not only dismayed and stunned into silence but also unable to figure out the most appropriate epithet to describe pathetic wretchedness of this man. Can you just visualise such an Accidental Prime Minister in a country like USA ? He would have been derogated and impeached within weeks, thrown out disgraced and besmirched. In China ? He would have been buzzed off instantly. But here in PatitaPavana Bharatavarsa ? Rest assured, The Accidental Prime Minister shall be posthumously conferred upon BharataRatna  by the next Congress regime whenever they manipulate to grab South Block anytime in future. 

Now here is my parting kick on the rear countenance of this man !! Isn’t a cosmic mysticism of a very high order that for every Saddam Hussein there is a George Bush, for every Osama Bin-Laden there is a Barack Obama, for every Prabhakaran there is a  Mahendra Rajpaksa and for every ManMohan Singh, there is a Narendra Modi ??


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