A country blessed with so much talent, natural resources and well-informed nationals could not create her own Google, Apple, Facebook etc. When the same very brains go overseas, they do miracles. It is an enigmatic riddle not very difficult to resolve.

Ratan Naval Tata eloquently explained why as reported in the Economic Times dated Oct. 12, 2017 –

“We do not have an environment where somebody says, ‘you have a great idea and so you need to be supported. We have instead an attitude of ‘we don’t need to have this, we can do well with what we have’.”

Conceptual understanding of our cultural ethos of Samyama, Tapa, Yajna, Rudraksa, Kamandala, Gangajala, Cimta, Lota….has gone horribly wrong in absence of proper instructions and mentoring. We are unable to distinguish Dharma, Artha, Kama  and Moksa  individually, their respective significance and dynamics thereof. Even erudite scholars are unable to comprehend Karma  and Karmaphala  on one side of the fence and Prarabdha  on the other. All that used to be taught in Gurukula-s earlier, so the nation was “Sone Ki Chiria” as our ancestors brought up in Gurukula-s, used to be pioneers in every discipline of activity that they undertook. Nation commanded more than one-fourth of world trade thus, envied by all. When our ancestors used to leave their bodies behind, visit space to closely examine movement of Naksatra-s, revert into their bodies and write marvellous treatises on astronomy, then ancestors of those successful Start-up owners of today used to jump from one tree-top to another like apes !! Invaders came, humbled and brutalised us, then came British Govt. by proxy in Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra dynasty who carried forward with the loot, plunder and nefarious conversions. They also allowed Communists too, to flourish in the country and wreak havoc with our culture and civility. This evil dynasty destroyed towering self-esteem of Hindu-s blended with ‘Killer Instinct To Win’ and we sunk into depths of siege mentality where we still languish. Hindu-s have been scarred for centuries left alone to sulk and rue. 

Struggle to come out of that mind-set started only in 2014, almost seven decades after we attained our sham independence. Real independence was attained only in 2014 and now we are settling down on the right path to re-attain our pristine glory that was snatched away from us forcibly. Distinct and explicit signals are there for all to behold. In 1925, there was an incomprehensible ideological ‘Start-up’ by one Hindu  visionary and it grew into a gigantic banyan tree, now encompassing the whole world, known as RSS !! The founder of this ‘Start-up’ commenced his journey from ‘Uttistha Bharata’ and raised it to the Himalayan heights of ‘Uttistha, Sangathit, JagritBharata  surpassing even Swami Vivekananda  in his grand vision for the nation and nation is safe, secured today ONLY due to RSS. Two semi-clad Sannyasi-s in Haridwar picked up Gandiva Dhanusa  to challenge not only the slavish national mentality but also vicious hegemony of exploitative multi-national corporates head on. One of them became icon of Yoga  and Arogya  while the other one now is one of the wealthiest ten in the country, resolutely moving ahead to become a Forbes billionaire !!  World shall soon witness a live, practising Forbes billionaire Sannyasi, something inconceivable hitherto. Scenario shall certainly change for the better and it is gaining momentum uninterruptedly. Ratan Tata may not be there to witness and admire those days but those days are bound to arrive. He is well aware of hurdles, barriers, problems that were raised by British occupiers of the country for his ancestor Jamshedji Nusservanji Tata to confront while struggling to realise his dream of raising a steel plant in Jamshedpur. Those British Thugs did everything in the ‘rule-book’ to destroy the dream and the grand visionary JN Tata did not live to see his dream come true. It was left for his son Dorabji Tata to behold that later.  

Ratan Naval Tata may rest assured about the certain turnaround in due course of time, sooner than visualised.


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