Donald Trump had succeeded President Barack Hussein Obama in the White House in 2016 when America was The Last priority in the catalogue of outstanding issues before them. The way Obama was busy for eight years in compromising US interests be that climate or China, remitting millions of $$ to countries like Iran and Pakistan, allowing Communists to infiltrate entire government apparatus, reminded us all of second Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru for whom national interest was always the last priority. So close to winning second term with almost 49% votes polled in his favour in spite of all that so-called worldwide brouhaha and invectives and epithets being hurled at him, affirms beyond an iota of doubt, Donal Trump in reality has been one of the best Presidents in US history.

After President DD Eisenhower, he was the first President who studiously avoided futile wars in other countries counting body-bags being despatched followed by counting of bodies arriving in America unleashing outrage all over the country. It is so paradoxical that President Lyndon B Johnson could not muster courage to contest for second Presidential term due to raging outrage and sense of guilt he developed after carpet-bombing of Vietnam while Donald Trump has been ousted from the White House for not waging a single war anywhere in the world at all as he declined to be a War-monster.  

Trump successfully negotiated four Middle East Peace Accords that brought about paradigm shift in that region that appeared almost impossible hitherto spanning decades of friction and battles.

It is due to his much maligned tenure that America became not only energy self-sufficient but also energy exporter for the first time in their history.

He cancelled TPP, FTTs, replaced NAFTA by USMCA, re-calibrated trade deals with China and 50 other countries only to protect American economic interests. Donald Trump negotiated much more reasonable trade agreements with Canada, EU and Mexico instead of throwing away US interests like his predecessor.

President Trump was one of the greatest job-creators who drastically reduced unemployment among Blacks and Browns in his country. Had there been no Wuhan-pandemic unleashed by China surrepticiously, employment data of America would have been probably best in the world. With 7 million jobs created, unemployment lowest at 3.5%, unemployment dole claims lowest in 50 years, rise in middle class incomes by five times, are some of his spectacular milestones while Dow peaked at 30,000 in 2020.

Sterling economic contribution of Trump was in recalling hundreds of US businesses back to USA from China leaving Dragons sulking behind their viruses !! With tariff hikes and trade restrictions, Trump brought subdued China to negotiating table. It is yet another story that when he was fighting with ‘Tariff-King’ Prime Minister Modi for reduction of duties on Harley Davidson bikes, they ditched him and shifted to China from Texas !!

Trump launched largest tax reforms in history that led to reduction in tax liabilities by 50% for US middle class families.

He cancelled Paris Climate Accord signed with so much brag and bluster by his predecessor, unfair to US interests.

He quit WHO and withdrew funding them as WHO had been shielding China from the crime of unleashing the Wuhan-virus.

President Trump cancelled one-sided nuclear deal signed by Obama with Iran and imposed crippling sanctions. Nuclear Iran is certainly dangerous for almost half of humanity in the world.

He leashed relations with Cuba and fiercely resisted Communism in western hemisphere. It is mainly the Communist lobby responsible for his dubious defeat at his bid for second term.

Being an ardent American nationalist, he sought to expose corruption nibbling important bodies like FBI, CIA apart from both political parties.

Trump did not allow NATO continue sucking lifeline of America on one flimsy pretext or the other. He compelled them to pay for security rendered by the USA and they agreed to pay for that. Undoubtedly, he brought NATO to justice for the first time in US history.

He ruthlessly destroyed ISIS network, so-called Caliphate, killed Baghdadi in his own den and liberated the world from professional terrorists to a large extent.

He contained the ‘Rocket-man’ of North Korea indulging in missile acrobatics in Japanese skies, nuclear indulgence and potential threats to the US west coast, difficult task indeed.

Trump extended unqualified support to Prime Minister Modi on stand off with China over LAC. For Taiwan too, he was on the right side of pro-US diplomacy.  

He successfully appointed three Supreme Court Justices and 300 Federal Justices in spite of aggressive braying by Donkeys.

He reduced taxes, doubled standard deduction, stock market went into euphoric raptures by almost 100 times and strengthened US currency much dearer impacting positively large number of retirees too.

He developed Wuhan-pandemic vaccine in a record time-frame in comparison to development of Ebola vaccine that consumed six years or so in past.

Health care expenses were moderated including cost of prescription drugs after trashing Obamacare. It was an unprecedented achievement in US history of health sector.

He reorganised US Military debilitated by design under Obama regime and dismissed several Generals and Admirals failing to deliver and raised US Space Armed Force.

Trump tightened immigration laws in US interest, ended asylum fraud and human trafficking.

Significant reduction in illegal infiltration across Mexican border to the tune of 87% by raising a wall 400 miles long, is another remarkable achievement.

Undertook criminal justice reforms extensively.

Since Day One of his Presidency, people have been calling him names, raising clouds of heat and dust over his imprudent statements which he should have refrained from speaking out. These so-called infirmities simply pale away when you focus of his historic success in taming hostile Islamic forces, Communism and Chinese Dragon-fire. These forces are now so powerful that they can even destroy a prosperous mighty nation too. Let us see how Biden regime copes with them after announcing, “America is back.” An eminent journalist Glenn Greenwald reckons it to be militarism, imperialism and corporatism as Dem. Donkeys are “good at creating a brand radically different than the reality, those who fund them they believe in. It’s why you see neocons migrating so comfortably back to the Democratic Party, why you see Bush and Cheney operatives cheering for Joe Biden, why Wall Street celebrated when he picked Kamala Harris.”

If some supercilious sniggeratis of America find him crude, crass, nasty, bully, ‘Picasso of pettiness’, ‘Shakespeare of shit’,  devoid of charm, compassion, credibility, wisdom, vision, humility, grace, sense of humour, Soul itself…his mind being a ‘bot like Algorithm imbued with petty prejudices’, even his flaws full of flaws, even Nixon started looking trustworthy…or a monster entirely assembled by Dr. Frankenstein with human flaws then screaming around Oh God, what have I created…then it is essentially their own grave attitudinal issues to cope with. 

Undoubtedly, the man flew out of the White House in Air Force One for the last time to go down into US history as one of the greatest Presidents as well as for generations in future to regret for his ignominious ouster.

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