If one renounces the world at the innermost level of his subtle being or consciousness simultaneously honouring all his temporal obligations and mandates, he / she is assumed to be in the state of solitude. It is one of the highly evolved states of Adhyatmika Cetana.  

A person in solitude is Samattva  too i.e. he / she is equipoised towards all sorts of vicissitudes of life that one undergoes inevitably. Equanimity and solitude co-exist in one’s innermost being. When equanimity and solitude co-exist in one’s innermost being, one is at once rendered tranquil and serene at the core. A person dwelling in a remote cave deep inside a dense jungle albeit with a high order of mental noise and turbulence, is never in solitude. At best, he / she may be alone, possibly having boycotted his / her kin and the world driven by some extra-ordinary reason. Emotional traumas and setbacks are best dealt with in the state of solitude. He she bounces back highest when he / she hits the rock bottom through the tranquillity and fortitude attained in the state of solitude. 

State of solitude also ordains complete absence of Raga  and Dvesa  i.e. affinity and aversion towards anyone. Being equanimous towards joys and woes, it further extends and evolves into being bereft of affinity or aversion too, towards anyone. It leads to complete impartiality towards all irrespective of any kinship or lack of it whatsoever. Everyone is equally dear to those established in the state of solitude. 

A person in solitude is an ardent Karmayogi, being overwhelmed with his / her SvaDharma  with no trace of inclination to appropriate Karmaphala  thereof. They earnestly believe in the cosmic reality that divine mandate for mankind is restricted to performing SvaDharma  ONLY and no other Karma  whatsoever. That too selflessly because man enjoys no privilege to own Karmaphala  of his / her SvaDharma  performed by him / her. So severely restricted is the brief of human existence in this planet.  

One in the state of solitude is also Nirlipta  i.e. absolutely detached towards anything outside his / her consciousness. They are entirely disinterested and indifferent to any action other than SvaDharma. They are inclined to honour SvaDharma  alone because of that being a divine mandate. As a matter of fact, they are absolutely disinterested on emotional plane of consciousness in SvaDharma  too ! They violate / transcend this lack of interest only because cosmic laws must not be dishonoured.  

Those in the exalted state of solitude are incessantly practising Sahaja Yoga. That is the order of Yoga  pursuit of which enables them to constantly / incessantly remain conscious of their existence and all their doings as well as undoings. They never ever act / speak anything unconsciously i.e. mechanically without being aware of what they are doing or speaking. That is the state of Sahaja Yoga  that is inevitably associated with the state of solitude. 

State of being in solitude demands to be an excellent listener. Listening to external cacophony as well as to the subtle, mystical sounds from the Infinity audible in one’s own inner being. Celestial deities are always eager to communicate with human beings who can listen to them. Those reveling in the state of solitude are the ones who communicate with Deva-s and Devi-s comfortably. And they learn extra-ordinary wisdom through this exquisite communication rendered possible by being an excellent listener. 

Those in the state of solitude speak a very different language, language of Mauna  i.e. silence. They communicate a lot through the language of Mauna. When unavoidable, speak minimum words to convey maximum possible as they are profoundly conscious of the reality that in reality, Mauna  is the eternal speech i.e. perennial  flow of communication that is interrupted by spoken words and sentences. Spoken words disrupt Mauna. Gautama Buddha  used to impart Diksa  through Mauna  unto his disciples and his disciples used to receive that with the highest degree of accuracy again in the state of Mauna. Most effective way to preach is through Mauna  only. Mauna  transforms while speech only amuses !! Hence, Mauna  is profound eloquence that penetrates innermost being of any being. Once a disciple of Swami Vivekananda  had acute headache, requested Swamiji  to suggest some medication. Swamiji  instructed her to sit before him in Padmasana  and himself went into deep Samadhi  before her. In a few minutes, her headache was completely cured without any medicine !! She narrated later, she experienced, she was floating in space !!! Sublime and pious thoughts impart tremendous strength to the language of Mauna.   


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