It was one of the worst instances of brutality unmatched in recorded history of this country that began with this ‘Shahi Firmaan’ issued by Babar, the barbarian –

“By the order of the Shahenshah-e-Hind, Malikul Jahan, Badshah Babur and Hazrat Jalalshah, permission is hereby granted to destroy Rama’s birthplace in Ayodhya and replace it with a mosque built with the recovered material. You are hereby ordered to ensure that no Hindu from other parts of Hindusthan be allowed into Ayodhya. If any Hindu should find himself in Ayodhya and you have cause to doubt his intentions then you will be duty bound to capture and execute such Hindus”. 

When the Mughal invader Babar captured throne of Delhi, Sri Ramajanma Bhumi  was in possession of a highly realised Mahatma Syamanandaji Maharaja  of Ayodhya. As his fame pervaded all around, one Khwaja Kajal Abbas Musa visited him in Ayodhya, became his disciple, learned Yoga  and other Adhyatmika  pursuits. In due course of time, he stood to be counted as one of his accomplished disciples. Then arrived a Muslim Fakir Jalalshah, accepted his discipleship and began learning Yoga  etc. Jalalashah was a fanatic Islamist and his only dream was to Islamise entire nation. He conceived the nefarious idea of destroying sacred Mandira  in cahoots with Khwaja to facilitate and accelerate Islam being resolutely established all over. Gradually both began devising elaborate plans to execute their satanic mission.  

Khwaja and the Fakir managed to win trust of Babar with persistent efforts. As a first measure to execute the plan, they began burying deceased Muslims in the vicinity of Mandira  so as to grab the land on pretext of being a Muslim graveyard. Their next sinister move was to incite Mir Baqi Khan, Babar’s army chief to join the conspiracy and associated Babar too, in due course. It was almost at this stage that Maharaja  sensed the conspiracy, sunk into extreme dejection and regretted his decision to accept them as his disciples. Alas ! As usual, as before several times characteristically with Hindu-s, it was too late as the beast had already escaped. Syamanandaji  immersed Murti-s into Sarayu  river despondently and proceeded to Himalaya-s to continue with his Adhyatmika  pursuits. Other items of the Mandira  were removed by Pujari-s and they stood guard at the entrance in their last desperate bid to protect the shrine. As ordered by Jalalashah, all those Pujari-s were beheaded without delay. Bhiti King Mahtab Singh on his pilgrimage to Badri Narayana Dham, had landed at Ayodhya  and learned about developments, decided to cancel his onward journey to fight out Babar’s army of 4.5 lakh fighters with his smaller army of 1.75 lakh soldiers. They were all determined to protect the shrine from demolition by marauders till the last moment of their existence. Fierce fighting continued for 70 days only to conclude in decimation of defenders including the King himself. As the soil of Ayodhya  turned red with blood of martyrs, Mir Baqi ordered the Mandira  to be razed through canon fire from all four directions as recorded by historian Cunningham. Babri Masjid that was raised, used blood of Hindu-s instead of water for preparing concrete-mix as confirmed by another historian Hamilton in Barabanki Gazetteer. 

Six miles away from Ayodhya  in a village Sanethu, one Pt. Devideen Pandey mobilised some 90,000 Suryavamsi Ksatriya  warriors to fight out Muslim Ayodhya-grabbers including people from far away villages. They all raided Mughal intruders who had seized Ayodhya  and fierce fighting ensued for next five days. When Devideen Pandey encountered Mir Baqi on sixth day, he was hit on his head with a brick surreptitiously by Mir’s bodyguard. Instantly Devideen Pandey wrapped his head with his turban and beheaded the attacker. However, he was martyred when Mir Baqi shot him with his gun from a vantage point like a coward. Ayodhya  was again reddened with blood of 90,000 Hindu-s. Fifteen days after, Hansavar King Ranvijay Singh attacked Mir Baqi’s raiders with 25,000 soldiers, battled for 10 days only to sacrifice their lives and rubricate Ayodhya’s soil once again. After the King was martyred, his Rani Jayraj Kumari picked up the gauntlet to liberate Ayodhya  leading a combat force of 3,000 women soldiers. She continued her guerrilla warfare till Humanyu was installed as their head. Swami Mahesvarananda, Rani’s Guru  too stepped in, assisted her by arranging more soldiers devoted to Sri Rama. Also he raised an army of 24,000 ascetics, attacked Ayodhya  ten times during Humanyu’s tenure along with the Rani’s army. It was in tenth attack that Mughal intruders suffered heavy losses and Ayodhya  was captured by the Rani. However, after a month or so, Humanyu’s forces attacked again and the fierce fight concluded in their being killed as well as Ayodhya  recaptured by Mughals. Sacred Ayodhya  was once again rubricated with blood of 24,000 Hindu-warriors and 3,000 women soldiers. Now the command was taken over by Swami Balaramacari  who organised a strong force of youth and ascetics, raided Ayodhya  twenty times out of which 15 times successfully. These successes were indeed pyrrhic victories as Humanyu used to gear up, send another force to raid Ayodhya  to capture again. Hindu-s continued sacrificing their blood in this crusade like oblations into sacred fire of Yajna.   

By now Akbar had taken over Mughal Kingdom who observed gradual weakening of his Mughal army owing to frequent raids by and fierce battles with Hindu-warriors. Advised by his ministers Birbal and Todarmal, Akbar raised a small make-shift Mandira  on a dais to pacify Hindu-s. Heavy losses inflicted on Mughals and rising anger among Hindu-s weighed heavily on Akbar’s mind, truce prevailed temporarily and there was no bloodshed. The semblance of peace continued during entire tenure of Shahjahan till he was forced to abdicate throne in favour of his rabidly fanatical son Aurangzeb who vowed to slaughter all Kafirs, ran at least ten Mandira-demolition campaigns in Ayodhya  and destroyed Murti-s of all sacred prominent Mandira-s. Sri Vaisnavadasa, disciple of Samartha Guru Sri Ramdasa  invaded Ayodhya  30 times to liberate it from Mughals leading a force of Suryavamsi Ksatriya-s including Thakura Gajaraja Singh, Kunvara Gopala Singh and Jagdamba Singh. Though they all were very well conscious of the terse reality that they stood nowhere in might before Mughals yet they fought fiercely till being martyred. Even today, Suryavamsi Ksatriya-s of Ayodhya  do not turban their heads, do not use shoes and umbrella in consonance with the vow their ancestors had undertaken till liberation of the Mandira.                     

In 1640, Aurangzeb sent a mighty army led by Jabaz Khan to destroy the Mandira  with finality. They were confronted by massive number of Hindu-s and a battery of ascetics raised earlier by Sri Vaisnava Dasa. Fierce fight broke out that continued for seven days at Urvasi Kunda  and Mughals had to retreat as they could not withstand the onslaught. Aurangzeb was extremely angry at the abject defeat and deputed another Mughal Sayyed Hasan Ali with a contingent of 50,000 soldiers armed with canons with a standing commandment not to return unsuccessful. That was in 1680 when Baba Vaisnava Dasa  sent a letter to Guru  Govinda Singh soliciting assistance to defeat Mughal invaders. The Guru  responded immediately by embarking on a journey to Ayodhya  leading a mighty army to liberate the sacred shrine. He camped at BrahmaKunda  to carry out the attack. Baba Dasa and the Guru  together led their warriors into a fierce battle with the Mughal army, decisively defeated them and killed Hasan Ali. It was a stunning defeat of Aurangzeb at hands of Hindu  warriors that dazed Mughals so much so that they could not even think of attacking Ayodhya  for next four years. In 1664, Aurangzeb again attacked Ayodhya  that witnessed brutal slaughter of some 10,000 Hindu-s mostly innocent natives. The shrine had a well known as KandarpaKupa  into which all dead bodies were dumped and boundary wall elevated to hide the beastly pogrom from public gaze. It still exists on the eastern side known as ‘Ganj Shahida’. Mughals dug up the dais and it remained there as a pit for a long time. During the reign of Nawab Sahadat Ali in 1763, Amethi King Gurudatt Singh and Piparpur King Rajkumar Singh attacked Babri structure five times and in every battle, more Hindu-s were killed than Muslims. According to Col. Hunt in Lucknow Gazetteer, Nawab was so much fed up of frequent Hindu  attacks that he allowed Hindu-s to recite Bhajan-s concurrently with Namaz yet he did not surrender the land. During Nasiruddin Haidar’s years, King of Makarahi led three attacks on Ayodhya  to re-possess Janmabhumi  that caused considerable loss of lives. On eighth day of third attack, when Hindu-warriors suffered reverses and heavy loss of lives, they were joined by an army of ascetic-warriors who trounced Mughals and captured the shrine. However, the hard-earned victory turned out to be pyrrhic as they were soon attacked by Mughals and thousands of Hindu-s were killed yet again. Next raid by Hindu-warriors during the reign of Nawab Wazid Ali Shah led to fierce bloodshed in Ayodhya  as death-dance continued for two days and nights, shrine land was recovered from Mughals, destroyed their graves and Masjids yet did not harm Muslim women and children. Mughals were thrown out of Ayodhya  and historian Cunningham declared it the worst Hindu-Muslim battle ever in Ayodhya. Hindu-s realised their dream again, dais was re-constructed and a small Mandira  raised again. After some period, there was another raid and Hindu-s again lost the shrine. In 1857, one Baba Ramcharan Dasa  did an effort alongwith Maulavi Amir Ali to renovate the shrine but soon they were hanged to death by British-occupiers from a tamarind tree. Later the tree too, was hacked to prevent it from becoming a rallying point for crusaders. Last serious attempt was rendered on Oct. 30, 1990 when Karsevaka-s hoisted saffron flag atop disputed structure. On Nov. 2, 1990 UP Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadava ordered firing at Karsevaka-s in which several lives were lost. On Dec. 6, 1991 disputed structure was demolished finally albeit Mandira  is yet to be raised with everybody awaiting adjudication by the Supreme Court. 

Ironically, Reginald Dyer-incarnate Mulayam Singh Yadava is still alive and there has been no Udham Singh for him. That summarises, why Mandira  could not be raised even 70 years after installation of democracy in the country and Hindu-majority are forced to beg before secular judiciary for permission to construct the shrine in absence of Hindu-unity.      


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Bharata under British occupation contributed enormously to Britain during World War-I by providing men, material and immeasurable sacrifices with the expectation of being conceded more freedom of self-government. Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires had collapsed, fledgling new nations were yawning to rise into sunshine and severely oppressed Bharatiya-s were craving for a new dawn of self-determination from British occupation, of course in their own country !! What came down as nasty surprises were Montagu-Chelmsford Reforms and the diabolical Rowlatt Act. Punjab and Bengal continued to be hotbeds of anti-colonial revolutionary activities virtually paralysing regional governance. Several revolutionary plots planned in Bharata, USA and Germany were brutally crushed. Smaller mutinies in garrisons too, were brutally crushed. Lt. Governor of Punjab Michael O’Dwyer was a strong proponent of those brutal laws with Bharatiya blood uppermost in his mind.   

Months of March and April of 1919 observed intense anti-British strife in Punjab flames of which were stoked by the Rowlatt Act. People expressed their wrath against betrayal of Brutish-British regime quite vocally without indulging in violence whatsoever till then. It was only when two nationalist leaders Kitchlew and Satyapal were arrested while they were addressing protest rallies without any provocation that angry masses surged into streets towards Police HQ at Amritsar. In the commotion that followed, stone-pelting was retaliated by firing killing at least ten protestors. Riots followed with five Brits killed and a woman missionary attacked. Emergency contingent of troops that was despatched to restore ‘law and order’ (colonial term gifted by British-occupiers to present day Bharatiya bureaucracy) in Punjab was led by Brigadier-General Reginald Dyer. To arrogantly assert his brutish authority by now in a peaceful Punjab, he arrested several innocents, no one could leave the town and banned any organised congregational activity. Entirely unaware of those restrictions, some 15,000 people from neighbouring towns / cities gathered in an enclosed ground with the only purpose of celebrating Baisakhi festival after having Darsana  at the SvarnaMandira. The ground was accessible only through narrow passageways ruling out the possibility of a quick escape for a crowd to safety in case of an eventuality. When Dyer learned about the congregation, he led the raid himself with a contingent armed with machine guns and heavy armoured vehicles. The British beast did not care to find out why they had gathered there, whether they were armed, what they were talking about, did not serve them any warning to disperse peacefully, blocked escape passages with armoured vehicles and ordered his troops to open firing till entire ammunition was exhausted. Precisely 1,650 rounds of ammunition were fired slaughtering 1,499 unarmed / men, women and children without even a preliminary warning, some 1,137 injured, then the British beast expressed his supreme satisfaction with his cold and impassive countenance at not a single bullet being wasted !! He had gone there with the mission to slaughter as he specifically instructed his Bharatiya troops to aim at their chests, faces of men and wombs of women. Entire carnage was conducted with a cold-blooded determination, dispassionately targeting those struggling to escape with absolutely no reprisal from the crowd at all. Then the British-monster complimented his troops with these words, “Good shooting. We have done a jolly good thing.” When injured were brought in large numbers at Civil Hospital in Amritsar, government doctor Lt. Colonel Smith ordered them out calling the wounded “rabid dogs”.

Reginald Dyer betrayed absolutely no trace of remorse before Hunter Enquiry Commission appointed after a huge outcry (legacy of appointing such ‘Hoodwinking’ Commissions continued in post-1947 Bharata); declared his ‘right to shoot Indians into submission otherwise they would have laughed at him later’; admitted he specifically ordered to aim at the only exitway where density of crowd was maximum; ordered his troops not to offer any aid or help to crying / dying people and ordered entire Amritsar to stay off streets / roads for next 24 hours preventing anyone to offer even a glass of water to those wailing in agony, leave alone medical support. Details of how many died instantly and how many writhing in pain in next 24 hrs. are probably not available. Even otherwise, Brigadier-General Reginald Dyer would not have allowed anyone to enumerate break-up of those figures. Brutish British attempted their best to hush up the extreme barbarity, then declared it a ‘grave error’. British House Of Commons condemned him but House Of Lords exonerated him with a handsome pension !! And to rub chilly in wounds, Nobel Laureate Rudyard Kipling admired him in his poem as ‘The Man Who Saved India’ !! Then British collected a huge amount of Sterling Pounds 26,317 through public donations that they gifted him with a ‘Sword Of Honour’ in public. And families of victims were compensated at the rate of Sterling Pound 37 per head of the dead and nothing for the injured !! 

Irony of the monumental tragedy was that those were Bharatiya troops slaying natives for a British boss for no rhyme or reason !! It occurred to none of them to slightly divert barrel of his gun towards Dyer to shoot him instantly. (When we refuse to learn right lessons from history, the same history re-visits with a much louder bang and tremors. In this case too, we declined to learn right lessons and the same history re-visited us decades later when IPKF Forces were engaged in slaughtering Tamil rebels in Sri Lanka for their President Jayawardene on their land !!)

While entire nation became agitators, RN Tagore returned the Knighthood, MK Gandhi turned resolutely faithful to the idea of complete freedom by the dint of virtues of Truth and Ahimsa !!   

In 1928, Conservative British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin calmly witnessed his Home Minister Sir William Hicks reading out the statement in Parliament, ‘…we conquered India as an outlet for the goods of Britain. We conquered India by the sword, and by the sword we shall hold it. I am not such a hypocrite as to say we hold India for the Indians. We went with a yardstick in one hand and a sword in the other, and with the latter we continue to hold them helpless while we force the former down their throats.’ And the entire savagery spanning almost two centuries by a handful of British-Beasts over natives of Bharata was justified as ‘Enlightened Despotism’ under the broad spectrum of ‘White man’s burden’ to civilise black, brown human beings, to discipline them and to proudly accept submission to the British Crown sodden in human blood.

They still often chant, ‘Long live the Crown’ !!     


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First activity that Marxists undertake is destroy entire cultural heritage and somehow convert everyone into empty-headed zombies, to create space in their minds so as to allow the venomous doctrine of Marxism to establish itself in their minds. And these Marxist-Jehadis would go to any extent to wreak destruction. Their limit is no limit at all. Post 1947, all these enemies of the nation have caused havoc to nation’s education system. They forced removal of all chapters from school text-books that related to freedom movement, cultural values, rich heritage, traditions etc. Consequences are there for all to see today in the form of social tension, rising crime-graph, all sorts of social problems etc. Their ideologue Lenin was so categorical in declaring, “In general as you all probably know, I am not particularly fond of intelligentsia and our new slogan ‘eliminate illiteracy’ should by no means be taken as expressing a wish to give birth to a new intelligentsia. To ‘eliminate illiteracy’ is necessary only so that every peasant, every worker can read our decrees, orders and appeals by himself without anyone’s help. The goal is purely practical. That’s all there is to it.” And more of it, “…the bourgeoisie and it’s accomplices, those smart little intellectuals, the lackeys of capital who fancy themselves the nation’s brains. In point of fact, they are not brains but shit.” !!! Since Marxists have to spread their tentacles in every nook and corner of the country, they maintain their quota of “Creative Intellectuals / Eminent Historians / Secular Gems” in all educational / research / Constitutional bodies.

Golden period for Bharatiya  historians post-1947 lasted till the tragic and unfortunate man-slaughter of LB Shastri, the then Prime Minister in 1966. In Parliamentary elections after Shastri’s brutal slaying in Tashkent, the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi could not muster absolute majority in Lok Sabha on her own hence, she was compelled to bank upon Marxist members in the house for the sake of survival in power. It was then that the sordid saga of demanding their pound of flesh from the Government as a measure of quid pro quo commenced. And the climax was raising Jawaharlal Nehru University based in New Delhi, a ‘bourgeoisie-eminent-secular’ example that showcases the rot quite eminently ! With educational curriculum so contaminated with diabolical Marxist ideology for six decades or so, nation is now witnessing an army of Marxists dispersed all over the nation under various garbs leaving no stone unturned to nibble away and destroy the country.    

Naxalism / Maoism are popular varieties of Marxism who had been on murder-spree in the country and also on hot target of security forces. During UPA-I and UPA-II regimes, Naxalites / Maoists had a field day in brutally killing innocents and security forces by the edge of their whims. Those monsters did not spare even Jawans sleeping in barracks after a hard day work, women and children. They employed every move to thwart economic development of backward areas where the brutal ideology thrived. Marxism / Naxalism / Maoism are fraudulent to the core as they profess to be a ‘voice of rebellion’ against penury / exploitation / extortion / backwardness / persecution while they readily pick-up arms to kill all those who visit backward areas to launch various schemes of development. They do not hesitate even in bombing schools / hospitals or destroying roads. Deceleration in this murder-destruction spree began only after BJP regime under the leadership of Narendra Modi was installed at the Centre in 2014. While security forces were granted unbridled freedom and all required resources to neutralise Maoist-killers, massive development / re-construction programs were undertaken on 24 x 30 x 365 hour basis to pull out all backward regions from the morass of abject penury into rising horizons of prosperity and comfortable life to decimate it in it’s roots. In a span of just 4 years, a determined Government turned the tables on marauders and Marxists encountered existential crisis in real terms. It was then that degree-holding Marxists / Naxalites / Maoists hiding in bushes and shadows in urban areas were smoked out into the open and forced to lay bare their venomous fangs and claws. Thus coined was the term Urban-Naxals who may be lawyers, journalists, authors, doctors, teachers or any other profession for that matter under the sun. They all together constitute glitterati for Marxists / Naxalites / Maoists, sniggerati for saffron acolytes and ‘obstructionrati’ for nation’s development.   

Urban-Naxals have been religiously burning mid-night oil to identify an issue which may conflagrate like a prairie fire across the nation so as to enable them ensure, resurgence and renaissance of moribund ideology of Marxism in a new Avatara. It is this strategy of offering old wine in a new bottle that discovered for them devices like attack on churches, rape of a nun in Bengal, slaying of so-called rationalists, returning awards by those who never deserved them, cow-vigilantes etc. It goes to immense credit of BJP Government led by Narendra Modi that all those dubious strategies were exposed and shattered into pieces after due diligence of investigation by agencies. After meandering through the slush of those dubious strategies to defame Hindu-s, nation, Modi Government and consistently coming out a cropper, they have finally landed with a new strategy of Brahmana-Patriarchy on the eve of Lok Sabha-2019 elections in a desperate bid to stop BJP juggernaut under outstanding leadership of Narendra Modi. When visiting CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey was photographed displaying a placard with the message “Smash Brahminical Patriarchy”, the issue suddenly gained momentum. Why have ‘smart’ Urban-Naxal thinkers selected Brahmana-s for the fantastic allegation of ‘patriarchy’, is an interesting study as we move on to unravel that. Was he played by Marxists and Crypto-Christians masquerading as liberals or there was something more than that ? 

Brahmana  is the Varna  out of four, that used to be conferred upon disciples endowed with Sattvika Guna-s inclined to pursue study of Veda-s and Sruti  by a Siddha Guru  in his Asrama  i.e. hermitage. Any Varna  could be conferred upon anyone based on predominance of Guna-s by the Guru  and the institution of Varna  was strictly merit based absolutely devoid of even a trace of dynasticism. It worked very well for centuries, then degraded into dynastic traits after the monster of casteism was pushed into Hindu  society by foreign invaders. As a matter of an axiomatic reality, casteism never ever existed in Hindu  society and it is entirely an import from western invaders. Members of Brahmana Varna  were bound by very strict rules of conduct entirely dedicated to society while resolutely adhering to highest order of character, integrity and the selfless profession of teaching in Gurukula-s. Since Brahmana-s were the most powerful unifying factor among Hindu-s, western Christiandom coined the word Brahmanism  substituting Hinduism as Hinduism could have raised hackles in Hindu  minds foiling their nefarious designs. And the term “Brahmanism” has been gladly lapped up by Marxist Urban-Naxals, suffixed with “Patriarchy” to stoke their agenda of penetrating into Hindu  society before destroying it from within. Hindu  society had never been patriarchical historically. Indeed, western invaders were stoutly patriarchical and they imposed their regressive values upon Hindu-s under their domination, then. I am eager to know from some renowned Marxist to identify any Communist society anywhere in the world that had ever been truly egalitarian before they pour ridicule upon anyone else to be patriarchical. Brahmana-Patriarchy is Culture-War of the west that is intimately connected with Gender-War too. So Brahmana-Patriarchy is a deadly cocktail of Caste-War, Gender-War, Culture-War and every other conceivable Intra-society war to ensure, disruption of social order and nation’s development agenda.

Why are Brahmana-s being targeted so readily ? One does not need to be a genius of the order of Albert Einstein to ferret out the hidden cause. Brahmana-s, Sadhu-s, Parivrajaka-s and wandering mendicants have bee Guru-s to Hindu  society, always guided them during adversities and existential crises. They inspired masses against overseas invaders to fiercely resist their domination from the forefront. While most of the fighting was undertaken by Kings and their warriors, Brahmana-s preserved entire Vedic  knowledge through Sruti  precisely as it were thousands of years ago, literature, sacred Murti-s and cultural heritage by hiding in jungles and mountains, by imparting education upon children in their homes, then re-establishing all that in society after crisis was over. Shrewdness, ingenuity, astuteness and survival instincts of Brahmana-s have been a cause of enormous heart-burn among invaders as they were unable to cope up with that. Brahamanical  perseverance and defence of Hinduism had been a huge irritant not only for two fanatical desert cults of Islam and Christianity but also dogmatic votaries of dubious equality and equity through Marxism. These pioneers of Brahmanical-Patriarchy know very well, when Kingdoms in past judiciously engaged Brahmanical-intellectualism, they remained mighty, prosperous and declined to be invaded whenever dis-engaged or ignored them. There is an example galore from history available. Defeat and exit of Alexander from Mecedonia in BCE 326 were entirely strategised by Brahmana Guru Canakya ; determined Rsi Canakya  groomed Candragupta Maurya  to raise grand Mauryana  Empire and decimate Nanda  dynasty; after demise of Chhatrapati Sivaji, it was left to Brahmana Peswa-s to expand Maratha  Empire from Afghanistan to Panjab to Mysore, so much so that western Christian invaders were extremely apprehensive of Hindu-revivalism through Brahmana-s. Brahmana-s have been selected by enemies of Hinduism for target-practice as well as crafting a conspiracy to ruin Sanatana Dharma  through them. Effectiveness of the strategy can be gauged by the fact most of prominent Marxists are Brahmana-s spewing venom against Sanatana Dharma. Till British invasion, Brahmana-s did not enjoy special status in society, were respected by non Brahmana-s and that was the end of it. British-occupiers raised them to the status of dominating society so much so that in States like Tamil Nadu and Bengal, anti-Brahmana  movements started.    

Jack Dorsey and fellow Americans abused Bharatiya  hospitality. He followed foot-steps of President Barack Obama who lectured us on our soil to be more tolerant. “Smash Brahmanical Patriarchy” has connotations of extreme violence through which Marxists would like to conduct genocide of crores barring so-called elite class to purify the society, ‘core’ of Marxism / Naxalism / Communism that they practised in several countries. However, Brahmana-Patriarchy may soon be the buzzword, several books shall be authored, research papers published and a well-promoted seminar organised in Oxford University campus wherein a Princeton Professor shall distribute pearls of wisdom on this new-found non-entity. And nobody should expect any strong response from Hindu-s as they have been for centuries / are still wonderful Self-enemies !!    



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Mint Street headquarters of Reserve Bank Of India in Mumbai underwent upheavals of not less than 8.0 on Richter Scale prompting two dapper, Ivy League educated Governors para-dropped by UPA regimes to impose an incomprehensible agenda down the nation’s throat, quitting on sombre notes. Second one was a bit interestingly mysterious because only just before that, one nationalist was appointed to the Board as Director and he had begun questioning them on their policies resembling agenda of Breaking-Bharata forces. Honestly speaking, I enjoyed their quitting stewardship of the Central Bank huffing and puffing, then cooling down a bit to write books narrating their sob-stories launched by their respective ‘God-fathers’ and lustily cheered by their bosom-buddies. And I cheered the nationalist who skilfully engineered all serial episodes. Ostensible dispute arose over BASEL III and IFRS norms, produced abroad and designed for themselves, which these Governors and before, desired to impose upon Bharatiya Reserve Bank because their Ivy League Professors had taught them, those were the best norms, ‘universal’ in nature and must be accepted not only by all countries but also every human habitation on other Planets too while declaring very smartly on paper, those norms were only optional !! 

BASEL III is a global, voluntary regulatory framework on capital adequacy of banks, stress-testing and liquidity risks. It was formulated to ward off crises like 2007-08 by augmenting liquidity and reducing leverage, with enforcement extended upto March 31, 2019. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are issued by International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) to extend a common global accounting language to understand and compare corporate business across international boundaries specially for multi-national companies.   

Now the question that may singe many rises, whether these have been customised to accommodate our requirements and economic / market conditions prevailing in the country. Western markets are fiercely profit oriented, may indulge in anything fair or foul to maximise profits, then move around the world with deep pockets to manipulate and interfere in internal affairs of other countries, create wars to promote arms race or even stridently pursue evangelical agenda. Their economies are entirely stock-market driven and they are congenitally susceptible to fatal financial ups and downs. On the contrary, Bharatiya economy is exceedingly savings oriented, highly stable, bank driven with policies guided by the sacred Mantra of SABKAA SAATH, SABKAA VIKAAS. Secondly, BASEL III norms are formulated essentially for commercial banks while Bharatiya banks are mostly universal in nature. Only a few large banks may be able to absorb rigours of BASEL III norms albeit at the risk of immobilising precious resources while smaller ones may simply totter for sometime before crumbling to death. Similarly, IFRS norms too are extremely demanding in terms of capital adequacy that is not affordable in a rapidly growing economy like our’s with burgeoning credit requirement. These excessively stringent norms, quite redundant too, will squeeze banks to partially liquidate themselves to honour those stringent norms, concede huge banking space to foreign banks / funds pushing the country towards financial colonisation.  

Priority of western economies is stability as they are already grown up with their per-capita income almost 15 times more than our’s. BASEL III norms, IFRS, Monetary policies are the concepts focused on economies whose only priority is stability. Bharatiya economy is growing, yet to grow a lot hence, priority is growth and not stability. It is yet another reality that consistent growth ensures stability of a different order. With this priority of growth, BASEL III norm / IFRS etc. automatically turn redundant, rather suicidal. Secondly, those two Governors were obstinately imposing norms even stricter than prescribed norms which on paper, happen to be optional. MSMEs are highest employment creators and they were being denied credit due to most of banks falling under preventive norms with Congress Party simultaneously raising their decibel level over unemployment ratios !! In spite of very low inflation, these two Governors stubbornly declined to reduce interest rates thereby, almost strangulating entrepreneurship and growth. Huge reserves of JanDhan Yojana and Demonetisation were lying idle as commercial banks were prevented from deploying those reserves productively. NBFCs too, found themselves in the same boat of fatal constraints and restrictions. Then Reserve Bank Of Congress was bent upon holding reserves to the tune of Rs. 9 lakh crores ! Nowhere in the world a Central Bank holds so huge cash reserves just for nothing. In the name of autonomy, two Governors were just ignoring economy’s well-being superciliously. Western orientation did not allow them to perceive, autonomy does not at all mean they enjoyed prerogative of the liberty of reporting to ISI of Pakistan !!   

Congress Party driven by the Royal Dynasty, was raised by a British foreigner, always followed western oriented thoughts and policies, now is again headed by a European foreigner. They have a flair of inviting educated and influenced overseas key decision takers who have no inkling of socio-economic conditions in the country, impose those policies upon the country only because they believe, they alone are right and enjoy the coveted privilege to be always right. Coupled with large-scale plunder of nation’s wealth, that happens to be the main reason why country languishes in poverty, farmers in extreme distress and youth going astray for want of jobs even after seven decades post-1947. And smart leaders of the Party led by the Dynasty, declared the country a DEVELOPING NATION as ‘poor’ country sounds a bit obnoxious after so many years of their remaining in power.  

Exit of those two Governors was excessively criticised by Congress Party as it was executed by a nationalistic Government ignoring the fact that their first Prime Minister Maulana JL Nehru himself ordered a Governor to resign. Then Rajiv Gandhi kicked out Amitava Ghosh in just 20 days after his appointment and the last one being S. Venkitramanan by Finance Minister ManMohan Singh as he wanted his favourite C. Rangarajan as Governor. Nachiket Mor, recently sacked as Director of the central bank by Prime Minister Modi was Director of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation too, concurrently implying thereby, regulator and the regulated 2-in-1 !! Congress Party have been treating Reserve Bank Governors as PWD clerks and now they howl and yell when a well-meaning Prime Minister removes Governors with dubious agenda, brings in another one to strike harmony and coherence with Mint Street to accelerate growth agenda. It explicitly proves for the Royal Dynasty of Congress Party, Reserve Bank is yet another caucus / coterie as they lead the gang of Breaking-Bharata agenda brazenly.  

New Governor has been installed with Congress Party raising ruckus all over as usual. We hope, astute politician and an ardent nationalist in Prime Minister Modi has selected a right person as Governor who may bring about a paradigm shift in functioning of the institution. Monolithic structure may now come out of it’s arrogant existence and engage themselves in national reconstruction. He will also have to address the issue of ownership of home-grown banks from foreign onslaughts. Thus, one more institution has been brought around Government’s nationalist agenda of growth and prosperity.



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Economic history of Bharata is the tale of evolution from a largely agricultural / trading society with highest contribution to world GDP to a Nehruvian mixed economy of Communism manifested by perpetually in loss PSUs, Government manufacturing bread to running hotels as well as rag-tag of Capitalism manifested by strangulated private sector groaning under Licence-Permit Raj, unmitigated corruption, bribery and methodical plunder of nation’s wealth.  

Organisation Of Economic Co-operation established OECD Development Centre in 1962, engaged a British economist Angus Maddison to study world economy and author a comprehensive treatise on that. Maddison rose to the call diligently and authored a famous book ‘The World Economy – A Millennial Perspective’ to illustrate long-term economic performance of nations, factors to explain successful economies and bottlenecks that hamstrung laggards. It was published in 2001 by OECD as the entire project was sponsored by them. Maddison studied economic history of the world for the entire Christian era from AD 1 to AD 2000 conclusions of his extensive study have been startling for the entire world – 

Since AD 1000, world population multiplied 22 times, Per-Capita GDP 13 times and World GDP 300 times. Major beneficiaries have been North America, Western Europe, Japan and Australia. However these major beneficiaries have been poorer than Africa in AD 1000 albeit 20 times ahead of them now.   

Contribution of Bharata’s GDP to the world GDP was highest in the year AD 1 at 34%. Position of No. 1 in the world was re-attained in years AD 1000, AD 1500 and AD 1600 too.  

USA and western countries contributed less than 2% during this period of Christian history.         

It begins with Indu Valley Civilisation (BC 3500–1800) marked by agriculture, animal husbandry, production of sharp-edged tools / weapons of copper, bronze and tin. Trading activity included terracotta pots, jewellery, precious gems, pearls and precious metals. By BC 600, silver coins were minted by Mahajanpadas symbolising extensive trading and urbanisation.  

Mauryana Empire (321-185) was a great unfying Empire of all Kingdoms. Political stability and security ensured massive rise in economic activity in all disciplines of human enterprise. The Empire also imparted tremendous boost to infrastructure development. 

During 1500 years of post-Mauryana Empire, Bharata commanded largest economy in the world. By AD 1700, Bharata possessed one-fourth to one-third of world’s entire wealth.  

Unprecedented prosperity and accumulation of wealth continued even during Mughal era (AD 1526-1858). 

British association with Bharatiya economy came into being in AD 1600 through East India Company and export of Bharatiya textiles and raw silk used to be paid through bullion. By AD 1757, British involvement expanded and they began paying for Bharatiya raw material, spices etc. through ‘revenue’ plundered from Provinces captured by them largely through unfair means. Thus began decline and destruction of Bharatiya industry and wealth. Inflow of bullion completely stopped and British occupiers funded wars in Bharata / Europe with the land revenue extorted in the country and development coming to a grinding halt. 

It took just 80 years to ruin Bharatiya economy (1780-1860) under colonial occupation from an exporter of finished products to exporter of raw material and importer of products manufactured abroad. Exploitation by British-Brutes was ruthless and once a flourishing leading economy in the world was entirely emaciated to skeletons.  

By 1950, Europe’s share rose to 23% and Bharata’s declined to mere 3%.  

Rsi Canakya, Prime Minister to first Mauryana King Candragupta (BC 340-290) described silver coins as Rupyarupa. Gold coins were known as Suvarnarupa, copper coins as Tamrarupa and lead coins as Sisarupa. Rupee, name of contemporary currency originated from Canakya’s Rupa  alone.  

On Aug. 15, 1947, 1 US $ was equivalent to 1 Rupee only. 

Maddison authored a famous table that revealed how Bharata’s share in world economy declined from 24.4% in AD 1500 to a measly 4.2% in AD 1950. It is Table A.6 in Statistical Appendix A of Contours Of The World Economy, AD 1-2030 published in 2007. Bharata’s Per-Capita GDP in AD 1500 at $550 (valued at 1990 levels) with 25.1% share of world population conceded the nation a gigantic economy in spite of Per-Capita GDP of western countries being higher at $798 and of China $600. Rate of growth of Per-Capita GDP and GDP peaked during AD 1870 to AD 1913 and registered at lowest level during AD 1870 to AD 1913. From 25% of world economy to the abject 4% due to ruthless colonial plunder, is indeed a very tragic and sordid economic history of contemporary Bharatiya economy. The Table also illustrates economic transformation spurred by industrial revolution, rise of US and China post-1970 and collapse of Soviet economy.  

An Englishman Q. Craufurd described “Hindoo” society in his “Sketches Of The Hindoos” as he observed in 1790s when British colonialism had not yet commenced their orgy of rape and plunder, “…where destructive hand of the conquerer had not fallen, Hindoos under their native sovereigns were governed on principles of the most just and benevolent policy. In those countries (local principalities), lands were highly cultivated; towns and their manufacture flourish; villages were composed of neat and commodious habitations and filled with cheerful inhabitants; and wherever the eye turned, it beheld marks of the mild protection of the Government and of ease and industry of the people.”  

Utsa Patnaik of Columbia University estimated, during AD 1765 to AD 1938 Sterling Pounds 9.2 Trillion equivalent to US $ 44.6 Trillion were siphoned off at the colonial exchange rate of US $ 4.8 per Sterling Pound compounded at 5% interest rate. As entire foreign exchange earnings were transferred straightaway to London, country was unable to import machinery and technology to modernise economy  on the lines of Japan in AD 1870s. There was absolutely no rise in Per-Capita income from AD 1900 to AD 1929 in spite of second largest export earnings in the world for decades. Life-expectancy at birth in AD 1911 was mere 22 years and Per-Capita foodgrain consumption declined from 200 Kg. in AD 1900 to 137 Kg. in AD 1946. People died like flies while British-Brutes were entirely busy plundering away our earnings to England. They established an elaborate tax-collection machinery with District Collector being the pivotal figure. Tax collections trebled under East India Company and the massive Bengal famine in 1770 killed at least 1 crore natives out of 3 crore human population. Tax collections were used to purchase goods from peasants and British ensured, collectors and buyers were different persons approaching at different intervals so that peasants never suspected, it was their own tax collected being used for buying their produce !! So British-occupiers collected entire produce absolutely free. Intermediaries were nurtured extensively and several contemporary business houses earned their money through ‘Dalali’ for the British with almost non-existent income-tax, so established Utsa Patnaik.  

Now it turns out for sure that entire doctrine of Capitalism is based on robbery and plunder of so-called III-World / Developing Economies. According to Utsa Patnaik, during AD 1780 to AD 1820, British rate of savings was exactly the same figure that was siphoned off from Bharata and West Indies i.e. 6% of British GDP !! With 70 countries colonised, quantum of plunder was so huge that it was impossible for a tiny country like Britain to digest entire loot, so they turned around to become largest capital exporter !! Entire so-called advanced capitalist world viz. USA, Europe, even Russia are in reality, capitalised with the loot and plunder perpetrated in so-called III-World countries. With this plundered wealth, Britain funded infrastructure in USA / Europe. Even war expenses too, were passed onto Bharatiya Budget with the shortfall whenever, declared as debt with hefty interest levied on that head !! London based Secretary of State for India used to hold one-third of Bharatiya revenue as ‘Expenditure Abroad’ to import from Bharata. So audacious are they that even today in 21st Century AD, Britain and Europe dub Bharatiya and Chinese investers in Africa ‘Neo-Imperialists’ with the sole intention to deflect focus from the economic holocausts that they committed in Bharata and China through colonialism disregarding the fact that they have been dealing with independent African Governments. Then they dished out the dubious doctrine of ‘Free Trade’ only to serve their own interests at the expense of others. 

Western countries want free access to agriculture in Bharata and China because they cannot cultivate crops and horticulture that are harvested here. Indeed, tropical countries must unite to extort better terms as so-called advanced western civilisations are critically dependent on us for their propped-up standards of living with some 70% products sold in their Malls are essentially tropical in origin. And we are goaded to believe that so-called advanced countries are advanced because they are stupendously innovative and entrepreneurial. Not a single word of truth of history of economic-holocaust is ever taught in Britain and Bharata for obvious reasons, British grow up imbued with snobbery / haughtiness with a sense of ‘White man’s burden’ to civilise Blacks and Browns across the world while Hindu-s grow up suffused with ‘inferiority complex’, to accept it as destiny should they ever come to know all about that eventually or to prevent them from revolting out of sudden burst of anger if ever at all.  

It is more than obvious, it is not for nothing that invaders intruded and ferociously ravaged us. They had multiple reasons to invade and colonise Bharata and China as otherwise it would have been an impossible exercise for them to exist with profligacy . Quite ironically, all important reasons for them to intrude into Bharata still exist, shall ever exist. It is absolutely imperative for Hindu-s of Bharata to remain incessantly conscious of all those impending dangers and lurking threats of survival, always stand united in this constant battle of existence. Even  negligible slackness on this issue may invite terrible consequences to reckon with for a long time to come. Even pursuit of Vedic values for aeons failed to impart sense of Hindu-unity among Hindu-s and Hindu-s stretched those values to disparagingly suicidal limits. Those invasions and plunder by intruders from overseas might have been a providential exercise to inculcate that sense of purpose among Hindu-s.

British Crown particularly King George V onward, may be regarded as carriers of heaviest / enormous sins and felony perpetrated during their monarchy all over the world. According to Christian theology, every man is born as a sinner. Where else do you find such a nano-accuracy of the doctrine in action other than British Monarchy ?

Like American Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I too have a dream. I have a dream, one day Raisina Hills in New Delhi shall appoint a Bharatiya Governor General for the province of Britain, headquartered at Buckingham Palace, based in London and the province of Britain shall be ruled over by Bharata for at least 400 years. Not only shall we reclaim and recover our entire wealth plundered in those 200 years or so with interest, but also Bharata shall govern them, teach them essentials of governance and civility, disabuse them of ‘White man’s burden to civilise the world’ so that no country in the world shall ever dare to capture and ravage any other country in the world. That shall be yet another great gift from our ancient civilisation to the entire world at large.



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Sounds strange, isn’t it ? Let us examine how it comes about.

1947 was one of the worst years in nation’s history owing to Edwina Mountbatten inspired Indo-Pak Partition under malevolent Prime Ministership of Maulana JL Nehru. Massive migrations were accompanied by massive crimes of all sorts and the Maulana did absolutely NOTHING to mitigate their sufferings. Lakhs of Hindu-s were left at the mercy of beasts to be slaughtered and he made no arrangement to protect them at all. Maulana JL Nehru as Prime Minister did a picnic-trip to the border and commented like a (pseudo-)philosopher, “I think, people have gone mad.” Who could have convinced him at that moment of reckoning, in reality it was he who had gone mad to satiate his lust for power and pelf ??

Thousands of Hindu-s trooped into Delhi almost empty-handed, desperate to survive if not get normal with life immediately. Maulana Nehru decided to settle almost all of them in Delhi in make-shift barracks and left them alone to struggle with ruthless destiny. Food, clothes, medicines, shelter…you name it and they didn’t have it. They were forced to live like animals by the Government of the day headed by Maulana Jawaharlal Nehru, one of the worst enemies of the nation. It was a monumental shame and a blot on his face which can never be obliterated.

In a desperate bid to recover all that they had lost across the border after Partition, undesirable / nefarious practices were resorted to by them and decline of Delhi set in, morally / culturally / economically / financially /  environmentally…in every respect. And the precipitous decline of Delhi continued unhindered during years to come. Alternately, if they all had been dispersed all over in States outside Delhi, national capital would never have been under so much strain since then. The rot that set in during Maulana Nehru era in Delhi, snowballed into a real-time crisis with burgeoning population, so grave that even 70 years after freedom, not a single problem of Delhi has been solved so far, effectively. And now it appears impossible to do so. So much about the great ‘visionary’ Maulana Nehru and claim of his Party, ‘Maker Of Modern India’ !!

No problem of Delhi can be solved unless extensive De-Congestion Policy is adopted as foundation of every Metro Master Plan. Government must forcefully appeal, those who are not required to stay in Delhi, MUST NOT stay in Delhi, MUST move out to their respective hometowns. Country is too large and too developed by now for anyone to be compelled to settle down in Delhi. No retiring US President ever settles down in Washington DC. Unfortunately, we do not pick up right lessons from western civilization, only unethical / wrong values are picked up by us so readily.

It will not be a bad idea for the Government to formulate a comprehensive policy in this regard with financial support as displacement cost. If it is not achieved voluntarily by the populace, it may be forced upon Delhi by deteriorating environment / air-quality sooner than later leading to mass migrations once again. Bold Exit Policy for Delhi and other metroes is need of the hour.



After centuries of monarchical repression perpetrated by the Tsarist regime of Russia, came into being a so-called revolution of Communism with ‘proletariat’ as their ‘feed-stock’ spewing the doctrine of ‘power through the barrel of a gun’, often dished out as socialism to hoodwink wise ones who had a nasty tendency to ask mood-spoiling questions. From a repressive regime marked by widespread discontent, pendulum of the mood of masses swung to the other extreme of complete State control and ownership of all national assets coupled with decimation of individual strive and civil liberties in the name of socialism. And quite naturally so. Led by VI Lenin in 1917, it was channelized by a bunch of ‘day-dreamers’ aspiring to command the entire world who were professional revolutionaries without a cause. When Marx / Lenin duo discovered to their utter dismay, vision of ‘proletariat’ was merely a vision, they started mulling over some other form of ‘socio-political treachery’ to achieve their sinister goals of atrophying the world through socialism of Vulture-Marxism. Liberation from Tsars was a subterfuge as real aims lay somewhere else. In May 1919 at Dusseldorf in Germany, Allied Forces fortuitously received a copy of Communist Rules For Revolution. Those ‘sacrosanct’ rules are as under – 

Corrupt the young, get them away from religion, get them interested in sex. Make them superficial, destroy their ruggedness. 

Get people’s minds off their Government by focusing their attention on athletics, sexy books, plays and other trivialities.  

Divide people into hostile groups by constantly harping on controversial matters of no importance. 

Destroy people’s faith in their natural leaders by holding the latter up to contempt, ridicule and obloquy. 

Always preach true democracy but seize power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible. 

By encouraging Government extravagance, destroy it’s credit, produce fear of inflation with rising prices and general discontent. 

Foment unnecessary strikes in vital industries, encourage civil disorders, foster lenient and soft attitude on part of Government towards such disorders. 

By specious arguments, cause breakdown of old moral virtues, honesty, sobriety, confidence, faith in the pledged world and ruggedness. 

Cause registration of all firearms on some pretext with a view to confiscate them and leaving entire population helpless.   

These have been Principles Of Vulture-Marxism that they practised all over hitherto word by word, in letter and spirit till the day everywhere, wherever they could. Based on those principles cum action-plan, followed ‘cultural-purification’ to create vacuum in all minds to be occupied eventually by Red Book of Marx / Lenin. Masses repressed for centuries, discontented for decades, were immediately attracted to the ‘liberating idea of equity’ under the parasol of communism, participated or tolerated decades of blood-bath / mass-murders by Marxist-Communist bigots in the name of Naxalism / Maoism prodded by the rainbow of social equity in the form of ‘rivers of honey and milk’ flowing across their bylanes of miseries. However, the promised prosperity never came about because it was a merely a mirage that was dished out and served as a dream. Innocent, severely repressed masses could not have visualised or believed on being explained, that the dream was an impossible dream, rather something worse than a mirage. Sprouting shoots of disbelief if at all, were brutally crushed under heavy metallic boots of Marxism / Leninism. In due course, the sham of revolution turned so brutal that it began being known as the ideology of ‘Murder-ology’. Icons of this anti-humanity ideology spread across continents with Mao Tse Tung in China, Joseph Stalin in the erstwhile USSR, Pol Pot in Cambodia, Josip Broz Tito in Yugoslavia etc. etc. No bubble of lies and damned lies can survive for long given the supreme strength of ‘Satyameva Jayate’. Marxist-Communism started collapsing in countries after countries leaving countries like China more capitalistic than ever with an avowed assertion of being essentially a Communist nation only to dodge acute embarrassment caused by Communism that miserably failed them !! What to speak of perpetually flowing ‘rivers of honey and milk’ as a mark of burgeoning prosperity, Marxist-Communism miserably failed to provide even a semblance, not even a sham of prosperity anywhere in the world. After initial waves of genocide in the name of ‘foundation laying’, ‘purification’, or even ‘cultural revolution’, veil of ‘mysticism of Marxism’ was lifted and the world was shocked, stunned and horrified to behold them pathetic, wretched paupers languishing in penury for so long. So called super power USSR was discovered to be in tatters after the iron curtain was lifted by President Gorbecheva in the name of ‘Glasnost’ and ‘Perestroika’. Instead of ‘rivers of honey and milk’, world was horrified to count hills of human skulls in countries like Cambodia, USSR etc. Marxist-Communism turned out to be the most brutal, cruel and anti-humanity ‘socio-economic ideology’ ever known to humanity. They burned down a beautiful State of Bengal to ashes in an uninterrupted rule spanning 36 years yet not a single word of penitence have they uttered ever. Rather, they have been superciliously brazen enough to abuse RSS for all the ills afflicting the nation !! So Communism may be summarised in just one word ‘Daridri by policy’ i.e. abject penury and wretchedness by way of a planned strategy.  

That is how ‘Proletariat’ miserably failed Marxism and Marxist bigots lost all their hopes pinned on them. To their utter chagrin, frustration and dismay, they discovered, proletariat were not intellectually refined enough to assimilate Marxism into their DNA and die for the absence of a genuine cause ! Since pangs of despotism are difficult to obliterate, Marxist bigots very deftly started searching for a reliable alternative to proletariat who could deliver to them ‘dream of mastering entire world’, may be entire cosmos !! Failure of the proletariat to meet their expectations wrought a paradigm shift in their approach. By now they were convinced, only a ‘dictatorship in disguise’ can enable them to attain their goals through an ‘intellectual-prolatariat’ to extirpate roots of cultural heritage.   

So the Vulture-Marxism of plunder and murder was quietly buried somewhere and came out Culture-Marxism from magician’s hat of Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937) and the Frankfurt School. Often recognised as Neo-Marxism (yet another term to smartly hoodwink gullible guys), Culture-Marxism had worthy and worthless intellectuals as their feed-stock spewing the doctrine of ‘social power flows through democratic rights engineered by Leftist-intellectuals and Eminent-historians’ preferably seated in sinecure institutional positions  !! Once cultural heritage is annihilated, roots mutilated beyond recognition, vacuum thus created allows ‘organ-transplantation’ with Culture-Marxism to pretend revival and renaissance of a so-called ‘moribund’ society / country. Entire sinister strategy has been crafted so skilfully that a newly born ‘apprentice’ Culture-Marxist would not believe, he / she is merely a continuation of erstwhile so-called Russian revolution / Vulture-Marxism in a new ‘Avatara’ !! To be more precise, Culture-Marxism is merely an old wine in a newly designed meticulously engraved crystal-glass bottle to attract well educated idiots / intellectual fools and transform them into ‘Neanderthals’ of treachery and bigotry. Marxists hate accurate history albeit love and admire fake history. They hate accurate history because they venomously hate Truth. They hate Truth because otherwise they are unable to indoctrinate minds with their sinister ‘Idiot-ology’. Truth is such an anathema to them that they pursue multi-pronged strategy to deal with history so as to negate it effectively. Departments of Humanities in majority of Bharatiya universities have become INDOCTRINATION TERROR-CAMPS wherein young minds are venomously poisoned with anti-nationalism, anti-Hinduism, separatist / isolationist mind-set by faculty members who do not even deserve to be there as faculty members. So-called research papers / books that they publish in the name of scholarly pursuits, are nothing but street pamphlets full of anti-national venom disseminating divisive doctrines. Otherwise, their next preferred pastime is pitting one against the other so as to ensure, no one has time to point fingers at them and to bring about all round destruction of the institution. 

Culture-Marxists are very well bonded to one another, all speak in one voice in an enviable synergy and coherence, rush to the rescue of anyone undergoing rigours of laws and mobilise resources like a magic, be that US Dollar or IMF bullion !! When Dr. Vinayak Sen was arrested by Chhattisgarh Police, 40 Nobel Laureates from all over the world had petitioned concerned authorities to release him as he was incarcerated wrongfully !! And a large international contingent of legal eagles flew down to Supreme Court in New Delhi to witness his bail proceedings, to ensure fair trial and eventual bail !! Later he was appointed for a sinecure position with the then Planning Commission !! Such is the influence of Culture-Marxists. Be that media, bureaucracy, various institutions, NGOs…they exist everywhere and enact the role of potent trouble-maker and eventual destroyer of whatever they are able to catch hold of. They proffer ceaseless demands of State largess for the’poor’, ‘persecuted’, ‘oppressed’, ‘victims of social injustice’ to leave behind the State bankrupt, then abuse / blame Theory of Capitalism / ‘communalism’ of RSS, sectarian politics of BJP and what not. They dominate every debate on every available forum to reduce number of independent views on any issue of social / political / economic significance to bare minimum while harping loudly on the ideal of freedom of expression. Same tactic they ardently pursue in every discipline of education and creativity. I have myself witnessed D. Raja of CPI bullying college youngsters to agree to his view-point on a popular TV channel. When it comes to practising hypocrisy, Culture-Marxists are extra-ordinarily peerless. Culture-Marxist Comrade Sitaram Yechury refused to visit Yad Vashem in Jerusalem when he was in Israel as he did not wish to “legitimise Israeli propaganda about Holocaust” by visiting Yad Vashem but had no qualms while visiting Al Aqsa and Dome Of The Rock !! Culture-Marxists are ever adamant, no new / different idea be tried out anywhere other than the one prescribed by their Polit-bureau bosses. In 1962 Bharata-China war, Marxists had supported China because they believe in the doctrine of establishing a ‘Qaum’ of Marxists all over the world. Countries that rejected Marxism of any variety, are akin to ‘Darul-Harab’ for them. If religion is ‘opium’ for the masses, Karl Marxism is a ‘Cyanide tablet’ for the same masses.  

Brutality and futility of Culture-Marxism is yet to dawn upon intellectually stunted ones. It will certainly one day. Power never flew through the barrel of a gun as guns are solely meant to emit life-threatening bullets alone. Several generations of the proletariat were wasted away fondly hoping for power and prosperity flowing through the barrel of a gun. All those Intellectual-Morons subscribing to Culture-Marxism are destined to meet the same fate sooner than later as social equity and justice never ever flew through the barrel of a gun or through ‘dictatorship in disguise’. Social equity and justice constitute a never-ending voyage, never a safe a harbour to anchor. Social equity and justice eloquently mean to assure, equal opportunities for all and equality of all before laws. Since level of perfection is always impossible to attain as no two human beings are either identical or equally accomplished, always it remains / exists in the form of a constant endeavour. And this endeavour must never be allowed to stop to meet ends of social equity and justice. Perpetual continuity of this strive alone is the Mantra to assure social equity and justice.  

Every revolution devours it’s own children, is widely believed and shared. It shall never fructify with Marxism of any variety because neither is it a revolution nor a cause. It failed with ‘bourgeoisie’ proletariat and will it fail abjectly with ‘bourgeoisie’ intellectuals too. Both shall continue to exist concurrently albeit Marxism shall certainly be fossilised one day. Every western doctrine / theology eventually had a limited shelf-life. Colonisation could not survive more than 200 years, Capitalism could not move beyond 100 years, Vulture-Marxism not more than 60 years…Culture-Marxism shall not survive even 10 years !!!  


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