HD Thoreau was a prolific American author of English literature during 19th century who later turned solitudinarian searching for something invisible and unknown to him yet beckoning. His faith in Christianity failed him in this venture, he delved into Sanatana Hindu scriptures and he could grab quite a few pearls of wisdom therein. His most famous work ‘Walden’ authored in a lake-side chalet located on the bank of lake Walden, dedicated to his spiritual sojourns into Hindu scriptures, immortalised him into posterity. He was so much influenced by Sanatana wisdom that he adopted life-style of an ascetic.


Owing to his forays into Hindu wisdom, Thoreau and some other transcendental authors were often referred to as “Boston Brahmans” who immensely valued direct perception of the Divinity instead of traditional doctrines and experience of others. With a collection of 44 books on Hindu philosophy like Rig Veda Samhita, Mandukya Upanishad, Vishnu Purana, Manusmriti, Bhagavad Gita, Bhagvata Purana etc. gifted by his friend, he embarked on his Adhyatmika excursions in right ernest into Hindu philosophy. Inspired by the wisdom of Bhagvad Geeta and Manusmriti, Hinduism had transformed him into a Yogi so much so that Thoreau never visited Church thereafter and discovered for himself Hinduism far superior to Hebraism in several aspects. Precious pebbles of Hindu wisdom that he picked up from scriptures ranged from mortality of existence, actions and detachment from Bhagvadgita to inquisitive, contemplative and exploratory disposition towards God from Veda-s. 

Key words : Hindoo, Boston Brahmans, Ganges, Kreeshna, Bhagvat Geeta, Arjoon, Yogi    

Hindu Scriptures

Bhagvad Gita 

It is explicit from his writings that the wisdom of Bhagvad Gita exercised profound influence on Thoreaus intellect. On the lake-side of Walden, his book named after a lake in Concord where Thoreau stayed from 1845 to 1847, he authored his thoughts on the wisdom of infiniteness, universality, equity and inclusivity enshrined in Bhagvad Gita –

“Thus it appears that the sweltering inhabitants of Charleston and New Orleans, of Madras and Bombay and Calcutta, drink at my well. In the morning I bathe my intellect in the stupendous and cosmogonal philosophy of the Bhagvat Geeta, since whose composition years of the gods have elapsed, and in comparison with which our modern world and its literature seem puny and trivial; and I doubt if that philosophy is not to be referred to a previous state of existence, so remote is its sublimity from our conceptions. I lay down my book and go to my well for water, and lo! there I meet the servant of the Bramin, priest of Brahma and Vishnu and Indra, who still sits in his temple on the Ganges reading the Vedas, or dwells at the root of a tree with his crust and water jug. I meet his servant come to draw water for his master, and our buckets as it were grate together in the same well. The pure Walden water is mingled with the sacred water of the Ganges.”

(Walden by Henry David Thoreau, page 248, reprint 2020, published by Maple Press Pvt. Ltd., www.maplepress.co.in)

(Walden by Thoreau : Life in the Woods, 1854/1992: page 184 and 264 by Gibbs Smith)

(The Writings of Henry D. Thoreau – Walden 1989. Princeton Univ. Press. page 298)

Thoreau held the view that Karma is inevitable albeit its inevitability emanates from preceding faults like fire and smoke are inevitably integrated. Quite enigmatically, Thoreau conceded divine call to fight a manifest of conservatism yet declined its moral sanctity –

“Perform the settled functions’ says Kreeshna in the Bhagvat Geeta, ‘action is preferable to inaction. The journey of thy mortal frame may not succeed from inaction.’—‘A man’s own calling with all its faults, ought not to be forsaken. Every undertaking is involved in its faults as the fire in its smoke.’—‘The man who is acquainted with the whole, should not drive those from their works who are slow of comprehension, and less experienced than himself.’—‘Wherefore, O Arjoon, resolve to fight,’—is the advice of the God to the irresolute soldier who fears to slay his best friends. It is a sublime conservatism; as wide as the world, and as unwearied as time; preserving the universe with Asiatic anxiety, in that state in which it appeared to their minds…The end is an immense consolation, eternal absorption in Brahma.” Thoreau perceived Shri Krshnas message of inaction in Bhagvad Gita as “wisest conservatism” yet declined to accept its morality.”

(Chapter ‘Monday’ in A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers’ by Thoreau, page 66, Princeton University Press, 1989)

Thoreau developed high regards for the wisdom of Bhagvad Gita as he said, “The New Testament is remarkable for its pure morality; the best of the Hindoo Scripture, for its pure intellectuality. The reader is nowhere raised into and sustained in a higher, purer, or rarer region of thought than in the Bhagvat-Geeta…. It is unquestionably one of the noblest and most sacred scriptures which have come down to us.”

(Henry David Thoreau (2013). A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers, p.112, Courier Corporation)

“How much more admirable the Bhagvat-Geeta than all the ruins of the East!”

(Walden, Chapter ‘Economy’, page 52)


Thoreau has significantly commented on Veda-s and Vedanta while specifically mentioning rejection of rituals in Vedanta. He probably missed the axiomatic reality that the ultimate plane of existence is impossible to be attained to in a single giant leap. One step at a time, it is a long-drawn battle meandering through Vedic rituals transcending multiple lives –

“The Hindoos are more serenely and thoughtfully religious than the Hebrews. They have perhaps a purer, more independent and impersonal knowledge of God. Their religious books describe the first inquisitive and contemplative access to God; the Hebrew bible a conscientious return, a grosser and more personal repentance. Repentance is not a free and fair highway to God. A wise man will dispense with repentance. It is shocking and passionate. God prefers that you approach him thoughtful, not penitent, though you are the chief of sinners. It is only by forgetting yourself that you draw near to him.

The calmness and gentleness with which the Hindoo philosophers approach and discourse on forbidden themes is admirable.

The Vedant teaches how, ‘by forsaking religious rites,’ the votary may ‘obtain purification of mind.’

One wise sentence is worth the state of Massachusetts many times over.

The Vedas contain a sensible account of God. The religion and philosophy of the Hebrews are those of a wilder and ruder tribe, wanting the civility and intellectual refinements and subtlety of the Hindoos.

Man flows at once to God as soon as the channel of purity, physical, intellectual, and moral, is open.

With the Hindoos virtue is an intellectual exercise, not a social and practical one. It is a knowing, not a doing.

I do not prefer one religion or philosophy to another. I have no sympathy with the bigotry and ignorance which make transient and partial and puerile distinctions  between one man’s faith or form of faith and another’s, as Christian and heathen. I pray to be delivered from narrowness, partiality, exaggeration, bigotry. To the philosopher all sects, all nations, are alike. I like Brahma, Hari, Buddha, the Great Spirit, as well as God.”

(From The Journals of Henry David Thoreau)

“The Vedas say, ‘All intelligences awake with the morning.’ Poetry and art, and the fairest and most memorable of the actions of men, date from such an hour.”

(Walden, Chapter ‘Where I Lived, and What I Lived For’, page 80)

“Nevertheless I am far from regarding myself as one of those privileged ones to whom the Ved refers when it says, that “he who has true faith in the Omnipresent Supreme Being may eat all that exists”, that is, is not bound to inquire what is his food, or who prepares it; and even in their case it is to be observed, as a Hindoo commentator has remarked, that the Vedant limits this privilege to ‘the time of distress’.”

(Walden, Chapter ‘Higher Laws’, page 184)  

Thoreau did not hesitate in preaching the Vatican to stock their library with Veda-s too, “That age will be rich indeed when those relics which we call Classics, … shall have still further accumulated, when the Vaticans shall be filled with Vedas and Zendavestas and Bibles…”

(Walden, Chapter III, ‘Reading’, page 92) 


When HD Thoreau visualised Vishnu Purana in action upon himself, so did he express –

“The Vishnu Purana says, the house-holder is to remain at eventide in his courtyard as long as it takes to milk a cow, or longer if he pleases, to await the arrival of a guest. I often performed this duty of hospitality, waited long enough to milk a whole herd of cows, but did not see the man approaching from the town.” 

(Walden, Chapter ‘Former Inhabitants and Winter Visitors’, page 225)

Hindu Philosophy

By all available narratives, Thoreu attempted to understand Hindu philosophy and he succeeded to a considerable extent as expressed in his quotes and comments –

“There was an artist in the city of Kouroo who was disposed to strive after perfection. One day it came into his mind to make a staff. Having considered that in an imperfect work time is an ingredient, but into a perfect work time does not enter, he said to himself, It shall be perfect in all respects, though I should do nothing else in my life. He proceeded instantly to the forest for wood, being resolved that it should not be made of unsuitable material; and as he searched for and rejected stick after stick, his friends gradually deserted him, for they grew old in their works and died, but he grew not older by a moment. His singleness of purpose and resolution, and his elevated piety, endowed him, without his knowledge, with perennial youth. As he made no compromise with Time, Time kept out of his way, and only sighed at a distance because he could not overcome him. Before he had found a stick in all respects suitable the city of Kouroo was a hoary ruin, and he sat on one of its mounds to peel the stick. Before he had given it the proper shape the dynasty of the Candahars was at an end, and with the point of the stick he wrote the name of the last of that race in the sand, and then resumed his work. By the time he had smoothed and polished the staff Kalpa was no longer the pole-star; and ere he had put on the ferule and the head adorned with precious stones, Brahma had awoke and slumbered many times. But why do I stay to mention these things? When the finishing stroke was put to his work, it suddenly expanded before the eyes of the astonished artist into the fairest of all creations of Brahma. He had made a new system in making a staff, a world with full and fair proportions; in which, though the old cities and dynasties had passed away, fairer and more glorious ones had taken their places. And now he saw by the heap of shavings still fresh at his feet, that, for him and his work, the former lapse of time had been an illusion, and that no more time had elapsed than is required for a single scintillation from the brain of Brahma to fall on and inflame the tinder of a mortal brain. The material was pure, and his art was pure; how could the result be other than wonderful?”

(Chapter 18 ‘Conclusion’ in Walden, published by Maple Press Pvt. Ltd., page 274)

Influenced by Hindu philosophy, neture beckoned him to lead the life of an ascetic as he wrote in ‘Higher Laws’ of Walden, “Every man is the builder of a temple, called his body, to the god he worships, after a style purely his own, nor can he get off by hammering marble instead. We are all sculptors and painters, and our material is our own flesh and blood and bones. Any nobleness begins at once to refine a man’s features, any meanness or sensuality to imbrute them.”

(Chapter 11 ‘Higher Laws’ of Walden by Thoreau, page 187, published by Maple Press Pvt. Ltd.)

Thoreau discovered semblance of Hindu philosophy in everyones life, “One may discover the root of a Hindoo religion in his own private history, when, in the silent intervals of the day or night, he does sometimes inflict on himself like austerities with stern satisfaction.”

(Journal, 1841)

And this semblance of Hindu philosophy in his own life inspired him to proceed to jungles, “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. I did not wish to live what was not life, living is so dear; nor did I wish to practice resignation, unless it was quite necessary. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, to live so sturdily and Spartan-like as to put to rout all that was not life, to cut a broad swath and shave close, to drive life into a corner, and reduce it to its lowest terms, and, if it proved to be mean, why then to get the whole and genuine meanness of it, and publish its meanness to the world; or if it were sublime, to know it by experience, and be able to give a true account of it in my next excursion.”

(Walden by Henry David Thoreau, Chapter 2, Page 81)

Thus he reflected upon eternal relevance of Hindu philosophy, “English sense has toiled, but Hindoo wisdom never perspired.”

(Henry David Thoreau (2016). A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers, p.105, Xist Publishing)

He discovered western thoughts rooted in Hindu philosophy, “As our domestic fowls are said to have their original in the wild pheasant of India, so our domestic thoughts have their prototypes in the thoughts of her philosophers.”

(Henry David Thoreau (2016). A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers, p.105, Xist Publishing)

Thoreau wrote on Aug. 6, 1841, “In the Hindoo scriptures the idea of man is quite illimitable and sublime. There is nowhere a loftier conception of his destiny. He is at length lost in Brahma himself…there is no grandeur conception of creation anywhere…The very indistinctness of its theogeny implies a sublime truth.”

(Journal of the Henry David Thoreau)

Thoreau described Christianity as “radical” because of its “pure morality” in contrast to Hinduism’s “pure intellectuality”

(A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers by Henry David Thoreau, page 109 – 111)

Thoreau so magnificently revealed universality of his theological perceptions, “It would be worthy of the age to print together the collected Scriptures or Sacred Writings of the several nations, the Chinese, the Hindoos, the Persians, the Hebrews, and others, as the Scripture of mankind. The New Testament is still, perhaps, too much on the lips and in the hearts of men to be called a Scripture in this sense. Such a juxtaposition and comparison might help to liberalize the faith of men…. This would be the Bible, or Book of Books, which let the missionaries carry to the uttermost parts of the earth.”

(Henry David Thoreau (2016). A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers, p.101, Xist Publishing)

Unhesitatingly, Thoreau acknowledged presence of roots of Hinduism in everyones life, “One may discover the root of the Hindu religion in one’s own private history, when, in the silent intervals of the day or the night, he does sometimes inflict on himself like austerities with a stern satisfaction.”

(Walden by Henry David Thoreau published by Maple Press Pvt. Ltd.)

Hindu Social Structure


Thoreau mentioned Vasudeva Shri Krshna as Damodara searching for meadows for His cows –

“There are none happy in the world but beings who enjoy freely a vast horizon.- said Damodara, when his herds required new and larger pastures.”

(Walden, Chapter ‘Where I Lived, and What I Lived For’, page 78)


Thoreau exerts himself only tangentially to figure out his own status within mystical Nature –

“We are not wholly involved in Nature. I may be either the driftwood in the stream, or Indra in the sky looking down on it.”

(Walden, Chapter ‘Solitude’, page 117)


Attributes associated with the Varna of Brahmans too impressed Thoreau, “As for the tenets of the Brahmans, we are not so much concerned to know what doctrines they held, as that they were held by any. We can tolerate all philosophies…. It is the attitude of these men, more than any communication which they make, that attracts us.”

“The very austerity of the Brahmans is tempting to the devotional soul, as a more refined and nobler luxury. Wants so easily and gracefully satisfied seem like a more refined pleasure. Their conception of creation is peaceful as a dream.”

(Henry David Thoreau (2013), The Essential Thoreau, page 547, Simon and Schuster)

“What I have heard of Brahmins sitting exposed to four fires and looking in the face of the sun; or hanging suspended, with their heads downward, over flames; or looking at the heavens over their shoulders…or dwelling, chained for life, at the root of a tree; or measuring with their bodies, like caterpillers, the breadth of vast empires; or standing on one leg on tops of pillars-even these forms of consciouspenance are hardly more incredible and astonishing than the sceneswhich I daily witness.” 

(Walden by Henry David Thoreau, reprint 2020, published by Maple Press Pvt. Ltd., page 8)   

Hindu Customs

Thoreau conceded primacy of civil codes enshrined in Manusmriti too –

“The wisest conservatism is that of the Hindoos. ‘Immemorial custom is transcendent law,’ says Manu. That is, it was the custom of the gods before men used it. The fault of our New England custom is that it is memorial. What is morality but immemorial custom? Conscience is the chief of conservatives.”

“Most books belong to the house and streets only,…But this…addresses what is deepest and most abiding in man…Its truth speaks freshly to our experience. [the sentences of Manu] are a piece with depth and serenity and I am sure they will have a place and significance as long as there is a sky to test them by.”  

(Chapter ‘Monday’ in A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers’ by Thoreau, page 66)

He so acknowledged comprehensiveness of the wisdom of Manusmriti –

“Nothing was too trivial for the Hindoo lawgiver, howsoever offensive it may be to modern taste. He reaches how to eat, drink, cohabit, void excrement and urine, and the like, elevating what it means, and does not falsely excuse himself by calling these things trifle.”

Thoreau was also impressed by narration of nature in the epic work of ‘Shakuntala’ by Mahakavi Kalidas –

“Even in Calidas’ drama of Sacontala, we read of “rills dyed yellow with the golden dust of the lotus. And so the seasons went rolling on into summer, as one rambles into higher and higher grass.”

(Walden, Chapter ‘Spring’, page 267)

His observations on Kabir disclose intellectual perceptions in his country which he proceeded to describe as ‘brain-rot’ –

“They pretend as I hear, that the verses of Kabir have four different senses; illusion, spirit, intellect, and the exoteric doctrine of the Vedas; but in this part of the world it is considered a ground for complaint if a man’s writings admit of more than one interpretation.”


Thoreau acknowledged sacredness of Ganga water in his own way –

“…instead of going to the pond to bathe or drink, are thinking to bring its water, which should be as sacred as the Ganges at least, to the village in a pipe…”

(Walden, Chapter ‘The Ponds’, page 164)

Influence Over Other Personalities

Henry David Thoreau remained influential even after his demise as he influenced pioneers like Walt Whitman, MK Gandhi etc. in their respective movements through his writings in Walden, Civil Disobedience etc. MK Gandhi was deeply inspired by him, “My first introduction to Thoreau’s writings was when I was in the thick of the passive resistance struggle. A friend sent me his essay, Civil Disobedience. It left a deep impression upon me. The essay seemed to be so convincing and truthful that I felt the need of knowing more of Thoreau, and I came across his Walden and other essays, all of which I read with great pleasure and equal profit.”


Henry David Thoreau was widely regarded as ‘the Boston Brahmana’ by Americans symbolising his profound esteem with which he regarded Hinduism and Hindu scriptures. Since Sanatana Dharma i.e. Hinduism is synonymous with ‘Bharatiyata’ i.e. ‘Indianness’ as westerners would perceive it excluding all other faiths and cults that entered the nation, Thoreau indeed admired ‘Bharatiyata’ itself i.e. core of Sanatana nationhood through his study of Hindu scriptures and prolific work.


Walden by Henry David Thoreau, reprint 2020, published by Maple Press Pvt. Ltd., 


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Chapter ‘Monday’ in A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers’ by Thoreau, page 66



United States Of America is a cocktail of immigrants whose identity can best be defined by the absence of an original, ancient identity. Biritish intruders invaded the continent in a bid to colonise to plunder all their wealth, wiped out entire race of original natives whom they called ‘Red Indians’ who happened to be neither red nor Indians. Thus was founded a sanguinary empire based on blood of ‘Red Indians’, deceit and conceit to dominate the world. For black-collar labour in fields they immigrated Africans, for blue and white collar jobs they immigrated hard-working talented Asians to become so-called super power led by white-collared ‘whites’. Large chunk of economic activity was ‘out-sourced’ to immigrants within the territory of America while the conceit ingrained in the British turned American psyche prodded them to lord over the world by whatever means. After World War-II, they went into a hyper drive, created an array of ‘International-Sahukars’ in the form of World Bank, IMF, IFC, WTO, FTA etc. to exploit and extort countries struggling to stand up to feed and house their people under siege behind the sham of human rights, child labour, gender and equality issues, unfair competition, globalisation etc.

As ‘self-appointed’ World-cop albeit mandated by considerably compromised United Nations, America has a history of invading countries far and wide for economic gains, for whimisical reasons then withdrawing tactically after the objective of plunder is completed. America believes in subtle-colonisation through puppet governments and not in the original British version of direct colonisation for territorial gains. That way, certain amount of credit certainly goes to America for being the military super-power coloniser without territorial aspirations and that was sufficient reason for them to declare themselves as a great anti-colonial power first to be liberated from vice like clutches of the Buckingham Palace in London. With these stars and stripes in the hat of Uncle Sam, American hegemony set out to subtle-colonise the world, often with the twin objective to counter Cold-war prowess of the earstwhile USSR. Owing to absence of a foundation that could inspire and adrenalise American soldiers on war-fronts, due to absence of a well-defined identity and ancient roots to sacrifice for, due to absence of a genuine cause to do or die in battle-field in a long haul, Americans gifted themselves a series of humiliating defeats even by smaller countries that possessed steel-will to guard their roots and heritage identified with their countries. Glimpses of US humiliation-galore makes an interesting reading.

Twenty years long Vietnam war with carpet-bombing of entire country gifted the first humble-pie to post World War-II USA after soldier-slaughter of 57,000 Americans and two million Vietnamese before 55-days long withdrawal process. Only political price that America paid was that President Lyndon B. Johnson declined to contest for second term in view of certain defeat.  

Small country like North Korea refused to be humbled by the mighty US military machine in Korea war.

In the invasion of Bay of Pigs (‘Pigs’ to whom the bay actually belonged, may be debatable for some), Uncle Sam turned frigid and declined to militarily support anti-Fidel Castro rebels conceding Castro a cakewalk.

After 241 American troops were killed in a suicide bomb attack in early 1980s in Lebanon, Americans flew back merrily in response to their instincts to retreat instead of hitting back hard and wiping out entire terrorism from that tiny country. Yet, President Ronald Reagan is still regarded as one of remarkable war-hawks in US history.

They received a hard knockdown in Somalia in a UN approved mission, had egg on their face before deciding to retreat abjectly.

When US Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya were bombed killing hundreds, instead of launching an all-out war on terrorism, they bombed a chemical factory in Sudan as well as training camps of Al-Queda just like Pakistan issued a ‘not to rejoice stern warning’ to Bharata when Laden was killed within a few hundred meters from Abbotabad Cantonment !!

Suicide bomb attack on USS Cole was taken by them in their own strides.

In 2001, supercilious President Bush set out in search of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq that did not exist at all. It was veiled by their ‘sincere’ desire to develop a ‘modern and vibrant’ democracy in Iraq after capturing Saddam Hussein. Bush never regretted for the illicit invasion based on false intelligence reports rather mentioned later in a press conference, Saddam Hussein had a carpet at the entrance of his office woven into a figure of his father George Bush Sr. that he used to step on everytime he moved in and out of his office. Pictures of the carpet shared worldwide, must have been reported by the CIA which prompted him to invade Iraq in search of the phantom of WMD !! So lofty are morals and scruples of America.

Pakistan had been another tale of humiliation for Obamas America when Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State admitted, they had been providing ‘milk to snakes’ in Pakistani backyards and left it to President Trump to stop flow of millions of US$ into that country as ‘reimbursement’ of expenses incurred on nourishing those ‘snakes’ of Hillary Clinton by providing that ‘milk’. 

President Trump too, betrayed Kurds in 2019 by ordering his marines to return home from Syria and washed his hands off by declaring, “It’s not our problem.” And the same Trump was declared by Biden during Presidential election campaign, “most reckless and incompetent commander-in-chief we’ve ever had.”

These humiliating withdrawals were probably at the back of his mind that President Obama was reluctant to invade Syria and committed to withdraw from Afghanistan in an appropriate manner. Shock and surprise caused by such a sudden withdrawal from Afghanistan by President Biden was so unnerving that a new word ‘to biden means to ditch’ was added to English lexicon. His decision was amply described by Alexander Pope centuries before –

Lo! Thy dread Empire, Chaos! is restor’d;

Light dies before thy uncreating Word;

Thy hand, great Anarch! lets the curtain fall;

And Universal Darkness buries All

Twenty years of Afghan operations by America led to man-slaughter of 2,448 soldiers, 3,800 U.S. contractors, 66,000 Afghans in uniform, 47,000 civilians, 51,000 terrorists and 450 relief personnel at the cost of 83 billion US$ including cost of 75,000 vehicles, 600,000 weapons and more than 200 fighter aircrafts. Not all that went down the drain on Aug. 15/16, 2021 as entire armamentarium was supplied by US corporates and paid with American taxpayers money !! Not only those with million US$ bounties on their heads announced by FBI are Ministers in Afghan Government to extreme humiliation of America but also proved themselves to be a devious ally who could never be trusted even when immense danger threatens security of the civilised world. Even now disclosed Doha-resolution could not mitigate their predicament as they not only handed over arms and ammunitions worth millions of US$ on a platter to worlds most dreaded fanatics and terrorists but also walked out of Bagaram air-base like cowards. Finally a President in office candidly confessed, “…we have been a nation too long at war…we no longer had a clear purpose.” When the spineless President mewed in a White House presser, “we will not forgive, we will not forget, we will hunt you down and make you pay”, he liberally garnished extreme humiliation of America with his comments for generations to be ashamed of. Not even once did he condemn those dreaded anti-humanity terrorists. Elected by riding on a wave of dubious anti-Trumpism, Biden now has to ride an anti-Biden wave for the rest of his first and last term in the White House before going down into history as a blabbering, blundering President nothing short of a blithering fool. One shudders to visualise the possibility of his sudden exit or demise and accession of Kamala Harris into the Oval Office which she may convert into a Laughter House with her Laughing Fits. Subtle hints by President Biden that now China is their topmost priority, does not cut ice at all. Whole world suspects their intentions now as they may tactfully decline to respond if China invades Japan, Korea or Taiwan. Or may be Americans have a left-over appetite for yet another humiliation-peak possibly in China. Then he handed over to China a golden opportunity on a platter to Debt-trap and colonise Afghanistan at least in immediate future.     

NATO is in tatters ruing the fact that Biden did not have the basic courtesy of informing them of his catastrophic decision to suddenly withdraw. Had they recalled words of President Woodrow Wilson to British King George V in 1918, “You must not speak of us as cousins, still less as brothers…we are neither”, their frustration and disgust would not have been there as emotionalism was never a consideration in US-Europe relations. While UK, France and Germany have been toying with the idea to fill the vacuum by raising a European army for overseas missions, world had been an eye-witness to their slide into Islamic fundamentalism with hardly any perceptible action to stem the slide. Consequences of such operations would be disastrous for them, may even pose existential crisis for those countries. 

After all this brouhaha, question pops up naturally, what’s military core-competence of America. Yes, there is one after all, much to the relief of so many. America specialises in stealth operations like killing Osama bin Laden in a mid-night swoop in his den by intruding international borders without informing host governments, by assassinating assertive world leaders to ensure regime change, carpet-bombing countries of their choice and smartly flying back to Andrews Air-base, slapping whimisical sanctions even against duly elected democratic governments, financing export of proselytising cults like Christianity to disrupt entire identity of target countries just like Chinese export communism after turning capitalists themselves etc. etc. Their duplicity and depravity are intertwined and nourish each other behind their Statue of Liberty off NY harbour which was amply detailed in ‘My War With CIA’ by Prince Narottama Singhanakh of Cambodia. Will Uncle Sam ever come to his senses ?



During 1950s and 60s, Bharata was offered permanent membership of United Nations Security Council on a platter without our asking. The last Mughal Nehrus dubious ‘internationalism’ conflicted international clout of the nation that would have certainly grown geometrically and he haughtily rejected those invites. He instead, asked for the seat to be offered to China and that was it. And it was China only who have been consistently opposing permanent membership of UN Security Council for Bharata since then in spite of all genuflections of all Bharatiya Prime Ministers since then. True to his anti-national DNA, the last Mughal Nehru was generous for China at the expense of national interests.

Four permanent members of UNSC did not want Communist China known as PRC, as fifth permanent member. As soon as Republic Of China became Peoples Republic Of China in 1950, Americans embarked on the move to add Bharata as fifth permanent member. How much the last Mughal hated Bharata and his contempt for national interest may be visualised from contents of his letter to his sister Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit (Nehru in reality had laid down foundation stone of the dynasty rule), the then nations envoy in Washington DC, “In your letter you mention that the State Department is trying to unseat China as a Permanent Member of the Security Council and to put India in her place. So far as we are concerned, we are not going to countenance it. That would be bad from every point of view. It would be a clear affront to China and it would mean some kind of a break between us and China. We shall go on pressing for China’s admission in the UN and the Security Council. I suppose that a crisis will come during the next sessions of the General Assembly of the UN on this issue. The people’s government of China is sending a full delegation there. If they fail to get in there will be trouble which might even result in the USSR and some other countries finally quitting the UN. That may please the State Department, but it would mean the end of the UN as we have known it. That would also mean a further drift towards war. India because of many factors, is certainly entitled to a permanent seat in the security council. But we are not going in at the cost of China.”

USA and USSR were eager to add Nehrus India as permanent member of UNSC in lieu of Taiwan. They were even prepared to amend UN Charter even if that meant raising membership from five to six. Nehru rejected even that, wrote in his note on Aug. 1, 1955 exposing his anti-national treachery, “Informally, suggestions have been made by the United States that China should be taken into the United Nations but not in the Security Council and that India should take her place in the Security Council. We cannot of course accept this as it means falling out with China and it would be very unfair for a great country like China not to be in the Security Council. We have, therefore, made it clear to those who suggested this that we cannot agree to this suggestion. We have even gone a little further and said that India is not anxious to enter the Security Council at this stage, even though as a great country she ought to be there. The first step to be taken is for China to take her rightful place and then the question of India might be considered separately.”

Dr. Ambedkar ridiculed Nehrus actions in so many words at Lucknow in 1951, “The government’s foreign policy failed to make India stronger. Why should not India get a permanent seat in the UN Security Council? Why has the prime minister not tried for it ?” Arun Shourie was ruthless in exposing Nehru, “…is the first to ensure that India recognizes the new Government. He also urges countries like U.K. to hasten recognition. Although, it is Chiang Kaishek who has supported India’s struggle for independence…Nehru immediately begins championing the cause of the new Government of China. He urges the British, the Americans, in fact everyone he can reach, that the Nationalist Government of Chiang Kaishek must be made to vacate its seat in the United Nations, and that seat—which means necessarily the seat both in the General Assembly and the Security Council—must be given over to the Communist Government of China…” Nehrus commitment to the nation was indisputably revealed by his so-called sister Vijay Lakshmi Pandit while leading a delegation to the UN, “I do not understand that why a world-class organization such as the United Nations has not included a big and powerful country like China.” It was in 1963 i.e. after the Nehru led Debacle-1962 !! Even after the military humiliation of 1962, the last Mughal Nehru continued vigorously supporting China for permanent membership of UNSC. In response to a query raised in Lok Sabha by a member JN Parekh whether Nehru had declined permanent membership of UNSC, the last Mughal so brazenly lied, “There has been no offer, formal or informal, of this kind. Some vague references have appeared in the press about it which have no foundation in fact.”

His utterances not only exposed Nehrus pea-sized brain but also that he was a hardened Communist. Nehrus India lobbied hard with all nations for a permanent seat for China and not for the nation he was unfortunately presiding over. He ensured that no nation opposed his lobbying on the despicable ground of illegitimate acquisition of Tibet by China. Quite paradoxically, Chinese leader Mao did not like Nehrus patronising attitude towards China at all as they considered themselves to be the real Asian leaders and Nehrus India a non-entity. Moreover, Nehru did not realise that Chinese cared two hoots for permanent membership of UNSC as they were averse to be restrained by the UN Charter while dealing with Korea and Tibet that they had already decided to capture by then. 



Restructuring of Union Cabinet on July 7, 2021 undertaken by Prime Minister Modi marks complete overhauling of contours of governance. Under mentioned are salient features that loudly announce advent of a completely new socio-political ethos set to overtake the nation in centuries ahead –

With PhDs, doctors, lawyers, engineers, ex-civil servants and woman ministers, there is marked migration towards governance by technocrats and specialists curtailing rather restricting role of ‘Kurta-Pajama dhari’ womb-to-tomb politicians. Quite a few ‘Kurta-Pajama dharis’ are very much there but they are there owing to other attributes and accolades and not because they sport starched Kurta-Pajamas.

Median age of Ministers has declined laying greater emphasis on action orientation than lethargy of oldies in the name of experience relevance of which we do not know. If Meenakshi Lekhi is able to defuse rockets of North Korea or persuade Xi Jinping to return Akshai Chin back to us, she is sure to succeed S. Jaishankar as next Minister Of External Affairs. If Smriti Irani is able to liquidate all brothels across the country and rehabilitate those unfortunate women, she will be immortalised and remembered in history for centuries to come. They have a golden opportunity to prove their mettle.   

Third line of succession is under final round of grooming while fourth line of leadership is under apprenticeship as the first line of leadership has been resting peacefully as members of Margdarshak Mandal while second line of Modi-Shah leadership is in thick of complex actions.

Almost every community, every region has been represented in the Government sending shudders down the spines of even those well known as spineless leaders. If there is fear in some quarters of losing their relevance, there is anger in some for challenging their so-called monopolies over their well defined vote-banks while burst of joy is seen in Arunachala Pradesh and Manipur as North-East have been represented well in the Government.

Raising a brand new Ministry Of Cooperation, that too under a Chanakya, has raised hackles among Sharad Pawar brand cooperative dons in Maharashtra. Leftists in Kerala are enraged and provoked while Congress have been busy trying to figure out like headless chickens, what may be the motif. Whether warnings of their leader Chennithala have reached 10, Janpath (Indian Buckingham Palace !!), we do not know. We wish and pray, they assign the task of combating the new Ministry to the dynasty scion Rahul Gandhi so that the Ministry succeeds like success in their holy task of reforming co-operative sector riddled with loot and plunder. Entire gamut of  cooperation and Ministry formation is best exemplified by the welcome message issued by Amul, a complete thesis on cooperative sector itself.

Most important rather revolutionary feature of Prime Ministers social engineering is gradual albeit marked shift of BJPs vote bank from Brahmana-Bania to OBC/SC/ST vote bank. This migration of vote bank was long overdue owing to several reasons. A Party to match the might of broad based BJP is not going to rise in next five decades or so and their continued dependence on Brahmana-Bania vote bank for political survival would have become increasingly tenuous. Moreover, if OBCs/SCs/STs continue to remain out of political mainstream in case BJP continue to rely upon Brahmana-Bania vote bank as well as in absence of any alternative to BJP, then OBCs/SCs/STs would have become exceedingly vulnerable soft targets of anti-national elements leading to uncontrollable social disorder. With this socio-political engineering of far reaching consequences, PM Modi has completely destroyed every possibility of resurgence of Congress, regional and dynastic political outfits. That Prime Minister Modi has nipped in bud a huge burgeoning crisis, speaks volumes on his political acumen, sagacity and vision.   

Only and only criterion for existence in the Union Cabinet is performance. That too without any brouhaha or bla bla bragging before Navika Kumars or Arnab Goswamis. When Party and Government, both have spokespersons appointed to explain decisions, actions of Party and Government respectively, why should Ministers join TV chennels to contribute to their TRPs ? If Ravi Shankar Prasad had demanded at least Rs. 1 crore for PM CARES from Times Now as a precondition for participating in Frankly Speaking, he would have earned many plaudits indeed. While he turned out to be spineless and mewed before Jack Dorsey of Twitter who taught him American laws publicly, he roared very well before Navika Kumar in Frankly Speaking !! Silent winner in Railways Piyush Goel has now been handed over Textile Ministry to combat rising competition from Bangladesh as well as strive to reclaim world leadership in textiles that Bharata used to have before entry of East India Company into the country centuries ago.    

Prime Minister rewarded Dr. Subramanium Swamy too for his excellent performance as an honourable member of the Margdarshak Mandala by ignoring his life-long burning ambition to become Union Finance Minister !! Uninterrupted loyalty to the Party without kinks and knots is yet another significant parameter that Prime Minister values a lot. Entire nation itself has been undergoing structural reforms. Signs are very positive and we all must wish them unmitigated success. 



Manusmriti  is the greatest civil code ever authored on Planet Earth for human society thousands of years ago. During colonial occupation, Euro-authors were mobilised by the intruding British regime to insert Sloka-s to distort the philosophy in their bid to divide and rule Hindu society. Later Arya Samaja published unadulterated version to restore its sanctity. Quite enigmatically, the philosophy is very much in action in various forms and manifests in all societies, in all countries even today !!

Various mandates and orders of conjugal alliance in practice as well as an approach to maintain healthy gender ratios have been detailed in Manusmriti, an interesting reading and strategy to follow.

Brahmo Daivastathaivarsaha Prajapatyastathaasuraha  I

Gandharvo Raksasascaiva Paisacascastamoadhamaha  II III / 12 II

Brahma, Daiva, Arsa, Prajapatya, Asura, Gandharva, Raksasa  and Paisaca  are eight orders of matrimonial alliances.

Those are eight orders of marriages that are now poised to be explained in detail.

Acchadya Carcayitva Ca Srutisilavate Svayam  I

Ahuya Danam Kanyaya Brahmo Dharmaha Prakirtitaha  II III / 13 II 

Brahma Vivaha  is the one wherein well-appointed bride is offered to a learned, well-accomplished groom, selected by bride and invited for alliance by her father.

BrahmaVivaha  is the highest order of matrimonial alliance conforming to all canons of propriety and Vedic  norms. There is no exchange of wealth in this order of marriage.

Yajne Tu Vitate Samyagratvije Karma Kurvate  I

Alamkrtya Sutadanam Daivam Dharmam Pracaksate 

II III / 14 II

Offering well-appointed bride to the erudite one solemnising all rituals in a Yajna  attended by a galaxy of learned ones, is termed as Daiva Vivaha.

The erudite Purohita  ordained to conduct Yajna  with a specific objective is known as Ritvik. When a well-adorned bride is offered to a Ritvik  in a Yajna  attended by several more learned ones, the alliance so solemnised is Daiva Vivaha.

Ekam Gomithunam Dve Va Varadadaya Dharmataha  I

Kanyapradanam Vidhivadarso Dharmaha Sa Ucyate 

II III / 15 II

When bride is offered to a groom after accepting a pair of cow and bull or two pairs as mandated, it is Arsa Vivaha.

However, Maharsi Manu  has asserted later, exchange of possessions of any kind, is prohibited in Vivaha. Arsa Vivaha  is essentially meant for a Sadhaka  who may decide to enter into matrimonial alliance intended to facilitate Adhyatmika  pursuits. It is devoid of embellishment of bride with bridal clothes, jewellery and elaborate ceremonies. Entire ceremony is performed at the barest level of celebrations.

Sahobhau Caratam Dharmamiti Vacaanubhasya Ca  I

Kanyapradanamabhyarcya Prajapatyo Vidhiha Smritaha  II III / 16 II

Prajapatya Vivaha  is marrying bride to bridegroom after addressing both, ‘may you both pursue Grihastha Asrama  together’ joyously.

Prajapati  is the term invoked for Grihastha  engaged in rearing progenies.  In this mode of matrimonial alliance, relationship is arranged by elders, devoid of exchange of wealth and solemnised at the instance of elders alone. In common parlance, it is known as ‘arranged marriage’.

Jnatibhyo Dravinam Dattva Kanyayai Caiva Saktitaha  I

Kanyapradanam Svacchandyadasuro Dharma Ucyate 

II III / 17 II

When kin of bridegroom and bride are gifted wealth appropriately and rituals pursued, it is known as Asura Vivaha.

After matrimonial rituals are solemnised, wealth is gifted to bride and bridegrooms kin in the order of Asura Vivaha. It is pursued by avaricious parents of bridegroom irrespective of all other considerations of propriety and ethics.  Asura-s are those devoid of Sattvika  traits perpetually involved in gratification of senses and sense of possession.

Icchayaanyonyasamyogaha Kanyayasca Varasya Ca  I

Gandharvaha Sa Tu Vijneyo Maithunyaha Kamasambhavaha  II III / 18 II

Alliance accepted by bridegroom and bride obsessed with the perception of being man-woman, is known as Gandharva Vivaha.

Carnal desire is at the root of Gandharva Vivaha  and no other consideration really matters. No exchange of wealth has been mentioned albeit Maharsi Manu  regards is reprehensible and illicit. Gandharva-s are those who excel in music, singing, dancing, luxurious life, promiscuity and extravagance.

Hattva Chhittva Ca Bhittva Ca Krosantim Rudatim Grihat  I

Prasahya Kanyaharanam Raksaso Vidhirucyate 

II III / 19 II 

Abducted after her kin being slain from her house, forcibly marrying a wailing, terrorised woman is Raksasa Vivaha.

Raksasa  is defined as the one from whom one is compelled to guard life and property, who may harm when left alone and actively engaged at night in all sorts of felonious activities. Raksasa Vivaha  too, is profoundly reprehensible as no ones consent or blessings are solicited.

Suptam Mattam Pramattam Va Raho Yatropagacchati  I

Sa Papistho Vivahanam Paisacascastamoadhamaha 

II III / 20 II

Marrying after stealthily seducing, intoxicating a woman, desecrating her in slumber or in her delirious state of mind is Paisaca Vivaha, the worst order of Vivaha.

This kind of Vivaha  is a felonious act and a reprehensible one. Pisaca-s are the lowest order of beings who ingests even raw flesh, are violent and highly inhuman by disposition.

Four Sloka-s have been inserted at this juncture to add a few more comments on Vivaha  and attainment of Moksa  through their progenies. All these do not belong to the original text and these are entirely out of context violative of what has already been stated.

Brahmadisu Vivahesu Catusrvevanupurvasah  I

Brahmavarcasvinah Putra Jayante Sistasamata 

II III / 21  II

Brahma  etc. being orders of alliances that lead to procreation of virtuous, noble ones conversant with Veda-s and other wisdom.

Four orders of acceptable alliances are Brahma, Daiva, Arsa  and Prajapatya. These conform to the principles enshrined in scriptures hence, Maharsi Manu  has held them sacrosanct. Such alliances lead to birth of progenies that are noble souled, virtuous and inclined to learn Vedic  wisdom smoothly. Such noble ones grow into great individuals who contribute enormously to overall well-being and advancement of society.

Rupasattvagunopeta Dhanavanto Yasasvinaha  I

Paryaptabhoga Dharmistha Jivanti Ca Satam Samaha 

II III / 22 II

Blessed with beauty, valour, sacred intellect, fame and wealth, being righteous, live for hundred years while enjoying entirely.

They are progenies born to couples having undergone matrimonial alliances of the first four orders i.e. Brahma, Daiva, Arsa  and Prajapatya

Iteresu Tu Sistesu Nramsasanritavadinaha  I

Jayante Durvivahesu Brahmadharmadvisaha Sutaha 

II III / 23 II

Progenies born out of remaining four orders of matrimonial alliances are felonious, devious, regard Veda-s with contempt and untruthful.

Remaining four orders of matrimonial alliances are Asura, Gandharva, Raksasa  and Paisaca  that lead to birth of malevolent progenies.

Aninditaih Strivivahairanindya Bhavati Praja  I

Ninditairnindita Nrnam Tasmannindyanvivarjayet 

II III / 24  II

Betrothal between nobles leads to procreation of pious ones while condemned ones, of felons. Hence, condemnable alliances be avoided.

Conjugal alliance between two noble, virtuous individuals conforming to injunctions of Sruti, cause upliftment of society through procreation of pious, virtuous individuals. Such alliances are blessed by celestial deities in addition to by kin of both sides. On the contrary, an alliance between incompatible, impious ones causes procreation of individuals with felonious traits and subsequent degradation of society. Society is called upon to observe all mandates prescribed in Sruti  while deciding upon matrimonial alliances. Betrothal guided by venal considerations is certain to bring about disaster not only for the couple, families concerned but also entire society.

Two Sloka-s inserted at this juncture apparently do not belong to the original text of Manusmriti. These pertain to inter-Varna  matrimonial alliances prescribing varying procedures. These prescribed procedures violate uniformity of procedures mandated for all Varna-s in other Sloka-s hence, unacceptable. Discrimination of any order has not been propagated in Manusmriti.

Yugmasu Putra Jayante Striyoayugmasu Ratrisu  I

Tasmadyugmasu Putrarthi Samvisedartave Striyam 

II III / 28 II

Those aspiring for male progeny may co-habitate during even numbered nights of RtuKala  while for female progeny, during odd numbered nights. Hence, those desiring son may co-habitate during Yugma  nights of RtuKala.

Even numbered nights of RtuKala  are Sasti, Astami, Dasami, Dvadasi, Caturdasi  or Sodasi  while odd numbered ones are Pancami, Saptami, Navami  or PancaDasami. These are appropriate for those desiring son or daughter respectively.    

Na Kanyayaha Pita Vidvangrhinyacchulkamanvapi  I

Grihanacchulkam Hi Lobhena Syannaroapatyavikrayi 

II III / 31 II

Wise bride’s father must not accept even an insignificant consideration lest he is proclaimed a bride-seller upon accepting it out of avarice.

Vivaha Samskara  must not be tainted with the tar of accepting monetary consideration prodded by greed of any order by brides father. Any such exchange destroys sanctity of the relationship and sets a reprehensible precedent for posterity.

Mangalartham Svastyayanam Yajnascasam Prajapateha  I

Prayujyate Vivahesu Pradanam Svamyakaranam 

II V / 37 II

Invocation of Svasti  and PrajapatiYajna  in marriages are meant to invite their benison. Mutual claims over each other arise only thereafter.

Only when these two rituals are solemnised, spouses may lay claim over each other. Claim of wife over her husband and vice-versa are exactly equal and consecrated. Traditional consideration of husband privileged to have claim over his wife and not vice-versa is not true and not professed in Manusmriti.

Vaivahikeagnau Kurvita Grihyama Karma Yathavidhi  I

Pancayajnavidhanama Ca Panktima Canvahikima Grihi  II III / 43 II

Grihastha  must solemnise PancaYajna, GrihaKarma  as prescribed as well as cook the food taken daily before sacred fire during wedding.

During wedding ceremonies, bride-groom is mandated to perform PancaYajna, GrihaKarma  i.e. house-hold errands as well as cooking food for daily usage before sacred fire.

The mandate reveals sagacity of our ancient Vedic  society wherein groom was ordained to know all household activities before embarking on Grihastha Asrama.



As so-called prosperity of Britain rose gradually 18th century onwards, we discovered an interesting co-relation with rising incidence and enormity of famines that ravaged length and breadth of Bharata. We also found much to our horror that almost every famine was preceded by ‘export’ of millions of tonnes of food grains to Britain. This so-called ‘export’ of food grains was neither coercive nor voluntary as it was sheer robbery of food from Hindu-natives of Bharata by British-intruders to feed those colonial-suckers sitting far away in England surviving on plundered wealth from colonised nations. There is one more macabre co-relation with the documented reality that millions had perished in those famines and British-intruders who had captured economy rubbed salt into our mangled wounds instead of launching massive relief operations. Let us count a few famines, legacy of ‘British-governance’ hanging proudly in the ‘Hall of Colonial-shame’ –

Great Bengal famine in Bihar and Western Bengal during 1769-70 perished 2 to 10 millions in ten months while East India Company raised taxes; Chalisa famine in Delhi, Western Oudh, Eastern Panjab, Rajputana and Kashmir during 1783-84 depopulated large tracts of 11 millions; Doji Bara or Skull famine in Madras, Deccan, Gujarat, Marwar during 1791-92 killed 11 millions and a very large numbers could not be cremated or buried; Agra famine in Agra province, Delhi, Hissar during 1837-38 decimated 0.8 million; Upper Doab famine in Upper Doab of Agra, Hissar, Panjab, Eastern Rajputana during 1860-61 witnessed 2 million deaths; Odissa famine in Odissa, Bihar and Ganjam during 1865-67 that killed 4 to 5 millions while Viceroy ‘Lord’ Lytton declined relief ‘for the risk of shirking by workers, ‘let British public foot the Bill for its cheap sentiment as mere distress is not a sufficient reason for opening a relief work’ while ‘exporting’ 10 million tonnes of rice to Britain; Rajputana famine in Ajmer, Eastern Panjab during 1868-70 killed 1.5 millions; Southern Bharata famine in Madras and Bombay during 1876-78 consumed 10.3 millions to death as the Viceroy Lytton had left them to ‘market forces’ to depend on for survival; Indian famine in central India during 1896-97 took a toll of 12 to 16 millions as Viceroy Curzon found ration quota ‘dangerously high’ and stiffened eligibility for relief; Indian famine in central and western India during 1899-1900 killing 3 to 10 millions and finally Bengal famine in Bengal that perished 3 million lives during 1943-44. Bihar famine was effectively attended by Lt. Governor of Bengal Richard Temple leading to nil mortality and for that he was severely criticised for ‘spending too much on famine relief’. When he provided rice from Burma to starving Odiyas in 1866, he was bitterly condemned for ‘keeping Indians alive as if it was duty of the British Government.” Mercifully, one British Professor Davis commented, “London was eating Indias bread while Indians were dying in a famine.” Those too weak to work in British labour camps to earn to eat during famine, were declared ‘unused to work’ and left to die by the roadside. Numbers were too high for miserable relatives to cremate hence, thrown into abandoned wells, mothers were compelled to sell their children for grub, husbands had to push their wives into wells to protect them from starvation and rapes while strict orders were issued to completely black out details of those Britain engineered Famine-Genocides. If Arya Samaj, RK Mission, Brahmao Samaj, Zamindars, wealthier natives and diaspora had not contributed their best and supported starving poors, often stealthily, probably large tracts of land mass would have been completely rendered devoid of human population. 

Cattle too, perished in millions as ‘export’ of hides from Bharata rose 25 time during 1860 to 1900. Mercifully, those British plunderers did not blame starving and dying Hindu-natives of cattle-genocides to escape starvation. Compensation for cattle death was hardly ever on their active agenda. Pittance disbursed whatsoever, was somehow recovered from them in due course.    

It required multiple famines and millions of terrible deaths that British-robbers stirred into a whiff of action to formulate following guidelines in 1900 under supervision of Viceroy Curzon –

“By acknowledging moral responsibility, the government should launch relief measures,

The code on famine should be revised,

There should be no delay in providing food grains and other assistance,

A Commissioner for famine should be appointed,

Develop an irrigation facilities,

The Agriculture Bank should be set up to provide people with an assistant.”

Even these guidelines were doomed to fail as corridors of history witnessed terrible Bengal famine of 1943 after their entire stock of food was snatched away by those British-bandits and ordered to be diverted to British soldiers engaged in World War-II by their Prime Minister Winston Churchill who did not miss the opportunity to rub salt into wounds by tendering a macabre advice to dying brown Hindus to ‘multiply like rabbits’.

If some 5 millions died worldwide in all wars pooled together in 107 years from 1793 to 1900, 19 millions died in Bharata alone due to Britain sponsored famines in just 10 years from 1891 to 1900. It may be pertinent to note that 25 millions were killed during Joseph Stalins political ‘Consecration’ of Russia, 45 millions were done to death by Mao of China and declared ‘Cultural Deaths’ and 55 millions sacrificed themselves during WW-II for reasons best known to the ‘Cosmic Creator’. In view of those figures, genocide of 35 millions during British occupation of the country due to famines and epidemics is not such a high number that may embarrass the ‘Royal Kohinoor Crown’ while showing up in public !! However, horrific deaths did embarrass even an ardent admirer of British ‘Liberalism’ Dadabhai Naoroji but British-Intruders cared two hoots for people dying on roads like dogs. British ‘Liberalism’ admired by Naoroji did not allow those British-robbers to provide succor to starving millions as it was based on following principles of Adams Capitalism –

“Not to disrupt market forces as free trade principles were sacrosanct,

Land mass of Bharata was unable to sustain such a ‘large’ population according to Malthusian theory and

Never spend revenue on unplanned verticals of budget”

There were stray intellectuals roaming in wilds who had the gumption to declare government intervention in famines was regressive as forces of nature were out to curb overpopulation and the best argument they proffered in their defence to establish ‘no famine theory’ was that net population however did rise ! That such stray intellectuals were not assassinated by those starving millions for the better, happens to be a rude surprise even today. British-robbers and their masters in London used to blame every conceivable factor under the sun responsible for Famine-Genocides except themselves who had captured power by all means and running the administration. However, Will Durant washed out all their excuses and alibis by declaring unequivocally, “…merciless exploitation, brutal collection of high taxes in the very midst of famine..”. They even discouraged and stonewalled relatively wealthier Hindu natives supporting starving ones calling all that superstition and ostentation disregarding the institution of ‘Dana’ so deeply ingrained into Hindu DNA. Pronouncements of the then Viceroy ‘Lord’ Lytton bordered monstrosity when he ordered his Babus, “…discourage relief works in every possible way as mere distress is not a sufficient reason for opening a relief work.”  

Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen established through his so-called exhaustive research that famines do not occur in democratic regimes as information channels are open and the institution of public accountability allows proper distribution of food to all affected. He emphasised that root-cause of famines is not lack of food but lack of accessibility. We do not know how his dubious theory can explain famines under British occupation as food was snatched away by British-intruders and hapless people were left to die like dogs on open grounds. Only if British-intruders had imposed democracy after plundering food grains from Hindu natives, then the system of accountability would not have allowed even a single famine death by ensuring accessibility to food in spite of being snatched away !! Then Nobel Prize in Economics for Amartya Sen would have been justified in all its perpectives and his doctrine coming out in flying colours !!        



And followed it up by denying BJP power of Bengal as almost 25% Bengali Hindu-s voted for AITMC, thereby denying themselves a golden opportunity to ‘begin with the beginning’, writing a new Platinum-story of development of Bengal. Even centuries of brutal savagery of Bengali-Hindus by anti-Hindu forces in Bengal have miserably failed to open their ‘eyes wide shut’. So effective is the nepenthe of Robindro Shongeet, Hilsa, Sondesh, Roshogolla, Machhed-Jhol, Sonar Amar Bangla that they are just unable to cut through the Moha-Maya of sheer decrepit regionalism and welcome another horizon of rising sun in their East. Even I am often greeted in social media with sarcasms like ‘You Hindiwallas just cannot understand Bengali culture, a blend of Iqbal…’ !! That’s pathetic indeed as I just pity at such a moronic-ignorance higher than even Mount Radhanath Sikdar !! Hasn’t that ‘culture’ dragged the beautiful state of Bengal to miserable depths of Hindu families being messaged ‘send your wife to us for a few days before you are allowed back into your village’ ?? Why has Bengal lost the warrior spirit of Dr. SP Mukherjee, Swami Vivekananda, Netaji Bose, Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, Khudiram Bose and so many others ?

After denying BJP power in Bengal to overhaul the State, several times they issued desperate appeals to Prime Minister, Home Minister to protect them from oppressors and marauders particularly during post-election violence. How could they at all come to their rescue under federal dispensation of Dr. Ambedkars Constitution ? There were even absurd statements issued by Tathagat Roy holding JP Nadda, Kailash Vijayavarghiya etc. still responsible for ‘security of BJP voters’ even after being denied victory to instal State Government in Kolkata. Centre could have intervened only by dismissing newly elected AITMC Government and imposing Central rule immediately inviting strong reactions all around and live possibility of the decision being knocked down by Supreme Court. Why should Centre undertake such a monumental political risk given every possibility that they might have again voted back AITMC to power under the intoxication of ‘Bahri Hindiwallas in Amar Sonar Bangla’ destroying their enormous political capital inviting thereby existential crisis for rest of the nation with Prime Minister and Home Minister weakened politically ? Their silence and absence of extra-ordinary actions are loud and clear –

Bengali Hindu-s must rise to defend themselves first before wailing for support from any ‘Bahri Hindi-walla or Gujarati-walla’.      

First Arabic madarsa of Bengal was raised in Calcutta in 1780 while five English madarsas (convent schools) around the same time while just one Hindu School in 1817. Hindu collaborator of the Hindu School underwent evolution to become ‘Ungreji Babu’, knighted and honoured. They allowed Christians, Jews and Muslims too to be admitted into this so-called Hindu School. So the Hindu School became secular while Bashak-s anglicised into Bysacks, Mittra-s into Mitters, Dutta-s into Dutt-s Das-s into Doss-s and Bose-s into Basu-s !! (By the way, one garment shop in Connaught Place of New Delhi evolved from Mittal & Co. to Meatle & Co. !!) These Baby-steps towards secular ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ blended with ‘Ahimsa’ turned into giant strides and the current status of Bengal does not need any extra-ordinary narration. They have been under anti-Hindu influence for almost thirteen centuries, four Buddhist, five Islamic and three Christian. Early history of Bengal is replete with internal tussles of dominance between Hinduism and Buddhism then among various Kingdoms for supremacy. Islamic dominance had its telling effect that not only continued but burgeoned into the horrifying scenario that we witness today. Islamic dominance climaxing with Mughals was so deeply entrenched that even Maratha invasion could not pull them out of that irrevocably. It was soon followed by colonial invasion and dominance for a long period that witnessed emergence of ‘Secular’ Brown-Sahibs deriving pride in Babugiri of Gora-s, selections in ICS (elite Babu-s with white wives) and English speaking that rendered them a class apart from rest of Hindu-s all over the country. Post-1947 history of Bengal is Congressism and Communism while no other original indigenous voice was allowed to be heard till it precipitated into such a crisis that Prime Minister had to personally intervene in Assembly elections extensively with a remarkable degree of success albeit short of decisive success. Enormity of delusion in Bengal is so stupendous that it will require decades of rigorous ‘Tapasya’ by them to pull out of that.

Those who claim to be intellectuals must convince themselves, these are not times of counting GDP, foreign exchange reserves, rate of economic growth, not even prices of petrol, onions or potatoes. We Hindu-s are right in the middle of a  civilizational war-zone where our survival is gravely at stake and there is nobody to don the mantle of Vasudeva Shri Krshna to open ‘eyes wide shut’ of those who happen to be ‘Ahimsa’/’Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ drunk. Why is that Bengali Hindu has to be repeatedly explained why to vote for pro-Hindu forces, why to oppose all anti-Hindu influences, merits of Hinduism and all that ? Why is that Bengali Hindu is unable to understand loudly delivered political messages in spite of thirteen centuries of persecution that are in their own interest while a mere whisper is enough for Abrahamics to herd-vote against BJP/RSS to the extent of 99% ? Why is that Hindu-s in Bengal are so apprehensive of a Sannyasi Prime Minister absolutely committed to their prosperity and well-being ? Has he ever harmed even a single Bengali or Bengal ? Why do ‘Bhadralok-intellectuals’ derive sadistic joy when they behold him struggling with his back to the wall to rescue the nation from serial crises instead of supporting him blindly ? Are they aware what might have been state of the nation if a duffer had been in South Block under UPA-III ? What has transformed them into ‘Bhadralok-buffoons’ ? How can Communists be intellectuals or intellectuals peddle Communism as both are Oxymoronic ?  All that with all their lofty claims of being greatest intellectuals identifying themselves with Nobel Prizes !!  

Prime Minister Modi himself is a fierce warrior busy on so many fronts hence he cannot waste his precious time in educating us how to be future-conscious and security-alert. More than Veda-s, it is more important to study Chanakya-Niti to grasp and combat all nefarious tricks of our civilizational enemies for the sake of our survival and Dharma, resist every attack even with a kitchen knife, may be even with bare hands. But never say die. Never accept defeat because Hindu alone deserves victory, no one else. Bharatavarsha alone deserves to be Vishva-Guru and remain Vishva-Guru forever to lead the world as Bharatavarsha is a nation of ascetics. Bhogi-s of west are not eligible, do not qualify to lead the world as Vishva-Guru. I expect Hindu-s of Bengal to be crazy admirer-followers of Dr. SP Mukherjee founded Party that is entirely committed to the nation.             



Second wave of Dragon-pandemic has been so sudden, so rapidly expanding that it dazed the world. Even so-called advanced countries with ‘world-class’ health infra-structure discovered themselves to be besieged by the tsunami of infections. Rise in pace of contagion and rate of deaths had been parallel for some 4-5 weeks, rate of infections compromised to decline but rate of deaths refused to follow the pattern causing grave concerns and some tense moments for the nation. Efforts of Central Government in containing the spread, minimising availability-hiccups of oxygen cylinders, essential medicines and necessities had been highly commendable. The way Prime Minister and UP Chief Minister burned mid-night oil in ameliorating agony of masses has added an unforgettable chapter in nations governance.

Dragon-pandemic provided a fertile ground for ‘Bharata-Breaking Forces’ (BBF hereafter) to resort to all sorts of nefarious activities, contrive conspiracies, join hands with Chinese at mid-night in their embassy, conduct sinister campaigns against indigenously produced vaccines, petitions in courts to stop vaccination programs and trials, holding serial press conferences to abuse Prime Minister, asking America to intervene in national affairs, asking people to reject home-produced vaccines etc. Some of these forces upgraded themselves to attack iconic institutions and movements like Yoga/Ayurveda by Patanjali of Haridwar, Amul of Anand etc. which have brought about revolution of sorts in the country. Amul have been under attack by Communist sponsored dubious ‘vegan movement’ out to prove existence of ‘vegetarian milk’ as a ‘healthy’ alternative to ‘non-vegetarian’ milk that does not exist at all !! Never for a moment the issue of providing employment to 10 crore stakeholders in dairy industry occurred to them nor the reality that milk is a complete wholesome food. The lobby wants us to consume factory-manufactured white colloidal solution mixed with synthetic vitamins and chemical preservatives. Demanding to destroy dairy industry to prevent cow-slaughter betrays their intellectual bankruptcy as there is a complete disconnect between them. Cow-slaughter can be prevented only through better vigilance and stricter implementation of relevant laws and not by destroying dairy industry.

Another issue raised, one of the latest ones is Ayurveda vs. Allopathy with Patanjali Yogapeeth on one side and Indian Medical Association on the other. Without moving into nitty gritty of two-way brouhaha, let us target our deliberations on comparative merits of both modes of medication in general. Ayurveda enjoys almost 2000 years of rich ancient history encompassing all aspects of curative and preventive medications including almost 100 types of surgeries too. Ayurvedic theory is based on ‘Dosha Vichar’ i.e. physiological disruptions with an incredible library of four lakh formulations documented in Traditional Knowledge Digital Library (TKDL) of the CSIR. Ayurveda stresses on Sattvika holistic style of life wherein large number of life-style diseases do not visit at all, immunity exists at peak levels ruling out most of communicable diseases afflicting humanity. Ostensibly, Ayurveda is not only preventive and curative but also exceedingly pro-active in eradicating all health issues at the level of respective causes. On the contrary, Allopathy is mandated to address illnesses rooted in extravagant life style of consumerism dedicated to gratification of senses. Naturally then, it is impossible for Allopathy to be preventive mode of medication except with external agents like vaccines for a few communicable diseases. Even that too restricted to shelf-life of designated antibodies in bloodstream and not a day beyond that demanding booster shots at that. Hence, Allopathy is essentially curative that too, symptomatically. We may conclude now, Allopathic mode of medication is merely symptomatically curative, does never eradicate root-cause of diseases allowing augmented scope of relapses in due course. Even symptomatic cure may be merely cosmetic i.e. temporary and skin-deep. Moreover, Allopathic treatments are exhorbitantly expensive and it is common knowledge that people used to suffer silently and die instead of running into heavy debts for themselves and their next generation before centrally sponsored Ayushman Bharata Health Yojana made life easier for them.

On the issue of side-effects, Ayurvedic medicines score very high ranking. Ayurvedic medicines are mostly natural in nature that function in a natural harmonious manner causing minimal harmful effect if any. Most of such natural medicines presumably have nature-gifted molecules that do not allow any harmful side-effects when administered. However, it demands extensive research to identify those molecules or causes. On the contrary, large number of allopathic medicines are purified chemical derivatives with potential to cause side-effects. Being naturally curative and preventive, Ayurvedic medicines have permanent cure for almost all diseases while Allopathic medications have to be repeated several times over as and when symptoms surface. Patanjali Yogapeeth had demanded Allopaths to explain why permanent treatment for plethora of diseases viz. Hypertension, Diabetes, Arthritis, Colitis, Hepatitis, Migraine, Myopia, Psoriasis, Spondylitis, Parkinsons Disease, Alzheimers Disease, Insomnia, infertility, Drug-addiction etc. could not be developed in spite of more than 200 years of their existence. Ayurveda has permanent treatment for all diseases known so far. An ancient treatise on Ayurveda Sushruta Samhita has 180 Chapters to describe 1100 diseases, 121 surgical instruments, 650 medicines and 300 surgical procedures. In 1794, two British travellors had witnessed perfectly conducted Rhinoplasty on a patient with a severed nose by a Kumbhara i.e. potter, now classified as OBC !! They described it to their people in Britain vividly and steady stream of British-intruders began thereafter into the country and rest is history. In China all traditional medicines exist shoulder to shoulder with so-called modern medicines in every health facility. Covid Organics, a traditional medicinal preparation was successfully launched in Madagascar after testing on just 20 patients followed by export to other countries without even a whiff of outcry.  

By their own confession, Allopathy does not have permanent cure for any of those ailments while Ayurveda has which Allopaths never cared to study or research deeply out of probably, sheer arrogance. If Allopathy is in a dominant mode today it is only because it always enjoyed ‘first claim’ to health resources hitherto ! And Ayurveda has been consistently neglected under  malevolent influence of international pharma syndicates. It is widely known that for an ordinary disease like Urticaria Allopathy has nothing to offer as permanent cure except symptomatic relief through anti-Histamines while Haridra Khand offered by Ayurveda cures it permanently. Similarly in cases of Arthritis and Tennis Elbow, Allopathy at best can offer palliatives and steroids while Ayurveda eradicates it permanently through Yogaraj Guggulu and Chandra Prabhavati respectively. In the Chinese virus induced pandemic Corona, Allopathy had been struggling for a cogent response at every stage of the crisis and every response had been clubbed with a unique disclaimer so much so that even vaccine makers demanded legal immunity for unforeseen developments. On the contrary, Patanjali Yogapeeth launched their medication confidently with assurance of successful treatment. Biogetica founder Dr. Apurva Mehra established Ayurvedic medicines Reginmune and Immunofree outperformed all current lines of Allopathic treatments in trials conducted according to WHO guidelines. It is unfortunate that Allopaths did not even visit their establishment to verify their claims yet launched boisterous protest and demonstrations on roads with so many egos bruised. Why don’t champions of Allopathy challenge and verify claims of Ayurveda that they are well-prepared for any variety of viral or bacterial invasions yet to hit us ? Also absence of secondary infections in patients treated with Ayurvedic medicines ? Data generation so sacred to Allopaths, is just consequential to public investment in health sector by Government to which Ayurveda has not been a privileged ‘first claimant’ !!  

Western domination on indigenous healthcare system obliterated Ayurvedic diagnostic methods. Nadi experts are now hardly found who can narrate not only entire chronology of illnesses one might have undergone but diagnose even current illness proposed to be treated with amazing accuracy just by feeling patients pulse for a few seconds. It is inaccurate to say that Ayurveda never had diagnostic procedures as propagated by Allopaths harbouring vested interest.   

It’s ironical that number of Ayurvedic ingredients and constituents have been patented abroad who had not even heard about Ayurveda till recently, in addition to pioneers of Allopathy in Bharata now prescribing Ayurvedic preparations, Yoga and Pranayama. Since the term Ayurveda or Ayurvedic preparations embarrasses them, they prefer to address them as ‘herbal preparations’ !! Even much maligned and scorned Gomutra, a wonder drug has been patented so many times as mentioned herein by Americans –

US Patent No. 6896907 – For Anti Allergic, Anti infective, Nutrient & Anti-cancer

US patent No 6410059- for Antibiotic, Anti Fungal, Bioenhancer effect of Gomutra

US Patent No. 7718360- For Anti Oxidant, Apoptosis

US Patent No. 7235262- For cow urine distillate as a Bio-enhancer of Anti-infective, Anti-cancer agents & Nutrients

US Patent No. 7297659- For synergistic fermented plant growth promoting, bio-control composition

Cow urine distillate as bioenhancer.




Cow Urine – Therapeutic Value


Holy cow! So many patents


Chemotherapeutic potential of cow urine: A review https://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4566776/ 11.https://fit.thequint.com/fit-webqoof/whatsapp-forward-us-patent-drugs-cow-urine-fake-news

Congress member of Rajya Sabha Oscar Fernandez, a Goan Catholic, tearfully confessed on the floor of Upper House right in front of the Vice President in Chair before live TV cameras, he survived his advanced cancer only due to medication of Gomutra. The way Gomutra purifies and detoxifies body of all dangerous molecules, is simply unparalleled as even supposedly most advanced medical science Allopathy has not been able discover or synthesize tried and tested counterpart thereof. The way IMA came out in favour of Allopathy with sinister communal overtones and proselytization agenda is exceedingly unfortunate and their Chairman must be prosecuted under sedition laws. Even ex-Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi did not know IMA was entirely a Christian NGO with anti-national agenda. If Christians are determined to call Allopathy ‘Christian healing’, practitioners of Ayurveda shall be well within their rights to propagate Ayurveda as ‘Sanatana Hindu healing’. Agenda of IMA ‘it’s we vs. they’ is reprehensible. As a matter of fact, Ayurveda is the ethos of Bharata, deeply ingrained into Sanatana DNA. In spite of the risk of digression, it may well be pertinent to underscore that Hindu-s have never been communal, it is only highly vicious activities of Missionaries and Jehadis that have provoked Hindu-s to be communal.

The much-maligned decision of Narendra Modi Government to integrate Bharatiya medication systems like Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, Yoga and Naturopathy as well as Homeopathy with western Allopathic healing is actually a much-needed systemic change that has been long overdue. However, such a harmony and synchrony are possible only when Allopaths shun their west sponsored sense of superiority, imbibe virtues of humility and modesty before agreeing to co-operate. 



British-occupiers never exceeded 0.05% of entire population matching Parsi community today in numbers, all the more stunning that even Russian dictator Joseph Stalin used to ridicule, ‘handful of intruders dominating India’. These figures illustrate the point so eloquently –

In 1805, British-occupied Bharata had just 31,000 British-Intruders out of which 21,000 in Army while 2,000 in civil governance.

By 1890, 6,000 British-Intruders were lording over 25 crore Bharatiya-s with 70,000 in their Army albeit very large number of Bharatiya soldiers in British uniforms.

In 1911, out of 1,64,000 British-Intruders in Bharata, 66,000 were in Army and Police while 4,000 in civil governance.

In 1931 this number was 1,68,000 with just 4,000 in civil rule over 30 crore Bharatiya-s.  

Is it possible to believe today, a 0.05% population lording over 30 crore natives in a far away country by the dint of their arrogance, snobbery, scotch, cigars, fork-spoon modernism and silly protocols ? What had happened to our ancestors ? Why did they turn so dumb, awestruck with colourless albeit spotted British complexions, suit-boots, neck-ties, funny manners, superiority complex, haughty temperament…why did we crash on their feet like a house of cards forgetting thousands of years old richest inheritance in the world ? When Reginald O’Dyer ordered to shoot unarmed innocent rural folks in Jallianwala Bagh at Amritsar, one of those soldiers could have very well shot him dead instantly to save hundreds of lives. They didn’t but shot dead hundreds on orders of a foreign intruder giving them orders to slaughter their own people. What sort of mindset was that ? It continues even now as Congress worship an Italian woman as their President and crores across the nation vote for the Party. Even Sikhs vote for the same Party to power in Panjab repeatedly insulting thousands of Sikhs who were butchered culminating into Operation Bluestar-1984 what to speak of Partition-1947 riots that killed some 30 lakh people on both sides of the border.

British intruders always bragged so brazenly, they established rule of law in ‘India’ !! The ‘rule of law’ established by them so to say, had to be forcibly imposed upon a highly refined and well-defined legal system in an ancient civilization. And the fact that they had to enact it coercively resorting to inhuman brutalities, speaks volumes on their brag and bluster. McCaulay was assigned the ‘holy’ task of  ‘legislating for a conquered race to whom blessings of our Constitution cannot as yet be safely extended’ which he zealously accomplished hidden behind insurmountable high walls. He authored a British-centric criminal law, enforced in 1861, still in force in the country with all its biases in favour of rulers, against the ruled. Whenever British-Intruders fell for anything and aspired to possess it, they first enacted a rule or law to facilitate and legalise its acquisition. So observed George Bernard Shaw during British occupation of the country, “When an Englishman wants something, he never publicly admits to his wanting it. Instead his want is expressed as a burning conviction that it is his moral and religious duty to conquer those who possess the thing he wants.” History is replete with instances to confirm and re-confirm the benumbing British methodology. Colonial occupation was smartly presented as ‘rule of law’ notwithstanding brown natives were never ever consulted before enacting those dubious laws. Constantly under a system of official surveillance wherein mails were intercepted and sleuths hired to chase anyone they so targeted. Many British hotels and clubs displayed ‘Indians and dogs not allowed’, justified in the name of ‘elitism’ or ‘exclusivity’. Hindu women, entirely autonomous over property, social rights and their bodies were subjected to ‘Victorian’ paternalism of men as husbands and sons. Breast Cloth Agitation (1813-1859) in Kerala is an interesting case in point. Rape laws enacted by British occupiers resembled ‘Sharia’ laws to a great extent allowing majority of cases going unreported or unpunished if at all reported.  

Judiciary was entirely racist in British occupied Bharata. Killing a Hindu domestic servant by a British-master attracted a mere six months imprisonment while a brown Hindu was sentenced to twenty years of rigorous imprisonment for an unsuccessful attempt to rape a British woman. Malaria used to be quite prevalent in British occupied Bharata that often caused spleen enlargement. Enlarged spleen could easily rupture even on a mild boot-kick causing death within a few minutes if not instantly. British boot-kicks in stomach were not known to be generally mild and British-masters kicking in stomach of domestic servants even on slightest provocation of minor faux pas, was more than common and resultant deaths too frequent. In 1875, when one Robert Augustus Fuller kicked his domestic help in his stomach on a minor shortcoming, he was declared guilty of ‘causing hurt’ and sentenced to a simple imprisonment of fifteen days or alternately compensate widow of the deceased with a pecuniary punishment of Rs. Thirty only !! ‘The Stout British Boot’ used to hit spleens of servants engaged to vigorously fan sleeping British-Intruder anytime in the middle of night if paused for even a water break. Even an ode was composed and circulated around to thumbs up ‘The Stout British Boots’ –

‘Let us sing, let us shout for the leather-shod foot,

And inscribe on our Banners, “The Stout British Boot.”’   

Britain ‘gratefully’ acknowledged significant decline in murder convictions in that country as most of violent British citizens were ‘exported’ to Bharata who busied themselves in rupturing Hindu-spleens. It was British model of colonial-miracles that converted ‘wilful murder’ in Britain into ‘causing hurt’ in the ‘primitive’ land of Bharata where people ‘multiplied like rabbits’, in words of their Prime Minister Winston Churchill. There was a bizarre case of ‘Natives against Europeans’, so ruled in Bangaluru when brown natives snatched arms of two British murderers who had ‘sportingly’ killed a brown boy and sentenced to imprisonment for six months. British assaults on brown natives far exceeded in numbers than retaliatory ‘brown’ responses. In yet another bizarre case, when the crime of murder was proved beyond an iota of doubt against a British-intruder, British Judge had no other option except to declare the White-killer ‘insane’ before exonerating him without even a semblance of punishment. Incidents such as British troops beating a brown-Hindu to death for refusing to arrange women for them, amounted to mere occasional events even if a regular feature. In 200 years of British occupation with thousands of Brown-Hindus being killed by those British-occupiers, there were only three cases wherein six British-occupiers were hanged to death for slaughtering brown natives.    

In 1765, one Mughal Darbari Narayan Singh asked his colleague about British-brutes of East India Company, “…when we have to take orders from a handful of traders who have not yet learned how to wash their bottoms after relieving themselves, what honour are we left with ?” Tissue-papers did not exist then !! American Anthropologist Nicholas Dirks let it be known to us, “…India was anthropologized in the colonial interest, a narrative about its social formation, its political capacity, and its civilizational inheritance began increasingly to tell the story of colonial inevitability and of the permanence of British imperial rule.” British-Intruders succeeded in occupying the nation due to treachery of few and passivity of the large majority which prompted Viceroy ‘Lord’ Mayo to comment, “We are all British gentlemen engaged in the magnificent work of governing an inferior race.” Those White Mleccha-s who learned from Hindu-s of Bharata how to clean their bottoms after attending natures call, plundered the country, brutalised us before calling us a ‘despicable, inferior race’.     

Note of acknowledgement –

This article was inspired by An Era Of Darkness authored by Shashi Tharoor and published by Aleph. Several facts have been excerpted from the same which happens to be one of the finest history chronicles read by me so far. I recommend to all to read the book and be accurately informed about colonial occupation of Bharata.  I thankfully and gratefully acknowledge to the author Shashi Tharoor for some of facts mentioned in this article from his title.



Medieval history of Bharata is mainly Hindu Holocaust-ory under constant and consistent efforts of all to be out of public glare, mostly relegated into backwaters of folklores. Hindu-s have hardly ever been assertive either in protecting themselves, honour of Hindu women or even Sanatana Dharma. Lofty ideals inherited from Sanatana scriptures continue to be pursued like timid cowards with a morbid sense of satisfaction without even daring to acknowledge, when those sacrosanct ideals were authored by our Rsi-s, Maharsi-s and Acarya-s, Abrahamic cults did not exist at all in Bharata hence, we could not be educated with precautionary and retaliatory measures to combat those brutal Abrahamic oppressions that came to us anyway. Savagery of serial Hindu-holocausts sporadically continued for some 800 years under the illusion of ‘this one is the last one’ following every massacre. Mass-uprisings did occur albeit too little too late, that too, entirely reactionary deeply ingrained in Hindu psyche and never pro-actively. Serial Hindu-holocausts had been the worst human holocausts known to humanity from annals of history recorded ever.

It is an issue of extreme concern and amazement that Hindu-s accepted rule of intruders over the country as ducks glide into water !! Resistance and revolt began only when invaders and intruders embarked on loot, plunder, proselytization and all other conceivable forms of oppression. Whenever Hindu-s were not unnecessarily tormented on personal counts whatsoever, it never bothered them who had occupied the country and who had been ruling over them to their utter humiliation and mortification. Such an attitude exists even today as we have already witnessed, post-2011 Hindu-awakening was triggered by oppressive actions of UPA Governments I and II headed by Antonia Maino,an Italian naturalised through her marriage to Rajiv Gandhi who succeeded his mother in Prime Ministerial position. If common Hindu masses had not been tormented by two Antonia Maino headed Governments, most probably world would have witnessed UPA-III in 2014 being installed and destruction of the nation would have continued unabated. A provocative question that hits my cerebrum these days happens to be whether Bharata would have been a sovereign nation today if and only if British Gora-occupiers had not been exceedingly oppressive, exploitative evangelists, extortionists and destroyers of nations cultural heritage.    

When Sanatana scriptures were authored by erudite Rsi-s, Maharsi-s and Acharya-s, Abrahamic faiths did not exist hence there was absolutely no reason for those scholars to insert Shloka-s warning generations to come about possible brutalities and savagery in store for our ancestors. On the same note, emphasis of anything resembling Hindu-unity was completely ignored because no such necessity was ever perceived even centuries after. These essentialities were perceived probably for the first time by Rsi Chanakya owing to oppressive rule of King Ghananda of Nanda-Vamsha, organised people to revolt againt him and coronated Chandragupta Maurya who laid down foundation of Maurya-Vamsha. As the Seer was highly successful in his efforts of regime change through a mass based revolution, he institutionalised it through his legendary work ‘Chanakya-Niti’. Policies and strategic directives enshrined in ‘Chanakya-Niti’ happen to be so much relevant today that it is now more important to study ‘Chanakya-Niti’ than even study of Veda-s in view of severe threats posed by Abrahamic cults !! This reality has been able to sink into very few Hindu minds viz. Union Home Minister Amit Shah who idolises him while majority of Hindu-s are still intensely intoxicated with dubious doctrines like ‘Secularism’, ‘Ahimsa’ and ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ rooted deep in Hindu psyche by Samrat Ashoka after his ‘Sannyasa’ propagating ‘Ahimsa’ as a standalone virtue.                  

Copious historical evidence is available from biographers, chroniclers, travellers and personal records from various sources that confirm Hindu-holocaustory beyond an iota of doubt. Several records from chroniclers of invading bandits went to the extent of glorifying their heinous crimes in the name of religious superiority or the notorious doctrine of ‘White mans burden’. They brutalised lakhs of Hindu men, women, plundered wealth, ravaged thousands of temples and monasteries. Let us now compile a few tragic events of Hindu-genocide to have a first hand perception of those horrible crimes perpetrated upon Hindu-s –

Mahmud al-Ghazni from Afghanistan invaded Bharata seventeen times from 1001 to 1026 AD. A chronicler of his court described few instances of brutalities perpetrated by him on Hindu-s in his work Tarikh-i-Yamini, “The blood of the infidels flowed so copiously at Thanesar that the stream was discoloured, notwithstanding its purity, and people were unable to drink it…the infidels deserted the fort and tried to cross the foaming river…but many of them were slain, taken or drowned… Nearly fifty thousand men were killed.”

In Taj-ul-Ma’asir Hassn Nizam-i-Naishapuri stated, “…when Qutb-ul-Din Aibak conquered Meerat, he demolished all the Hindu temples of the city and erected mosques on their sites. In the city of Aligarh, he converted Hindu inhabitants to Islam by the sword and beheaded all those who adhered to their own religion.” That was during 1194 to 1210 AD.

Wassaf, a Persian chronicler wrote in ‘Tazjiyat-ul-Amsar wa Tajriyat ul Asar’ that “when the Alaul-Din Khilji  captured the city of Kambayat at the head of the gulf of Cambay, he killed the adult male Hindu inhabitants for the glory of Islam, set flowing rivers of blood, sent the women of the country with all their gold, silver, and jewels, to his own home, and made about twentv thousand Hindu maidens his private slaves.” He was second ruler of Khilji Dynasty during 1295-1316 AD. His Qazi read out Islamic law for Hindu-s to him thus, “Hindus are like the mud; if silver is demanded from them, they must with the greatest humility offer gold. If a Mohammadan desires to spit into a Hindu’s mouth, the Hindu should open it wide for the purpose. God created the Hindus to be slaves of the Mohammadans. The Prophet hath ordained that, if the Hindus do not accept Islam, they should be imprisoned, tortured, finally put to death, and their property confiscated.”

Bahmani Sultans in Deccan Bharata slaughtered 1,00,000 Hindu-s annually from 1347 to 1528. They always set out on Hindu slaughter spree like todays sales persons with individual targets to be achieved with a sense to ‘teaching Hindu-s a lesson’. These have been chronicled in detail by their courtier Mohammad Qasim Hindu Shah commonly known as ‘Firishta’. 

Timur, a Turk of Timurid dynasty invaded Bharata in 1398 and his gruesome brutalities were recorded in his memoirs Tuzk-i-Timuri. Over 1,00,000 Hindu prisoners of war were slaughtered in one go, probably largest single genocide on Planet Earth. He himself admitted, “they said that on the great day of battle these 100,000 prisoners could not be left with the baggage, and that it would be entirely opposed to the rules of war to set these idolaters and foes of Islam at liberty. In fact, no other course remained but that of making them all food for the sword…throughout the camp that every man who has infidel prisoners was to put them to death, and whoever neglected to do so should himself be executed and his property given to the informer. When this order became known to the ghazis of Islam, they drew their swords and put their prisoners to death. 100,000 infidels, impious idolaters, were on that day slain. Maulana Nasir-ud-din Umar, a counselor and a man of learning, who, in all his life had never killed a sparrow, now, in execution of my order, slew with his sword fifteen idolatrous Hindus, who were his captives. The sword of Islam was washed in the blood of the infidels, and all the goods and effects, the treasure and the grain which for many a long year had been stored in the fort became the spoil of my soldiers.”

Nadir Shah enjoyed the ‘fun’ of raising ‘mountain’ of Hindu-skulls after slaughtering Hindu-s in Delhi alone.

After defeating Rana Sanga in 1527 at Khanua in Rajasthan, Babur raised hills of Hindu-skulls and repeated it after he captured the fort of Chanderi.

30,000 Rajputs were slaughtered by Akbar in 1568 after capturing Chittorgarh.

Mughal bandit Babur captured some areas of Bharata in 1526 and it remained so till 1530 AD. In his ‘Baburnama’ he wrote, “I attacked Chanderi and by the grace of Allah captured it in a few hours. We got the infidels slaughtered and the place which had been Daru’l-Harb for years was made into a Daru’l-Islam.” In the same Baburnama, he composed a poem too to honour Hindu-slaughter –

For the sake of Islam I became a wanderer,
I battled infidels and Hindus,
I determined to become a martyr
Thank God I became a Killer of
Non-Muslims !

Badshah Nama, Qazinivi and Badshah Nama, Lahori describe atrocities of another Mughal despot Shah Jahan during years of his occupation from 1628 to 1658, “When Shuja was appointed as governor of Kabul he carried on a ruthless war in the Hindu territory beyond Indus…The sword of Islam yielded a rich crop of converts….Most of the women burnt themselves to death. Those captured were distributed among Muslim Mansabdars.”

Afghan invader Ahmad Shah Abdali reached Mathura in 1757 ravaging Bharata. Tarikh-I-Alamgiri chronicled brutalities perpetrated by his criminal gang of so-called soldiers thus, “Abdali’s soldiers would be paid 5 Rupees (a sizeable amount at the time) for every enemy head brought in. Every horseman had loaded up all his horses with the plundered property, and atop of it rode the girl-captives and the slaves. The severed heads were tied up in rugs like bundles of grain and placed on the heads of the captives…Then the heads were stuck upon lances and taken to the gate of the chief minister for payment. It was an extraordinary display! Daily did this manner of slaughter and plundering proceed. And at night the shrieks of the women captives who were being raped, deafened the ears of the people…All those heads that had been cut off were built into pillars, and the captive men upon whose heads those bloody bundles had been brought in, were made to grind corn, and then their heads too were cut off. These things went on all the way to the city of Agra, nor was any part of the country spared.”

Invasions of Mahmud Ghaznavi, Mohammad Ghori as well as Delhi Sultanate during 1192-1526 witnessed one of the largest massacres of Hindu-s in history. ‘Hindu-Kush’ mountain ranges were so named as it meant ‘where Hindu-s are killed’.

1,80,000 Hindu-s were slaughtered by Feroz Shah Tughlaq in Bengal in 1353.

Approximately 30,00,000 were brutally killed during Partition-1947 riots on both sides of border.

Banda Bahadur Singh was captured, heart of his son was pushed into his mouth then brutally tortured to death.

In 1943, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill ordered forcible snatching of foodstocks from Hindu-Bengalis to nourish British soldiers in WW-II. It led to famine of catastrophic dimensions and 70 lakh people died of starvation on roads exposed to vultures. The demon that Churchill was, sarcastically retorted later, let them multiply like rabbits ! This one Hindu-genocide perpetrated by Winston Churchill single-handedly equals or exceeds Nazi-holocaust of Jews by Hitler from 1941 to 1945.

Bengal has undergone repeated Hindu-pogroms at varying intervals. Noakhali riots witnessed 5,000 Hindu-s being killed, 4 lakh forcibly converted to Islam and countless Hindu women sexually ravaged.

There had been a nerve-rattling massive Hindu-genocide as recent as in 1971 in East Pakistan turned Bangladesh. Some one crore Hindu-Bengalis were displaced, any number between 2 to 4 lakh Hindu-Bengali women were savagely raped, their bodies brutalised and 30 lakh Hindu-s were brutally slaughtered during 10 month long genocide campaign in the then East Pakistan.    

Irfan Husain in his article “Demons from the Past” observed, “The Muslim heroes who figure larger than life in our history books committed some dreadful crimes. Mahmud of Ghazni, Qutb-ud-Din Aibak, Balban, Mohammed bin Qasim, and Sultan Mohammad Tughlak, all have blood-stained hands that the passage of years has not cleansed..Seen through Hindu eyes, the Muslim invasion of their homeland was an unmitigated disaster. Their temples were razed, their idols smashed, their women raped, their men killed or taken slaves. When Mahmud of Ghazni entered Somnath on one of his annual raids, he slaughtered all 50,000 inhabitants. Aibak killed and enslaved hundreds of thousands. The list of horrors is long and painful. These conquerors justified their deeds by claiming it was their religious duty to smite non-believers. Cloaking themselves in the banner of Islam, they claimed they were fighting for their faith when, in reality, they were indulging in straightforward slaughter and pillage…”

Will Durant wrote in his ‘The Story of Civilisation: Our Oriental Heritage’, “The Mohammedan conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. The Islamic historians and scholars have recorded with great glee and pride the slaughters of Hindus, forced conversions, abduction of Hindu women and children to slave markets and the destruction of temples carried out by the warriors of Islam during 800 AD to 1700 AD. Millions of Hindus were converted to Islam by sword during this period.”

Francois Gautier affirmed in his ‘Rewriting Indian History’, “The massacres perpetuated by Muslims in India are unparalleled in history, bigger than the Holocaust of the Jews by the Nazis; or the massacre of the Armenians by the Turks; more extensive even than the slaughter of the South American native populations by the invading Spanish and Portuguese.”

So wrote Alain Danielou in his book Histoire de l’ Inde, “From the time Muslims started arriving, around 632 AD, the history of India becomes a long, monotonous series of murders, massacres, spoliations, and destructions. It is, as usual, in the name of ‘a holy war’ of their faith, of their sole God, that the barbarians have destroyed civilizations, wiped out entire races.”

Whenever the dreaded term ‘Holocaust’ is proffered, instantly holocaust of Jews by Nazis pops up in our minds notwithstanding numbers in serial Hindu-holocausts are far more than Jews killed by Nazis and severity of brutalities far excessive with Hindu-s. Even complete wipe-out of native Americans by white-intruders into American continent, genocide of Armenians by Ottoman empire and slaughter of millions of Africans do not cling to our memory. Root-cause of this strange phenomenon is two-fold with Jews bonding strongly among themselves while Hindu-s continued to remain fractured in innumerable groups and sub-groups based on a plethora of socio-economic factors with complete absence of Hindu-unity even for Hindu causes. If a racist westerner outrightly blames Hindu-s for their unmitigated woes and exonerates British-intruders for skimming benefits out of a society in siege, Hindu-s have sufficient grounds to turn contemplative and introspective. Hundreds of movies were directed by Europeans and Americans to expose Nazi horrors while in case of serial Hindu-holocausts, Hindu-s are not even aware of that thanks to handing over of nations entire education system to Communists in 1966 by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and they mutilated entire education beyond recognition.

There have been large number of Hindu-warriors who fiercely fought those Mughal invaders and did not allow complete Islamization of Bharata. Raja Dahir of Sindh, Krshnadev Raya of Mysore, Rani Durgawati of Jabalpur, Raja Bhoj of Malwa, Maharaj Surajmal of Bharatpur, Chalukya and Solanki dynasties of Gujarat, Prthvi Raj Chauhan of Sambhar, Raja Narsimha Dev of Odissa, Raja Lalitaditya of Kashmir, Raja Suheldev of Bahraich, Maharana Pratap of Udaipur, Shivaji Maharaj and Peshvas of Maharashtra, Guru Govind Singh and Ranjit Singh of Panjab, Lachit Bhorphukan of Assam etc. During the era of British occupation, large number of revolutionaries beginning with Mangal Pandey, Laxmi Bai, CS Azad, Bhagat Singh, Ram Prasad Bismil, Sukhdeva, Rajguru, Lala Lajpat Rai, Vinayak Savarkar, Lokmanya Tilak upto Netaji Bose and his Indian National Army led multiple rounds of uprisings to throw away invaders and occupiers sacrificing their precious lives. While warriors of Mughal era were mostly let down by their home-grown moles acting as traitors, revolutionaries against British occupation were very badly let down by leaders of Indian National Congress founded by a Brit-Gora AO Hume and now headed by an Italian woman. McCaulays indoctrination followed by mutilation of our glorious history by Communists has percolated so deep in our neurons that any Hindu will be shocked if you tell him/her, Mountbatten was the last British-intruder who forcibly occupied ‘Viceroy House’ now known as Rashtrapati Bhavan. We must recall quite pertinently that his funeral was shouldered by the then Vice President Hidayatullah far away in London with Admiral RL Parreira as his pall-bearer !! Mercifully, the saxton who tolled bell behind the funeral was not a Bharatiya. When British Queen visited us in 1950s, she was warmly welcomed at Delhi airport with 21-Gun salute, by the then President Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Vice President Dr. Radhakrishnan and Prime Minister Nehru notwithstanding the fact that she had presided over a brutal regime of 200 years in Bharata responsible for multiple Hindu-Holocausts and siphoning off 45 Trillion $ worth of Hindu wealth !! They were spineless pathetic leaders devoid of self-esteem who desecrated serial Hindu-Holocausts and sanctified culture of Mir Jafars and Jaichands in the country for generations to come. When the demand was raised for the brutal British monarchy to tender an apology to us, Bharatiya Christians were in the forefront opposing the demand.  

Why should the world know about serial Hindu-Holocausts when we are gifted with such a mind-set and Brutus-conduct of invidiously treacherous politicians of Congress hitherto ??