Sounds strange, isn’t it ? Let us examine how it comes about.

1947 was one of the worst years in nation’s history owing to Edwina Mountbatten inspired Indo-Pak Partition under malevolent Prime Ministership of Maulana JL Nehru. Massive migrations were accompanied by massive crimes of all sorts and the Maulana did absolutely NOTHING to mitigate their sufferings. Lakhs of Hindu-s were left at the mercy of beasts to be slaughtered and he made no arrangement to protect them at all. Maulana JL Nehru as Prime Minister did a picnic-trip to the border and commented like a (pseudo-)philosopher, “I think, people have gone mad.” Who could have convinced him at that moment of reckoning, in reality it was he who had gone mad to satiate his lust for power and pelf ??

Thousands of Hindu-s trooped into Delhi almost empty-handed, desperate to survive if not get normal with life immediately. Maulana Nehru decided to settle almost all of them in Delhi in make-shift barracks and left them alone to struggle with ruthless destiny. Food, clothes, medicines, shelter…you name it and they didn’t have it. They were forced to live like animals by the Government of the day headed by Maulana Jawaharlal Nehru, one of the worst enemies of the nation. It was a monumental shame and a blot on his face which can never be obliterated.

In a desperate bid to recover all that they had lost across the border after Partition, undesirable / nefarious practices were resorted to by them and decline of Delhi set in, morally / culturally / economically / financially /  environmentally…in every respect. And the precipitous decline of Delhi continued unhindered during years to come. Alternately, if they all had been dispersed all over in States outside Delhi, national capital would never have been under so much strain since then. The rot that set in during Maulana Nehru era in Delhi, snowballed into a real-time crisis with burgeoning population, so grave that even 70 years after freedom, not a single problem of Delhi has been solved so far, effectively. And now it appears impossible to do so. So much about the great ‘visionary’ Maulana Nehru and claim of his Party, ‘Maker Of Modern India’ !!

No problem of Delhi can be solved unless extensive De-Congestion Policy is adopted as foundation of every Metro Master Plan. Government must forcefully appeal, those who are not required to stay in Delhi, MUST NOT stay in Delhi, MUST move out to their respective hometowns. Country is too large and too developed by now for anyone to be compelled to settle down in Delhi. No retiring US President ever settles down in Washington DC. Unfortunately, we do not pick up right lessons from western civilization, only unethical / wrong values are picked up by us so readily.

It will not be a bad idea for the Government to formulate a comprehensive policy in this regard with financial support as displacement cost. If it is not achieved voluntarily by the populace, it may be forced upon Delhi by deteriorating environment / air-quality sooner than later leading to mass migrations once again. Bold Exit Policy for Delhi and other metroes is need of the hour.



  1. Urmila Reddy says:

    Bitter truth!! You bring up the valid points, Sir. Hope someday our Bharateeyas will learn the truth n stop worshipping Gandhi/ Nehru/ Vadra clan blindly.


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