Hon. Prime Minister,
Namo Namaha.

I venture to invite your attention to an issue of grave dimensions involving far reaching consequences, influencing generations in future wherein a very well crafted / designed assault is being planned to destroy / fossilise Samskrita  and our ancient Samskriti  by a posse of exceedingly provided / well-resourced, self-proclaimed western scholars / Samskritologist-s (i.e. Indologists, in their own words which I dislike) who are at best Samskriti-Predators and at worst, Intellectual-Wolves on prowl.

Latest Special Purpose Vehicle for the dubious endeavour is Murty Classical Library floated by Rohan Murty, son of Infosys founder Narayana Murty who had once pipe-dreamed and rebuffed thereafter, to be unanimously elected as President of India and the proposed appointment of Sheldon Pollock as their Chief Editor. Pollock is the self-proclaimed Samskritologist, vocally endorsed by die hard Leftists as well as Leftists who declare themselves to be Centrists to fool as many gullible Indians as possible. This crowd of well-linked / well-entrenched / liberally-funded American- / Euro-centric intellectuals is planning to re-work out some 500 works on ancient Bharatiya  literature, Samskrita  andSamskriti. Signals are loud and clear, of a very dangerous variety.

Sheldon Pollock represents a proliferative breed of Pseudo-Samskritologist-s who have no understanding of Sanatana Darsana, no respect for our Samskriti, frequently assuming anti-Hindu / anti-Bharata / anti-Modi political positions unabashedly, who declare Sanatana  Wisdom casteist / oppressive / gender-discriminatory / patently inferior to Christianity, blame Hinduism / Brahamanism  for extinction of Buddhism  in the country (turning Nelson’s eye towards profligacy of Buddhist  monks and despotic Mughal cruelty during those centuries being actually responsible for their disappearance), rise of Ramayana  in response to rise of Buddhism  subsequently…and actively nudging genuineSamskritologist-s in the country to be grateful to them for devoting their life-time resources in studying our fabulous heritage…so that they can malign us effectively !!

Creepy Leftists are so devious that they have been able to position themselves in and out of the country in influential slots successfully, muzzle voices of sanity / pragmatism and professional integrity. They thus, succeed in scaring away so many well-meaning intellectuals who would have been otherwise, very effective in countering them. Lack of proficiency in English, financial clout, absence of self-esteem and deeply entrenched inferiority complex are other nagging reasons as to why Pollock Gang of Cultural Marauders has been successful so far in imposing their dubious views just like what was done by his intellectual-cousin Amartya Sen all these years. The scenario is by now so grim that Sringeri Sarada Pithama  are now poised to enter into an agreement to establish a Chair, SVBF Adi Sankara  Chair in Hindu  Religion & Philosophy at the Columbia University and Sheldon Pollock and his ilk shall be calling the shots. Erudite Pithama  scholars are so much mesmerised by their halo of sanctity that they have been quite sceptic to all efforts to open their eyes to the impending hazard of their entire history / legacy being subverted and subdued. If such a Chair holder is not a replica of Adi Sankara, even if not an Avatara  in true traditions of the ancient Sarada Pithama, how can he / how will he do justice to the onerous assignment in a strange land far away from their original roots, given the real objective of manufacturing abusers instead of responding to them meaningfully ? Can we imagine a situation, Sringeri Sarada Pithama  setting up a Chair at Aligarh University or Barkatulla University, Bhopal appointing a Banarasi Pandit / Barelvi Maulana to explain / expound Catholicism, sponsored by the Vatican with the benediction and blessings of Pope Francis !!!! Will they ever concede that ?? Should such devious / malevolent Gora-s be allowed to fiddle / debase / destroy our celebrated lofty verticals / institutions of Sanatana  Hinduism instead of assuming leadership of reforming them by ourselves ???  

Sheldon Pollock, unfortunately a Padma Sri  holder, is the Pseudo-Samskritologist  who claims, oppressive Brahamanical Samskriti  ofSamskrita  is actually responsible for British colonialism and Hitler’s genocidal Nazism !! 
Samskrita-phobe Pollock believes, Samskrita Mantra-s are racist / Manuvadi / discriminatory and replaceable, must be substituted with more comfortable versions…may be Ba ba black sheep, have you any wool / Rain rain, go away / Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall….. !!!!! Mantra-s for Yajna  too, he finds Manuvadi, racist and casteist.

Hindu-phobe Pollock discovers Adhyatmika  element of Vedic Darsana  utterly absurd, superstitious and devilish. Without his having heard about PratyaksaPramana / AnumanaPramana, leave alone mastering that, such a repugnant reaction is not surprising at all.
Knowledge of medicine, poetry, dance, drama, architecture, sculpture…do not belong to Vedic  wisdom at all !! These were brought into the country by Aryana-s according to Pollock Uvaca  and Western Gora-s have every right to claim original ownership of all that !!

According to Pollock Uvaca, knowledge of Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Linguistics, Logics etc. has been already there in western civilisation even before Planet Earth came into being !! That thousands and lakhs of precious manuscripts were plundered and carted away to Europe / America, is a reality that does not exist at all for Hindu-phobes like Pollocks !!
And the Brahamana-King ‘Jugalbandi’ impregnated and infiltrated all vernaculars to instill a sense of inferiority complex among non-Samskrita  speaking populace in the country !!
In all, they wish to sanitise and detoxify Samskrita  to make it more acceptable and facilitate it to be appropriated by them comfortably, leaving behind entire Hindu  population in Bharata  looking like naïve fools.
Sheldon Pollock and his ilk cannot understand, it is the ‘Spandana’ i.e. vibration generated by recitation of Mantra-s that brings about divine effects and miracles because entire existence exists in the form of cosmic Spandana  alone. Hence, the sacrosanct tradition of Sruti  came into being which westerners foolishly dubbed as complete absence of recorded history !! These Mantra-s cannot be substituted and everyMantra  deserves highest accolade available in the world.

Pollock cannot understand, our Rsi-s / Maharsi-s were outstanding cosmonauts…they used to leave their bodies behind under a gigantic banyan tree, roam around entire cosmos, go for a morning walk on outer ring of Planet Saturn, return into their bodies and write down fantastic texts on Astronomy, Astrology, eye-witness accounts of Planetary movements…there is a Yogi  who can write entire horoscope of the person sitting before him in thin air with his forefinger, with his eyes tightly shut, without having even basic details like time / place / date of birth etc. and position of every Naksatra  matching with the one given in it’s paper version correctly and exactly !!

Hindu-phobe Pollock cannot understand, Siddha Yogi-s postured in deep Samadhi  in distant Himalayan caves, temporarily create their duplicates to work out a certain past Karma  to redeem and purify themselves before they attain Moksa, bypassing regular embodiment with complete cycle of life and death !!

Samskrita-phobe Pollock cannot understand entire Vedic  knowledge is completely divine, impossible for an ordinary human brain to create that…and out of sheer envy and venal competition, Muslims declared Koran as divine and Christians declared Bible as a divine creation !!

Pollock and his ilk with nefarious intentions cannot understand Dhvani  of Samskrita Varnamala  is imbedded in all seven Cakra-s of subtle body, that Samskrita  is deep inside us, we are made up of Samskrita  as our integral constituent and Samskrita  CANNOT be separated from human beings as if developed / attained from outside like other languages !!!! All Ayatollahs / Mullas / Pope Francis / Virgin Parents and Pollock himself, are made up of Samskrita !! It will be impossible for Pollock to believe, all languages / sounds of the universe are permutations / combinations of these Dhvani-s residing in our Cakra-s…Sadhaka-s / Yogi-s are capable of comprehending / perceiving these truths and anyone else can verify himself by pursuing a prescribed format of Sadhana  under supervision of an accomplished Guru.

Pollock cannot understand that only Siddha Yogi-s can entirely understand anyone’s psyche as they alone can perceive unredeemed Karma-s that may impel a person to behave in a certain manner anytime in future which no Psychologist in the world is capable of accomplishing.

Pollock and his ilk cannot comprehend that Sigmund Freud, so-called ‘Father of Psychology’, was shocked into disbelief when informed by aRsi, that mind-control is a child’s play for Sadhaka-s in India! Sigmund Freud in reality, just did not know even a, b, c of Psychology, deeply rooted in Astanga Yoga  of Maharsi Patanjali. Psychology howsoever advanced, cannot explain as to why a Prince turned Bhiksuka  went to his deserted wife and son decades later to beg for alms ONLY to be sure, last vestiges of his Ahamakara had been completely dissolved…why a Parivrajaka  suddenly turned to politics and became Prime Minister of the largest democracy in the world !!
Hindu-phobes and Samskrita-phobes like Pollock cannot understand how and why Vasudeva Sri Krsna  happens to be the greatest Applied / Behavioural Psychologist ever known to humanity !!

Pollock and his brothers cannot comprehend, when an American Joseph Kennedy touched feet of a Yogi  and sought his blessings, the Yogi  had blessed him, his children would bring name / prosperity to his family. Later he became father of US President John Kennedy !! So powerful is the Adhyatma  of Samskrita  and Vedanta Darsana !!

So tough / extra-ordinary / unique / mystical is the job of exposition / explanation of Samskrita  texts, preservation of it’s values / traditions and discovering even higher reaches of wisdom by diving into The Infinite. Poor Sheldon Pollock and his ilk believe, Samskrita  and Samskriti  learning / teaching / writing is like learning English / reading the title In Dubious Battle by Nobel Laureate John Steinbeck, sprinkled with classical American abuses.

The kind of Samskrita  scholars we have in our country, are at best described as ‘Intellectual DaridraNarayana’, entirely incapable of standing upto the dubious halo / aura / awe of Sheldon Pollock variety, their nefarious anti-Samskrita activities and the long-term havoc that they can cause without anyone even realising that.

Any kind of private initiative howsoever effective, is impossible to measure upto the enormity of resources / clout available at the disposal of Pollock and his ilk. I appeal to you Mr. Prime Minister, Government MUST step in, constitute a high-powered committee of a few high on self-confidence / self-esteemed erudite Samskritologist-s, impart / sponsor proper training in this discipline, proficiency in English and exposure to all their devious / dirty tricks so that they can move around the world wherever required, to expose these Pseudo-scholars, counter all their nefarious moves to appropriate our fabulous legacy and provide accurate picture of our precious heritage through lectures as well as in writing.

Presently, to the best of my information, Rajiv Malhotra is the only person who has been fighting out Pollock type Intellectual-Wolves so far, almost single-handedly. Padma Sri, that was conferred upon Sheldon Pollock by Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra dynasty, rightfully belongs to Rajiv Malhotra. He may also be roped in officially to contribute and the battle to restore ancient legacy of primacy and honour of Samskrita /Vedanta Darsana  be intensified before it is too late.

With best regards,
Ramakant Tiwari



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