Communists refused to recognize Independent Bharata  for 4 years i.e. till Aug. 15, 1951. They accepted it only after their rebellion in the then Andhra Pradesh miserably failed to elicit any favourable response.  

Mitrokhin Archives reveal, Communists / Congress both, were funded by the KGB. 

Radio Moscow openly campaigned in favour of Communists in Lok Sabha 1952 elections. 

Communists had initially opposed British domination, then supported them wholeheartedly. 

Quit Bharata Andolana  was defeated by Communists in cahoots with the British regime. Communist leaders arrested earlier, were released by the British regime in lieu of this cooperation.  

Not merely support to Jinnah and his Two Nation Theory, Communists presented a proposal to the British Cabinet Mission in 1946, Bharata  be divided into 17 countries !!!! They had stated a congeries of arguments in favour of this “reorganization” plan. ‘Sikhistan’ / Darjeeling / Bengal / Kashmir…were some of the countries piously listed by them in that report. 

‘Chacha’ Nehru as a hardened Communist, supported partition much against wishes of MK Gandhi. ‘Chacha’ Nehru somehow wanted to prove, he was more Communist than even card holding Communist Polit Bureau members !! US President Harry S. Truman often used to summon CIA Chief to order, find out once again whether Nehru was a Communist. USA supplied food-grains under PL 480 completely unfit for human consumption during late fifties and early sixties. Later nation learned, America expressed their annoyance for Nehru’s hobnobbing with Russians through PL 480. President John Kennedy dispatched arms during 1962 war in spite of his visceral hatred for ‘Chacha’ Nehru for the only reason, Americans did not want Bharata  to be captured by the Chinese.

‘Chacha’ Nehru had told Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia that since East Bengal was full of swamps, useless trees and dirty water, it should be separated from Bharata  !!  His similar comments to Mahadeva Ranade regarding Akshai Chin are again, too well known to all.

Declassified CIA Documents 1952 reveal, Communists wanted Kashmir to be a part of the then USSR !!  

In 1959, Communist Party Gen. Secretary Ajoy Ghosh established a heavily in profit trading company that traded ONLY with the USSR !!  

JNU was established in 1959 with a rabidly anti-Hindu Muslim fanatic Dr. Nurul Hassan as the first Vice Chancellor. He was a card carrying Communist too. Whole world knows today, what all happened thereafter and what happens today in JNU. All educational bodies like ICHR / ICCR / ICPR / NCERT etc. were heavily infiltrated with rabidly anti-Hindu Communist Bigots. Mutilation of our history and distortion of text-books are too well known. Also the fact how they modified foreign and economic policies of the country by bullying Government of the day in lieu of support in Parliament. 

Why did Communists split into CPI and CPIM ? The faction that wanted the country to follow USSR model of growth, declared themselves as CPI while supporters of Chinese model of growth, CPIM. By the way, both countries were wretchedly poor and pathetic during those years while our Communist ‘Patriots’ in the country were talking about USSR / Chinese Models of Growth for our country !!!!!!!!!!!! 

1962 China war witnessed CPIM openly supporting Chinese through thousands of posters pasted across the country, declared Bharata  as the invader, did their best to disrupt supplies to soldiers at border. That is why RSS had to come forward aggressively to defeat their destructive activities which ‘Chacha’ Nehru had to appreciate later. 

CIA Documents disclose, USSR Embassy in New Delhi directed CPI in 1958, to raise a guerrilla group within Bharatiya Sena  which could support Chinese during the eventuality of war. That means, 1962 war was planned in 1958 itself in USSR Embassy !! However, this idea did not work out while Gen. Secretary BT Ranadive assured Chinese Embassy in 1959, of all possible support in case hostilities break out. In September 1960, Comrades Jyoti Basu, HKS Surjit, BT Ranadive etc. pressurized CPIM leadership to openly support Chinese. Surjit even raised guerrilla group to support Chinese within the Army. However, our brave and patriotic Army Generals sniffed the conspiracy and ensured, they were standing behind bars well in time. 

By hailing HKS Surjit as ‘Modern Chanakya’ though he was a traitor par excellence, quite inadvertently, rather stupidly, Communists admired at least one great son of Bharata.  

Being worst enemy of press freedom, ‘Chacha’ Nehru did his best to muzzle press by suppressing unpalatable news, bullying paper owners to discard unfavourable stories or remove editors, installing his son-in-law Feroze Gandhi in Indian Express though he possessed no experience of journalism while Communists admired and adored ‘Chacha’ Nehru as a great patron of freedom of press. 

‘Chacha’ Nehru was the centrality of Communist movement in Bharata. This inglorious legacy of his, was carried forward by his daughter Indira Gandhi for almost two decades.



“If I had done it like that…”, “If I had acted that way…”, “Only if I had ignored it just like that…”, “If I had not declined that marriage proposal…”, “If I had been a surgeon instead of being a lawyer…”  etc. are conglomerates of stray, rather futile thoughts that constantly agonise us by clogging our highly capable imaginative minds. Quite interestingly, such bizarre extrapolations into past seldom lead to questions like “If I had not been born at all…” !!! “Was our past governed by some sort of deterministic doctrine ? Is it possible, are we capable to alter our present and future ?” are yet another set of questions that often disrupt our peace of mind. Quite disconcertingly, most of these extrapolations into past pertain to setbacks / tragedies / losses etc. Hardly ever it moves on optimistic lines, “If I had adopted that strategy, I would become President of USA instead of President of Bharata…” !! Mental recklessness has no limits, indeed. 

Our approach to past certainly influences then determines our approach to present and future. If the sentimental baggage attached to past is too heavy, our self-esteem shall not be able to accompany our present or craft our future pragmatically owing to the simple fact, self-esteem is constantly under corrosion wrought by the baggage. Worst follows when you succeed in convincing yourself, you had been root-cause of all those setbacks / tragedies. Then even your self-esteem or whatever is left out of it, is unable to prevent you from your transformation into becoming a cynic / sceptic or even hedonistic. Self-pity and self-criticism automatically creep into this cynicism and the flame of miseries fans high into the sky. Are we really then inclined to fix the problem ?  

All such “Ifs” and “Buts” of past ought to be perceived stoically, utterly unattached and indifferently irrespective of range, extent and intensity. Every incident in life whether unsavoury or palatable must be viewed as merely one among so many in one’s life. Instead of striving to revive a corpse by reacting to past “Ifs” and “Buts”, viable proposition is to weed out all unsavoury reminiscences. If one is not resolute enough to achieve that, such memories may be allowed in, allowed to remain idle therein albeit dis-allowing oneself to react to all that or invoke that as a measure of some measuring scale to assess oneself or even as preposterous convictions that restrict our freedom to evolve and grow. Past events must never be empowered to influence present lest one’s growth and development are stymied. As a matter of strange reality, our lives are absolutely devoid of problems as Isvara  never created problems for us. All our so-called “Problems” are our own sheer brain-waves. If we just re-fashion frequency of our brain-waves in terms of Mega Hertz, every problem is transformed into a golden opportunity !!  

So far, we focused on “Ifs” and “Buts” emerging within ourselves. What about “Ifs” and “Buts” being constantly and compulsorily gifted to us by our friends and relatives ? We expect everyone else to possess a certain set of perceptions about us and if it is not like that, interactions go haywire because our ego is bruised. This ego is essentially a database of perceptions that we expect others to have about us and what we have about others as well as our stale, worthless memories. It is susceptible to vacillations leading to approval / appreciation / recognition seekeing attitude. Self-Consciousness is far away from this ‘databased’ ego, an ego that only knows to react while Self-Consciousness propels us to transcend what others say about us as well as what we expect others to say about us. We need not be contemptuous towards other’s views however, that ought not be allowed to be the prime source of motivation in our lives. Also, we must be discriminatively aware of, how much significance is to be conceded to which perception and why. We must be in complete command of our lives as a measure of our inalienable right of individuals according to our legitimate and democratic inclinations guided by the “moral compass” that we all possess. Our relatives, friends and lives they lead are ends in themselves and none of us is means by which the other may lead a surrogate life anyway.       

Since every dream is possible irrespective of past and every event is consequential to a conglomerate of complex factors mostly unpredictable and uncontrollable, we must groom ourselves into a “Possibility Dreamer / Thinker”. Such a dreamer imbued with self-confidence, moves ahead with a vision in his / her eyes only to realise the dream sooner than later. On the contrary, a “Probability Thinker” is essentially a sceptic who is perpetually engaged in his / her mind visualising obstacles on the way and calculating (statistical !!) probability of coming to a naught !! Thus, a “Probability Thinker” inevitably comes to a naught !!          






Param Brahmatma  is the Ultimate and Supreme Being, being the Know-All and Can-Do-All. He is the ultimate and original plurality / diversity-potent Entity privileged with the absolute liberty to manifest or reject manifestation with manifestation being just one of the infinite number of possibilities. He may access anything with absolutely no cap on range and extent of manifestation at all. Mystical question then arises, “How does Param Brahma  perceive Himself when everything is He, Himself alone with no dichotomy at all ? As only a perceiver is capable of perceiving the perceptible, how can He perceive Himself being perceiver and perceived both, Himself ?” And also the mystical question, “Why should He aspire to perceive Himself ?” Let us attempt to answer all such intellectually / spiritually nagging queries systematically one by one with the last one, being first.

Why should Param Brahma  aspire to perceive / cognise Himself ? And why not ? Why should not an absolute entity constituted of entire conceivable, cognisable and available consciousness, aspire to cognize itself ? It will, by all means. When the Absolute Entity aspires to cognize Himself, He submits Himself and His faculty of Advaita  i.e. Monism to the phenomenon of fractionation through cleavage into a perceiver and the perceived. It is the single fertilized egg called Zygote that cleaves and re-cleaves to become an organism. Similarly, a negligible fraction of Param Brahma’s Cetana  cleaved / re-cleaved / aggregated / segregated / conglomerated / transformed / evolved into innumerable creations, an illusion of Dvaita  only to be able to perceive / cognize Himself.  

For such a self-cognition, one grand creation ought to / might have been sufficient. Then why so many, always / eternally innumerable creations ?? Well, an artist enjoys creating creations. No artist may ever cease to create so long as faculty to create persists in his / her being. So is Param Brahma. He is the greatest artist transcending entire past, present and future of the entire cosmos. His creativity is eternal just as the aspiration to Self-cognise / Self-perceive may be infinite and eternal. He commenced creating very simple creatures in the beginning, then moved onto creating very complex and beautiful entities. His faculty of creation is so mystical, so enigmatic that he created innumerable loci of potential Self-cognition !! Then He expected all such loci to search for the One purported to be enabled by them for the grand ultimate Self-cognition without being able to cognize it initially !! No sooner do these innumerable loci perceive, deliberately and sportingly strayed out by the Absolute Being, they are impatient rather desperate to revert into the Supreme Being once again. These innumerable “loci” of consciousness are also privileged with considerable degree of autonomy to enable them appear independent in spite of being mere reflections of the Supreme Consciousness that Param Brahmatma  is. Scores of terminals connected to a supercomputer too function independently even though they derive their independence from the supercomputer alone !! That is precisely the equation between innumerable Jivatma-s and Param Brahmatma. And they eternally remain / exist under the custodianship of Param Brahmatma. Just as Big-Bang causes drifting away of galaxies infinitely till a critical juncture after which they revert into the Cosmic Sunya, Jivatma-s too revert into the Supreme Abode when zest for life turns blasé after several cycles of temporal dreams, joy of achievements, tragedy of deaths, sacrifices or even a treachery of a traitor, all trials and tribulations are just unable to agitate them a bit. When Jivatma  is resolutely unperturbed, Param Brahmatma  no more enjoys Karma-s of such a Jivatma, then the Jivatma  is retired into the pavilion of Moksa. Sense of egoic individuality, essentially consciousness of a lower order, then expands unto Universality and that is the ultimate redemption. It is a transmigration of the Alone to the Supreme Alone, both in solitude and the cosmic journey being absolutely solo. It is a tremendous attainment that is impossible to attain by proxy.   

How exactly innumerable beings are differentiated and recognized individually with the cosmic being of the Absolute Being ?? Instrumentalities happen to be Ahamkara, Buddhi, Mana, Kala, Panca Mahabhuta-s etc., that too, being manifestation of Cetana  that is impossible to fractionate or fragment. Cetana, essentially energy, can be fragmented and fractionated only after it transforms into mass, then into various forms of life and the universe. As the illusory segregation of Cetana  undergoes proliferation, an illusory spatio-temporal i.e. Space-Time Grid is created.   These constituents bring about various orders / levels of Cetana  that impel beings to act variously and accept consequences thereof too, to nullify their actions, to become pure again…And all these constitute a mysticism of Karma-s of an exquisite order, a wonderful source of not only Self-cognition for the Param Brahma but also Self-entertainment too !!! This game is over only when the being perceives being a mere a toy in cosmic hands of Param Brahma and the being has no other abode to rest except Param Brahma  Himself. In this cosmic game, intensity of Ahamkara  is directly proportional to the cosmic distance between the being and Param Brahma. Hence, the cosmic message is explicit – Fascination for the physical world is as absurd / ludicrous as your right hand telling you, “I do everything, every work. What do you do, you fool ?” or your eyes obsessed with your own beautiful face !!!!!




Imbued with Communist ideology, Dragon’s territorial ambitions have always been insatiable. Right since inception of Mao Tse Tung as the Communist dictator of China, expansionism has been a favourite core competence of their foreign policy. Be it Aksai Chin, Arunachala Pradesh or Bharata-Bhutan-China trijunction at Sikkim borders, tale of territorial high-handedness is the same. The worst was when entire Tibet was annexed in forties and the then Dalai Lama had to flee Tibet seeking refuge in Dharmasala. Since then, Tibetans have been dwelling like refugees all over agitating world opinion in favour of their independent homeland.

It is not just Bharata or Bhutan alone that have been singed and suffered at the hands of Dragon’s venom and fire. Central Asian countries viz. Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, South-east Asian countries viz. Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, East Asian countries like Taiwan and Japan have been compelled to cough up Dragon’s illegitimate territorial claims or expensive credits with eventual default leading to Dragon’s acquisition of land as well as entire project. Major portion of Kyrgyzstan was ceded to Russia in 19th century which Dragons claim to be their own now while in case of Tajikistan, historical precedent of Quing Dynasty (1644-1912) constitutes basis of their claim. Nepalese territory dating back to Sino-Nepalese war in 1788 belongs to Tibet, hence that now belongs to China !! Dragons claim entire Myanmar based on some historical precedent of Yuan Dynasty of 1271-1368 period. Same dynasty and same period of history emboldens them to claim, entire South Korea, North Korea, Laos and Mongolia too, belong to them in spite of the fact that the Mongol Genghis Khan had occupied entire China !! Out of Japan, Dragons claim Senkaku and Ryukyu islands just because once upon a time, independent Kingdom of Ryukyu was a vassal state of China. Ming dynasty of 1368-1644 prompts Dragons to claim entire Cambodia too !! China is probably the only country in the world having land and maritime border disputes with every country in their neighbourhood !!! Dragon shares 22,000 Kms. long land border with all 13 nations in their territorial contact i.e. Korea, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhastan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Bharata, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. Pakistan too, has consanguineous border with them but only through Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Current stand-off  with China is about the trijunction lying at a point near Batang La and Chumbi Valley. Dragons claim that the trijunction lies at Gyemochen on the Zomplri Ridge, around 7.5 Kms. south of Batang La, to bolster their claim over Doklam. Now the real irony lies in the fact that the land belongs to Bhutan having defence pact with Bharata while China do not have diplomatic relations with Bhutan at all and Dragons are telling Bharatiya Sena to vacate Chinese land !!!! It is height of absurdity and bullying tactic that Dragons are pursuing.

Bharatiya Army had dealt a severe blow to Dragons in 1967 in Nathu La sector that resulted in death of 400 Chinese soldiers. Nathu La (Sept. 11-14, 1967) and Cho La (Oct. 1, 1967) clashes were a series of clashes between China and Bharata along Sikkim border. In Cho La clash, Chinese troops initiated the scuffle, then infiltrated into Sikkim, claimed the Pass and challenged our positions. Dragons were decisively defeated and humiliated by the brave Bharatiya Sena and that happens to be the main reason why no bullet has been fired by them since then betraying their sense of insecurity on use of military prowess in spite of multiple border flare-ups at various locations. Vietnamese Army too, had dealt a severe blow to PLA in 1979 along Sino-Vietnam border merely four years after unification of North and South Vietnams.

Basis of all their territorial claims are utterly preposterous to say the least. These are caused by some “historical precedents” that are at best unsubstantiated or purely mythological that too, centuries old. Enormity of Dragon’s high-handedness can be judged from the fact that except Bharata and Bhutan, illegitimate territorial claims with all other neighbours have been settled in their favour alone !!! Unresolved maritime border issues too, are complex with competitive claims of all littoral countries and regional alliances. Dragon has a running maritime dispute with Japan, South Korea, Phillipines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Taiwan too, though they share maritime boundary with just four countries i.e. Japan and South Korea in East China Sea while Philippines and Vietnam in South China Sea !!! South China Sea is the world’s busiest seaway with huge reserves of oil, gas and sea-bed minerals to be exploited. Now again some historical myths / facts come into play and entire South China Sea belongs to China !! China has already been displaying entire SCS in their map confined by nine imaginary dotted lines. As very high commercial stakes of several countries are involved, it appears to be a flashpoint in future for a fierce naval conflict in the region.

Director of Centre For China-US Cooperation at the University of Denver Suisheng Zhao says, “Reconstruction of China’s imperial past to advance the contemporary agenda of its peaceful rise has, ironically, set a 19th century agenda for 21st century China – intended to restore the regional hierarchy and maximize security by expanding influence and control over its neighbourhoods.” That really lets the cat out of its bag !! They nurture a hidden dream to dominate the world. And to cover it up well, Xi Jinping goes on to pontificate “the genes order” and “inherited national spirit” determine that “the Chinese nation is a peace loving nation”. That is indeed mind-boggling because their sinister expansionism is motivated by their Chinese “the genes order” !! And their bosom-buddy Pakistan too is an out and out “peace loving nation” indeed !!!!

Several countries have administered tough warnings to Dragons to behave themselves or it may lead to brief albeit fierce combats. With growing awakening and international camaraderie, no country in the world accept being bullied by another.




Rabindranath Thakur turned ‘Secular’ Tagore composed once imaginatively –

“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
Where knowledge is free
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
By narrow domestic walls
Where words come out from the depth of truth
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit
Where the mind is led forward by thee
Into ever-widening thought and action
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.”

So retorts Ramakant Tiwari, lamenting in utter despair and disgust –


“Where mind is full of fear, head droops in despair,

Where knowledge is trashed in bin,

Where life is shattered into sobs and fragments,

By ever-flowing rivers of blood,

Where cries of agony echo from depth of miseries,

Where tireless bigot politicians strive to loot and destroy,
Where stream of reason, now an overflowing gutter,

Into the dreary desert sand of fierce riots and butchery,

Where mind is led downward by scallywags,
Into ever-narrowing cauldrons of hell-fire,

From that Hell of Bigotry, my Father, let me escape.”

Bengal is burning and flames are leaping high above into space. “Robindro Shongeet” drowns desperate wails of help and “Rashogollas” sweeten mouth of every rapist. “Poribortan” Begum has turned out to be a devilish despot now eligible to be arrested under National Security Act and imprisoned for life.

From 1999 to 2002, Shutia in North 24 Paraganas, hardly 60 Kms. away from Kolikata, Sushanta Chowdhary and his gang members unleashed mass rapes and sexual toture of any and every woman they came across anywhere, under protection of Jyoti “Boshu” Government. Nobody dared to file even FIR and mass-rape of all women / girls continued for 3 years. When one young school teacher Barun Biswas finally mustered courage to stand up, action or a semblance of it, was indeed undertaken though Barun Biswas was duly gunned down later. By the way, Bengal is dotted with Shutia-s.

Let us go deeper into past. If I correctly remember, it was 1974 when the jam-packed Rabindra Sarovar auditorium in Kolikata holding a cultural programme, was raided and ran-sacked by Leftist butchers. The orgy continued for hours and next morning, heaps of ladies clothes, torn to tatters, were discovered by people all around. It came to be notorious as ‘Rabindra Sarovar Kaand’ later. Nobody knows what action was taken later, whether even FIR was filed at all.

Will anyone believe today, Bengal has been a land of Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Swami Vivekananda, patriots like Dr. SP Mukherjee who sacrificed his life for the sake of nation’s integrity  ??

Let us still go deeper into past. Maharashtra Purana of 18th century narrates annual Maratha raids in Bengal from 1742 to 1751. It’s Maratha poet Gangarama described terror-stricken Bengalis very strangely tolerating terror with not even a semblance of resistance.

And do you know whom he blamed ? Will you be able to believe that ? Bengalis !!!!

Thus he described poetically as under –

“None worshipped Radha-Krishna, filled are they with sin,

Day and night they pleased themselves with other’s women,

All time was spent in lusting and abuse,

No one knew what might happen at any excuse,

Avarice and greed all day and night,

There was no other thought in anybody’s mind,

So great was the burden of sin on Earth,

No longer could she bear such a weight on her girth.”

So Bhadraloka-lunacy / Hilsa-loka profligacy has been a centuries old tradition primarily responsible for destruction of Bengal. Even now, if you condemn CPI(M) / Jyoti “Boshu” in Bengal, you run the risk of being lynched !! And if you condemn “Poribortan” Begum, only Ma Kali  can protect you !!! BJP / RSS members are sneered at as if they belong to stone-age !! If such Bengalis of such a Bengal are not tormented, then who else ? Tragic, indeed.

Bhagavana Siva  had directed Marathas to save earth and destroy Bengal !!  


On what grounds do they claim to be greatest intellectuals and visionaries on earth ?

Why has Bengal always been so wayward a State ??

They have destroyed all their fire-tenders. Is it possible to save Bengal ?

If yes, when and by whom ??


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Hon. Prime Minister,
Namo Namaha.
Mid-night tryst with nation’s status as a developed one was a historic one. I am sure, this tryst shall outshine the first one that fizzled out within no time and the nation was left in tatters, only with the rhetoric to eat, drink and be merry !! It was a long drawn battle spanning three years after your installation as PM and concluded to it’s logical end in a most dignified manner by the Finance Minister without causing even an iota of friction, attrition or disruption anywhere in the country. There have been a few suffering from acute inferiority complex as well as monumental immaturity who were hell-bent to remain discontented and drew immense satisfaction in boycotting the historic mid-night tryst. There was another set of people to boycott whose loyalties lay somewhere else. They are all pettyfogging people with a miniaturized mind who should never have been in politics at all. I wish them to disappear from the country earliest possible.
This mid-night tryst was a tryst of integration and consolidation of the nation from ‘unity in diversity’ to ‘unity in unity’ alone.
GST is environment friendly too, earning Carbon credits for the country as Octroi Nakas go into oblivion and innumerable trucks save shiploads of diesel / petrol being burned for nothing. This is a tremendous benefit that no one has highlighted in his / her speech. ‘One Nation, One Tax’ is fine but my mind is more focused on ‘One PM With Absolute Majority, One Nation, One Tax’ to reckon with !! That is the real Mantra  that is driving Prophets of Doom & Gloom crazy, Mr. Prime Minister. My best wishes are always with you for the auspicious deed.
Three year tenure of your’s so far has been absolutely flawless, not a single issue on which your Government could have been berated in spite of my being exceedingly cruel and ruthless in assessing politicians and declared it so widely in social media on completion of 3 years. I am well aware, I run a serious risk of being derided as being a ‘Modi-Bhakta’ despite the fact that I happen to be an ardent ‘BharataBhakta’, neither ‘Modi-Bhakta’ nor ‘Any other-Bhakta’ !!
Your speaking in national language at the White House standing right next to President Trump was really a heart-warming spectacle. More so was the reference “from Attock to Cuttack”, a clarion call for ‘Akhanda Bharata’ that has to be realized sooner than later.
Two CMs in the country have now transformed themselves into security hazards. They may soon be eligible to be arrested under National Security Act as States under their tutelage are drifting towards complete anarchy and blood-bath all around. Why can’t Centre intervene directly and arrest the downward drift in these two States ? If Hindu-s are going to be persecuted in their own country, that is a very unfortunate situation Mr. Prime Minister. Why should two foreign religions be imposed upon the country in the name of secularism and destroy original Hindu  heritage after demolishing some 3000 temples, vast tracts of land forcibly captured by them from Hindu-s, runaway conversion spree allowed coupled with blatant anti-nationalism ? Why should a foreigner be allowed to head a political party in the country ? Why should donations received in temples be siphoned off to Masjids / Churches ? Remedial action is more than urgent in this regard, Mr. Prime Minister.
Large number of appointments have been done in various responsible positions in favour of those who do not deserve that at all. Affiliations alone are not enough to justify an appointment. Eligibility criteria are of paramount significance and that must not be ignored otherwise it will be more of a degradation than improvement after such people are appointed and installed.
I knew a senior banker, now no more, who dodged every Jagannath Pahadia of Loan-Mela fame by demanding 10 year income-tax history from every Neta who approached him for bank loan with dubious investment proposals !!! If transferred as a consequence, he gladly ever accepted that. Thus he saved crores of public money with banks, going down the drain during his entire career spanning 60s to 80s and enjoyed every complaint against him lodged upto UN Secy.General Dr. Kurt Waldheim !! Your Govt. must hunt for such people for manning crucial positions in Government bodies and allow them to work freely. If you must engage Intelligence Bureau to spot such people, kindly do that. Then, it will be difficult to count number of miracles happening in the country, Mr. Prime Minister and then nobody will know definitions of NPAs / inefficiency / dereliction of duty etc.
With best regards,
Ramakant Tiwari


Veda-s possess multiple reasons and facts associated with them to be known as the oldest reservoir of infinite wisdom and most ancient form of enlightenment. Not merely Hindu-s, entire humanity should be proud of Veda-s. Herein as under is a feeble effort to revive the sense of pride for having Veda-s as our ancient source of knowledge and wisdom –

Veda-s mandate – motherland first, religion later.

BhumiSuktama  of Atharve Veda  establishes Mother Earth as motherland, venerable and adorable as mother earth feeds us, our bodies grow out of foodgrains provided by her and she protects us. Bhumi  is held by cosmic, divine laws and protected by celestial Deva-s.


सत्यं बृहदृतमुग्रं दीक्षा तपो ब्रह्म यज्ञः पृथिवीं धारयन्ति
सा नो भूतस्य भव्यस्य पत्न्युरुं लोकं पृथिवी नः कृणोतु ॥१॥
Satyam Brhadrtamugram Diksa Tapo Brahma Yajnyaha Prthivim Dharayanti |
Sa No Bhutasya Bhavyasya Patnyuruma Lokam Prthivi Nah Krnotu ||1||

Satyam  i.e. Truth, Ritam  i.e. cosmic laws, Diksa  i.e. divine initiations, ascetic pursuits and dedication to search of Brahma  i.e. the Absolute One, have sustained and nurtured Mother Earth for ages. As consort of our past and future, may She cause ascendance of our inner life in this earth unto the infinite life.

With such a lofty ideal to be pursued, everything else is held redundant including religion. In absence of these ideals, one tends to turn into enemy of the nation with loyalties committed to far away distant lands. The principle is so sacrosanct and holistic that in it’s absence, even Hindu-s were prompted to abuse Hinduism, Bharatiya  Communists supported Chinese in 1962 war as loyalty to Marxism dominated their conscience, Christians profess commitment to Vatican Pope more than Bharata  and Muslims proclaim to be loyal to Islam first, nation later. Veda-s alone emphasize earth / nation as mother as a unique feature.   

Veda-s encourage apostasy.

Veda-s abhor monotheism that inevitably, sooner or later, leads to fanaticism. Veda-s allow and tolerate apostasy and atheism as much as other –isms. Vedic  wisdom believes that faith must / can never be anchored in a safe harbour. Rather, it must always be on voyage charting newer courses of routes, constantly navigating through choppy waters of challenges and criticism. Faith and wisdom must incessantly be under evolution and transformation to remain upto date if not perfect. Resilience to constant evolution is a cardinal element of Vedic  wisdom. There is absolutely no other faith in the world that encourages apostasy and invites atheists, sceptics, agnostics, cynics and hedonists to come forward and prove it wrong. Veda-s believe, mind and intellect must remain absolutely unshackled, entirely at liberty to glide to every nook and corner of the world to ensure it’s continuous renewal, renaissance and rejuvenation. Veda-s hold the view that disbelieving / atheism is the Ground Zero of fresh round of evolution and transformation. Veda-s revere Faith-Apostates / Faith-Rebels while in other faiths, they are persecuted, even brutalized. History is replete with such inhuman tragedies while Vedic Bharata  has always been the only safe and secure abode for Faith-Rebels from all over the world.

Veda-s – first / foremost source of wisdom / knowledge.

Veda-s are impossible to be ascribed to one or two or even more individuals having authored them. Veda-s are not purported to have been authored by human beings even. Every bit of Veda-s has been composed by unknown number of Siddha Maharsi-s and Yogi-s as a measure of PratyaksaPramana  i.e. their divine experiences from the state of ultimate consciousness encompassing centuries of human civilisation. That is the reason, Veda-s are rightly regarded as divine creations and not human work at all. It is also supported by the fact that not a single Vedic Sloka / Sutra  has so far been proved false or wrong. Diction of Samskrita  invoked is so unique, so exquisite that is spite of intensive efforts, no one has been able to distort / desecrate Veda-s as done to other Sanatana  scriptures organized by British occupiers during colonial domination of the nation. Moreover, facts mentioned in Veda-s are being proved absolutely accurate in highly advanced laboratories across the world equipped with scientific instruments worth hundreds of crores while Siddha Rsi-s and Maharsi-s who authored those facts, possessed only Rudraksa, Kamandala, Jala, Mala, Asana, Samkha, Candana….in the name of scientific equipment and their ‘highly sophisticated laboratories’ were situated under the blue sky, in their hermitage under a gigantic banyan tree !!! And the scientific procedures they followed were simply astounding, will drive anyone crazy. In the state of ultimate Samadhi, they used to leave their bodies behind, enter into atoms to understand atomic structure, visited Anuradha Naksatra  to observe / understand it’s intertwined circular rotation, walked on outer ring of Planet Saturn to know more about the planet…..revert to their bodies and write to inscribe all that knowledge !!! Kind of books they have authored, are simply amazing and mystifying, unbelievable to anyone at a distance. 

Veda-s  exist in their original, untainted form even today.

More than 20,000 Vedic  verses exist in print, pronunciation and intonations. It is a marvellous feat, unprecedented and unmatched even today. 

Veda-s are entirely bereft of mythology.

Rather, Veda-s are anti-thesis to mythology. No one is called upon to blindly surrender his / her conscience before a doctrine / mythical event. On the contrary, people are encouraged to question, seek explanation and disagree.

Veda-s are maximally comprehensive treatise.

Encompassing all disciplines of knowledge ever known to humanity. There is not a single discipline of knowledge or wisdom that is not mentioned in Veda-s whether Science, Engineering, Medicine, Management, Education, Astronomy or any other. However, Veda-s always encourage knowledge entrepreneurship i.e. text only provides concrete hints and leaves it to the reader / follower to experiment and explore to understand. For instance Veda-s only mention, by regulating inhalation and exhalation, diseases can be cured. Now based on this mere hint, Rsi-s and Maharsi-s invented various types of Pranayama-s by experimenting on themselves and perfecting all procedures eliciting spectacular outcomes / developments in terms of eradication of diseases. We may say, Veda-s are mystically comprehensive.

Veda-s abhor superstitious faith.

In spite of being consecrated as messenger of Universal Truth, Veda-s never claim to be the ultimate truth. All are encouraged to learn basics and explore ultimate truth, mystical and multi-dimensional. That way, Veda-s inspire one to discover the best hidden deep inside his / her inner being and share with the world. Thus, Sanatana  wisdom is infinite and infinitely deep. Veda-s have sanctified the idea that every Jiva  is a potential unique aspect of Param Brahma  and every Jiva  is a potential Param Brahma  Himself after being completely immersed into Him. Such an infinitely intense wisdom could never have allowed or professed punishment for blasphemy. Vedic  wisdom is a ‘cult’ of no cults at all !!   

Veda-s trust only the verifiable and repeatable by all.

Every Adhyatmika  experience must be genuine and if it is genuine, it must be verifiable and repeatable by anyone following prescribed procedures. Veda-s abhor and shun every hypothetical narration or experiences that are neither verifiable or repeatable by others. Hence, irrational and blind faiths are conspicuous taboos in Veda-s. It is explicit, Veda-s cannot be understood through other’s point of view.

Veda-s alone constitute Universal Dharma.

Veda-s define Dharma  for everyone with absolute finesse which no faith / religion is capable of contradicting. When Veda-s were composed, world did not know any other religion at all. Veda-s are absolutely religion-neutral and there is nothing even Hindu  about them. If Veda-s are as old as Planet Earth, Islam / Christianity and all other crap appeared just a few centuries ago. Veda-s alone constitute universal Dharma  for all. No other religion can claim even a semblance of Vedic  wisdom.

Veda-s are downright meritocratic / non-discriminatory.

Veda-s mandate, all human beings are equal and everybody must be regarded equal in letter and spirit, brook no discrimination on any ground whatsoever. Vedic  wisdom ordains, hierarchy anywhere must be guided and governed by virtues of merits only while according special attention, facilitation to Divyanga-s.  

Veda-s adore women as Sakti.

Vedic  wisdom ordains status of women higher than that of men, calls upon to adore women as Sakti  of men. In no other faith anywhere in the world, are women regarded with so much respect and adoration while all others treat them as objects of enjoyment.  

Veda-s do not peddle Hell / Heaven / Adam / Eva / Satan / Ghosts / Prophets / Judgement Day.

Veda-s are entirely Karmayoga  based, hold the doctrine that we alone are responsible for our commissions, omissions and we alone are answerable for our Karma-s enacted. Performer of every Karma  will have to accept rewards of Karma  enacted. Through righteous Karma, one may achieve his / her highest potential and every Jiva  has intrinsic potential to attain highest order of divinity. Veda-s also prescribe Karma  for every order of society as their respective SvaDharma  that is mandatory in nature.

Veda-s do not mandate, kill those who disagree with you.

Veda-s do not mandate anywhere to extinguish variety of views, perceptions or snuff out life of those who do not agree with you. For Veda-s, variety is the spice of all aspects of life that leads to enrichment and not depletion. Almost all other faiths resort to violence with those who refuse to concede their respective theological doctrine. Though Veda-s do not promote MurtiPuja  yet they do not mandate, idol-worshippers be slain like in other faiths. Veda-s do not and it is a matter of great pride for every follower of Veda-s.  

Isvara  of Veda-s is Param Brahmatma.

And this Param Brahmatma  is omniscient, omni-present and ubiquitous. He pervades each and every conceivable entity throughout universe. He is never confined to any location or position. He is immutable, birthless and eternal. Every entity in the universe is made up of Him and He creates every entity, all guided by a set of absolutely precisely defined cosmic laws that are absolutely inviolable so much so that even Param Brahmatma  is incapable of violating that !!!! Concept of Isvara, Param Brahmatma  is so precise, so accurate that every other version is either partly accurate or patently false.  

In Veda-s, Planet Earth revolves round Planet Sun.

Planet earth is not flat in Veda-s, spinning a metal coil between two magnetic poles generates electrical current in Veda-s, orbits are elliptical in Veda-s, advanced automatic computation is binary in Vedas, gravitational force follows inverse square law in Veda-s…is there any other religious scripture so scientific, so precise ?? That encourages questioning, reasoning instead of punishing with death sentence for so-called blasphemy ?? Yes, Veda-s encourage blasphemy.

Veda-s do not threaten anyone for propagating their religion.

This liberty has been grossly misused by others to orchestrate proselytization. Hence, now is the time to curb this unqualified / unrestrained liberty.

Veda-s promote monogamy.

Polygamy is a social evil in Veda-s and not a divine right. Veda-s assure equal rights for man and woman, violence on wife by husband strictly prohibited, concubines or woman slaves disallowed, right to property identical for both genders, child marriage again strictly prohibited, women at complete liberty to select their career and widow re-marriage encouraged. Women are forced to stay indoors or be fully covered like Muslim women. Promoting right social values is a forte of Vedic  wisdom.

Veda-s prescribe death sentence for rape irrespective of age of culprit.

On no pretext can a dastardly crime escape punishment unlike the laws we have prevailing in the country.

Veda-s do not espouse proselytization.

Veda-s do not allow faith-conversions unlike Islam / Christianity. Veda-s do not have an agenda to the effect that whole world must become Veda-believers !! Only general agenda Veda-s have is Manurbhava  i.e. be a human being. All Mantra-s viz. Gayatri, Mahamrityunjaya  and a host of Suddhi Mantra-s are meant only for that alone. Even a Muslim / Christian can be a Vedic  scholar / practitioner. On the contrary, converse is not permissible in Islam / Christianity.  

Veda-s are supreme.

No other text matches Veda-s in knowledge, wisdom, intensity of inspiration, value-enhancement and vision. Recitation of Veda Mantra-s bring about mental / physical healing acting as rejuvenation capsules. Indeed, Veda-s are unmatched in the whole world. 

Veda-s advise to dwell in harmony with nature.

Veda-s are entirely nature friendly. In fact, Veda-s are friendly with every creation in this world. Man has been viewed as protector and conservator of entire flora and fauna of the world. As a natural corollary, non-vegetarianism is strictly discouraged in Veda-s as it involves slaying of animals and destruction of nature. Veda-s are truly universal, supreme and infinite.