Hon. Prime Minister,

Namo Namaha.


Nation is now witnessing another irruption of the cancer of anti-nationalism of anti-Hindu variety. Post-2014, first outburst was witnessed in JNU, The Traitor’s Paradise and now in Ramjas College / BHU after DU. Many more are waiting in their wings to irrupt like hydra-headed monsters all over only to derogate the nation. Secular-mushrooms are having a gala time furiously busy inciting the fire.

So far, what has been witnessed appears to be a lackadaisical policy of the Govt. to stem the rot. However, we need a bouquet of almost all types of harsh and soft measures to tackle the irruption. These are rewards of seven decades of McCaulay brand education perpetuated by anti-national Congressis / Communists manufacturing a huge army of McCaulay-Putras and McCaulay-Putris. When Nation-Suckers like Farookh Abdullahs / Harvard Chidambarams / Yechurys / Javed Akhtars join the errant brigade either to publicly display their utter empty-headedness or to fish in troubled waters for a few more votes, it is time for the Government to sit up and emit out a loud thunderous message, it is a NO NONSENSE GOVERNMENT that minds nation’s interest and integrity first and foremost.

State security cover / sops for Nation-Suckers like Farookh Abdullah / Geelani / Yasin Mallik must be withdrawn immediately. Why should tax-payers foot the bill of their anti-Hindu anti-national rantings ? And how long ?

Why is not a law enacted to prohibit such anti-national outbursts ? If laws do not permit you to enact a clean-up operation like what Marshall Joseph Stalin did in eastern Europe during first half of previous century, it does not mean no effective visible action can be undertaken immediately. Why can’t IB plan a pre-emptive strike based on intelligence inputs by arresting trouble-makers to nip the crisis in bud much before it irrupts ? Such pre-emptive strikes have immense electoral value associated with them as mood of the nation too, is blowing in that direction.

Kindly amend the Constitution to allow Govt. abolish citizenship of such traitors so that they can be thrown out of the country if not hanged like Afzal Guru on charges of sedition / inciting separatism. Why can’t we ban an obnoxious / venomous ideology of Communism ? Yes, Mr. Prime Minister, Communism ought to be banned, all Yechurys and Karats must be arrested under National Security Act and awarded rigorous life imprisonment in a remote island. Communism is Traitor’s Ideology of Murders & Destruction alone and nothing else.

I compliment you for adopting tough stand on Triple-Talaq issue in Supreme Court. However, more should be done by petitioning SC to ban Burqa / countrywide mass animal slaughter on Bakrid (entire Dhaka was flooded with animal blood last year as if it was aftermath of a bout of heavy blood-monsoon and pictures went viral on social media. National Green Tribunal do not have guts to issue notice to Muslims on this issue but they can harass Art Of Living on Yamuna bank for the asking) / Fatwa / Sharia courts etc. Muslims must convince themselves now, equality before law means equality before law only and NOT discriminatory / selective equality before law to pander to their whims and fancies which divided the country into a catastrophic holocaust. People have finally woken up and nation can no longer be bullied around.

Kindly petition United Nations to accord recognition to Hindu Holocaust and finalise a day to mourn on a Hindu Holocaust Day in the country, by Hindus all over the world. Hindus have undergone several holocausts at the hands of invading Mughals / Muslims and 400 million Hindus were brutally slaughtered by Mughals / Muslims out of 600 million Hindus by 1947. Hindus have undergone highest number of mass-slaughters executed by Mughals / Muslims impossible to erase from history texts and Hindu memory. It will amount to greatest treachery of sorts against Hindus if anyone attempts to erase that. Our innocent / defenceless / unarmed ancestors were brutally tortured, massacred by Mughals / Muslims and we all must be acutely conscious of that every moment bereft of any sense of grudge or vengeance. History has a nefarious habit of crawling back to those who are inclined to forget / erase / ignore that and such a neglect is a very expensive proposition indeed.

Like you did for International Yoga Day, I am eagerly looking forward to International Hindu Holocaust Day to be declared by the UN as soon as possible.

Vande Mataram  I


With best regards,

Ramakant Tiwari  


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  1. SANJEEV DUBEY says:

    Very good article touching the issue neglected so far. I commend the author for his insightful expression.
    Vande Matram.


  2. Subhas Mitra says:

    By Subhas Mitra
    No nation can survive without its culture and spiritual (for them religious) identity. This is universal understanding and hence the early invaders of India absorbed themselves with ours but since the death of Hazrat Muhammad, clash between Shiya -Sunni and a Hindu King Dahirsen gave shelter to Muslims refugees ( Altafis?) from Iran , we came under attack for destruction of our cultural& spiritual Strength ( Identity).This cannot be called Islamic Invasion because Islamic missionary came to Kerala during lifetime of the Prophet . With the time we became enslaved and there grew deformities in our identity. Hindu thoughts psyche, behaviors including subservience, apologetic and inferiority and post conversion habit of “leaking the boot that kicked”. I call this Mecca Attack (MA).
    In the same way Vasco di Gama or East India co were not Christian invasion though they used Bible and Cannon equally to destroy our identity but TRUE Vatican Attack (VA) was during Jesus’ life time (which Pope denied centuries later). VA is cold blooded except when British formed NEFA and converted under their Military Boots. When Tipu Sultan was killing Christians, VA forces in India were MUTE. VA terrorism is still going on at NE silently thus you never see VA terrorists or Maoists ever target Muslims or Christian settlement.
    MA & VA has been smoothly amalgamated after the formation of British Raj here and were been used to destroy our Identity from its roots by distorting our “past” with their “present” using SWEET NOTHING technique so that we do not feel the PAIN. British (EU) was changing after WW-II and by 1900CE they used wisdom of their ‘Jewel in the crown’ to train Indians to ruin India. Seed of Khilafat (two nation theory) and Communism originated there. Indian Hindus too were trained there.
    Post WW-II Ambulance squad’s Indian gay, Grandson of Giyassuddin , some stray Hindus from Bengal were pushed in “ destroy Hindu Mission”(DHM) and they were working hands in globes . Before Modi became PM did you know that Congress and communist were same and they have planted their DHM members at every vital places including NCERT, ICHR , FTII, PTI,API, Judiciary, Media ,Universities to create DHM from within. Today you find Hindus shouting Allah hu Akbar, Inshallah, Bharat tere Tukde honge …. Never think these are out of the blue insolated incidences. They are planned and cultivated acts of MA&VA and induced DHM.
    Enemies of Indian Union (EIU) is not a geographical entity any singly org. EIU= MA+VA+ DHM. Here is why and how it works.
    1. Everyone is Social Media (SM) is surprising why a girl from a military background became DHM member but they laughed off when Pak ISI collected money for AAP and canvassed in Bihar election. They are not following UP election speeches of DHM candidates.
    2. DHM seems to be targeting our Armed Forces too starting with Ex Servicemen (some are siding with DHM but majority are not). They offered Rs.1 crore for a suicide to disgrace NDA Govt.on OROP.
    3. First CM of WB Dr.B C Roy thought those “jhola babus” (communists) were social worker for the poor and engaged them for refugee rehabilitation work. They took Govt. money and used it to convert those hapless kicked out Hindus into communists. Even today you find pro Muslim anti Hindu refugees in WB. Same way Nehruvians and cummis spent/spending taxpayer’s money to train anti Hindu anti national DHM. (My learned friend and author DrM ‘s book ‘Udbasthu chele’ – the refugee boy ,can be referred).
    4. Muslim “sleeper cells” (MSC) became very expensive because of demand in global ISIS outfits. MSC ‘s demand has also gone up like International passport, approval for drug smuggling, rape in middle east and Africa , training in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria , Iraq etc.
    5. So they shifted attention to recruit Hindus who have been kept poorest of the poor by DHM politicians. Rs. 25000/= is enough to blow railway truck (Kanpur) by Hindu sleeper cell (HSC).This is one of the success of the “secularists” to prove that beef eating and anti national activities have no religion.
    6. HSC are steadily increasing over the decades because of caste base reservation (like in WB nearly 70% of OBC reservation has been passed on to Muslims who does not have any caste system. CAs are trying to get Dalit reservation for converted Christian. Former CM Reddy and J Jailalitha had given it in some areas), DHM education, negligence in cottage and mini micro industries in rural India by subsequent DHM political parties etc. Communists/Maoists radicalization too adds.
    So we should understand India is not a multi cultural /ethnic society but ‘do patton’ e.i. TWO tier, nationalists and anti nationalists there is no ‘middle path’ under your religious identity.


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