SATYAM VADA PRIYAM VADA” is a wonderful element of Bharatiya  ethos and culture. Over years, it has been misused and exploited by all anti-Hindu  forces so much so that we have been even preached over this same very ideal whenever Hindu-s called spade a spade, just as we are taught bogus theory of Secularism while we have been ardent practitioners of the doctrine of VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM  for thousands of yearsIt has consumed so much of Hindu  blood before an illustrious Hindu  Arun Shourie could demand jaws for a tooth, both eyes for an eye…it is now the opportune moment of our history that we shed this ideal-turned-inhibition for better times to come and call spade a spade with full emphasis at our command. 

One of cruel jokes this nation had been enduring with all these decades is that a thin, diminutive, semi-naked, shrewd old man, surviving on goat-milk and watery Khichari  without Papada, is the liberator of this country from shackles of the exploitative / parasitic / devilish British empire, even though his QUIT INDIA MOVEMENT 1942 died a pitiable demise by 1946 in addition to Non-Cooperation and Civil Disobedience Movements. His dedication to the cause of Kamal Ataturk / Ali Brothers with the ostensible purpose of winning over Muslim support bordered on utter lunacy. This “Mahatma” went on wooing Muslims supine while those beasts went on wooing something else !!  His brazen advice to hapless Hindu-s to repent and be penitent after Moplah riots was sheer anti-Hinduism to boot. For this reason alone, “Mahatma” deserved to be treated at par with those Muslim beasts, perpetrators of Moplah riots.

Mahatma” then went on to be the sole cause of partition of this country, followed by fierce riots and human carnage of monumental dimensions with Hindu-s as the worst sufferers. Trains loaded with dead bodies of Hindu-s arriving from Pakistan carried slogans, “AZADI KA TOHFA” !! And he professed to be a devotee of Sri Rama !!! Had “Mahatma” been there alive at that time, he would have done his best to pressurise Sri Rama  through those anarchic fasts, to partition Ayodhya  and handover a portion of it to Lanka instead of slaying Ravana for the benediction of all !!! This pro-Muslim / anti-Hindu Mahatma” often pontificated over the wisdom of Gita, proclaimed it as his personal guide-book yet NEVER referred to Sri Krsna‘s  teaching of lifting arms for slaying sinners among Kaurava-s in the battlefield !!! He only revelled in how to shun / renounce, how to encourage Hindu-s to traumatise themselves, without slaying perpetrators of brutalities. Srimadbhagvadgita, that was Karmayoga Sastra  further refined into Gandiva Sastra, was converted into Ahimsa Yoga Sastra  very conveniently by the “Mahatma” !! So-called “Mahatma” never completed the Mantra  of “Ahimsa Paramo Dharmaha” to “Ahimsa Paramo Dharmaha, Dharma Himsa Tathaiva Ca” before the masses that adored him innocently and ignorantly. So much of his understanding of the greatest human manual, that is Gita  !!! “Mahatma” always preached one-sided version of Gita. Never the counsel of Sri Krsna  to pick up arms and slay sinners.

He is known to the world as “Mahatma” Mohandas Karamchandra Gandhi yet for all practical purposes, he always deported himself as Das Mohammed Karim Chandra Gandhi – Congress Pitaa & Rashtra Kapuut. It is so because –


Mahatma” never wanted freedom from British slavery !! He was struggling for ‘SwaRaja’ under British domination just as Dalai Lama has been struggling for “Article 370” for Tibet under Chinese occupation !! As a matter of fact otherwise, he would have been hanged to death by British brutes in no time. Do you believe such a brutal regime of British-Goras would have tolerated people like “Mahatma” and JL Nehru had they really been so influential in freedom struggle given the brutal fact that British-Goras were hunting, torturing and slaughtering every freedom-fighter ?? How brutally / inhumanely they tortured Vinayaka Savarkar ? “Mahatma” had a sweet understanding of friendly matches with British-Goras at the brutal expense of very poor / malnourished / innocent Hindu-s of the country by mesmerising them as a pseudo-saint !! On the contrary, Netaji Bose was fiercely against British rule in any form, brooked no compromise at all. And for that very reason, “Mahatma” was very hostile towards Netaji like British occupiers and British occupiers secretly loved and adored the “Mahatma”. When Netaji  Bose was elected Congress President in 1931, “Mahatma” doggedly supported Pattabhi Sitaramaiah against Netaji  and forced him to resign ultimately. Netaji gracefully quit because he did not want freedom movement to be split into two. “Mahatma” never brooked dissent and “Either you are with me or against me” was his Mantra  !! Pseudo-greatness of “Mahatma” had no limits to reckon with.

After Jallianwala Bagh genocide in 1919 wherein hundreds of innocents were mercilessly slaughtered, it was “Mahatma” who opposed prosecution of Reginald O’ Dyer, British butcher who ordered those uninterrupted, cold-blooded killings.

Mahatma” called Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekher Azad, Rajguru terrorists, did nothing to save them going to gallows though he could do a lot. In fact, he was quite eager for their liquidation earliest possible and wrote to the concerned Jail Suptd. in this regard, so goes history telling.  

Mahatma” feared growing popularity of Bhagat Singh. He deliberately managed to sign Gandhi-Irwin Pact only after Bhagat Singh was hanged to death. The Pact saw release of most of the political prisoners across the country after they were hanged to death.

On May 6, 1946, “Mahatma” advised Hindu-s to sacrifice their lives at the hands of Muslim League. 

Mahatma” supported Khilafat in 1921 in spite of Jinnah’s opposition. It was so disastrous that the riots that followed saw 1500 Hindu-s being massacred and 2000 converted to Islam at sword-point. “Mahatma” was devilish in eulogising those Muslim beasts and welcomed their actions openly. 

In 1926, Swami Sraddhananda  was brutally slain by one Abdul Rashid. “Mahatma” called the murderer ‘My Dear Brother’ and condemned nationalistic movement of the Swami  in spite of the fact that it was at the instance of Swami  that his son Hiralal Gandhi had reverted to Hinduism from Islam.

Mahatma” called Guru  Govinda Singhji, Maharana Pratap, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, ‘MISGUIDED PATRIOTS’, as if he was the only one rightly guided !!

Mahatma” advised Maharaja Hari Singh of Jammu & Kashmir to take Sannyasa, go to Kasi  and do penance for ruling over a kingdom with Muslim majority !! At the same time, “Mahatma” had no hesitation in supporting brutish rule of Nizam in Hyderabad over a Hindu  majority. What a great Soul was he !!

Mahatma” honoured Mohammed Ali Jinnah with the title of QUAID-E-AZAM !! Mahatma” supported carving out of Pakistan in his publication ‘Harijan’ dated April 6, 1940. Indeed, through his other artices, “Mahatma” encouraged Muslims to demand Pakistan and forced even Sardara  Patel to fall in line.

In 1931 when saffron flag with Carkha  at it’s centre was decided to be the Congress flag by the Flag Committee, “Mahatma” insisted that to be Tiranga  alone as Tiranga  has green colour too. 

Sardara  Patel was elected President at the Lahora Congress yet edged out by the “Mahatma” who brought in Nehru as his better replacement. “Mahatma” had the right premonition that Nehru and his dynasty would destroy the country better ! He selected Jawaharlal Nehru to take over as first PM of the country, overlooking administrative talent and nationalistic zeal of Sardara  Patel. Out of 16 Pradesh Congress Committees, 15 demanded Sardara  Patel as Prime Minister while only one demanded JB Kripalani !! NONE FOR NEHRU AT ALL !!! Even then this anti-HinduMahatma” vetoed in favour of Nehru !!! Why was “Mahatma” so much enamoured of Nehru ? Why did “Mahatma” raise so many bogies in favour of Nehru ? Why did he scuttle patriotic Netaji  Bose at every crucial turning point of freedom movement / history ?

On June 14, AICC was to reject proposal of partition of the country yet “Mahatma” lent his high octane support and saw to it that the resolution was passed. It was his duplicity and treachery of the worst order as he had declared earlier, country could be divided only on his dead body. Finally, country was really divided over his dead body but ensured by someone else !!

Jinnah demanded complete exchange of population after partition and “Mahatma” spiked it. Thereafter, it has been a perpetual friction between Hindu-s and Muslims of the country since then. 

When Hindu  refugees coming from Pakistan took shelter in Masjids, it was on “Mahatma’s” insistence that they were kicked out in the open, exposed to rain and cold as he regarded Namaz of Muslims more important than security and comfort of Hindu-s. So the “Mahatma” was monstrously great !!

Nehru’s Cabinet rejected the demand of Rs. 55 Crores to Pakistan as recommended by Mountbatten. On Oct. 22, 1947, “Mahatma” sat on ‘Fast Unto Death’ to pressurise Government to remit the amount to Pakistan.  

When Union Cabinet passed a resolution to renovate Somnathji Mandira, “Mahatma” insisted on it’s withdrawal and supported renovation of Masjids in Delhi. On Jan.13, 1948, “Mahatma” sat down on fast for that purpose alone.

Mahatma” vociferously opposed the demand to ban cow-slaughter. Was he really a Hindu  ? 

Mahatma” did his best to destroy Hindi language by directing all to convert it into ‘Hindustani’ by introducing Urdu words in wholesale. What a great linguist was he !!

It was at the instance of “Mahatma” alone that Vande Mataram  could not be adopted as national anthem though he appreciated it for it’s beauty and supported it for the same. However he opposed it the moment he learned, Muslims did not approve of it.

During World War II, “Mahatma” wanted Indian soldiers to fight for the British, tormentors and plunderers of our nation. Yet he was an Apostle Of Peace and Ahimsa  !!!

Mahatma” always preached non-violence to Hindu-s alone !! Never to Muslims, the most violent community in the world. He had no guts in his groins to do that.

Mahatma” had no shame in preaching Koran sitting on pulpits of temples. However, he had no guts to preach Bhagvadgita  in premises of Masjids. 

Why after all did the “Mahatma” support Muslims so blindly ? One Mir Alam had mercilessly beaten him to pulp in South Africa on Feb. 10, 1908 as the “Mahatma” had condemned Muslims for not supporting him in his crusade against oppressive colourless Caucasian regime of that country in a very harsh language. After that thrashing by Muslims, “Mahatma” became an ardent votary of Muslim causes. This incident has also been confirmed by Dr. Ambedkar too. The spineless coward in “Mahatma” turned out to be a liliputian.   

Mahatma” was / is known to practise a very strange kind of Brahmacarya, never seen or heard before by anyone. Probably he was too confident of ‘Khadi’ condoms that he used to spin and weave himself for the ascetic pursuit in which lot many people evinced intense curiosity !! 

In addition to “Mahatma”, he was also anointed as ‘Father of the Nation’ by ‘Chacha’ Nehru whom he was so fond of. ‘Father of the Nation’ of this ancient nation, hundreds of thousands of years old, raised by scores of Rsi-s / Maharsi-s / Muni-s / Siddha Yogi-s / Avatara-s !! 

It is not that “Mahatma’s” contribution to freedom movement was zero. He merely kept the cauldron of freedom movement percolating while maximum / decisive credit to attain freedom goes to Netaji  Bose and his INA. So also declared by the then British Prime Minister Clement Attlee in Kolikata thereafter. He could have contributed rather influenced monumentally had he offered to immolate himself as a mark of protest against partition. He did not as he was not against partition in heart of hearts.

Mercifully, “Mahatma” was forced to exit the world otherwise a few more states would have been handed over to Pakistan. Gopal Godse, elder brother of his “Liberator” Nathuram Godse and a co-accused, certified that the “Mahatma” did not utter “Hey Rama !” at all after bullets were pumped into his body. 

And his dubious legacy continues. We do not know how long it will.


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