Hon. Prime Minister,

Namo Namaha.

Sri Ramjanmabhumi  issue is again vigorously contributing to TRPs of TRP famished channels and lot of advisories have started floating around, most of them of unsolicited variety based on the foundation of ‘Secularism is in danger’ analogous to ‘Islam is (permanently) in danger’.

Sri Ramjanmabhumi  belongs to Bhagavana Sri Rama  ONLY and it cannot be shared with anyone else who is not even remotely connected with that. If POK cannot be shared with Pakistan, if Akshai Chin cannot be shared with China, if Arunachala Pradesh is absolutely non-negotiable, then how can anyone demand a share in Sri Ramjanmabhumi  just because they have been brute occupiers for decades before being booted out ruthlessly ? Those who have been demanding a share in Sri Ramjanmabhumi / Kasi Visvanath Mandira / Sri Krisnajanmabhumi  so brazenly, represent those who have been demolishing / destroying Mandira-s / Churches / Synagogues / Mutt-s in thousands all over the world spanning 1400 years. And yet, they have no trace of remorse, no sense of shame !!! Will they ever evolve into civilized human beings at all ??

Sri Ramjanmabhumi…Kashmir / Arunachala Pradesh constitute our Core-Identity of Bharatavarsa. Core-Identity of a nation is her fundamental existence, non-negotiable, inviolable and sacrosanct. Even a thought / idea questioning it’s validity is an outrageous assault on our Core-Identity as Bharatavarsa. Bharatiya  Chief Justice would have done well had he vouchsafed all these realities in his own way with a stern advice to them to withdraw their claim whatsoever instead of offering to ‘mediate’. If he proceeds in the matter in this manner, not only his impartiality shall be irrevocably jeopardized but also a serious question mark would be raised on accuracy of his perception of the ‘Core-Concept of Bharatavarsa’ and his reputation tarred.

Why should Dr. Swami suggest a replacement for them across Sarayu  river at all ? I hope, he shall abhor any such idea as they already have scores of them all over the country, most of them erected on ravages of Mandira-s alone and occupying as intruders. Kindly enact a law at the first available opportunity to wipe out all these black marks of brutality in just one go. There is absolutely no scope of negotiation / mediation over issues pertaining to nation’s sacrosanct identity.

When British Parliament was attacked on Mar.22 by Jehadis, as usual, Bharatiya  Government was the first one to condemn the terror act. However, British Prime Minister did not mention terror attack on Bharatiya  Parliament by Jehadis when she condescended to condemn Jehadi attack on Canadian Parliament last year. Such a racist / arrogant / churlish conduct is entirely unacceptable and she betrayed her petty mindedness. British High Commissioner in New Delhi should have been summoned immediately and sharp protest lodged. If we respect their sentiments, they must be nudged, then forced to respect our sentiments too. ‘Great’ Britain has an inglorious criminal history and do not appear to have mended their ways of conduct. Absconding criminals / fugitives from all over the world find safe ‘Jannat’ in ‘Great’ Britain in the name of (perverted) democracy and respective Governments have to sweat it out to get back those absconders. There has to be a reliable and robust solution to the menace of thieves running away to hide themselves there.

The great institution of Aadhaar is being constantly violated by Bdeshi infiltrators / Rohingyas in Jammu. Loopholes must be plugged immediately and all such intruders must be left out and drifted away in boats in the Bay of Bengal. ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakuma’ has it’s limits Mr. Prime Minister and we all must possess crystal clear idea about those limits. Those limits are as sacrosanct as the ideal itself and it must be taught in schools to every kid otherwise we shall encounter existential crisis of a very humongous nature in a not very distant future.

I wholeheartedly compliment you for the choice of Sri Yogi Adityanatha-ji as UP CM. If you had intended to spot and groom your successor for LS 2024/2029, you have done an outstanding decision.

Vande Maatarama  I

With best regards,

Ramakant Tiwari


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