Vasudeva Sri Krsna  declared Himself to be Asvattha  tree among trees in immortal, sacrosanct wisdom of Srimadbhagvadgita 

Asvatthaha Sarvavriksanam Devarsinam Ca Naradaha I

Gandharvanam Citrarathaha Siddhanam Kapilo Muniha  II X / 26 II

Among all trees, I am Asvattha, Narada  among divine sages, Citraratha  among Gandharva-s and Sage Kapil among realised ones.  

The Supreme Deity went on to expound cosmic mysticism with the instance of same Asvattha  tree – 

Urdhvamulamadhaha Sakhamasvattham Prahuravyayam  I

Chhandansi Yasya Parnani Yastam Veda Sa Vedavit  II XV / 1 II

They regard Asvattha  as imperishable, having roots upward and branching downward with Veda-s as it’s foliage. One who knows it in reality, is the knower of all.  

He eloquently established trees to be Yogi-s in real sense, perpetually in the state of Samadhi  sacrificing every bit of their existence every moment for the sake of all beings, directly by offering themselves as fruits, foliage, wood, Ayurvedic  medicines, shelter to animals and insects while indirectly by purifying environment constantly. Indeed, trees are Mahayogi-s commanding a distinct halo of sanctity exercising their exceedingly critical role as an important member of the eco-system wherever they grow. The moment seed sprouts on earth, divine aura is immediately created that associates itself with it, continuously augments and stays with the tree throughout it’s existence.  

Trees are divine representatives that incessantly consume themselves on multiple fronts to ensure, all beings survive and remain healthy. This self-annihilation by trees is akin to offering oblations into YajnaKunda  absolutely selflessly, in the spirit of Niskama Karma  so that proceeds are dispensed unto those who need them most. In this Yajna, oblations are trees themselves. 

Trees are wonderful Guru-s too as they continuously teach us how to be philanthropic without being motivated. Trees are ultimate philanthropists as they continue providing so much even after their being uprooted and eventual demise.  

Trees are indeed, incarnation of the Supreme Provider as they feed us and animals, provide fresh air to breathe, support all other members of their eco-system and cure our diseases. 

Trees are real doers for all of us without imposing themselves upon us as the real doer.  

Trees silently withstand oppressive heat, tornadoes, cyclones, rains, quakes, floods etc. without uttering even a faintest cry of agony. Like Rsi-s and Maharsi-s, their level of endurance is unmitigated.   

Trees silently suffer when brutalised by human intervention or climatic calamity. They never ever retaliate. We must learn from trees how to minimise complaining and cribbing against anyone or anything and how to be eternally patient and tolerant.  

Trees are absolutely non-discriminatory, benevolent to all irrespective of socio-economic barriers.  

Trees have inspired so many poets and authors to create their best. The Daffodils by William Wordsworth, If I Were A Tree by Harindranath Chattopadhyaya etc. are some prominent examples.    

Under the shade of trees, so many Yogi-s, Rsi-s and Maharsi-s attained Moksa. Gautama Buddha  attained Nirvana  under a grand banyan tree, now famous as Bodhi  Tree. If trees had not been Mahayogi-s, such accomplishments would not have been possible under their canopies of green foliage. 

When the breeze wafts around, trees hum beautiful lullaby. Even an agitated mind is certain to fall asleep under the green of a tree.   

Planting trees is an intensely noble Karma  that may even earn eternal peace for departed ancestors.  

Trees are meant to be loved, nourished and adored. They never take anything from us. They only provide.


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