Jagadguru Adi Samkaracarya  propounded the doctrine of Advaita Darsana  that stipulates only one entity that is supreme, ultimate and immortal, beyond everything that has been conceptualised so far, shall be conceptualised anytime / anywhere in future. It also entails, every entity other than the Supreme Absolute is Mithya  i.e. unreal and non-existent. Advaita Darsana  of the first Jagadguru  was later came to recognised as Advaitavada.

As happens with every new Darsana  moving against mainstream and connected glacials, opponents of Jagadguru  undertook the endeavour of propagating Dvaitavada  i.e. Not One But Two Entities, it’s exact opposite diametrically. Other entity too was declared to be ever-existent albeit constantly under transformation, cognised variously as Prakrti / Maya  etc. It was now an interminable rivalry of sorts between two groups of intellectuals not only to prove themselves authentic but also prove the other side completely wrong !!! This frivolity of intellectualism has been going on ceaselessly all these years and centuries.

Once in a state of intense Dhyana, I focused my consciousness on the Jagadguru, conveyed my deep reverence and implored him to resolve the imbroglio with an irrefutable argument / instance so as to effectively counter entire bouquet of Tarka, Vitarka  and Kutarka  in favour and against Advaitavada  as well as Dvaitavada. Followers of these two doctrines are ever engaged in proving themselves superior to the other. One of the greatest Seers that the Jagadguru  has ever been, listened to the prayer and responded instantaneously.

I perceived a vast infinite ocean before me, wavelets constituting giant waves striking the shore to revolt into bright white surfs, immense water retreating majestically only to allow another gigantic wave to surge and substitute it’s predecessor. Sound associated with the waves too, deported themselves similarly, transformed into a crescendo from a mere murmur, swung between these two states rhythmically. Thereafter, I went deep into the ocean only to be lost among innumerable / unimaginable creations of all sorts, colour / shape / size / moving / unmoving / mountains / valleys / dense undersea forest / sea-bed…then my consciousness was steered out of the ocean to take a deep / intense view of the gigantic ocean once again…

The experience undergone was profoundly mesmerising, left a deep impression on my consciousness accompanied by yet another dimension of consciousness.

Compact, infinite, dynamic and lively blue ocean as one autonomous entity profoundly and intensely represented symbolically Advaitvada  enunciated by the erudite Jagadguru. Akin to the ocean, doctrine of Advaitavada  too, is compact, infinite, dynamic, autonomous and lively to the core. Multitudes of innumerable creations inside vast expanse of the ocean very well symbolises Dvaitavada  with every creation being finite, transitory, neither so autonomous nor so lively or dynamic as perceived earlier.

What really struck me so intensely is that Dvaitavada  is vested within the being of Advaitavada  while the converse is not true just as entire multitude of creations dwells within the ocean and ocean does not exist within the creations.

It is Advaitavada  that is all encompassing and parenting Dvaitavada. Also, Dvaitavada  is non-existent in absence of Advaitavada. While both are true and real, one is infinite while the other, finitely infinite, one Immutable while the other, entirely mutable.

The imbroglio was finally resolved decisively in my mind with a deep sense of gratitude for the Jagadguru Adi Samkaracarya.


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