Recently a live piece of Gutter-journalism was awarded Magsaysay Prize and the award ceremony that followed reminded me of beatification jamboree that is organised at the Vatican to honour Missionaries cum Faith-merchants and designated as ‘Saint’. That was the turning point in my cerebrum and I have been quite engaged in mulling over this long-standing, recalcitrant, sort of ‘drug-resistant TB’ afflicting Bharatiya polity hitherto. In so far as merit and desirability of the term ‘Gutter’ are concerned, one only has to deeply interact with the phenomenon to understand it’s vicious onslaughts on sanity and rationalism.   

Gutter-journalism has been expanding like a Hydra-headed monster often changing it’s contours like Fake-news / False-news / Farce-news / Negative-news / Destructive-news etc. Not merely confined to Bharata, it has been agonising several countries in the world, often downsizing GDP forecasts, demoralizing entire nation, causing panic reactions or qualifying even election results what to speak of sparking communal riots. Several country heads have been steadily complaining about the menace with US President Trump and Prime Minister Modi being prominent ones. President Trump went to the extent of cancelling White House Entry Pass of a defiant correspondent who persistently continued nagging him in a live presser. On the other hand, Prime Minister Modi had to eschew several such members of the honourable ‘species’ and launch a separate channel-hours to project positivities and achievements of the nation. It is amply obvious, it will be a long-drawn battle with that approach countering them on every front either chasing them vigorously or being hot-chased by them. But that leads to loss of lot of productive energy and drive in addition to general atmosphere in the country being vitiated denting even international reputation influencing even foreign direct investments. On the opposite side of spectrum, Sycophantic-journalism too is equally reprehensible. During post-Garibi Hatao era of Indira Gandhi, Emergency was imposed and the regime of mid-night knocks instilled so much fear in intellect of journalists that they crawled and creeped when they were expected to merely bend and digress. Fear of that terror regime was so pestilential that even high-nosed, black-gowned Justices of the Supreme Court turned too obsequious before Government of the day. 

The phenomenon is far too impacting to be shoved under carpet by any regime anymore. However, totalitarian regimes have already been excessively active on this count. Incident of a Washington Post correspondent being dismembered to every single limb in an Embassy at Istambul is too recent to fade away from public memory. His journalistic indulgence with Saudi Royal family did not go down well and he was enticed to walk into the trap through an irresistable Nikah proposal. Zero tolerance towards ‘free and fair’ journalism in China is well-known worldwide. Election based democratic regimes cannot adopt such extreme measures fraught with hazards of falling into authoritarianism. We have been witness to several cases wherein confusion over applicability of IPC Section 124A led to defamation being treated as sedition and vice versa. Sedition must be explicitly separated from defamation and relevant laws must be amended suitably. In addition to defamation, ‘Prohibited’ journalism must also be defined and incorporated into statutory code of conduct.   

Such a comprehensive law enacted after due deliberations in and out of Parliament may stipulate –  

All journalists are professionally well-qualified, well-versed in history, culture, economics, traditions, politics of the nation from a recognised / accredited institutions only. Licence to practise journalism may be issued to them after they successfully complete apprenticeship in a media house of national standing. 

Press Council Of Bharata may be the licencing authority for journalists. 

Only jounalists holding valid licence issued by the PCB are employed by media, electronic as well as print both. 

Professional code of conduct must be elaborately defined with respect to journalistic ethics, morality, freedom of expression, accountability and all other related issues with maximum emphasis on their freedom of expression. 

PCB must be empowered to haul up any journalist violating the code of conduct, disqualify / revoke licence to practise journalism, impose penalty or order criminal proceedings of defamation or otherwise, after due diligence. 

Editors / website administrators may be held accountable for articles authored by non-journalists from various professions for adherence to the code of conduct. 

PCB must be an autonomous Constitutional governing authority for journalism. Appointment of members of PCB may be undertaken on lines of CAG / CBI Director etc. 

With this kind of fairly indicative framework in operation, semblance of sanity is bound to be restored in media that will unleash a new era of nationalistic, responsible and enlightened journalism in the country. If practising licence of a physician can be cancelled on charges of medical negligence, if a lawyer can be barred from practising by the Bar Council Of India owing to unethical practices, if a Chartered Accountant can be held responsible for poor auditing, why can’t a journalist be barred from his vocation if found indulging in nefarious practices and irresponsible writings ? This is an idea whose time has arrived with a bang and it must be addressed appropriately and immediately. 



It was quite a fortuitous encounter with the ‘Mahatma-Bapu’ comfortably ensconced in a remote-corner bench during my extempore visit to Sabarmati Ashram in a mood of ‘Khadi-tourism’ on the eve of his 150th B’day. As usual, he was in a pensive mood that triggered me into my contemplative gear. May be a contagious effect ! I submitted my respects which he warmly acknowledged before I expressed my decade long desire to ask him a few questions. He appeared to be hesitant initially then agreed to encounter me in the spirit of Ahimsa and Satyagraha. Our conversation proceeded somehow on expected lines meandering through a web of allegations and explanations. 

“What are deep thoughts that are troubling you at the moment, Bapu ?” I ventured to ask him.

“I am just coming back after meeting British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Even now, after gallons have flown down the Thames, he is nasty and venomous towards me.”

“Why so ? You never harmed him in anyway. Doesn’t he trust your Ahimsa ?”

“He couln’t believe, I am alive !! That’s very mortifying. I assured him, it’s me ‘Mahatma-Bapu’, live and kicking, not his spirit !” He responded, ‘Then how can I, rather why should I believe, millions of Hindu-rabbits perished in Bengal famine ?”

“I almost exclaimed, ‘Yes, they did because you plundered our food. They were thrown at the mercy of vultures. Disgusted to the core, I hastily walked out thinking all ideals that I pedalled throughout my life require to be re-visited. It is Kaliyuga after all.”

In a mood to probe deeper, I lobbed a deadly Googly at him, “Bapu, who has disappointed you most out of Winston Churchill, Clement Attlee, JL Nehru or NR Godse ?”

“It’s Clement Attlee who has disgusted me most.”

“Why so ?”

“Years after Quit India fructified into logical conclusion of utter failure, this fellow went to Calcutta and unneccesarily spewed, Ahimsa and Satyagraha had no decisive role to play in freedom struggle…that I only kept the cauldron boiling. Worst mortification that I have ever undergone.”

“Not even subsequent terrible blood-bath post Partition-1947 with Nehru-Mountbatten in command ?”


“Not even your slaying by NR Godse ?”

“Not really. In fact, he liberated me for the better otherwise I would have been worse off soon after.” 

At this juncture, I decided to be more direct and less insinuative as I discovered him to be interested in having a dialogue with me. Probably, he needed a diversion from his pensive temperament.

“Tell me Bapu, did you purchase the ticket of First Class railway compartment for yourself for your historic journey or through some travel agent ?”

“Certainly myself. Nobody even knew the concept of travel agent booking tickets for intending travellers in those days.”

“Then the Booking Clerk behind the window didn’t or couldn’t see your dark brown complexion ? Why didn’t he refuse to issue ticket to you at that very moment of reckoning ?”

“I do not know for sure. May be he was directed not to refuse me the historic ticket.”

“Fine. Let’s proceed. Every First Class Rail compartment is manned by an attendant or TTE in uniform at every entrance. More so in that era of such an obnoxious racist regime like South Africa. How is that you were not stopped at the entrance itself while you were entering the compartment suited-booted with an English hat on your deep brown head and First Class ticket in your pocket ?”

“Entrance was not manned at that moment. If it was stage-managed to look like that, I don’t know.”

“Then you were discovered in the compartment after train ran a few Kms. and pushed out at the next railway station ? Was not all that unadulterated drama ?”

“But the drama provided me a fulcrum to visualise anti-apartheid movement in South Africa ! Isn’t it a great milestone ?”

“But you were under South African apprenticeship for a much larger objective !”

“But how ?”

“You were Sargeant Major in South African White Army with no issue of racism raised at all !”

“Then ?”

“To digress, divert and destroy freedom movement in British India ?”

“If I was a ‘Useful-Idiot’ of South African Whites at that turning point of history, I didn’t realise that.”

“Then why are you admired as a shrewd politician ?”

“That is for you to find out.”

“OK Bapu, let us move on to larger issues. India, even if it was British India, was your motherland. You grew up out of it, inherited all her legacies and values. Why were you not sincere in your resolve to liberate India from British-occupiers ?”

“How else India could have existed ? So many Kingdoms snarling at one another, every Kingdom infested with scores of Jaichands, so many of Jaichands born to numerous concubines of Kings in Harems fighting to capture throne, one King looking the other way rather inviting a foreign invader to attack Kingdom in his neighbourhood, no trace of attachment to the motherland, no sense of ‘us’ and ‘them’, drifting away from Sanatana ideals…”

“But Sardar Patel had an alternative mode of merging them all into one nation and he explained it to you very well. You failed to understand him or flatly declined to understand him obsessed with an agenda ?”

“I was entirely sceptic. Centuries of multiple monarchies at one another’s throat then one nation by that Gujju farmer !! Are you joking ?”

“But he did that. It is before you.”

“What’s the state of affairs ? One Jinnah deserted and died of TB leaving behind a teeming mass of fledgling Jinnahs. One Jinnah dies and so many are born afresh, even now.”

“But defenceless, innocent Hindus were brutalised and plundered for centuries. Even that failed to soften your heart ?”

“They were not entirely defenceless and least of all innocent. Without Ahimsa and Satyagraha, an armed rebellion underway steered by Subhash Bose and other petty revolutionaries could have succeded in liberating India from British occupation. A society practising Sati / untouchability can not be regarded as innocent.”

“So then according to you, they deserved to be brutalised and plundered by marauders from across the globe ?”

“What was the alternative then ?”

“You are Mahatma after all. You could have unleashed a social awakening movement, mobilised all Hindus to a point of convergence, fight back to throw out those invaders ? Also brutal ideologies of Islam / Christianity that they brought into the country, now claim to belong to this country ?”

“That’s impossible to achieve because Hindus can never unite. With this limitation in mind as a given reality, everything else should be planned.”

“But how ? Dr. KB Hedgewar succeeded for sure, critical mass attained, now no looking back !!”

“Nobody could have expected or anticipated such a rare phenomenon with Hindus during those decades. I was not a failure on that count.”

“You were a pathetic failure because you are claimed to be a great visionary in addition to being a Mahatma. Why are you perpetually sceptic ? First with Sardar Patel then with Dr. Hedgewar ?”

“Well, Hindus are nurtured to be sceptic, negativistic and self-destructive. How many Hindu parents do you know who tell their kids, go and grab the moon or recite Gayatri Mantra before us ?”

“You have a point but as a Mahatma…”

“You may discontinue calling me a Mahatma !”

“Bapu, why did you suddenly full-stopped Quit India Movement ?”

“Otherwise then it would have succeeded !”

“That’s precisely was your mission, isn’t it ?”

“None of it. This success would have plunged the continent back into multiple monarchies and the dark era of concubines and Jaichands.”

“So then Bapu, you played your cards very well, like a shrewd Gujju !!”

At this moment, ‘Mahatma Bapu’ gifted me an enigmatic smile and I nodded to affirm my acceptance.

“My last round with you Bapu. You practised a very strange variety of Brahmacharya, never heard or seen before in recorded history of Sanatana Dharma. It is now ridiculed as a Gandhian Brahmacharya with Khadi condoms !! Where did you pick up this idea ? Did you pick up more such ideas, weird or otherwise which you earnestly could not pursue as you were slain prematurely ?”

“You are too inquisitive. Now is the time of my prayers and Bhajans. I am a bit late. Ba is waiting for me with hot water to wash my feet.”

“But Ba is your wife. You ask your wife to wash your feet ! Isn’t it disgusting ?” I almost exclaimed. 

I could not resist myself from registering the parting shot, “Are you expecting NR Godse too in your prayer-Bhajan sessions ? How will you go ? Where are those damsels to tag and tug you along ?”

‘Mahatma Bapu’ cast a heavy look at my face, then trudged slowly leaning excessively on his walking stick.

I am still languishing in a contemplative mood bequeathed by the enigmatic conversation.  



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Home Minister Amit Shah issued an appeal to adopt Hindi as a link language on the occasion of Hindi Divas-2019 and it raised a storm of protest in southern Bharata. Language and content of their statements explicitly established, none of them either listened to his appeal attentively or did not understand at all. May be, they are determined not to understand !! They are loaded with their own predilections and predispositions which do not allow them to be pragmatic. 

I too, had a war of words with many of them across the nation in social media as well as a few NRIs too. They have only ‘plurality’ to tom tom and the ‘ancient’ accusation of ‘imposition’ of Hindi spurred by now rubbished ‘Aryana Invasion Theory’ at the bottom of their mind. I just have to submit to them with maximum humility at my command – 

Nobody is asking you to throw away your ‘Mummy-tongue’ !

Nobody is even asking you either to adopt Hindi as your ‘Mummy-tongue’ if it is not.

One link language for the entire nation is required for communications across the country. Should that be English, barely spoken by 2 to 3% or Hindi, spoken and understood by more than 60% in the country ? Is it not humiliating to practise English, a foreign language as nation level link language ?

Today even Ph.D holders in southern States cannot write / speak either English or Hindi. They know only their respective ‘Mummy-tongues’ !! How can they converse with rest of the country except being uncomfortably awkward in a mixed gathering ? It is extremely difficult for them to communicate with visitors in southern States, also when they move out of their States.

We sing and dance a lot around universalism of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam variety yet boil down to ‘my State, my language, my culture, my tradition…’only. In the name of ‘Unity in Diversity’, we only harp on ‘diversity’ but not on unity / convergence at all. Even a so learned a Professor R. Vaidyanathan of IIMB declared, all regional languages are national languages because they all appear in currency notes !! Bengali-intellectuals (I only hope, they still exist !) snobbishly do not even consider Hindi a language at all !!

We all must know how painstakingly Jews retrieved their national language Hebrew from ruins and ensured it an exalted status in their country. Our Gujarati speaking Prime Minister is such a great nationalist-statesman that he has elevated Hindi into an international language to compete with English in United Nations while our regional language Tarzans are busy abusing ‘Hindiwallas’ for ‘imposing’ Hindi upon them and not respecting their ‘Mummy-tongues’ !!! When did ‘Hindiwallas’ derogate regional languages ? Did they ever respect Hindi in past, is a serious question that must agitate them though I do not wish to remind them of Periyar-politics in Tamil Nadu during 1960s, Marathi agitation by Shiva Sena in Maharashtra and Bengal CM Mamata Bannerjee’s rantings. I would like to ask them, is it really possible to impose Hindi or anything in this indisciplined / noisy / rowdy country ? If they are sincere enough to confess NO, then I am keen to know from you all, when we all are going to evolve in true sense of the word. 

Only if Constituent Assembly had accepted Dr. Ambedkar’s insistence on Samskrita being adopted as national language, entire friction over language issue would have been avoided. Almost 60 to 90% words in regional languages are Samskrita in their origin. Names of all States, welfare schemes viz. Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana etc., mottos of all Government organisations are in Samskrita. Even leaders of DMK, vociferous opponents of Samskrita in Tamil Nadu, have their names in Samskrita. Government may gradually Samskritize Hindi for better acceptability before Samskrita is officially declared as national language as soon as the nation is sufficiently enriched to assimilate the decision comfortably.


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Lok Sabha-2014 / -2019 were entirely Presidential form of general elections with one politician, tallest of the entire lot, looming large over entire process. It will be an utter calumny if a loud-mouthed Congressman (Leftists are not even worth talking about) alleges that it has been a BJP / RSS agenda to impose Presidential form of governance over the country. If we glance at Lok Sabha elections held in 1952 to 1984, all over-shadowed by just one personality, that too from just one dynasty, can possibly be very well declared as Presidential form of elections what to speak of Presidential form of governance !! Not only country had been innately comfortable with the concept of Presidential form of governance throughout it’s history, first in the form of royal clans till 1947 then the sham of Parliamentary democracy run by an ‘autocrat-ish’ politician of the day during post-1947 era but also Presidential form of elections too. Constitutional niceties apart, if we as a nation are so much inclined towards personality-cult oriented form of governance at psychological level, then why not accept it and adopt it officially with all legal safeguards for better functioning of our democracy and reject the colonial legacy of ‘Buckingham Palace’ Model few of us so enamoured of ??  

Smallest unit of human population to be governed has been a tribe / community since time immemorial. Every defined tribe / community was headed by a patriarchal figure whose lineage ran for approximately 2 / 3 generations or a few generations more in rare cases. Quite paradoxically, it was the ‘discoverer’ of Oxygen Joseph Priestley, an 18th century British chemist cum liberal political theorist (or whatever that means) who theorised “the good and happiness of the members, that is the majority of the members of any state, is the great standard by which every thing relating to that state must finally be determined” and it became cardinal principle of Parliamentary form of democracy modified to “it is the greatest happiness of the greatest number that is the measure of right and wrong” by Jeremy Bentham. Bentham’s evocation came to be known as ‘Philosophy of Utilitarianism’. Thus numerical superiority irrespective of moral codes, became touchstone of Parliamentary form of democracy. Numerical majority alone also became consensus too, howsoever flawed or outright absurd in several cases. 

Parliamentary form of democracy necessitated bifurcation of State authority into two Heads, one as Head of the country defined as President / Monarch and the other as Head of the Government designated as Prime Minister, both elected indirectly, real bane of the governance. Power is concentrated in the Office of Prime Minister with President being the titular Head. Separation of power as well as checks and balances are minimal to optimal (in theory and practice, both) with electoral compulsions forcing Prime Minister to appoint even undesirable to criminal elements into governance with talented technocrats advising them from sidelines, often ignored or scorned. One year prior to elections, country witnesses an avalanche of favours with deficits going into tailspin. In case incumbent Government is not hopeful of being re-elected, deluge of unethical favours turns ugly with successive Government burning mid-night oil to retrieve economy from ruins of legacy left behind. With multiplicity of elections, weeks before scheduled dates of elections, Model Code of Conduct is imposed by Election Commission leading to extensive Governance-Paralysis. Parliamentary form of governance allows space for divisive / fissiparous tendencies too. First such ‘tendency’ appeared in the manifest of ‘Two Nation Theory’, then Muslim-appeasement in the garb of secularism, pernicious and detrimental socialism, then anti-Hinduism, climaxed by brazen anti-nationalism and also challenging all important decisions of the Government in Supreme Court. Similar situation prevails in Britain too wherein British apex court actively interferes with Brexit decisions whatsoever adopted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. For every decision and action in the interest of nation, a Parliamentary Prime Minister has to surmount scores of obstacles with deliberations dragging ceaselessly to the point of blasé. Government enjoying majority in both Houses of Parliament concurrently, is somewhat a rare phenomenon and cause of keen tussles over Bills of national import.   

Political freedom was purported to be attained in 1947 by a certain political party whose lowest priority was national unity and they pursued it to the hilt leading to one of the worst genocides in recent history. Tragically, the party was led by a leader who used to often lampoon national unity and ridicule nation’s sovereignty in his own exclusive way, “sovereignty over what ?” !! I observe a distinct possibility of him readily adopting ‘Buckingham Palace’ Model of governance post-1947 under direct supervision of the then Viceroy Mountbatten to ensure continuous iruptions of divisive and fissiparous tendencies all over the country in decades to come which Presidential governance would not have allowed. It might have been by design and intent to ensure, nation always remained on boil unable to advance in development.  

After languishing for seven decades in miseries of ‘Buckingham Palace’ Model of governance, Prime Minister Modi undertook the gigantic responsibility of systematically and methodically uniting a profoundly disparate nation through Constitutional steps like implementation of Goods & Service Tax, abolition of Triple-Talaq, Uniform Civil Code, excellent transportation links, impending reorganisation of States, repealing scores of redundant laws that hampered good governance etc. He is in the process of implementing One Nation, One Election which would pave the way of formalising current rowdy governance into Presidential one. His transparency and impeccable integrity are mighty impulsions that will succeed in bringing around all dissenting elements to converge into a consensus. It is a sort of re-structuring of the nation on such a scale that humongous challenges viz. economic recession, law and order, judicial defiance, turmoil in Parliament, social media etc. are destined to appear on the way that must be tackled with great vision and fortitude.  

Presidential form of governance has authority of State and Government in one person with assertive, mighty institutional checks and balances, complete freedom to appoint technocrats in Government with much faster decisions and actions in the interest of nation. It curbs fissiparous tendencies with a heavy hand as a strong unifying force. Quality of governance is further strengthened by direct election to the Office of President, legislature and President being two verticals mutually monitoring and preventing misuse of power, efficiency, decisiveness and stability of tenure. Critics of the system do mention flaws viz. tendency towards authoritarianism, eventual political grid-lock and possibly hurdles to change leadership. However, these flaws have appeared in a more pronounced form in Parliamentary democracies too. Tendency towards authoritarianism was profoundly pronounced during tenures of JL Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi with effective Opposition being virtually non-existent. Moreover, democracy cannot succeed without a certain degree of authoritarianism in hands of a matured, nationalistic leader of unimpeachable integrity. Political grid-locks are more detrimental and hurdle some in Parliamentary governance which our nation has witnessed on multiple occasions. Impediments to change in leadership appeared in it’s worst form when PM Indira Gandhi refused to resign even after her election to Lok Sabha was held null and void by a State High Court, something not only unprecedented but also illegitimate and unconstitutional too. Indeed, virtues and advantages of Parliamentary democracy are characterised by a marked degree of volatility. 

If Judiciary imposes ‘tyranny of the unelected’ on the country, Parliament carries palpable ‘tyrannical limitations of the elected’ too. Prime Minister Modi’s massive mandate of Lok Sabha-2019 is solidly based on his sterling governance during 2014-19, unprecedented even in Presidential democracies. Immediate previous massive mandate belonged to Rajiv Gandhi in Lok Sabha-1984 elections albeit it was based on emotional naivete of masses instead of any performance worth it’s salt. What we behold is that Parliamentary democracy is worth it’s salt only when leader of the nation is as accomplished as Narendra Modi who appeared on the political horizon only after seven decades of nightmarish governance post-1947. If likelihood of nation going into right hands is perpetually so thin, it is certainly advisable to switch-over to Presidential governance which did not allow even irresponsible mavericks like President John Kennedy, Richard Nixon, incompetent Jimmy Carter, Islamist Barack Obama or ‘Cowboyish’ Donald Trump to have a free run over the United States Of America. On the contrary, it allowed Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson to establish roots of democracy deep in American soil on which President Abraham Lincoln could abolish slavery and conduct civil war from the White House successfully.           



Archbishop of Canterbury (so-called) Rev. Justin Welby visited Bharata in Sep. 2019, went straight to Jallianwala Bagh at Amritsar, prostrated before the memorial with a sense of ‘deep regret’ albeit brazenly bereft of a sincere, penitent apology. Why should he ? Christian Church of England had cheered and celebrated the brutal genocide in 1919 and Justin Welby could not disown the legacy obsessed with White-Man’s Supremacy Syndrome.  

Missionary journal Harvest Field had proudly mentioned in 1919 after the blood-bath, “Indian Christians were not found wanting in loyalty to the British Government” during countrywide uprising against Rowlatt Act. 

Marcella Sherwood of the Church Of England Zenana Missionary Society and (so-called) Rev. Canon Guilford of Church Missionary Society eulogised the monstrous brutality as it was “justified by it’s results” !! 

Christian Missionary Review described Reginald O’ Dyer as a “brave” man whose action was the “only means of saving life.” 

Another missionary publication The Young Men Of India lauded Lt. Governor of Panjab Michael O’ Dwyer being “the strongest and best ruler the country has had in modern times” for ordering Bharatiyas to crawl before white women. Mercifully, this ‘strongest and best ruler of modern times’ was rightly killed by the great martyr Udham Singh as he had authorised the mass murder at Jallianwala Bagh.  

In 1920, Archbishop of Canterbury declared the mass-murderer Reginald O’ Dyer as a “brave, public-spirited, patriotic soldier”. When a motion to condemn Dyer’s action was moved in British Parliament, the then Archbishop had the gall to say, “We have undertaken for many years past, in the sight of God and man, to promote the intellectual emancipation of the Indian peoples. We are changing…their habits of thought, their religious ideals and moral level. We have striven to govern, and are striving to govern, as a Christian nation should; and by a Christian nation I mean apart altogether from the strictly religious aspect of the matter, because we are actuated by the largest, soundest, and deepest principles of Christian civilisation, Christian justice, Christian liberty, Christian encouragement of freedom and of self-control. Because I believe that the passing of this Resolution by Parliament, and the circulation of it in India and England, would be taken as setting back these principles in their progress, I ask your Lordships not to vote for it.”  

There was a general perception in Britain, Dyer was a hero ‘who saved rule of British law in India.’

When Dyer reported to his superior, he was “confronted by a revolutionary army”, Maj. General William Beynon responded telegraphically, “Your action correct and Lieutenant Governor approves.” Defenceless, unarmed Baisakhi revellers appeared ‘revolutionary army’ to this British brute.  

Britain attempted their best to hush up the extreme barbarity, then declared it a ‘grave error’. British House Of Commons condemned him but House Of Lords exonerated him with a handsome pension !! And to rub chilly in wounds, Nobel Laureate Rudyard Kipling admired him in his poem as ‘The Man Who Saved India’ and declared pompously, “he did his duty as he saw it.” !! Then British collected a huge amount of Sterling Pounds 26,317 through public donations that they gifted him with a ‘Sword Of Honour’ in public. And families of victims were compensated at the rate of Sterling Pound 37 per head of the dead and nothing for the injured !! Dyer was neither court-martialed nor censured albeit denied promotion. He retired and died unrepentant in 1927. 

Queen Elizabeth had the audacity not to comment during her visits in 1961 and 1983 to the country. It was only when demand for her apology began raising it’s head all over the country, she pontificated rather tangentially on Oct. 13, 1997 during her visit in State Banquet, “It is no secret that there have been some difficult episodes in our past – Jallianwala Bagh, which I shall visit tomorrow, is a distressing example. But history cannot be rewritten, however much we might sometimes wish otherwise. It has its moments of sadness, as well as gladness. We must learn from the sadness and build on the gladness.” Quite a shallow tribute devoid of blanket apology to say the least notwithstanding her formal visit to the site of massacre. Prime Minister IK Gujral was too besotted with her insipid royal gestures and justified no apology on the ground she was not even born then !! He abjectly ignored the principle of continuity of governance while displaying his slavish mind-set before the nation. There were protests all over Amritsar against the visit with protesters chanting, “Queen, go back” while the royal couple merely signed visitor’s book without observing the courtesy of leaving behind a message. Prince Philip arrogantly commented later on the Plaque stating, “This place is saturated with the blood of about two thousand Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims who were martyred in a non-violent struggle” after returning to England, “That’s a bit exaggerated” as he had relied on the version submitted to him by Dyer’s son !! The senile, old, doddering Prince Philip drew widespread condemnation all over the country for being so brazen and audacious. Probably the brutal carnage of the size of Jallianwala Bagh wasn’t enough to agitate Imperial  conscience. Government of Bharata must not allow any more royal visits on Bharatiya soil until and unless they tender an unqualified, categorical apology.

London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan appealed to British Government on Dec. 6, 2017 to apologise while on his visit to the Memorial.  

British Prime Minister Theresa May dubbed it a “shameful scar” on April 12, 2019 during discussions in House Of Lords echoing statement of her predecessor David Cameron issued in 2013 again, entirely bereft of sincere apology. 

Irony of the monumental tragedy was that those were Bharatiya troops slaying natives for a British boss for no rhyme or reason !! It occurred to none of them to slightly divert barrel of his gun towards Dyer to shoot him instantly. (When we refuse to learn right lessons from history, the same history re-visits with a much louder bang and tremors. In this case too, we declined to learn right lessons and the same history re-visited us decades later when IPKF Forces were engaged in slaughtering Tamil rebels in Sri Lanka for their President Jayawardene on their land !!)  

While entire nation was agitated, RN Tagore returned the Knighthood, MK Gandhi turned resolutely faithful to the idea of complete freedom by the dint of virtues of Truth and Ahimsa !!    

In 1928, Conservative British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin calmly witnessed his Home Minister Sir William Hicks reading out the statement in Parliament, ‘…we conquered India as an outlet for the goods of Britain. We conquered India by the sword, and by the sword we shall hold it. I am not such a hypocrite as to say we hold India for the Indians. We went with a yardstick in one hand and a sword in the other, and with the latter we continue to hold them helpless while we force the former down their throats.’ So naïve of all of us who have been insisting on a royal British apology hitherto !! They still chant often, ‘Long live the Crown’ !! 

Even a wretched country like Pakistan offered apology to Bangladesh on April 10, 1974 for all the felony they committed in erstwhile East Pakistan. Is the so-called ‘Great’ Britain worse than even Pakistan ? There are so many in Bharata who would sadistically love to see Britain going down the drain forever and entire British ‘White’ race being wiped out for the better of humankind. Unfortunately, they are not entirely wrong. 


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Even a whiff of assertion in favour of righteously rightist pro-Hindu  interests in this ancient Hindu nation triggers an avalanche of hostile counter-assertions with all sorts of wild and weird accusations viz. Constitution is in danger, federalism has been threatened, secularism is gasping for survival, unity in diversity has been blown to pieces, last leg of democracy…Islam / Christianity are in danger, so on and so forth. Quite ironically, these accusations are hurled at practitioners of an ancient faith who never invaded for territorial expansion or to capture wealth and women, never proselytised anyone at sword-point or barrel of a gun anytime in past by those whose entire history is deeply reddened with human blood and heart-rending cries of brutalised women, with their entire glitz and glitter being wealth of Hindu-s plundered, exploits of slavery and natural resources misappropriated. With more than 100 theocratic Islamic and Christian countries under their command, these pernicious forces have been striving incessantly for ‘secular’ India not to become ‘HinduBharata  or Nepal reverting to a Hindu  country. Irony is further compounded when they often resort to singing paeans of the country too as if applying a salve on deep wounds inflicted by them in past. If Vedic wisdom is magnificent, every encomium goes to fair-skinned ‘Aryana-s’ blessed with superior DNA migrating into the nation from west ! And the uninterruptedly carping critics of Hindu Bharata  never quit the country when called upon to pick up the gauntlet, migrate to a ‘paradise’ of their dreams and be blissed over there for the rest of their lives !! Because their intentions are sinister and diabolical in nature.  

Holy grail of abusing, demonising, desecrating and demeaning Sanatana  Hinduism has been a long one transcending centuries for no fault of their. Only ostensible reason appears to be talent and prosperity of hard-working, conscientious Hindu-s who happened to be wealthiest in the world commanding almost 25% of international trade in a nation blessed with ample natural resources. Only obstacle in the way of foreign invaders capturing the nation was Sanatana Hinduism, it’s resolute resilience, indomitable  fortitude blended with ‘Never say die’ spirit. For valiantly withstanding savagery of Islam and inhuman brutality of Euro-invaders, were values imparted through Sanatana  Hinduism that became focal point of all onslaughts begining with TB McCaulay to ‘Lord’ Curzon to most diabolical missionaries and their sponsored Leftist stooges. And on ideological front, from now defunct Aryana  Invasion Theory to all sorts of intellectually deranged narratives coming from a wide range of enthusiasts like Sheldon Pollock to Devadutt Patnaik with the guiding philosophy, ‘if you can’t beat them, destroy them’. In this gigantic exercise, real history was thrown out of the window of objectivity and a self-abominating, defeatist history was intellectually fed to generations pre- and post-1947. We were denied to know that entire industrialisation of Britain was financed from plundered wealth from Bharata  in the order of some 45 trillion US $ !!   

Various forms of colonisation have emerged since then. Economic colonisation through globalisation, WTO, UN to the latest one, colonisation through religious proselytization are dedicated to uproot and destroy all contrarians of every shade not only in Bharata  but also all over the world. So-called contrarians are all rising, uniting here and there to confront those oppressive attempts. This war of reclamation, preservation of civilizational identity is being staged at two levels, by exposing distorted narratives of hostile scholars as well as uniting and strengthening Hindu-s in all aspects.  

Aryana  Invasion Theory (AIT) sought to divide the nation on Aryana, Dravidian lines with Aryana-s purported to be outsiders while Dravidians, real natives. Though DNA Analysis has proved beyond an iota of doubt that entire population throughout the nation belongs to the same genetic stock yet considerable heat and dust are frequently kicked off to confuse as many as possible and nurture seeds of separatism sowed by British occupiers. If AIT failed to dent deeply, Atrocity Literature (AL) was manufactured in large quantities to nourish AIT indirectly. Even ancient scriptures viz. Manusmriti, Ramayana, Mahabharata  etc. were reinvented through distortion to appear like AL. Not only that, scriptures were re-written with Jesus as the main deity to be worshipped. Jesus-Purana, Jesus-Gita  etc. are a few highly obnoxious examples. Jesus-Yoga, Jesus-Surya Namaskara  have already started floating around. Several more books have been authored viz. Ravana Kaavyam etc. Kamil Zvelebil from Czechoslovakia was ordained to defame entire Bhakti  Movement spanning several centuries that shielded evangelical onslaughts quite successfully. Sanatana  deities viz. Subrahmanya, Murugan were claimed to be originally Christians !! Chennai Kalaksetra  was sought to be evangelised by a Christian bigot Leela Samson, finally dismissed disgracefully by the Government.  

Why was Bharata  conquered at all ? There were three main factors of treachery, lack of unity among Kingdoms / Hindu communities and lastly, following principles of DharmaYuddha  when Satanic-Yuddha  of Kaliyuga  was imposed upon us. Bharata  did not accept the fact that Mughals / Europeans were on a mission of crusade while we were defensive with multiple holes in it. That those Satanic Abrahamic forces had to be combated on equal terms, was perceived by very few Kings with Shivaji Maharaja being a prominent one. If our ancestors had chased them into their desert homes in Baghdad, Ghazni, Samarkand, we would not have been enslaved, plundered and brutalised. British occupiers saw to it that Afghanistan perpetually remained in the state of turmoil unable to invade British occupied Bharata, then their most lucrative colony. Dangerous and suicidal magnanimity was extended to brutal European invaders too after their every defeat that allowed them leeway to organise themselves and re-invade with heightened ferocity. A tiny pauperised island of Britain whose natives did not even have hygienic toilet habits, succeeded in capturing a vast nation of continent size for 150 years.  

Weeds grow only when agriculture fields are neglected. First four decades post-1947 witnessed Muslims adopting Hindu  names to enter and succeed in Bollywood. While Hindu-s were busy enjoying Urdu songs and acting of Muslim actors / actresses with Hindu  names, entire Bollywood was surreptitiously captured by the notorious gangster Dawood Ibrahim, one of the worst enemies of Hindu-s and Bharata. Defeatist and cowardly attitude of Hindu-s has allowed Jinnah like Owaisis / Azam Khans to flourish and spew venom right inside Parliament. Communists have metamorphosed into ‘Liberals’ who slaughtered a calf in Thiruvananthapuram to organise a beef eating festival at a busy road-crossing and a ‘Kissing festival’ on the campus of JL Nehru University. An obnoxious civil war has already been thrust upon us by ‘Destroy Bharata’ forces in various forms viz. Jehadism, Evangelism, Capitalism, Globalisation, Treaties etc. instigated and financed from various overseas sources. Another unfortunate development has been that ownership of all mainstream newspapers is vested in Church sponsored organisations that do not allow facts to go public. These realities howsoever unpalatable, must be internalised by every Hindu  earliest possible and gear up to confront all such inimical forces at every possible and conceivable level. Uninterrupted vigilance is an insignificant price of liberty and sovereignty of Sanatana Dharma  as well as Bharata. Slackening, howsoever insignificant, may prove to be fatal as beheld in the case of once mighty Vijayanagar empire.  

It is not that Hindu-s have been restricted to merely being mute spectators. C Rajgopalachari, Ananda Coomaraswamy, Subramanya Bharati, Ram Swarupa, Sitaram Goel, NS Rajaram, Pt. Lekha Ram etc. have been resisting and fighting like Hindu  warriors exposing their lies albeit  individually. Had efforts been more concerted, rewards would have been mind blowing. Anti-Bharata / anti-Hindu  forces are not only highly resourceful, well-networked, menacingly effective but also profoundly recalcitrant. It will be certainly suicidal to under-estimate their might at any moment in future. It should be regarded and conceded as a ceaseless battle of righteousness, a voyage that has no harbour to anchor. Axiomatic reality of Sanatana Dharma  being greatest, ultimate and most ancient of all faiths must be deeply ingrained into Hindu  DNA. That Sanatana Dharma  is Isvara’s own Dharma, Hindu-s alone are custodians of that on His behalf must be intrinsic to Hindu  DNA. That Bharata  is a very auspicious nation, only powerhouse of Sanatana Dharma  where Param Brahma  often incarnates for resurgence and renaissance of the same, must be innately integrated into Hindu  thoughts and actions inextricably.   

Every Hindu  shrine must engage themselves with propagation of Sanatana  values in their extended neighbourhood in addition to adopting a school to ensure, pupils are taught right values. This teaching must be accomplished discriminatively by teaching youth all positive aspects of Hinduism and how Hinduism is far more value-intensive than Islam / Christianity. Muslims and Christians pursue all that completely bereft of inhibition of any kind. So should we. Students must also be taught who their real icons / heroes should be and refrain from talking about Bharata as a third person entity. While teaching Bhagvadgita, emphasis must be laid on Arjuna  slaying all perpetrators of Adharma  rather than his loss of poise and desire to retire without fighting. Entire Sanatana  wisdom must be explained within the overall domain as narrated in Canakya Niti  and Vidura Niti  as pursuit of Vedic ideals cannot be allowed to be a one-sided affair. Every Hindu  must be reared to be a Hindu  warrior as defending Hindu Dharma  is essential responsibility and fundamental right of every Hindu  and Ksatriya  spirit must be revived in all.

We must never overlook the fact that when it comes to a Hindu  cause, we all must rise to fight to defend howsoever severe our differences / animosity may be otherwise.




It was sometime in 2012 / 2013, Prime Minister Narendra Modi heralded a nationwide call to oust Italian-headed Congress Party from nation’s politics forever, then in the capacity of Chief Minister of Gujarat. This clarion call rather national mission of ‘Congress-Mukta Bharata’ added an altogether newer dimension to national psyche and it pervaded rapidly across all sections of society. It was then that proposed ‘Demographic dividend’ gradually turned active on multiple platforms including social media under his guidance. Finally, when results of Lok Sabha-2014 were declared, world was stunned as the first hurdle being the most difficult one to negotiate successfully, was decisively surmounted while Congress discovered themselves unable to scramble enough number of seats to be eligible to occupy face-saving position of the Leader Of Opposition in Lower House. First major milestone on the highway leading to Congress-Mukta Bharata was already passed by. After an outstanding track record of governance (2014-19), Modi Government was re-mandated by crores of Bharatiya-s to continue with the ongoing socio-economic upliftment and steer the nation to far greater heights. Re-mandate obliterated all doubts of Lok Sabha-2014 victory being a volcanic eruption of popular mood devoid of undercurrents of serene majority. It is not only re-affirmation of continuance but also re-confirmation of Mandate-2014. 

These developments gripped me with the inquisitiveness – Did we ever have an opportunity to attain Congress Dynasty-Mukta Bharata in past post-1947 !! After rummaging through reminiscences of past, I had an inkling, probably country was on verge of much-awaited, historic emancipation during the decade of 1960s. Let us scrutinise trail of events that could have resulted into second independence of the country, the genuine one. 

Swatantra Party, founded in 1957 by great stalwarts like C Rajgopalachari, KM Munshi, NG Ranga, T Prakasham, Minoo Masani, Piloo Mody and other conscientious Congressmen vehemently opposing disastrous socialistic policies and Licence-Parmit Raj of Prime Minister JL Nehru, was rising steadily on ground as well as in nation’s psyche. With Nehruvian Socialism being an anathema to Princes with tax-exempted Privy Purses and Zamindars holding large swathes of land across the country resisting land reforms with all their might, they were spontaneously driven to the Party. Industrialists with heavy purses aspiring to grow exponentially after burn-out of stifling MRTP Act / Licence-Permit Raj too, were attracted to Swatantra Party and their socio-economic liberalism. This membership profile of the Party led to an unenvious scenario of JL Nehru lampooning Swatantra Party being a group of ‘middle ages of lords, castles and Zamindars’ !!   

In third Lok Sabha-1962 elections, Swatantra Party scored 18 with 6.8% vote share, after 351 of Congress and 29 of CPI. It was quite an encouraging beginning given the kind of hold Nehru’s Congress enjoyed over the electorate while Princes were winning elections even without campaigning. After an excruciating round of natural calamities followed by traumatic Nehruvian-Debacle of 1962 (not nation but Nehru was defeated in 1962), nation held fourth Lok Sabha-1967 elections with anti-incumbancy weighing heavily. In this national elections, Swatantra Party scored highest tally of 44 seats with 8.7% vote share after 283 of Congress. It was their second foray into national elections and came out of it as a powerful opposition to reckon with. Electorate began looking at them expectantly to evolve into a resolute alternative to devious Congress Party dominated by the dynasty. Opposition were going very well so much so that in States like UP, MP, Bihar etc., Congress Governments were booted out through defections and Samyukta Vidhayak Dal Governments were sworn in. Congress hegemony appeared to be on the verge of irreversible demise as defection of mere 22 MPs could have caused downfall of Congress Government led by Indira Gandhi and Chinese whispers could be distinctly heard in corridors of power. Or even in normal course otherwise, Swatantra Party could have secured simple majority in the Lower House in subsequent elections. Founders of Swatantra Party were modern visionaries and they might have transformed the nation into a vibrant economy by 1970s only if the electorate had understood  and supported them. 

It was in 1966 that Prime Minister LB Shastri was unexpectedly poisoned, killed in Tashkent and Indira Gandhi grabbed power in a well-conceived conspiracy to succeed him in an atmosphere of worries and more worries for the nation. Indira Gandhi’s notorious lust for power and pelf was now her top-notch priority and she devoted all her faculties in destroying entire opposition. ‘Garibi Hatao’ was her first scio-economic weapon to combat with Swatantra Party standing on shoulders of Privy-Purse privileged Princes and ‘tax-evading unscrupulous’ business houses. She knew very well that there was nothing more powerful political tool to win hearts and minds of abjectly pauperised, emaciated to their bones masses in the country even if that was not destined to benefit them even a bit banking upon a soupcon of schadenfreude in their bosom. She abolished Privy-Purses and slapped heavy taxes upon them literally amounting to snatching away their entire wealth compelling many of them to flee the country in a bid to minimise tax-impact. The reprehensible tax-terrorism was raised to despotic peak level of 97.75% and to rub salt into wounds of business houses, she garnished it with 3.5% of wealth tax !! Nationalisation of Public Sector Banks was already in place to seal all escape routes from the misery of financial strangulation and agony of being crippled. Takeover of coal, insurance, mining industries etc. forced business houses to crawl before them when they were supposed to proffer viable policy inputs for the nation to transform into an economic power. It was tax-terrorism that destroyed Swatantra Party, almost on the verge of successfully challenging vicious hegemony of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. It was thus tax-terrorism that did not allow a fledgling opposition party to come strong on a national scale to strengthen our democracy for the first time in nation’s post-1947 history.  

Soon thereafter dreaded Emergency-1975 was imposed by Indira Gandhi to cling to power after her election to Lok Sabha was declared null and void by Allahabad High Court. Under extreme duress, opposition leaders did unite to successfully challenge a criminalised Government of Indira Gandhi and Morarji Desai was installed as Prime Minister. Unfortunately the coalition under duress didn’t work out neatly and they fell apart due to internecine battles driven by egoism and ambitions. Out of sheer frustration and anger as well as absence of an alternative, people voted Indira Gandhi back to power. By that time Swatantra Party was too emaciated to stand up to the clarion call of history or even be remembered eventually, once upon a time they were a serious contender of power in South Block.

Indira Gandhi, a serial destroyer, registered a grievous blow to nation’s democracy by destroying opposition altogether.  



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