If all nationalist organisations in the country including RSS / VHP had launched a massive movement against appointment of Antonio Maino as Congress President in 1998, the woman born in a small unknown village Vicenza in Italy and brought up in a diehard Roman Catholic family loaded with leather bound books on Italian dictator Benito Mussolini would not have been able to desecrate this ancient nation during 2004-14 behind the façade of a non-entity as Prime Minister. RSS and VHP certainly would have succeeded in thwarting her taking over an anti-Hindu / pro-Communist outfit founded by AO Hume, a shrewd British-Gora with the sole intention to destroy War Of Freedom, with a proven track-record of fighting back the dreaded Emergency-1975 in addition to a few bans. Then the nation would not have undergone second darkest era of governance after Emergency-1975 during UPA-I and –II under an illegitimate body styled as National Advisory Council loaded with some sworn enemies of the nation. As the nation has a long history of direct as well as indirect foreign invasions, repeated genocides of Hindu-s, extensive loot and plunder, it is absolutely imperative not to allow any foreign-born person and born cross-bred with one foreign parent to hold any political position whether in Government or in any political party.  

She had been waiting in her wings for the most opportune moment to impose her sinister agenda on the nation for long. It was in 2004 when AB Vajpayee led coalition Government was defeated at hustings in spite of brilliant performance over six years of tenure that she was delivered the opportunity on a platter by unsuspecting Hindu voters. The Constitution (Ninety-Third Amendment Act) 2005 and Right To Education Act were framed with the sole intention to promote and augment sinister politics of minoritism at the expense of majority community. It is all the more absurd because Constitution does not define the term ‘minority’ at all while the largest so-called ‘minority’ community has been no more minority at all for decades. These two legislations also carry forward sinister British policy of ‘Divide, loot, rule and destroy’ by nourishing seeds of fragmentation and dissension. It became far more comfortable for non Hindu-s to run their educational institutions pandering to their whims and fancies while educational institutions managed by Hindu bodies were driven to the verge of closure. It further encouraged even organisations like RK Mission to demand minority status, communities like Lingayats to be declared non Hindu-s etc. Through these legislations, Antonio Maino rudely abused entire Hindu community and Sanatana Dharma.

It was at her instance alone, non-descript ManMohan Singh led Government submitted an affidavit in Supreme Court declaring Shri Rama, Sita etc. imaginary characters, Ramayana a fiction and Rama-Setu a natural formation devoid of any Adhyatmika significance.

She authored the obnoxious concept of ‘Saffron-terror’, entirely her own sickening brain-wave that led to an army officer, a Sadhu and a Sadhvi being apprehended and subjected to savagery of the worst order yet they didn’t wish her a painful death.

By appointing Sacchar Commission, she executed her best efforts to seed ‘Class struggle’ in armed forces. What saved the day was fierce resistance registered by armed forces and public outcry.

Crores of rupees used to be directly handed over to Churches in States under Congress dispensation right under the umbrella of ‘secularism’.

Fictional murder charges were levelled at Swami Jayendra Saraswati of Kamakoti Pitham as he had been profoundly active in stalling nefarious activities of Churches. It was an onslaught on Sanatana Dharma right from the front with fabricated charges and Swamiji was imprisoned for a long spell.

She exercised herself to change morning prayer of Kendriya Vidyalaya-s in Samskrita albeit could not succeed.

Lok Sabha member Prabhunath Singh levelled serious charges of antique smuggling on her years ago mainly from National Museum with LP Sihare as Director General. Investigations were successfully scuttled and the entire episode hushed up. She has even been compared with Fujimori, ex-President of Peru of Japanese origin. Her antique smuggling talent has bee inherited by her son-in-law which invited filing of FIRs by CBI in 1993.

Antonio Maino’s illegitimate Chairmanship of unconstitutional NAC engineered too many corruption scandals and treachery against the nation. Some major ones happen to be 2G Spectrum scam, CWG scam, Augusta Westland scam, Tatra truck scam, Adarsh Housing Society scam, IPL scam, Robert Vadra’s land grabbing spree, Coalmine allocation scam, National Herald scam, Bank loans scam etc. It will not be an exaggeration to state that Antonio Maino had an unrestrained, unhindered field day in robbing the nation, deliberately weakening security forces for want of arms and all sorts of anti-national activities as if her life-long heavily pressured grudges against Hindu-s and this Sanatana nation burst out into open like a carbonated soft drink gushing out of the bottle when uncorked.

When Margaret Alva questioned her of bidding for Congress tickets in Karnataka, she was expelled from the Party. It is just proverbial tip of the iceberg of the monolithic intra-Party corruption that she presided over.

Antonio Maino once rushed to the recording room of Lok Sabha at a lightening speed to order deletion of recording of her highly unparliamentary conduct before it could be rendered public before a pliable Lok Sabha Speaker.

Tavleen Singh has recorded in her books, she shouted and yelled at a Minister who happened to be her friend simply because the friendship was unpalatable to her. IT, ED officials used to behave like terrorists with those they were instructed to harass.

She still enjoys deep influence over judiciary which surfaced 2014 onward when almost every court right upto Supreme Court began reprimanding Modi Government for all omissions and commissions committed by Antonio Maino led NAC led UPA-I, II !! Till 2014, judiciary was cool and relaxed on all those issues they were so agitated about in 2014 and beyond.

It is a sign of her wicked disposition that she consistently shuns media lest she is left in a precarious embarrassment before live channels albeit patronises host of prestitutes and channels to project her as an ‘option’ superior to even Bharata Mata !!

Natwar Singh declared her narcissistic, atrociously authoritarian and whimisical in his autobiography treating natives of the nation as mere worms. That impelled her to insult last remains of PM PVN Rao, did not allow it to be placed even in Congress HQ, did not allow last rites to be performed in Delhi as he had shown her the place she deserves. On the contrary, she had no qualms in forgiving killers of her husband, ex-PM Rajiv Gandhi at all. Is it because as goes the grapewine, those killers had accepted the faith Antonio Maino belongs to ? She brooks neither defiance nor dissent. That reveals her very dangerous mind ensconced within a dangerous psyche capable of bringing about any disaster for the nation in her bid to satiate her aspirations. Dubious claim of an Italy born immigrant having majority in Lok Sabha and claiming to become Prime Minister of the nation before President Kalam in 1999 was a very dangerous development in history that stunned the nation.

Antonio Maino’s hatred for Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a world famous phenomenon. Both personalities are located at two diametrically opposite extremes of nation’s politics and one’s venomous contempt for the other and utterly contemptuous indifference towards her from the other in reciprocation are probably most significant political lessons which even Acharya Chanakya could not include in his Chanakya-Niti !!    

Her appetite for power and pelf is insatiable and irresistible. Such an intense appetite is always gunning for scapegoats even within her own Party either to ease out pressure of her transgressions to remind the nation of her infallibility surrounded by an aureole of holiness.    

On the other hand, media-fakery did their best to paint ‘canonised’ saintly image of Antonio Maino by the dint of cooked up achievements and also by appropriating other’s achievements to her credit. Not only truth-pills are invariably bitter but the bitterness grows with heightened efforts to shove it under the carpet. Truth also possesses a nasty habit of raising it’s ugly face above surface of water sooner than later notwithstanding any amount of attempts to the contrary. These are glimpses of those reprehensible efforts undertaken at her behest to polish her ugly image in public.

Antonio Maino is credited for holding together a dying and decaying party. According to a courtier-politician Mani Shankar Aiyer, without Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra Dynasty, Congressmen cannot stay together !! Reality-check reveals a tale of desertions and resignations by a steady stream of senior courtiers reduce the party to such a level in Lok Sabha that they could not claim even the positon of Leader Of Opposition for themselves. That’s a pathetic situation.

Antonio Maino is credited with defeating NDA Government led by AB Vajpayee in spite of their spectacular performance in 2004. Reality-check reveals, it was their own defeat engineered by themselves than victory of Congress.

Antonio Maino survived killings of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. Reality-check reveals that she politically  encashed those assassinations craftily. There are serious allegations against her for being even complicit to those assassinations.

Congress-Abrahamics say, Antonio is a master strategist !! It is one of the most laughable claims in the history of Congress. She inherited Congress when the Party still possessed considerable popularity among ignorant masses while BJP was on ascendance. Certainly Antonio Maino is a master of Indira Gandhi’s Emergency-1975 style strategy, entirely autocratic and brutal. She did everything she could to undermine democratic institutions and destroy the very foundation of nation.

Congress-Abrahamics proclaimed Antonio Maino, graceful. Well, she can afford to be pseudo-graceful as all her dirty errands are done by her ‘courtier-slaves’ like Mani Shankar Aiyer, Digvijay Singh, Shashi Tharoor etc. and they do not mind if she digresses from her pseudo-grace when she blurts out epithets like ‘Maut Ka Saudagar’ for a Chief Minister and future Prime Minister.

Antonio Maino is a revengeful, spiteful woman who never forgets and forgives anyone for coming on her way. Her passion for her son with stunted capabilities matches blind love of Dhrtrashtra for his evil son Duryodhana, eager to do anything, go to any extent irrespective of consequences to secure Prime Ministerial throne for her son. If at all she possesses any virtue, she will have to come out and describe that as the world has not been able to identify any so far with her.  

Based on speeches of Dr. S. Swamy, it appears that Antonia Maino was a sort of honey-trap laid out by Communist Russians for the elder Pappu, Rajiv Gandhi. Entire conduct of Antonia Maino reminds me of Robert Clive, well-known British-Robber !! ‘The White Man’s Burden’ towards natives of the country always influenced Congress as well as the Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra dynasty in their conduct and attitude. Every action, decision and statement of Antonio Maino conveys the haughty message to people of the nation so dismissively, “You fools are illiterate, casteist, innately corrupt and backward people. By assuming the trouble of ruling over you, we are doing a huge favour to you all. Be grateful to us. We only can rule over this cursed country…”. Even highly educated Brown-Sepoys in BJP ruled Bharata, even after seven decades of independence, lap it up so covetously that they invite derisive comments from the growing population of Bharata proud of their glorious past raised and nurtured by a battery of nationalistic organisations. This growing band of nationalists are resolutely determined to wipe out malevolent effects of Antonio Maino and the dynasty she joined through nuptial alliance.        



Surreptitious release of a human race threatening virus from a laboratory in Wuhan of Hubei province in China amounts to heralding third world-war by the brutal Chinese Communist regime in pursuit of their pernicious desire to dominate the world and wipe out all those who refuse to escort them to the Red-Hell raised by them so painstakingly all these decades. They are so fanatically committed to the mission that the brutal regime does not hesitate a bit in slaughtering anyone and everyone who hurdles them even in their own country.  

By the time China came out of a long spell of dynastic rule and World War-II, it was completely ravaged, reduced to even far below subsistence level. Communists led by Mao Tse Tung comfortably grabbed power as Chinese were not blessed with the resilience and resoluteness of Sanatana Dharma which could resist and block that. Abject poverty and severe famine of 1950s compelled Mao to motivate Chinese to survive on any live object they could capture anywhere, even in wilds while they exported foodgrains to the world to show off their non-existent prosperity. Thus came into existence a country with the ethos of Communist brutality, cruelty, expansionism, passion for military superiority, extortionist materialism, greed, intense desire to dominate the world simultaneously relishing Wild-life Cuisine and practising “Bide your time and hide your strengths” till 2012, postulated by Sun Tzu. After Xi Jinping came to power, he bared Chinese ambitions to be global numero uno by seeking an exceedingly active role in BRICS, NDB, SCO, BRI and AIIB; challenged supremacy of US currency, IMF, WB, UNSC as well as claiming ownership of South China Sea. All Chinese moves have been focused of how deftly to entangle as many countries as possible in their well laid out ‘Killer debt-traps’, then grab assets thereby, finally entire country becoming China’s satellite-country. Verdicts issued by the Permanent Court Of Arbitration over financial, territorial disputes are outrightly rejected by the barbaric and expansionist Communist regime of China. Their sinister tactics may be assessed by the fact that they have never been indicted or censured by any international body on any count in spite of being a country laden with criminal intentions owing to the deadly cocktail of ideology and financial muscles they have attained through dubious means. 

Wuhan-virus, so inappropriately famous as Covid-19 i.e. Corona Virus Disease-2019 (coined by WHO) only to white-wash their Red-felony orchestrated and financed by the brutal regime, is not the first such killer virus sneaking out of China. They are so ‘proud’ to be the epicentre of at least four more such pandemics in past viz. Spanish flu of 1918, Asian flu of 1957, Hong Kong flu of 1968 and Swine flu of 2009. Their obsession with viruses is so endemic that it obliterates all those images of their glitzy malls, scintillating roads, GDPs, trillion $$ foreign exchange reserves and all that rhetoric of Beijing and Shanghai in our minds. They have been smart enough to launch Wuhan-virus through the bogey of ‘Bat-meat eating’ from wild wet animal market of Wuhan but not smart enough to take care of their own confession on Twitter in 2018/19 that their laboratories have been maintaining well-stocked ‘Virus-banks’ bragging with numbers in the order of 1500 or so. When international hue and cry broke out, they quietly deleted their proud proclamation before pontificating the world on how to tackle virus onslaughts !! Plausible explanation lies in the fact that Mao Tse Tung had taught them ‘single-minded’ devotion to the doctrine of Communism !! China is solely responsible and answerable to the world for huge financial losses, mass man-slaughter of unsuspecting, innocent people by not only hiding vital details but also by being a super-spreader as scores of Wuhan Chinese travelled all over the world to infect crores of human beings. Thus Chinese President Xi Jinping is fast emerging as probably the first Universal Mass-Murderer (UMM) in recorded history of humanity.  

Wuhan laboratory nurtured zoonotic virus infecting first patient on Dec. 16, 2019 that led Ai Fen, Director of Wuhan Central Hospital to blow the whistle by Dec. 30, 2019. Life in Wuhan had been as joyous as ever before lockdown was declared on Jan. 23, 2020 and by that date Wuhan-virus had already penetrated at least three countries. In that period, geographical contagion could have been contained by 90% according to a study by University Of Southampton yet China allowed that leverage to be frittered away. China did not share with the world mapping of the virus though completed on Jan. 2, 2020. Instead, China perpetrated vanishing-trick on whistle-blowers, arrested several doctors including one whistle-blower Dr. Li Wenliang, ordered samples to be destroyed in gross violation of several Articles of International Health Regulations 2005 and Biological Weapons Convention 1972. Relying on their past track-record, I surmise that all vital organs of all those whistle-blowers who disappeared, must have been duly harvested and transplanted in decrepit bodies of Polit Bureau veterans to survive a few days or months more. China audaciously did not allow discussion on the calamity of deadly global pandemic in UNSC leveraging their Veto-power (gifted on a platter by PM JL Nehru) as Chinese envoy stated, “Council members generally feel there is no reason to panic at the moment and plan to monitor the situation(with) COVID-19 currently not on organ’s agenda. 

China used it’s Thousand Talents program to recruit scientists to help steal sensitive technology from American laboratories. Three Chinese scientists were expelled from a Level-4 Canadian research laboratory in July 2019. They opened Level-4 laboratory with French collaboration in Wuhan and shut out French after the laboratory was commissioned successfully in 2017. An Israeli scientist had warned the world in 2019 about China developing a dangerous bio-weapon which went unheeded. Through official circulars issued on Jan. 3, 2020 China had imposed complete news-blackout about the virus, all samples destroyed, banned and expelled foreign media. Why declared number of casualties per million has been so low in China ? Were they well-prepared well in advance ? All indications point towards that only. In case Chinese casualties have been really very high and hidden from the world, it does not matter to them at all as Chinese Communists have been notoriously barbaric and murderous even with their own citizens in past. Also it does not mitigate their heinous crime of mis-informing or not-informing the world as a measure of warning about the impending human tragedy of monumental dimensions. What prevents them from releasing deadlier viruses transmissible through air in future ? For instance a mutated virus that may cause cancer / HIV transmitted through air before developing vaccines for themselves !! 

After jeopardizing entire humanity, Chinese started acting as good Samaritans by airlifting tonnes of relief material, medical supplies, medical expertise etc. Therein too, they could not escape their innate despotism as they supplied defective testing kits, masks stitched of used and discarded undergarments etc. Entire Chinese Government have been on a high-octane fuel to deceive the world on Wuhan-virus front by adopting all dubious tricks of Mao’s Red Book viz. silencing whistle blowers, blocking information, spinning up state media, false propaganda, floating conspiracy theories, deploying an army of Twitter trolls, writing books projecting the pious role that every Chinese did in combating the pandemic (A Battle Against Epidemic : China Combating COVID-19 In 2020 already published and translated into five languages so far), generous donations to establish themselves a noble Samaritan, controverting facts viz. the virus originated in Italy, holding an American cyclist as Wuhan-virus Patient-Zero etc. etc. Entire intrigue and farce are effective in China due to media censorship albeit they too, may be eventually stunned into disbelief months later by dramatic disclosures. While Chinese were busy white-washing their anti-humanity crimes and delegating entire blame on Italy, Twitter trended a hugely popular #Tag, “China lied, people died”. China is yet to convincingly explain to the world as to why some 2.5 crore mobile phones went silent suddenly or why the sudden spurt in Sulphur Dioxide emissions in Wuhan during second week of March 2020. Brazenness of Chinese Communist  dictatorship scaled newer heights when they challenged statement of facts published in The Daily Telegraph albeit could not counter-rebut even a single rebuttal submitted by the daily. Chinese expected the Daily to declare, Wuhan-virus is a lunar virus sustained by aquatic animals in Panama canal exported to and sold out by a street-vendor bang opposite the White House in Washington DC !! Doesn’t it sound like a noxiously putrid narrative vigorously dished out by the ISIS playing Islamic Victim-card to justify their terror activities in every nook and corner of the globe ?  

How is that Communist HQ in Beijing and commercial capital Shanghai have been completely unaffected while entire world is infected so grievously ? Why powerful, wealthy countries have been affected most ? Why no Chinese leader, army officer or other officials have been affected while scores of VIPs across the world have been infected including Hollywood stars, Ministers, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, German Chancellor, wives of two Prime Ministers, Prince Charles etc. ? Why all business centres all over the world have been shut down while factories in China are in operation, ten crore medical kits, masks are being manufactured every day and exports worth $ 450 million to Spain executed in these days of acute distress ? While share prices have declined by 40% across the world, Chinese are busy buying shares like never before. After all leading world economies crash into trash, Chinese regime shall be on a buying spree with their trillions of foreign exchange reserves in their banks. This exercise is already on. It may also lead to an unprecedented scenario of their capturing military/nuclear assets of other countries too. World leaders must unite to thwart those sinister designs before those come knocking at our doors.   

WHO owes responsibility and accountability to explain their criminal negligence as they deliberated over a week whether the massive pandemic was an issue of PHIEC i.e. Public Health Emergency Of International Concern after China locked down Wuhan on Jan. 23. The way Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, DG of WHO deported himself all these days, it appeared that he had converted WHO into ‘China Health Organisation’. He in fact warned USA not to politicise the pandemic when they imposed travel restrictions and admired China for their prompt response !! Irretrievably he established himself as a China-apologist. He had been a consistent apologist by disposition whether it was outbreak of diarrhoea in Sudan or SARS of 2003. Is it the cherished job-description of WHO to endorse ‘One China Policy’ or deny Taiwan to join World Health Assembly as an Observer ? In cahoots with FAO and WOAH, the DG wiped out entire evidence of the pandemic originating from China with an alacrity extra-ordinary. Thus WHO are equally guilty in traumatizing entire humanity to buttress global aspirations and geopoliticking of China. As UN bodies have become corrupt mouth-pieces of their prime financiers, mechanism of retribution will have to be contrived entirely independent of these spineless institutions. Veto power of China has already rendered WHO completely toothless and spineless. If China can brazenly ignore ruling of Permanent Court Of Arbitration on artificial islands in SCS, how can they be expected to gracefully accept ruling of ICJ if their judgement goes against them and they are ordered to bear reparations to all countries grievously affected by their virus-brinkmanship as well as tender an unqualified apology ? An important compelling reason for urgent necessity and inevitability of retribution and reparations is that China happens to be a compulsive tormentor of civility being deeply intoxicated with the opium of Communism. Best course of action would be to dislodge the brutal Communist regime, destroy all their virus banks and instal a democratically elected Government in Beijing by all world leaders unitedly. Tibet / Hong Kong / Taiwan must be liberated and reparations paid to all affected countries out of their trillions in foreign exchange reserves. If it comes to that, last option of nuclear strikes may also be considered seriously because China is certainly not going to rest at Wuhan-virus alone.  If world leaders are waiting for an opportune moment after coming out of the crisis, they may have already lost the war beyond a glimmer of hope.




Constitution of Bharata is ‘notoriously’ famous for granting privileges to ‘minorities’ without even defining who ‘minorities’ are in reality entitled to enjoy those privileges. Extending ‘minority-privileges’ without the framework of relevant definition of confinements amounts to throwing away money from balcony of the Constitution on a rowdy, milling crowd of aspirants and grabbed by those gifted with augmented muscular strength and nuisance-value. It may stun anyone’s conscience to hold and behold, an issue of such a huge significance escaped attention of even erudite scholars of the Constituent Assembly as well as a bevy of vociferous Justices of the Supreme Court that crawled when asked to bend during dreaded Emergency-1975 yet hyperactive to determine desirable height of ‘Dahi-Handi’ or holding mid-night hearing for a dreaded terrorist all these seven decades of post-1947 Bharata. While Constituent Assembly did not discuss the issue at all as they appeared to be too euphoric over just attained freedom from British occupiers of the nation while Judiciary zealously interpreting Constitutional Articles in the framework of British consciousness.   

Let us now pour over relevant Articles of the Bharatiya Constitution pertaining to minority-privileges, root-cause of seven-decades old heartburn extending entire length and breadth of the nation.   

Article 29 – Protection of interests of minorities 

(1) Any section of the citizens residing in the territory of India or any part thereof having a distinct language, script or culture of its own shall have the right to conserve the same.

(2) No citizen shall be denied admission into any educational institution maintained by the State or receiving aid out of State funds on grounds only of religion, race, caste, language or any of them. 

Article 30 – Right of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions

(1) All minorities, whether based on religion or language, shall have the right to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice. 

(1A) In making any law providing for the compulsory acquisition of any property of an educational institution established and administered by a minority, referred to in clause (1), the State shall ensure that the amount fixed by or determined under such law for the acquisition of such property is such as would not restrict or abrogate the right guaranteed under that clause.

(2) The state shall not, in granting aid to educational institutions, discriminate against any educational institution on the ground that it is under the management of a minority, whether based on religion or language. 

In the narration of aforesaid Articles, it is obvious that mention of language is redundant as ‘language-minority’ is almost completely devoid of communal overtones being largely regional in nature. Significant herein to reckon with are criteria of religion and culture. Ostensibly, ‘minorities’ so called on the basis of their religion and culture are entirely at liberty to establish their own educational institutions with unhindered liberty to manage according to their own whims and fancies as a measure of automatically added on privilege for them. Articles are deafeningly silent on identical rights for majority community so called. For instance, Articles blatantly allow Madarsas to grow and impart religious indoctrination interminably while no such privilege granted to majority community so called. In reality, ‘minorities’ have been encouraged to grow into majority by surreptitiously propagating their religion through these two benign looking Articles while majority community is completely barred of the privilege.  

Now we arrive at the next vital milestone, how precisely ‘minorities’ have been defined.

United Nations Human Rights Commission have been prudent enough to admit, “There is no internationally agreed definition as to which groups constitute minorities. Difficulty in arriving at a widely acceptable definition lies in variety of situations in which minorities live.” The term minority as used in United Nations human rights system usually refers to national or ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities, pursuant to the United Nations Minorities Declaration.” Moreover, “Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities Adopted by General Assembly resolution 47/135 of 18 December 1992” too, declined to define the term ‘minorities’ in it’s Charter and left it to discretion of member countries individually. To be precise, United Nations declined to define the term ‘minorities’. 

Section 2 (C)  of the National Commission Of Minorities Act 1992 defines the term ‘minorities’ as –

“minority”, for the purposes of this Act, means a community notified as such by the Central Government;

Thus NCM Act 1992 too, fails to define the term ‘minorities’ in spite of entire wisdom of both Houses of Parliament exerting themselves maximally. By declining to define the term ‘minorities’ thus, bequeathing the issue entirely to discretion of Government of the day, amounts to Constitutional brinkmanship of pernicious dimensions which surfaced too soon in Government Notification issued in Oct. 1993 under the Act listing Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Zorostrians as ‘minorities’ without defining the term ‘minorities’ unambiguously. Ministry Of Minority Affairs received an avalanche of representations to include Jains and it was duly granted forthwith yet again without defining the term ‘minorities’. Moreover, not a single person from the majority community has been included as member of the National Commission Of Minorities even though it is the majority community that bears almost entire brunt of minority-privileges granted to minority communities.  Quite pertinently, Najma Heptullaha as Minister Of Minority Affairs commented in 2014 “This is not the Ministry for Muslim affairs, this is the ministry of Minority affairs…Muslims are not minorities.”       

Notification listing five communities as minorities and inclusion of Jains as a minority community through yet another Notification subsequently without inviting the question of Constitutional legality paves the way for yet another Notification by Government of the day to de-notify any community as ‘minority’ community that is not ‘minority’ in reality and strip them of all minority privileges without inviting Constitutional Amendment with 2/3rd majority in both Houses of Parliament. In absence of a concrete definition of the term ‘minorities’ offered by either UN Charter or NCM Act, definition of the term that has been in operation since 1947 is, “any community other than the majority, is regarded as ‘minority’ community !!”´ This definition in operation may and shall create an anomalous scenario wherein game of numbers shall rise to ominous heights when a minority community shall remain minority even if their total number is just one less than that of the number of majority community. What will be socio-political consequences when all five listed minority communities individually have their numbers precisely one less than that of the majority community ? Isn’t it obvious we have been ignorantly feeding a Frankenstein’s monster all these decades post-1947 only to allow them grow and out-grow the majority community before the majority community is gulped down by the ‘Monster of Minoritism’ while they mischievously continue raising hue and cry over oppressive ‘majoritarianism’ ? Is the majority community seized of the issue or blissfully snoring in deep slumber ? 

In our country, every discussion over minorities revolves around Muslims only and Muslims alone. All other listed minorities viz. Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains and Zorostrians are always relegated into darker background of every deliberation though quite ironically, their contribution to nation’s prosperity is tremendous and they all are viewed as assets of the nation. Can anyone so vouchsafe that for the largest minority community so-called in terms of amount of taxes paid and contributions in all other forms ? Certainly not, to say the least. In fact, entire doctrine of ‘minoritism’ has been usurped by just one minority community at the expense of every other minority community and they do not experience even an iota of embarrassment while claiming all conceivable benefits from the Government or standing in queue for hours to collect doles from their Jan Dhan accounts before and after cursing the Government and Hon. Prime Minister Modi. It is ironical yet again, there is no Hindu country in the world in spite of some 64 Muslim and 56 Christian countries scattered all over the world. What the Planet Earth has in the name of Hindu country are three Hindu majority countries officially declared secular. They are Bharata albeit India to the Christian / Islamic world, Nepal and Mauritius. All other listed minorities viz. Sikh, Jain and Zorostrians do not have even a single majority country for them individually. Quite paradoxically, miniscule minorities like Christians, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists and Zorostrians are as much vulnerable to onslaughts of Islamic-minoritism as the majority community of Hindu-s happen to be in spite of Hindu-s counting 100 crores or so in the country.  

Thus we behold, whatever we have in the name of ‘Minority policy’ does not preserve and protect ‘secular’ democratic fabric of the nation at all. In reality, it panders to whims and fancies of just one minority community at a huge expense of rest of the country but also at the expense of personal liberties and self-respect of all other natives in the country. Belgium is an instance in point where Muslim minority community bullied Christian majority to first invariably seek their endorsement before enacting any law through Belgian Parliament and this ‘high-handedness’ is Constitutionally guaranteed there. A rational definition of the term ‘minority’ is urgently required and this definition must not be based on mere numbers as that would be fraught with hazards threatening unity and integrity of the nation. Absence of numerical definition amounts to granting a licence to any minority community to proliferate like animals only to become ‘majority’ community and destroy original identity of the nation. It may be too difficult to muster Constitutional Amendments to Articles 29, 30 with 2/3rd majority in Parliament in prevailing circumstances. However, introducing definition of the term ‘minority’ upto say 15% to 20% of the majority community is absolutely possible through an amendment to the NCM Act with a simple majority in both Houses of Parliament or even the Act itself may be superseded in consonance with French Constitution that treats every member of minority so-called as an individual irrespective of national, racial, ethnic, religious or linguistic considerations. It is guided by the idea that a State interacts with every individual individually and not communities or groups. They so rightly believe, absolute equality is the best way to integrate every citizen to the State, to the benefit of both. Moot question is, are we as a nation matured enough to adopt the lofty concept of absolute equality for all in real sense of the term and if yes, then when.   





An interesting article appeared in Hong Kong based Asia Sentinel by Murrey Hunter revealing what Education Minister Maszlee Malik defiantly attempted to enact till the moment he was disgracefully dismissed. He organised his best efforts to ensconce ‘Islamists’, ‘Salafis’, ‘Wahhabis’ and some from the Muslim fundamentalist group Ikram into decision adopting positions in all Universities to ensure, radicalisation of Malaysia through theocratic brainwashing of impressionable minds moves deeper into Malaysian psyche, may be ‘deeper than the deep state’ uprooting national ethos of pluralism or the sham of it, hitherto.  

Socio-political scenario in Malaysia is dismal at best. Parents of wards learning in residential schools are disgustingly challenging fanatical emphasis on religious lessons and pursuits imposed upon them by school administrations leading to personality distortions and decline in academic performance as a direct consequence of physical exertion. Amir, a parent whose ward took examination of Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia at Mara Junior Science College at Johor had to say, “As far as I’m concerned, we did not send our kids to a tahfiz or pondok school.” Situation is said to be worse for students taking examination in Form-3 and -5. Cumbersome rituals like Solat Tahajud, Solat Hajat and Tazkirah performed by Muslims in times of adversity, are too frequent now requiring students to wake up as early as 3 am in morning !! Parents were ‘enlightened’ that those rituals were meant to invoke ‘blessings’ for better future and academic performance to raise status of those schools !! “But the school’s status won’t go up; they are competing on which school is more Islamic instead of being better academically.” So conveyed Amir to FMT. Schools in Malaysia have ceased to be multi-racial and complaints of a polarised education system are far too many to be treated casually. Single-stream schools are being demanded for fostering national unity and racial harmony. 

Yet another strange development is obsession with non-material ‘Jinns’. FMT was told by a parent, her daughter was instructed to attend “Ruqyah” sessions wherein Quranic verses are recited to cure diseases and relieve the ‘patient’ of bad ‘Jinns’ !! Her daughter was ordered to attend Talaqqi i.e. Quranic classes at the expense of Biology classes. When she resisted, they accused her of being disobedient and indisciplined, “My daughter was accused of being too lazy to study Quran and of having disturbances from Jinns. So they told her to come for the Ruqyah session. It’s simply unbelievable.” said the parent averse to disclosing her identity lest it invites an avalanche of persecution. Finally the ward had to quit her Biology classes in favour of Quranic recitations costing an additional fee of RM 200. Talaqqi classes are compulsory for students from Form-1 to Form-4 inviting punishment if skipped owing to any reason whatsoever. There are schools having framed absolutely absurd rules like ‘female students must wear long pants under their long skirts, long-sleeved T-shirts and gloves during sports.’ How can such a tightly packed in ‘multiple layers of clothes’ student participate in sports when she is unable to move her hands and feet swiftly on playground ? That’s the ‘holy’ story of MRSM School in Perak. Students learning Bid’ah i.e. ‘innovations’ in religion, often question their parents as to whether Bid’ah includes measures of inhuman torture too !! Such questions pertaining to personal liberty and comfort have been entirely incomprehensible to zealots of Islam as they themselves do not have to undergo such rigours comfortably ensconced in their Masjids and the justification is to prevent ‘male eyes’ gazing at them !! Why don’t they issue a Fatwa to gouge out such obnoxious ‘male eyes’ gazing at them to root out the root-cause itself ? Is it because they themselves are keen to gaze at female contours ? Is there any other plausible explanation of their inexplicably absurd conduct ?   

Hard-core Salafist MA Zainul Abidin, also known as Dr. Maza, has focused on education with the ‘holy’ mission of developing strong Salafi values with younger generations. He has raised a school entitled to receive funds from MAIPs i.e. Perlis Islamic Affairs and Malay Culture Department. Irony is that he loudly announces, he is engaged in seeding ‘liberal’ views on issues like ‘Khalwat’ i.e. pre-marital gender proximity inspections, decibel level of Masjid-announcements, henna usage, wedding songs etc. Quite paradoxically and enigmatically, he has ‘liberal’ views on Yoga too !! MAIPs also ‘liberally’ administer KUIP i.e. Perlis Islamic University Collage whose Chief was disgracefully dismissed from service on the allegation of not supporting the Salafi agenda with his entire ‘Jism’ and ‘Ruha’ dedicted to the ‘holy’ cause, to be duly succeeded by an ardent ally Dr. MR Othman. When Malaysian Police raided a madrasa in Perlis on an intelligence input of some Yemenis promoting Salafi brand of terrorism, Royal Palace of Malaysia was incensed and they had a tug of friction and attrition with their own Police. Salafis are exceedingly active in social media to reach out to all segments of Malaysian populace. However there was a massive public uproar when the Vice Chancellor Badlishah Ahmad declared absconder and hate-preacher Zakir Naik an Islamic icon, allowed racial slurs against ethnic Malaysian Hindu-s in University examinations.    

Islamisation of education has much larger reticulations and ramifications. Palestinian born American scholar Ismail Faruqi invited scholars from various disciplines in Humanities to transform and re-do entire content in the mould of Islamic theology. Thus came into existence International Institute Of Islamic Thoughts in USA to islamise entire knowledge collected so far. International Islamic University, Malaysia is yet another Islamic ‘monument’ disseminating islamised version of knowledge. He did not mobilise his vitality to indulge in original thinking beneficial for humanity instead of outright destructive re-hashing with the objective of quite ironically and paradoxically, to evolve Muslims into most modern community in the world !! That’s really a fine example of intellectual bankruptcy.  

Omens are not really heartwarming, rather blood chilling. Instead of transforming into another South Korea, Singapore or Japan, Islamic grail of Malaysia is fast hurtling towards becoming yet another Pakistan, Iran or something still worse, we do not know. World will have to have a strict watch on developments in Malaysia if they rally do not wish to confront another Taliban, Syria or Yemen in not too distant future.



Constitutional democracy is based on foundational pillars of elections, laws, judiciary, free media, executive and civil liberties. Unless these are reformed to be vibrant, every other executive decision whether economic or non-economic, would be merely shooting in dark wilds hitting the target only by luck and not by design or intent. At the root of Constitutional governance lies free and fair elections to elect an executive that reflects and symbolises aspirations of country’s masses. Aspirations of a nation are hierarchical in nature ranging from effective foreign relations to clean drinking water, a modest dwelling unit to livelihood assured. Hierarchy of aspirations of masses leads to Constitutional framework of governance comprising of national level Parliament, State level Assemblies, district level Municipal Corporations to Ward level authorities. In a democratic society matured to reasonable levels, aspirations generally do not change too frequently hence, electoral process is undertaken at pre-determined intervals as and when term of the executive in power expires. Aspirations too, exist in a hierarchical pattern and one political party may not be in a position or willing through election manifesto to honour entire hierarchy of aspirations of a given set of masses. 

Electoral reforms constitute bedrock of democratic governance as executive is elected through elections alone. Every feature of elections viz. integrity, periodicity, accuracy of electoral rolls, mode of casting votes etc. have a tremendous bearing upon quality of governance. Out of these, an important issue pertaining to electoral reforms is One Nation, One Election (ONOE hereafter).

It is not that we in Bharata are completely unaware of benefits and advantages accrued caused by ONOE as from 1952 to 1967 nation had undergone ONOE. It was elections to Fifth Lok Sabha scheduled in 1972 albeit preponed to 1971 that disrupted ONOE. However, now voices are being raised by various groups who eventually matter, in favour of ONOE and greater advantages than before foreseen. Foremost of all is Prime Minister Modi himself who exhorted all to undertake exploratory exercise to identify advantages hidden in ONOE in spite of plentiful experience already available. In fact the phrase of ‘One Nation One Elections’ was indeed coined by him only albeit supported by the then President Pranava Mukherjee in the name of ‘Simultaneous Elections’. KM Munshi, as member of Constituent Assembly, spoke vehemently in support of ONOE in so many words, “I would warn members to remember, one supreme fact in Indian history, that the glorious days of India were only the days whether under Maurya’s or Shivaji, when there was a strong central authority in the country and most tragic days were those when the central authority was dismembered by provinces resisting it. Provincial sphere should enjoy a large measure of autonomy but only subject to national power.”  

On Dec. 17, 2015, an expert committee headed by EMS Natchiappan submitted a report, ‘Feasibility Of Holding Simultaneous Elections To House Of People (Lok Sabha) And State Legislative Assemblies’ wherein ONOE is recommended to reduce massive election expenses incurred in frequent elections, policy paralysis imposed by the Model Code of Conduct during elections, disruption in delivery of essential services and disruptions due to massive manpower deployment for every election held individually. NITI Aayog too, have been a conscious supporter of ONOE and one Chief Election Commissioner affirmed, Election Commission is well-equipped to conduct ONOE. Ex-President Pranava Mukherjee too added in one of his Republic Day speeches, “The time is also ripe for a constructive debate on electoral reforms and a return to the practice of the early decades after independence when elections to the Lok Sabh and State Assemblies were held simultaneously. It is for the Election Commission to take this exercise forward in consultation with political parties.”  

Sixteenth Lok Sabha elections were held in nine phases from April 7 to May 12 followed by nine State Assembly elections, all in different months. In 2015 two, in 2016 five States underwent Assembly elections while in 2017, it was seven. All these in addition to numerous elections for local self-governments, both rural and urban included. It is obvious, almost entire tenure of the Government headed by PM Modi during 2014-19 had been under Election Commission’s Model Code Of Conduct !! That’s an important reason ostensibly, why Modi Government could not function to the best of their potential. Too frequent elections have deeply disturbed quality of governance and buoyancy of economy. Development projects were hurdled as politicians were more inclined to vote-catching populism rather than development decisions. With passage of time, elections are becoming prohibitively expensive as evident in LS-2009 and LS-2014 costing Rs.1115 and 3870 crores respectively. Client-patron relationship between political parties and electorate also raises the bar further, impossible to record accurately. Incentives and bribes exchanged are the main source of black money in the country. Frequent elections exert perpetual non-financial negative impact too by energising social boundaries on caste, race and parochial politics. If country is in election mode, there is no respite from these evils as after every election, it consumes considerable time for frayed tempers to subside. Model Code Of Conduct (MCC) has become a potent tool to cease and desist Government functioning or undertaking any crucial decision. Unpopular albeit highly desired decisions are postponed while the nation lands in an avalanche of populist albeit regressive decisions. Multiplicity of elections also degrades quality of mandate. Voter-preferences migrate in a short span of time leading to Governance-paralysis / -conflicts, an atmosphere of political uncertainty or instability. Opposition to the national mission emerges only from regional political parties several of whom have no political base at all and constantly worried over their grave existential issues. It appears, to them it does not matter at what cost and disruptions one crore personnel were deployed as polling officials across 9,30,000 polling stations with 1349 of Central forces guarding them throughout the country to elect 16th Lok Sabha.  

One Nation, One Election confronts all those issues head on without violating sanctity of federal structure of the Constitution till we arrive at the level of Constitutional maturity wherein federalism is rendered redundant due to increasing homogenization Bharatiya society. 

Once a target year for implementation of ONOE is determined, a few State Assemblies may have to be dissolved prematurely to ensure, nation is in election mode only once in five years i.e. National General Elections, NGE hereafter.

If for any reason a State Government goes down under ONOE regime and no alternate dispensation emerges, Governor of the State shall rule over the State for rest of the five year term leading a team of advisers.

If no party is able to garner absolute majority in Lok Sabha and no workable coalition emerges, President may order National Government of all parties to run governance for the entire term. If National Government is not acceptable to political parties, then continuance of Care-taker Prime Minister with newly elected Lok Sabha in suspended animation is the next option. If that too is not acceptable, President’s rule at the Centre may be allowed with President running the Government assisted by a Council of Advisers till politicians converge their wits into a coalition or national government. In this extra-ordinary scenario if at all re-election of Lok Sabha is ordered, it should be restricted to the remaining period out of five-year term subject to subsequent NGE under ONOE regime.

Before a No-confidence against a Government at the Centre is admitted for debate, champions of No-confidence Motion must submit ‘CV’ of the alternate Government otherwise NCM must be declined.

Bye-elections to seats falling vacant due to a variety of eventualities, may be conducted only once in a calendar year. No bye-election should be held if less than a year of legislative tenure shall be available to the bye-elected legislator after being elected to the House. 

Necessary Constitutional amendments may be undertaken to facilitate switchover to ONOE.

It is always desirable and better to switch over to ONOE regime after switching over to Presidential form of governance from conflict-riddled ‘Buckingham Palace’ model of parliamentary governance.  

ONOE rationalises / economises national resources expended to conduct multi-level elections to a great extent. Spending precious resources on frequent elections is a sheer waste of tax-payer’s money. It will also prepare necessary ground for switchover to Presidential form of governance with enough authority vested in the Office of President to ensure smooth functioning of the government. Element of centrality vested in ONOE consolidates strength in unity of the nation, dilutes plurality invoked to promote separatism. USA happens to be the best example of ONOE among large countries where it became institutionalised long ago and highly successful till date.

One Nation, One Election is a grand idea whose time has arrived and Bharata must adopt it earliest possible.   


Note Of Acknowledgement –

I gratefully thank Dr. Sanjay Dubey, ex-Director, National Human Rights Commission who not only inspired me to write this article but also provided several valuable inputs too.




‘Kashmiri-Pandit’ is the term that was coined by Kashmiri Muslims for all Kashmiri-Pandits and remaining Kashmiri Hindu-s (majority of non-Pandit KHs had converted to Islam harassed by the casteism / discriminatory ‘untouchablity’ practised by KPs towards them by appropriating Sanatana Dharma for themselves) out of sheer contemptuous sarcasm disregarding the magnitude of ‘affection’ that KPs had in their bosom for them since time immemorial, flames of which have been still smouldering in scores of KP hearts in spite of Hindu-Holocausts that they had to undergo in 1947, revisited in 1989. Quite paradoxically as well as ironically, Hindu Holocaust-1947 was enacted when a so-called ‘Kashmiri Pandit’ was Prime Minister while Hindu Holocaust-1989 when a Kashmiri Muslim was Union Home Minister, first and the only (Ishvara willing !!) Muslim Home Minister that the nation suffered so far from. Given the surgical precision and promptitude with which he acted while Prime Minister VP Singh looked the other way donning his Mirza cap, it was more than obvious, he had been impatiently waiting in his wings to ‘teach’ KPs a lesson of their lifetime to be deliberated on for decades to come, expecting them to accept all that meekly in the ‘holy’ spirit of ‘Kashmiriyat’.  

Hindu-Holocaust of 1947 had been a terrible experience for Kashmir as they were bang at the entry / exit point of the country to undergo inhuman brutalities perpetrated by Muslims. Almost immediately after that, Jinnah’s army had invaded to capture Kashmir while JL Nehru in cahoots with a Jehadi bigot S. Abdullah, was busy creating hurdles in retaliatory military actions. In fact, Kashmiri Hindu-s had been undergoing serial invasions and tragedies for hundreds of years prior to ‘India wakes up at midnight to freedom-1947’ drama enacted by JL Nehru in Parliament. Now burning questions arise, after tragic experience of Hindu-Holocaust of 1947, how many KPs bought firearms, did rigorous target-practice on picture of Yasin Malik or learned Judo / Karate etc. to protect themselves ? How many KP women learned to operate firearms in a bid to protect their honour in a border State when they knew very well, in every case they have been / are always the first target of brutalities inflicted by Muslim marauders ? Is there a single, I repeat, a single KP woman who can stand up and claim, ‘I shot dead that Muslim beast who intruded into my home to rape me’ ? Why were KPs and Kashmiri women so casual, so indifferent about their personal security and honour after undergoing Hindu-Holocaust of 1947, every brutality of which is spine-chilling to say the least ? From 1947 to 1989-90 was a period long enough to ponder over the monumental tragedy, devise ways and means to protect themselves and prevent tragic history revisiting them as a rude shock. No excuses can be acceptable to even an iota of sanity. Instead, they revelled in their ancient glory of philosophy, poetics, dance, drama, painting, architecture, sculpture, music etc. as if had they narrated details of those coruscating gems of glory before those Jehadis, they would have quietly buzzed off acutely embarrassed and Kashmir Hindu Holocaust-1989 would not have occurred at all !!! They didn’t care to recall how a mortified Arjuna was inspired by Vasudeva Shri Krshna to pick up his Gandiva and slay Adharmi Kaurava-s. I am still not aware of even a single word of bravery being uttered by them even now what to speak of the crux of Bhagvadgita. Had they adopted those preventive / protective measures during 1947-89 period instead of cowardice of ‘Ahimsa’, Kashmir-Ghati would have become another Haldi-Ghati in 1989-90, world would have stood up to remember too many Veerangana-s of Kashmir thereafter and in 2020, no KP woman would have been screaming / shrieking before a ‘Shikara’ !! 

Hindu-s in Jammu region viz. Dogra-s etc. were land owners of large swathes of land including apple orchards, employed Muslims, mostly illiterate as agri-labourers. Is it not true that KPs lobbied with S. Abdullah, pressurised him to introduce land reform laws that enabled those Muslim labourers to become owners of the same land / orchards wherein they toiled as labourers, snatching away entire land ownership from Hindu-s of Jammu ? Thus, defenceless / landless Dogra-s were pitted against not one but a large army of Jaichands in KPs !! Did KPs resist ferociously when those Muslim labourers turned land-owners started stalking / molesting KP women while discouraging them from interacting with non-Pandit Kashmiri Hindu-s ? Is it not true that KPs never really treated the warrior class of Dogra-s respectfully, always treated them inferior, arrogantly and snobbishly ? As teeth, claws and nails of the warrior class of Dogra-s were snatched away from them, they were unable to defend KPs when Jehadi beasts raided them in 1989. Who owns major chunk of blame and responsibility in this entire sordid saga ? All this happened and continued happening repeatedly during 42 years falling between 1947 to 1989-90 !! 

Is it not true that KPs egged upon King Hari Singh / S. Abdullah to impose Articles 370 followed by ‘Article 35A’ with the sole intention of preventing non-Kashmiri brown / dark brown Hindu-s and Brahmana-s entering into Kashmir, settling down there eventually ? Did they perceive some sort of threat to their Brahmanical hegemony from Melanin-tainted non-Kashmiri Hindu-s from rest of the country ? Is it not true, KPs always resided behind a high firewall of egoic arrogance separating them from other brown and dark-brown Hindu-s of inferior DNA ? So pitifully have they been compelled to jump over the wall and interact with lesser mortals, pigmented brown and dark-brown Hindu-s by the destiny ultimately !! Not only is it my personal experience but also shared by so many people I have come across on the issue. Param Brahmatma is mercilessly cruel when He has to deal with Ahamkara in anyone, community or country. Shuffle through pages of history (correct version indeed !!) and you come across scores of such history narratives. It is so ironical albeit tragic that those same Constitutional Articles immensely contributed to their forced expulsion from Kashmir !! We precisely reap what precisely we sow. It is yet another tale of irony that KPs scorned, disliked Melanin-tainted Hindu-s from rest of the country, stalled their entry into Kashmir yet same Melanin-tainted Hindu-s warmly welcomed them into the country when they were forcibly thrown out by Muslim-Jehadis in 1989-90.  

Why do KPs still address JL Nehru as a Kashmiri Pandit when so many sources have revealed otherwise and the ‘Royal Dynasty’ of Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra, their Party have never denied it vehemently with evidence ? Will anyone believe that all those high-nosed bureaucrats carrying surnames like Kauls / Dhars / Shakdhars who worked with them for decades, were unaware of it and continued supporting them in all their anti-Kashmiri Hindu / anti-national activities / decisions innocently ? Were not those KPs equally responsible for incalculable harm that they inflicted on KPs and J&K ? 

Is it not true that some two to three lakh Kashmiri Muslims desired to revert to Sanatana Dharma, had even approached the then King Hari Singh too but were rebuffed by self-glorified ‘contractors’ of Sanatana Dharma of those decades ? Who was responsible for conversion of Tibetan King Rinchan into Sultan Sadruddin Shah and his Prime Minister Ramchandra alongwith thousands of Kashmiri Hindu-s to Islam after they were all rebuffed by KPs who declared them to be Mleccha-s ? Interestingly, Ramchandra’s son was Ravanachandra who became real Ravana after conversion to Islam. KPs thus, were responsible for raising tormentors for themselves transcending centuries.  

Shiv Sena Chief Bal Thackeray was gracious enough to ensure reservation for KPs in educational institutions / jobs. Instead of deriving maximum advantage of the provision to ameliorate their destiny, KPs lobbied and pressurised Governments in Maharashtra and NDA-I headed by PM Vajpayee to enable that for all Kashmiris and not merely for Kashmiri-Pandits !! Consequently, all these reservations were grabbed by Kashmiri-Muslims edging out KPs, KMs were then privileged with two scholarships i.e. from the State of J&K as well as Centre. How can an entire community be so myopic on such a horrifying scale ? That too, after undergoing atrocious brutalities perpetrated upon them by them ? Just two representative instances should suffice to drive home extent of barbarity of inhuman crimes perpetrated by Kashmiri Muslims upon KPs and the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ that KPs nurtured till date. KMs slaughtered one KP, stuffed his corpse in family’s rice-drum, then ordered his wife to cook and eat that rice soaked with her husband’s blood !! In another instance a ‘proud secular’ Kashmiri Pandit PL Tikoo ardently supported Articles 370 / 35A and always argued in favour of complete autonomy for Kashmir as an ally of Shamim Ahmad, MP. During KP-Holocaust of 1989-90, his son was brutally murdered by Islamists and his house burnt to ashes. Scores of KPs have Muslim names as their surnames to prove their secularism and fondness for their gang-rapists / murderers !! Will KPs ever surmount the soft corner for KMs that they still sustain and nourish in their hearts in the name of Kashmiriyat ? Will they not be a grave national security hazard if re-settled in J&K owing to their ‘infinite’ love for their tormentors in the name of Kashmiriyat, fondly remembered by KPs as their childhood friends, neighbours, colleagues etc. even now ? Some of them even claim, those Muslim brutes were not that bad at all !! Will they not become sitting-ducks again like in 1989-90 inviting yet another round of fierce blood-bath and serial gang-rapes ? Is it their Stockholm Syndrome or highly deplorable ‘Kashmiri-Pandit Syndrome’ after all ?? 

Do KPs have soft-corner for RSS / BJP / Bajrang Dal ? I am myself yet to come across any vocal, vehement support for these nationalist organisations from them, now life-line of this nation. It is only after being inhumanly brutalised by Jehadi-Muslims that they started remembering, then voting for BJP in elections. They have not yet vehemently supported essential laws like CAA and proposed NPR / NRC etc. with no demonstrations in sight. So is true with Bengali and Malayali Hindu-s too, so unfortunately eager to be ejected of their respective States refusing to learn right lessons from KPs what to speak of history of Mughal era. Is that blissful denial of traumatic history intrinsic to Hindu DNA, unlike with Jews ? These are a wide spectrum of introspective questions that KPs must mull over, adopt remedial measures to ensure, no more Hindu-Holocausts in future are they hustled into.  

If any of my comments / questions have hurt any Kashmiri-Pandit, so be that. No regrets, no apologies. That’s precisely the intention behind those comments and questions for those who have been quite busy in encashing human tragedies through cash-flush NGOs, international travels, aristocratic royal mannerism etc. though I do not wish to commit the blasphemy of calling them by their names. If this article succeeds in opening Third-Eye of all Kashmiri-Pandits, I shall then gladly accept any quantum of hostility for being so ruthless in my comments and questions.


Note Of Acknowledgement –

I gratefully thank Shri Anil Mahajan who not only inspired me to write this article but also provided several valuable inputs too.


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This is one issue that is continuously under brainstorming from various angles in multiple fora, often leads to intensive blamestorming if the leadership goes awry for whatever reason and a few sacrifices thereafter in the form of pink-slips. Expensive and lavishly appointed seminars are organised at exotic locales, self-certified Leadership-Dons travel all over the globe in Business Class, then check into 5-Star hotels to deliver oft-repeated lectures on leadership quality that may be at best a bundle of well-known common sense, repeated a few hundred times !! Astronomical fees charged by these ‘ISO / BV certified’ consultants have forced management schools to pass it on to their students who have cough up huge tuition fees inevitably supported by education loans. By the time these starry eyed Management ‘Shishu-s’ enter into employment zone through excessively glorified campus recruitments or through employment columns, they are heavily burdened with loans running into lakhs of rupees. First four to five years of their career is burned out in repaying educational debts before they seriously begin worrying about job-security and career instability. This crisis has been further compounded by schools like Indian School Of Business founded by Rajat Gupta and Clintons who sell their 1-year diploma course on leadership management priced Rs. 35 Lakhs or more !!  

Leadership quality exists in every human being in the state of a latent potential. If every Jivatma  is potentially divine, every human being is also potentially a great leader. Crux of the matter lies in the fact, how much leadership quality has been excavated by him / her embedded deep within his / her inner being. It is this inward journey that in reality, escorts us to the glory of being a leader. Whether management seminars and leadership sermons are facilitate this inward journey at all and how much, may be interesting topics of research projects leading to a cloudburst of PhD degrees !! However, it is certain that such an exercise shall be stoutly resisted by self-professed leadership dons lest they forfeit their uninterrupted ‘cash-flow’ of ‘revenues’, business class international travels and sauna baths in luxurious, starred hotels at exotic locales.  

Inward journey to hidden leadership potential begins with sprouting of a burning aspiration to realise a certain irresistible mission. With this vehement aspiration weighing heavily on mind, a potential leader starts organising inner as well as external resources available at disposal. Organising one’s inner resources during inward journey is the strive to attain one’s leadership potential. If a plethora of Management ‘Guru-s’ can venture to sermonise on leadership qualities, how could Veda-s be left behind ?? Or may be some or all Management ‘Guru-s’ plagiarised Leadership wisdom from Veda-s alone !!  

According to Vedic wisdom, leader is a celebrity disrupter endowed with a strong mind who can tame even a fierce opponent; drives away an arrogant one; most menacing challenge he tackles first and head on; resolute in all attributes; transforms weakness in subordinates into their strength; distinguishable like a north star in a galaxy of stars; capable of turning even a stick into an oar to cruise; restless in absence of hurdles; capable of turning victorious; even cowards become courageous in his presence; observes zero-tolerance towards unrighteousness and perversion; tactful when called for; commands awe even in inimical minds and strong in splendour; ceaselessly energetic bubbling with vigour and vitality; exceedingly cheerful in disposition; absolutely unwavering; patient listener to all; motivates and inspires others by stirring their thinking faculty; endowed with unassailable and indefatigable creative strength; outstanding in wisdom and profoundly comfortable in company of erudite ones; proficient in laws; always regards law above him and everyone else; commands and controls team-members as well as their thoughts; acts promptly and swiftly; an enthralling orator; thoroughly compassionate, gracious and humble; benevolent and bounteous; dependable and a liberal ally; has no enemies as he does not antagonise anyone; sagacious, dignified friend of all; impeccable commitment to responsibilities; noble and venerable disposition; sparkling and transparent character; integrity unimpeachable; evokes veneration by the dint of his attributes; an anti-dote to misfortune; never violates other’s space; unfailingly truthful; responsible guardian and infallible protector to followers and team members; renders complete justice to obligations and responsibilities; venerable and cheerful always; propitious rising above men; ever ready to sacrifice personal interest. On the contrary a wicked person, evil-wisher, unwise, niggardly, weak person must never be allowed to become leaders. (Reference posted at the bottom of this article) 

These alone are sterling leadership qualities enshrined in Veda-s albeit pedalled by Management Guru-s in a wide variety of lexicons, permutations and combinations in various seminars and workshops. It will be a landmark discovery to find out, whether even the best of all Management Guru-s ever incarnated so far on Planet Earth, has been able to establish even a single leadership attribute that is absolutely independent of what has been described in Veda-s on leadership issue. When a band of visually impaired attempt to visualise physical contours of an elephant by touching the elephant here and there, you are offered narratives ranging from anything to anything in a bid to describe the elephant. Similar is the tale of all leadership narratives offered by celebrity Management Guru-s without perception of the issue at it’s roots and source of all leadership attributes.  

All leadership attributes as described above in Veda-s as well as discoursed by Management Guru-s variously spring forth progressively and spontaneously when five human frailties of Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha  and Ahamkara  plummet to mere existential levels. As we advance inward through variety of Adhyatmika Sadhana-s, combined impact of Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha  and Ahamkara  starts declining with concurrent manifestation of all our divine faculties latent within ourselves. Great leaders are those who are in complete command of themselves by successfully harnessing their subtle assets to the highest extent attainable simultaneously obliterating their share of Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha  and Ahamkara. Without undertaking subtle inner engineering resolutely, it is impossible for anyone to be an effective or a successful leader irrespective of any amount of leadership courses undergone and leadership seminars attended anywhere. Those who do not, remain stuck at a certain level in hierarchy fructifying the well-known management adage, every manager / leader inevitably reaches his / her level of incompetence one day !! 

Recent technological as well as non-technological advances have been too fierce for frail humanity to cope with. It is amply exemplified in Whatsapp usage. Just one technological tool of Whatsapp has gone beyond human control and lot of ill-effects on human psyche are being reported every now and then. One may shudder to visualise the scenario after powerful tools like Artificial Intelligence are allowed to be available in all young and old hands. When technology leads humanity instead of technology being led by humanity, it is a disasters galore all the way. Technology being led by humanity is possible only when man is in command of himself by overpowering his / her inner, subtle frailties of Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha  and Ahamkara. Advances in knowledge encumbered with upward social mobility of all classes has raised complex challenges at family or social levels too, cannot be confronted effectively unless again, man is in command of himself through effective inner, subtle engineering. For becoming a successful, effective and powerful leader, one must embark on inner, subtle engineering through Adhyatmika Sadhana-s and incessantly pursue a rigorous, highly disciplined life-style.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not hold MBA from Harvard Business School, has not attended any worthwhile leadership course or workshop yet he is a legendary world leader before whom even celebrity management leaders pale into insignificance. And secret lies in the fact that he is a renunciate, an ascetic politician who thoroughly commands himself, entirely in grip of all his subtle, inner frailties. He happens to be the source of inspiration of this article that now stands dedicated to him as an ample measure of tribute to his leadership acumen. 

Isn’t this one example enough to assertively underscore core of leadership philosophy essentially being subjugation of our frailties manifesting as Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha and Ahamkara hidden deep inside us  ??   

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