There are three orders of honesty / integrity that exist benignly. Let us examine these one by one with illustrations for everyone to grasp and appreciate. 


This one is the highest order of honesty / integrity. People pursuing this order of honesty / integrity are truly remarkable and legendary, rather history creators. Not only they remain resolute in this virtue, they do not allow others under their direct command and control to digress from the charted course of honesty / integrity.  Best example of this order of honesty / integrity is Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He has injected too many values and standards of highest order into the country. When it comes to excellence in governance, it will be very difficult for any public figure to match him, what to speak of outdoing him. Ex-PM LB Shastri is yet another shining example who pursued this order of honesty / integrity. APJ Abdul Kalam too, belonged to this class of legends. There have been scores of such personalities in various disciplines wherein they delivered their best in spite of heavy odds adhering to their values absolutely selflessly. Ex-Chief Election Commissioner TN Seshan is yet another such name. For the first time, he revealed fangs that go with the Office of CEC. He also revealed, if a bureaucrat so desires, he may compel tainted politicians like Lallo / Mulayam bend backward. He was truly a migraine for the ruling party of the day.

George Fernandes is another brilliant example of productive honesty / integrity. As Industries Minister with PM Morarji Desai, he ousted IBM and Coca Cola, handed over a golden opportunity to indigenous industry to grow, and results were spectacular. Domestic computer industry grew so well that after a few years down the line, IBM had a very tough time to gain a foothold in national market and their the then CEO Thomas Klein had to revise his Project Report umpteen times before any success. Similarly, soft drink industry with brands like Thums Up, Limca, Fanta etc. came into being only because exploitative bully Coca Cola was chucked out by him. These filthy rich MNCs had no guts to approach George Fernandes to offer lucre and desecrate him.     



Such people are honest but indulge in destructive activities, even if honestly. Ex-PM VP Singh is a outstanding example of this order of honesty. By any standard, he was honest if compared with other run of the mill politicians. However, his agenda of Mandalisation of the country was excruciatingly disgusting and debilitating to the polity. Extent of damage that he wrought upon the nation just to outdo his political rivals, is humongous to say the least. It shall consume decades for the sinister effects to be wiped out from Bharatiya  psyche.  I believe, his wife was dead right in declaring him a ‘lunatic’ on a stamp paper before Allahabad High Court, just to retrieve the vast stretch of land donated to people best known to him, by him. One does find bureaucrats too, albeit rarely, who may be honest but hardly contribute anything to justify emoluments that they draw, courtesy those Pay Commissions that hardly ever cared to lay down stringent norms of performance appraisal for them. These Johnnies are ever obsessed with the fact that they are honest and the nation should feel indebted to them as they have been honest in spite of compelling circumstances to the contrary hence nothing wrong if they do blunders with honesty or their contribution to the nation amounts to nil !!



Ex-PM GIANI ManMohan Singh ‘Shikhandi’ is the most outstanding example of this order of honesty / integrity. When Rome was burning, Nero at least fiddled before the blazing Rome. When the nation was ablaze being plundered by his own Cabinet Ministers, Giani ManMohan Singh ‘Shikhandi’ did not even fiddle like the Nero !!  However, he is honest !!! Nation tolerated him for years, nation was even prepared to tolerate him more and more because he was honest !!! Sikhs have been proud of him instead of being ashamed of him because he was the first ‘Khalsa’ PM and honest !! First rate ‘vulgarian’ Khushwant Singh admired him because he is a Sikh, sworn in as PM for the second time outside Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra dynasty and he is honest !!! Oxford-educated / Tripos-holder GIANI ManMohan Singh ‘Shikhandi’ led a team of dacoits / murderers yet he is highly respectable because he is honest !!! For the first time in nation’s history, ‘Look-out Notice’ was pasted by Delhi Police on the gates of official residence of the absconding Cabinet Minister Shibu Soren on murder charges and summoned by a Sessions Court in Jharkhanda !!! And Giani ManMohan Singh ‘Shikhandi’ could not muster courage to sack him, throw him out of his Government because he has been so honest !! And the whole world laughed at us.   

I called him ‘Giani’ because he did not understand even basics of Bharatiya  economy. He always did his worst to replicate silly Oxfordian economic utopia into the country that led to unmitigated disasters. Recall 1991-96. His unplanned, directionless liberalisation (only external ) destroyed entire indigenous industry, raised unemployment and devalued Rupee steeply. His policies were utterly / blatantly anti-national. He was obsessed with his Oxfordian education, could not visualise that ancient Bharatiya  economic wisdom is far more superior to the imported one, worshipped Lewis Preston, the then World Bank President and Stanley Fischer, the then IMF Managing Director. By the way, he planted his clone, arrogant Montek Singh Ahluwalia in the monolithic Planning Commission to ensure complete ruination of economy before reverting to IMF after completing his tenure. 

I called him ‘Shikhandi’ because after 26/11 Mumbai carnage perpetrated by Pakistani terrorists wherein 166 precious / highly valuable human lives were lost, this empty-headed smiling idiot called a press conference and ‘ordered’ ISI Chief to fly down to New Delhi and explain his conduct to the country !!! If he had ordered sledge-hammer attack on Pakistan even if that led to a nuclear strike instead of that ‘Shikhandi’ brand order, today I would have declared him the greatest and best Prime Minister that the nation ever had !!! However, that was not to be. Yet he is so dear to all because he has been honest !! Had he really wished, he could have revealed his spine and fangs as he had nothing to lose being in the late evening of his life.

On the contrary, DISHONESTY has only ONE order albeit with multiple varieties. All dishonest people belong to the same order without exception as they deliver only one result. They steal as Dis-trustees.

I selected only those examples who are publicly well-known for the purpose of better illustration. If anyone adds more categories to the benign / malevolent orders of honesty / dishonesty, I shall be privileged to be educated on that front.




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