Mid-night of June 25 / 26, 1975 was an epochal moment in nation’s history when a Prime Minister, swearing by democracy day in and day out, imposed Emergency over the country just to cling to the Chair of PM inherited from her Daddy, declared persona non grata by Allahabad High Court. In recorded history of this Sanatana Hindu-Rastra, Emergency was never ever imposed before. Not even when the ancient nation was invaded and brutalised by beasts in human form like Nadir Shah, British-Intruders and European-Infiltrators, Mughals etc. It was the worst anti-Constitution crime committed by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, venomous and vindictive towards civility and culture, egoist to the core who betrayed her antipathy to humanity and morbid attachment to her nasty dynasty. She had an excellent compatriot in cahoots with her in President FA Ahmed who signed the Proclamation under Article 352 without even an iota of penance or even second thought. He was such a flaccid rubber-stamp President that he could not muster guts to return the Proclamation proposal for reconsideration to the Self-proclaimed Empress !! And the Emergency-Proclamation allowed her to lord over the country by decree, by her own whims and by fancies of her cohorts. Congress veteran Kamaraj said on Emergency, “After the advent of independence we have built up our institutions only centering round seats of power. All eyes came to be riveted on membership in Assemblies and Parliament and position in Ministries. Parties, leaders and workers who have come up in this climate of scramble for power are the last ones to be depended upon where suffering and sacrifice are called for.” And AB Vajpayee, “It is strange that among those who have fallen a prey to fears or favours, majority are members of legislatures and Parliament. Present day politics, it seems, has only succeeded in creating an opportunistic class who would flee at the first onslaught on their privileged position.” Press censorship was imposed and the so-called Fourth Estate of democracy behaved like despicable wretcheds in words of BJP veteran LK Adwani, “ …when asked to bend, they preferred to creep.” 

Sole purpose of imposition of Emergency was to prove and justify INDIRA IS INDIA AND INDIA IS INDIRA !! Not only democratic spirit deeply ingrained in Hindu  DNA since Vedic  era foiled her nefarious designs determinedly, her Party known as Congress (Indira) then, now of course Congress (Italian), came out a pathetic cropper with their faces blackened indelibly and eternal apologists of the darkest era of nation’s history. All sorts of crimes, conceivable as well as inconceivable, were perpetrated upon all, from common helpless citizens to respected Opposition leaders, aging freedom-fighters, industrialists, Justices to bureaucrats, none were spared by Indira Gandhi and her son, Sanjay Gandhi behaving like a street ruffian. Probably world had never witnessed before such a wave of crimes in a democratic country orchestrated by a democratically elected Government sanctioned under Article 352 of the Constitution !! 

We happen to be natives of a very mystical country that has risen like Phoenix several times in past irrespective of the depth the nation had been sunk into. Entire country rose against Emergency within 21 months and democracy was reverted back on right track through ballot boxes. RSS and affiliates exerted historic, monumental role in liberating Bharata  from vicious clutches of a megalomaniac politician determined to crush and destroy all those who could not prostrate before Her Royal Majesty, The Empress in spite their being banned and thousands of Svayamsevaka-s imprisoned. Then came the startling enlightenment from a senior Congress leader Devakant Baruah much to the consternation of entire nation, “Indira is India and India is Indira.” That declaration not only betrayed their sinister intentions but also warned the country to fall in line as quickly as possible otherwise repent later. Since she lorded over the nation by virtue of her entitlements bequeathed to her by her Daddy and ratified by snatching life of Prime Minister LB Shastri far away in Tashkent to repel suspicion, Emergency was imposed to challenge those who questioned her, “How dare you question me and come in my way ?” and her army of sycophants loudly demanded switch over to Presidential form of governance with additional powers to pursue authoritarianism. As a matter of fact, in the name of Emergency-1975, Indira Gandhi ordered Jallianwala Bagh for the entire nation and people suffered to no limits for no fault of theirs. Emergency-1975 must never be forgotten, must be taught in schools how the nation escaped from becoming another Pakistan / Rwanda and how a leader can be so despotic for self-perpetuation.     

With installation of Morarji Desai as Prime Minister, ‘Nasabandi’ Emergency was finally lifted as the Government led by Indira Gandhi was ‘forced’ to undergo ‘Nasabandi’ themselves and she broke into copious tears, sobbed bitterly before PM Desai when he condescended to tender a courtesy visit to her on his way to PM Office from Rashtrapati Bhavan after being sworn in. Neither Indira Gandhi could become India nor could she stop India from becoming Bharata, thereafter. No leader, no Party will ever dare to behave like that in future anymore only when every child in the country attains Naciketa’s courage to look at death in face to know the truth, no power on earth, internal or external, would ever dare cast an evil eye on Bharata.  


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