Communists refused to recognize Independent Bharata  for 4 years i.e. till Aug. 15, 1951. They accepted it only after their rebellion in the then Andhra Pradesh miserably failed to elicit any favourable response.  

Mitrokhin Archives reveal, Communists / Congress both, were funded by the KGB. 

Radio Moscow openly campaigned in favour of Communists in Lok Sabha 1952 elections. 

Communists had initially opposed British domination, then supported them wholeheartedly. 

Quit Bharata Andolana  was defeated by Communists in cahoots with the British regime. Communist leaders arrested earlier, were released by the British regime in lieu of this cooperation.  

Not merely support to Jinnah and his Two Nation Theory, Communists presented a proposal to the British Cabinet Mission in 1946, Bharata  be divided into 17 countries !!!! They had stated a congeries of arguments in favour of this “reorganization” plan. ‘Sikhistan’ / Darjeeling / Bengal / Kashmir…were some of the countries piously listed by them in that report. 

‘Chacha’ Nehru as a hardened Communist, supported partition much against wishes of MK Gandhi. ‘Chacha’ Nehru somehow wanted to prove, he was more Communist than even card holding Communist Polit Bureau members !! US President Harry S. Truman often used to summon CIA Chief to order, find out once again whether Nehru was a Communist. USA supplied food-grains under PL 480 completely unfit for human consumption during late fifties and early sixties. Later nation learned, America expressed their annoyance for Nehru’s hobnobbing with Russians through PL 480. President John Kennedy dispatched arms during 1962 war in spite of his visceral hatred for ‘Chacha’ Nehru for the only reason, Americans did not want Bharata  to be captured by the Chinese.

‘Chacha’ Nehru had told Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia that since East Bengal was full of swamps, useless trees and dirty water, it should be separated from Bharata  !!  His similar comments to Mahadeva Ranade regarding Akshai Chin are again, too well known to all.

Declassified CIA Documents 1952 reveal, Communists wanted Kashmir to be a part of the then USSR !!  

In 1959, Communist Party Gen. Secretary Ajoy Ghosh established a heavily in profit trading company that traded ONLY with the USSR !!  

JNU was established in 1959 with a rabidly anti-Hindu Muslim fanatic Dr. Nurul Hassan as the first Vice Chancellor. He was a card carrying Communist too. Whole world knows today, what all happened thereafter and what happens today in JNU. All educational bodies like ICHR / ICCR / ICPR / NCERT etc. were heavily infiltrated with rabidly anti-Hindu Communist Bigots. Mutilation of our history and distortion of text-books are too well known. Also the fact how they modified foreign and economic policies of the country by bullying Government of the day in lieu of support in Parliament. 

Why did Communists split into CPI and CPIM ? The faction that wanted the country to follow USSR model of growth, declared themselves as CPI while supporters of Chinese model of growth, CPIM. By the way, both countries were wretchedly poor and pathetic during those years while our Communist ‘Patriots’ in the country were talking about USSR / Chinese Models of Growth for our country !!!!!!!!!!!! 

1962 China war witnessed CPIM openly supporting Chinese through thousands of posters pasted across the country, declared Bharata  as the invader, did their best to disrupt supplies to soldiers at border. That is why RSS had to come forward aggressively to defeat their destructive activities which ‘Chacha’ Nehru had to appreciate later. 

CIA Documents disclose, USSR Embassy in New Delhi directed CPI in 1958, to raise a guerrilla group within Bharatiya Sena  which could support Chinese during the eventuality of war. That means, 1962 war was planned in 1958 itself in USSR Embassy !! However, this idea did not work out while Gen. Secretary BT Ranadive assured Chinese Embassy in 1959, of all possible support in case hostilities break out. In September 1960, Comrades Jyoti Basu, HKS Surjit, BT Ranadive etc. pressurized CPIM leadership to openly support Chinese. Surjit even raised guerrilla group to support Chinese within the Army. However, our brave and patriotic Army Generals sniffed the conspiracy and ensured, they were standing behind bars well in time. 

By hailing HKS Surjit as ‘Modern Chanakya’ though he was a traitor par excellence, quite inadvertently, rather stupidly, Communists admired at least one great son of Bharata.  

Being worst enemy of press freedom, ‘Chacha’ Nehru did his best to muzzle press by suppressing unpalatable news, bullying paper owners to discard unfavourable stories or remove editors, installing his son-in-law Feroze Gandhi in Indian Express though he possessed no experience of journalism while Communists admired and adored ‘Chacha’ Nehru as a great patron of freedom of press. 

‘Chacha’ Nehru was the centrality of Communist movement in Bharata. This inglorious legacy of his, was carried forward by his daughter Indira Gandhi for almost two decades.


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