Indian Civil Service (ICS), known as Imperial Civil Service till 1947, was a so-called elite civil service raised by British-occupiers in British India during 1858-1947. They constituted proverbial ‘steel frame’ of British occupation of the nation whose writ ran over some 250 districts inhabited by 20 crore citizens. The elite service was governed under Section XXXII (32) of the Government Of India Act 1858 legislated by British Parliament. It was administered by a Secretary of State for India, a British Cabinet Minister presiding over a cadre with all senior and middle level British-Gora ICS “Civilians” to begin with as they were addressed, taught in so-called “best” British schools. Majority of British “Civilians” returned home in 1947 with declaration of freedom from forcible British occupation. Number of Indian-Sepoys for ICS gradually increased as governance became complex with  physically taxing jobs rose in numbers. By 1905, the cadre had 5% from Bengal alone (probably explaining roots of ‘Bhadralok snobbery, arrogance and drifting towards Marxism’). By 1947, there were 688 British “Civilians” while 322 ‘Deshi’ ICS-Sepoys, brown and dark brown in complexion. Entry of coloured natives into the service was deeply resented by Brit-Goras and by some of them, openly. One of them even objected by saying, “Government of India is not Indian. It is English…England has made herself responsible for India and she cannot shirk or divide the responsibility. No Indian can tell us what to do.” So they were vehemently averse to accepting Bharatiya-s in positions of authority. Till 1930s, senior positions in the cadre were not accessible to ‘Deshi’ ICS-Sepoys as British racism attained critical mass by mid-1880s. Majority of cases recommended for promotions to higher positions used to be rejected and only a miniscule were allowed to succeed intended more to dodge accusations of being racists rather than normal promotions.

Given their racist and imperialistic doctrine, Hindu-s were perceived as racially inferior heathens destined to be ruled by superior white British race. So sanctity of the gap between ‘rulers’ and the ‘ruled’ had to be maintained and anyone violating that, was immediately ostracized. British-Gora occupiers of the country were absolutely unable to concede excellence of any kind to native browns and dark browns. Wherever excellence in any field they discovered created by brown and dark brown Hindu-s, they ensured some strong link is established with their God, Jesus or the British Crown loaded with blood and tears of 70 countries that they colonised. ‘White Mans Burden’ so called is best symbolised and exemplified by Rudyard Kipling, a racist to the core of his conscience in his profoundly motivated composition as under –

Take up The White Man’s burden—
Send forth the best ye breed—
Go bind your sons to exile
To serve your captives’ need;
To wait in heavy harness
On fluttered folk and wild—
Your new-caught, sullen peoples,
Half devil and half child.

Take up the White Man’s burden—
In patience to abide,
To veil the threat of terror
And check the show of pride;
By open speech and simple,
An hundred times made plain.
To seek another’s profit,
And work another’s gain.

Take up the White Man’s burden—
The savage wars of peace—
Fill full the mouth of Famine
And bid the sickness cease;
And when your goal is nearest
The end for others sought,
Watch Sloth and heathen Folly
Bring all your hopes to nought.

Take up the White Man’s burden—
No tawdry rule of kings,
But toil of serf and sweeper—
The tale of common things.
The ports ye shall not enter,
The roads ye shall not tread,
Go make them with your living,
And mark them with your dead!

Take up the White Man’s burden—
And reap his old reward:
The blame of those ye better,
The hate of those ye guard—
The cry of hosts ye humour
(Ah, slowly!) toward the light:—
“Why brought ye us from bondage,
Our loved Egyptian night?”

Take up the White Man’s burden—
Ye dare not stoop to less—
Nor call too loud on Freedom
To cloak your weariness;
By all ye cry or whisper,
By all ye leave or do,
The silent, sullen peoples
Shall weigh your Gods and you.

Take up the White Man’s burden—
Have done with childish days—
The lightly profferred laurel,
The easy, ungrudged praise.
Comes now, to search your manhood
Through all the thankless years,
Cold-edged with dear-bought wisdom,
The judgment of your peers !

When a dark brown Bharatiya ICS-Sepoy from a southern State was appointed in a remote district, local club having English ‘Civilians’ refused to admit him as an honourable member. He was severely handicapped in discharging his official responsibilities as most of important official work used to be discussed over drinks in blue mood in lawns of the clubhouse. Instead of blaming it as British-racism, many of them blamed faulty recruitment policy that allowed brown and dark brown Bharatiya-s into the so-called elite service of ICS. Poor man finally shot himself dead after a long trail of frustration and depression caused by the racial exclusivism and discrimination perpetrated upon him by British occupiers of the country while elite snobbery of ICS-Sepoys continued unmitigated before poor, plundered natives across the country. Ostensibly Club-culture, boot-licking and offering gifts to seniors and their wives etc. happen to be unadulterated British legacies we inherited and gladly perpetuated unremittingly even after 1947.

Satyendra Nath Thakur (anglicised as Tagore later) was the first to break this glass ceiling albeit he too, could knock at the position of a District Judge in Satara after 30 years of service overcoming plethora of obstacles. They all had to undergo excessive personal humiliation and insults including SN Thakur. Surendra Nath Banerjee was barred from promotions by accusing him of lying on his actual age in 1869, then awarded an insignificant position as a measure of racist humiliation. In 1874, he was duly dismissed from service for the offence of requesting for accommodation in British colony that housed senior British-Gora ‘Civilians’ !! He went on to become a distinguished freedom-fighter and a brilliant intellectual. British-Goras sacked him instead of using his talent for furthering national interest, not even colonial interest as they felt so much threatened and humbled by his talent. Similar was the case of Aurbindo Ghosh who stood second in ranks out of thousands yet summarily rejected as he was not skilled in horse-riding !! British-occupiers planted seeds of nasty rivalry so deep in Bharatiya soil that it continues even today in the country almost in every institution, in every discipline of activity. Starkly it came to the fore when appointment of Narendra Modi as Convener of Election Campaign Committee was announced for Lok Sabha-2014 elections resisted vehemently by senile old war-horses.  

Syed Mahmud, a Cambridge educated ICS-Sepoy, was appointed as Judge of Allahabad High Court in 1887 but without real authority. Continuous humiliation and discrimination led him to alcoholism and acute depression that snatched his life young, merely at 53 despite his being son of influential Syed Ahmad Khan, founder of Aligarh Muslim University critically required by British-Goras to sow seeds of Partition-1947 !! Differences in emoluments were too conspicuous to be ignored. To sum up, no parameter of discrimination and humiliation was ignored be that salaries, power enjoyed, seniority or career advancement. Repositories of senior level experience were all Brit-Goras who left the country in 1947 and the country was deprived of experienced manpower to govern thereafter.

During British occupation of the country all brown and dark brown ICS-Sepoys were mandated by Brit Gora-masters to remain bachelors till the age of 30 or so. That made them ‘sitting ducks’ to be ‘shot’ and ‘captured’ by scores of husband-hunting English lasses coming over to British occupied India after being rejected by elite British boys 1850s onwards, failing to get married in Britain. Those Cigarette smoking, wine drinking British Gori women used to be either ‘too fast’ or ‘too ordinary’ to be hitched by anyone there in Britain and ICS-Sepoys were ‘turbots’ and ‘helibuts’ i.e. best catches of the ‘matrimonial net’ for them. Since it was not possible to bleach them into Euro-Whites completely, it was an ernest endeavour to be closest possible to their race with their ‘better halves.’  Tales of comfortable life in British occupied India used to attract them to try their luck here after being rejected by eligible worthy British boys. As ICS-Sepoys were strictly prohibited from ‘fooling’ around with ‘Svadeshi’ brown Hindu women, they used to be easy preys being utterly bored and frustrated of loneliness by the end of their thirties. So they used to easily fall for the woman on ‘Love At First Come First Served’ basis !! These ‘Fishing seasons’ used to be live with entertainments, ball dances, golf / tennis matches etc. on Gymkhana grounds with ‘husband-hunters’ sardonically known as ‘Fishing Fleet’. Such fleets used to sail out to British occupied India from British shores in Autumn and return in Spring in case of being unsuccessful in ‘husband-hunting’ or for strong aversion to stay in British-occupied India for long. They were then known as ‘The Returned Empties’ in British cocktail circuits who were asked to pay for their return tickets. Successful members of the ‘Fishing fleet’ enjoyed life in British occupied India with English clubs (wherein Indians and dogs were not allowed to enter), tennis matches, elegant balls, tiger-hunting, flotilla of servants, maids, beauty sessions, salacious gossips, promiscuity and other extravagances. Needless to say, those British women were the worst racists who used to abuse Hindu-s / India whenever back home during summers and their heavily brainwashed brown and dark brown ICS-Sepoy hubbies were condemned to be pathetic listeners nodding abjectly. The phenomenon of ‘husband-hunting’ by this ‘fishing fleet’ came to an end by the end of WW-II followed by freedom battles but by that time some Nehru-s too, had ‘White-fisherwomen’ from the ‘fishing fleet’ to reckon with.

Today we shudder to visualise, what sort of agonies and humiliation our ancestors had to undergo in British occupied India perpetrated by their British-Gora occupiers.



This article ‘A Great Intoxication’ authored by Pavan K. Verma, ex-diplomat and Rajya Sabha member, appeared in The Times Of India on Feb. 27, 2021 on their editorial page. With great enthusiasm, Pavan expounded his Page-III intellectualism quoting even Goswami Tulsidasa to drive home his hidden grievances in the garb of pontifications held on weekdays at designated spots. By the time I concluded reading the article, it was more than obvious his favourite target is Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is a widely acclaimed world statesman who does not pay attention to such intellectuals (or whatever) like Pavan Verma, Markandeya Katju, Arun Shourie, two Sinhas etc. while serving the nation most selflessly. While the Prime Minister, a hard-core Svayamsevaka groomed by RSS, is entirely dedicated to the nation and prosperity of all, these Page-III worthies, convinced themselves to be the best available leaders and ideologues in country, have arrogated themselves ‘fundamental’ right to be at the centre of gravity of every government irrespective of nature of political party in power. And these fulminations, periodic outbursts of frustration are proceeds of that monumental indifference.

Now allow me to react and rebut him point by point which The Times Of India shall flatly decline to publish as they prefer writers of their own proclivities and idiosyncrasy howsoever obscure or even a street brand.

Pavan quoted Goswamiji, “Nahin kou asa janma jaga mahin, prabhuta pai jahi mada nahi.” i.e. Never was a creature born in this world, whom power did not intoxicate. Pavan interprets ‘Prabhuta’ as power that intoxicates everyone. Did ‘Prabhuta’ intoxicate Bhagavan Shri Rama even after He was coronated and enthroned ? Does Pavan know that His father-in-law Raja Janaka was a saint ? And Dasharatha an ideal King ? Did ‘Prabhuta’ or power intoxicate Lakshamana or Bharata ? He failed to cognise that power intoxicates only evil ones like Ravana albeit ‘Prabhuta’ even in Vibhishana failed to intoxicate him in spite of his being born in a community of Rakshasa-s. When ‘Prabhuta’ in Vibhishana was blessed with power of Lanka by Bhagavana Shri Rama, he fell at His feet and sought His life-long Bhakti. Does Pavan know difference between ‘Prabhuta’ and power ? Will the author certify that among politicians Sardar Patel, LB Shastri, Gulzarilal Nanda, AB Vajpayee were intoxicated or power-drunk among politicians if he hates Modi to much ?

Is arrogance really first chink in the armour of good intentions or a way to repel frustrated self-seekers like him from portals of power ? Prime Minister declared and confessed long ago, he lacks experience, may err but the error would never be ill-intentioned and solicited constant feedback with criticism. Is that humility of the highest order or arrogance, Mr. Pavan Verma ? Constant interactions through various means, Man Ki Baat, Pariksha Pe Charcha…are signs of arrogance amounting to absence of ‘consultative processes essential to ascertain what is really good for the people…” in his own words or something else !! By the way, whose ‘good for the people’ is he referring to ? Whimisical decision making !! Is he not aware, recent three farm laws were discussed, demanded and supported by wide spectrum of stakeholders ? Demonetisation ?? Did he expect PM to inform him before declaring it suddenly or should have been declared from ramparts of Lal Quila ? Are such actions and decisions discussed in public ? Did Pavan ever carp at decision taking processes during Nehru / Indira / Rajiv regimes ?

Inner party democracy (IPD) is the next issue he raised as a chink in the armour of good intentions. If he is insinuating at BJP/RSS, then I may declare with certainty, Pavan just does not understand the concept of inner party democracy. BJP/RSS combine have advanced far beyond the domain of inner party democracy and all decisions are taken with unanimity. Inner Party Unanimity (IPU) is not difficult to attain in a party like BJP because every member is committed to the nation and nobody has any personal agenda to boot. IPD is a necessity in so-called political outfits like Congress wherein every member has a personal agenda of loot, plunder and self-glorification. By the way, Communists too have IPU to boot as they are committed to the diabolical and demoniacal ideology, rathet Criminology of Karl Marx responsible for multiple genocides across the world, destruction of flourishing economies and mass rapes. Pavan Verma tom toms ‘collagial system’ of functioning ignoring the fact that Collagium system of appointment of Justices has destroyed Judiciary with so many Justices pursuing their political agendas. I hope Pavan Verma had voted in favour of National Judicial Appointments Commission Bill as Rajya Sabha member of JDU which was foolishly struck down by the ‘arrogant’ Judiciary challenged by those who championed the cause of Buckingham Palace Judiciary. No Government functioned through ‘individual centric fiats’ in his words except those headed by Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. By the way, ManMohan Singh Government functioned through multiple individual fiats in addition to one ‘individual centric fiat’ always emanating from 10, Janpath with PIN code of 110001 !!! Nation was dazed at disastrous consequences while the world ridiculed us. Contempt for law, recklessness and ingrained tendency to deride authority of law seeded and nourished by Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra dynasty for seven decades rendered the nation unfit and ineligible for ‘democratic’ democracy. What we deserve is ‘authoritarian’ version of democracy and that alone shall work till such time ‘intellectuals’ like Pavan Verma get rid of their myopic perceptions and views.   

Third chink that he rued about is echo chamber, courtiers, sycophantic coterie, eggplant etc. He referred to yet another quote from Goswami Tulsidasa, “Sachiv baida guru tini jaun, priya bolahin bhaya asa, raja dharma tana tini kara, hoi begihin nasa” i.e. when a minister, a physician and a religious preceptor say pleasing words only from fear or hope of reward, all three – the state, health and faith – go to the dogs. It is a perfect fit on dynasty based parties like Congress, Samajvadi Party, AITC of MamataB that are already on the way to complete annihilation. If he is in any way insinuating at BJP which most probably he is not, then he shall have many eggs on his face to contend with. I hope Pavan remembers how ‘pleasing words’ of Intelligence Bureau led to disastrous defeat of Indira Gandhi post Emergency-1975 elections and how not so ‘pleasing’ words of the same IB prompted Prime Minister Modi to postpone several vital decisions in national interest.

Next issue he raised is about dissenters as enemies. Can Congress MPs screaming and staging walk-outs after their absurd demands being rejected by the Chair be called dissenters ? Can those who shout ‘Bharata Tere Tukde Honge…’ be called dissenters ? Can those signing secret agreements in Chinese Embassy without seeking permission from Ministry Of External Affairs be called dissenters ? Every action, I repeat every action of Modi Government since May 26, 2014 has been opposed with teeth, nails and claws by an army of contrarians instead of discussing and offering valuable suggestions. Can they be called dissenters ? Should then Government stop functioning at all in spite of having massive mandate from people and allow the nation to go to hell ? Has Pavan Verma turned senile or just crazy like Markandeya Katju, called ‘megalomaniac’ by Arun Jaitly ? What does he mean by dissidence ? Why should an elected Government with a well-defined election manifesto of their own, follow agenda of any other political party ? Why should such a Government be criticised on the basis of election manifestos or ideologies of other political parties who have been trounced in polling booths ? Why should ‘ a different opinion’ be conceded when people have massively endorsed their own sets of opinion at the hustings ? Did they follow these ideals when they were in power and BJP in opposition ? If a few political morons are going to create ruckus in public over defence acquisitions, are they not anti-nationals ? If a few mentally deranged ones scream in public ‘Modi mar jaa tu’ because they do not like an elected Prime Minister with the name Narendra Modi, are they not anti-nationals ? While such people deserve to be shot then and there, Pavan Verma is angry on their being called anti-nationals !!   

Sixth trait that he mentioned is burgeoning self-love. I find it so churlish, so ridiculous, so useless coming from a well-read diplomat turned MP turned nobody that I believe, it does not merit any reply at all. Probably he wishes Prime Minister of this powerful ancient nation to dress himself like an abject beggar !! It is abundantly uncultured to pass comments on someones clothes, personal likes or dislikes and Pavan failed to observe those cherished restraints.

Last but not the least is his wild imagination of determination to cling to power. I wonder why he did not narrate tales of Indira Gandhi clinging to power, subverting the Constitution, imposing Emergency-1975 and the way her perverted son traumatised entire nation. That happens to be the darkest phase of nations history and no other Prime Minister even dared anything like that thereafter. If by any chance he means to impute motives to AB Vajpayee, Narendra Modi clinging to power then he shall condemn himself to the worst order of intellectualism. However, such leaders must cling to power to save the nation from home-grown plunderers, traitors as well as venomous intellectuals too !! Very aptly he quoted Mirza Ghalib, “ Har bulandi ke naseebon main hai pasti ek din” i.e. in every pinnacle lies the seed of its decline. Pavan Verma already has seeds of his own decline growing at a natural pace along with that of all those ‘anti-nationals’ who ensured, nation does not re-attain golden glory looted centuries ago and continues languishing as a III-World country. His diatribe reminds me of useless bodies like the United Nations who at regular intervals issue ludicrous statements denouncing our internal policies and issues completely divorced from realities on ground. Does he continue receiving commandments from the United Nations even after quitting his not so illustrious diplomatic career ? 



Nobody knew or expected that appointment of RK Talwar as youngest Chairman of State Bank Of India on March 1, 1969 will write a unique chapter in banking history of the country and one individual would become a Lighthouse of Integrity for other bankers for decades to come. However it happened and he did that by the day of Aug. 4, 1976 when he was removed from office through a ‘Talwar Amendment’ i.e. an extra-ordinary amendment to the State Bank Of India Act passed by the then Parliament to facilitate his exit, barely 54 was he then. Indeed by the time at 5.30 pm on that day of reckoning when he coolly walked out of his office, history had been created.

Tenure of his Chairmanship of the bank was instrumental in transforming SBI into a dynamic organisation with multiple initiatives of innovative banking, revival of sick units, thrust on rural development, simplification of archaic procedures bequeathed by British-occupiers of the country, analysis of corporate annual reports, restructuring of entire organization etc., far ahead of his times. Intensely rooted in principles and ethics, he was renowned for his impeccable integrity and professional dynamism. Vehement opposition to arbitrariness, transparency in decisions and transactions were his buzzwords. Being a highly respected professional banker, he resolutely refused to compromise on principles so dear to his heart being a man of profound Adhyatmika disposition. Celebrated as nations most distinguished banker, RK Talwar delivered a golden era for State Bank Of India during his tenure. He chaired Committee on Customer Service in 1975, popularly known as Talwar Committee whose recommendations are followed and often quoted even now. Before expiring in 2002 while living like an ascetic, he headed IDBI too for a couple of years as well as Directorship of several companies.  

His ‘Agni-Pariksha’ knocked at his door in the form of a sick cement company with mounting losses during post-1971 era when nations economy was in dire straits owing to refugee crisis followed by War-1971 with Pakistan. When they approached for rehabilitation assistance, SBI ostensibly followed their standard procedures and identified root-cause of sickness being gross mismanagement of the company by promoters. As a part of restructuring package, SBI insisted of a team of professional managers to be allowed to take over the company. Company resisted it and carried on till the last financial lifeline was available to them. After exhausting that lifeline too, they approached the Bank again for restructuring package but entire attrition boiled down again to the same old condition of management switchover to a team of professional managers. This time too, SBI stuck to their norms. However at this stage extra-ordinary promoter of the company bared his fangs and paws as he was a pal of Sanjay Gandhi, younger son of dreaded Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. As usual, Sanjay Gandhi summoned the then Finance Minister YB Chavan and ordered him to address the issue to the satisfaction of his friend. In most of such cases, issue ceased to be an issue right at that moment but here, it was a different situation altogether because Sanjay Gandhi was dealing with an unusual banker who was endowed with conscience as well as steel nerves.

Finance Minister instructed Chairman on phone to waive the condition of change of management intrinsic to the restructuring package. Chairman Talwar first called for details and held a meeting to satisfy himself with merits of the issue, then called Finance Minister to convey his decision in no uncertain terms. Minister then communicated explicitly to the Chairman to the effect that it was so desired by ‘highest authority’ of the land i.e. de facto Prime Minister Sanjay Gandhi, son of his mother Indira Gandhi. Chairman Talwar reiterated his position and declined to budge an inch. Sanjay Gandhi must have been astonished to hear his response as there was no one in the country by then who had guts to disobey him. On his orders, message was conveyed to the Chairman to come over to meet him, talk to him to sort out the issue ‘amicably’. Given his nerves that he possessed, Chairman Talwar turned down this call, conveyed to him that Sanjay Gandhi held no ‘Constitutional authority’, had no authority to summon him and he was answerable to Finance Minister only. Shocked and stunned, Sanjay Gandhi ordered Finance Minister to dismiss Chairman Talwar from service immediately.  

Dilemma before the Finance Minister at that moment of reckoning was two-fold. First was tremendous reputation of the Chairman in country which could have led to backlash on his dismissal and the other was immunity enjoyed by Chairman against dismissal under SBI Act without an irrefutable cause. After lot of deliberations and brainstorming, it was decided to offer him an alternate assignment of Chairmanship of a Banking Commission to be constituted, dedicated to restructuring public sector banks. Without wasting a second, Chairman Talwar offered to accept the position being offered without quitting Chairmanship of SBI, assured him to shoulder both responsibilities concurrently. Finance Minister was aghast at smart and irreconciliable moves of Chairman Talwar. It was then that Chairman looked straight into eyes of the Minister and inquired whether he desired him to quit. Finance Minister responded with a heavy heart that he had highest regards for Talwars abilities and performance yet he had no other option except to seek Talwars resignation or sack him as ‘highest authority’ in the country had staked his prestige in the matter and such an extreme measure would be profoundly agonising for the Minister. Thereupon Talwar delivered his final verdict to the effect that he had absolutely no intention to quit and Minister was at liberty to proceed in the matter whichever way he wished to. And he walked out leaving behind the Minister distraught and miserable. Details of the meeting exceedingly infuriated de facto Prime Minister Sanjay Gandhi when communicated to him. He could not believe for a few moments that someone in the country had the gumption to tell him that he was just nobody and his self-ordained status just didn’t matter to Chairman Talwar at all, that too while holding an office appointed by the Government. Sanjay Gandhi ordered CBI to conduct exploratory investigation to some how trap him and prepare ‘extra-ordinary’ situation to facilitate Talwars dismissal.

In spite of hair-splitting combing of conduct and working of SBI Chairman, even best brains in CBI could not establish even a single offence or instance of misconduct. Even his frequent visits to Aurbindo Ashrama in Puducherry, his devotion to Maharshi Aurbindo or his appeal to large number of industrialists soliciting donations for Aurovillo Project could not be transformed into sufficient ground for his dismissal. His appeal for contribution was only in public domain, no personal solicitation was rendered by him at all and no industrialist could tell CBI that they had received a telephone call directly or indirectly coercing into donations. Much to the chagrin and discomfiture of CBI, what was discovered by them was that Chairman Talwar had only forwarded a general appeal to donate signed and issued by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and a commendation letter issued for the project released by the then UN Secretary General U Thant to industrialists !! CBI lost all hopes to trap Talwar and reported so to de facto Prime Minister that Sanjay Gandhi was during that darkest era in nations history. Sanjay Gandhi was so enraged that he ordered Finance Minister to amend SBI Act to facilitate summary dismissal of RK Talwar from Chairmanship of SBI.  

Amendment to the State Bank Of India Act was rushed through Parliament at a lightening speed that dismayed even the worst cynics in politics and it was dubbed ‘Talwar Amendment’. As if President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad had been already standing at gates of Rashtrapati Bhavan eager to sign all draconian laws passed during Emergency-1975, he assented ‘Talwar Amendment’ too in the same melee with a remarkable swiftness. Thereafter Chairman Talwar was again summoned by the Finance Minister, placed the sword of dismissal on his neck and asked him to resign. RK Talwar being made of a different stuff altogether, flatly declined to resign knowing very well about the amendment and sounded Finance Minister to proceed with ‘His Masters Voice’. On Aug. 4, 1976 Chairman Talwar received a fax message from Finance Minister asking him to proceed on compulsory leave for the rest of his tenure after handing over the charge of Office of Chairman to Managing Director. It was a huge surprise for many as Government during Emergency-1975 holding all powers in their hands, could not muster courage to sack Talwar and ordered him to proceed on leave. RK Talwar quietly walked out of his Office alone, sharp at 5.30 pm, his usual time to leave Office, never to look back. None in the Bank could muster courage to accord him a dignified farewell or bid him adieu at the exit gate.

But by that moment of reckoning, the banker with steel nerves had created history to be recalled many times over in future, an order from his superior that he accepted with maximum tranquility and poise, as a stoic who had unmitigated faith in divine will.         



For centuries and thousands of years Bharata and China never ever battled militarily. It was only under Nehru’s malevolent leadership that Bharata was attacked by China for the first time and the last Mughal was humiliated to his last bone and joint. It was entirely his personal defeat as he did not allow Army to prepare themselves, declined to provide their necessities and finally, did not allow our Air Force to retaliate in spite of their repeated propositions. He had actively pursued ‘Forward Policy’ and outrightly declined to settle the border dispute. As a matter of fact, Nehru had committed a complete Himalayan range of lethal blunders that led to slaughter of unarmed soldiers and capture of entire Akshai Chin by Chinese.

The last Mughal allowed Tibet being captured by China without even a whiff of resistance, then declined to settle border dispute;

signed entirely absurd and moronic Panchsheel Agreement;

changed country’s map unilaterally;

refused to even discuss their proposals;

followed irrational ‘Forward Policy’, raised border posts in disputed areas provoking China eternally convinced that China would never invade;

never looked after border posts;

infiltrated Army with sycophantic submissive officers and Generals;

completely neglected security issues; appointed a dubious character Krshna Menon as Defence Minister;

publicly declared on Oct. 12, 1962 he had ordered Army to throw out Chinese intruders barely 8 days before they attacked us;

just after 4 days of fighting on Oct. 24, China again offered to ceasefire and invited for discussions but Nehru declined;

on Nov. 21, 1962 China ceasefired the war unilaterally and offered to negotiate which was declined by Nehru again;

Nehru even declined to appoint a commission of inquiry to identify causes of defeat and climaxed it by refusing to resign in spite of the ignominy that the nation underwent owing to his serial stupidities.

Nehru-Menon duo unilaterally decided borders on their office desk, ordered raising 64 border posts here and there even into genuine Chinese territory, then proceeded to order those border posts to be manned by Assam Police and not by armed soldiers !! Both had ‘unilaterally’ convinced themselves, China would not dare to retaliate as that would have inevitably led to World War-III and in that eventuality, entire world would be on Nehrus side !! So much was narcisstic Nehru convinced about his personal popularity internationally !! He declared it a foreign policy masterstroke and named it ‘Forward Policy’ !! This policy was finalised in PMO on Nov. 2, 1961 in a meeting attended by the last Mughal Nehru, Krshna Menon, General PN Thapar, Lt. Gen. BM Kaul, IB Director BN Mullik, Brig. DK Palit and the then Foreign Secretary. Arun Shourie quoted Nehru, “It is completely impracticable for the Chinese Government to think of anything in the nature of invasion of India. Therefore I rule it out… It is necessary that the system of check-posts should be spread along this entire frontier. More especially, we should have check-posts in such places as might be considered disputed areas… As Demchok is considered by the Chinese as a disputed territory, we should locate a check-post there. So also at Tsang Chokla…”

Chinese being provoked to no limits by the recklessly insane policy was quite natural. Several political and diplomatic figures squarely blamed the last Mughal and his churlish conduct responsible for the Chinese invasion and subsequent humiliation. Chinese leader Mao had commented on Nehru sarcastically, “A person sleeping in a comfortable bed is not easily aroused by someone else’s snoring. Since Nehru sticks his head out and insists on us fighting him, for us not to fight with him would not be friendly enough. Courtesy emphasises reciprocity.” Nehru and Krshna Menon were again and again resorting to the rhetoric of ‘driving out Chinese to the last man’ from rooftops whether in Delhi or in Ceylon !! While New York Herald wrote an editorial titled ‘Nehru declared war on China’, The Chinese People’s Daily advised Nehru ‘pull back from the brink of the precipice and not to use the lives of Indian troops as stakes in your gamble’ !! Shocked at Nehru’s ‘throw them out’ order in public, COAS General Thapar rushed to Defence Minister Krshna Menon who non-chalantly responded, “This is a political statement. It means action can be taken in ten days or a hundred days or a thousand days.” Chao En Lai gave his last statement of settlement of border dispute through negotiations which again was sneered at while Mao ordered his forces to be ‘restrained and principled.’

The scale and level of preparations as well as training were so pathetic that majority of soldiers were sent to borders to fight without even snow-boots. Large number of soldiers belonging to Rajasthan and Haryana had never seen snow-fall before going to China border !! Yet they all fought till the last bullet and simply consumed themselves unhesitatingly but did not turn back under any circumstance. Gen. BM Kaul, probably the most disliked Army Commander in nation’s history, did not put his foot down knowing very well perils of Nehrus insane Forward Policy. Chinese intruded 160 miles into our territory by Nov. 20, 1962 and they were amazed, baffled at our lack of resistance and inadequate preparations. Mood of the nation was so bad that when rumour spread around that Gen. BM Kaul had been taken as POW, President Dr. Radhakrshnan commented wryly, “Unfortunately, it is untrue.” When everything was over, as usual Nehru admitted his shenanigans, “We were getting out of touch with reality in the modern world and we were living in an artificial atmosphere of our creation…we feel India has been ill-repaid for her diplomatic friendliness toward Peking… Difficult to say the Chinese have deliberately deceived us…we may have deceived ourselves…”

Buy by then, all was over and the last Mughal Nehru had nothing to lose.



Donald Trump had succeeded President Barack Hussein Obama in the White House in 2016 when America was The Last priority in the catalogue of outstanding issues before them. The way Obama was busy for eight years in compromising US interests be that climate or China, remitting millions of $$ to countries like Iran and Pakistan, allowing Communists to infiltrate entire government apparatus, reminded us all of second Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru for whom national interest was always the last priority. So close to winning second term with almost 49% votes polled in his favour in spite of all that so-called worldwide brouhaha and invectives and epithets being hurled at him, affirms beyond an iota of doubt, Donal Trump in reality has been one of the best Presidents in US history.

After President DD Eisenhower, he was the first President who studiously avoided futile wars in other countries counting body-bags being despatched followed by counting of bodies arriving in America unleashing outrage all over the country. It is so paradoxical that President Lyndon B Johnson could not muster courage to contest for second Presidential term due to raging outrage and sense of guilt he developed after carpet-bombing of Vietnam while Donald Trump has been ousted from the White House for not waging a single war anywhere in the world at all as he declined to be a War-monster.  

Trump successfully negotiated four Middle East Peace Accords that brought about paradigm shift in that region that appeared almost impossible hitherto spanning decades of friction and battles.

It is due to his much maligned tenure that America became not only energy self-sufficient but also energy exporter for the first time in their history.

He cancelled TPP, FTTs, replaced NAFTA by USMCA, re-calibrated trade deals with China and 50 other countries only to protect American economic interests. Donald Trump negotiated much more reasonable trade agreements with Canada, EU and Mexico instead of throwing away US interests like his predecessor.

President Trump was one of the greatest job-creators who drastically reduced unemployment among Blacks and Browns in his country. Had there been no Wuhan-pandemic unleashed by China surrepticiously, employment data of America would have been probably best in the world. With 7 million jobs created, unemployment lowest at 3.5%, unemployment dole claims lowest in 50 years, rise in middle class incomes by five times, are some of his spectacular milestones while Dow peaked at 30,000 in 2020.

Sterling economic contribution of Trump was in recalling hundreds of US businesses back to USA from China leaving Dragons sulking behind their viruses !! With tariff hikes and trade restrictions, Trump brought subdued China to negotiating table. It is yet another story that when he was fighting with ‘Tariff-King’ Prime Minister Modi for reduction of duties on Harley Davidson bikes, they ditched him and shifted to China from Texas !!

Trump launched largest tax reforms in history that led to reduction in tax liabilities by 50% for US middle class families.

He cancelled Paris Climate Accord signed with so much brag and bluster by his predecessor, unfair to US interests.

He quit WHO and withdrew funding them as WHO had been shielding China from the crime of unleashing the Wuhan-virus.

President Trump cancelled one-sided nuclear deal signed by Obama with Iran and imposed crippling sanctions. Nuclear Iran is certainly dangerous for almost half of humanity in the world.

He leashed relations with Cuba and fiercely resisted Communism in western hemisphere. It is mainly the Communist lobby responsible for his dubious defeat at his bid for second term.

Being an ardent American nationalist, he sought to expose corruption nibbling important bodies like FBI, CIA apart from both political parties.

Trump did not allow NATO continue sucking lifeline of America on one flimsy pretext or the other. He compelled them to pay for security rendered by the USA and they agreed to pay for that. Undoubtedly, he brought NATO to justice for the first time in US history.

He ruthlessly destroyed ISIS network, so-called Caliphate, killed Baghdadi in his own den and liberated the world from professional terrorists to a large extent.

He contained the ‘Rocket-man’ of North Korea indulging in missile acrobatics in Japanese skies, nuclear indulgence and potential threats to the US west coast, difficult task indeed.

Trump extended unqualified support to Prime Minister Modi on stand off with China over LAC. For Taiwan too, he was on the right side of pro-US diplomacy.  

He successfully appointed three Supreme Court Justices and 300 Federal Justices in spite of aggressive braying by Donkeys.

He reduced taxes, doubled standard deduction, stock market went into euphoric raptures by almost 100 times and strengthened US currency much dearer impacting positively large number of retirees too.

He developed Wuhan-pandemic vaccine in a record time-frame in comparison to development of Ebola vaccine that consumed six years or so in past.

Health care expenses were moderated including cost of prescription drugs after trashing Obamacare. It was an unprecedented achievement in US history of health sector.

He reorganised US Military debilitated by design under Obama regime and dismissed several Generals and Admirals failing to deliver and raised US Space Armed Force.

Trump tightened immigration laws in US interest, ended asylum fraud and human trafficking.

Significant reduction in illegal infiltration across Mexican border to the tune of 87% by raising a wall 400 miles long, is another remarkable achievement.

Undertook criminal justice reforms extensively.

Since Day One of his Presidency, people have been calling him names, raising clouds of heat and dust over his imprudent statements which he should have refrained from speaking out. These so-called infirmities simply pale away when you focus of his historic success in taming hostile Islamic forces, Communism and Chinese Dragon-fire. These forces are now so powerful that they can even destroy a prosperous mighty nation too. Let us see how Biden regime copes with them after announcing, “America is back.” An eminent journalist Glenn Greenwald reckons it to be militarism, imperialism and corporatism as Dem. Donkeys are “good at creating a brand radically different than the reality, those who fund them they believe in. It’s why you see neocons migrating so comfortably back to the Democratic Party, why you see Bush and Cheney operatives cheering for Joe Biden, why Wall Street celebrated when he picked Kamala Harris.”

If some supercilious sniggeratis of America find him crude, crass, nasty, bully, ‘Picasso of pettiness’, ‘Shakespeare of shit’,  devoid of charm, compassion, credibility, wisdom, vision, humility, grace, sense of humour, Soul itself…his mind being a ‘bot like Algorithm imbued with petty prejudices’, even his flaws full of flaws, even Nixon started looking trustworthy…or a monster entirely assembled by Dr. Frankenstein with human flaws then screaming around Oh God, what have I created…then it is essentially their own grave attitudinal issues to cope with. 

Undoubtedly, the man flew out of the White House in Air Force One for the last time to go down into US history as one of the greatest Presidents as well as for generations in future to regret for his ignominious ouster.

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War Of Freedom (WAF hereafter) to liberate 33 crore human beings in Bharata from an exceedingly oppressive and exploitative British yoke during 18th and 19th centuries is purported to have succeeded by the dint of Ahimsa i.e. non-violence perpetrated upon us by MK Gandhi. Let us examine what precisely and how much MK Gandhi understood the piety of Ahimsa, how he practised it and whether it was decisively instrumental in liberating Bharata from vice like grip of British occupiers.

Ahimsa  is an ascetic strive probably best defined by Maharsi Patanjali  in his legendary enunciation of Yoga Sutra-s, also known as Astangayoga. It is enaction of non-violence on several planes in various forms. Cause of violence is hidden in the perception of oneself confined to limits imposed by the gross physical existence. Indeed, virtue of Isvarapranidhana  is the foundation as well as highest order of Ahimsa. Violence is committed through several ways i.e. through body, speech or mind associated with Vrtti-s of Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha  or Bhaya. Causing violence to someone directly or indirectly or granting permission for the same too, constitute violence. Ahimsa  is a manifest of Param Brahma  and its pursuit amounts to practising ultimate goal of Universalism. Retribution of any kind associated with any one of Vrtti-s amounts to violence albeit if performed with the sole intent of rescue or remedy, it is indeed Ahimsa. Abstaining from violence even in the realm of Citta  is Ahimsa  of the highest order. Virtue of Ahimsa  is the foundation of entire Yama  and Niyama, pursuit of which is the first declaration of acceptance of principle of Universality.

A compulsively violent one defeating all efforts of transformation, must be slayed as a measure of pursuit of Ahimsa  so as to prevent perpetration of violence against several others. However, if it is performed while being imbued with a sense of vengeance, it falls under the ambit of violence. Yama  of Ahimsa  is always associated with Sattva, Jnana  and Vairagya  otherwise it cannot be counted as Ahimsa. To re-establish Dharma, if war is inevitable, then it is absolutely imperative to battle it out in the spirit of Yajna. Again, it is Ahimsa  of the highest order. To cower down before tormentors and unrighteous ones, amounts to perpetrating violence upon Self and several others. Turning away nonchalantly when nation, society or family is being disrobed, is violence of the felonious order as expounded by Vasudeva Sri Krsna in His legendary Srimadbhagvadgita (SBG hereafter) –

Kutastva Kasmalamidam Visame Samupasthitam I

Anaryajustamasvargyamakirtikarmarjuna II 2/2 II

Why this dejection at the most inopportune moment ? O Arjuna  ! It is un-Arya like, disgraceful and contrary to the heavenly benediction.

Being consistently traumatised by a habitual tormentor willingly and meekly, is no virtue at all, so explicitly expounded in SBG

Klaibyam Ma Sma Gamaha Partha Naitattvayyupapadyate I

Ksudram Hrdayadaurbalyam Tyaktvottistha Parantapa  II 2/3 II

Yield not to this unmanliness, O Partha ! It does not behoove of you. O Parantapa ! Discard this petty faint-heartedness and rise for the battle.

No virtue or piety whatsoever can mellow down a habitual offender. It has been categorically established in Mahabharata  wherein Duryodhana  as Adharma-Incarnate, scorned every move from everyone who ventured so, to avoid war through reconciliation. When battle between Dharma  and Adharma  turns inevitable due to intransigence of Adharma, war is then transformed into Dharma  to be pursued mandatorily, very well established in SBG – 

Atha Cettvamimam Dharmyam Sangramam Na Karisyasi I

Tatah Svadharmam Kirtim Ca Hitva Papamavapsyasi  II 2/33 II

But if you retreat from this battle to uphold righteousness, you shall incur sin while forfeiting your Svadharma and honour.

MK Gandhi had high regards for Manusmriti. Here is what Manusmriti  has to expound about Ahimsa –

Gurum Va Balavrddhau Va Brahmanam Va Bahusrutam  I

Atatayinamayantam Hanyadevavicarayan  II VIII / 211 II

One must spontaneously and unhesitatingly slay anyone approaching with intention to torment whether he be Guru, Brahmana, erudite scholar, young or old.

It is only the valourous ones who are capable of pursuing Ahimsa  in its true sense. Weak, coward or terrified ones in reality, promote derogation of the virtue of Ahimsa. If someone is afflicted by an incurable disease with no sign of revival, it is essential to facilitate comfortable demise through external means as a measure of pursuit of true Ahimsa. If it is performed with the sole purpose of abstaining from complex responsibilities, it is the vice of violence in its worst manifest. There are various other levels of Ahimsa  too. Destroying mosquitoes or bedbugs may be no evil at all albeit killing moth or beetle is certainly a violence. Slaying a tiger turned man-eater is a lesser violence than slaughtering those living naturally in jungles. Before concluding over the nature of an action, one must examine it in totality including all its implications.

Did MK Gandhi observe and practise any of those norms of Ahimsa  while espousing the cause of Ahimsa ? Ostensibly not. Ahimsa  as expounded and practised by MK Gandhi, was not merely an anti-thesis of Ahimsa  but also cowardice of the worst order. Gandhian Ahimsa  merely persuades you to resolutely cling to non-violence come what may, irrespective of consequences notwithstanding the terrible reality of your standing face to face before certain death unarmed and defenceless if not utter humiliation and devastation. Here is how he achieved such a grand and magnificent feat –

Ahimsa Paramo Dharmaha I Dharma Himsa Tathaiva Ca II

Non-violence is the ultimate Dharma. So too is violence for the sake of Dharma.

Quite smartly MK Gandhi emphasized on first component of the virtue and completely ignored the second one. It is not that I have so concluded heavily influenced by my own biases and prejudices. These are banal confessions of MK Gandhi himself, in his own words !! So did he pontificate Hindu-s languishing in an abject state of existence after a century or so of Abrahamic brutalities, “Hindus should not harbour anger in their hearts against Muslims even if the latter wanted to destroy them. Even if the Muslims want to kill us all we should face death bravely. If they established their rule after killing Hindus we would be ushering in a new world by sacrificing our lives. None should fear death. Birth and death are inevitable for every human being. Why should we then rejoice or grieve? If we die with a smile we shall enter into a new life, we shall be ushering in a new India.” Dying and entering into a new world like an abject caitiff !! And not as a warrior Karmayogi  as ordained in his favourite book of Srimadbhagvadgita  which he always carried with him ? Yet another shot with no Confession Box before him, so blatant, “Today a Hindu from Rawalpindi narrated the tragic events that had taken place there. The villages around Rawalpindi have been reduced to ashes. The Hindus of the Punjab are seething with anger. The Sikhs say they are followers of Guru Govind Singh who has taught them how to wield the sword. But I would exhort the Hindus and Sikhs again and again not to retaliate. I make bold to say that if Hindus and Sikhs sacrifice their lives at hands of Muslims without rancor or retaliation they will become saviors not only of their own religions but also of Islam and the whole world.” Gandhi’s definition of Ahimsa  happened to be in reality, “To tell you that you are wrong, I torture myself.” !! He stunned too many Souls by declaring so audaciously, “The willing sacrifice of the innocent is the most powerful answer to insolent tyranny that has yet been conceived by God or man. Disobedience to be ‘civil’ must be sincere, respectful, restrained, never defiant, and it must have no ill-will or hatred behind it. Neither should there be excitement in civil disobedience, which is a preparation for mute suffering.” On Dec. 23, 1926, Swami Sraddhananda of Arya Samaja was killed by a Muslim assassin Abdul Rashid and MK Gandhi responded by moving a resolution before annual session of Congress at Gauhati, “If you hold dear the memory of Swami Sraddhananda, you would help in purging the atmosphere of mutual hatred and calumny. Now you will perhaps understand why I have called Abdul Rashid a brother and I repeat it. I do not even regard him as guilty of Swamiji’s murder. Guilty indeed are all those who excited feelings of hatred against one another.” Funds were mobilised at his behest to defend the murderer in courts. With that, Gandhi explicitly bared his preferences much to the shock and dismay of all.

Ahimsa  of any order whatsoever does not possess requisite strength to liberate any country under determined colonial forces having no qualms in brutalising masses under occupation by any means whatsoever. Also, no country in the world has ever attained freedom from colonial forces with means as modest as Ahimsa. Reams have been accurately documented as to how exactly Bharata attained liberation from British-occupation after two rounds of fierce violence and resistance mounted by freedom-fighters in 1857 as well as 1945. British-occupiers had deviously peddled the virtue of Ahimsa  through a willing MK Gandhi as an instrument to fool masses who trusted him as their leader, to prevent further loss of British lives and continue with their grand plans of ravaging the nation. It is now a well established fact that independence was finally precipitated in our favour by revolting British-Indian Navy and advancing Indian National Army of Netaji SC Bose. By his own admission of the then British Prime Minister Clement Attlee, Gandhi’s presence or his Ahimsa  didn’t matter to them at all !! Doesn’t it amount to muttering imprecations on sanctity of scores of freedom-fighters who sacrificed themselves like oblations into the AgniKunda  of freedom ? Had Gandhian Ahimsa  been really so effective and powerful, there would have been no Partition-1947 riots, Islamic / Christian Jehadis would not have been on prowl to destroy Sanatana Dharma, thousands of Mandira-s would not have been demolished to raise Masjids, thousands of Hindu women would not have been brutalised at all, Balochistan would have been liberated long ago etc. It is a paradox today that nations holding and growing exponentially huge stockpiles of Planet threatening nuclear arms admire Gandhian Ahimsa, confer international awards in his name and organise disarmament talks at regular intervals !! MK Gandhi’s Ahimsa  is now reduced to organising seminars, webinars, Youtube clips, national holiday on his Christian calendar B’day, visits to his mausoleum known as Rajghat on Aug. 15 and Jan. 26 by Prime Minister Modi sporting a colourful turban before joining national celebrations etc.

However quite enigmatically, MK Gandhi was not opposed to violence in support of British-occupiers during World War-I !!! ‘Lord’ Chelmsford as Viceroy of British-occupied India, invited Congress leaders like Gandhi on April 29, 1918 to urge them arrange soldiers for Allies. Gandhi promptly assured JL Maffey, Secretary to the Viceroy on April 30, 1918 to organise large number of  soldiers to be slaughtered on behalf of British-occupiers.  

MK Gandhi allowed himself to be used by Muslim League as well as British-occupiers for decades probably as the most remarkable ‘Useful-Idiot’ in nation’s history. Conviction that one sided magnanimity mellows down even brutal hearts is precisely like expecting an Anakonda not to swallow you as you have been extremely polite to the beast !!    Quite interestingly, quite a few ‘replicas’ of MK Gandhi like Dr. Martin Luthar King Jr. of USA, Rigoberta Menchu of Guatemala, Adolfo Perez Esquivel of Argentina earned Nobel Peace Prizes in the name of Gandhian Ahimsa  albeit Gandhi himself could not grab it in spite of being a legendary ‘Useful-Idiot’ for Mughals and Brit-Goras. As if to rub salt into injuries of his supine adulators, fawners and flatterers, another Nobel Peace Laureate South African Nelson Mandela dubbed Gandhian Ahimsa  ‘utterly inconsequential’ and rejected it outright while declaring MK Gandhi a ‘great source of inspiration’ for him !!

Ahimsa  as peddled by MK Gandhi is an unmitigated disaster upon the nation. His knowledge of Srimadbhagvadgita  was confined to Chapter One only as he did not appear to venture into Chapters Two and beyond. Mortification of Arjuna  as mentioned in Chapter One of the text causing his cowardice and rejection of that DharmaYuddha  appears to be a testimony of Ahimsa  of the highest order for MK Gandhi. And the Gandhian cowardice in the name of Gandhian Ahimsa  continues even now, even seven decades after his assassination.     



Eighth century witnessed victory of Tibetan King Trisong Dentsen over China, a Treaty was signed in 783 CE to respect each other’s territorial boundaries. It is so engraved on a plaque at the entrance of Jokhang Temple in Chinese and Tibetan that stands even today.

The last Mughal JL Nehru did not register even an iota of protest on any forum when Tibet was invaded by China and razed jeopardising thereby our northern borders and water resources located there. Since Tibet was not even a member of the UN, they requested Nehru to lodge protest. Instead of raising the issue aggressively, Nehru advised them to negotiate for a peaceful settlement with Chinese marauders !! Their direct complaint was accepted by the UN merely as an appeal from a NGO. On Nov. 23, 1950 when the issue was taken up for discussion, it was opposed on a dubious ground that Chinese had assured us of a peaceful settlement ! Nehru didn’t want to spoil image of China as he was pulling all knobs to ensure, China joined UN Security Council !! Nehru’s duplicity was vicious as he raised an internal issue of J&K at the UN which he must not have albeit resolutely opposed raising Tibetan issue which he ought to have. Both his action as well as inaction were disastrous for the nation. Sardar Patel once let out his frustration in so many words, “I have been eating my heart out because I have not been able to make him see the dangers ahead. China wants to establish its hegemony over South-East Asia. We cannot shut our eyes to this because imperialism is appearing in a new garb…He is being misled by his courtiers. I have grave apprehensions about the future.” Probably Nehru had his own unique way of following foreign policy of anti-colonialism or anti-imperialism if he really understood those terms !!

During early 19th century, Russian Tsar extended their southern borders into Central and South Asia. As British-intruders were conscious of protecting northern borders of British-Bharata from another set of intruders, they were determined to protect Tibet as a buffer-state, painstakingly prepared a detailed map of Tibet for the purpose. British were also prepared with a detailed plan to invade and protect Tibetan autonomy without annexing it forever as they were reluctant to deploy their resources there. China succeeded in annexing Tibet only due to the hidden ‘Jaichand’ in the last Mughal Nehru. He was incompetent to visualise / realise that China had opened the gateway into Bharata through Tibet. China could have been effectively restrained in their advances as their internal scenario in 1950s was pathetic, British-Bharata Treaty with Tibet would have come in handy for Nehru and extensive international support for Tibetan cause already existed. The Economist explained the situation so vividly, “Having maintained complete independence of China since 1912, Tibet has a strong claim to be regarded as an independent state. But it is for India to take a lead in this matter. If India decides to support independence of Tibet as a buffer state between itself and China, Britain and USA will do well to extend formal diplomatic recognition to it.” Sardar Patel understood the strategic situation very well and cautioned Nehru on several occasions albeit Nehru cared two hoots about that. NS Rajaram had some very harsh comments on Nehru, “Much has been made of Nehru’s blunder in Kashmir but it pales in comparison with his folly in Tibet. As a result of this monumental failure of vision and nerve, India soon came to be treated as a third rate power, acquiring ‘parity with Pakistan”. Only if Nehru had undertaken the grand geographic diplomatic initiative, almost entire world would have supported just as Mongolia attained independence from China through plebiscite only.

Why was the last Mughal Nehru so much worked up about pleasing China when they never cared a damn for us ? The then US Ambassador in New Delhi Loy Henderson dubbed Bharata’s attitude a ‘philosophical acquiescence’ ! When it was decided to celebrate Tibet Day in 1953, Nehru instructed all Congress members to remain aloof as it violated China policy and amounted to an unfriendly act. His varied justifications were strange bordering lunacy viz. Tibet was a feudal State, so no merit in imposing development upon them etc. Did he mean, Chinese acquisition of Tibet was de facto imposing lack of development on them ? Didn’t that justify colonisation of Bharata by Britain ? How was Chinese Communism superior to Buddhist feudalism ? His weird conduct could not be explained even by Arun Shourie, “If only we are humble enough to the python, it will not swallow us.” Or by Winston Churchill, “ An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” The only plausible explanation that lasts is his love for Communism and contempt for Hinduism as he was a Hindu by an accident of a pair of sperm and an ovum !! The last Mughal was a diehard Communist and by no stretch of imagination, a democrat.



Wuhan virus has infected the whole world, economies have been decimated, all social equations are under an unprecedented turmoil, corporates have extensively gone for Work From Home/Work From Anywhere while school kids, Study At Home. As children are now gifted with ample spare time at home, entrepreneurs of various hues have been dishing out varieties of engagements for school children and one of them is coding.

Country has been raising a huge army of coders and programmers for two decades or so yet demand for more has been rising with increasing digitisation of all our existential activities. Pressure to expand teaching of coding had been growing and recent developments triggered by Wuhan-virus pandemic have accentuated the emphasis. Avarice for profit too has skyrocketed and businessmen have started harping on lowering age of coding learners even to the level of children attending elementary schools. Lobbying too has been undertaken to tweak school curriculum to include coding as a regular academic subject of teaching and learning. Even Microsoft founder Bill Gates too, threw his weight behind the idea as appetite for profit is an insatiable human instinct that recognises no limits or boundaries. He even proffered himself as a role-model who learned coding at the age of 13, missed regular education to become a billionaire geek incessantly counting his Dollars. Many other technology leaders too fell in line with the same view as confronting views of a tech-titan like Gates was profoundly a professional hazard as well as it was difficult to resist profits that were destined to fall in their balance sheets without their steely efforts. Some over-zealous among them wanted coding to be even ‘mother-tongue’ of younger generation !! Shops in the name of academies imparting lessons on coding work on ‘production-line’ concept practised in manufacturing industries have sprung up all over. They entice parents through aggressive marketing while plethora of unethical practices they encounter only after paying huge sums of their hard-earned money invariably non-refundable followed by harassment of parents and children. Such dubious ‘academies’ have also been claiming highly paid plush jobs with technology MNC giants. Parents do not challenge them as to how kids in the age-group of 6 to 15 can land with such jobs after completing their courses on coding sold by them. Even rebuttals to their tall claims are promptly withdrawn from social media sites at the behest of these unethical teaching shops masquerading as ‘teaching institutes’.    

Large number of parents are exceedingly ambitious for their young children so much so that they are falling into commercial traps presented before them in the guise of an ‘educational-innovative’. In the long run, it is destined to be disastrous for psychological health of children to say the least. Childhood-mind is highly impressionable, must be engaged in assimilating fundamental values of life, right Samskara-s, attaining a certain vision of future and dream about themselves. If children with such delicate minds are hustled into coding classes sitting before computer monitors for hours, they shall certainly come out as ‘Digital-worms’ (not even computer-nerds !!) at the expense of being vibrant, dynamic and autonomous personalities capable of tackling any crisis, calamity in their lives that may appear. This setback is monumental in dimensions if compared with loss of health, physical development through sports, exercises and Yoga. Body and mind, both shall be stunted vulnerable to a congeries of problems and health issues.

This article is not at all dedicated to the cause of denial of learning / teaching of coding to children. Coding may be taught as an optional subject in schools integrated to regular curriculum in a graded manner like all other subjects by school teachers. Pushing children into teaching shops to learn coding with Bill Gates as their role-model is simply regressive and debilitating to children’s normal development. Bill Gates explored and learned coding at his age of 13 as he belongs to a society wherein families do not exist, more that 50% children are born out of wedlock with no one to mentor them properly. This nation Bharata is a very different proposition wherein western influence cannot be replicated as it is. Every western concept of professionalism has to be re-visited, transformed and customised to suit our conditions and Samskritik values lest we move on the path of decline and self-destruction. Propaganda apparatus of western powers is so mighty that they project one-in-a-million billionaire as an ‘every household story of glory’ covering up their wretched underbelly to entice credulous gullibles in our country.   

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After decades of farm-suicides due to agri-distress caused by several factors with growing irrelevance of APMC and their ‘Quattrochis’, Modi Government enacted a set of three laws (The Essential Commodities Amendment Act, Farmer’s Empowerment And Protection Agreement On Price Assurance And Farm Services Act, Farmer’s Produce Trade And Commerce Promotion And Facilitation Act) to unwind vice like grips of APMCs, to allow larger inventory and finally, contract farming. These agri-reforms are so bold that they may be compared with the ‘Rafale-effect’ on IAF that brought shivers down the spine of Chinese !! A motley group of vociferous farmers still find themselves ‘distressed’ due to a cocktail of ignorance, fear of the unknown and the Law of Inertia causing resistance to change.

As moribund APMCs are not being dismantled rather being renovated, farmers are always at liberty to approach them anytime crying for MSP in case private buyers refuse to entertain MSP or more than that for their farm produce whether useful or useless for the country. Second law encourages larger inventory that will promote investment in value-chains viz. cold-storages etc. Larger stocks in cold-storages shall invite augmented investment in food-processing industries too. Third law facilitating contract farming is a revolutionary law focused to benefit almost 80% farmers with small unviable land-holdings. All contractual disputes are well within purview of SDMs, DMs and courts in a time-bound manner. Contract farming facilitated by the law shall liberate their families from uninterrupted farm-distress, pull them out from unprofitable farming after leasing out their small land-holdings to farm-contractors and focus on other value-added professions, better education for their next generation etc. It is this third law that has the potential for them to completely urbanise themselves within a couple of generations, travel abroad for higher education and go for white-collar jobs too. In fact these three laws have appointed entire farming community in the cockpit of ‘Rafale jet’ of wealth, education and prosperity. Third law shall also motivate farm-contractors to modernise farming with huge capital and technology infusions.

Reforms in any sector is a far easier endeavour in a democratic country provided leadership is honest and sincere to the cause, possesses steel nerves of determination and a faculty of focused communication to masses affected by those reforms. Current dispensation of Modi Government happens to be endowed with all qualities to carry out bold reforms except the last one i.e. communication. That’s where the Government must sashayed down the aisle briskly and respond to those protesting in the language and words they are capable of assimilating. By repeating statements delivered on the floor of Parliament before farmers is a horrible way of mis-handling the issue that may turn out to be calamitous in polling booths. Those deputed to TV channels to debate the issue with those who are determined not to understand or listen to the Government stand, are unable to express themselves vehemently, is yet another way of complicating the scenario. These reforms have been overdue for decades and a surgical strike the way it was accomplished, was absolutely inevitable. Any other approach would have only led to unending discussions with no concrete results at all. It is not because nation is essentially averse to reforms but due to the large reactionary and negativistic army of anti-nationals nurtured by the Royal Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra Dynasty enriching themselves with loot and plunder of the nation for decades.

‘Quattrochis’ attached with APMCs are probably the worst losers in this jet-flight of prosperity of farmers in the newer agri-regime yet they have no reason to be despondent. Growing self-employment opportunities allow them to go for other professions. In a worst scenario, they may very well work as contract-labourers in farms of those hapless farmers whom they used to humiliate and extort in APMCs at the expense of being derisively ignored by politicians with whom they used to share their ill-gotten commissions earned from farmers whose blood and sweat become grains in their farms. They are protesting today because under the new tax / GST regime, their income shall no more be agri-income, will be income-taxable, under the ambit of GST, under PAN while income of farmers compulsorily selling their farm-produce to ‘Quattrochis’ under law, shall continue enjoying IT exemption. That’s the crux of entire hue and cry launched by them dragging so many others too into that. It is interesting to note that corrupt politicians who ‘sold’ fruits and vegetables worth hundreds of crores grown in a few flower-pots in their balconies, are entirely missing from protest-sites !!

How can MSP be legalised ? It is an unavoidable evil whose impact must be minimised through market forces. Legalised MSP will allow a kind of leeway and lethargy for farmers that may be highly undesirable for the nation and for themselves too. Why should Panjab produce so much paddy instead of cash-crops when real rice-bowls are located in eastern Bharata ? In any possible desperate situation, Government is always there to bail them out with or without MSP as their votes are precious for any and every regime. Within a month of these three laws being enforced, APMC transactions came down by 40% !! That’s enough evidence that the Government and three laws, are moving in right direction. Most powerful trump-card is Food Security Act. Government of the day is legally bound to ensure availability of food for all irrespective of anything or nothing under the sun. Then why so much brouhaha of siege on Delhi borders ?? Moreover, why Panjab farmers are so much aggrieved when Panjab Government have enacted a law to nullify Central laws ? Why are farmers from other States not protesting so vociferously ?

Farmers must withdraw their agitation unconditionally and swing into agri-activities in the newer agri-regime. Indeed, they never had it so good ever before. If the agitation is prolonged, it may endanger national security, spread of Wuhan-virus pandemic and destruction of economy already on way to revival.                       



It would have been a poignant moment for any observer to behold sight of 45 year old Navy hero standing on the deck, calm and quiet, puffing away his cigarette as the torpedoed warship INS Khukhri was slowly sinking into the ocean, into jaws of death that night to reckon with. For Bharata-Pakistan War-1971, Capt. MN Mulla was commanding a task force of two ships that constituted Western Fleet with the mission to hunt and destroy enemy submarines in North Arabian Sea. At 20:50 hours on Dec. 9, his vessel was hit by a torpedo fired by an enemy submarine PNS Hangor about 64 Kms. off the coast Diu. Capt. Mulla ordered everyone to abandon the ship as it began sinking into the ocean.Embracing an age-old Naval tradition, Capt. Mahendra Nath Mulla decided not to escape and go down with the warship under his command. Capt. Mulla realised the ship could not be saved, commanded all to abandon the ship. Six officers and 61 sailors survived that fateful night while 18 officers and 178 men were martyred. Maj. General Ian Cardozo wrote in his memoirs how the brave Commander exhorted everyone to abandon the ship immediately and gave away his own life-jacket to a young sailor, ordered him to go, “Go on. Save yourself. Do not worry about me.” Many sank due to a powerful whirlpool created in ocean by the sinking frigate.

Pakistan was already well-versed in submarine warfare having bought their first vessel in early 1960s. Courtesy Indira Gandhi led Congress Government that had nothing to do with the nation, Bharata acquired first submarine as late as in 1968 from the USSR and operationalized it only in 1970. Frigates like INS Khukhri had little in the way of operational experience against French submarines when they set out for 1971-War hardly equipped with anti-submarine guns. It was nothing short of cold-blooded murder of our sailors by the reckless and brutal Government of the day.

Capt. Mulla’s wife Mrs. Sudha Mulla remembered him later, “He believed strongly in self-control and his attitude to pain was unbelievable. I once accompanied him to a dentist, when a troublesome tooth had to be removed. The dentist was a young and inexperienced naval dental officer. My husband refused the painkilling injection. The dental officer struggled a great deal to remove the tooth and discovered to his horror, after he had removed it, that he had removed the wrong tooth. I was furious, but Mahendra did not get angry and told the dentist to go ahead and get on with the job of removing the bad tooth, this too without a painkiller. So two teeth were removed without any painkillers and he bore the pain without flinching. The person most affected by this whole episode was the dentist. Mahendra calmly walked out and went to work as if nothing happened.” He never resorted to medicines least of all pain-killers as “Body should be acclimatised to hardship” was his doctrine in action.

Capt. Mulla’s heroic act however, had a worried Indian Navy issue an order to all their officers, “While the highest traditions of a Captain going down with his ship are fully appreciated, Indian Navy cannot afford to lose experienced commanding officers. They are, therefore, to endeavour to save themselves so that they may live to fight another day.” A memorial in honour of Capt. Mulla and other martyred sailors exists at Diu in the form of a complete model of INS Khukhri encased in a glass house, placed on a hillock confronting the ocean. It was inaugurated by Vice Admiral Madhavendra Singh as the Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Naval Command. Capt. MN Mulla Auditorium at Navy Nagar in Colaba at Mumbai, is named after him. Also a bust of Capt. Mulla adorns the foyer.  

He was brave soldier, inured to hardship and blessed with steel nerves. His daughter Mrs. Amita Mulla Wattal remembered him gracefully, “Not because it was right thing to do, nor because it was expected of him, but because knowing him a I did, it was the only thing to do.” Indeed, that is best tribute a proud daughter could tender to her great father, a national War-Hero.