Hon. Prime Minister,

NaMo Namaha. 

I am exceedingly aghast to scrutinise website of Maulana Azad created University Grants Commission proudly claiming roots of higher education in the country established by McCaulay, hereinasunder  –  

“The present system of higher education dates back to Mountstuart Elphinstone`s minutes of 1823, which stressed on the need for establishing schools for teaching English and the European sciences. Later, Lord Macaulay, in his minutes of 1835, advocated “efforts to make natives of the country thoroughly good English scholars”. Sir Charles Wood`s Dispatch of 1854, famously known as the `Magna Carta of English Education in India`, recommended creating a properly articulated scheme of education from the primary school to the university. It sought to encourage indigenous education and planned the formulation of a coherent policy of education…..” 

If the Mecca born fanatical Maulana was ignorant about our glorious higher-educational past with Nalandas and Taxillas, it is no surprise at all. What is most disgusting is that in seven decades post-1947, nobody in UGC hierarchy ever perceived the necessity to obliterate those lies and post correct picture of history of higher education in Bharata  on the website. No wonder Universities across the country have been rotting with such morons and idiots holding senior positions in UGC. Why is that Mr. Prime Minister, for correction of any distortion of significance, historic or otherwise, someone has to report it to Prime Minister of the country ? Why are bureaucrats not inspired enough to carry out right things righteously at their own level on their own volition without a fuss, every moment, every day ?  

It was very unfortunate that education was handed over to rabid anti-Hindu Islamic fanatics like Maulana Azad, Nurul Hasan and Irfan Habib in past. A Maulana in charge of Education Ministry under Nehru’s dispensation !! Education reforms at all levels are more than overdue which ought to have been implemented by second or at the most, third year of the tenure of your Government. It is yet to see light of the day. Director of the institution responsible for the task of text-books for school education is perpetually on one or the other overseas trip. Popular joke being exchanged is that after landing at IGI Airport, he boards another overseas flight to some other scenic destination without even going home !! And he has the temerity to brag around, nobody could stop his foreign visits in spite of multiple complaints !! Is it because their responsibility has been appropriated by some others ? Respect for authority, accountability and commitment to the nation leaves much to be desired among so many and strict monitoring must be carried out regularly. If a jurist of the standing of Harish Salve says, Congress have their minions smartly fixed in every nook and corner, country shall have only what Antonio Maino wants, entire Government must sit up alarmed and take notice of that. Actions taken after implosions belong to the class of ‘better late than never’ and nothing better !! Similar is the tale of woes with many other institutions / departments / ministries too. 

Hon. Prime Minister, image matters in the business of governance and matters a lot. And the image must be of the right kind. Undoubtedly development statistics constitute foundation of the right image albeit that is not generally visible to all. Fake news makers / propagandists cannot be effectively countered by proffering development statistics. They have to be tackled as prescribed in Chanakya-Niti with iron-hand in velvet gloves. If US President Trump can publicly castigate fake-news channels, if newly elected Brazilian President can declare war on fake-news, why can’t your Government name all gutter-channels openly and boycott all of them altogether ? Sanatana  ideals too have limitations. Sanatana / Vedic  ideals must be pursued within prescribed ambit of CanakyaNiti lest these lead to unmitigated disasters. These are not days of Samrat Janaka  ruling over the nation after all !! I dread the possibility of India Shining-2004 defeat in spite of brilliant performance by NDA-I re-visiting the country in contours of Incredible India-2019 setback in spite of your spectacular achievements.        

If Indira Gandhi could sack any number of State Governments, dissolve any number of State Assemblies, humiliate any number of Governors, order a President to endorse Emergency Proclamation without even Cabinet approval, shot dead hundreds of Sadhus opposite Parliament and go away with the image of a decisive / courageous ‘Iron-Lady’  / Durga  and what not into fake history, what dissuades Prime Minister Modi to throw away two anti-Hindu / anti-national State Governments of Bengal and Kerala ? Why can’t Communism be banned altogether when there is no hesitation in slaying Naxalites / Maoists ? When the world over has candidly confessed, multi-culturalism has miserably failed, why can’t it be declared, Islam and Christianity do not belong to this nation at all albeit allowed to survive within defined limits and restrictions ? Why can’t all Mandira-s turned into Masjids after demolition be taken over just by one law ? Why can’t all the land snatched away from Hindus by British-occupiers / Missionaries be reclaimed by law earliest possible ? How long Hindus are going to be derogated and despised at in their own country ? Why can’t President intervene and tell Supreme Court to mind their own business they were created for ? Why can’t President ban summer / winter vacations in Higher Judiciary and stop salaries of Justices for the period for intransigence ? Why can’t rogue Opposition be thrown out of House by the scruff of their collars when they do not allow Parliament to function at all ? When a Chief Secretary was beaten by elected Goondas in presence of a Chief Minister, why was Chief Minister not sacked within a few hours past mid-night ? Why can’t Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra Dynasty be declared hostile enemies of the nation and expelled from the country ? If Dr. Subramanyam Swamy produces evidence to establish Finance Secretary Hasmukh Adhia is a scoundrel, then why is Hasmukh Adhia allowed to receive gold biscuits from ‘unknown sources’ ? How is that Urban-Naxals are spreading their wings and Government struggling to stamp them out ruthlessly ?  

Quite a paradigm shift in governance is need of the hour. Undoubtedly you have been doing your best possible yet a few nicks and cuts frequently surface here and there to tarnish entire narrative. Those aberrations are controllable and must be swiftly nipped in bud to emit right signals, nation can no more be taken for a ride. And the nation is no more a soft State too. 

With best regards,

Ramakant Tiwari



  1. Urmila Reddy says:

    Well researched article!!! Stated the facts as usual. Wealth of information!!! God bless you with more energy to write such master pieces.


  2. I was suggested this websitee through my cousin. I’m now nott certain whether or not this post is written via him as nobody
    else understad such particcular about my trouble.
    You’re wonderful! Thank you!


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