April 23, 2018 was not only a Black Day for Bharatiya Judiciary but also a Golden Day for the Constitution of Bharata. Personal honour and prestige of a sober, erudite highest Judicial Officer of the country was poised to be badly mauled on one hand and the institution of Chief Justice of Bharata molested by a rapacious Opposition determined to destroy the nation into pieces, on the other. It was great relief to behold, Vice President addressed the call of nation, rose to the challenging occasion and nipped the sinister, ominous conspiracy in it’s bud. Vice President deserves to be saluted by the nation. Not only unmitigated friction and attrition were deftly precluded, but also worthless anti-national Opposition Leaders were exposed like never before. Sanctity of Judiciary was protected and the Constitution upheld in a remarkable way. 

Why are Congress led by Royal Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra Dynasty so venomously hostile to Chief Justice Dipak Misra, so much so that they have even risked their remaining political fortune by pressing such a frivolous Impeachment Motion for consideration ? Answer to the question lies hidden in entire history of the way the Royal N-G-V Dynasty has approached Bharatiya Judiciary particularly Supreme Court. Congress is still encapsulated in Indira Gandhi’s whimisical and despotic approach towards Judiciary. She had appointed AN Ray as CJB on May 2, 1973 ignoring three other seniormost veteran Justices JM Shelat, KS Hegde and AN Grover and prompted Law Minister Mohan Kumaramangalam condescend and validate thus, “Certainly, we as a Government have a duty to take the philosophy and outlook of the Judge in coming to the conclusion whether he should or should not lead the Supreme Court.” So, appointing pliable and manageable Justices to higher judiciary has been a Congress forte ever since they realised potential of the institution to forestall them in their nefarious anti-Constitutional designs so as to ensure, future of the Royal N-G-V Dynasty remains golden howsoever bleak that may be for the nation.  

Unscrupulous CJB AN Ray teamed up with Justices MH Beg, YV Chandrachud and PN Bhagawati to deliver an altogether unbelievable edict that right to life and liberty was not a fundamental right at all !! Lone dissenter Justice HR Khanna was lynched by the Royal N-G-V Dynasty for failing to pass the ‘trial by fire’ ordained earlier by Kumarmangalam. MH Beg was elevated to the august position of CJB. By this turning point of nation’s judicial history, MH Beg was audacious enough to initiate suo moto contempt proceedings against Times Of India’s Editor Sham Lal in Jan. 1978 for having criticised his earlier judgement of denial of right to life and liberty as a fundamental right. In spite of his loud and brazen arguments, MH Beg could not wash away the sin of that obnoxious judgement and his suo moto contempt proceedings were withdrawn by another Bench subsequently. MH Beg’s ideology so precisely superimposed over what Kumarmangalam had uttered in Parliament that his accolades galore continued uninterrupted. He was roped in as Director of National Herald, Padma Vibhushan conferred upon him for his ‘outstanding services’ to life and liberty of crores of nation’s natives etc. Similarly Justice Baharul Islam did several round-abouts in and out of Judiciary and Parliament alternately with great verve and finesse. Islam did an outstanding service to the Royal N-G-V Dynasty during trial of Emergency excesses. Then arrived Justice RN Mishra who honourably exonerated all ‘Holy Cows’ of Congress from the taint of massive Sikh-slaughter as an aftermath of Indira Gandhi’s assassination by her Sikh guards. Quite blandly, he blamed Delhi Police for the Sikh-slaughter of 1984, albeit another version of Jallianwala Bagh genocide ordered by Reginald O’Dyer during British occupation of the country. There was no dearth of accolades galore for RN Mishra too who was the first Chairman of National Human Rights Commission in 1993 as he had profoundly ‘honoured’ human rights of Sikh victims, then Rajya Sabha membership followed by Chairmanships of National Commission for Religious and Linguistic Minorities as well as National Commission for SCs and STs. Chief Justice VN Khare was very proud of being an ‘apple’ of Indira gandhi’s eyes and bragged about it privately !! While throwing away his Judicial-Dharma into Judicial-Dustbin, he was bold enough to admonish the then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi for the ‘crime’ of not having followed his ‘Raj-Dharma’ diligently. Padma Vibhushan reached him as automatically as Bharata Ratna came to be honoured by being conferred upon JL Nehru by the Government headed by JL Nehru himself !!! In spite of 11 out of 14 charges discovered to be genuine after investigations conducted by the Royal N-G-V Dynasty regime, Justice Ramaswami was methodically defended by Kapil Sibal for full 6 hours culminating into ridiculing the impeachment motion thus “motion for the removal of a judge for purchases of a few pieces of carpets or a few suitcases”. Commanded by the Royal N-G-V Dynasty, Congress defeated the motion by abstaining from voting as it would have hurt very pious Soul of late Rajiv Gandhi who had incidentally appointed him in his capacity as country’s Prime Minister !!! The irony has climaxed now as scion of the Royal N-G-V Dynasty Rahul Gandhi and his mother ‘Rajmata’ Sonia Gandhi are hurling all sorts of accusations while themselves out on bail bond of Rs. 50,000 each in a criminal case of fraud pertaining to National Herald.   

Most exquisite Judicial-Interference by the Royal N-G-V Dynasty under Indira Gandhi regime deserves a separate mention. When Indira Gandhi’s election petition was under adjudication at Allahabad High Court, Justice JML Sinha received a phone call one fine evening close to the Judgement Day, asking him to advise his wife not to observe Karwa-Chauth fast to prolong his life if he had decided to declare Indira Gandhi’s election null and void. Justice Sinha calmy replied, “Fortunately my wife expired just two months back.” How much Justice Sinha was harassed and chased by the Royal N-G-V Dynasty, has been elaborately documented by several chroniclers. 

Ostensibly, it must now be crystal clear to you all as to why the Royal N-G-V Dynasty is so venomously opposing incumbent Chief Justice Dipak Mishra. He is entirely unrelenting when it comes to principles of justice being conscientious and a man of his own mind. The Royal N-G-V Dynasty incited four serving Justices to Rebel Without A Cause, hold a press conference and declare, ‘democracy is in danger’ flashing images of some Mulla Nasaruddin complaining of ‘Islam is in danger’ all around !!! It was an age-old tactic and people in the country thoroughly enjoyed it in social media mirthfully. The Royal N-G-V Dynasty is mortally scared of Sri Ramajanmabhumi Case being adjudicated in favour of Sri Rama Mandira  and all claims of a ‘pre-existing Masjid’ being trashed forever. They are acutely conscious of the fact that the incumbent Chief Justice very much possesses guts and nerves to deliver such a decision and that would be the end of their political fortunes. Hence all this raucous brouhaha and nasty shenanigans.  

The Royal Dynasty of Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra brooks no trace of Judicial defiance at all. They appointed a rootless politician as Prime Minister in LB Shastri who flew down to Tashkent and handed over entire victory earned by our Army / Navy / Air Force with their blood and lives, to the defeated foe in Pakistani Dictator Ayub Khan on a platter. Why should he have gone over there at all instead of ordering Ayub Khan to come over to New Delhi crawling on his knees begging for mercy ? And so swiftly he was wiped out to pave way for Indira Gandhi to succeed him and turned out to be the most vicious, venomous and vindictive Prime Minister in nation’s history. After Rajiv Gandhi was slain, PV Narsimha Rao was appointed as Prime Minister who proved himself to be the best Prime Minister that Congress delivered so far. Very soon PVN Rao was ostracised and humiliated for having a mind of his own. It was for that reason Pranava Mukherjee was not offered Premiership and the Royal N-G-V Dynasty then appointed ManMohan Singh as Regent Prime Minister to warm the seat for Rahul Gandhi. As a perfect courtier, ManMohan Singh grew into being the most favourite Prime Minister for the Royal Dynasty. I mentioned this tiny fraction of recent history even at the risk of digression only to bolster the fact that the Royal Dynasty always wished a courtier occupying every Constitutional position in the country, so appointed very carefully after verifying his / her impeccable track-record of boot-licking over years. And if anyone dared to defy unseen / unheard Oath of Loyalty to the Royal N-G-V Dynasty after being installed in the Constitutional office, they would unhesitatingly launch a fierce no-holds barred campaign to denigrate and malign the ‘Brutus’ !! It is this very reason why the Royal Dynasty of Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra is now baying for blood of Chief Justice Mishra in spite of his having been appointed by them only. 

The sordid tale also triggers another valid question whether lawyer-members of Congress charging lakhs of rupees for a single ‘Mukh-Dikhai’ in courts really deserved stupendous fees that thay commanded and demanded from their clients. How can one be certain beyond an iota of doubt that those exhorbitant legal fees were in reality, price for managing benches and judgements and the brazen loot shared by all those ‘whomsoever it may concern’ !!! And now that they are outrightly unable to pull strings, they are rattled and tormented like fish out of water !!    

May the vanishing tribe of Chief Justice Mishra multiply and proliferate as much as possible. Nation shall always breathe easy with such upright officials like him occupying high Constitutional offices of authority.           


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I am gradually drifting towards the view that those who oppose MurtiPuja  among Hindu-s are in reality, Nastika-s i.e. atheists notwithstanding how much they adore Veda-s, recite Vedic Mantra-s and conduct Yajna-s. I shall methodically elaborate my perception for all to examine and assess. I have already explained in one of my articles in recent past that Murti  is not just an idol carved out of a dead object. Once an idol is consecrated through PranaPratistha, an elaborate procedure detailed in Sanatana  scriptures, it is transformed into ‘Murti’ wherein presence of deity symbolised by the Murti  is augmented and every such Murti  is worshipped and treated as living deity. 

PranaPratisthit Murti  does symbolise the deity invoked therein through elaborate rituals, has been established beyond an iota of uncertainty through ages. Swami Ramakrisna Paramahamsa  had Darsana  of Ma Kali  through the Murti  of Ma Kali  that he used to worship everyday as Pujari  of the KaliMandira  at Kolkata, is a well-known, well-established reality. This mystical and Adhyatmika  event has been underscored, highlighted and repeated scores of times all over. It is mentioned in memoirs of Tailanga Swami Maharaja  of Varanasi  by one of his ardent disciples that Ma Kali  had appeared before them i.e. author in presence of Swami Maharaja, as a girl out of the small Murti  of Her that he used to worship everyday, blessed them, reverted into the Murti  and vanished. Several such tales have been circulating around wherein  a specific deity is purported to have appeared from a Murti, supported the person in distress and disappeared subsequently. Swami Vivekananda  had consecrated a Murti of Ma Kali  in a temple somewhere in Kolkata for one of his disciples. Hindu  Kings always used worship and invoke their deities before proceeding to battle-field. It is also interesting and mystical to note that Mughals had not been able to destroy even a single SaktiPitha  anywhere in the country during their diabolical and brutal spree of despotism against Hindu-s and Hinduism despite their efforts, aggressive and persistent. Sanatana  scriptures are full of tales of MurtiPuja  by much adorable deities themselves. Sri Rama  is mentioned in Valmiki Ramayana  to raise a Sivalinga  at Ramesvarama, consecrate  and worship Siva  through His Murti  of Sivalinga  before embarking on the victory battle of Lanka. So also all Rsi-s, Maharsi-s and Siddha Yogi-s criss-crossing the country on various missions. Adi Samkaracarya  travelled all over the country, established and consecrated several Mutts and Dhama-s as centres of pilgrimage, learning and for renaissance of Sanatana Dharma. Entire content of Srimadbhagvadgita  As Svadharmayoga Upanisad  I received in a fraction of second in 2001 while having Darsana  of Sri Radha Ramanji Maharaja  in His ancient temple located at Vrindavana. Such mystical instances and events are far too frequent to be ignored or disbelieved.     

If a Murti  is consecrated and live, how can that be rejected in the name of Idol-worship as movements like Arya Samaja  do ? Well known contemporary icon of Arya Samaja Swami Ramdeva  not only denounces MurtiPuja  but also ridicules astrology, influence of planets on human beings etc. He ridiculed even Bhagavana Kala Bhairava  live of Astha  Channel as being an alcoholic !! Is that Islamism or Christianity in garb of Astha  or lack of it being pedalled by Arya Samaja ? Does that not amount to rejection of our entire heritage in the name of social reform of opposition to MurtiPuja ? Buddhists claim to reject idol-worship albeit they worship Murti  of Gautama Buddha. Sikhs claim to reject idol-worship yet they worship Guru Grantha Sahib  and Guru-s themselves. Similarly, Zorostrians worship Agni  as their Murti  and Agni  does not need PranaPratistha  at all being purest of all. Christians worship idols of Jesus albeit they do not have any well-defined procedure of PranaPratistha  at all. In Islam, they are purported to be adoring ‘Allah’ with an imaginary idol in their mind during Namaz. Of course during Haj, they worship Kaba which may dubbed idol-worship as MurtiPuja  after PranaPratistha  is entirely Greek to them. Ostensibly, ‘MurtiPuja’ or whatsoever in the name of it, does exist everywhere as a measure of religiosity whether wholeheartedly, reluctantly, illusionary or even deceptively but it does exist. It is so because it is intrinsic to human nature and persistent rejection only leads to a sham of it. 

MurtiPuja  has significant socio-politico-economic value too, associated with it. It leads to erection of temples, constitution of groups and societies, strengthening of social bonds, national integration etc. Not very long ago, week long MurtiPuja  of Bhagavana Ganesaji Maharaja  on GanesaCaturthi  used to be centre of gravity of Swaraja Andolana  and struggle for independence from British yoke heralded by a great visionary, Lokmanya Tilak. Swami Vivekananda  received lessons on mission of his life at holy feet of a PranaPratisthit Murti  of Ma Kali  in a Kolkata temple before heralding resurgence of Sanatana  pride all over.     

Next higher rung after MurtiPuja  is Nirguna BrahmaPuja. Those who happen to be proficient in Nirguna BrahmaPuja  alone are eligible and qualified to ignore or decline MurtiPuja. However, with a rider. They may ignore or decline MurtiPuja  only for themselves and not for crores of others who are yet to comprehend nuances of Nirguna BrahmaPuja  or they may not have even heard of it. Nirguna BrahmaPuja  is not an easy affair and I would be intensely curious to know, how many great Souls in this country of some 85 Crore Hindu-s are advanced enough in Adhyatma  to pursue that earnestly ? Is the great Arya Samaja  luminary Swami Ramdeva, an ardent opponent of MurtiPuja, capable of pursuing Nirguna BrahmaPuja ? Is he a Param Siddha Yogi ? None of it. As a prominent Hindu  sect and ardent opponent of MurtiPuja, Arya Samaja  failed to grow beyond a certain level and considerably harmed Hinduism by eroding and ravaging faith of masses in Sanatana  beliefs, rituals, wisdom and heritage in the name of preposterous excessive rationalism. By rejecting MurtiPuja  as a superstition while not being capable of pursuing Nirguna BrahmaPuja, opponents of MurtiPuja  inadvertently fall into the trap of atheism ultimately. Thus having rejected Saguna, incapable and unable to pursue Nirguna, opponents of MurtiPuja  are degraded into being faithless creatures sooner than later. This state of faithlessness, uprooted from moorings, dangerous and detrimental, may compel them to remain precariously adrift, perilously close to disasters of secularism and communism before being eventually proselytised, then becoming proclaimed enemies of the nation. 

MurtiPuja  has indeed, embellished Sanatana  Hinduism.


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Immediately after BJP’s historic victory in Tripura Assembly elections of 2018 wherein the winner stamped out 25 years old despotic Communist regime that allowed the beautiful State to rot in miseries and agonies, an excited mob demolished statue of Lenin erected years ago by the oppressor regime. Later one more Lenin fell and that triggered a chain of serial reactions and counter-reactions. Several statues of Lenin, Dr. SP Mukherjee, Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, MK Gandhi etc. were vandalized or demolished. It led to riotous flare ups too, in some regions of the country in spite of appeals of peace from all over. Arguments were raised by several groups and lobbies to the effect that they nurtured anti-national / anti-Hindu / pro-secular / pro-pluralistic / pro-communal / anti-Leftist / pro-Rightist…ideologies incompatible with a rising modern nation, quite familiar and conventional arguments. Some argued, all statues are national ‘assets’ debited to tax-payer’s ‘Consolidated Fund of India’ hence, must be preserved at all cost !!!! Quite interesting indeed.

I venture to assume the liberty of extending an alternate point of view whereby every statute may be transformed into a POLH – POINT OF LEARNING OF HISTORY by either attaching an invulnerable plaque listing out all his / her achievements / failures or engraving the same on it’s pedestal to minimise possibilities of being defaced. I list out a few examples to illustrate the novel concept explicitly.


‘Bapu’ Gandhi Let this be engraved on his ‘Samadhi’ and all statues –

He was such a great man that even an ardent Rightist Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been compelled to sing ‘Bapu-Bhajans’ and spin ‘Wheels of Freedom’ accompanied by Chinese President and Israel’s Prime Minister at Sabarmati Ashrama !! Also, every visiting foreign dignitary visits his Raj Ghat which he richly deserves, to lay down wreaths of colourful, fragrant tributes.

In words of famous scientist Albert Einstein, “…coming generations shall not be able to believe that such a man in bones and flesh ever walked on this earth who succeeded in throwing out a very cruel, inhuman despotic British regime occupying the country just by singing Ahimsa-Bhajans, by drinking goat’s milk after a staple dinner of Khichari, by bathing with Multani-Mitti….’ His contribution to country’s freedom is so ‘enormous’ and ‘deep-rooted’ that several Gandhigiri-scholars are still researching through annals of history to identify that even after seven decades of so-called Independence-1947. We hope, that will be identified soon, so mysteriously elusive hitherto.     


JL Nehru  probably he has the highest number of statues across the nation. His achievements and failures may be engraved to present a balanced picture –

First Prime Minister of India and a declared freedom-fighter albeit nobody knows his precise contribution to the freedom struggle as with Bapu Gandhi. It is still a mystery as to why he was not hanged to death by the despotic British regime if his contribution to the freedom struggle was so enormous !! Certainly he was an expert in dodging the Empire.

Established IITs but did not restrain engineering graduates to serve the nation, allowed them to go abroad and serve USA after receiving heavily subsidised engineering education in the true spirit of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam !! Pauparised nation was strong enough under his tenure to bear with the financial / economic torture !!

While maintaining a semblance of integrity, he promoted corruption, black-marketing, hoarding etc. at it’s best. He justified corruption by declaring, ‘Corruption !! So what ! Country’s money remains within the country’ !! He proved, only fools and anti-nationals worry about corruption !!

No doubt seeded development of atomic energy albeit did not allow it to bloom to benefit the nation in the true spirit of nuclear disarmament.

Industrialised the country through public sector undertakings, nurtured ‘Licence-Permit Raj’ to ensure, country barely survived. ‘So long as you barely survive, you remain virtuous’ was his vision for the nation. Admirable indeed !!

China attacked North East, massacred more than 40,000 people yet he did not order Army to protect them as he believed, Chinese were butchering Chinese !!

He declined to merge Baluchistan and Nepal with the country though they offered it eagerly.

Sultan of Oman offered Gwadar Port to us as a gift. Nehru declined the offer.

He gifted 11,000 sq. Kms. of Kabo Valley in Manipur and Coco Island to Burma.

He had agreed to gift Hyderabad to Pakistan which Sardar Patel thwarted firmly.

USA and USSR, both offered permanent membership of UN Security Council to us yet JL Nehru not only refused but also ensured, it was offered to China. He had been a glorious and selfless prime Minister !!

He conferred upon himself Bharata-Ratna with utmost grace and dignity……


Indira Gandhi  Daughter of JL Nehru, made yet another great Prime Minister, being and should be remembered for –

She allowed Pokharan nuclear explosion yet did not allow the nation to become an atomic power in the interest of world peace.

She ordered firing on a procession of Sadhu-s led by Swami Karapatriji agitating for cow protection that too, in a secular country !! Some 5000 Sadhu-s were butchered in daylight, roads leading to Parliament were drenched in human blood, to strengthen roots of Secular Democracy. Thus she enjoys the honour of staging a repeat of Jallianwala Bagh right in front of Parliament on Nov. 7, 1966.

In 1975, she imposed Emergency as Opposition Leaders were after her life and endangered very continuance of the Republic of India. Her prompt actions, massive arrests of anti-national leaders, press-censorship, prolonged torture of citizens on the lines of British brutes and monsters during their occupation of the nation, saved the day for country !!

She derogated and humiliated Sikhs, then ordered raid of the Golden Temple to save Panjab from separatists. She sacrificed her life for the sake of country’s unity and plurality !!

She deserved Bharata-Ratna and was graceful enough to order that for herself…..


Rajiv Gandhi  Yet another great Prime Minister from the Royal Dynasty, son of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, deftly parachuted from the cockpit of now dead Indian Airlines to the Cockpit of the nation at South Block in New Delhi.

Following may be engraved on columns of his statues – 

He ordered military training of LTTE and armed them so as to enable them to assert for their rights, entered into a pact with Sri Lankan President Jayavardhana, deployed IPKF to slaughter LTTE. When IPKF was parachuted into Sri Lankan territory, they were fired at by LTTE shooters from ground. World witnessed a rare spectacle wherein dead bodies of Bharatiya soldiers rained like monsoon from skies of Sri Lanka, in a foreign country, for the sake of foreigners !! Very broad-hearted PM indeed. Nation was kind enough to confer upon him Bharata-Ratna for staging the rare spectacle !!

He followed Canakya-Niti of being suspicious for his security and continuance in Office in spite of having more than 400 MPs and enacted Anti-Defection Act !!

He is very famous for buying Bofors guns that were very useful during Kargil war…his achievements are too many !!


Lenin  Let this be declared on every statue of VI Lenin –

Leader of the USSR era, attempted his best to impose Communist ideology at any cost in his country. Russians were naïve enough to reject the ideology decades later. Massive blood-bath in the USSR that he caused, was a small price that any country must concede for such a ‘revolutionary’ ideology !! This statue stands in honour of lakhs of Lenin-Bhaktas in the Dynasty’s India. Bengal and Tripura were particularly very fortunate to have Lenin era for decades and flourished to no limits.


‘Bahan’ Mayawati  Let this be engraved on every statue of ‘Bahan’ Mayawati –

She started as a promising ‘Dalit Leader’ under supervision of her mentor ‘Manyavara’ Kanshi Ram from the levels of abject deprivation, rose to become one of the wealthiest ‘Dalit’ leaders in the country. She is an outstanding example of ‘Dalit’ empowerment through ‘Dalit’ politics of ‘Dalit’ hatred for non-Dalits, erected her own statue and worshipped it herself !! Long ago, a notorious Pseudo-Intellectual known as Ramakant Tiwari had ruefully remarked, ‘…coming generations shall not be able to believe such a great ‘Dalit’ leader ever walked on this earth in flesh and bones who erected her own statue with tax-payer’s funds and worshipped herself with her own hands…’

Her statues are really very unique ones that way and must be preserved intact for being a source of motivation and empowerment for all deprived sections of society across the world !!


Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar  He served the country as Law Minister in JL Nehru’s Cabinet.

Citation for his statues may read something like this –

He dwarfed several stalwarts in his erudition and wisdom. In spite of years of humiliation, he was truly a very great man with malice towards none. He crafted entire Constitutional framework to ensure sound governance of the nation on principles of equity, equality and equanimity. Nation would have been honoured had he held high Constitutional positions like Dy. Prime Minister, Lok Sabha Speaker, Vice President or President of the Republic, which he eminently deserved.  


Dr. KB Hedgewar  Let this be engraved on every statue of this titanic personality for the knowledge and wisdom of all –

He was the greatest visionary of 20th Century who for the first time in recorded history of Sanatana Dharma conceptualised Hindu-unity and Hindu-Community inclusive of all sects, groups, Varna etc. The organisation he raised to accomplish the dream famous as RSS, is now a gigantic banyan tree whose ‘Shakhas’ encompass entire globe. Augmented possibility of his being raised to the glory of Gautama Buddha by generations down the stream, very much exists.


Similarly, we may ferret out all positives of every statue erected throughout the country and engrave those achievements for the benefit of all ignorants and ignoramuses. It is all the more necessary to impart lessons of correct history and achievements of our great as well as not so great ones because our school education provides exactly the opposite in lessons and turns youth anti-Hindu anti-nationals by the time they are adolescents. School curriculum was severely distorted with blessings of the Royal Dynasty by proclaimed Enemies Of The Nation like Maulana Azad, Nurul Hasan, Irfan Habib, Romilla Thapar, DN Jha etc. Visual impact of these statues transformed into POINTs OF LEARNING HISTORY (PsOLH) would be tremendous on adults and children both. Certainly will it bring about perceptible and significant course correction in minds of all with respect to our glorious history. 


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Universe is in reality, tranquil at it’s core albeit celestial activities beginning with birth of planetary bodies and culminating into complete dissolution after a long cosmic cycle continues eternally. Oceans are serene in their lower depths while exceedingly turbulent on surface. Human life too, appears to be perpetually in turmoil. Whenever we are mired in turmoil and tired of turbulence, we longingly sigh for some ‘peace of mind’ expecting it to reach us from some obscure external source. That reservoir of tranquility resides within us while we are continuously engaged in exploring for something outside us albeit it exists within us. 

It is this rope of turmoil and turbulence that leads us to the tranquillity concealed within us. It is our mind that is expected to hold on to the rope and our intellect, guide the way culminating into the attainment that we crave for. This is the only mechanism available before us, provided to us by the Providence, to surmount the turmoil howsoever turbulent. If today we stand convinced of the right way to transcend turmoils of all sorts, whiff of tranquility lying at the core of every turmoil is rendered perceptible immediately. Till the grand moment of being so convinced arrives, we continue wallowing in the welter of turmoils and turbulence. If tranquillity is impossible to be overwhelmed by turmoil, why do we allow problems of life to bully us ? Every turmoil in life carries it’s solution ensconced at it’s core and we just have to unravel the turmoil to arrive at the solution before the turmoil overwhelms us. Whenever we are bogged down by a turmoil, the only fact relevant is to unravel it to blow it away and not at all analysing entire ‘horoscope’ of the anomalous situation. Quite often, turmoil turns out to be trivial which might have been traumatising us absolutely disproportionately.  

Children playing on seashore with moist sand extend a precious lesson of life to us. Whatever they craft with moist sand whether a house, hut, animal or some weird looking edifice, is invariably washed away by sea waves, sometimes even incomplete. Often they are not even allowed enough time by waves to behold, admire and enjoy those structures gleefully. In spite of all those ‘traumas’ being inflicted upon them by sea waves again and again, children restart with a renewed vigour squealing in joy, creating another structure or sculpture with moist sand afresh. Quite precisely, waves of turmoil often wash away all our efforts in life. Should we then retreat like cowards and sulk in a corner for the rest of our lives ? Are we ordained for that ? None of it.  

Saying ‘Thumbs Up’ to life joyously, with a cheerful laughter not only symbolises profound positive attitude towards His creations but also absence of Ahamkara. In such a state of enlightenment, crisis of turmoil is modified into a cause of celebration of sort and a newer resolve to start afresh. If turmoil of a crisis causes seriousness or augmented religiousness, it is raising barriers around ourselves culminating into being self-handicapped. Aridity of this variety transforms life into being a mere desert and nothing germinates out of it. Children squealing in joy on seashore watching their creations being washed away like it never existed at all, is at the core of essence of life that is joyous and tranquil. Joyous because it dissipates scars of crisis and tranquil because it inspires to begin all over again with an absolutely untainted mind and intellect. You may be surprised to learn that Jews have best of jokes in the world which they invented after undergoing centuries of holocaust after holocaust. They somehow succeeded in discovering the tranquillity hidden within those centuries of miseries and holocausts, loudly said ‘Yes’ to life, guffawed heartily and transformed entire turmoil, so intense and too frequent, into boons of prosperity. Today they are mighty enough to stand alone should entire world resolves to isolate them in a corner. 

Infinite reservoir of tranquillity embedded deep within us, constantly prods us to calm down, retain our innate serenity in the midst of storms and calamities of life. It knocks at the door of our wisdom often, emitted directly by the Supreme Absolute. No doubt we have been thrown into the ocean of Karma  yet He uninterruptedly continues throwing at us life-guards to ferry us to the seashore of safety and eventual emancipation. And we are repeatedly reminded never to ignore such Karma-Lifeguards sent to us by Him, by realised Sadhaka-s and Tapasvi-s, recognise them instantly and ensure our immunity to turmoil and turbulence prevalent in the world remains intact. All such enlightened ones inevitably evolve into an inexhaustible source of inspiration for so many others around them. Aureole that they attain and carry around along, radiates all over and subtly inspires others to focus on their mystical tranquillity eclipsed within and experiment with life again and again, every time afresh. That treasure of tranquillity that we all hold within our mortal frames, is too precious to be forgotten even for a fraction of moment. No other treasure howsoever precious, may ever match our innermost tranquillity on any parameter of attribute so ascribed to it.  


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Ever since Narendra Modi assumed Office of the Prime Minister of Bharata, with increasing frequency, he has been accused of ballooning around with ‘Jumlas’ of all varieties. Whatever he speaks, whatever development scheme that his Government launches, whether it is SABKA SAATH, SABKA VIKAS or EK BHARATA, SHRESTHA BHARATA, are all invariably and spontaneously derided as ‘Jumlas’ by a large section of (pseudo-)intelligentsia unabashedly led by one particular dynasty of one particular political party. Is it really possible for a Prime Minister to survive for four years in Office merely on the basis of so-called ‘Jumlas’ as alleged in a vast continent-sized nation infiltrated with anti-nationals, raised and nurtured by that dynasty in every nook and corner ? Politics of ‘Jumlas’ has drifted a bit too far and now it is imperative, it must be thoroughly dissected to place it in right perspectives before the nation. 

My consciousness naturally drifted into post-1947 history of the nation wherein for more than five decades, Royal Dynasty of Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra ruled over the nation commanding unqualified support (in the form of insane Bhakti) from the level of Panchayat to Parliament, Opposition did not matter at all and all institutional verticals of the fledgling democracy were committed to the Royal Dynasty viz. Committed Bureaucracy / Committed Judiciary etc. In spite of all factors being entirely in their favour, even in more than five decades of their domination of the nation, the Royal Dynasty could not transform the nation into a world-power what to speak of super-power, in the background of Germany and Japan becoming very important world powers in just a span of fifteen years after being completely razed to the ground in World War-II by Allied Forces. At the end of their six-decades long domination of the vast nation, we remained at the bottom of all Merit-Lists of development indices prepared annually by the United Nations and their Agencies just as they could not develop Raibareilly, Amethi and Phulpur into Singapore, Hong Kong or Taiwan for that matter though the Dynasty used to be elected from these Constituencies with massive majority election after election for five decades.

How did they succeed in preserving abject wretchedness of the nation with such a high degree of finesse and perseverance ? After intense combing of entire history of the Royal Dynasty and their Party, emerged a set of mystical ‘Jumlas’ which they dubbed as ‘Slogans’, so powerful that entire nation remained mesmerised for decades revelling in the dreamland of ‘soon to arrive’ rivers of honey and milk, splendour of wealth and a life-span exceeding even 100 years with a declining rate of population growth a la Sweden !! I am now morally bound to examine those powerful divine ‘Jumlas’ that forced such a gifted and a blessed nation to remain mired in abject penury and decades later, a ‘Sannyasi’ had to take over reins of the nation to eradicate those self-imposed blemishes that ruined us even in international eyes. 

Garibi Hatao  This ‘Jumla’ was in fact, heralded by the first Prime Minister JL Nehru in 1950 and not by his daughter Indira Gandhi in 1971 as widely believed. Till his last breath in 1964 after humiliating China debacle caused by his frailties, he continued harping on ‘Garibi Hatao’ though there had not been even an iota of decline in poverty during his dubious 17 year long tenure. Nation was so pathetically poor at the conclusion of his tenure that his successor Prime Minister LB Shastri had to appeal to the nation to deliberately starve on Mondays to cope with acute paucity of food grains !! After his demise, the ‘Jumla’ was inherited by his daughter Indira Gandhi who reveled in it throughout her tenure as Prime Minister for 18 years or so. She assiduously worked hard to ensure, people believed that she was busy eradicating poverty while all her resources were designated to promote the ‘Jumla’ of Garibi Hatao and not really to the actions leading to Garibi Hatao !! Once she was asked by a journalist as to why she had not been able to Garibi Hatao even after so many years of Garibi Hatao Actions (or the sham of that), she responded majestically like an Empress, “I never meant I shall remove Garibi all by myself. What I meant was that let us all work together to do a Garibi Hatao” !!!! And the journalist was left stunned by her audacity. Then the ‘Jumla’ was bequeathed to her son Rajiva Gandhi. From Panchayat to Parliament, he incessantly sang the glory of Garibi Hatao yet there was no perceptible decline in poverty though some of his pals and chums became filthy wealthy and thereby notorious too but Enforcement Agencies had no gumption to initiate punitive action or even probe. Best evidence of utter failure of Garibi Hatao is the National Food Security Act 1913 which Dynasts had to enact to prevent starvation deaths in the country which brought very nasty opprobrium to them all over the world. They were also compelled to enact National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme wherein emaciated poors were supposed to dig pits under blazing sun to earn their livelihood !! Nation persistently languished at the bottom of all development indices even after six decades of dynastic rule. Now his son Rahul Gandhi whose intellectual faculties are constantly under media scrutiny and profound ridicule, too eloquently talks about Garibi Hatao and prevailing Garibi of the nation as he has been gifted with a divine magic vand !! As the narration on ‘Jumlas’ advances further, we may be mortified to behold, the ‘Jumla’ of Garibi Hatao turned out to be ‘Mother Of All Jumlas’ in the history of this nation. 

Panchsheel  This ‘Jumla’ too, was coined by first Prime Minister JL Nehru, an agreement with China wherein not even a single clause has been in favour of the nation !! He overruled entire bureaucracy that opposed this agreement, threw entire caution to wind only to lose Tibet, Akshai Chin, Kailasha Mansarovar and persistent claims over Arunachala Pradesh. Nehru had signed the agreement as a wretched, pathetic loser wailing to claim at least a semblance of chastity before being raped !! Humiliation at Chinese hands in 1962 was engineered by him and his whimisical, lose-tempered Defence Minister VK Krishna Menon who relished throwing files on face of defence personnel during official meetings. As our Ordnance Factories were ordered to manufacture pressure cookers and safety pins, our brave soldiers battled with Chinese almost empty-handed without even snow-boots and suffered heavy casualties. ‘Jumla’ of Panchsheel was offered to the nation as the ‘Tiger’ balm to heal deep  scars and wounds inflicted on the nation’s psyche !! 

Non-Alignment  The ‘Jumla’ of Non-Alignment was one of the worst jokes of Nehruvian foreign policy. Being a hard-core Communist sympathiser himself, he skillfully covered his ideological predilections under the sham of this ‘Jumla’. He blatantly adored Communist regime of the USSR, so much so that quite often the then US President Harry Truman used to call CIA Chief to order him to find out whether Nehru was a Communist ! Food grains that country received under much-maligned PL-480 Scheme from USA was almost unfit for human consumption which decades later as confessed by a US diplomat, marked US anger and frustration against Nehru’s hobnobbing with Russians. Years later, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi entered into a defence treaty with the USSR, thereby finally and formally burying Non-Alignment deep under the ground. Yet the exquisite ‘Jumla’ of Non-Alignment flew around the nation thick and fast. So under the ‘Jumla’ of Non-Alignment, brazen pro-Communist foreign policy was implemented completely devoid of pro-Bharata tilt. When Chinese invaded Bharata, US President Kennedy offered us military support only to prevent the country going Communist in spite of his relations with Nehru being least cordial. 

Secularism  This strange term was forcibly pushed into the Preamble of Constitution by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi during her ‘glorious’ days of Garibi Hatao-Emergency. She defied and belittled even the Constituent Assembly !! Even elected Parliament whose term had expired by then, could not hold discussions. State of affairs was best described by the great cartoonist RK Laxman when he cartographed Indira Gandhi speaking to her son Sanjay Gandhi under the caption, “Debate in Constituent Assembly Going On” !! Bogus doctrine of secularism was propagated with the sole intention of destroying Sanatana Hindu Dharma and Hindu culture. In response to a series of questions, JL Nehru had affirmed, it did not matter at all if all Hindus were converted to Islam / Christianity but ‘diversity’ would be lost if all Muslims / Christians converted to Hinduism. Blatantly has been Islam promoted and imposed over Hindus and proselytization of poor gullible Hindus by Christian missionaries promoted on a massive scale in the name this nefarious ‘Jumla’. It climaxed during ten year long domination of the country by a Prime Minister commanded by Sonia Gandhi, an extra-Constitutional authority as UPA Chairperson. Prime Minister ManMohan Singh went to the extent of declaring, Muslims enjoy first claim over nation’s resources obscuring the bitter reality that they enjoy no privilege at all to demand anything from the country in the name of Islam after Nehru-Jinnah Partition-1947 and fierce anti-Hindu riots that ensued immediately after. So brazen is the Constitution in it’s Anti-Hinduism that a Muslim can approach Supreme Court demanding his / her rights as a Muslim and citizen both but a Hindu can approach the same Court under the same Constitution ONLY as a citizen !! Nefarious ‘Jumla’ of Secularism has always compelled the nation to remain on communal boil every moment everywhere. 

Unity In Diversity  When the ‘Jumla’ of Secularism was sanctified and deified, how could the ‘Jumla’ of ‘Unity In Diversity’ remain far behind ? While the sham of Secularism was pushed down throat of Hindus to secure their consent or acquiescence to presence of Christians and Muslims (always out to destroy Hinduism and proselytise unsuspecting Hindus) in the country, ‘Jumla’ of Unity In Diversity was pushed down throat of Hindus to transform it into a virtue so that Hindus blissfully and perpetually remain unaware of the impending calamity of being completely wiped out from Planet Earth by these two faiths on prowl. It would have been perfectly rational and culturally sound if the ‘Jumla’ of ‘Unity In Diversity’ had been invoked to explain underlying concealed albeit powerful common thread of unity among various sects of Hinduism dispersed across the nation and that this common thread in reality, is the foundation of our entire nationhood. Alas ! that was not to be. On the contrary, Royal Dynasty of Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra floated the nefarious proposal of Lingayats in Karnataka as a separate non-Hindu Shaivaite Community !! So much about the ‘Jumla’ of ‘Unity In Diversity’ !!    

Minoritism  is the illegitimate progeny born to the whore of secularism. Instead of restricting it to Zorostrian Parsis, it was expanded to include a community clocking 17% of the nation’s population. Height of political brinkmanship is inclusion of Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists as minorities in the backdrop of axiomatic reality that they all are Hindus first and Hindus last. Crores of precious taxpayer’s funds have been frittered into drains in the name of welfare of minorities all these decades of freedom without any palpable benefit or benediction to anyone of them. 

Three-Language Formula  Regional language, Hindi as national language and English as official language constituted this deadly ‘Jumla’ that has not allowed the nation to unite on emotional plane. Regional language identities have assumed menacing contours of ‘language-fundamentalism’ and every regional language community imposes their regional language on all others in the name of national integration while Hindi belt silently absorbs all these regional language onslaughts and irritants in the name of again, national integration. If ‘Pitamaha of Modern India’ JL Nehru had ordained Samskrita as the national language, regional language as medium of basic education and English as an optional language, much of this friction and brouhaha over regional language would have been precluded in it’s bud. Yet he did not being a hard-core enemy of Hindus and Bharata. 

Ahimsa  This one is the worst ‘Jumlas’ floated by ‘Bapu’ Gandhi, very skilfully misappropriated from the doctrine of Gautama Buddha. It was invoked by Gautama Buddha to stem growing violence in contemporary society, burgeoning animal slaughter and other forms of friction. ‘Bapu’ Gandhi was cunning enough to proffer it to innocent, credulous and gullible Hindus to perpetuate British rule and convert Hindus into cowards from warriors while conceding higher ground of rectitude to British despots occupying the country. This ‘Jumla’ has wrought incalculable, immeasurable harm to Hindu community which is only now set to be reversed under the aegis of a splendid organisation known as RSS. Considerable journey has been already been covered albeit we still have miles and miles to go ahead. 

Socialism  This ‘Jumla’ is yet another whore that delivered an illegitimate and crippled progeny, ‘Hindu Rate Of Growth’. ‘Pitamaha Of Modern India’ JL Nehru packed Planning Commission with all criminal minded Leftist economists who entrenched raw Communism camouflaged as socialism into nation’s economic policies so as to ensure, country remained a wretched ‘West Bengal / Tripura’ under Left rule forever, moved around the world ridiculing emaciated economy observing ‘Hindu Rate Of Growth’ !! And these anti-national Mercenaries Of Marx were conferred upon bountiful of Padma-Bhushans and Padma-Vibhushans as national recognition of their rigorous efforts to methodically ruin nation’s economy !! His daughter Indira Gandhi was magnanimous enough to forcibly push socialism into the Preamble of Constitution, again without any debate or discussion during Emergency. She rubbished the reality, Preamble of the Constitution is so sacrosanct that it is beyond any amendment like that. Impotence of socialism is best explained by development stories of Germany and Japan, two countries completely destroyed during World War-II and Japan struck by two nuclear weapons. Yet within 15 years or so, these two countries became economic super-powers while Bharata struggled very hard to remain at the bottom of all development indices. Even Lok Sabha constituencies of the Royal Dynasty i.e. Raibareilly, Amethi and Phulpur did not develop into Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan after their more than five decades of occupation of the nation.  

Collective effect of these ‘Jumlas’ has been devastating to say the least. National self-esteem, national honour, national self-confidence…all these precious assets were completely destroyed. We as a nation, were reduced to the abject nadir of being ‘a country with a begging bowl’ uninterruptedly struggling to remain backward and wretchedly poor. It was all the more tragically unfortunate because nation was immensely delighted and relieved to attain new status of being a liberated nation from British occupation blissfully unaware that the nation was being stabbed in the back by JL Nehru by signing ‘Transfer Of Power Agreement’ through which nation committed to departing British, their entire governance structure would be retained as it was and no changes would be brought about at all. It was only complexion of occupiers that changed, from British White (or colourless indeed !) to Bharatiya Brown / Dark Brown !! It is now back to Italian White after an interregnum of Brown / Dark Brown !! Nation continued to suffer in agony by being nibbled away by them in all directions while they continued being elected and re-elected based on those ‘Holy Jumlas’.  

Only after lakhs of starvation deaths, indispensability of Green Revolution occurred to the Royal Dynasty, only when we were humiliated by Chinese did the Royal Dynasty realise relevance of military might, only when we were bankrupt did they realise economic liberalism… !! For five years Nehru Government reported movement of Netaji Bose to British Government, our Foreign Minister delivered an official letter not to investigate into Bofor’s scandal, their MPs officially wrote to US Foreign Office not to allow the then Gujarat Chief Minister to enter into USA, they disowned Iranian oil on directions of US Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton, so on and so forth. Every move, every step was undertaken by them to ensure, Bharata remained abjectly wretched before the world.  

Congress was founded on Dec. 28, 1885 by English educated Brown Sahibs in the then Bombay presided over by WC Bannerjee. This is what the first Congress President spoke on the inaugural session, “We are faithful and loyal supporters of British Empire. Our desire is for the permanence of British rule in India. May the British rule India forever. Our ultimate aspiration is for a share in administration. We are more loyal and consistent well wishers of the British Government than the British themselves. Much has been done by Great Britain for the benefit of India. We are truly grateful to her. She has given us railways and western education. But a great deal remains to be done. Our desire is to be governed according to ideas of Government prevalent in Europe. This is in no way incompatible with our thorough loyalty to the British Government. We desire that basis of Government be widened.” Congress had been a brain-child of Governor General ‘Lord’ Dufferin as a safety cushion to de-steam freedom movement through them and the idea was implemented by AO Hume. So Congress has an inclination for White race and that explains why they all rolled over supine before Sonia Gandhi to pressurise her to assume Congress Presidentship in nineties. If Rajiv Gandhi had entered into love-marriage with an African Negress, his black widow would never have been allowed to assume reins of the party. 

I hope, this ‘Jumla’ campaign undertaken by Congress-Gems is crystal clear to natives by going through aforesaid ‘Jumla’ business perpetrated by them all these decades in the country.


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