Imbued with Communist ideology, Dragon’s territorial ambitions have always been insatiable. Right since inception of Mao Tse Tung as the Communist dictator of China, expansionism has been a favourite core competence of their foreign policy. Be it Aksai Chin, Arunachala Pradesh or Bharata-Bhutan-China trijunction at Sikkim borders, tale of territorial high-handedness is the same. The worst was when entire Tibet was annexed in forties and the then Dalai Lama had to flee Tibet seeking refuge in Dharmasala. Since then, Tibetans have been dwelling like refugees all over agitating world opinion in favour of their independent homeland.

It is not just Bharata or Bhutan alone that have been singed and suffered at the hands of Dragon’s venom and fire. Central Asian countries viz. Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, South-east Asian countries viz. Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, East Asian countries like Taiwan and Japan have been compelled to cough up Dragon’s illegitimate territorial claims or expensive credits with eventual default leading to Dragon’s acquisition of land as well as entire project. Major portion of Kyrgyzstan was ceded to Russia in 19th century which Dragons claim to be their own now while in case of Tajikistan, historical precedent of Quing Dynasty (1644-1912) constitutes basis of their claim. Nepalese territory dating back to Sino-Nepalese war in 1788 belongs to Tibet, hence that now belongs to China !! Dragons claim entire Myanmar based on some historical precedent of Yuan Dynasty of 1271-1368 period. Same dynasty and same period of history emboldens them to claim, entire South Korea, North Korea, Laos and Mongolia too, belong to them in spite of the fact that the Mongol Genghis Khan had occupied entire China !! Out of Japan, Dragons claim Senkaku and Ryukyu islands just because once upon a time, independent Kingdom of Ryukyu was a vassal state of China. Ming dynasty of 1368-1644 prompts Dragons to claim entire Cambodia too !! China is probably the only country in the world having land and maritime border disputes with every country in their neighbourhood !!! Dragon shares 22,000 Kms. long land border with all 13 nations in their territorial contact i.e. Korea, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhastan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Bharata, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. Pakistan too, has consanguineous border with them but only through Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Current stand-off  with China is about the trijunction lying at a point near Batang La and Chumbi Valley. Dragons claim that the trijunction lies at Gyemochen on the Zomplri Ridge, around 7.5 Kms. south of Batang La, to bolster their claim over Doklam. Now the real irony lies in the fact that the land belongs to Bhutan having defence pact with Bharata while China do not have diplomatic relations with Bhutan at all and Dragons are telling Bharatiya Sena to vacate Chinese land !!!! It is height of absurdity and bullying tactic that Dragons are pursuing.

Bharatiya Army had dealt a severe blow to Dragons in 1967 in Nathu La sector that resulted in death of 400 Chinese soldiers. Nathu La (Sept. 11-14, 1967) and Cho La (Oct. 1, 1967) clashes were a series of clashes between China and Bharata along Sikkim border. In Cho La clash, Chinese troops initiated the scuffle, then infiltrated into Sikkim, claimed the Pass and challenged our positions. Dragons were decisively defeated and humiliated by the brave Bharatiya Sena and that happens to be the main reason why no bullet has been fired by them since then betraying their sense of insecurity on use of military prowess in spite of multiple border flare-ups at various locations. Vietnamese Army too, had dealt a severe blow to PLA in 1979 along Sino-Vietnam border merely four years after unification of North and South Vietnams.

Basis of all their territorial claims are utterly preposterous to say the least. These are caused by some “historical precedents” that are at best unsubstantiated or purely mythological that too, centuries old. Enormity of Dragon’s high-handedness can be judged from the fact that except Bharata and Bhutan, illegitimate territorial claims with all other neighbours have been settled in their favour alone !!! Unresolved maritime border issues too, are complex with competitive claims of all littoral countries and regional alliances. Dragon has a running maritime dispute with Japan, South Korea, Phillipines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Taiwan too, though they share maritime boundary with just four countries i.e. Japan and South Korea in East China Sea while Philippines and Vietnam in South China Sea !!! South China Sea is the world’s busiest seaway with huge reserves of oil, gas and sea-bed minerals to be exploited. Now again some historical myths / facts come into play and entire South China Sea belongs to China !! China has already been displaying entire SCS in their map confined by nine imaginary dotted lines. As very high commercial stakes of several countries are involved, it appears to be a flashpoint in future for a fierce naval conflict in the region.

Director of Centre For China-US Cooperation at the University of Denver Suisheng Zhao says, “Reconstruction of China’s imperial past to advance the contemporary agenda of its peaceful rise has, ironically, set a 19th century agenda for 21st century China – intended to restore the regional hierarchy and maximize security by expanding influence and control over its neighbourhoods.” That really lets the cat out of its bag !! They nurture a hidden dream to dominate the world. And to cover it up well, Xi Jinping goes on to pontificate “the genes order” and “inherited national spirit” determine that “the Chinese nation is a peace loving nation”. That is indeed mind-boggling because their sinister expansionism is motivated by their Chinese “the genes order” !! And their bosom-buddy Pakistan too is an out and out “peace loving nation” indeed !!!!

Several countries have administered tough warnings to Dragons to behave themselves or it may lead to brief albeit fierce combats. With growing awakening and international camaraderie, no country in the world accept being bullied by another.



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