Recently a friend raised an issue as to how we have transformed rather declined so much from the era of high degree of freedom of mind and body to the present characterised by loads of clothes on body and innumerable ideological knots, kinks in mind and intellect. Even women used to be sparsely attired, semi-clad or even topless to be more precise in ancient Bharata. Even during sixties / seventies of past century, rural hinterland across the nation was absolutely comfortable with topless women. That is very well depicted through idols, sculptures that used to be crafted and chiselled in very large numbers across the continent. Amarasilpi Janakacarya  is one of such legendary sculptors who raised several highly sophisticated, refined temples in the country. Most of Madanika-s i.e. women dancers or characters in Valmiki Ramayana / Mahabharata / Upanisad-s were topless as a measure of routine life-style without inviting ignominy or undesirable attention. Then trooped in invaders like Muslims / Christians who found themselves “horrified” to behold ‘fashion statements’ of our ancestors and forcibly loaded then from tip to toe with clothes without bringing in European winter along with the heavy clothing !  

It appears like an enigmatic mystery to present generation as to how semi-clad / topless women were so secured in those days with no trace of gender crimes in those ancient societies, whether every nook and corner of every town was appointed with CCTV cameras, whether every street was intensely patrolled by Beat Constables of Haryana Police !!!! Or was it due to fear of extreme punishment like castration etc. being awarded instantly in a kangaroo court !!! 

No. Not really so. Mystery lay somewhere else. 

Our ancestors in ancient Bharata  were highly advanced and most sophisticated / refined society in the world. Cultural and Adhyatmika  framework of ancient society constituted by our ancestors was very sturdy, inviolable, sacrosanct and impenetrable. Also it used to be nourished and strengthened by every section of that society.  

Most conspicuous constituent of that institutional framework was four Asrama-s comprising of Brahmacarya, Grihastha, Vanaprastha  and Sannyasa. And the Asrama  of Brahmacarya  was at the root of our entire glory as Visvaguru  in the world, highest order of knowledge and refinement in every, I repeat emphatically, every aspect of life. Let us scrutinise the Asrama  of Brahmacarya  in detail.

Brahmacarya Asrama  used to be practised in hermitage of Guru-s  who used to be Siddha Tapasvi-s. Let us have a glimpse of Brahmacari-s in his Guru’s hermitage as detailed in Manusmriti 

Sevetemanstu Niyamanbrahmacari Gurau Vasan  I

Sanniyamyendriyagramam Tapovrddhayarthamatmanah  II II / 118 II 

While dwelling in the hermitage of Guru, while pursuing enrichment of wisdom and knowledge, Brahmacari  is ordained to practise following instructions.

Brahmacari  is the one who lives life of an ascetic in a hermitage with his Guru. Observing severe asceticism with augmented emphasis of celibacy, he is required to pursue study of Veda-s and other scriptures along with other disciplines of study. Brahmacari  compulsorily undergoes Upanayana Samskara  at the hermitage under the supervision of his Guru. As the discipleship advances a bit, Brahmacari  is awarded a Varna  depending upon his abilities, faculties and inclinations. Brahmacarya  i.e. the state of being a Brahmacari, continues in the hermitage so long as the Brahmacari  carries on with his studies before entering into the phase of being a householder. Maharsi Manu  has prescribed a descriptive catalogue of mandatory duties and responsibilities to be practised by every Brahmacari  so long as he dwells in the hermitage in the august company of his Guru. 

Varjayenmadhumansam Ca Gandha Malyam Rasanstriyaha  I

Suktani Yani Sarvani Praninam Caiva Himsanam  II II / 120 II 

All sorts of indulgences viz. Gandha, Mala, Rasa, company of man and woman must be eschewed by ascetics religiously.

Extravagance to gratify senses must be abhorred and eschewed as these are gateway to decline and certain disaster.  And a Seeker is called upon to assimilate the regime of self-denial to ensure self-consecration. These are effective distractions for an ascetic that may eventually succeed in destroying all pursuits. 

Abhyangamanjanam Caksnorupanacchatradharanam  I

Kamam Krodham Ca Lobham Ca Nartanam Gitavadanam  II II / 121 II 

Singing, dancing, playing musical instrument, use of black streak in eyes, touching organs aimlessly, wearing shoes and crown, Kama, Krodha, Lobha  etc. must be shunned.

Those are activities that may potentially distract an ascetic from the charted path of Sadhana  into frivolity. These must be abhorred and eschewed by Brahmacari-s and Sadhaka-s.

Dyutam Ca Janavadam Ca Parivadam Tathaanritam  I

Strinam Ca Praiksanalambhamupaghatam Parasya Ca  II II / 122 II  

He must ever refrain from gambling, indulgence in lying and carping, watching women and harming others in any possible manner.

Aforesaid indulgences also must be eschewed by Brahmacari-s and Sadhaka-s. 

Ekaha Sayita Sarvatra Na Retaha Skandayetkvacit  I

Kamaddhi Skandayanreto Hinasti Vratmatmanaha  II II / 123 II 

Must sleep in isolation, never allow ejaculation of Virya  as it destroys one’s Brahmacarya. Brahmacari  must be absolutely particular about not discharging his Virya  as loss of Virya  destroys Brahmacarya.  

Svabhava Esa Narinam Naranamiha Dusanam  I

Atoarthanna Pramadyanti Pramadasu Vipascitah  II II / 145 II 

Moral fibre of man being disrupted immediately after coming in contact with woman, is quite natural herein. Hence the wise ones must observe extreme discretion while interacting with women.

In this Sloka, Maharsi Manu  has likened man and woman with Indriya  and Visaya  respectively. If Indriya-s are conceded liberty of interacting with respective Visaya-s, it is known as the state of Bhoga. When Indriya-s are denied the liberty consciously, it is the state of pursuit of Tapa.

If Indriya-s remain in the state of Bhoga  perpetually, more and more Samskara-s are generated requiring increasing number of births and deaths in the world, more of agonies and miseries. Bhoga  is a certain recipe of decline and degradation. Revelling perpetually in the state of Tapa  leads to dissolution of incumbent albeit unredeemed Samskara-s, purification and consecration of one’s Citta. Through Tapa, one advances towards Moksa  gradually. Undesirable and purposeless interaction between man and woman too, leads both in the same direction of decline and destruction ultimately. 

Matra Svasra Duhitra Va Na Viviktasano Bhavet  I

Balavanindriyagramo Vidvansamapi Karsati  II II / 147 II 

He must refrain from being alone in company of mother, sister or daughter as powerful Indriya-s may overpower Viveka  of even the enlightened ones. As Indriya-s are assertive and powerful, one ought to be abundantly discreet by refraining from being alone with women. 

Brahmacarya  is the spiritual pursuit entailing one to deport oneself in the highest traditions of Adhyatma  without pause. When elements of Astangayoga  of Maharsi Patanjali  i.e. Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pratyahara, Pranayama, Dharana, Dhyana  and Samadhi  are ardently pursued by a Brahmacari, he is certain to attain the highest abode of enlightenment, highest order of sanctity and highest expanse of divinity. Out of these eight elements, it is Pranayama  that is the highest order of Sadhana  capable of absolutely purifying Sadhaka  of entire basket of Samkara-s i.e. imprints of past yet unredeemed Karma-s from his / her Citta. There is one more mystical attainment that is possible to realise – complete command over five Bhuta-s as well as all carnal desires including Kama  i.e. lust herein. 

Complete control / command over lust / wayward mind is perfectly attainable through intensive Pranayama  from 30 to 60 minutes everyday by developing perfect restraint over the ‘Bull-hormone’, also know as Testosterone, sole culprit responsible for all anti-woman crimes if not restrained effectively. Practising Sadhu-s have confessed to me, such a control through Pranayama  is so powerful, so effective that they dislike even looking at women !! Ancient Bharata  had a network of more than 8 lakh Gurukula-s across the country funded and patronised by local populace. Young lads used to join these Gurukula-s at their very young age, reside and study for next 15 to 20 years. During stay at these Gurukula-s, they compulsorily followed a very stringent regime of YogaSadhana, Japa, study, sports, misc. errands etc. Rigorous Pranayama  was absolutely essential for all of them. When the entire young and old ‘male-mankind’ in ancient Bharata  had to compulsorily undergo hours and years of Pranayama, YogaSadhana  of this stringent order, how can anyone even visualise these ascetic Brahmacari-s turned absolutely Sattvika Grihastha-s having any malicious or lascivious thoughts towards women ? Semi-clad, even topless women did not deter them at all, rather did not even bother them at all !!  

Thus, those Gurukula-s ensured, complete safety and  security of women throughout the country by raising such Sattvika, ascetic men. Anti-women crimes were completely unknown to them for thousands of years. Is all that possible today with kids staying with their parents, going to their schools with tiffin boxes and water bottles in a van / bus, attending schools 8 am to 1 pm and attaining even half of those cultural roots ? Next to impossible to attain. 

Eight lakh Gurukula-s were methodically destroyed by Thomas Babbibgton McCaulay, a British missionary who later introduced, western oriented anti-Hindu  Convent education that gradually ruined our cultural moorings and population of stalkers / rapists / eve-teasers / acid-throwers started rising exponentially in the country. Centuries later, nation witnessed Nirbhaya-Kaand, massive agitation launched and the whole world castigated us for not respecting our women !!! BBC shot an abusive documentary indicting Hindu-s and Sanatana Hinduism  responsible for rapes and all gender crimes without uttering even a word about grave crimes perpetrated by their ancestors upon our ancestors !! All these ‘eulogies’ for a community which did not even know how to be rude to a woman till they forcibly entered, destroyed our values and looted our country to dreaded famines and mass deaths on streets of Kolikata !! 

Years ago, Swami Ramdeva  of Patanjali  Group once challenged on live TV channels to name even a single, even a single case when a Gurukula  educated person was apprehended for anti-woman crimes. The challenge is yet to met by anyone. As human civilisation has moved considerably in various directions, it is not feasible or advisable to revert to ancient Gurukula  system now. Network of Acarya Kulum  schools being raised by them may be the appropriate move in that direction integrating all practices. Similar such chain of schools are being developed by other religious preacher-reformers too. Once this generation is in majority few years hence, gender disparity may be addressed to a great extent.




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