A bright star of Bollywood and a brilliant brain too unlike others, met his tragic end. Charges and counter-charges have been flying around, a subject of incisive investigation yet one scenario is very clear and loud. Unprofessional, unethical hurdles raised for him were solely meant to shatter him to pieces. Unfortunately they succeeded. Then lot many voices emerged against The Gang Of Bollywood, some washed dirty linen of others in public and grave accusations were lobbed. 

In fact, almost every profession in the country has same stories to talk about. Entry-barriers are raised for new entrants for no rhyme or reason at all and much higher barriers for women to contend with. Every senior in every profession expects Bhakti of his / her juniors, never allowed to express their professional views on senior’s decisions for the fear of losing promotion or even job. HRD system may be there but who cares when ‘Boss is always right’ is the ‘Bhagavanuca’ hanging all around in offices, that too so blatantly !! There is a business house in the country that ‘managed’ best employer award from Economic Times while managers / white-collar employees have always been like dogs in that group. Is something fundamentally wrong with Hindu DNA, supposedly most cultured community in the world ?? 

I do not believe that Mughal invasions or British slavery happen to be root-cause. As a matter of fact, those are consequences, not causes. When poets of Bhakti movement in medieval Bharata started singing around, it was meant for some other purpose. With passage of time, this Bhakti movement degraded into ‘boot-licking’ and now it pervades every nook and corner of our society. Dr. Ambedkar had warned in his concluding speech at the end of last session of Constituent Assembly that biggest threat to the Constitution emanated from Bhakti culture in the country. At the height of Watergate scandal, Secretary Of State Dr. Henry Kissinger told his old time bosom-buddy President Richard Nixon that his time was over and he must get out of the White House at once. Can we expect such nerves from juniors towards their seniors whichever profession are they in ?? On the contrary, our polity has degraded so much that even people occupying higher positions do not have guts to restrain those occupying lower positions and reporting to them. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi ‘ordered’ President Fakharuddin Ali Ahmad to sign on Emergency proclamation and he promptly complied with as his first priority was not the nation but sinewy life in a sinecure office. When Supreme Court nullified appointment of one Antonio Maino nominee as CAG with strictures and caustic remarks, the then President in Office didn’t have guts to tell Prime Minister ManMohan Singh, “You have tarnished entire nation by dancing to the tune of Antonio Maino, you disregarded opinion of Opposition leader Sushma Swaraj in this appointment and now we all have egg on our faces…you resign just now or I shall dismiss you and you shall go back home in an autorickshaw !!!” For full fifteen years, Bihar was ravaged by a looter-CM then his CM wife (I hate to utter their names), women used to be pulled out of their homes and raped, serial murders, plunder…Tata showrooms used to be broken open and brand new automobiles taken out for joy-rides…From President in Rashtrapati Bhavan to DG Police of Bihar, all were helpless watching like bovines. 

If four Mutts in four extreme corners of the nations established long ago by Jagadguru Adi Shamkaracharya had been performing their roles mandated by the Jagadguru, nation might not have undergone brutal invasions and slavery at all. If today’s Katha-Vachaks roaming around the nation and abroad like Maharaja-s talk what they are in reality required to talk instead of talking useless stuff, Hindu-s would have been more purpose oriented and conscious of their enviable history and looming dangers ahead. And this monumental rot didn’t begin with first Mughal invasion. Mahabharata amply symbolises what exactly we had become and which way our ancestors were headed to. When daughter-in-law of the royal family was disrobed, all erudite scholars and war veterans just watched like morons. Even the royal Guru Dronacharya, a Brahmana gifted with divine weapons, could not muster courage to pick up arms and order his pupils to stop all that at once. And none of them even walked out in protest !! Vasudeva Shri Krshna was right in declaring, such a society does not deserve to exist, must be completely destroyed and they were destroyed.    

We have turned too egoistic, selfish, self-centred and indifferent to what happens to others, very well conveyed by the popular joke, half of the nation’s population is sad because their neighbours are happy. We have learned the specialised art of adjusting with injustices, immoralities and bully those who stand up to be heard instead of bullying tormenters. That is not acceptable even to the Supreme Entity. If we want change, we all will have to become reformers and revolutionaries ready to sacrifice egos and individual interests. First compromise on principles itself is end of the battle. Life itself is a tale of trials and tribulations, not at all a bed of roses. Do you believe, those who compromised for the sake of success, fame and wealth in Bollywood are the happiest people in the world ? Then why compromise on principles at all ? It is a crisis that every individual will have to confront at his / her own level. Governments are meant to govern the nation and look after larger interests. If conscientious players in any occupation create ‘larger interests’ on the side of transparency, ethics and integrity, Government shall automatically come forward to support. It’s we and you who have to decide whether we are interested in short-term patchwork solutions or a structural Onco-surgery for long term reforms and renewals.



Early morning walk is an anathema to me as walkways are mostly crowded, people eager to talk politics aimlessly seated in concrete benches and I neither have extra Kilos to burn nor desperate to normalise my blood sugar level. My age-old affinity for relaxed evening stroll with my mind and intellect allowed to go contemplative rather meditative, I often move out quite expectantly to enrich my Cerebrum with absolutely newer thoughts and intellectual thunder. One of those evening strolls turned out to be intellectually thunderous in real sense of the term when I was accosted by an enormously magnificent personality with an indescribable splendour. So proceeded our intellect-boggling tete-e-tete – 

“Pranam”, I submitted my adorations with folded hands and both palms joined.

“Ashirvada” responded the glorious and gorgeous one, “ I am Vishnu, descended to meet you as you often remember me with lot of queries and comments that leave me quite uncomfortable in Kshir-Sagar. My consort Laksmi too, is often perturbed by your piercing questions and she exhorted to me to interact with you one to one earliest.”

“I am grateful to you. Why didn’t she accompany you ?”

“It’s an exploratory mission at the moment. I decided not to bother her on this occasion to begin with.”

“I am overwhelmed by your very kind generosity. May I now straightaway switch over to brasstacks without going into niceties as you have an intrinsic habit of disappearing any moment owing to paucity of time.”

“Absolutely. By all means.”

“What the hell for you created this human specific virus Corona, landed it in Wuhan, lakhs have already died and nobody knows how many more shall perish. All very precious lives. It doesn’t really behove of the Supreme Entity that you claim to be….”

“I never created even a single virus intentionally or by design. All viruses are by-products of DNA engineering that I have to enact to create various organisms ranging from microscopic to gigantic dinosaurs, now extinct.”

“Explain more. I am quite lost in your verbosity.”

“Recall a carpenter busy in fabricating various components of a piece of furniture, the way wood is scrubbed, chopped and sliced into components ready to be assembled into a usable table, chair or whatever. Lot of wood crumbs are automatically generated falling on ground or even flying around before broomed, collected and the workplace cleaned. When I undertake DNA engineering to create genomes of various organisms, DNA/RNA cumbs are generated, fall on ground that are eventually ingested by insects, birds, animals etc. I have gifted them bio-faculties to sustain and resist these genomic crumbs to protect innumerable lives from their pandemic consequences in the living kingdom.”

“But then how come…” I interrupted assertively.

“Listen to me patiently without interrupting. If man ventures to feed on these creatures of animal kingdom dedicated to enacting the vital role of bio-scavengers instead of feeding on beautiful fruits, vegetables and grains meant for them, genomic waste is automatically transferred to them causing havoc as you behold now.”

“But is the violation so grave as to invite deaths in lakhs all over the world ?”

“Of course. Man had been traumatising nature for centuries, anti-nature felonies accumulated beyond manageable dimensions even for the Divinity, consequences have to follow…”

“Are you now referring to Karmayoga ? Are we standing in Kuruksetra ? Are you beholding an Arjuna in me ? You wish, I should visualise Vasudeva Shri Krshna in you ?”

“Karmayoga is an institution, ceaselessly in action even for perfect renunciates and ascetics, even for emancipated ones. Entire universe is Kuruksetra and there is an Arjuna in every creature while Vasudeva Shri Krshna is eternally vested in me.”

“But the august institution of Karmayoga is deeply flawed as you erred quite humanely !!”

“That’s a stunning allegation. I am puzzled. What’s the flaw ?”

“You have allocated certain gestation period for every Karma. In very large number of instances, gestation periods transcend several mortal lives. For Punya Karma-s it may be acceptable but certainly not in the case of Papa Karma-s.”

“But why so ? Why are you so biased against Papa Karma-s ?”

“That’s mainly because you do not allow remembrance of Karma-s of past lives. Consequently people are unable to co-relate joys and agonies with their corresponding Karma-s of past.”

“How does it matter to you and to them ?”

“It does matter and matters a lot. If Papa Karma-s are allowed to be redeemed in the same life, there shall be steep decline in incidence of Papa Karma-s, society shall be exceedingly peaceful and world a much better place to dwell in. Your objective of streaming Maya eternally shall continue to be amply redeemed. So shall it be a Win-Win stuation.”

“With drastic reduction in Papa Karma-s, not only there shall be a Karmic imbalance but also decline in enrichment of experiences of Maya for me. In absence of an extensive and balanced enrichment of experiences, cosmic process of creating a better universe, an improvised living kingdom shall be hampered.”

“Hey Ishvara !! Hey Prabhu !! Why are you so heartless ? So merciless contrary to your image ? For the sake of enrichment of your experiences, you have jeopardised millions of human lives ? So cruel of you !! Can’t you contract or moderate your objectives for the sake of mitigating human sufferings ?”

“I have never ever been cruel to anyone. Jivatma-s enact Karma-s and invite corresponding Karmaphala. I bless them a piece of my Chetana, well-crafted bodies, continue sending Guru-s and Tapasvi-s to guide them on how to blissfully survive in this world, very large variety of food, Aushadhi for every disease…then why can’t they follow laws of nature ? Why can’t they live a disciplined life of piety without ravaging nature ? Why do they slaughter defenceless animals just to fill their bellies when a variety of grains, fruits and vegetables are available in plenty ? If man is going to feed cows lumps of meat only to increase milk production and cows falling sick with ‘foot and mouth’ disease, then you really have it.”


“And slaughtering lakhs of human beings in the name of ideologies, in the name of territories…”

“Enough, enough. I am struck by your candid outburst. Where do we go now from here ?”

“This pandemic is a mild warning. If humanity does not strictly follow rules of nature, protect defenceless animals and standing jungles, I shall be ruthless and inflexible. There may be pandemics of gigantic dimensions incomprehensible to humanity. Or I may even be impelled to annihilate the race of Homo sapiens and nurture a far superior race of humanity in the world. Remember, just one meteor-strike was enough to annihilate entire species of dinosaurs from the face of this world.”

“Why did you destroy dinosaurs by the way ?”

“They were eating away entire biomass of the world. They hindered survival of others. They had to go.”

“You have effectively modified my mind-set. Instead of commanding nature and the world, we must dwell in the world as being commanded by nature. I confess that unequivocally and categorically.”

“That’s when the objective of my condescension is over.”

And He, who had introduced Himself as Vishnu, suddenly disappeared without waiting even for a moment to allow me to express my deep sense of gratitude and adorations. I gradually moved back to my pavilion intensely contemplative and introverted.  

Humanity does not require any more Pravachan / pontification over the crisis tormenting the world. Options are amply clear. It’s we who have to write down our destiny and decide after intense contemplation whether we intend to exist on this Planet Earth or not.                    



It may be a profound astonishment for anyone to behold that a nation of Sanatana Dharma wherein almost every virtue is vested in a Devi, abhors women in society, averse to having daughters, even burns down women for want of dowry, a social menace. Devi Durga  symbolizes Sakti  to protect humanity from oppressions; Devi Laksmi  is the deity of wealth and splendour; Devi Saraswati  of erudition and wisdom and Ma Kali  as benefactor of all. On the contrary, national statistics reveal a dismal state of affairs. Incidence of female-foeticide and –infanticide, dowry deaths, domestic violence including rapes as well alarming sex ratios speak a different story altogether. Vast amount of statistical data are available on various websites of our State and National Governments which do not require to be reproduced here as focus of this article is entirely different. 

Our society has been deeply rooted in patriarchical norms and values for centuries in spite of the reality that all Sanatana  scriptures sway between gender neutrality to matriarchical tilt. These are the same Sanatana  scriptures which are incessantly under recitation, discourses, discussions and debates all over the nation. Our ancestors have been active practitioners of matriarchical pursuits and customs so much so that all veterans of yore used to be identified by their mothers and not by their fathers viz. GangaPutra Bhisma, KuntiPutra Arjuna, Karna  as Radheya, KausalyaPutra Rama, KaikeyiPutra Bharata, DevkiNandana Vasudeva Sri Krsna, Vir Mata JijabaiPutra Shivaji Maharaja, so on and so forth. This tradition was in reality rooted in VedantaDarsana  of Sanatana Dharma  as we shall rationally explore herein as we move on. 

Root-cause analysis of the issue gradually boils down to the fundamental belief that Vamsa  i.e. family lineage is carried forward by male progeny alone. Patriarchical inheritance has been the accepted norm, daughters were denied equal claim to family silver and ‘compensated’ through proportionate dowry. It is the same consideration that created the conviction that daughters belong to families of their in-laws while families of their birth and growth turned ‘out-laws’ for them immediately after marriage. No claim to family lineage or even surname is entertained by their original homes of birth as well as her in-laws. A strange notion creeped into society to the effect that parental home is the home of birth for daughters while in-law’s home is the home of their funeral. Left behind are sons to shoulder and carry forward the family lineage even if ‘asymptomatically’.   

Other ‘compelling’ multiple reasons to justify craving for male offspring floated around sound like last rites must be solemnised by sons and not daughters as daughters are presumably ‘weak’ psychologically, that PindaDana  too must be undertaken by sons and not by daughters for the same reason etc. Daughters being psychologically weak is a miasma deftly woven by select few ‘Dharmadhikari-s’ of our society itself. If a daughter is continuously suppressed by her parents during her growing years and discriminated against, she is certainly destined to grow into a ‘weak’ personality. So is absolutely true in case of sons too. Even an aggressive, agile chimpanzee shall turn submissive and subdued enclosed in a cage if constantly badgered by the care-taker !!! So if daughters are psychologically ‘weak’ and sons ‘strong’, that is precisely what parents and society had / have aspired for and designed that accordingly. Sanatana  scriptures have nowhere mandated to the effect that daughters are not allowed to undertake Antyesti, Sraddha, PindaDana  etc. Interestingly, Sanatana  scriptures do provide for undertaking these rituals by anyone for himself / herself only if one so desires or necessitated by ‘compelling’ circumstances. Similarly attainment of Moksa  too, is entirely offspring independent. Neither son nor daughter, irrespective of their psychological ‘strength’ or ‘weakness’ whatsoever, can facilitate, accelerate, hinder, retard or completely stop cosmic journey of their elders to attain ultimate emancipation from shackles of this world. It is absolutely independent of one’s marital status too !! It is entirely and absolutely a function of one’s Guru’s blessings and Adhyatmika  strive undertaken assiduously, may be transcending several lives and deaths.  

Every human being ‘in the form of son or daughter’ is an aggregate of body and Atma. There is no third constituent at all. Physical body one receives from mother and mother alone and no Pramana  whatsoever is required to prove the fact visible with our gross eyes. Atma  is carried into Zygote (that turns into foetus, then infant) by sperm from father – 

Srī Bhagavān Uvāca 

Karmaṇā Daiva-Netreṇa Jantur Dehopapattaye  I

Striyāḥ Praviṣṭa Udaraṁ Puṁso Retaḥ-Kaṇāśrayaḥ  II

(Srimad Bhagavatam  3.31.1)

Under supervision of Param Brahma and directed by Prarabdha Karma-s, Atma  enters into womb of a woman escorted by sperm in semen to incarnate into a specified body.

Nobody’s Atma  has it’s own distinct identity at all as all Atma-s are exactly and precisely alike as well as it is impossible for anyone to perceive his / her own or anyone’s Atma  with gross eyes. When all Atma-s are transmitted through fathers, how can Vamsa  i.e. lineage be justified in father’s surname ?? Indeed, Atma  doesn’t have any surname at all and can never have in future. How can Vamsa  be maintained and preserved in the name of father’s surname ‘attached’ to Atma  that is invisible and doesn’t carry any mortal frame at all ? Mortal frames or physical bodies solely on the basis of which Vamsa  is sought to be maintained and preserved, is provided by mothers alone. If a Vamsa  is maintained and preserved in the name of mothers, it does make some sense of sanity although only temporarily as no Vamsa  in the history of humanity has been immortal or eternal and will never be for that matter. How absurd is the preference for male child for adoption by childless couples from child-care homes !!!! Man is often entirely conscious of his / her frailties and fallacies yet refuses to reject all that.  

If tomorrow daughters of the country unitedly agitate and claim, they alone enjoy the prerogative of running business of Vamsa, sons will have no ground to hold onto, will have to retreat gracefully with dignity. Such a liberation also enjoins upon them onerous responsibility of following Dharma  assiduously and incessantly with Devi-s like Durga, Saraswati and great women like Gargi, Maitrayi  and Rani Chinamma as their role models.





Our Judiciary is in a real state of mess courtesy our very own judicial wisdom, a motley group of lawyers permanently creating hurdles, immense political and media pressure, extensive judicial corruption, judicial nepotism, multiple lobbies exerting themselves to have their sway on judgements, pressure of reservation for certain sections on judicial appointments, aggressive or submissive Government, ideological propensities of Justices guiding their judgements, ideological and political predilections of political party in power, defiant non-compliance of judicial orders, non-availability of mechanism at Judiciary’s disposal to enforce their pronouncements etc. Yet it is a real-time surprise that Justices, advocates…none succumbed to those excruciating judicial agonies at all. Only financially distressed litigants suffer, that too silently without Judiciary ever even knowing about that.   

Genesis of the malaise is hidden not far away in foundation of the judiciary itself. While Bharatiya society has always been oriented towards ancient yet ever-modern concept of Nyaya, Indian judiciary is based on delivering judgements i.e. merely punishing the culprit based on flawed Indian Evidence Act enacted by British occupiers of the nation instead of reversing the entire wrong perpetrated encompassing everyone who may be affected by any aspect of the case. Ancient intellection of Nyaya  has a holistic approach towards all aberrations in society till eradication of the root-cause so as to ensure, society remains healthy from the stand-point of crime, disorder and aberration. This holistic approach of Nyaya  has guiding principles vested in Sanatana  cultural heritage of righteousness, impartiality, morality, concept of Karmayoga  involving Papa, Punya  and reincarnation to suffer proceeds of Karma-s performed earlier i.e. no escape from consequences of Karma-s, Gurukula  education, society’s history and traditions, respect for majority views etc. Based on these principles of Nyaya, Maharsi Manu  authored a civil code millennia ago to raise an ordered, structured society. The ancient code is the greatest one as it is valid even now with minor modifications in harmony with changing times. Chapter-8 of the Smriti  is dedicated to judiciary and jurisprudence exclusively. 

Partyaham Desadrstaisca Sastraddastaisca Hetubhiha  I

Astadasasu Margesu Nibaddhani Prthakkprthak  II VIII / 3 II

They must daily adjudicate all eighteen types of disputes individually guided by prevailing practices in the country, injunctions and ordainments enshrined in scriptures.

Maharsi Manu  has classified all possible disputes and contentions into eighteen orders that must be resolved on day to day basis by entire congregation in a royal court. Proceedings, judgements must be drafted in consonance with values and practices prevailing in the society, Kingdom as well as scriptural injunctions. Every case must be probed into individually i.e. experts specialising in the issue and all other factors related to that alone should be consulted. Colonial practice of summer, winter vacations in higher judiciary in spite of burgeoning cases pending for decades causing public outrage, drives home the point of adjudications on day to day basis as emphasised in the Sloka. Similarly, scope of cases to be attended by a royal court is also specified. They are not entirely at liberty to pick up any case on their own volition. Significance of this mandate by Maharsi Manu  can be comprehended by recent instances of higher judiciary agreeing to adjudicate frivolous cases at the expense of urgent ones. It goes to the accolade of immense wisdom of Maharsi Manu  who authored long ago that stands relevant even today. Now catalogued are a few selected orders of disputes for this presentation that must be adjudicated on day to day basis.

Tesamadyamrinadanam Niksepoasvamivikrayaha  I

Sambhuyam Ca Samutthanam Dattasyanapakarma Ca  II VIII / 4 II

Vetanasyaiva Cadanam Samvidasca Vyatikramaha  I

Krayavikrayanusayo Vivadaha Svamipalayoha  II VIII / 5 II

Simavivadadharmasca Parusye Dandavacike  I

Steyam Ca Sahasam Caivam Strisangrahanameva Ca  II VIII / 6 II

Stripundharmo Vibhagasca Dyutamavhya Eva Ca  I

Padanyastadasaitani Vyavaharasthitaviha  II VIII / 7 II 

Those eighteen orders are – loan default, contract violation, selling without being real owner, tormenting someone in cahoots with others, refusal to return taken earlier, unfair deduction or non-payment of compensation, refusal to honour commitment, disputes in business transactions, dispute between owner and attendant of cattle, dispute over boundaries, perpetrating harsh retribution upon someone, uttering harsh words, thievery and robbery, assaulting someone, promiscuity, dereliction of obligations by husband or wife, disputes pertaining to inheritance, gambling and dicey speculations.   

Esu Sthanesu Bhuyistham Vivadam Caratama Nrnam  I

Dharmam Sasvatamasritya Kuryatkaryavinirnayam  II VIII / 8 II

In these Vyavahara-s, disputes of all be attended by resorting to refuge in Dharma. 

Principles of Dharma  alone must govern laws to be enforced while dispensing justice.

Yasmindese Nisidanti Vipra Vedavidastrayah  I

Rajnascadhikrto Vidvanbrahmanastam Sabhama Viduh  II VIII / 11 II

Where three scholars of Veda-s are seated alongwith a learned one conversant with the subject, it is Brahmasabha. 

Brahmasabha  implies an august assembly of erudite scholars whose words of judgement are sacrosanct.

Dharmo Viddhastvadharmena Sabham Yatropatisthate  I

Salyam Casya Na Krntanti Viddhastatra Sabhasadaha  II VIII / 12 II 

Every member of such a court is debilitated and enfeebled wherein Dharma  stands for trial after being impaired by Adharma  followed by absence of surgical remedy. 

Dharma  is sacrosanct in every situation. If a court of justice fails to adhere to canons of Dharma, not only is it miscarriage of justice but also very legality and sanctity of the court itself is jeopardised. Most glaring instance of such an unpalatable situation arose during dreaded era of Emergency-1975 imposed by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi with the sole intention to remain glued to power. Highest judiciary at Supreme Court abrogated right to life and liberty being fundamental rights any more. Supreme Court ceased to be the highest court when they stayed judgement of Allahabad High Court and allowed time to Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to subvert the Constitution itself.   

Dharma Eva Hato Hanti Dharmo Raksati Raksitaha  I

Tasmaddharmo Na Hantavyo Ma No Dharmo Hatoavadhit  II VIII / 15 II 

Dharma  violated destroys the perpetrator while Dharma  defended defends the defender. Hence, Dharma  must never be violated lest it destroys us. 

Here goes the saying, when we defend Dharma  earnestly, Dharma  rises in turn to defend civilised society. Thus Dharma  is sacrosanct and inviolable. 

Padoadharmasya Kartarama Padaha Saksinamrcchati  I

Padaha Sabhasadaha Sarvanpado Rajanamrcchati  II VIII / 18 II

One-fourth of Adharma  committed by King to the culprit, same to witnesses and members of the court and one-fourth to the King being attained if principles of Nyaya  are not pursued. 

No exploit of Adharma  occurs in isolation, restricted to a few directly involved. Roots of every incidence of Adharma  are spread far and wide involving almost entire society. Principles of Nyaya  ordain, entire society must alert themselves for every exploit of Adharma  to ensure, victim is amply compensated and rehabilitated, perpetrator duly punished and all social aberrations dealt with appropriately to prevent it’s recurrence in future.  

Raja Bhavatyanenastu Muccyante Ca Sabhasadaha  I

Eno Gacchati Kartarama Nindaarho Yatra Nindyate  II VIII / 19 II

In a court wherein offender is punished, all are rendered pure with only the offender being attained to sin. 

Court that appropriately punishes an offender, consecrate themselves. That is in complete harmony with canons of Nyaya.

Vandhyaaputrasu Caivam Syadraksanam Niskulasu Ca  I

Pativrtasu Ca Strisu Vidhvasvaturasu Ca  II VIII / 23 II

King is bound to protect women that are infertile, bereft of son or a male kin, loner in absence of husband, widow or sick and their possessions till such time they are empowered for themselves.  

They constitute one of the most vulnerable sections of society. If they have no one to look after them, Kingdom must look after them.

Anritam Tu Vadandandayyaha Svavittasyansamastamam  I

Tasyaiva Va Nidhanasya Samkhyayalpiyasim Kalam  II VIII / 31 II

If someone proffers a falsified claim over an asset, he or she is liable to be punished by a pecuniary penalty amounting to one-eighth of the asset value or it may be decided based on it’s current worth. 

There have been too many illegitimate claims of ownership of properties all over the nation. The Sloka  prescribes monetary retribution as a deterrent to prevent such offences.

Yatha Nayatyasrkpatairmrigasya Mrigayuha Padam  I

Nayettathaanumanena Dharmasya Nripatiha Padam  II VIII / 34 II

The way a huntsman correctly locates lair by tracking blood-drops, King may arrive at precisely accurate conclusions in a dispute and dispense judgement guided by his wisdom. 

King is expected to be endowed with excellent investigative and judicial wisdom to ensure, there is no miscarriage of administration of justice. 

Aptaha Sarvesu Varnesu Karyaha Karyesu Saksinaha  I

Sarvadharmavidoalubdha Viparitanstu Varjayet  II VIII / 47 II

Erudite, virtuous, scrupulous, dispassionately detached and righteous ones from all Varna-s may be roped in as witnesses and avoid contrarians. 

No discrimination on any ground is permissible in judicial proceedings. Anyone who may matter, is open to be invited to participate. Judicial wisdom of Manusmriti  is absolutely non-discriminatory. 

Sahasesu Ca Sarvesu Steyasamgrahanesu Ca  I

Vagdandayosca Parusye Na Parikseta Saksinaha  II VIII / 51 II

For offences of forcible oppression, theft, immorality, promiscuity, harsh utterances, witness may not be assessed. 

With aforesaid offences, since witness account may not be reliable as these offences are often committed privately, King is entirely at liberty not to examine such witnesses or may not heavily rely on that while delivering his judgement. When higher judiciary mandated, any caste based offence committed privately, does not amount to a penal offence and witness if any, cannot be entertainable, reflected the same judicial erudition as enshrined in the Sloka.  

Yatranibaddhoapikset Srunuyadvaapi Kincana  I

Prstastrapi Tad Bruyaddathadrstam Yathasrutam  II VIII / 55 II

A witness ought to visit court even if not summoned, to narrate whatever observed or heard when asked for that. 

Presenting eye-witness narration of an offence in King’s court is bounden Dharma  of every such witness. Such witnesses must approach court irrespective of invitation and contribute to proceedings when offered an opportunity by the King. 

Satyama Saksye Bruvansaksi Lokanapnoti Puskalan  I

Iha Canuttamama Kirtima Vagesa Brahmapujita  II VIII / 59 II

Saksi  who utters truth, attains fame in this and subsequent lives, is attained to higher planes of existence as the Vani  is adored in scriptures. 

Saksi  is the eye-witness of an offence who presents himself in court on his own volition without subpoena to submit his account as a measure of Dharma. It has been declared a noble deed and such a Saksi  attains higher planes of consciousness. How relevant is the injunction can be perceived only by contemporary realities viz. even accident victims on highways are not attended by passersby and they are left to die a painful death, witnesses eschew contributing to proceedings in court as they regard it an ‘worthless’ trouble, witnesses barter away their conscience for a consideration etc. There has been no serious effort so far to modify perceptions or to provide legal coverage to those who dare to state truth as witnesses in courts. 

Yasminyasminvivade Tu KautasaksyamaKrtama Bhavet  I

Tattatkaryama Nivarteta Krtama Capyakrtama Bhavet  II VIII / 64 II

If false submissions by Saksi-s are discovered later, all such disputes may be re-considered and earlier judgements rescinded. 

If submissions of a Saksi  are discovered to be fabricated, case is re-visited, innocent wrongly implicated as accused is compensated and the deviant Saksi  is duly brought to justice. Miscarriage of justice today may not enjoy the level of highest import that miscarriage of Nyaya  enjoyed in the era bygone.  

Lobhanmohadbhayanmaitratkamatkrodhatthaiva Ca  I

Ajnanadbalabhavacca Saksyama Vitathamucyate  II VIII / 65 II

Deposition rendered by a Saksi, influenced by Lobha, Moha, Bhaya, Mitrata, Kama, Krodha, Ajnana  and puerility may be concluded to be falsified. 

It is left to the wisdom of King presiding over proceedings in court to assess whether a Saksi’s submission is influenced by venalities of any kind. If concluded to be so, it may be rejected by the King howsoever emphatic the Saksi  may be in submissions. This injunction attains tremendous import when we observe witnesses being manipulated to influence judgements or an outright stranger is roped in as a witness and the Judge is compelled to adhere to the evidence submitted howsoever fabricated or doctored. Judges do not enjoy the liberty of undertaking personal assessment of a witness’ reliability and reject evidence presented by him. What to speak of administering Nyaya, even proper judgement is not delivered quite often. 

Adharmadandanam Loke Yasoghnam Kirtinasanam  I

Asvagryam Ca Paratrani Yasmattatparivarjayet  II VIII / 71 II

Awarding punishment without due diligence amounting to Adharma  destroys one’s entire esteem and eminence of past, future as well as subsequent life too. 

Awarding punishment without due diligence not only amounts to miscarriage of justice but also unrighteousness that may ruin reputation, prestige of victim’s family for several generations. It deprives them of their self-esteem too. Any amount of compensation cannot possibly reverse the injustice perpetrated or restore lost prestige and self-esteem. Adjudicating authority must be extra-ordinarily prudent while conducting proceedings and delivering judgements to avert such judicial disasters which have been far too common these days. 

Adandyandandayan Raja Dandyanscaivapyadandayan  I

Ayaso Mahadapnoti Narakam Caiva Gacchati  II VIII / 72 II

King who punishes innocents instead of culprits, is invariably stigmatised to ignominy and languishes in hell. 

Retribution to the crime of punishing innocents, allowing culprits to go away merrily amount to felony and proceeds of such a judicial delinquency are traumatic so much so that it may transcend infinitely affecting subsequent lives too. 

Vagdandam Prathamam Kuryaddhigdandam Tadanantaram  I

Tritiyam Dhanadandam Tu Vadhadandamataha Param  II VIII / 73 II

Primary punishment is admonition, second being condemnation through reprimand, third being imposition of pecuniary penalties and the final one lashes or even beheading. 

Hierarchy of retribution corresponds with severity of offence committed in pursuit of Nyaya  allowing enough opportunities to reform oneself. However, if the first offence itself is grave demanding maximum punishment, hierarchy is ignored and appropriate proceeds awarded. 

Vasisthavihitama Vrddhima Srjedvittavivardhinima  I

Asitibhagama Grhniyanmasadvardhusikaha Sate  II VIII / 83 II

Moneylender may claim interest on amount lent yet not more than 1.25 percent per month as laid down by erudite economists being the maximum limit. 

To curb exploitative rather, extortionist propensities of moneylenders to extract maximum possible, interest payable has been quantified as a reasonable amount to be fair to both, lender and borrower. Interest claimed in excess is a punishable offence in the wisdom of Manusmriti. 

Na Tvevadhau Sopakare Kausidim Vrddhimapnuyat  I

Na Cadheha Kalasanrodhannisargoasti Na Vikrayaha  II VIII / 84 II

Incremental addition in wealth must not be accepted on assets pledged to assist, nor can that be claimed or disposed off. 

These are crystalline guidelines on how to deal with assets pledged. Addition to asset already pledged does not fall in the ambit of terms and conditions of pledge. Instances of assets pledged being misappropriated have been far too many and such restrictions have always been essential. 

Kusidavrddhirdvaigunyam Natyeti Sakrdahrata  I

Dhanye Sade Lave Vahye Natikramati Pancatam  II VIII / 88 II

Interest accrued on principal amount must never exceed twice the principal; for grains, wool, fruits or carrier animals, it must not exceed five times the principal amount. 

Total amount of interest leviable too is capped appropriately. When interest equals twice the principal, transaction is frozen and no more interest is counted. Similarly in case of material too, interest payable is capped within five times the principal amount borrowed. 

Natisanvatsarim Vrddhim Na Cadrstam Punarharet  I

Cakravrddhiha Kalavrddhiha Karita Kayika Ca Ya  II VIII / 89 II

Must not realise interest of more than a year in one transaction; interest once waived must never be claimed later. Compound interest, periodically rising interest, charging interest higher than stipulated through exploits or compelling to undertake corporeal drudgery must be strictly avoided. 

These are additional norms and restrictions to govern interest leviable on a principal amount. 

Satya Na Bhasa Bhavati Yaddyapi Syatpratisthita  I

Bahiscedbhdasyate Dharmanniyatadvayyavaharikat  II VIII / 100 II

Any deed violative of established norms of Dharma, even if written down, is invalid and unacceptable. 

An overriding rule of transactions that does not allow or condone illegality of any type even if added to a documented agreement. Sanctity of transactions enjoys paramount importance and no deviation is permissible in any form whatsoever. 

Atha Mulamanaharyam Prakasakrayasodhitaha  I

Adandyo Mucyate Rajna Nastiko Labhate Dhanam  II VIII / 126 II

An asset whose antecedents are obscure yet duly transacted transparently for selling, must be restored to the original owner and the buyer, exonerated. 

Herein, real ownership of an asset under transaction overrides every other consideration. No transaction can disregard actual ownership of an asset if conducted inappropriately. It upholds spirit of Nyaya, honours ends of justice, expounds brilliance and farsightedness of the judicial wisdom enshrined in Manusmriti. 

Yo Gramadesasanghanama Krtva Satyena Samvidam  I

Visamvadennaro Lobhattama Rastradvipravasayet  II VIII / 136 II

One who reneges on a verified pledge whatsoever, tendered to a person, village, region or community out of sheer avarice, should be banished from country by the King. 

Word of commitment enjoyed ultimate sanctity as principles of Nyaya  were sacrosanct. When justice is destined to be delivered instead of Nyaya, affidavits / agreements on stamp papers are prepared and notarified. Even then these are often challenged in courts of law to prove authenticity thereof. 

Kritva Vikriya Va Kimciddyasyehanusayo Bhavet  I

Soantardasahattad Dravyama Daddyaccaivadadita Va  II VIII / 139 II

If one is penitent after selling or buying an object, it may be reversed within ten days after that. 

An extra-ordinary feature integral to the institution of Nyaya  allows the seller to demand reversal of the transaction undertaken if the seller eventually suffers from change of circumstances or otherwise. It is not permitted under justice delivery system once transaction is completed by filing of all authenticated documents irrespective of magnitude of change in compelling circumstances. 

Yasminyasminkrte Karye Yasyehanusayo Bhavet  I

Tamanena Vidhanena Dharme Pathi Nivesayet  II VIII / 141 II

All those who develop a sense of penance, may be appropriately rehabilitated by the King. 

That amounts to culmination of the process of Nyaya  wherein a penitent offender is appropriately rehabilitated to liberate him from all compelling circumstances that forced him to commit the offence at first hand. In justice delivery system, rehabilitation of offender once convicted is completely neglected, rather deliberately eschewed driving the offender to evolve, rather degenerate into being a hardened criminal. 

Tasam Cedavaruddhanam Carantinam Mitho Vane  I

Yamutplutya Vrko Hanyanna Palastatra Kilvisi  II VIII / 149 II

If a wolf suddenly leaps over to kill one in spite of their being herded well while grazing in jungle, the shepherd is not absolved of the liability to compensate. 

Explicitly it states in the spirit of Nyaya, anyone holding anybody’s assests even if temporarily, is entirely responsible, accountable for it’s safety and integrity. Temporary custody or possession does not absolve anyone for being completely responsible for the asset. 

Srutama Desama Ca Jatim Ca Karma Sarirameva Ca  I

Vitathena Bruvandarpaddapyaha Syad Dvisatama Damam  II VIII / 173 II

If someone derogates other owing to arrogance caused by superiority of Vidya, Desa, Varna  and Sarira, he may be penalised with two-hundred Pana-s. 

The judicial provision is truly extra-ordinary transcending even maximum confines of judicial wisdom. Can we expect a law being enacted in current dispensation banning egoism, snobbery, arrogance, superiority complex on account of any reason whatsoever ? Being declared threat to social order and civility ? 

Kanam Vaapyathava Khanjamanyam Vaapi Yathavidham  I

Tathyenapi Bruvandapyo Dandam Karsapanavaram  II VIII / 174 II

If physically handicapped ones are addressed based on disabilities viz. one-eyed, lame etc., the perpetrator must be punished for at least one Karsapana. 

Any reference to anyone’s disabilities in derogatory terms is a heinous offence demanding appropriate punishment. Such references amount to personal disgrace impossible to condone. 

Mataram Pitaram Jayam Bhrataram Tanayam Gurum  I

Aksarayanchatam Dapyaha Panthanam Cadadad Guroha  II VIII / 175 II

For the offence of blaming and derogating mother, father, wife, brother, son and Guru  or obstructing Guru, penalty of hundred Pana-s may be imposed. 

Derogating anyone among elders was strictly prohibited. It reveals socio-refinement of a very high order under the dispensation of Nyaya. It has consumed years of protest and miseries undergone by elders before appropriate laws could be enacted to assure dignity and honour of elders are never violated. However, it is always better to improve upon Samskara-s to enable all not to derogate their elders, accord due ragards to them by heart. 

Raksandharmena Bhutani Raja Vadhyansca Ghatayan  I

Yajateaharaharyajnauha Sahasrasatadaksinaiha  II VIII / 183 II

By righteously protecting natives, by punishing the guity and offenders, King earns enormous boons of hundred-thousand Yajna-s solemnised simultaneously. 

Upholding highest order of Dharma  is a cardinal responsibility of every monarch in the true spirit of Nyaya. It is such a divine mandate cast upon a King that it’s proper observance amounts to undertaking scores of Yajna-s concurrently causing release of tremendous impact on Absolute Consciousness.  

Yoaraksanbalimadatte Karama Sulkama Ca Parthivaha  I

Pratibhagama Ca Dandama Ca Saha Sadyo Narakama Vrajet  II VIII / 184 II

King who collects taxes, octroi, penalties from his subjects without defending them, is soon mortified. 

Collection of revenue from his subjects is inevitably intertwined with onerous responsibility of providing all necessities, security of life and dignity to them. King who collects revenue yet abstains from discharging onerous responsibility encumbered with it, is inevitably dethroned and destroyed. We have been witness to the Sloka  in action wherein even elected Governments were dislodged when they failed to honour their responsibilities though they continued not only collecting revenues but also raising them significantly over their tenures.  

Anapeksitmaryadam Nastikam Vipralumpakam  I

Araksitaramattaram Nripam Vidyadadhogatim  II VIII / 186 II

King violating canons of Dharma  being atheist and rapacious, seizing entire wealth and declining to protect his subjects, is destined to be ruined.  

King is mandated to be righteous, an ardent follower of his Dharma. Pursuit of Nyaya  is based on pursuit of one’s Dharma  as Dharma  and Nyaya  are inseparable. When a King violates canons of Dharma, he is destined to be ruined as pursuit of Dharma  ensures King’s survival. Not only ancient but also contemporary history is replete with instances affirming the principle.  

Pitaacaryaha Suhranmata Bharya Putraha Purohitaha  I

Nadandyo Nama Rajnyoasti Yaha Svadharme Na Tisthati  II VIII / 202 II

One violating Svadharma  is never exempt from Danda  irrespective of being Pita, Acarya, Suhrt, MataBharyaPutra  or Purohita. 

Institution of Nyaya  is so sacrosanct that it is impossible for anyone howsoever influential, to escape it’s long arms. There is absolutely no exception and no one is above principles of Nyaya. Even Bhagavan Sri Rama, Vasudeva Sri Krsna  submitted themselves to Nyaya  with utmost obedience and reverence, never ever even considered the idea of violating it.  

Karsapanama Bhavedyandaha Yatranyaha Prakrto Janaha  I

Tatra Raja Bhaveddandyaha Saharamiti Dharana  II VIII / 203 II

For an offence committed by an ordinary one and eligible for one unit of penalty, King must be punished by thousand times of the amount for the same offence committed by him. 

In continuation of the previous Sloka, affirmed here in unequivocal terms is that even King who presides over the institution of Nyaya, cannot escape it under any circumstance. In fact, King is entitled to thousand times more mortification, retribution and penance than an ordinary native for the same offence as King is the last person expected to be involved in committing any offence.

Several instances are now on record wherein not only rulers but also Justices have been involved in committing offences, going away scot free without being punished for hidden infirmities in laws on statue books. 

Astapadyama Tu Sudrasya Steye Bhavati Kilvisama  I

Sodasaiva Tu Vaisyasya Dvatrinsatksatriyasya Ca  II VIII / 204 II

Brahamanasya Catuhasastiha Purnama Vaapi Satama Bhavet  I

Dviguna Va Catuhasastistaddosagunaviddhi Saha  II VIII / 205 II

Even as a lesser accomplished Sudra  be awarded eight times, Vaisya  sixteen times, Ksatriya  thirty-two times and a Brahmana  sixty-four or hundred or one hundred twenty-eight times of the amount of wealth purloined. 

Aforesaid Varna  based punishment protocol not only reveals Nyaya  of the highest order but also social equity sacrosanct and inviolable. Brahmana-s have been accorded maximum retribution for an offence they are not expected as well as mandated to commit being endowed with enormous Brahamanical  piety. Judiciary inherited from Britain awards equal punishment for all often inviting serious allegations of social injustice. It is a pity that in spite of such a stringent retribution protocol for Savarna-s, dubious politicians have malevolently distorted it to the hilt only to create divisions weakening Hindu society and the nation. 

Endram Sthanamabhiprepsuryasascaksayamavyayama  I

Nopekset Ksanamapi Raja Sahasikam Naram  II VIII / 207 II

King aspiring to attain imperishable, inexhaustible fame and wealth like Indra, must not procrastinate punishing felons and desperadoes even for a moment. 

Sloka  exerts augmented emphasis on the institution of Nyaya  with the injunction that King does not enjoy the liberty of ignoring it even for a moment. Delinquents and deviants are called upon to be punished earliest possible by moving the process of Nyaya  in the interest of all concerned. On the contrary, Judiciary inherited from British occupiers have been utter failure on this count. Not only backlog of outstanding cases runs into lakhs, there are scores of pending cases transcending two to three generations of litigants. It is a crying shame indeed. 

Gurum Va Balavrddhau Va Brahmanam Va Bahusrutam  I

Atatayinamayantam Hanyadevavicarayan  II VIII / 211 II

Natatayivadhe Doso Hanturbhavati Kascana I

Prakasam Vaaprakasam Va Manyustam Manyumrcchati  II VIII / 212 II 

One must spontaneously and unhesitatingly slay anyone approaching with intention to torment whether he be Guru, Brahmana, erudite scholar, young or old. No evil accrues to the slayer of a harrier whether slays overtly or covertly as it is fury that combats fury. 

In extreme and extra-ordinary circumstances as specified, one enjoys the privilege of retaliating forcefully to defend without inviting the allegation of ‘taking law in your own hands’. We have been witnessing cosequences of not acting to defend, rushing to law-enforcement authorities for justice, then being reduced to being pathetically crying victims. To be a bit more illustrative, women must have unmitigated freedom to kill anyone attempting to violate their chastity, entirely in harmony with principles of Nyaya  contrary to what contemporary judiciary delivers after years of sniveling and screaming.  

Paradarabhimarsesu Pravrttannranmahipatiha  I

Udvejanakarairdandaisccinnayitva Pravasayet  II VIII / 213 II

Those indulging in promiscuity may be crippled to cause agony, then expelled from the state. 

Integrity of one’s character is invaluable and traits of promiscuity abominable. It is ironical to behold that Nyaya  abhors promiscuity while Judiciary does not regard it a crime at all in spite of all ill-effects on families, societies and even governance of the nation. When those in positions of authority resort to promiscuity, it is just a disaster-galore that nation is engulged into not to speak of security hazards.  

Yasya Stenaha Pure Nasti Nanyastrigo Na Dustavak  I

Na Sahasikadandaghnau Sa Raja Sakralokabhak  II VIII / 219 II

King of a Kingdom bereft of thieves, philanderers, deprecators, tormentors and transgressors of royal decree is as colossal as Indra. 

That’s an ideal scenario but not impossible to attain albeit difficult. If a King is successful in attaining a regime of lowest incidence of crimes, he may be closest possible to the accolade of being declared ‘as colossal as Indra’. Even sincere efforts to attain the ambitious albeit arduous goal assures governance of the highest order. 

Na Mata Na Pita Na Stri Na Putrastyagamarhati  I

Tyajannapapitanetrajna Dandyaha Satani Sat  II VIII / 222 II

Neither mother, nor father, wife and son are to be disowned. If so in spite of their being innocent, King may punish with six-hundred Pana. 

The mandate symbolises not only pinnacle of Nyaya  but also societal assurance of well being of all. In contemporary judicial system, it was introduced after decades of agonies undergone by many and persistent demands from those concerned from all quarters.  

Thus we behold, British judicial system was thrust upon us in spite of our being so enriched with the dynamic and vibrant institution of Nyaya  which could have been modified according to changing circumstances over decades post-1947. Changes were brought in belatedly only after social pressure mounted, that too half heartedly. Loopholes were deliberately left unplugged so as to allow bigwigs in power to escape paws and fangs of laws comfortably. Judicial activism too had been selective at best, best summed up by retired Justice Ruma Pal of Supreme Court, “Judges were afflicted with multitude of sins but culled out seven deadly ones – brushing under the carpet, hypocrisy, secrecy, plagiarism and prolixity, intellectual arrogance or dishonesty, judicial indiscipline and nepotism.” During Emergency-1975, highest Judiciary crawled before the Executive when they were nudged just to bend. Most revolutionary judicial reform undertaken so far i.e. National Judicial Appointments Commission was nullified by the Judiciary itself and the process of self-mortification was initiated by an eminent jurist Falisam Nariman !! They have resolved to sign their own appointment orders through Collagium System to perpetuate ‘Uncle-Aunty’ culture, so dear to them that has led to perpetual friction and attrition with the Government. President Abraham Lincoln once said “public opinion is everything”.  So let us wait for the day longingly for masses of the country to wake up and demand comprehensive system of Nyaya  to be instituted in the country to replace ‘Buckingham Palace’ brand of judiciary that we are condemned with and languishing since then.    



Once upon a time, it was largest diamond in the world weighing 158.6 gms. corresponding to 793 Carats, mined in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh by the royal Kakatiya Dynasty during 13th century. They consecrated it in a Mandira that was raided and plundered by Alauddin Khilji. It was then passed onto the dynasty of Mughal raiders and occupiers in 16th century. In 1739, Persian invader Nadir Shah raided Delhi, looted Mughals for days and captured Kohinoor diamond as well as the Peacock Throne, so fabulous and enormously precious. It was Nadir Shah who had coined the name ‘Kohinoor’ meaning ‘mountain of light’. The name itself is a testimonial to it’s resplendence and splendour. One of Nadir Shah’s Generals Ahmad Shah Durrani grabbed it after death of Nadir Shah who later became Emir of Afghanistan. It was in 1809, one of his descendants gifted it to the King of Panjab, Maharaja Ranjit Singh. By 1849, the fabulous gem fell into hands of British intruders who defeated successors of Ranjit Singh in a couple of battles and Sikh empire crumbled before them. Since then, the most fabled diamond in the world had been ‘forcibly’ adorning the Royal ‘Bandit’ Queen’s Crown, Elizabeth II from Buckingham Palace, then Tower of London. During all these trials and tribulations, Kohinoor suffered indescribable indignities and cut down to mere 100 Carats. No information is available about fate of 693 Carats that made it 793 Carat heavy gem when it was mined initially. 

In 2016, All India Human Rights And Social Justice Front petitioned Supreme Court to order Government to seek return of the precious diamond from illegitimate British custody. To utter dismay of the entire nation, Government washed their hands of the contention through their Solicitor General by declaring, the diamond was gifted to the ‘Bandit’ Queen Victoria by Maharaj Duleep Singh when he was in his teens to compensate for the ‘losses’ suffered by British intruders in Anglo-Sikh battles of 1840s, that Antiquities And Art Treasures Act 1972 did not allow Government to claim antiquities ‘exported’ from the country before 1947. It was probably the most ludicrous argument proffered by an elected Government in the highest court of a democratic country in past 100 years or so. Here was a band of ‘white’ thugs who intruded into the country to plunder our wealth, imposed wars on Kings, defeated them by promoting treachery and corruption, then demanded ‘compensation’ for the expenses and losses incurred by them !! And the fabulous diamond they demanded as ‘gift’ for being so ‘great and generous’ to have looted our country !!! And the ‘gift’ was forcibly snatched away from a King who happened to be a boy in his teens, not even from his regent !! That was the height of British ‘aristocracy’ of that century and this was the height of Bharatiya ‘intellectual bankruptcy’ of gigantic dimensions !! Nationwide furore that those arguments unleashed, Government was forced to retreat and reassure abjectly, stand adopted by them before Supreme Court Justices was not their final stand at all !! Then why did they submit that stand at all ?? Coming back to the Antiquities And Art Treasures Act 1972 prohibiting restitution of plundered antiquities, is it not Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra dynasty‘s gift to the nation similar to Duleep Singh’s gift of the diamond to British intruders ? Was it then impossible under the Constitution to nullify the anti-national Act that prohibits Government of the day to claim antiquities expropriated under foreign domination ? Government did not even care to move the UN body Intergovernmental Committee For Promoting Return Of Cultural Property To Countries Of Origin in case of an illegitimate transfer of cultural assets for reasons best known to them. Even Nazi era loot and plunder of cultural heritage has been reversed and restored to rightful owners in western countries. These actions and lack of right decisions have left nationalists embarrassed and speechless.  

Strength of our claim and stand on the issue has been substantially eroded with the gaffe rendered by the Solicitor General on behalf of Government of Bharata. Now Iran, Afghanistan and even Pakistan have staked their dubious claims of ownership of Kohinoor. Their claims are as flimsy and dubious as that of British intruders claiming it was a ‘gift’ notwithstanding an ‘extorted gift’ as Iranians and Afghans had been as much plunderers as British intruders. Multiple claims of ownership, howsoever dubious, was a blessing in disguise and enormous relief for the British Government. Kohinoor also symbolises British loot of jewels from other countries over centuries and it’s repatriation to Bharata would have opened a Pandora’s box that would have emptied British Museum within no time. In July 2010, British Prime Minister David Cameron conceded in New Delhi in response to a pointed question, “If you say yes to one, you would suddenly find the British Museum would be empty. I am afraid to say, Kohinoor is going to have to stay put.” Through these words, they officially confessed albeit inadvertently, entire antique and art treasure adorning illuminated shelves of British Museum does not belong to them at all as these were plundered from their erstwhile colonies. 

It is yet another glowing chapter of the entire issue that large number of antiques and art treasures have been successfully reclaimed and restored to rightful owners in the country through assiduous efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 2014 onward and he deserves a thousand laurels for the unique feat.  

Till the Kohinoor is restored to it’s rightful owner i.e. National Museum at New Delhi, we do not know when, it will remain a live and grim reminder for the Royal ‘Bandit’ Queen of Britain, her people had once intruded into Bharata, a nation of pious Hindu-s, captured it for almost two centuries and siphoned of wealth to the tune of US $ 45 Trillions apart from brutally killing lakhs in genocides and causing dreaded famines by snatching away their food grains in tonnes for which she had declined to apologise during her last visit to Bharata in 1997.  

Kohinoor, it’s resplendence, it’s splendour shall continue telling the world, “Behold, colonial blood is still dripping from the British Crown uninterruptedly.”

May such an Empire never ever come into existence again.




Nobel Literature Laureate Rudyard Kipling composed the motivated poem as under –

Take up The White Man’s burden—
Send forth the best ye breed—
Go bind your sons to exile
To serve your captives’ need;
To wait in heavy harness
On fluttered folk and wild—
Your new-caught, sullen peoples,
Half devil and half child.

Take up the White Man’s burden—
In patience to abide,
To veil the threat of terror
And check the show of pride;
By open speech and simple,
An hundred times made plain.
To seek another’s profit,
And work another’s gain.

Take up the White Man’s burden—
The savage wars of peace—
Fill full the mouth of Famine
And bid the sickness cease;
And when your goal is nearest
The end for others sought,
Watch Sloth and heathen Folly
Bring all your hopes to nought.

Take up the White Man’s burden—
No tawdry rule of kings,
But toil of serf and sweeper—
The tale of common things.
The ports ye shall not enter,
The roads ye shall not tread,
Go make them with your living,
And mark them with your dead!

Take up the White Man’s burden—
And reap his old reward:
The blame of those ye better,
The hate of those ye guard—
The cry of hosts ye humour
(Ah, slowly!) toward the light:—
“Why brought ye us from bondage,
Our loved Egyptian night?”

Take up the White Man’s burden—
Ye dare not stoop to less—
Nor call too loud on Freedom
To cloak your weariness;
By all ye cry or whisper,
By all ye leave or do,
The silent, sullen peoples
Shall weigh your Gods and you.

Take up the White Man’s burden—
Have done with childish days—
The lightly profferred laurel,
The easy, ungrudged praise.
Comes now, to search your manhood
Through all the thankless years,
Cold-edged with dear-bought wisdom,
The judgment of your peers !

Thus the concept of ‘white man’s burden’ rose into existence when he authored ‘The White Man’s Burden : The United States and the Philippine Islands’ in 1899, a poetic exhortation to Americans to colonise Philippines and Filipino inhabitants. It was conquered by them in 1898 and the diehard imperialist egged upon them to ‘civilise’ the uncivilised and presented it before them as their ‘holy’ obligation. The dubious concept hit their haughty disposition like a thunderbolt and they ‘discovered’ themselves as Jesus appointed ‘Lord & Master’ of the universe and much to their dismay, why they failed to cognise such a mammoth ‘holy task’ cast upon them to transform ‘two-legged browns and blacks’ into civilised human beings before. They perceived the innate potential of the Mission Of Civilisation to justify imperial conquests and metamorphose it into the ‘Philosophy Of Manifest Destiny’. Senator Benjamin Tillman loudly read out first, fourth and fifth stanzas of the eight stanza poem in support of his opposition to ratification of the Treaty of Peace between USA and the Kingdom of Spain on Dec. 10, 1898 and renunciation of US claim of sovereignty over Philippine islands in presence of President William McKinlay while declaring Rudyard Kipling, ‘citizen of the world’, “Those peoples are not suited to our institutions. They are not ready for liberty as we understand it. They do not want it. Why are we bent on forcing upon them a civilization not suited to them and which only means in their view degradation and a loss of self-respect, which is worse than the loss of life itself ?” The Senator innocuously registered a hit-wicket for himself as his pious exhortations failed to cut the desired ice while the poem he recited to create revulsion to the idea of ‘The White Man’s Burden’ impressed the President and the US established geopolitical hegemony over Philippine Islands, Guam in Pacifics while Cuba and Puerto Rico in Atlantics. A historic scenario wherein one ‘holy’ mission vanquished the other ‘holy’ mission in a tussle of far-reaching consequences while one of them was holier than the other !! 

The poem inspired the then to New York Governor Theodore Roosevelt in 1900 to encourage Americans to accept territorial annexation of the Philippines, “Now, go in and put all the weight of your influence into hanging on, permanently, to the whole Philippines. America has gone and stuck a pick-axe into the foundations of a rotten house, and she is morally bound to build the house over, again, from the foundations, or have it fall about her ears.” He also forwarded the poem to Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, an ardent champion of the white man’s colonialism himself. Both eventually concurred that it was indeed a “good sense from the expansion standpoint.” The White Man’s Burden thus discovered itself under tremendous divine obligation to rule over ‘non-white people’ on Planet Earth through the mechanism of ‘colonialism’ or ‘colonisation’ causing them marginal economic progress while appropriating major share of progress for self-enrichment. Uprooting and displacing natives or even slaughtering them completely are names of the game that Roman Catholic and Protestant missionaries play. First stanza itself describes Filipinos as “new-caught, sullen peoples, half-devil and half-child” !! So breviloquently was it expounded by Nobel Peace Laureate Desmond Tutu of South Africa, “When the missionaries came to Africa, they had the Bible and we had the land. They said “let us close our eyes and pray.” When we opened them, we had the Bible, and they had the land.” Daughter of a missionary working in China and a Nobel Literature Laureate too, Pearl S. Buck vividly described pathetic abjectness of Chinese in her books ‘The Good Earth’ and ‘The God’s Men’. The Empire thus, redeemed themselves by ‘civilizing’ non-white primitively barbarous peoples by evangelizing 70 countries across the world over a span of centuries.  

Incidentally, Rudyard Kipling did not stop at that. To establish unequivocally and categorically that brown and dark brown Hindu-s of Bharata, then a colony brutalised by his masters from London, were savages roaming around naked, he created a fictional character famous as ‘Mowgli’ dwelling deep in jungles of Madhya Pradesh and lovingly adopted by wild animals. Scores of movies were shot, tale reiterated umpteen times to penetrate deep into Hindu psyche so much so that the reality if narrated as it is, will stun anyone in disgust today. Kipling could not or forgot to explain, where from Mowgli got the piece of soiled loin cloth that is mentioned and shown everywhere to cover his private organs. Was that provided by those wild animals, his adopted family members in dense jungles ? ‘The White Man’s Burden’ intrinsic to Christianity, has been no less venomously sanguinary than Communism and Islamism.  

It is not that the malevolent doctrine continued it’s wild ride unchallenged. Mark Twain authored ‘To The Person Sitting In Darkness’ on the lines of ‘The Cancer Ward’ by another Nobel Literature Laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn to highlight ‘divine’ atrocities perpetrated by them against Chinese through the institutionalised ‘The White Man’s Burden’ in 1901 to punish them for their anti-colonial Boxer Rebellion against abusive white merchants and missionaries. Since then the poem “The White Man’s Burden” served entire spectrum of brouhaha of accusations and rebuttals of colonialists and their noisy opponents. White-supremacy was now a loaded gun surreptitiously placed close to entrance of a tiger’s den prompting the tiger to growl and roar whenever beheld it while entering or exiting the den.

If tranquillity is disrupted, ripple effect is inevitable and anticipated. ‘The White Man’s Burden’ too, could not escape it’s ripple effect manifested in ‘The Brown Man’s Burden’ authored by Henry Labouchere, countering it’s notoriety by exposing malevolent effects of ‘The White Man’s Burden’. Henry effectively indicted hypocritical and exploitative colonialism, it’s intrinsic violence and felonious instincts thus –    

Pile on The Brown Man’s Burden
To gratify your greed;
Go, clear away the “niggers”
Who progress would impede;
Be very stern, for truly
‘Tis useless to be mild
With new-caught, sullen peoples,
Half devil and half child.

Pile on the brown man’s burden;
And, if ye rouse his hate,
Meet his old-fashioned reasons
With Maxims up to date.
With shells and dumdum bullets
A hundred times made plain
The brown man’s loss must ever
Imply the white man’s gain.

Pile on the brown man’s burden,
compel him to be free;
Let all your manifestoes
Reek with philanthropy.
And if with heathen folly
He dares your will dispute,
Then, in the name of freedom,
Don’t hesitate to shoot.

Pile on the brown man’s burden,
And if his cry be sore,
That surely need not irk you–
Ye’ve driven slaves before.
Seize on his ports and pastures,
The fields his people tread;
Go make from them your living,
And mark them with his dead.

Pile on the brown man’s burden,
And through the world proclaim
That ye are Freedom’s agent–
There’s no more paying game!
And, should your own past history
Straight in your teeth be thrown,
Retort that independence
Is good for whites alone. 

‘The Brown Man’s Burden’ probably removed the lid incarcerating non-white creativity among several brilliant black and brown brains. Lulu Baxter Guy conceived ‘The Black Man’s Burden’, HT Johnson proposed ‘The Black Man’s Burden – A Response To Kipling’ and J Dallas Bowser composed ‘Take Up The Black Man’s Burden’. On the other hand, Black Man’s Burden Association Of America narrated to white Americans that under colonialism, Filipinos were being ill-treated and subjected to institutionalised racism under Jim Crow Law that existed on their statute books from 1863 to 1965 to legalise racist humiliation of Black Americans on American soil. Howard Taylor addressed the issue of deleterious psychological effects of the imperialist colonialism on the ‘working class of an empire’ in his ‘The Poor Man’s Burden’ !! Thus we behold, every colonial imperialistic bit instantly raised Communist hackles albeit surreptitiously. ‘The Real White Man’s Burden’ addressed the issue of ‘moral degradation’ in captive society caused by colonialism as authored by Ernest Crosby in 1902. British journalist ED Morel had highlighted atrocities perpetrated by the then Belgian King Leopold-II in his personal property of entire Congo in Africa, in his work ‘The Black Man’s Burden : The White Man In Africa From The Fifteenth Century To World War in 1920’. He propounded the theory, relative cultural hegemony of both varieties of ‘Burdens’ determines contours of a colonised empire. Hubert Harrison’s narrative was about moral degradation unleashed among colonised darker men in his philosophic work ‘The Black Man’s Burden – A Reply To Rudyard Kipling’ in 1920 through their ‘false good intentions’ for colonial domination. 

None of these authors of ‘tainted burdens’ was ever considered for Nobel Literature Prize as Nobel Prize Committee appears to have been submerged under the deluge of ‘The White Man’s Burden’. All this brouhaha is in fact much ado about nothing as ‘The White Man’s Burden’ is not white at all. It is in reality ‘colourless’ being severely devoid of the dark skin pigment known as Melanin which so-called ‘whites’ crave for while sun bathing nude on sunny beaches. On the contrary, ‘The Brown Man’s Burden’ is excessively Melanin-ised which they struggle to offload by applying variety of creams and bleaches while scrupulously shunning even moon-lit beaches !!   



If all nationalist organisations in the country including RSS / VHP had launched a massive movement against appointment of Antonio Maino as Congress President in 1998, the woman born in a small unknown village Vicenza in Italy and brought up in a diehard Roman Catholic family loaded with leather bound books on Italian dictator Benito Mussolini would not have been able to desecrate this ancient nation during 2004-14 behind the façade of a non-entity as Prime Minister. RSS and VHP certainly would have succeeded in thwarting her taking over an anti-Hindu / pro-Communist outfit founded by AO Hume, a shrewd British-Gora with the sole intention to destroy War Of Freedom, with a proven track-record of fighting back the dreaded Emergency-1975 in addition to a few bans. Then the nation would not have undergone second darkest era of governance after Emergency-1975 during UPA-I and –II under an illegitimate body styled as National Advisory Council loaded with some sworn enemies of the nation. As the nation has a long history of direct as well as indirect foreign invasions, repeated genocides of Hindu-s, extensive loot and plunder, it is absolutely imperative not to allow any foreign-born person and born cross-bred with one foreign parent to hold any political position whether in Government or in any political party.  

She had been waiting in her wings for the most opportune moment to impose her sinister agenda on the nation for long. It was in 2004 when AB Vajpayee led coalition Government was defeated at hustings in spite of brilliant performance over six years of tenure that she was delivered the opportunity on a platter by unsuspecting Hindu voters. The Constitution (Ninety-Third Amendment Act) 2005 and Right To Education Act were framed with the sole intention to promote and augment sinister politics of minoritism at the expense of majority community. It is all the more absurd because Constitution does not define the term ‘minority’ at all while the largest so-called ‘minority’ community has been no more minority at all for decades. These two legislations also carry forward sinister British policy of ‘Divide, loot, rule and destroy’ by nourishing seeds of fragmentation and dissension. It became far more comfortable for non Hindu-s to run their educational institutions pandering to their whims and fancies while educational institutions managed by Hindu bodies were driven to the verge of closure. It further encouraged even organisations like RK Mission to demand minority status, communities like Lingayats to be declared non Hindu-s etc. Through these legislations, Antonio Maino rudely abused entire Hindu community and Sanatana Dharma.

It was at her instance alone, non-descript ManMohan Singh led Government submitted an affidavit in Supreme Court declaring Shri Rama, Sita etc. imaginary characters, Ramayana a fiction and Rama-Setu a natural formation devoid of any Adhyatmika significance.

She authored the obnoxious concept of ‘Saffron-terror’, entirely her own sickening brain-wave that led to an army officer, a Sadhu and a Sadhvi being apprehended and subjected to savagery of the worst order yet they didn’t wish her a painful death.

By appointing Sacchar Commission, she executed her best efforts to seed ‘Class struggle’ in armed forces. What saved the day was fierce resistance registered by armed forces and public outcry.

Crores of rupees used to be directly handed over to Churches in States under Congress dispensation right under the umbrella of ‘secularism’.

Fictional murder charges were levelled at Swami Jayendra Saraswati of Kamakoti Pitham as he had been profoundly active in stalling nefarious activities of Churches. It was an onslaught on Sanatana Dharma right from the front with fabricated charges and Swamiji was imprisoned for a long spell.

She exercised herself to change morning prayer of Kendriya Vidyalaya-s in Samskrita albeit could not succeed.

Lok Sabha member Prabhunath Singh levelled serious charges of antique smuggling on her years ago mainly from National Museum with LP Sihare as Director General. Investigations were successfully scuttled and the entire episode hushed up. She has even been compared with Fujimori, ex-President of Peru of Japanese origin. Her antique smuggling talent has bee inherited by her son-in-law which invited filing of FIRs by CBI in 1993.

Antonio Maino’s illegitimate Chairmanship of unconstitutional NAC engineered too many corruption scandals and treachery against the nation. Some major ones happen to be 2G Spectrum scam, CWG scam, Augusta Westland scam, Tatra truck scam, Adarsh Housing Society scam, IPL scam, Robert Vadra’s land grabbing spree, Coalmine allocation scam, National Herald scam, Bank loans scam etc. It will not be an exaggeration to state that Antonio Maino had an unrestrained, unhindered field day in robbing the nation, deliberately weakening security forces for want of arms and all sorts of anti-national activities as if her life-long heavily pressured grudges against Hindu-s and this Sanatana nation burst out into open like a carbonated soft drink gushing out of the bottle when uncorked.

When Margaret Alva questioned her of bidding for Congress tickets in Karnataka, she was expelled from the Party. It is just proverbial tip of the iceberg of the monolithic intra-Party corruption that she presided over.

Antonio Maino once rushed to the recording room of Lok Sabha at a lightening speed to order deletion of recording of her highly unparliamentary conduct before it could be rendered public before a pliable Lok Sabha Speaker.

Tavleen Singh has recorded in her books, she shouted and yelled at a Minister who happened to be her friend simply because the friendship was unpalatable to her. IT, ED officials used to behave like terrorists with those they were instructed to harass.

She still enjoys deep influence over judiciary which surfaced 2014 onward when almost every court right upto Supreme Court began reprimanding Modi Government for all omissions and commissions committed by Antonio Maino led NAC led UPA-I, II !! Till 2014, judiciary was cool and relaxed on all those issues they were so agitated about in 2014 and beyond.

It is a sign of her wicked disposition that she consistently shuns media lest she is left in a precarious embarrassment before live channels albeit patronises host of prestitutes and channels to project her as an ‘option’ superior to even Bharata Mata !!

Natwar Singh declared her narcissistic, atrociously authoritarian and whimisical in his autobiography treating natives of the nation as mere worms. That impelled her to insult last remains of PM PVN Rao, did not allow it to be placed even in Congress HQ, did not allow last rites to be performed in Delhi as he had shown her the place she deserves. On the contrary, she had no qualms in forgiving killers of her husband, ex-PM Rajiv Gandhi at all. Is it because as goes the grapewine, those killers had accepted the faith Antonio Maino belongs to ? She brooks neither defiance nor dissent. That reveals her very dangerous mind ensconced within a dangerous psyche capable of bringing about any disaster for the nation in her bid to satiate her aspirations. Dubious claim of an Italy born immigrant having majority in Lok Sabha and claiming to become Prime Minister of the nation before President Kalam in 1999 was a very dangerous development in history that stunned the nation.

Antonio Maino’s hatred for Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a world famous phenomenon. Both personalities are located at two diametrically opposite extremes of nation’s politics and one’s venomous contempt for the other and utterly contemptuous indifference towards her from the other in reciprocation are probably most significant political lessons which even Acharya Chanakya could not include in his Chanakya-Niti !!    

Her appetite for power and pelf is insatiable and irresistible. Such an intense appetite is always gunning for scapegoats even within her own Party either to ease out pressure of her transgressions to remind the nation of her infallibility surrounded by an aureole of holiness.    

On the other hand, media-fakery did their best to paint ‘canonised’ saintly image of Antonio Maino by the dint of cooked up achievements and also by appropriating other’s achievements to her credit. Not only truth-pills are invariably bitter but the bitterness grows with heightened efforts to shove it under the carpet. Truth also possesses a nasty habit of raising it’s ugly face above surface of water sooner than later notwithstanding any amount of attempts to the contrary. These are glimpses of those reprehensible efforts undertaken at her behest to polish her ugly image in public.

Antonio Maino is credited for holding together a dying and decaying party. According to a courtier-politician Mani Shankar Aiyer, without Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra Dynasty, Congressmen cannot stay together !! Reality-check reveals a tale of desertions and resignations by a steady stream of senior courtiers reduce the party to such a level in Lok Sabha that they could not claim even the positon of Leader Of Opposition for themselves. That’s a pathetic situation.

Antonio Maino is credited with defeating NDA Government led by AB Vajpayee in spite of their spectacular performance in 2004. Reality-check reveals, it was their own defeat engineered by themselves than victory of Congress.

Antonio Maino survived killings of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. Reality-check reveals that she politically  encashed those assassinations craftily. There are serious allegations against her for being even complicit to those assassinations.

Congress-Abrahamics say, Antonio is a master strategist !! It is one of the most laughable claims in the history of Congress. She inherited Congress when the Party still possessed considerable popularity among ignorant masses while BJP was on ascendance. Certainly Antonio Maino is a master of Indira Gandhi’s Emergency-1975 style strategy, entirely autocratic and brutal. She did everything she could to undermine democratic institutions and destroy the very foundation of nation.

Congress-Abrahamics proclaimed Antonio Maino, graceful. Well, she can afford to be pseudo-graceful as all her dirty errands are done by her ‘courtier-slaves’ like Mani Shankar Aiyer, Digvijay Singh, Shashi Tharoor etc. and they do not mind if she digresses from her pseudo-grace when she blurts out epithets like ‘Maut Ka Saudagar’ for a Chief Minister and future Prime Minister.

Antonio Maino is a revengeful, spiteful woman who never forgets and forgives anyone for coming on her way. Her passion for her son with stunted capabilities matches blind love of Dhrtrashtra for his evil son Duryodhana, eager to do anything, go to any extent irrespective of consequences to secure Prime Ministerial throne for her son. If at all she possesses any virtue, she will have to come out and describe that as the world has not been able to identify any so far with her.  

Based on speeches of Dr. S. Swamy, it appears that Antonia Maino was a sort of honey-trap laid out by Communist Russians for the elder Pappu, Rajiv Gandhi. Entire conduct of Antonia Maino reminds me of Robert Clive, well-known British-Robber !! ‘The White Man’s Burden’ towards natives of the country always influenced Congress as well as the Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra dynasty in their conduct and attitude. Every action, decision and statement of Antonio Maino conveys the haughty message to people of the nation so dismissively, “You fools are illiterate, casteist, innately corrupt and backward people. By assuming the trouble of ruling over you, we are doing a huge favour to you all. Be grateful to us. We only can rule over this cursed country…”. Even highly educated Brown-Sepoys in BJP ruled Bharata, even after seven decades of independence, lap it up so covetously that they invite derisive comments from the growing population of Bharata proud of their glorious past raised and nurtured by a battery of nationalistic organisations. This growing band of nationalists are resolutely determined to wipe out malevolent effects of Antonio Maino and the dynasty she joined through nuptial alliance.        



Surreptitious release of a human race threatening virus from a laboratory in Wuhan of Hubei province in China amounts to heralding third world-war by the brutal Chinese Communist regime in pursuit of their pernicious desire to dominate the world and wipe out all those who refuse to escort them to the Red-Hell raised by them so painstakingly all these decades. They are so fanatically committed to the mission that the brutal regime does not hesitate a bit in slaughtering anyone and everyone who hurdles them even in their own country.  

By the time China came out of a long spell of dynastic rule and World War-II, it was completely ravaged, reduced to even far below subsistence level. Communists led by Mao Tse Tung comfortably grabbed power as Chinese were not blessed with the resilience and resoluteness of Sanatana Dharma which could resist and block that. Abject poverty and severe famine of 1950s compelled Mao to motivate Chinese to survive on any live object they could capture anywhere, even in wilds while they exported foodgrains to the world to show off their non-existent prosperity. Thus came into existence a country with the ethos of Communist brutality, cruelty, expansionism, passion for military superiority, extortionist materialism, greed, intense desire to dominate the world simultaneously relishing Wild-life Cuisine and practising “Bide your time and hide your strengths” till 2012, postulated by Sun Tzu. After Xi Jinping came to power, he bared Chinese ambitions to be global numero uno by seeking an exceedingly active role in BRICS, NDB, SCO, BRI and AIIB; challenged supremacy of US currency, IMF, WB, UNSC as well as claiming ownership of South China Sea. All Chinese moves have been focused of how deftly to entangle as many countries as possible in their well laid out ‘Killer debt-traps’, then grab assets thereby, finally entire country becoming China’s satellite-country. Verdicts issued by the Permanent Court Of Arbitration over financial, territorial disputes are outrightly rejected by the barbaric and expansionist Communist regime of China. Their sinister tactics may be assessed by the fact that they have never been indicted or censured by any international body on any count in spite of being a country laden with criminal intentions owing to the deadly cocktail of ideology and financial muscles they have attained through dubious means. 

Wuhan-virus, so inappropriately famous as Covid-19 i.e. Corona Virus Disease-2019 (coined by WHO) only to white-wash their Red-felony orchestrated and financed by the brutal regime, is not the first such killer virus sneaking out of China. They are so ‘proud’ to be the epicentre of at least four more such pandemics in past viz. Spanish flu of 1918, Asian flu of 1957, Hong Kong flu of 1968 and Swine flu of 2009. Their obsession with viruses is so endemic that it obliterates all those images of their glitzy malls, scintillating roads, GDPs, trillion $$ foreign exchange reserves and all that rhetoric of Beijing and Shanghai in our minds. They have been smart enough to launch Wuhan-virus through the bogey of ‘Bat-meat eating’ from wild wet animal market of Wuhan but not smart enough to take care of their own confession on Twitter in 2018/19 that their laboratories have been maintaining well-stocked ‘Virus-banks’ bragging with numbers in the order of 1500 or so. When international hue and cry broke out, they quietly deleted their proud proclamation before pontificating the world on how to tackle virus onslaughts !! Plausible explanation lies in the fact that Mao Tse Tung had taught them ‘single-minded’ devotion to the doctrine of Communism !! China is solely responsible and answerable to the world for huge financial losses, mass man-slaughter of unsuspecting, innocent people by not only hiding vital details but also by being a super-spreader as scores of Wuhan Chinese travelled all over the world to infect crores of human beings. Thus Chinese President Xi Jinping is fast emerging as probably the first Universal Mass-Murderer (UMM) in recorded history of humanity.  

Wuhan laboratory nurtured zoonotic virus infecting first patient on Dec. 16, 2019 that led Ai Fen, Director of Wuhan Central Hospital to blow the whistle by Dec. 30, 2019. Life in Wuhan had been as joyous as ever before lockdown was declared on Jan. 23, 2020 and by that date Wuhan-virus had already penetrated at least three countries. In that period, geographical contagion could have been contained by 90% according to a study by University Of Southampton yet China allowed that leverage to be frittered away. China did not share with the world mapping of the virus though completed on Jan. 2, 2020. Instead, China perpetrated vanishing-trick on whistle-blowers, arrested several doctors including one whistle-blower Dr. Li Wenliang, ordered samples to be destroyed in gross violation of several Articles of International Health Regulations 2005 and Biological Weapons Convention 1972. Relying on their past track-record, I surmise that all vital organs of all those whistle-blowers who disappeared, must have been duly harvested and transplanted in decrepit bodies of Polit Bureau veterans to survive a few days or months more. China audaciously did not allow discussion on the calamity of deadly global pandemic in UNSC leveraging their Veto-power (gifted on a platter by PM JL Nehru) as Chinese envoy stated, “Council members generally feel there is no reason to panic at the moment and plan to monitor the situation(with) COVID-19 currently not on organ’s agenda. 

China used it’s Thousand Talents program to recruit scientists to help steal sensitive technology from American laboratories. Three Chinese scientists were expelled from a Level-4 Canadian research laboratory in July 2019. They opened Level-4 laboratory with French collaboration in Wuhan and shut out French after the laboratory was commissioned successfully in 2017. An Israeli scientist had warned the world in 2019 about China developing a dangerous bio-weapon which went unheeded. Through official circulars issued on Jan. 3, 2020 China had imposed complete news-blackout about the virus, all samples destroyed, banned and expelled foreign media. Why declared number of casualties per million has been so low in China ? Were they well-prepared well in advance ? All indications point towards that only. In case Chinese casualties have been really very high and hidden from the world, it does not matter to them at all as Chinese Communists have been notoriously barbaric and murderous even with their own citizens in past. Also it does not mitigate their heinous crime of mis-informing or not-informing the world as a measure of warning about the impending human tragedy of monumental dimensions. What prevents them from releasing deadlier viruses transmissible through air in future ? For instance a mutated virus that may cause cancer / HIV transmitted through air before developing vaccines for themselves !! 

After jeopardizing entire humanity, Chinese started acting as good Samaritans by airlifting tonnes of relief material, medical supplies, medical expertise etc. Therein too, they could not escape their innate despotism as they supplied defective testing kits, masks stitched of used and discarded undergarments etc. Entire Chinese Government have been on a high-octane fuel to deceive the world on Wuhan-virus front by adopting all dubious tricks of Mao’s Red Book viz. silencing whistle blowers, blocking information, spinning up state media, false propaganda, floating conspiracy theories, deploying an army of Twitter trolls, writing books projecting the pious role that every Chinese did in combating the pandemic (A Battle Against Epidemic : China Combating COVID-19 In 2020 already published and translated into five languages so far), generous donations to establish themselves a noble Samaritan, controverting facts viz. the virus originated in Italy, holding an American cyclist as Wuhan-virus Patient-Zero etc. etc. Entire intrigue and farce are effective in China due to media censorship albeit they too, may be eventually stunned into disbelief months later by dramatic disclosures. While Chinese were busy white-washing their anti-humanity crimes and delegating entire blame on Italy, Twitter trended a hugely popular #Tag, “China lied, people died”. China is yet to convincingly explain to the world as to why some 2.5 crore mobile phones went silent suddenly or why the sudden spurt in Sulphur Dioxide emissions in Wuhan during second week of March 2020. Brazenness of Chinese Communist  dictatorship scaled newer heights when they challenged statement of facts published in The Daily Telegraph albeit could not counter-rebut even a single rebuttal submitted by the daily. Chinese expected the Daily to declare, Wuhan-virus is a lunar virus sustained by aquatic animals in Panama canal exported to and sold out by a street-vendor bang opposite the White House in Washington DC !! Doesn’t it sound like a noxiously putrid narrative vigorously dished out by the ISIS playing Islamic Victim-card to justify their terror activities in every nook and corner of the globe ?  

How is that Communist HQ in Beijing and commercial capital Shanghai have been completely unaffected while entire world is infected so grievously ? Why powerful, wealthy countries have been affected most ? Why no Chinese leader, army officer or other officials have been affected while scores of VIPs across the world have been infected including Hollywood stars, Ministers, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, German Chancellor, wives of two Prime Ministers, Prince Charles etc. ? Why all business centres all over the world have been shut down while factories in China are in operation, ten crore medical kits, masks are being manufactured every day and exports worth $ 450 million to Spain executed in these days of acute distress ? While share prices have declined by 40% across the world, Chinese are busy buying shares like never before. After all leading world economies crash into trash, Chinese regime shall be on a buying spree with their trillions of foreign exchange reserves in their banks. This exercise is already on. It may also lead to an unprecedented scenario of their capturing military/nuclear assets of other countries too. World leaders must unite to thwart those sinister designs before those come knocking at our doors.   

WHO owes responsibility and accountability to explain their criminal negligence as they deliberated over a week whether the massive pandemic was an issue of PHIEC i.e. Public Health Emergency Of International Concern after China locked down Wuhan on Jan. 23. The way Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, DG of WHO deported himself all these days, it appeared that he had converted WHO into ‘China Health Organisation’. He in fact warned USA not to politicise the pandemic when they imposed travel restrictions and admired China for their prompt response !! Irretrievably he established himself as a China-apologist. He had been a consistent apologist by disposition whether it was outbreak of diarrhoea in Sudan or SARS of 2003. Is it the cherished job-description of WHO to endorse ‘One China Policy’ or deny Taiwan to join World Health Assembly as an Observer ? In cahoots with FAO and WOAH, the DG wiped out entire evidence of the pandemic originating from China with an alacrity extra-ordinary. Thus WHO are equally guilty in traumatizing entire humanity to buttress global aspirations and geopoliticking of China. As UN bodies have become corrupt mouth-pieces of their prime financiers, mechanism of retribution will have to be contrived entirely independent of these spineless institutions. Veto power of China has already rendered WHO completely toothless and spineless. If China can brazenly ignore ruling of Permanent Court Of Arbitration on artificial islands in SCS, how can they be expected to gracefully accept ruling of ICJ if their judgement goes against them and they are ordered to bear reparations to all countries grievously affected by their virus-brinkmanship as well as tender an unqualified apology ? An important compelling reason for urgent necessity and inevitability of retribution and reparations is that China happens to be a compulsive tormentor of civility being deeply intoxicated with the opium of Communism. Best course of action would be to dislodge the brutal Communist regime, destroy all their virus banks and instal a democratically elected Government in Beijing by all world leaders unitedly. Tibet / Hong Kong / Taiwan must be liberated and reparations paid to all affected countries out of their trillions in foreign exchange reserves. If it comes to that, last option of nuclear strikes may also be considered seriously because China is certainly not going to rest at Wuhan-virus alone.  If world leaders are waiting for an opportune moment after coming out of the crisis, they may have already lost the war beyond a glimmer of hope.




Constitution of Bharata is ‘notoriously’ famous for granting privileges to ‘minorities’ without even defining who ‘minorities’ are in reality entitled to enjoy those privileges. Extending ‘minority-privileges’ without the framework of relevant definition of confinements amounts to throwing away money from balcony of the Constitution on a rowdy, milling crowd of aspirants and grabbed by those gifted with augmented muscular strength and nuisance-value. It may stun anyone’s conscience to hold and behold, an issue of such a huge significance escaped attention of even erudite scholars of the Constituent Assembly as well as a bevy of vociferous Justices of the Supreme Court that crawled when asked to bend during dreaded Emergency-1975 yet hyperactive to determine desirable height of ‘Dahi-Handi’ or holding mid-night hearing for a dreaded terrorist all these seven decades of post-1947 Bharata. While Constituent Assembly did not discuss the issue at all as they appeared to be too euphoric over just attained freedom from British occupiers of the nation while Judiciary zealously interpreting Constitutional Articles in the framework of British consciousness.   

Let us now pour over relevant Articles of the Bharatiya Constitution pertaining to minority-privileges, root-cause of seven-decades old heartburn extending entire length and breadth of the nation.   

Article 29 – Protection of interests of minorities 

(1) Any section of the citizens residing in the territory of India or any part thereof having a distinct language, script or culture of its own shall have the right to conserve the same.

(2) No citizen shall be denied admission into any educational institution maintained by the State or receiving aid out of State funds on grounds only of religion, race, caste, language or any of them. 

Article 30 – Right of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions

(1) All minorities, whether based on religion or language, shall have the right to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice. 

(1A) In making any law providing for the compulsory acquisition of any property of an educational institution established and administered by a minority, referred to in clause (1), the State shall ensure that the amount fixed by or determined under such law for the acquisition of such property is such as would not restrict or abrogate the right guaranteed under that clause.

(2) The state shall not, in granting aid to educational institutions, discriminate against any educational institution on the ground that it is under the management of a minority, whether based on religion or language. 

In the narration of aforesaid Articles, it is obvious that mention of language is redundant as ‘language-minority’ is almost completely devoid of communal overtones being largely regional in nature. Significant herein to reckon with are criteria of religion and culture. Ostensibly, ‘minorities’ so called on the basis of their religion and culture are entirely at liberty to establish their own educational institutions with unhindered liberty to manage according to their own whims and fancies as a measure of automatically added on privilege for them. Articles are deafeningly silent on identical rights for majority community so called. For instance, Articles blatantly allow Madarsas to grow and impart religious indoctrination interminably while no such privilege granted to majority community so called. In reality, ‘minorities’ have been encouraged to grow into majority by surreptitiously propagating their religion through these two benign looking Articles while majority community is completely barred of the privilege.  

Now we arrive at the next vital milestone, how precisely ‘minorities’ have been defined.

United Nations Human Rights Commission have been prudent enough to admit, “There is no internationally agreed definition as to which groups constitute minorities. Difficulty in arriving at a widely acceptable definition lies in variety of situations in which minorities live.” The term minority as used in United Nations human rights system usually refers to national or ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities, pursuant to the United Nations Minorities Declaration.” Moreover, “Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities Adopted by General Assembly resolution 47/135 of 18 December 1992” too, declined to define the term ‘minorities’ in it’s Charter and left it to discretion of member countries individually. To be precise, United Nations declined to define the term ‘minorities’. 

Section 2 (C)  of the National Commission Of Minorities Act 1992 defines the term ‘minorities’ as –

“minority”, for the purposes of this Act, means a community notified as such by the Central Government;

Thus NCM Act 1992 too, fails to define the term ‘minorities’ in spite of entire wisdom of both Houses of Parliament exerting themselves maximally. By declining to define the term ‘minorities’ thus, bequeathing the issue entirely to discretion of Government of the day, amounts to Constitutional brinkmanship of pernicious dimensions which surfaced too soon in Government Notification issued in Oct. 1993 under the Act listing Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Zorostrians as ‘minorities’ without defining the term ‘minorities’ unambiguously. Ministry Of Minority Affairs received an avalanche of representations to include Jains and it was duly granted forthwith yet again without defining the term ‘minorities’. Moreover, not a single person from the majority community has been included as member of the National Commission Of Minorities even though it is the majority community that bears almost entire brunt of minority-privileges granted to minority communities.  Quite pertinently, Najma Heptullaha as Minister Of Minority Affairs commented in 2014 “This is not the Ministry for Muslim affairs, this is the ministry of Minority affairs…Muslims are not minorities.”       

Notification listing five communities as minorities and inclusion of Jains as a minority community through yet another Notification subsequently without inviting the question of Constitutional legality paves the way for yet another Notification by Government of the day to de-notify any community as ‘minority’ community that is not ‘minority’ in reality and strip them of all minority privileges without inviting Constitutional Amendment with 2/3rd majority in both Houses of Parliament. In absence of a concrete definition of the term ‘minorities’ offered by either UN Charter or NCM Act, definition of the term that has been in operation since 1947 is, “any community other than the majority, is regarded as ‘minority’ community !!”´ This definition in operation may and shall create an anomalous scenario wherein game of numbers shall rise to ominous heights when a minority community shall remain minority even if their total number is just one less than that of the number of majority community. What will be socio-political consequences when all five listed minority communities individually have their numbers precisely one less than that of the majority community ? Isn’t it obvious we have been ignorantly feeding a Frankenstein’s monster all these decades post-1947 only to allow them grow and out-grow the majority community before the majority community is gulped down by the ‘Monster of Minoritism’ while they mischievously continue raising hue and cry over oppressive ‘majoritarianism’ ? Is the majority community seized of the issue or blissfully snoring in deep slumber ? 

In our country, every discussion over minorities revolves around Muslims only and Muslims alone. All other listed minorities viz. Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains and Zorostrians are always relegated into darker background of every deliberation though quite ironically, their contribution to nation’s prosperity is tremendous and they all are viewed as assets of the nation. Can anyone so vouchsafe that for the largest minority community so-called in terms of amount of taxes paid and contributions in all other forms ? Certainly not, to say the least. In fact, entire doctrine of ‘minoritism’ has been usurped by just one minority community at the expense of every other minority community and they do not experience even an iota of embarrassment while claiming all conceivable benefits from the Government or standing in queue for hours to collect doles from their Jan Dhan accounts before and after cursing the Government and Hon. Prime Minister Modi. It is ironical yet again, there is no Hindu country in the world in spite of some 64 Muslim and 56 Christian countries scattered all over the world. What the Planet Earth has in the name of Hindu country are three Hindu majority countries officially declared secular. They are Bharata albeit India to the Christian / Islamic world, Nepal and Mauritius. All other listed minorities viz. Sikh, Jain and Zorostrians do not have even a single majority country for them individually. Quite paradoxically, miniscule minorities like Christians, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists and Zorostrians are as much vulnerable to onslaughts of Islamic-minoritism as the majority community of Hindu-s happen to be in spite of Hindu-s counting 100 crores or so in the country.  

Thus we behold, whatever we have in the name of ‘Minority policy’ does not preserve and protect ‘secular’ democratic fabric of the nation at all. In reality, it panders to whims and fancies of just one minority community at a huge expense of rest of the country but also at the expense of personal liberties and self-respect of all other natives in the country. Belgium is an instance in point where Muslim minority community bullied Christian majority to first invariably seek their endorsement before enacting any law through Belgian Parliament and this ‘high-handedness’ is Constitutionally guaranteed there. A rational definition of the term ‘minority’ is urgently required and this definition must not be based on mere numbers as that would be fraught with hazards threatening unity and integrity of the nation. Absence of numerical definition amounts to granting a licence to any minority community to proliferate like animals only to become ‘majority’ community and destroy original identity of the nation. It may be too difficult to muster Constitutional Amendments to Articles 29, 30 with 2/3rd majority in Parliament in prevailing circumstances. However, introducing definition of the term ‘minority’ upto say 15% to 20% of the majority community is absolutely possible through an amendment to the NCM Act with a simple majority in both Houses of Parliament or even the Act itself may be superseded in consonance with French Constitution that treats every member of minority so-called as an individual irrespective of national, racial, ethnic, religious or linguistic considerations. It is guided by the idea that a State interacts with every individual individually and not communities or groups. They so rightly believe, absolute equality is the best way to integrate every citizen to the State, to the benefit of both. Moot question is, are we as a nation matured enough to adopt the lofty concept of absolute equality for all in real sense of the term and if yes, then when.   





An interesting article appeared in Hong Kong based Asia Sentinel by Murrey Hunter revealing what Education Minister Maszlee Malik defiantly attempted to enact till the moment he was disgracefully dismissed. He organised his best efforts to ensconce ‘Islamists’, ‘Salafis’, ‘Wahhabis’ and some from the Muslim fundamentalist group Ikram into decision adopting positions in all Universities to ensure, radicalisation of Malaysia through theocratic brainwashing of impressionable minds moves deeper into Malaysian psyche, may be ‘deeper than the deep state’ uprooting national ethos of pluralism or the sham of it, hitherto.  

Socio-political scenario in Malaysia is dismal at best. Parents of wards learning in residential schools are disgustingly challenging fanatical emphasis on religious lessons and pursuits imposed upon them by school administrations leading to personality distortions and decline in academic performance as a direct consequence of physical exertion. Amir, a parent whose ward took examination of Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia at Mara Junior Science College at Johor had to say, “As far as I’m concerned, we did not send our kids to a tahfiz or pondok school.” Situation is said to be worse for students taking examination in Form-3 and -5. Cumbersome rituals like Solat Tahajud, Solat Hajat and Tazkirah performed by Muslims in times of adversity, are too frequent now requiring students to wake up as early as 3 am in morning !! Parents were ‘enlightened’ that those rituals were meant to invoke ‘blessings’ for better future and academic performance to raise status of those schools !! “But the school’s status won’t go up; they are competing on which school is more Islamic instead of being better academically.” So conveyed Amir to FMT. Schools in Malaysia have ceased to be multi-racial and complaints of a polarised education system are far too many to be treated casually. Single-stream schools are being demanded for fostering national unity and racial harmony. 

Yet another strange development is obsession with non-material ‘Jinns’. FMT was told by a parent, her daughter was instructed to attend “Ruqyah” sessions wherein Quranic verses are recited to cure diseases and relieve the ‘patient’ of bad ‘Jinns’ !! Her daughter was ordered to attend Talaqqi i.e. Quranic classes at the expense of Biology classes. When she resisted, they accused her of being disobedient and indisciplined, “My daughter was accused of being too lazy to study Quran and of having disturbances from Jinns. So they told her to come for the Ruqyah session. It’s simply unbelievable.” said the parent averse to disclosing her identity lest it invites an avalanche of persecution. Finally the ward had to quit her Biology classes in favour of Quranic recitations costing an additional fee of RM 200. Talaqqi classes are compulsory for students from Form-1 to Form-4 inviting punishment if skipped owing to any reason whatsoever. There are schools having framed absolutely absurd rules like ‘female students must wear long pants under their long skirts, long-sleeved T-shirts and gloves during sports.’ How can such a tightly packed in ‘multiple layers of clothes’ student participate in sports when she is unable to move her hands and feet swiftly on playground ? That’s the ‘holy’ story of MRSM School in Perak. Students learning Bid’ah i.e. ‘innovations’ in religion, often question their parents as to whether Bid’ah includes measures of inhuman torture too !! Such questions pertaining to personal liberty and comfort have been entirely incomprehensible to zealots of Islam as they themselves do not have to undergo such rigours comfortably ensconced in their Masjids and the justification is to prevent ‘male eyes’ gazing at them !! Why don’t they issue a Fatwa to gouge out such obnoxious ‘male eyes’ gazing at them to root out the root-cause itself ? Is it because they themselves are keen to gaze at female contours ? Is there any other plausible explanation of their inexplicably absurd conduct ?   

Hard-core Salafist MA Zainul Abidin, also known as Dr. Maza, has focused on education with the ‘holy’ mission of developing strong Salafi values with younger generations. He has raised a school entitled to receive funds from MAIPs i.e. Perlis Islamic Affairs and Malay Culture Department. Irony is that he loudly announces, he is engaged in seeding ‘liberal’ views on issues like ‘Khalwat’ i.e. pre-marital gender proximity inspections, decibel level of Masjid-announcements, henna usage, wedding songs etc. Quite paradoxically and enigmatically, he has ‘liberal’ views on Yoga too !! MAIPs also ‘liberally’ administer KUIP i.e. Perlis Islamic University Collage whose Chief was disgracefully dismissed from service on the allegation of not supporting the Salafi agenda with his entire ‘Jism’ and ‘Ruha’ dedicted to the ‘holy’ cause, to be duly succeeded by an ardent ally Dr. MR Othman. When Malaysian Police raided a madrasa in Perlis on an intelligence input of some Yemenis promoting Salafi brand of terrorism, Royal Palace of Malaysia was incensed and they had a tug of friction and attrition with their own Police. Salafis are exceedingly active in social media to reach out to all segments of Malaysian populace. However there was a massive public uproar when the Vice Chancellor Badlishah Ahmad declared absconder and hate-preacher Zakir Naik an Islamic icon, allowed racial slurs against ethnic Malaysian Hindu-s in University examinations.    

Islamisation of education has much larger reticulations and ramifications. Palestinian born American scholar Ismail Faruqi invited scholars from various disciplines in Humanities to transform and re-do entire content in the mould of Islamic theology. Thus came into existence International Institute Of Islamic Thoughts in USA to islamise entire knowledge collected so far. International Islamic University, Malaysia is yet another Islamic ‘monument’ disseminating islamised version of knowledge. He did not mobilise his vitality to indulge in original thinking beneficial for humanity instead of outright destructive re-hashing with the objective of quite ironically and paradoxically, to evolve Muslims into most modern community in the world !! That’s really a fine example of intellectual bankruptcy.  

Omens are not really heartwarming, rather blood chilling. Instead of transforming into another South Korea, Singapore or Japan, Islamic grail of Malaysia is fast hurtling towards becoming yet another Pakistan, Iran or something still worse, we do not know. World will have to have a strict watch on developments in Malaysia if they rally do not wish to confront another Taliban, Syria or Yemen in not too distant future.