Hon. Prime Minister,

Namo Namaha.


Nation is now witnessing another irruption of the cancer of anti-nationalism of anti-Hindu variety. Post-2014, first outburst was witnessed in JNU, The Traitor’s Paradise and now in Ramjas College / BHU after DU. Many more are waiting in their wings to irrupt like hydra-headed monsters all over only to derogate the nation. Secular-mushrooms are having a gala time furiously busy inciting the fire.

So far, what has been witnessed appears to be a lackadaisical policy of the Govt. to stem the rot. However, we need a bouquet of almost all types of harsh and soft measures to tackle the irruption. These are rewards of seven decades of McCaulay brand education perpetuated by anti-national Congressis / Communists manufacturing a huge army of McCaulay-Putras and McCaulay-Putris. When Nation-Suckers like Farookh Abdullahs / Harvard Chidambarams / Yechurys / Javed Akhtars join the errant brigade either to publicly display their utter empty-headedness or to fish in troubled waters for a few more votes, it is time for the Government to sit up and emit out a loud thunderous message, it is a NO NONSENSE GOVERNMENT that minds nation’s interest and integrity first and foremost.

State security cover / sops for Nation-Suckers like Farookh Abdullah / Geelani / Yasin Mallik must be withdrawn immediately. Why should tax-payers foot the bill of their anti-Hindu anti-national rantings ? And how long ?

Why is not a law enacted to prohibit such anti-national outbursts ? If laws do not permit you to enact a clean-up operation like what Marshall Joseph Stalin did in eastern Europe during first half of previous century, it does not mean no effective visible action can be undertaken immediately. Why can’t IB plan a pre-emptive strike based on intelligence inputs by arresting trouble-makers to nip the crisis in bud much before it irrupts ? Such pre-emptive strikes have immense electoral value associated with them as mood of the nation too, is blowing in that direction.

Kindly amend the Constitution to allow Govt. abolish citizenship of such traitors so that they can be thrown out of the country if not hanged like Afzal Guru on charges of sedition / inciting separatism. Why can’t we ban an obnoxious / venomous ideology of Communism ? Yes, Mr. Prime Minister, Communism ought to be banned, all Yechurys and Karats must be arrested under National Security Act and awarded rigorous life imprisonment in a remote island. Communism is Traitor’s Ideology of Murders & Destruction alone and nothing else.

I compliment you for adopting tough stand on Triple-Talaq issue in Supreme Court. However, more should be done by petitioning SC to ban Burqa / countrywide mass animal slaughter on Bakrid (entire Dhaka was flooded with animal blood last year as if it was aftermath of a bout of heavy blood-monsoon and pictures went viral on social media. National Green Tribunal do not have guts to issue notice to Muslims on this issue but they can harass Art Of Living on Yamuna bank for the asking) / Fatwa / Sharia courts etc. Muslims must convince themselves now, equality before law means equality before law only and NOT discriminatory / selective equality before law to pander to their whims and fancies which divided the country into a catastrophic holocaust. People have finally woken up and nation can no longer be bullied around.

Kindly petition United Nations to accord recognition to Hindu Holocaust and finalise a day to mourn on a Hindu Holocaust Day in the country, by Hindus all over the world. Hindus have undergone several holocausts at the hands of invading Mughals / Muslims and 400 million Hindus were brutally slaughtered by Mughals / Muslims out of 600 million Hindus by 1947. Hindus have undergone highest number of mass-slaughters executed by Mughals / Muslims impossible to erase from history texts and Hindu memory. It will amount to greatest treachery of sorts against Hindus if anyone attempts to erase that. Our innocent / defenceless / unarmed ancestors were brutally tortured, massacred by Mughals / Muslims and we all must be acutely conscious of that every moment bereft of any sense of grudge or vengeance. History has a nefarious habit of crawling back to those who are inclined to forget / erase / ignore that and such a neglect is a very expensive proposition indeed.

Like you did for International Yoga Day, I am eagerly looking forward to International Hindu Holocaust Day to be declared by the UN as soon as possible.

Vande Mataram  I


With best regards,

Ramakant Tiwari  


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Hinduism  is a very well defined, well-structured religion with Sanatana Darsana  at it’s core as it’s Atma. Those who pontificate, Hinduism  is a way of life and not a religion, betray their pathetic knowledge of Hinduism, would do well not to comment upon Hinduism  at all. From conception to PindaDana, each and every Hindu  ritual is abundantly and profoundly defined, narrated in scriptures. In absence of ideological dogmatism, leave alone fanaticism, Hinduism  allows ample space to redesign and redefine one’s own package of Hinduism  to be pursued. Hinduism  also allows and accepts complete non-acceptance of all Hindu  rituals in the name of atheism so as to enable the iconoclast to transcend entire Hinduism  and leap-frog to the Adhyatmika  summit in one go !!! However, that does not validate the ridiculous notion that Hinduism  is merely a way of life and not a religion at all !! Ignoramuses and ignorants often refer to ‘Discovery of India’ authored by JL Nehru and narration of Hinduism  therein as a way of life. Abject ignoramus in Nehru did not know, Hinduism  did not exist in India at all and what all he ‘discovered’ in India in the name of Hinduism  is still an enigmatic riddle for the knowledgeable ones !! Had he struggled to discover Hinduism  in Bharatavarsa, he would have certainly succeeded in discovering something in the name of Hinduism  if not in it’s entirety.

One of the largest religions in the world with Buddhism / Sikhism / Jainsim included, Hinduism  has a few elemental constituents around which entire Darsana  as well as rituals revolve. This article is intended to elaborate those elemental constituents to have an aerial view of the religion so as to enable you proceed in an ordered manner to have an intense understanding of the religion gradually.     

Parama Brahmatma / Paramatma

He is the Supreme Absolute Reality, the Only One, Eternal,  Immortal and Immutable. He is the fundamental principle of existence and every entity emanates from Him and terminates into Him. He is Omniscient and Omni-existent too. He is Sat  i.e. Truth, Cit  i.e. Consciousness and Ananda  i.e. Bliss, three aggregated into One. He is the fulcrum of entire existence, Core of entire Perceptible and Cetana-Incarnate. He is the Universal Principle wherein everything that is cognisable, everything that is cognised and every cogniser, all merge into Him into one entity. He can be realised, attained and perceived but impossible to describe because for the purpose of description and narration, cogniser shall have to disengage himself from the Cognised i.e. Param Brahma  by virtue of Ahamkara. The moment cogniser is disengaged from the Cognised, he is mortified and rendered incapable of describing Him. Thus, you can be Param Brahmatma  yourself or none of Him but not between the two states of existence !!! Every faculty of excellence belongs to Him alone. For every faculty of excellence owned by Him, He is endowed with a name. Since number of faculties of excellence possessed by Him are infinite, He possesses infinite number of names described in tales and lores variously. Since He is Immutable, He is Immortal implying thereby, immortality is a cosmic proceed of immutability. Or in other words, immortality is a consequence of immutability.

He is the Supreme / Absolute / Ultimate Cause as well as Supreme / Absolute / Ultimate Effect too, inseparably intertwined. This one Ultimate Effect is constantly, incessantly coming into existence from it’s Ultimate Cause and redeeming itself instantly into that. So Param Brahmatma  is the Cause as well as Effect within Himself and the consequential eternal dynamic flux is the state of Supreme Entity or the Supreme Bliss. Supreme Bliss too because redemption of existence of the Ultimate Effect is instant to it’s Cause within His Being. And redemption alone is the source of cosmic bliss whatsoever.

Atma / Jivatma

If Param Brahmatma  is akin to the sun, Atma  is it’s ray of effulgence. When Atma  is embodied, it is transformed into Jivatma. While all Atma-s are exactly identical, Jivatma-s are different owing to the nature of embodiment. Atma-s are infinite in number, emerge from and immerse into Param Brahmatma. Every Atma  is Sat  and Cit  but not Ananda  unlike Param Brahmatma  who is Sat, Cit  and Ananda  too. It is this Ananda  of Param Brahmatma  that every Atma  is incessantly striving for. The moment this Ananda  is attained, Atma  is rendered eternally tranquil. Atma  is not appropriately empowered to create and nurture universe albeit Param Brahmatma  is and He accomplishes that through Karma-s  like Dana, Yajna, Tarpana etc. performed by Jivatma-s i.e. embodied Atma-s. Atma  cannot accomplish any Karma  while Param Brahmatma  is capable of but does not enact Karma-s Himself. In search of Ananda, Atma-s are prodded into Karma-s at the instance of, on behalf of Param Brahmatma  through embodiment while course of Karma  is guided by their prevailing Guna-s emanating from respective unredeemed Karma-s committed in past albeit ripe to deliver proceeds i.e. Prarabdha. Existence of an Atma  may not be eternal as it may merge into Param Brahmatma  and forfeit it’s individual identity. However, emanation of Atma  and it’s eventual merger into Param Brahmatma  is certainly eternal. Hence, Atma  is mortal while Param Brahmatma, immortal i.e. never ever forfeits His identity. Inter-relationship of Atma  with Param Brahmatma  is beautifully explained by fundamentals of Quantum Physics. If Photon is an energy-bundle of heat / light / electromagnetism, Atma  is a Sat / Cit  bundle being sprayed by Param Brahmatma  into the cosmos to search for Ananda  hidden behind within the Cosmic Being of Param Brahmatma  Himself !! No Atma  can exist independent of Param Brahmatma  just as no sun-ray may exist without the sun even for a fraction of moment.

Prakrti / Guna

Prakrti  is the cosmic tendency / inclination / propensity to act in a certain manner. The cosmic propensity to act may be towards existence of Param Brahmatma  or towards Maya  i.e. all worldly creations that are transient and evanescent. These two propensities are Guna-s i.e. qualifying modifications that decide nature of Karma. Karma  directed towards Param Brahmatma  is known as Sattvika  chasing Sattva  i.e. the cosmic Truth. Karma  intended towards Maya  i.e. plethora of cosmic illusions is known as Rajasika  chasing Raja  i.e. desire to possess and enjoy. Third Guna  is Tamasika  relying upon Tamas  i.e. tendency to remain resolute / steadfast in the state of existence be that Sattva  or Raja. Tanmatra-s of Sattva, Raja  and Tama  are equi-distributed throughout cosmos. At the instance of Param Brahmatma, rather impelled by Param Brahmatma, the equi-poise of three Guna-s is disrupted at multiple points in cosmos causing cosmic whirlpools that trigger association with Cetana, then embodiment into Jivatma. Then is the commencement of a long-drawn cosmic journey through the world to restore the equi-poise and emancipate associated Cetana  i.e. Atma  into it’s original glory of divinity. Prakrti  is devoid of Cetana, incapable of enacting Karma  on it’s own. Prakrti  is regarded as eternal as Param Brahmatma  albeit mutable and Maya  enacted through Prakrti  is mortal. Prakrti  is the means, instrumentality through which Maya  is enacted.

Guna-s of Prakrti  exist in the manifest of Spandana  i.e. extremely subtle modulations and conglomeration through aggregation of Guna-s creates five Maha Bhuta-s i.e. elemental constituents of entire universe. These Maha Bhuta-s are the building blocks of entire universe.

Karma / Karmaphala

Karma  implies actions and Karmaphala, it’s proceeds. Principle of Karma  and Karmaphala  is an extension of the fundamental principle of cause and effect. Just as every cause has an effect and every effect, a cause, every Karma  has a Karmaphala  and every Karmaphala, it’s very own Karma  to explain it’s existence. Karma  already rendered can be neutralised either through it’s redemption in it’s corresponding Karmaphala  or through another Karma. If this ‘another Karma’ is Niskama  i.e. enacted devoid of aspiration to possess or enjoy it’s proceeds, it does not create another Karma  while redeeming pre-existing Karma. If ‘another Karma’ is Sakama  i.e. enacted in the spirit of possessing or enjoying it’s proceeds, it shall create yet another Karma  to be redeemed later while redeemimg pre-existing Karma. Now ‘another Karma’ may also be Adhyatmika  i.e. ascetic pursuits undertaken to dissolve Karma-s enacted earlier. Every Karma  has a gestation period to ripe and once a Karma  matures to deliver proceeds, it is absolutely impossible to dissolve it and the only option available is to undergo it’s consequences in a Niskama  manner. When a Karma  matures to deliver proceeds, it is known as Prarabdha, a cosmic entity so sacrosanct that even the Supreme Absolute Param Brahmatma  is incapable of violating it’s sanctity or eradicating proceeds. Gestation period of Karma  varies based on it’s intensity and content. It may mature immediately or may be after several lives. Since Karma  always search for conducive / facilitative ambiance / circumstances to mature, it is Karma-s alone that decide nature of next embodiment / family / community to be born to so as to be able to be redeemed unhindered and uninhibited. Also, desire / aspiration moments before demise enjoys supremacy and that one of the first Karma-s to be redeemed in next life. In a nutshell, our present is the proceed of our past Karma-s impossible to be altered now as these constitute Prarabdha. However, we are certainly capable of improving our future by enacting right Karma-s in our present existence.      

Thus, every act of every moment impacts upon subsequent moments of our being, our consciousness. Causes and conditions of our emotions, perceptions, volition and grades of consciousness are proceeds of our Karma-s of past. All phenomena are undergoing an intransigent state of dynamic flux, changing moment to moment. Nothing is permanent or forever, including miseries and sufferings. By retaining deserts of vanities, we cannot harvest savannas of virtues. Every sentient is a potential giant. Only our negative Karma-s obfuscate us from beholding this profound reality.


Maya  literally mean “that does not exist”. Entire creation through Guna-s of Prakrti  constitute Maya. Every piece of Maya  has a specified life-span before being either dissolved or transformed into another state of transient existence. Complete dissolution of Maya  is known as Pralaya  in which matter loses it’s identity through dis-aggregation and complete reversion into the state of Guna-s is attained. Thus, it may be enigmatically said, Maya  too attains Moksa !! Contrary to a belief that Maya  is sheer hallucination, Maya  does exist, albeit transiently. Param Brahmatma  explores Maya  through innumerable Jivatma-s without being involved in it directly. However, being Master of entire universe, entire Maya  is solemnised at His instance alone, on His behalf alone. Belief in Maya  that Maya  is real, is the state of Moha  that every Jivatma  is mandated to transcend through Sadhana  while traversing the world repeatedly as a cosmic traveller. Someone may like to remark, “Maya  is a smart, well-crafted divine corruption…may be divine Ghotala” !! It would be an interesting observation indeed.

Being physical, Maya  is finite. Even the vast Cosmos littered with thousands of galaxies spread over 26 dimensions, is a finite reality. Albert Einstein calculated it’s radius to be 100000000000000000000000000000000 Light-Years springing into existence from the Infinite Black-Hole with a diameter of 100000000000000000000000000000000th fraction of a centimeter !!!!! Similarly, our finite bodies carry within Infinite Cetana  of infinite dimensions !!

Ultimately, entire existence boils down to mere three entities, Param Brahmatma, Jivatma  and Maya. Quite mystically, Maya leads to enrichment of knowledge and wisdom vested in the Supreme Being of Param Brahmatma.


Avatara  is Divinity-Incarnate who descends to restore righteousness and slay sinners. Human conduct is perfect only as a rare exception and not as a rule. Hence, these have to be restored to greater heights from era to era by a powerful, influential persona who derives His / Her acceptability by virtue of His / Her divine faculty as divine faculty alone may impart influence of that order.  Interestingly and quite mystically, several of them are susceptible to dislodgement from their divine celestial glory, suffer exile and even humiliation at the hands of those diminished ones who had earlier inveigled them into granting fabulous boons climaxing their long-drawn ascetic pursuits for the purpose !!! Appearance of an Avatara  may occur once or twice in the entire span of a Yuga  and every such descendance is an event of the highest order. During interregnum between two Avatara-s, sinner may be punished variously, even by another sinner. Immediate past Avatara  had been Gautama Buddha  whose mission was to mitigate suffereings through violence and animal-slaughter while next impending Avatara  happens to be Kalki Bhagavana  by the conclusion of KaliYuga  after some 4,50,000 man-years.    


Punara  means repeatedly and Janma  is embodiment into life. Punarjanma  is re-incarnation through embodiment i.e. metempsychosis. Sakama Karma  leads to Punarjanma  and Punarjanma  provides a platform to perform more Karma. Not only felonious Karma-s but noble, Sattvika Karma-s too, lead to Punarjanma  so as to be able to accept proceeds of Karma-s enacted earlier unless these are utterly Niskama  in nature. Unredeemed aspirations too, constitute a powerful causative factor to effect Punarajanma. Real life cases of Punarjanma  have been reported, documented and verified too. In large number of cases, it has been discovered to be true and authentic.


Purusartha  is the entire spectacle of activities undertaken in pursuit of four elements of Purusartha  i.e. Dharma, Artha, Kama  and Moksa  encompassing entire life-span and beyond. Dharma  constitutes foundation of one’s life and all activities. No one is allowed to digress from the  charted path of his / her Dharma  lest it invites appropriate Karmaphala. Ignoring or violating one’s Dharma  itself is an intense regressive Karma  that causes drag in one’s spiritual advancement. Artha  is working for livelihood. Every activity pertaining to Artha  must never ignore cardinal principles of Dharma. Any violation of Dharma  while pursuing Artha  again is a regressive Karma. Kama  is the desire for possessions and acquisitions. Kama  too, must be governed by canons of Dharma  and Kama  devoid of Dharma  is a felonious action. Moksa  is the ultimate objective of entire Purusartha  implying thereby, ultimate emancipation from shackles of Maya. Those who attain Moksa  after being rendered absolutely Karma-less, are never born again to undertake cosmic journey through the world spanning innumerable lives. Thus, four elements of Purusartha  present an entirely holistic approach to life without ignoring human infirmities and frailties.    


Beautifully carved out of rock, when a stone-idol symbolically representing a deity undergoes Prana-Pratistha  through elaborate Vedic  rituals, then it evolves into a Murty  i.e. divinity solidified into a stone figurine. It is regarded as real, live symbol of the celestial deity implying thereby, deity dwelling within the Murty  incessantly. Scriptures do describe events when the deity concerned appeared from the Murty, then disappeared into it again. Tailanga Swami Maharaja  of Varanasi  prayed to the Murty  of Ma Kali  whom he used to worship everyday, for a Darsana  at the instance of his disciple during 19th century. Ma Kali  came out of the Murty  in the manifest of a young lass on his entreaties. After both completed worshipping Her, Ma Kali  again reverted into the Murty  before their eyes. For a Hindu, an idol is not just a Murty  but also a living deity to be adored wholeheartedly the way a live deity would have been otherwise. Any socio-religious reform movement may never succeed if that happens to contradict the institution of MurtyPuja. Buddhism  and AryaSamaja  Movement are stark examples thereof.






During Budget Session 2017 of Parliament, Prime Minister Modi responded to harsh, uncivilised criticism of demonetisation of high-denomination currency by ex-Prime Minister ManMohan Singh while speaking on Motion of Thanks to President. Counter response of Congress to PM Modi’s response had been ugly unruly. Author decided to pick up the gauntlet and respond publicly to shenanigans of Congress and their Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra dynasty.

Hon. Prime Minister,
Namo Namaha.
Response of Congress to your raincoat jibe in Rajya Sabha has prompted me to write this ‘e-Brahmos’ to bring forth a few more perspectives of the issue to the conscience of all. More so because large number of people in the country have an intrinsic inclination to forget history and history is intrinsically inclined to immediately start crawling towards those who tend to forget / ignore it.
I have a few piercing questions that must be raised in public, on the floor of Parliament, in election speeches, in articles again and again till the reality is widely accepted, acknowledged and antagonists of reality are rendered silent.
Why is that only BJP’s Prime Minister is ordained to maintain dignity and decorum of the Office while all Opposition leaders including ex-Prime Minister enjoy unmitigated liberty to hurl abuses and derogatory comments ? They are the ones who continuously insulted Morarji Desai, Atalji, PVN Rao and Deva Gowda in past with the same alacrity.
Why do Congressis forget those lofty morals while commenting on every aspect of the Prime Minister including clothes that he wears ? Are they so much famished of genuine issues to talk about ?
What exactly / precisely was the contribution of JL Nehru to freedom movement without which the movement might have failed or gone haywire ? No historian / Congressi worth his / her salt, has been able to answer this question.
Since Congis ridicule Vinayak Savarkar, kindly ask them on the floor of Lok Sabha before the country, how many lashes JL Nehru received on his back from brute British-Goras and in which British Jail.
If Nehru was so instrumental in attainment of freedom, how is that he was not hanged to death by British-Occupiers, notorious for inflicting brutal / inhuman tortures on our freedom-fighters ?
Kindly ask Congis, as to how Chandra Shekhar Azad was surrounded by British Police shortly after his meeting JL Nehru in Allahabad, had to sacrifice himself instead of being caught.
Kindly ask Congis, what was the contribution of Motilal Nehru to freedom movement. Offering Ishrat Mahal turned Ananda Bhavan as a resort to Congis of those years to rest and relax with red wine and red meat ? What else ?
Kindly ask Mallikarjuna Khadge on the floor of Lok Sabha before the country, what was the contribution of Swarup Rani Nehru to freedom movement and why a hospital is named after her in Allahabad.
Kindly ask Ananda Sharma on the floor of Rajya Sabha before the country, what was the contribution of Kamala Nehru to freedom movement and why a hospital is named after her in Allahabad.
What was the sacrifice that Prime Minister Indira Gandhi (alias Maimuna Begum !!) committed for the country ? She was killed for brutalizing Punjab, for creating conditions to desecrate Golden Temple, for being responsible for brutal murder of thousands of Sikhs, for destroying at least two generations in Punjab…how can that be called a sacrifice when it was a nemesis that she richly deserved ? Kindly ask Congis on the floor of Rajya Sabha before the country.
Kindly ask Congis on the floor of Lok Sabha before the country, what was the sacrifice of Rajiv Gandhi to the country. He was killed for unnecessarily meddling in Sri Lankan affairs, tricked into deploying our Army by the cunning jackal that Sri Lankan President Jaywardene was, that led to immense blood-bath. Rajiv Gandhi was such a fool that he invited the ‘Kalank’ of killing Tamilians through our Army for a foreign Government !! When scores of dead bodies of IPKF soldiers rained down from Sri Lankan skies, it was amply clear, Rajiv Gandhi deserved to be blown into pieces and he was, at Chennai outskirts. Is that a sacrifice or a just nemesis ?
Kindly ask Sonia Gandhi on the floor of Lok Sabha before the country as to why they never glorified Feroze Gandhi. Just because he had a different DNA in spite of being a dubious Gandhi !!!
If they are in a position to tell the country, contribution of Priyanka Vadra’s children to country’s existence / advancement in future, they should be invited to do so immediately !!
Helium balloon of Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra Dynasty’s contribution to the country’s freedom movement must now be punctured, finally and forever.
Vande Mataram I
With best regards,
Ramakant Tiwari




Hon. Prime Minister,

Namo Namaha.

US President Donald Trump is now firmly in the saddle, resolutely on the path of honouring his pre-election promises after entering into the White House, has already extended an invitation to you to visit him later this year.

When Donald Trump responded to Bill O’Reilly of Fox News in response to his question about Russian President Putin, “You think our country’s so innocent ?”, I was finally convinced, Man In The Oval Office is grounded to realities of the world in addition to being a sane, rational thinking man. This is the most opportune turning point when you can appeal to him to completely stop funding evangelism across the world, particularly in our country during your forthcoming visit to the White House. It will certainly save his billions of US $ and protect so many countries from political / religious / cultural / ideological upheavals. Since President Trump genuinely believes in peaceful co-existence with mutual respect, so it appears, it should not be difficult to convince him on this murky issue and bring him around to the righteous stand-point. In spite of running into the risk of sounding utterly naïve, I request you to raise the issue with him during your next summit with him in Washington DC. If he can be prevailed upon to appeal to Pope Francis to declare evangelism / conversions / proselytisation “HARAAM”, it shall be a historic achievement. Western $ sponsored conversion activities must stop immediately, diabolical / obnoxious missionaries must cease and desist from all such nefarious activities. Congress shall resist with all their might at command as destroying Hinduism and converting every Hindu happens to be their first mission, right since their incorporation by a British-Gora, AO Hume.

GHAR WAPASI must be raised to levels of a national mission on the lines of Swaccha Bharata Abhiyana / Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao. It must be encouraged through rehabilitation packages, financial support, security and legal cover. Islam and Christianity do not belong to the nation originally while Zorostrianism / Judaism have been like a breeze of fresh air wafting through windows of nation’s conscience without the possibility of being blown away from our ancient, historical roots.   

His (So-called) Holiness Dalai Lama appears to have deteriorated over ravages of time and age. While speaking at the Vivekananda International Foundation, he ridiculed RK Mission for being “sleepy” and declined to utter the name of Swami Vivekananda !! He elaborately preached Ahimsa, Secularism to a highly accomplished audience and liberally proffered HINDI-CHINI BHAI BHAI that left the audience a bit irritated. I was not extended an opportunity to ask him whether he had ever preached those two mis-used / much-maligned ideals in an Islamic country, say Pakistan / Bangladesh / Syria / Egypt…I was not allowed to ask him, how he could call himself 14th incarnation of 13th Dalai Lama when Buddhism flatly rejects existence of Atma and how he could manage to re-incarnate even without his / any Atma !!!!!!

14th Dalai Lama, a compulsive non-vegetarian “Buddhist” preaching Ahimsa, is no more interested in liberation of Tibet from Chinese occupation at all. All this “Monk” is aspiring for is ‘Article 370’ for Tibet under Communist regime of China to protect Tibetan culture / language…!!! And that too, while enjoying all comforts and protection in our country without ever stepping on Chinese soil ! It rattles my conscience as it sounds like King Of All Absurdities, Mr. Prime Minister.

If 14th Dalai Lama is no more inclined to even talk about liberation of Tibet from Chinese occupation, why should he be allowed to stay in the country any more at all and remain a permanent irritant in Sino-Bharata diplomatic relations ??? I appeal to you Mr. Prime Minister, this Dalai Lama must now be repatriated to China along with his entire entourage immediately and leverage his ouster from the country by improving Sino-Bharata relations amounting to a paradigm shift in Sino-Bharata foreign policy. That will be certainly much more fruitful than feeding these deadwoods and flogging a dead horse any more.

Vande Mataram I

With best regards,

Ramakant Tiwari    


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Some may not find it necessary at all. They may just laugh it away !!

We have tales of unshakeable / unbreakable betrothal oaths narrated vividly in Purana-s and these have been a source of inspiration as well as motivation to regard matrimonial oaths sacrosanct and inviolable. Narratives of Apala, Savitri, Gargi  and Virangana Laxmibai  of Jhansi are really commendable, Yashodaben in 21st century…more in glorifying and sanctifying feminine greatness rather than inviolability of those oaths administered to them during their wedding ceremonies.

Boys and girls used to be intensely groomed and culture-ised, first by their parents at home then at Gurukula-s by highly venerable and erudite Guru-s. These broad-spectrum, intensive educational lessons and grooming used to be so deep-rooted that rarely anyone ever even thought of violating them at all. Equations between spouses used to be so well-harmonised and synchronised that terms like ‘separation’ were completely unknown and inconceivable. When separation was unknown, divorces too were a rarity. Marriages were long-lasting rather permanent within confines of human longevity. If divorces were rarest of rare, almost entire credit went to the extensive educational grooming imparted in their initial years as none would violate canons of conduct within matrimonial domain rather than submission / subjugation of women or high-handedness of their male spouses.

McCaulay Phenomenon destroyed seven and a half lakhs Gurukula-s in the country, society was brought under tremendous pressure of survival, social values / equations disrupted and western ethos imposed upon us deviously. Initial years of educational grooming disappeared, values blown to winds and people gradually turned selfish and individualistic in their disposition. With such a monumental paradigm shift in individual disposition and social scenario, incidence of friction, attrition between spouses rose to alarming levels. Then came into existence, ‘separation’, ‘divorce by mutual consent’, litigation over terms of settlement of legacy etc. First sufferers are always children who never accept that bitter reality and never thereafter being able to respect the relationship of marriage. Divorce is a family destroyer, then society destroyer and finally, nation destroyer.

It may be almost impossible now to re-establish seven and a half lakh Gurukula-s to reverse the clock back. Gurukula  education is the only permanent / long-term solution to the rising social menace of divorces and all other related consequences albeit very difficult to re-attain that even in distant future while measures are required urgently to stem the rot.

Since so-called modern generation of youth patronise, glorify western culture (or lack of it !), disbelieve heroism of great Hindu  womanhood of yesteryears under the nefarious influence of Christian missionaries, let us begin with a western tale of no divorce picked up from December 1998 issue of the Reader’s Digest. While competing in an equestrian event, hero of superman movies Christopher Reeva was thrown off and landed head down of hard earth in May 1995. Within seconds, he was paralysed from neck down unable even to breathe on his own. While he opted to call it quits and die, his wife Dana declined the proposition and vowed to look after him till death do them apart. And the marriage survived albeit at the cost of enormous sufferings for both. Now in this instance, almost entire credit goes to the woman’s greatness and certainly not to western values they had imbibed all those years of their lives !! A fine example of revealing the axiom that marriage is not a 50:50 proposition but 100:100 each, goes beyond an iota of doubt !!

Egoic selfishness is the core element of human frailties. Deliberate disregard of others including family members is a severe aberration wherein personal interest is paramount even at the expense of others. Disregarding one’s personal interest and consistent expression of commitment, constitute bedrock of every conjugal stability as well as longevity. Old-fashioned “Wives should submit to their husbands” practice is borne out of the fact that no organisation can function smoothly under stewardship of two heads with conditionalities of mutual respect and consideration imposed invariably !! Nobody ever had / has a perfect spouse because nobody ever had / has ever married a perfect spouse because perfect spouse does not exist at all anywhere on the Planet Earth !! The relationship is an institution of complimentarity too, in addition to compatibility. Proportion of complimentarity and compatibility is decide by matured, battle of life hardened elders, euphemistically known as ‘arranged marriages’. Naksatra-s too exert their roles in the form of horoscope matching as these have their roots in the nano-accurate Astangayoga  of Maharsi Patanjali. Perfect ‘spouses’ do not make perfect marriages at all as perfect ‘spouses’ do not marry at all, prefer to live in solitude for others and strive for ultimate emancipation, that is Moksa  !! Perfect man / woman is the one who has conquered Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha  and Ahamkara  and such persons are absolutely autonomous creatures, do not require anyone else for any complimentarity whatsoever at all. What a devious dream is a perfect marriage !! So when Isvara  binds two Souls for life, He expects them to strengthen each other in all their endeavours, rest on each other in sorrows and minister to each other through all their agonies, constantly communicate to dissolve all wrinkles and patches free from grudges and malice, till death do them apart.  

One Samantha Joel who studied Psychology at the University of Toronto, developed 10 Promises to be read aloud by both, bride and her beau at their historic moment of betrothal, based on ‘scientific research’ so she claimed. Another set of matrimonial vows was published by the Scientific American too !! And a ‘scientific study’ was conducted in west to discover, how precisely wedding size and cost incurred affected longevity of marriage !!! Crazy west, isn’t it ? Not really. They too, are desperate to prolong life of every marriage as high incidence of divorces, more than 50% have ruined them, children are never sure whether they would be there with their parents next day, no one is sure when his / her spouse would suddenly walk out of the relationship. They all suffer from an intense fear of being deserted alone again and again in this very very tough world to dwell in and that leads them to indulge in all sorts of frivolities. Let us glance at the ‘research based’ matrimonial vows published in a research journal by her –

“I promise to respect, admire and appreciate you for who you are, as well as for the person you wish to become…

I promise to support and protect your freedom  because although our lives are intertwined, your choices are still yours alone…

I promise to seek a deep understanding of your wishes, your fears and your dreams…

I promise to always strive to meet your needs, not out of obligation but because it delights me to see you happy…

I promise to be there for you when and whenever you need me…

I promise to nurture your goals and ambitions; to support you through misfortune and to celebrate your triumphs…

I promise to keep our lives exciting, adventurous and full of passion…

I promise to persevere when times get tough, knowing that any challenges we might face, we will conquer them together…

I promise to treat you with compassion rather than fairness because we are a team…

I promise to show you, every day, that I know exactly how lucky I am to have you in my life.”

Well done Samantha Joel ! However, are these not really vows and much more than these that Hindu  brides / bridegrooms swear by while performing ‘Parikrama’ around AgniKunda  conducted by Pujari-s / Purohita-s ? What new has she really discovered or enunciated ?? Katherine Hertlein, Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy (they have such disciplines of study too !) at the University of Nevada in USA established through extensive research, ‘certain level of egalitarianism’ in relationship is healthy !!!!!! And small budget weddings are short-lived while big-budget, a little longer !!! Classical Western Intellectual Bankruptcy appears to be Infinite indeed.  

Revert to your original moorings of Sanatana Vedic  culture and be a masterpiece of humanity. Rest shall follow you naturally, without even your rigorous efforts.


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It happens to be the greatest mystery of post-1947 Bharata. Did Netaji  Subhash Chandra Bose really die in a air-crash in Taiwan or he survived ? There is every possibility that he survived and lived his full life as an ascetic.

Bhagavanji  was an ascetic in Neemsar at Ayodhya  with a dazzling bright face and very few knew who he was in reality. He was pronounced dead in an air-crash in Taiwan and hardly anyone in Bharata  believed that official version. He was first identified and contacted in 1962 by Surajit Dasgupta, a close acquaintance of SC Bose, his elder brother who had delegated him with the mission to search him out from nowhere. He seldom used to meet anyone that too, with his face hidden behind a curtain. An outstanding personality that he was, used to discuss world politics, theology, music and even metaphysics. He was always inclined to be a rapt listener, used to write notes on important points, prognosticated disintegration of the then USSR, the mess of Vietnam war America was dragged into by US President Lyndon Johnson, demise of Communism in the country of it’s birth etc. He avidly followed Bangladesh liberation war and it is believed, he passed on very crucial strategic insights to the then Government that facilitated victory. One of the greatest patriots of Bharata, he had a flowing beard, extremely thinned hair, exactly same face with very powerful, sparkling eyes. Some say, the afflatus surrounding his face was so intense that it was difficult to stare at him. He had become an advanced Yogi  by then, entirely satisfied with life in solitude. Jnani  Gurujeet Singh Khalsa, Chief Granthi of Gurudwara Brahmakunda Sahib  overlooking Saryu  river, recounted similar experience when he beheld Bhagavanji’s face, face to face, “I was a 17 year old when I saw him. The radiance on his face was astounding. It cannot be explained in words.” There was another close confidant Bijoy Nag who had met him some 14 times between 1970 and 1985 and declared every rendezvous memorable when he stayed in Purani Bastee, then Brahmakunda  for a few months in 1975 / 76. Bhagavanji  once demanded photographs of parents of Netaji  Bose and those were provided to him in due course. Dasgupta and Nag were unshakeable in their conviction about Bhagavanji  being Netaji  Bose.

An INA secret service agent PM Roy had broken the news of his presence in an abandoned Siva  Temple at Neemsar in Dec. 1962. The news was also secretly conveyed to historian RC Majumdar and on Aug. 28, 1962 a letter was sent to Prime Minister Nehru stating, “Netaji  is alive and is engaged in spiritual practice somewhere in India…From the talks I had with him, I could understand that he is yet regarded as enemy no. 1 of Allied powers and that there is a secret protocol that binds the Indian Government to deliver him to Allied justice if found alive. If you can assure me otherwise, I may try to persuade him to return to open life.” Nehru denied existence of any such protocol in his letter dated Aug. 31, 1962 which was a bundle of lies. Transfer Of Power Agreement 1947 was very much signed by JL Nehru and Viceroy Mountbatten, runs into 20 volumes, mandates Government of India to follow same laws and practices even after exit of British Occupiers. These volumes were once displayed by Swami Ramdeva  live on Astha and Samskara  Channels and a lecture delivered by his late associate Rajiv Dixit. Nehru had in fact, stabbed in the back of this nation on the eve of independence and assured Winston Churchill later in London, India had no rancour against British colonials at all !!

Netaji’s friends cited documents referred to in the ‘Transfer of Power, Vol-VI’ that explicitly states that British Government knew of the existence of Netaji  after Aug. 18, 1945 and a confidential letter from Mudie, Home Member of Viceroy’s Executive Council to Jenkins dated Aug. 23, 1945 revealed that after the so-called air-crash, they were mulling over a decision on treatment of Bose as a war criminal and possible fall out of that. In Case no. 929 of 1986 filed by Netaji’s niece Lalita Bose, Justices DP Singh and VK Dixit observed that during search of Bhagavanji’s house, “a large number of belongings and literature associated with the INA in general and SC Bose in particular came to light. There were a large number of family photographs, reports of inquiry commission related to the death of Netaji  etc. it also transpired that a special ceremony used to be held in the room of Bhagavanji  each Jan. 23rd which incidentally, is the birthday of Netaji  Bose and that on that day, no person from Faizabad was allowed to visit him. Some persons from Kolkata used to come and stay with him for that day.” From Nov. 1983 till his demise on Sep. 16, 1985, Bhagavanji stayed at Ram Bhavan on Faizabad-Ayodhya  Highway, close to Circuit House. All those fortunate few who met him, were convinced, he was a Yogi  blessed with divine capabilities. One Saraswati Shukla used to look after him round the clock and Bhagavanji  always addressed her as ‘Jagadambe’. Lalita Bose identified all his belongings as Netaji’s, petitioned court to intervene to take into custody all his 2,760 articles by UP Government and kept in Faizabad Treasury, packed in 32 trunks. Those articles included some 600 copies of the Pioneer and other newspapers, a Rolex watch, letters from Netaji’s family members, spectacles, uniform of INA, amazing collection of books and periodicals, currency notes of Rs. 1, 2, 5, 10 stored in several packets, a copper Kamandala, large magnifying glass, three imported lighters, three thermometers, a Swedish Stove Burner Primus, US made jotter refill pen and a copying pencil. Books included July 1973 edition of Rashtra-Dharma magazine, Last Days Of The British Raj bt Leonard Mosley, History Of Freedom Movement Parts I, II and III authored by RC Majumdar, Speeches of Charles Dickens by RH Shepherd, Shiva And Shivling in Hindi, Atharva Veda Samhita  in Bengali by Durgadas Lahiri, Vivekananda Bani in Bengali by KK Nandi, Sadhaka Ramprasad by Swami Vivekananda, Jan. 1966 Bulletin of Netaji Research Bureau, Freedom And After by Rabindranath Khan, Hindi version of 30 Years In Jail by TN Chakrovarty, Umar Khaiyyam Ki Rubaiyan by Harivansha Rai Bacchan, Hindi version of Police Manuals, Dissent Report of Netaji’s elder brother Suresh Chandra Bose filed before Shah Nawaz Committee, Dissent Report of Radha Binod Pal, original photograph of Gumnami Baba  etc. From Dec. 1954 to April 1957, UP CMs Dr. Sampurnananda and Banarsidas Gupta were in constant contacts with Bhagavanji, their letters and letters of ex-Railway Minister Ghani Khan Chowdhary and other important leaders were also discovered in his personal belongings, now in custody of Faizabad Collectorate.

Bhagavanji  talked in detail about his escape to the USSR via Diren in Manchuria after the sham of air-crash in Taiwan and life in Siberian prisons. Once, upon being offered a firepot to warm himself on a winter night by one Panda  Ram Kishora, Bhagavanji  or Gumnami Baba  told him, his body had lived and survived in Siberia hence, he did not need anything to warm himself up !!       

Bhagavanji  had complete knowledge of all details of his interactions with those on his trail till his disappearance from his Elgin Road residence on Jan. 16, 1941. Details that he exchanged through emissaries of Lila Roy during his stay at various locations in Ayodhya  were quite privileged to Netaji  Bose alone and some of them deposed before Mukherjee Commission accordingly which had concluded finally in their report, Netaji  did not die in the air-crash on Aug. 18, 1945. From 1955 to 1985, he stayed at ten locations in Ayodhya  camouflaged as wanderings of a Yogi. Mukherjee Commission even discovered that there was no air-crash on that day in Taiwan at all and ashes preserved at Renkoji Temple in Japan belonged to a Japanese and not Netaji  Bose. Their report stated categorically, “Apparently there is no reason for not acting or relying upon the evidence of witnesses, particularly those who had seen Netaji  before 1945 and also met Bhagavanji  or Gumnami Baba  face to face, more so when their evidence regarding frequent visits of some freedom fighters and some politicians and former members of INA on January 23 and during the Durga Puja  is supported by the fact that letters written by them…were found in Ram Bhavan, Faizabad…”. He had stayed at Gurudvara Brahmakunda  for six months where Army, Police and senior Administration officials used to meet him at night clandestinely after 11 pm invariably in black Ambassador cars, as averred by Jnani  Khalsa. One of his kin Lila Roy confirmed to Dilip Roy, an old friend of Netaji  through a letter to the effect that Netaji  was alive. All his daily necessities, financial requirements were met by Lila Roy from 1963 till her death in 1970 through trusted emissaries. Bhagavanji  relished some of Bengali dishes like Ghonto, Sukto, Keema, Mishti Doi etc. Her demise in 1970 was a traumatic blow to Netaji  and he admitted so in a hand-written letter which was later examined by a handwriting expert who confirmed that to be exact match of original handwriting of Netaji. Emphatic deposition of all those who had interacted with Bhagavanji  before the Commission, was an evidence credible and trustworthy. When his sketch was prepared by an artist based on details provided by some children who used to play in the compound of Ram Bhavan, everyone was stunned to see exact replica of Netaji  Bose. Even MK Gandhi asserted in Jan. 1946 that Netaji  was alive and he would appear at an opportune moment. PM Nehru was understood to have received a letter from him from USSR stating he would escape to Bharata  vis Chitral. UP Government developed a museum at Faizabad to preserve and display all those articles used by Bhagavanji  who in all probability appeared to be none other than Netaji  Bose. Lucknow Bench of Allahabad High Court ordered UP Government to set up a committee of experts under a retired HC Justice to ascertain real identity of the ascetic popularly known as Bhagavanji, cremated on Aug. 18, 1985 in Faizabad.

With assistance of Japanese, Netaji  had launched Indian National Army in 1943 in Singapore while British were growing desperate to eliminate him at any cost, by all means. The then British Prime Minister Winston Churchill had constituted Special Operations Executive to assassinate Netaji  Bose earliest possible in Turkey where he was scheduled to visit. Netaji  got wind of the conspiracy, abandoned plan to go to Turkey, landed in Berlin via USSR and foiled British plans to eliminate him. British exerted themselves to sow seeds of suspicion in Soviet minds against Netaji  Bose as they considered him a serious threat to their occupation of Bharata. He expected USSR to assist him in liberating the country given their anti-imperialist credentials after the end of World War II. As bad luck would have it, Netaji  Bose fell to British planted mis-information about him in Soviet minds, was sent to Gulag. As Netaji  had no lobby in Kremlin to speak in his favour to Russian dictator Joseph Stalin, he had to remain imprisoned for sometime. Stalin suspected Gandhi-Nehru being British stooges, had poor opinion about MK Gandhi and other leaders, accepted the advice of Russian Intelligence not to kill Netaji  as he may be a better option to carry along than Gandhi-Nehru while dealing with imperialist powers. Stalin’s perception of Congress leaders was so poor that he even declined to send condolence message on Gandhi’s death !! Why and under what circumstances Netaji  Bose was released alive, is yet to be de-mystified.

When he expired and cremated in Sept. 16, 1985 in Faizabad, rumour mill became active to the effect that the Gumnami Baba  was indeed, Netaji  Subhash Chandra Bose. A full-fledged sovereign republic of Bharata  was unable to bid the greatest freedom warrier an honourable ‘Namana’ solely owing to the devious, back-stabbing Agreement that PM Nehru had signed with the British regime on the run and severely compromised dignity, honour of the nation.  

Note : Facts stated in the article have been gleaned from details available in public domain and not based on any investigation into the imbroglio carried out personally by the author. Comments and observations are author’s personal.  


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An interesting controversy erupted in the form of Gandhi / Khadi / Modi / Charkha / KVIC as KVIC published Calender 2017 with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the spinning wheel in the posture we all are habituated to behold MK Gandhi alone. Congress have cried hoarse as they have nothing better to do under the Holy leadership of Rahul Gandhi. 
Prime Minister Modi is a far greater freedom-fighter than MK Gandhi / JL Nehru.

Gandhi could not liberate India from the vice like grip of British clutches of slavery. From Robert Clive to Mountbatten, they all were hardened white-collar criminals. Netaji Bose had to intervene to strike the final, decisive blow to eject British-Goras from the country with his Indian National Army, so go so many tales of freedom movement by well-versed historians.

Gandhi did not liberate Bharata  from India. In fact, he handed over Bharata  to India represented by JL Nehru and his dynasty by bullying Sardar Patel to withdraw from the race to become PM in spite of massive support for Sardar.

Gandhi did not threaten self-immolation to prevent partition. He should have done that to prove his greatness and commitment to the nation, if at all he had any.

If someone tells me, Gandhi kept the Cauldron Of Freedom Movement boiling so that Netaji Bose could liberate the nation with his Indian National Army, I would pity his / her intellectual bankruptcy. Mangal Pandey, CS Azad, Bismil, Bhagat Singh, Veer Savarkar, Chapekar Brothers, Udham Singh…were the real ones who kept the cauldron boiling at enormous hardship and so many of them just burnt themselves alive in flames of freedom movement. Today, at hindsight, I am unable to answer the question, why I should respect / idolise Gandhi and for what…for preaching Ahimsa  to Hindu-s instead of calling them to lift Gandiva  to throw out Gora-Intruders coming from Britain… he made a mockery of the wisdom of Bhagvadgita…for promoting Hindustani instead of Samskrita  and destroyed Hindi by flooding it with Urdu words…for supporting Khilafat which turned out to be highly detrimental for the country and sowed seeds of partition…is it really possible to throw away a brutal regime with Ahimsa, Charkha, Multani Mitti, goat’s milk…and Khadi condoms for ‘Gandhian’ Brahmacharya  !!!

MK Gandhi was directly involved in conversion of Indira Gandhi to Islam after her marriage with Feroze Khan by granting his surname Gandhi.

In 1967 Aug., a seminar was held in New Delhi to celebrate 20th Independence Day anniversary and it was attended by a galaxy of Who’s Who of the capital. One of the speakers was the then British High Commissioner in New Delhi, John Freeman and the topic of debate was, at what point of history independence of Bharata  became a certainty transcending fierce opposition of even diehard imperialists like Winston Churchill. British High Commissioner asserted, it was in 1946 when Royal Indian Navy revolted against the Crown, freedom became a certainty. The revolt began with a minor looking complaint about poor quality of food provided to sailors. The rebellion entered Royal Indian Air Force, then Royal Indian Army. And it was all at the instance and instigation of Indian National Army of Netaji Bose. Within no time, it irrupted like a volcano, spread all over and British had no guts to take action. That was the turning point of history when Congress leaders were busy furiously bargaining terms & conditions of independence with Brit-Goras led by Viceroy Mountbatten. Gandhi and Jinnah condemned the revolt while Sardar Patel played the role of a fire-fighter with mutineers.

Now the question arises, why were Britishers so scared that they did not use force to quell the revolt. It was the memory of 1857 when British were brutally killed in very large numbers by freedom-fighters that petrified them with fear. They feared the ominous possibility of every single Britisher being slain by mutineers as the level of anger was very high against them. They were 40,000 in numbers then, had raised an army of 2.5 million Bharatiya  soldiers after World War II with so many of them holding specialised training from Sandhurst while in 1857, numbers were far less and bereft of effective leadership. That was the mortal fear that forced Britishers to quit earliest possible. The then British Prime Minister Clement Attlee too had confirmed the same during his visit in Kolikata. This one is the most authentic version of our chronicle of freedom movement. Revolt 1857 followed by Naval / Air Force / Army Revolt  1946 brought us freedom from British domination, at least partially.

War of Independence was sparked by Mangal Pandey in 1857 and concluded by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose with his India National Army in 1946.
Prime Minister Modi has been working / struggling day and night to undo those historical wrongs at an enormous risk to his life and liberty. Magnitude of insults / abuses / excruciating harassment for years at the hands of biased judiciary that he has taken / ignored, are even worse than being hanged till death. Yet, he has not complained at all so far other than deriving political mileage / advantage during elections.

MK Gandhi does not hold copyright over Khadi exactly as JL Nehru does not hold copyright over Teen-Murty Bhavan !!

After leading 35% rise in sale of Khadi, PM Modi enjoys every right to be a Khadi-Icon. After languishing for decades, Khadi now has the right icon to brag about.

I assert and re-assert with maximum emphasis at my command, Prime Minister Modi is a far greater freedom-fighter than Gandhi-Nehru.


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